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Samsung P800

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    3 Reviews
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      23.07.2010 14:51
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      i wouldnt recommed this camera

      I had this camera bought off my partner last christmas.On the postive side the pictures are good quality and it is quite easy to work out how to use. But on the negative side in the febuary when id only had it 2 months i had to send it back because the zoom lense was jammed. They fixed it in 3 weeks and sent it back, But yet again the zoom keeps jamming.... and you guessed it.. warrity no longer valid. So now im stick with a camera that i have to push the lense in and out of. So for this reseason i would say that the model is not very good at all. I would possibly say to spend that little bit more on a higher model if you want a reliable camera. And to my knowledge there are a lot of better cameras for not much much money... so id shop around!


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        15.05.2009 00:25
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        I would rate it 5/5 as it is user friendly, light and photos appear to look professional

        Best digital camera I've had out of 4. Its light, it's small, it's tough and you don't need to be a photographer to use it. My 1year has been experimenting with it, i've taken it on nights out, on holidays and it is still as good as new. Picture quality is excellent and that is always my main concern when choosing a camera. I normally use the portrait setting and pictures come out great no matter what the weather or lighting and when taking pictures of my active newborn baby and toddler pictures do not come out blurred.

        My favourite functions are
        "Digital zoom" as you can get closer to the object without having to actually be that close.
        "Self Timer" so you can place the camera somewhere and take pictures of yourself or your group when you want/need everyone to be in the picture.
        And my ultimate favourite is the function that allows you to edit the picture on the camera, which is fantastic as you now don't need a computer to do this. The function allows you to zoom and crop th picture and save it as a new photograph.


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        04.09.2008 09:00
        Very helpful



        It's a pink camera so has to have 5 stars!

        Until I realised that no one had already reviewed this camera, I had no intention of reviewing it. Firstly I am no photographer (in fact I'm pretty much useless), and secondly I know nothing about mega pixels and zooms and whatnot. So, with that in mind.....

        ---Introduction ---

        Hubby and I first got a digital camera about 5 years ago, and I was never allowed to use it. That is until he took it up a mountain and smashed the screen on it. Then he said I could use it if I wanted to which was very magnanimous of him. As a result, he invested in a big fancy digital SLR camera and tells me that next year he's going to fork out on an even bigger and fancier camera, or perhaps an underwater camera. It is very rare that I get to have a go on the camera, and when I do it usually ends in tears as I manage to miss the moment which is never going to happen again and it is of course all my fault for not being able to use the camera!

        ---Choosing the Camera ---

        Hubby decided that it was time for me to get a camera, mainly because his camera is just too big to take everywhere (and he also likes to take a tripod), and seems to require forethought. It was decided over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend that I would get my camera. I had seen the Currys' adverts, advertising a pink camera, and I knew immediately that that was the one I wanted. Although I don't like to think of myself as being easily led by adverts, it seems that in this case I was!

        Into Currys we went and over to the cameras, and over to the Pink Samsung P800 where I said to hubby "that's the one I want". Being 8.2 Mega Pixels and being pink, what more could I want? Hubby was not quite so enthusiastic exclaiming that the camera only has a 3x Optical Zoom lens. Hubby believes that a camera should have at least a 4x Optical Zoom lens. Looking at the other cameras within that price range though I think hubby must be wrong, as by far the majority were only 3x. "Are you sure you don't want this one?" he said pointing at a silver one which was almost twice the price. "What about this one, it's pink?" he said pointing at one which was luminous pink and twice the price. But my mind was made up, the pink Samsung P800 it was!

        ---Buying the Camera - and its cost---

        I paid £79.99 for the camera and didn't need anything to go with it as we had a memory card and camera case already (from the old smashed screen camera). This was a special bank holiday price, as its RRP was at the time £129.99. I'm sure if you shop around you can get it for a reasonable price, especially now. I wish they'd stop this whole 99p business - face it, the camera cost £80.

        ---The Boring Bits which you will probably need to know---

        I know that the specs can be found on the manufacturer's website, but to save you having to go there, here they are in summary with my own added blurby bits so people can't say that they might as well have just visited the website!

        Picture Resolution - 8.2 mega pixels- good enough for me - these days you can get 10 mega pixels for a similar price though.

        Optical Zoom - 3x - not 4x like hubby suggested I got, but seems to work for me.

        LCD Screen Size - 2.5" (measured diagonally across) - er, standard camera screen size I think!

        Digital Zoom - 5x - This is something to do with how near you can get to your subject. Have to say my camera isn't the best for taking photos of my sea monkeys, so perhaps 5x isn't that great.

        Face Detection Function - So, cameras are intelligent these days then? What if I wear a paper bag on my head - will it detect my face then? Apparently it can pick out up to 9 people (basically it makes them stand out) - I don't know what happens to person number 10 though.

        Memory Type - SD - Now I'm lost, think this is pretty standard!

        Movie Mode - enables you to record short videos with sound - I've done quite a good one of some sheep.....it also has video output which means you can see your pictures on TV. You can record up to 2 hours, although I doubt the battery would allow this.

        Digital Image Stabilization - I think this means that even incompetent people like me can take non-blurred photos - very handy! Basically you half press the button to bring it into focus before pushing it right down.

        Auto Contrast Balance - er, balances the contrast automatically?
        Exposure Correction Function - you can adjust the exposure depending on how bright/dark it is.

        Has continuous shooting mode - can take lots of photos quickly, like at a sports event.

        USB connection - don't they all these days? Means you can connect it to the computer.

        Image Mode, manual ISO overrides - I think this if for people who are competent with a camera!

        Multi mode flash - er, it flashes in different ways? I think what that refers to is that you can have the flash on or off, or set specifically to reduce red eye.

        Self timer - so you can take photos of yourself - although - I can do this without a self timer as well!

        Various Picture Effects - sepia, b/w, red, blue, green, negative etc, clarity, contrast and saturation can be adjusted at 5 levels. To be honest while I sometimes decide to be arty with black and white, generally I stick to colour - after all you can always change the photos on the computer afterwards - however you can't change pictures from black and white to colour afterwards!

        Scene Modes - 11 different - portrait, night scene, landscape, text, children, close-up, sunset, dawn, backlight, fireworks, beach & snow. Unfortunately there isn't a moose mode.

        The camera is made of metal, and is pink. It comes with the Lithium Ion battery (I have no idea how long that lasts, but I would imagine a long time!), wrist strap, and software.

        I think I have said quite enough on things that I really don't understand in the slightest. Full lists of features and specifications (and pretty pictures too) can be found here at the Samsung Camera website, it is really very informative - http://www.samsungcamera.com/uk/product/pro_view.asp?prol_uid=4237&cat_uid= 10

        ---So, is it Marymoose proof?---

        I have to admit I struggle with taking pictures, by the time I've found the camera and got it out of its case the moment has usually passed! But on the occasions I do use it, I have found it to be quite sufficient for my needs.

        What is quite nifty is that there is a function description and photo help guide on the camera, so even when out and about in theory I should be able to figure out how to make it work. I say in theory because at the end of the day instructions about technical things are probably best left to hubby. However, when I was at the Goo Goo Doll's gig I did figure out how to take a photo in night mode using this feature. Unfortunately the photos still ended up rubbish as I couldn't see what I was taking a picture of (tall people in front of me), but the thought was there!

        I'm unlikely to be using any of the flashier features, so doubt that I will use it to its full potential, but if I was bothered about flashy features I would probably have spent more on a camera.
        The camera is dead easy to charge as you just plug it in (either straight into the computer, or when away into our charger which charges lots of things), and don't have to fiddle around recharging AA batteries. It's also very easy to upload photos to the computer as again you just plug it in. I can't tell you exactly how long the battery lasts as I have never really looked at my watch and I tend to charge it as and when I want to upload photos, or just before we go out just so that the charge won't run out. But I have to say I don't think it is particularly great - but then I haven't got anything to compare it to really!

        At the end of the day it's not the world's best camera, but then it only cost £80. It is pink though, and for that reason deserves a full five stars! Really it is only an everyday camera and it suits me fine. For anything more special we'll use hubby's Fuji S9600 which I am certainly not qualified to review!

        My review can also be found with accompanying photos on Ciao!


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