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Praktica Luxmedia 10-X3

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    1 Review
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      16.01.2010 16:39
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      Will recommend to anyone this is a great camera,

      With studying photography i tend to accumulate all sorts of cameras, mainly because they all give a contrasting quality of picture, most of my cameras have come from car boot sales however over the past year, family and friends have been rather generous in presenting me up to date cameras that are not film but digital, therefore i thought seeing as i possess them i might as well review them.

      The Praktica Luxmedia 10-X3...
      When i was presented with this on my birthday by my eldest daughter i was rather taken aback as my usual presents from her consist of something like soaps or a gift voucher, i was surprised that she had taken time to consider my hobby.

      Anyway the camera is a digital still camera, compact and comfortable to operate, one that i plan to carry all the time as it seems very durable to be banging against things in my bag.
      I do like to carry a camera as you never know what scenes you will encounter.

      The camera is 10 mega pixels in addition comes with a 3 x optical zoom as well as 4 x digital zoom , both may i add seem to work ok but as you zoom out really far the intensity of picture seems to blur a little but with objects closer i can not fault the quality.
      You also have adjustable time , exposure and apertures which are useful when used with the different shooting modes.

      It comes with a built in memory of 32 mb, although personally i think it is rather a waste of time if you are taking pictures at a high resolution , so you are best of inserting extra memory in the form of a SD card that way you can always take more. After all taking pictures at a high resolution is better as you can always lessen the quality but when set at a low resolution when playing with the pictures on any programme, ( i use adobe CS2 as well as Jasc soft version 8)
      if set low and you want to magnify all quality is forfeited when set at high quality in the picture is impeccable, You can rectify and transform a large picture but not a small one, it is complicated.

      The camera furthermore comes with voice recording which is something i do not use as much as the camera itself, but the voice recording facility is great and the quality when recorded is good.so great for those who want to record .
      The Flash is built in with different modes that you can use , there is ... Auto Flash, Flash on, Flash off ,
      and the red eye reduction flash , which i do not think works as the pictures i have taken with this mode still have red eye on account of it is one i do not tend to use as often as the Auto.

      Resolutions on the camera ranges from 640 x 480 to 3648 x 2736 which produce great pictures.
      The Self timer mode can be set between 2 or 10 seconds , though i have just left it on the factory settings.
      The screen in 2.4 inches which i like but have kept the protector on it to avoid scratches, as i do keep the camera in my bag , admittedly it comes with a pouch but when using it out and about with friends i do tend to forget to place it back in the pouch so leaving the protector on is handy.

      The camera also has the ability to record video which gives you the AvI files, or if you prefer MPEG 4 file, which is good if you see something unexpectedly , i have recorded a few things on this and have found the video to be rather good. Which if you are like me and intend to carry it on a regular basis is good as i used to use my phone , but having this gives me the chance to record a better quality video file. it also comes with the cables for connection to the USB, which can be handy at times.

      You also have the extra features when you take pictures which are Rotatation , which is handy if you tend to shoot pictures angling the camera in different ways.
      Then there is resize, this feature is ok but i do not use it as i find it easier to resize on the computer, as viewing it on the screen you do tend to miss things so find it easier when i have it at the full image on the computer screen , you tend to notice more and will not end up losing things or quality. It also comes with a direct connection cable to the printer, Again i have not used this as i tend to use the sd card which i insert in to my laptop so i can

      It also has a tripod socket on the base so is great if you want to use it as some sort of web cam
      and i guess that is good, as the quality is great on video so i assume it will be good on web cam though admittedly i have not used it as a web came or on a tripod yet.

      The file formats of pictures are the usual and are JPEG, MPEG4, EXIF 2.2 and DOPF (Digital Ownership Parcel Fabric) only recently discovered what that meant and I'm still learning to understand what it does.

      Now for the information on weight and size, after all you need to know if it will be able to fit in your bag.
      the weight is 140 grams, which is not as heavy as it looks, and the size is 89 x 60 x 28 mm, that is according to the leaflet, in the box though i have not personally measured of weighed it.

      When purchased you will get the USB cable as stated and the TV cable, which are ok but could do with being a bit longer , you also receive a pouch , which is good but i will look in to buying something more durable as the one that comes does not seem very durable. nor does the strap that you get , but i shall not be using that as it such a tourist look that i do not think i can carry off , plus it is advertising to would be muggers!!.

      You will also get the Cd drivers to install the camera on your computer and some imaging software, There is also a manual which is informative and tells you how to get the best out of the camera.
      Operating system requirements are for use on a system that is no younger than windows 98 special edition alternatively you can use this on windows 2000, millennium edition or windows XP

      Now for the disappointing fact about this camera, to comes with 2x AA Batteries, which to me was a bit of a let down , I would of preferred this camera to come with a lion battery but sadly you have to go and buy batteries all the time , unless you use rechargeable. However the batteries that you do get to me were a waste of time , so now i use the energizer lithium which give me more usage.

      My overall thoughts on this camera are.....
      when i got this camera on my birthday it to use and took some great pictures , sadly i only got around 15 photos as the batteries decided to die. but since replacing them with the energizer ones and inserting an SD card i can honestly say it is a camera i tend to have at hand most of the times, i carry it in my bag and it is always in my hand at a good party or on a general night out. the quality of pictures are fantastic and there is fun to be had with the pictures when adjusting them, this camera i would recommend to anyone. it is comfortable and easy to use.

      I gather it must be easy on the pocket as my daughter bought it, and her funds ain't what you would consider to be wealthy, And unfortunately with this review i can not provide you with the exact price or an alternative as to where you can get it at a better price, but being a present i find it difficult to ask someone what they paid for a present. but according to a catalogue i notice they have a price at £69.99 it is a price i found, i will however search for a price and update this when i discover it,


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