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Samsung S1075

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    4 Reviews
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      20.04.2011 23:14


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      I would definately recommend this camera, an inexperienced camera user would benefit from purchasing

      I have had the samsung S1075 for a couple of years now and it has been with me to several countries and on countless nights out and has surved! I think for the price this is an extremly durable camera, it has had numerous drops and bangs and still works without any problems. It is very easy to use and the picture quality is great. I have never had a problem with this camera and would definatley consider getting an upgraded version of this should I need to in the future. There are various settings such as indoor and outdoor and there is also a video facility. I have found the instructions easy to follow especially when uploading pictures to my laptop. The camera holds a large number of photos and videos and a memory card is also available should you need any extra space. This is a camera i would highley recommend purchasing.


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      08.01.2011 16:08
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous looking camera with great quality pictures.

      I brought this camera to replace one I accidently broke on a night out. I naturally opted for the pinkest, fairest price camera I could find in the Argos!

      My favourite thing about this camera is the ease of use, changing between functions is simply done by turning a wheel dial on the top of the camera, the zoom is the quickest I've experience yet and the overall picture quality whilst chasing two small children around trying to capture 'that moment' is excellent. However I am disappointed in the wait between each photo - there is a few seconds delay before it will let you take another in standard mode, resulting in a few missed chances of amusing pics!

      The delete function is fairly simple and there is a prompt to stop you deleting a picture by mistake, or when little hands get a hold and decide to get snap happy! The camera must be very well built as my two year old has had a few David Bailey moments and its survived! I have accidently dropped it on occasion and the screen is still in tact and the cosmetic proof is minor!

      I did have to return my camera back to Argos after about 6 months as it wouldn't switch on regardless of how many different AA batteries I tried in it. I was advised that the best thing is to use the (expensive!) lithium batteries for optimum useage. This has proven to be the best battery to use and the life is longer however it can get quite expensive to replace them.

      The software to download the pictures onto my computer is very simple to use and takes mere minutes to perform - I can move 500 photos in next to no time.


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        29.07.2010 20:57
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Not sure I'd recommend

        I bought this camera to replace a similar one I had before which broke.
        I wanted a pink one because, well, if there IS a pink option then I'll aways go for it!
        I like Samsung as a brand and they tend to produce aesthetically pleasing products, this one included. It's pink without looking tacky as it's a metallic pink not a candy pink.
        It has the option of 2 second and 10 second timers which are useful. Its different functions are generally easy to use.
        I find the picture quality isn't great. The flash tends to wash out colours really badly, but if you don't use flash the images are always blurry and can be a bit of a funny colour. The overall quality is a bit disappointing.

        The reaction time between pressing the button and the picture actually taking is quite long, which can be really annoying when you need to capture an image
        It's quite heavy, taking 2 AA batteries which tend to run out pretty quickly so need replacing often, but I prefer this over the camera having its own battery which needs recharging because you can always take spares with you.

        This camera is relatively cheap, though not the cheapest on the market. I'd say it's not too bad for the price but a bit disappointing.


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          18.06.2010 21:27
          Very helpful


          • Reliability
          • Reliability


          A great quality camera!

          This Samsung S1075 was bought as a shared family camera initially for the important photo opportunities such as holidays and parties.
          However as I am at that age, I tended to use this camera a lot as I went a lot more than anyone else... because of this, this camera became my first digital camera!

          Price; ....
          We bought this camera for a little over £100 from Argos, I don't think they sell it anymore however I know it is available on Amazon for around £90.
          It's not one of the cheapest cameras; however I'd say it's worth the money!

          Casing quality; ....
          We bought the camera in pink however I'm pretty sure it is also available in other colours! The pink is a gorgeous pale pink metallic colour, very shimmery and not a bright exaggerated pink either.
          We've not had any problems with the casing become easily scratched or looking old, although we have kept it in a padded camera case since we bought it! I'd recommend this as I have read other reviews on the Argos website from people who have complained the camera gets easily scratched!

          This camera isn't one of the lightest cameras, however for its battery use, it's a great weight! I've tried a lot of many different digital cameras and I always avoid the ones which are like bricks! This camera has a great shape in my opinion. It's as slim and sleek as these camera's get!
          You will find slimmer and lighter cameras which run on Li-On batteries, although in my own experience it's hard to find a camera which runs on AA batteries, this light and slim!
          Because of its size, the camera is easy to store and carry around. The camera fits neatly into a camera case and you can simply keep it in your bag, or slip it on its own in your jeans pocket!
          I tend to go for camera cases which have the belt clip on them, as it makes your camera easier to get to and you know where it is at all times!

          Zoom & Picture quality ; ....
          The zoom use on this camera is the easiest I've experienced! There's a flip button which you easily push up to zoom in, and push down to zoom out! You can hold the switch either direction to zoom in quicker if the object is very far away! If not, it's easy to adjust to find the perfect zoom!
          This camera comes with a 6.3- 18.9mm zoom which I've found no problems with when using.

          When zooming in, the camera takes you in large zoom steps, and then the zoom will change to a more defined zoom where you can measure in 0.1 steps! The picture quality does decrease when you are zooming in very far, although this is expected and I am still happy with the quality!
          This camera has 10.2 mega pixels and so falls on the higher range for digital cameras! Because of its large pixel count, the images appear very huge when you transfer them onto the computer.

          When aiming your camera to grab the picture you want, you'll at first think Oh My Gosh!! The quality is very low! So it does make aiming at the object a little tricky, especially in low light conditions.
          The picture quality goes through a flash of magic when you press the catch button! The flash will come on and your image goes from being dull and dark.... to defined, bright and brilliant!

          Buttons & Screen; ....
          The buttons are placed to the right of the screen. The main buttons are the; ....
          E- Edit button, enabling you to alter the picture before you take it! You can choose from a very wide range of options which enables you to change the lighting, the colour (such as sepia). From this Edit button you can also select across the right which enables you to edit the contrast, the saturation and the sharpness etc.!
          Fn- giving you more shooting and editing options. This button is also used as the 'delete' button when you are in the image view
          Play- to view the images stored
          Flash control
          Self timer
          Face detection
          The buttons are placed neatly together and are of a reasonable size.

          There are also some buttons found on the top of the camera; ....
          Power on/off
          Capture- main button used to take a picture
          And a turnable button for selecting different options, this where you can change from picture view to video mode!

          The screen size is reasonable, however I do think they could have made it larger! The screen is a 2.7 large LCD screen and enables you to view the images in high quality. However there is a significant gap between the screen and the buttons on the right of the screen and I do think the screen size should have been made larger! This would improve the camera all around.
          Or maybe I am just being judgmental because I now have a digital camera with a larger screen!

          Batteries; ....
          This camera takes AA sized batteries which are easily placed in the secure slide flap to the bottom of the camera. This opening being on the bottom has always nerved me! As I have always been worried of catching the flap and accidentally sliding it to the right.... This would release the batteries as they pop out for you to easily get them out. Although this has never happened! Perhaps because I have been so paranoid.... or maybe because I am just being daft and they won't come out because the flap is quite secure anyway.

          I find myself taking packs of batteries away with me when I used this camera. I get through quite a lot, which is why I later changed to a rechargeable Li-on battery digital camera.
          It does benefit to spend that little extra and buy more expensive batteries as they do tend to perform better.
          I am currently working with Kodak alkaline batteries which I've found so far to be one of the best to use. I tried very cheap brands which didn't last me even half a day out, so I gave up buying the cheap batteries and decided to not be so cheap!

          Overall; ....
          Our camera has now developed problems, although I'm not going to make out the camera is anything but great because of it! My mum sadly dropped the camera into my fish tank! The camera still works great although we now have problems turning it on sometimes... Poor camera!
          Lesson learnt... cameras can't swim!

          There is a memory card slot on the camera for you to place in your SD card. The card is pushed in and pushed to release.
          On the right of the camera is another neat flap which hides away the slots for your connectors ... for transferring images and charging. Although I prefer to transfer the images straight from the memory SD card by putting it into my laptop... however not everybody has this advantage!

          I found this camera to be a great first timer! My younger sister is now using it, and even though I have moved on.... I still can't resist using this Samsung! It has proven to be reliable and sturdy throughout for us... and if you can keep it away from your fish tank, it will continue to amaze!
          I had to give this camera a 4 out of 5, because of the battery life and the cost of buying the batteries!

          Thank you for reading! I also post on Ciao


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