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Samsung S730

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    3 Reviews
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      05.12.2009 17:45
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      Recommended for students or those on a budget

      Bought my samsung S730 digital camera in 2007 and it works just fine for me. It was bought in Tesco together with the memory card and camera case (you have to buy them seperately) and i believe the price was very reasonable. I like the design and the fact that its quite light in weight. Very easy to use and the quality of the pictures are good as well. The screen is 7.2MP and you can zoom your pictures and edit them.
      My only problem is the battery life. Although i use rechargeable batteries, i'm always charging them. I would recommend using rechargeable batteries otherwise you'll always find you need new batteries.
      The S730 would suit students and those on a budget because of the price. It is not for professionals or those looking for more advance features but i have dropped it a lot of times and it works just fine!!!!


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        24.10.2009 11:37


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Good simple, easy to use camera

        This is a cheap and cheerful point and shoot camera. Its a great camera for those who want a decent picture but are not professional photographers. The 7.2 mp is great. It allows the pictures to be zoomed in and edited with ease. You can zoom in very close without loosing quality. The camera also has a video capture mode, which comes in very useful. When capturing a video it will also record sound. I am a student and take this camera on many nights out. It has been dropped many times but still works perfectly.
        The zoom is pretty decent for what i use it for. There is a auto focus mode which is very useful. You can literally take this camera out the box and start clicking.
        The main problem with this camera is the battery life. It takes AA batteries and eats through them liek they are nothing. I have purchased some re-chargeable batteries which work much better. (They last longer and are cheaper in the long run).
        Finally the camera is very light, and quite small. There are smaller cameras on the market, but i have no complaints about the size of the Samsung.


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        13.06.2009 19:36
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Ideal family camera.


        I bought my Samsung S730 camera in March 2008 and have not experienced any problems with it at all. It is an easy to understand and use, compact, and reliable little number with a sturdy silver metal casing.

        The package included two alkaline batteries, a software CD, camera strap, (yet another) USB cable and a 'quick-start' user manual. A fuller version of the manual was down loadable from the computer once the CD had been installed. I must admit that having to print out the 94 page manual was irritating, it took me and hour to complete that annoying but worthwhile task.

        It seems to be the (cost-cutting) trend these days for users to have to print out their own manuals for most appliances purchased.

        I rejoiced in the discovery of being able to take good quality pictures and check them instantly, before saving or deleting the image. No waiting for films to be developed before discovering faults and failures in focusing, or exposures etc.


        Cost in 2008: £58.97
        Included in the cost were two Alkaline AA batteries, a camera strap, USB cable, Software CD and a quick start guide in English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Italian Netherlands and Portuguese.

        Size: 9.5cm wide, 6cm height, 3cm depth at widest point.
        Weight: With batteries and memory card: 200g
        Uses SNB-2512 (Ni-MH) batteries - charge time approx 4 hours. Or two non -rechargeable AA high capacity alkaline batteries.
        The camera has a 3X optical zoom and a 5X digital zoom . This function cannot be used when using the video function.

        ~~~~The main features~~~~

        On the top of the camera are the power and shutter buttons plus the mode selector. Where there are eight modes from which to choose. These are:

        (1) Auto mode; the point and shoot mode whereby the camera automatically selects the optimal settings for each photograph.
        (2) Programme mode allows the user to manually configure image size, white balance and other functions such as metering and continuous shooting, but will automatically select the optimal aperture and shutter speed settings.
        (3) ASR mode, (advanced shake reduction) reduces the effect of camera shake.
        (4) M mode allows the user to manually select and configure aperture values and shutter speeds.
        (5) Scene mode, allows user to select optimal settings for a variety of different scenes, such as landscapes, dusk, dawn, fireworks, close ups of plants or insects, children and even snow.
        (6) Portrait mode, is specifically for portraits.
        (7) Night time Mode, for night scenes.
        (8) Video mode for making movies.

        At the back of the camera is the 2.5-inch LCD screen, the zoom button, a button to delete pictures, another to view photos on screen and a large menu button, with a centralised menu OK button, to select flash, microphone, shutter time delay and close up - a feature on most digital camera menu control button, I believe.

        ~~~~My thoughts and opinions~~~~

        I liked this camera's shake and red-eye reduction features, and the quality of the pictures. 7.2 mega pixel is certainly good enough for the average photographer. A good size 2.5 inch LCD monitor made viewing of the images easy - the zoom feature was impressive.

        I found that the quality of the photos was as good as, if not better than some of those taken by my now redundant Minolta 35mm camera.

        The video function quality also impressed me. The only problem I found when using the camera in either stills or video mode, was that in sunny conditions, it is often difficult to see any image on the LCD monitor, unless one stands in the shade.

        When comparing quality with price between similar 7.2 mega pixel cameras, the Samsung may just have the edge. It has many extra features, including a special effects button, which allows editing of the images captured. i.e adding fancy frames, altering the colour of the image, for example, to sepia or black and white, or making a composite picture in camera. I have not tried any of those applications yet, so cannot comment on the ease of use or effects on the final image.

        The USB cable connects camera to computer so that photos can be saved in folders, or the memory card can be placed straight into a card reader.
        No doubt, these are features of all digital cameras.

        Both the memory card slot and battery chamber are housed under a hinged lid at the base of the camera.

        When the ordinary alkaline batteries were used up, I decided to replace them with rechargeable Ni-MH type battery and bought a couple of spares plus battery charger.

        ~~~~In summary~~~~

        The Samsung 730, 7.2 mega pixel camera was an inexpensive, neat, and very reliable must-have to capture memorable moments in the form of good quality pictures and/or videos. It will I'm sure, tick all the right boxes for all who like to point, shoot and know that most pictures will be fine, and that those not so good ones can be deleted immediately. In my opinion it is an idea family camera.
        My only niggle, apart from the scene not being visible on screen in bright sunlight, was that the shutter did not respond quickly enough when taking pictures of my dogs, they were well out of shot when the shutter eventually responded and if I was lucky I might just get a blurred picture of a tail end.

        I have since treated myself to a new camera that has an instant shutter response, now all I need is one with a viewfinder. Even so, I am still happy with this camera, it is still producing some excellent pictures.
        I tend to keep it as a reserve. In fact, I often alternate use of the two cameras.


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