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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W710S.CEH

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2013 13:07


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Upgrade within the cyber shot range as they are great, or look for other alternatives

      When I buy digital cameras I always stick to buying sony cyber shot, which reminds me I do actually have Nikon one which I am yet to review...

      Anyway, back to Sony, I stick to Sony. It was the camera make I started buying and it's the same make that my whole family stick and abide to. It was my sister who first got this camera, it was a birthday present from her boyfriend, and I think If I remember she got it back in March (she bought it just after her birthday hence why I can't remember!)

      I never had many complaints about using this picture apart from when she was using this out and about, and in restraunts for example where light was poor. She found the flash was too bright and when you had the flash off, the pictures were graining and also had alot of motion blur.

      So why am I writting a review about a product my sister has you may ask? Simple: Because I am now the owner of this camera (along with alot of other sony ones!) She just got a new job so as a result and she was saying how much she wanted a new camera so now she has a new one! - The name I forget but I do know it's one of those digital/slr cameras.

      I've now had this camera for just under 2 months now and I feel so let down by what I thought it would be able to achieve. In the past I've raved about sony cybershot, and I've often said 'oh upgrade it's bound to be better' Well, thats not always true it may seem as this is barely much better than it pre assessors.

      As you would expect of a Cyber Shot, it's light, it looks clean and it looks sleek. Cybershot always stick to the same design and maybe they could push this a little, rather than just making the edges rounded which to be makes it look cheaper.

      I feel that Sony concentrate too much on megapixels. It used to be all about which had the more, but not anymore. This has become less important - I mean just look at instagram for example! Sony need to concentrate more on camera features and less of how big the files are - I mean what do they really think we want to do with them??


      Sure enough I've used this in bars and clubs and I have found the same issues my sister had, the flash really is too bright and my friends always complain about how bright it is!
      I've also used this at the Beyonce concert I went to (which I was front row) - just to give you an idea of how close I was taking photos. I brought two cameras with me, one being my nikon and the other this Sony one. I always bring two incase I drain the battery! I always panic that I leave it on by accident!

      What I found - The camera really does suffer in low light, and the motion blur is a huge issue. There are settings where you can adjust your camera, for example 'night time portrait etc' but I've never found I've used ANY of these features as they just don't seem to be able to do what they even say!

      You do have some freedom with this camera, you can adjust the ISO you want so it is easier to take photos in dark light. From doing some research now it really is quite cheap, and it would be a great camera for any starters out in the photography world. I also feel that this camera would also be great just for general photos, such as on holiday or out and about! The camera preforms really well in light, but as soon as it's dark it becomes pretty useless even with the added features!
      Another 'pro' if you can call it that, is the fact you can take panorama images which I have tested and have found that this does work! I do feel however that an Iphone can take just as good ones! And sure they are lower quality, but yet again - what do people think we want to do with these images after!?!

      My first sony cyber shot was purchased maybe about 10 years ago? Maybe 8 i loose count, and to be honest I see very little difference in the performance. I'm not into the whole take a photo and upload to facebook from your camera but other people are, and this camera can't do that! The video recording is also mediocre, it's just as good as it was 5 years ago..

      I don't really understand what Sony are doing when creating new versions of their CyberShot range... I used to mavel at how amazing and easy it was to use, and yes it's still easy to use, but it's a huge let down. I'm unsure of what they have out now but I would suggest looking into that and looking at other reviews! Going back to the Beyonce concert - I used my Nikon digital camera only for this... I guess that says it all!


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    • Product Details

      From parties and family portraits to holiday scenes: have fun shooting detail-packed photos and HD video clips / Take this compact light and simple-to-use camera anywhere and get help taking better shots every time? even if you?re a first-time photographer.Effortlessly capture the beauty emotion and excitement of all those special moments thanks to the camera's high-resolution image sensor / From a family holiday to a fun night out you'll take sharp finely detailed photos without fuss / Bring all memories to life with HD video / There's no need to fiddle with complicated controls: a simple switch on the back of the camera selects movie recording / When you?re finished sit back and enjoy the results on your HD television / The DSC-W710 automatically adjusts everything to suit the conditions / Just point and shoot and capture the moment with no menus or settings to worry about.

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