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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62

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    7 Reviews
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      24.06.2011 11:58
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      a great all rounder family camera

      Two years ago, the time came to upgrade my camera. Our family digital camera was an older model and quite boxy in design. As it didn't do what we wanted it to do, we started to look around for a newer more upgraded model.
      With a budget of around £150, we happened upon the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62. The same camera is still available to buy now for around £115 from selected retailers.

      I was looking for something practical yet nice to look at when choosing my camera. The FS62 is available in a variety of colours, but we chose the black model for universal use within the family. Also we thought it looked a little nicer than some of the shade on offer at the time.

      To look at the camera when off, the front is sleek with shades of black and silver, the lens sits tucked away until the camera is turned on, and there is a small flash unit embedded at the top of the camera.

      On the reverse you can see the screen which dominates the surface area measuring 2.5 inches. The remainder of the reverse of the camera is taken up with function buttons which fit in nicely to the space, but without appearing too squashed.

      Overall for the design of the camera, we both instantly liked how it looked to an untrained eye. It doesn't look too complicated to look at which is another attraction. The overall thickness of the unit doesn't appear too bulky or old fashioned, and even now a couple of years on, it still doesn't look too out of place in the growing technology market.


      As with any piece of technology, what you buy today, there will be something better on the market tomorrow. We decided to buy for what we needed now and in the near future, and then we wouldn't have to worry about upgrading in a few months.

      The FS62 has all the basic functions you would expect from spending £100+ on a camera. The standard flash, optical zoom which in this case is 4x and plenty ample for taking far away shots of our family.
      A video function allows us to take short clips when we find ourselves out without the video camera.

      One of the most important functions for us was the battery and connections to the PC or unit to view the photos.
      The FS62 has a lithium battery, which I think has saved us plenty of money over the years from not having to replace batteries all the time. With a standard SD card for memory, it's easy to transfer the card to view pictures on the PC. Should you wish to plug the camera straight in, a lead is provided but I find this aspect a slightly longer process and unnecessary with the SD card being available.

      Within the mode buttons on the reverse of the camera, you will find a myriad of options to suit any family photographer. The most common functions available are options to use the flash, stop the flash, set the timer, and change the focus between normal, macro and quick.
      You can set the camera to auto focus on faces which is an ever popular option with cameras now, change the colour as you take photos to black and white, rather than using an editing programme afterwards.
      The camera can take your photos up to a maximum on 10.1 megapixels. This is by no means one of the best on the market, but to be honest it's more than ample for what we need and our shots have always come out really well.

      Overall for a novice photographer, wanting to take family shots, then this camera provides you with everything you need.

      ** Ease of Use**

      For anyone who is very un technical, I think this camera is an easy piece of kit to work and use comfortably. There aren't too many buttons, and the camera does really well at explaining labels against the relevant buttons. Its self explanatory to see which button zooms, turns on and off, switches between camera and view mode etc. It's even easy to see how to delete a photo should you not want to keep it.

      The only gripe I have within the usage mode of the camera is that you have to physically delete any photos off the camera via the camera. The option isn't there when you have the card in the PC. This is a shame as it's a longer process to delete the photos.

      I find the camera comfortable to hold and find the buttons are well placed when holding to use easily. Sometimes I find myself holding the camera in one hand and cannot use the other to take the picture. The camera is designed well enough to allow you to do this as long as you have a steady hand. This was quite an important feature for us.
      I will state though this is predominantly comfortable for right handed people, I don't think it would be so easy when using your left hand.


      I find the battery takes around four hours to fully charge from flat. This is done via a small chargeable unit that the battery sits in. Once charge you I find the camera will last well for around a week with almost daily use. By this I mean constant use if you're on holiday etc. Once the battery bar drops to two bars from three, then I find it starts to deplete quite quickly from there.


      Overall for an older model of camera, I really think this model does well to stand up against the market. It's perfect for a family who doesn't want to take professional photos. Small enough at almost 10cm and weighing 100g to suit many people.
      As you would expect there isn't a lot of internal memory with the camera, but even 50mb is enough to get anyone started without an SD card.

      I have no plans to upgrade our camera for a long time yet and have been very happy with it. I certainly think we have gotten value for money from our purchase.


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        08.03.2011 14:18
        1 Comment


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        If you're looking for a budget camera that performs to a great level but let's go of some features t

        There are many camera's around the £100 mark, but many aren't worth buying, however the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62 is, it's a product that doesn't try to do too much, and concentrates on what camera's do best, take pictures. With its 10.1-megapixel sensor and Leica 4x zoom and optical image stabilisation, it gives you a performance you'd expect from a high range product. It's reasonable 2.5 inch display screen does it's job keeping things simple. You would expect a camera of this price to look and feel cheap, but the FS62 doesn't at all, in fact it looks very similar to the £200 DMC-FX60 and therefore looks and feels more expensive then it actually is. It measures at 97 x 54.4 x 21.2mm also weighing just 136g including the battery. The control layout is kept simple and makes things straightforward, which is the theme of this camera. This therefore means that the downside is that the FS62 isn't overloaded with features, however you would rather the features the camera does have perform well and that's just what happens here. It doesn't mess around with a shameless amount of features that don't actually do what they say. If you're looking for a budget camera that performs to a great level but let's go of some features then this is the camera for you.


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          09.02.2011 17:01
          Very helpful
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          A great product for everyday use.

          The Panasonic Lumix is an affordable, easy-to-use camera which is perfect for normal, everyday snaps. It doesn't offer the airs and graces of a lot of cameras on the market, but if you're looking for a high quality camera for a holiday, trip, etc., this is the perfect product. The camera is easy to navigate, has full use of flash, face recognition, and a few other features which take a good picture. For instance, it offers a selection of different settings depending on where you are; it offers a snow mode, night mode, and beach mode, for example, which all come in handy if you're looking for a great quality picture in an unusual surroundings. The battery life isn't great, so if you don't intend to charge your camera more than once during a holiday, then this might not be the camera for you. Overall though, the quality is great and the pictures it gives out are well worth the money.


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            19.09.2010 13:30


            • Reliability
            • Reliability


            buy one and enjoy it like i do

            from the moment i bought it i thought wow, now a few months of later it still surprises me , how good it really is. a big part is the Leica lens, known for it's good photo ablilties. i also like the movies, the build quality and image quality and user friendliness.

            this model features a intelligent auto mode that is ideal for learning and to give it to others for a photo shots .

            the image quality is high for compacts, it makes great video's and most off all it is FUN TO USE! The zoom works great, the optical image stableliser is very good too. with this camera it is almost impossible to get a bad picture , it can be used in a lot of mode's , each mode really gets the best out of this model. Lumix is a synonym for easy off use , do what you have to do and nothing less.

            i like the speed also, i have used and still use it with great fun and the quality of the product is way above expectations .


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            13.05.2010 23:35


            • Reliability
            • Reliability


            I would recommend this camera for anyone who is looking for a small, cheap camera that does not lac

            It is a very nice 10.1 megapixel camera. Very light only about 130 g. The camera is also small which is good for portablility which doesn't effect the picture quality because it is still very good. This camera is also very well built for the price you paid for it compared to other cameras in that price range, but one con I found about it is that the screen is smaller compared to other cameras. When i bought this camera I did not think it would be this good. I was expecting something that was built with less quality. I also noticed that the Lumix was better then some cameras that my friends have bought for twice the price. This camera shows that not all cheap cameras in price are "cheap" in quality and build. I have owned 3 other digital cameras before this one. This camera surpassed my thoughts and i will go back and buy more cameras from panisonic when I need a new camera.


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            14.04.2010 20:01
            Very helpful



            A decent camera that represents good-value-for-money

            This is a small lightweight camera made by Panasonic a leading brand in lots of electrical items including digital cameras. It is silver in colour with a easy to view good sized screen display. It has a varying zoom setting to make things further away easier to picture.
            I have taken lots of pictures with this camera and used nearly all the settings it has including the sports mode which i find really usefull for photographing moving objects. The pictures come out in really good sharp quality all most life like so we have treasured photos to keep forever.
            It isn't very good when the light is not so good but the flash does help improve this but then the picture quality as not as good as it would be in broad daylight.
            The menu on the actual camera is easy to work and the software on it works quickly so you can adjust it to what settings you want it in to suit what conditions you are about to take pictures in and what you are taking them of.
            It is a very robust camera having dropped it a few times and having the dogs tread on it has not effected it in anyway.
            It has never frozen or broken in anyway like other cameras i have had before, i hope it continues to go on problem free taking lots more pictures.
            It takes 2 AA batteries, it doesn't have a very long battery life so it is advisable to take more batterys with you it also doesn't give as good quality pictures with cheaper batterys the better quality the batterys we have used it with the better results we have got from it.
            We paid £90 for this camera from Tesco as a camera to have as well as the digital SLR as this is easier to carry around and take pictures amongst people. It can now be bought for around £69.99 from various supermarkets and is very easy to get hold of, it would most probably also be available from camera shops, catalogues as well as supermarkets. For the best bargain buys ebay is always worth looking at for these soft of proucts.
            The instruction manual was easy to understand and very helpfull on all aspects of the Sony digital camera explaining all the functions and modes the camera has and how to use them to improve your picture quality which we found most useful.
            It comes with a lead for conecting it to the USB port on the computer the only problem with this it is not the same size as most other digital cameras so if we loose it none of our others fit and they slightly hardr to get hold of than the standard size ones.
            It also has cables for attatching the camera into the television to view pictures on the television which is a really usefull idea.
            It also is compatable with our laser printer for printing pictures straight from the camera onto paper using the printer without having to put them on the computer first. The quality is just as good from doing this as if you had sent them off to be developed depending what soft of paper is used.
            The plastic cover over the batterys doesn't stay on very well and can quite easily come un flipped whilst putting this in your pockets or if you knock it so that is something to be carefull of that could of been better designed in the first place.
            I will only be replacing this camera when there are better models with more functions available, at the moment there is nothing i can justify replacing this camera with as it does the job i want.
            I would definately recommend this camera as it as given us lots of fun and moments saved in picture form in brilliant quality to keep forever.


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              30.03.2010 16:28
              Very helpful


              • Reliability
              • Reliability


              A Great Camera At A Great Price

              First of all before I start this review I would like to mention that I don't usually review electric goods and gadgets. When it comes to anything technical I'm usually a waste of time. I struggle getting my head round all the high tech stuff so generally avoid it. However I really like this camera so I thought I'd give it a go. If I make any errors feel free to correct me, this review will be more of how I feel about the camera rather than what it does or doesn't do.

              So I always like taking pictures. When I was a kid my parents always made sure I had my own camera to captures life's special moments. When I got older I never really kept up with technology. I never had a digital camera and for many years just used the camera on my phone, this was a decent 2 megapixel camera so I was content with that and actually got some pretty decent pictures.

              However, back in January I fulfilled a life long dream of going to Canada. I spent three weeks there, a few weeks in and around Vancouver and a week in the Yukon right up in the North. As this was something pretty special for me I decided I should have a decent camera to document my adventures! So this is what I bought, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62.

              Why This Camera

              I went to a camera specialist in Blackburn where I live. Wilkinsons has been there forever, the staff are friendly and really know what they are talking about. I went in the shop having no idea what I wanted or what kind of camera I needed. I was helped out by a young salesman who seemed to know his stuff. I told him my budget and he directed my towards the Lumix. He said for the money I was looking to spend this camera was the best on the market.

              I paid £110 for this camera although after a quick check on the internet I see you can now get one online for closer to £90. The salesman told me this is a tough camera and takes a high standard of pictures. I asked him how it would be in extreme temperatures as while we were in the Yukon it reached -25! He told me it should not be a problem but it would be wise to keep it inside an inside pocket whilst out in the cold.

              I also purchased a 4GB memory card for the camera. The assistant told me I should be OK with a 2GB one but I wanted to play it safe as I would be taking three weeks worth of photos and videos! I also bought a little case with the camera that has been very good and kept it safe on my travels.


              Bear with me on this section! So the Lumix has:
              Resolution - 10.1 Megapixels (not sure what difference the 0.1 makes!)
              Optical Zoom - x4
              LCD - 2.5"
              Storage - SD / SDHC
              Battery - DMW-BCF10E
              Optical Image Stabilizer
              Records Movies at 848 x 480 with sound
              Intelligent Auto Mode
              50MB Internal Memory
              Colours - Black, Silver, Red, Blue
              I hope all that makes sense to people as most of it is gobbledegouk to me!

              How Good Is It At The Taking Pictues

              Well I'm now back from my holiday and have over 450 photos and about 20 videos to remember my experience. Overall I was very happy with my camera. I had no problems with it and took some very nice pictures. There were loads of features I gradually worked out how to use and with a bit of practice found quite easy.

              The camera is pretty easy to use. The intelligent Auto was handy when I was taking a quick picture. There is a little button in the top labelled iA, this basically decides for you what settings are best for the picture you are about to take. It takes into account the light, the subject of your photo and the distances covered. At first I used this a lot but then later on I started to do most of it manually.

              One feature I often used was the colour mode. Simply press the menu button and a little menu pops up on your screen. Then you can scroll down to Colour Mode and then across to pick your colour. You can choose from things like Vivid, Cool, Warm. But most often I would try B&W or Sepia. This gave me some really nice photos and was something a little different.

              Another thing I was impressed with in the camera was the zoom. A little lever on top of the camera twists round so you can zoom in and out. The photo quality is still very high even when fully zoomed in. I didn't use this a lot but every so often it came on very handy, and again this was very easy to use.

              The flash was also very good. The pictures I took inside were all really good and came out very well. Plus its easy to turn the flash off which is also something I did quite often, especially when outside and the light was not to strong.

              Another excellent feature is the Scene Mode. You just press the Mode button and select Scene Mode. There you are given a massive choice of exactly what picture you are taking. A few examples are, scenery, portrait, self portrait, party, sports, night scenery, sunset, beach, snow and starry sky. There are thirty different options and I found experimenting with different settings gave me some wonderful pictures! This was a feature that was a little more tricky to get the hang off, but well worth learning about.

              Some other things I tended to not really use were things like aspect ratio, quality, AF mode and plenty of other things I don't really no to much about.

              Another handy features is the ability to take videos. I took quite a few while we were away and found the function very easy to use. When I got back and put the videos on my computer I was very impressed at the quality. Not only is the picture excellent but the sound is also really good as the mike tends to pick up everything you want to. The videos can be recorded for up to fifteen minutes and don't seem to take up that much memory.

              The self timer also came in very handy. You can set it on 2 seconds or 10 seconds and I used it quite often to take pictures of myself when I was on my own anywhere. The camera beeps so you know it has taken the picture and again its so simple to use. There is just timer button you press and then the option flicks up. Simple!

              The Macro zoom was also a very clever little tool. I didn't often use it but on occasion it came in handy. Being able to zoom in on very small things such as flowers or bugs and still get a really good standard of picture. And yet again its very easy to take these pictures.

              I had no problems with the camera in the cold. My friend who I was travelling with has a proper camera, massive lens, very expensive, you know the sort. He had a few problems with his lens freezing up, and then steaming up, it took him a while to sort it all out and it effected some of his pictures. However my little Lumix ran perfectly, no problems at all.

              Another thing I was very impressed with was the battery life. We were told in such extreme cold batteries don't last very long. But my camera almost got through the entire week in the Yukon without needing a charge. The battery life is very impressive and I've only had to charge the camera a few times while I've had it.

              Viewing Your Pictures

              Obviously when you have taken a picture you want to look at it. This is very easy on the Lumix. Just flick a switch and you go to view mode. It automatically shows you the last picture you have taken. You can also look back over all your photos, they are kept in a nice order. One thing I liked is that when you delete a picture, the camera does not fill that space with another picture. This means all your photos stay in the order in which you took them.

              When it comes to flicking through the pictures its very easy. They flick quite fast so it does not take ages for each to load up. You can also flick back and get a thumbnail view, this makes it easier to find a picture and its quicker to flick through them. You can also zoom in on the pictures you have taken and again the quality is excellent.

              One thing I enjoyed was putting on the slide show, there are a few different effects you can use and its great for showing people what you have taken. There are also ways to give you pictures name tags, you can put them in different categories and organize them, this means you can view a certain category of photo.

              You can also edit you photos, from simply deleting them to trimming, flipping, or changing colours. It's all very simple and easy to do.

              When I got home I obviously wanted to download my pictures. With the camera you get a USB cable and some software to put on your computer to edit your photos. This was very easy to do and the photos downloaded very quickly. More recently I have got myself a new laptop and can now just slip my SD card into my laptop and download that way. It's so quick and easy!

              Other Features

              There were a few other things I liked. The ability to set the time and date, this came in handy on a few occasions. The display telling you how many pictures you had taken and also the time and date photos were taken. You have to option to turn the sound up and down, you can turn the beep of or on if you wish. You can change the language, change the format of display and change lots of different options.

              One handy little gadget was putting a grid on the screen when taking photos, this I assume was so you can make sure you get a flat horizon. This came in very handy on several occasions.

              The screen was excellent, big enough to be able to see what I was doing and when viewing my pictures it was easy to see what I had taken and all the options fit easily onto the screen.

              The battery and memory card are both very easy to take out. They have little levers you open and they pop out. The battery comes with a charger which only takes about two hours to fully charge and is very simple to use.

              I got a red camera which looks really good. It seems to have stayed pretty clean since I got it and I haven't really looked after it all that well. There is a nice little cord on the phone which I often wrap around my hand to make sure I don't drop it, very handy when leaning over cliffs and the like!

              There is also some good settings you can use when it comes to saving power. The camera automatically switches itself off if idle for a few minutes. It also has a hibernation mode where it shuts down the screen but is still running. You can also use a lower level of power of you battery is running low.

              I also got a two year warranty with this camera which gives you a little peace of mind in case anything goes wrong. So far so good though and there have been no problems with it.

              I also like the size of the camera. Its very small and fits snugly into your pockets. I often kept mine in the case and strapped into onto my belt, it sat there quite happily and was very easy to whip out when I spotted anything worth snapping!

              Overall Impression

              I love this camera. I admit that as I have no experience when it comes to digital cameras my opinion may not be worth much as I really have nothing to compare this with! But for a cheap and reliable camera this is great. The pictures I took were really impressive, many were actually better than my friends who spent over a thousand pounds on his camera!

              The camera was very simple to use and very durable. It did everything I wanted it to and quite a bit extra besides. This really has given me some wonderful memories and it was well worth the money. I am looking forward to using this camera again in the future and am sure it will be with me for a long time into the future.

              If you're looking for a good standard of digital camera at an affordable price then this camera is for you. I'm really happy with it and would recommend it to anyone.


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            • Product Details

              The DMC-FS62 features a f/2.8-5.9 Leica DC Vario-Elmarit lens. It inherits both its name and its outstanding quality from the Leica Elmarit lens, renowned in the film camera world for its superb performance and compact size. This bright, low-distortion lens is small and lightweight yet achieves the fine rendering for which Leica lenses are so well known. The result is a compact, easy-to-carry camera that delivers beautiful pictures.

              The DMC-FS62 is equipped with a 4x optical zoom lens that captures beautiful shots of people or landscapes with 10.1-megapixel full resolution. In addition to the 4x optical zoom, the DMC-FS62 offers an extra optical zoom function. Further, in 3-megapixel resolution mode, it provides additional magnification, extending the zoom power to 7.1x by using the center part of the CCD.

              The DMC-FS62 hosts a 2.5-inch 230,000 dot high resolution LCD. It features the intelligent LCD function, which increases the backlight brightness in 11 steps according to the ambient light intensity. At the highest of these 11 steps, the LCD backlight becomes brighter than normal. This makes both shooting and viewing photos easier and more convenient.

              Technical Data

              Product Description: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS62 - digital camera
              Product Type: Digital camera - compact
              Memory Card Slot: SD card
              Sensor Resolution: 10.1 Megapixel
              Lens System: Leica 4 x zoom lens - 5.5 - 22 mm - f/2.8-5.9
              Focus Adjustment: Automatic
              Min Focus Distance: 50 cm
              Digital Zoom: 4 x
              Image Stabiliser: Optical (MEGA O.I.S.)
              Camera Flash: Built-in flash
              Display: LCD display - 2.5"
              Supported Battery: 1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery - 940 mAh ( included )
              AV Interfaces: Composite video/audio
              Microsoft Certification: Certified for Windows Vista
              Colour: Blue
              Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.7 cm x 2.1 cm x 5.4 cm
              Weight: 115 g