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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350

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    8 Reviews
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      30.05.2014 17:39
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use"
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      Is this the original selfie?

      I love my little camera. My brilliant mother gave it to me for Christmas in 2010 and it's had an awful lot of use since then. I'm one of those people who like to record every event so I usually have a camera with me. Nowadays of course I can rely on the camera on my phone which is pretty good quality but when I know I'm going to want to take some nice photos I take my cybershot which is really super small and light. Its vital statistics are 3.6 inches wide by 2 inches long and its only 0.7 inches thick.

      **** The techie spec: 14.10 megapixels, 26 mm wide-angle Zeiss lens with 4.00x optical zoom, ISO 80-3200, 2.7 inch LCD viewfinder, lithium-ion N-type 3.6V battery.

      **** Features. The camera has all sorts of features and I have to confess I only use a small number of them. There are three basic functions to select ? standard still images, sweep panorama and video. These are easily selected with a sliding switch on the right edge on the back of the camera.

      **** In camera mode. The camera has an ?intelligent auto adjustment mode' which means that it automatically detects shooting conditions and then takes the shot. So for example it knows whether it's looking at a landscape or people and whether it's bright sunlight or twilight.
      The menu gives you lots of other options. For example face detection lets you chose whether in a group shot focussing on a child's face should have priority over focussing on an adult. You can also select to shoot a single image (default) or burst. The burst setting will shoot up to a hundred issues in succession when you hold down the shutter. This can be quite useful when you combine this with the self-timer, when it will take five images (I have to confess I came across this feature by accident which caused quite a bit of merriment at the time but resulted in some really good photos).
      The self-timer is brilliant and a function I use a lot because it's so easy. Recently we were away with friends and wanted to take some group photos. One of the chaps had a very sophisticated camera with a remote control for his timer. He took ages to set up the camera and take a series of shots. I took some two in a third of the time. Hilariously, all my photos came out, none of his did! Sometimes simple is best! The self-timer has a 2 second or 10 second delay. I use the 10 second delay. When you press the shutter button, the self-time lamp flashes and a beep sounds until the photo is taken.
      It's not a feature I've used but there is a self-portrait feature ? the original selfie. For the purposes of this review, I have put it to the test, and yes is works. You can set it up for a self-portrait for one or two people. You point the lens at yourself, and when the camera detects the specified number of faces, a beep sounds and the shutter operates after two seconds.

      **** Sweep Panorama is a great feature although I don't use it as much as I thought I would. It is great though for when you want to capture a special view. To use, simply select the mode from sliding switch and press and hold down the shutter, sweeping the area in front of you from left to right to get a wide panoramic shot. An arrow shows you how long to press the shutter.

      **** Movie mode. The camera captures 720p HD video. Again this is very easy to use and I've used it to get some great video footage. You can use the zoom when recording and it captures audio too. It's not going to do the same job as a camcorder of course but for the occasional movie clip, it's more than acceptable

      **** In summary, this is a great little digital camera. It's easy to take high quality snaps and if you feel a little more adventurous it has some great advanced features. Definitely highly recommended.

      A longer version of this review is published on ciao under the same user name.


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      28.02.2012 22:18
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      A great camera that will leave you snap happy

      Sony dsc w350B Black

      To my knowledge the Sony cybershot brand is cemented as one of the top camera manufacturers ( in regards to point and shoots) and known for its reliability. I looked at other reputable camera manufacturers, but after analysing cost and specifications, the Sony Cybershot W350 was the best match.
      I was looking to upgrade from my Samsung point and shoot camera, as it had developed a fault with the lens, which would wind back in on its own accord after being turned on. To be honest I had been considering a new camera and the fault merely urged me to buy one. I wanted the new camera to also be a point and shoot, but offer better picture quality and more specifically better macro for close up shots. A really important issue was reliability as I did not want a camera that would develop a technical fault on its own accord, like my previous camera. I am a design student and I primarily use my camera for still life and close up shots of my work, as well as general photography.

      Price and Packaging
      The Sony W350 fit the bill quite well and was at a very good price of £117.00 from Currys. I was also aware of the cybershot brand and that Sony were a reputable company. I had £12 knocked off the original price as the box was classed as 'pre-owned' due to the fact the box had been open and the seal broken. I also got a 3 year warranty for £31.99, as you can never be careful with cameras even if you take extra care of them, they can develop a fault. There is a 28 day money back guarantee from Currys as long as the box has not been opened. I bought this camera in March 2011 and still possess it today. This camera was released in January 2010 and is now two years old, so the price will have dropped a little. In fact you can purchase this camera second hand starting from £35.00 on ebay, which is a steal.

      The supplied accessories in the box are:
      Battery charger
      Rechargeable battery pack (lIthium Ion type N)
      USB A/V Cable for multi use terminal
      Instruction Manual
      PMB(picture motion browser)
      Wrist strap
      Memory card is not included and needs to be purchased separately. I already owned a SD Card which I had used in previous camera and was also compatible with this camera. A Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo card and SD/SDHC cards are compatible with this camera.

      I thoroughly researched specifications for any digital purchase. The camera boasts a very high 14.1 MP resolution as well as 4x optical zoom. For the price I purchased this camera I wasn't expecting any outstanding features and this camera has the basic features (but of a high quality.)

      The key specifications of the sony cybershot are:
      14.1 mp
      4x optical zoom
      26mm wide angle lens
      2.7 lcd screen
      Full hd 1080
      Sweep panorama
      Carl zeiss lens

      Appearance and Build
      The camera itself is of a lightweight build and one of the smallest cameras I have handled. It is in fact 117 g and measures 90.7 x 51 x 16.7mm. It really is a great size to carry around in your pocket. I've carried it around in my clutch bag when I've gone out. It's even smaller than my smartphone, which says something! However that does not mean that it doesn't function as well as a larger camera. The edges are square and neat. The camera as a whole looks very sleek and is one you won't be embarrassed to be seen with. It is a well-built camera and I've dropped it once or twice on a soft floor and it works fine. However I would recommend that anyone with a camera should invest in a camera case to prevent scratches and damage.
      The camera is very easy to use, due to the fact it only has five buttons on the back. This is the menu button, trash, playback, zoom in and out and a circular four way rocker which features 'display,' 'smile detection,' 'flash,' and 'self-timer.' There is also a three way slide rocker to switch between camera, video and sweep panorama. The camera has no flaps for ports because all the ports are open and visible on the underside. So basically this camera is the least bit waterproof. Obviously the battery and sd card port has a hatch.

      Using the Camera
      The camera is able to take pictures very quickly once it's been turned on. You may think this is un- important, but it is in fact a great feature. This means you never miss an opportunity to take a photo. Often I whip out the camera and can take a photo of something I've come across, like a moving train or a group of birds.
      Playback is a very convenient feature on this camera. You can view pictures in several ways and search for pictures by specific dates, making life a lot easier. It is also possible to zoom in on a picture which is a great way to ascertain which ones are getting the chop.

      Resolution and picture quality
      The 14.1mp is plentiful for the family snaps photographer. It proves handy for me as a design student to be able to enlarge photos and edit them in Photoshop and Illustrator. However this is not a dslr and so at full image size, pictures won't be pin sharp. You will find this an issue with all point and shoot cameras as nothing compares to DSLR's. For your average photo prints this camera is really good and will not let you down. I used this camera at a wedding and the prints looked very professional.
      One of the real advantages of this camera (for me) is the macro. The lens allows you to create really sharp pictures at a close distance. I use it for shooting jewellery and can create some really stunning results. However bear in mind jewellery is quite large and if you wanted to shoot really small insects or vivid detail of flowers, then the macro wouldn't be powerful enough.
      The optical zoom on the camera is a quick and convenient function. The zoom in and out rocker is placed conveniently at the right top corner of the backside of the camera. Zoom doesn't necessarily mean better picture quality from afar as I have found out. It serves more like a crop function and allows you to take a more close up aspect of the scene. I hardly use this feature and prefer to get closer to the object then use the zoom.

      Battery life
      The Sony manual states that a fully charged battery will shoot 240 pictures. I can easily shoot 240 pictures in under two hours. Therefore if I am out, I need to preserve the battery life to make sure the camera lasts the day. I would recommend you buy a spare battery if you like to shoot outdoors often.

      LCD Screen and Picture Viewer
      The 2.7 LCD screen is a very good size. The LCD screen also shows battery level and the camera's current settings. It proves extremely handy and I couldn't live without it.

      I hardly use the video, as it creates really shaky footage and it's not great picture quality. A good feature is that you can zoom in and out whilst recording. The video's ok for short family or you tube videos.

      Sweep Panorama
      The ability to shoot panoramic views is non-existent in digital cameras and can only be found in high end digital cameras. This is a plus feature and is a really interactive way to use your camera creatively. You can shoot anything from mountain ranges, to fitting the whole family in a picture. All you do is press the shutter and sweep the camera to capture the width of your subject. It really is an impressive feature and makes this camera highly versatile.

      Overall this camera is an all-round ideal camera for novices, amateurs and design students. In regards to functions, it really is just a point and shoot. I believe a good photographer can take great pictures with any camera, so it really depends on your ability as a photographer. You always have the possibility of editing you photos on Photoshop later if you want to improve the image quality or airbrush. It is really important you get to grasps with understanding how to use lighting effectively and position the camera to ensure good photos. It's not the best camera for a design student and I am looking to buy a DSLR once I can afford it. However in the meantime it's a really great camera at a very reasonable price and I can see myself using it for at least another year.


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      19.02.2012 12:56



      It will fit in most pockets easily, but it won't replace your SLR.

      This compact camera is a gem, providing a way to take snapshots without having to carry around a large SLR. Sony have managed to pack a lot of features into the extremely small body, although not with 100% success rate.

      The lens is wide angle and capable of taking high quality photos, as well as being able to zoom whilst filming video which is a plus, although there is a bit of a grinding noise when you do this. Images can become slightly grainy at ISOs, but I'm assuming that you won't be using this for photo shoots, so this probably isn't much of an issue.

      Image Stabilisation is a fantastic feature, which enables you to avoid using flash in low light. The W350's image stabilisation works well in low light, and paired with the fairly sensitive sensor in this camera, flash can be avoided in most situations to prevent those harsh shadows and flat looking images. It's a good job the sensor and image stabilisation are so good because the flaThis compact camera is a gem, providing a way to take snapshots without having to carry around a large SLR. Sony have managed to pack a lot of features into the extremely small body, although not with 100% success rate.

      Video is filmed in 720pHD, which is surprisingly good quality, although unsurprisingly sound is tinny, so you're better off sticking with your dedicated camcorder for shooting family videos.

      The build quality is sleek and shiny, as with most Sony products. The brushed aluminium body gives the camera a futuristic look, and the body also stays clean rather well, finger prints are not an issue. The SDcard slot is somewhat flimsy, which may become an issue with extensive use.

      Battery life is what you would expect from a compact camera, so far it has been good. Replacement batteries aren't cheap, so trying to make the most of your first one is important. Charging must be done externally which is annoying, but not a huge complaint.


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      04.11.2010 22:37



      4 out of 5 stars

      I was given this camera as a gift. At first I did not plan on using it because I had an Iphone. However, after I got this thing out of the box and charged it up I was amazed. It was a nice camera. The zoom buttons, were placed in a convenient location in relation to the shutter button allowing, quick, effective, last minute adjustments to photos before they were taken. The digital screen LCD on the back was very large ( aware as pretty darn scratch resistant) compared to what I expected out of the rather small size of the camera. It can switch on, open up, and focus and be ready for a shot in very few seconds, which is helpful for catching those rare heat of the moment shots. I have got to say this is also a tough little camera. I have dropped it quite a few times and each time it has been unharmed (maybe a scratch or two). If I had to piont out a few negative parts about this camera however, I would say this about it. First, and this is true for most cameras, the focus zoom on the front is very fragile. I have not broken it yet, but I have been worried I came close. Second, the digital zoom is not extraordinary. While the camera takes pretty decent photos, I still think for a bit more cash you could spring for a camera that is nicer all around. I would rate this product a 4 out of 5 stars, comparing it to other cameras in the same cost/size range.


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      27.10.2010 23:06
      Very helpful



      An excellent camera - especially for those of you who like panoramic photos

      The sony cybershot W350 is yet another pocket sized, point and shoot compact camera - by now you're probably starting to think they pretty much all look similar and do essentially the same thing. Of course there tend to be small and subtle differences between brands and models, however quite a big difference on this one is the 'sweep panorama' mode, which I will come back to later...

      - 14.1mp
      - 26mm wide carl zeiss lens
      - 4x optical zoom
      - 2.7" LCD
      - SD/SDHC card
      - lithium ion battery

      Build quality:
      The body looks nice, it's slim (pocketable) and simple - it has no wow factor when it comes to looks, but it's got a modern finish to it. The camera is very lightweight and it does feel (not that I've tried it) that it wouldn't take too much trauma (a short drop to the ground maybe) to break, so I wouldn't say it's the most durable compact on the market.

      The LCD is of high quality - good colour rendition, easy to see if the camera has focused properly and no flickering.

      The buttons on the camera are very small, but this doesn't seem to affect use - my thumbs are quite large, but despite the button size, I had no problems with pressing them or accidentally pressing the wrong one.

      The number of different shooting options are limited slightly - you have auto, program and scene. In the scene menu, there are two particular options I am going to discuss -
      1) Smile detection: this is now a common feature on a number of different camera's, however some are more effective than others - I found this one to be very quick to detect a smile and take an image (there's no shutter lag).
      2) Sweep panorama: again it's common for cameras to have a panoramic option, however most of these work by taking several different images which the camera then 'stitches' together. On the Sony they use a sweeping method instead - this means that you press the shutter once and then make a sweeping motion across which the camera then somehow records to make one panoramic image with no blur (don't ask me how) and this is incredibly effective. The results are impressive and it works alot quicker than the stitching method. One thing to note about using the sweep panorama function is that due to the fact that flash cannot be used (for obvious reasons) the camera will automatically bump up the ISO so you still get a correctly exposed photo in low light conditions.

      The ISO is manually adjustable up to 3200 - having set it to the maximum, I was impressed to find that although noise was visible (and you'd be a fool to expect none), it wasn't distracting to the photo and still resulted in perfectly useable quality photos.

      Image deletion:
      Many camera's only let you delete one photo at a time - this is good from the point of view that it means you won't accidentally delete everything from your card. The W350 however does give you more deleting options - you can delete single images, make a selection or delete all. To prevent you from doing it accidentally, you have to click through a couple of menu's first which I find a very good system.

      Image quality:
      As mentioned earlier in the review, the noise levels at high ISO's are very impressive. Further to this the auto white balance settings are also very accurate and colour rendition/contrast is true to eye.

      Overall I would thoroughly recommend this camera - for a price tag of around £160 it is an excellent buy. The image quality is very good, the sweep panorama function is excellent and the camera is easy to use. The circumstances in which you may want to consider an alternative compact to this would be if you need a bigger zoom or you need a robust camera (this probably isn't the best one to give to children who are a bit heavy handed).


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        12.09.2010 10:30



        Pocket sized camera full of features

        The previous camera I owned was a Nikon S550 and this was not only very easy to use but produced some really stunning photographs so this camera had a lot to live up to. Having never owned a Sony Cyber-shot camera previously I was wary of it not living up to the Nikon, how surprised I was! The Nikon was good in the sense it enabled you to change between scenes with the touch of a couple of buttons however with the Cyber-shots Auto Scene recognition this really is a camera tha you can just point and shoot. The camera offers an easy mode in which the user is not required to change every finite detail to get the pefect picture as this is all done for you. Also gone are the days of taking several pictures to get a Panoramic picture as with the Sweep Panorama feature its just a case of 1 swift motion from left to right.
        This camera is very lightweight and compact, therefore fitting into my pants pocket very easily. The camera also takes SD cards which is useful as my previous camera did so there was no need to purchase anymore.
        All in all the camera is great for the everyday photographer who does not want all the fuss usually involved in producing quality photos.


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        25.07.2010 22:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great little camera

        I recently spent 3 weeks on a fantastic trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia. The memories from this trip will now always look good thanks to this camera.

        When I was looking I wanted a camera that was mid-price, as Im not massively into photography but think its important to retain memories from things like holidays and graduations!

        This camera is small, compact, lightweight yet still durable and provides really good quality pictures.

        The zoom is especially good and provides good quality close up pics.

        One other feature that is better than any other camera I have had is the black and white/sepia modes....my most memorable pictures are in these formats!

        If your really keen on photography I would spend a little bit more, but fot holiday memories that will always stay with you this is perfect.

        Overall I would recommend it but not for the extra keen photographers our there!!


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          07.06.2010 14:10


          • Reliability
          • Reliability


          Great camera

          This is a great camera. It is the most easy to use camera I have ever owned or used. The face recognition is brilliant and for outside photos the quality is amazing. Indoors it is still good but a bit darker than perfect but still very good. It has some good features and on one setting you can hold the button down and turn round capturing upto 360 degrees for a huge picture. You do need some hefty storage as each picture is about 4-5 megabytes due to having 14.1 mexapixels. The LCD screen is crisp and clear and the menus systems are easy to navigate.
          The video setting is even better with the camera able to record in 720p HD! The cable in the box allows you to hook the camera up to most TVs for proper viewing. I cannot recommend this camera enough as a point and shoot camera but SLR's offer more features for those with more understanding to play arround with colour settings etc.

          In addition the camera feels very strong and sturdy and looks great. It really feels a quality product.


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      • Product Details

        The DSC-W350 captures images with amazing detail with its Carl Zeiss 26mm wide angle 4x zoom lens. Take breathtaking panoramas in Sweep panorama mode and review them on a 2.7" LCD. Record 720p high definition movies while Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, iAuto and Face Motion Detection makes taking great images in various conditions easy.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W350 - digital camera
        Product Type: Digital camera - compact
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.1 cm x 1.7 cm x 5.2 cm
        Weight: 100 g
        Colour: Silver
        Flash Memory: 45 MB
        Supported Flash Memory: Memory Stick Duo, SD Memory Card, Memory Stick PRO Duo, SDXC Memory Card, Memory Stick PRO Duo Mark2, SDHC Memory Card, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo
        Sensor Resolution: 14.1 Megapixel
        Image Processor: BIONZ
        Shooting Modes: Frame movie mode
        Max Video Resolution: 1280 x 720
        Lens System: 4 x zoom lens - 4.7 mm - 18.8 mm - f/2.7-5.7
        Focus Adjustment: Automatic
        Min Focus Range: 4 cm
        Digital Zoom: 2 x
        Image Stabiliser: Optical (Steady Shot)
        Camera Flash: Built-in flash
        Red Eye Reduction: Yes
        Microphone: Microphone - built-in - electret condenser - mono
        Display: LCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.7" - colour
        Supported Battery: 1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery - 630 mAh ( included )