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Polaroid PhotoMax PDC 1100

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PC compatible, 1152 x 864 max. photo resolution, USB, serial interface(s), autofocus lens.

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    1 Review
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      31.12.2002 00:56
      Very helpful



      Polaroid digital cameras are aimed at people who want a good, basic, starter digital camera at a competitive price. That suited me fine when I bought this camera about 18 months ago. I wasn't looking for anything elaborate, just a basic digital camera for some web use and maybe a few holiday snaps. So after looking around for an inexpensive camera, I ended up with the Polaroid PDC 1100 for around $160, which was a pretty good price. Good price? Yes. Good camera? Well...... The Polaroid Photomax PDC 1100 digital camera has quite a lot of features and is lower priced than most other comparable cameras. So far so good. The problem is that low cost should not mean that the camera is unreliable. There are lots of features and functions on this camera but just try getting them to work properly....good luck! * WHAT'S IN THE BOX? * There's the manual, Photomax software on CD, 4 AA alkaline batteries, an A/C adapter, a small case, a USB cable, serial cable, and a video cable for displaying images on a TV. And a camera...duh! * FEATURES * • 1152 x 864 MEGA pixel resolution delivers 35mm image quality • Resolution settings (1152 x 864 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, and 640 x 480 pixels) • 2X digital zoom • 4 MB memory card • Four lens setting: Auto focus, Macro, Infinity, Fixed focus • Four flash modes: off, auto, force and red-eye reduction • LCD viewfinder and display * THE GOOD STUFF * It has quite a few features, such as different lens settings with macro mode, a 10-second timer for delayed snapshots, an LCD screen for viewing and displaying shots, and multiple resolutions. The image quality on this camera is good at high resolutions. Even the lowest resolution pictures are OK for email or web use. When taking some pictures outside on a clear sunny day, the high resolution p
      hotos turned out pretty good, with the colours balanced and very clear. After a photo is taken, the image is displayed on the LCD screen. The stored images can then be viewed and deleted as and when required. Sending the photos from the camera to the computer via the USB cable was easy, but....... * THE NOT SO GOOD STUFF * The camera offers a number of different options for image transfer modes, such as: USB, serial, and TV interfaces. the image editing software which is included - PHOTOMAX - is pretty bad and I found it almost impossible to use. I would recommend using a better image editor to transfer images. It's compatible with any TWAIN program. The 4MB card does not provide enough storage space if you are trying to take top-quality images, so I would recommend upgrading to at least an 8MB flash card. The battery life of this camera is practically non-existent. The camera uses 4 AA batteries and obviously it's fine when the batteries are new, but as the batteries drain, the camera tends to shutdown. The LCD screen literally eats up the battery power, and yet the LCD screen has to come on every single time you want to use the camera, as all the options show up on the main screen. The LCD viewfinder/display uses so much power that it causes a drain on the national grid! As the power drains, using the viewfinder causes the camera to shut off. When you use the 2x digital zoom, the camera goes to 640x480 resolution, so that all the zoomed in photos are extremely grainy and of poor quality. It's not very easy to use either. Photos taken indoors or in low light ALWAYS turned out grainy. No lens cover. * THE VERDICT * It's pretty annoying when any device fails to function properly, but a when a camera fails at those special, once in a lifetime moments - when the sun shines or when your wife smiles - it is pa
      rticularly galling. It wasn't long before I got rid of this camera. Overall, I would only recommend the PDC 1100 to someone who is looking for a cheap camera with a lot of features, and who doesn’t mind a little (lot of) frustration trying to use them. Otherwise, spend a little more money and get a better, more reliable camera. Thanks for reading ©proxam2002


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