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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W90

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    3 Reviews
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      29.08.2010 19:51
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Will be using this for a while yet.

      I received this camera as a present a couple of years ago and it is still going strong. It has lived through many a gig so I can't fault its durability that's for sure. Other than a small dent it looks and works just as well as when I first got it.

      It is small enough to fit into my jeans pocket with ease (though watch the battery door and the settings wheel).

      --Contents of the Box--
      As well as the camera, the box contains:

      + Instructions
      + Battery
      + Charger
      + Multi connector cable
      + Wrist Strap
      + CD Rom
      (my box also came with a memory card, though can't guarantee all do)

      --Technical Details--
      It is 8.1 mega pixels with auto focus adjustment. Just hold the button before taking a pictures and the camera will focus for you. To further the quality of your pictures it features 'Super Steady Shot'. It has double anti-blur technology, face detection and high sensitivity iso32200. It also takes video. Pictures and video are taken through a Carl Zeiss lens and features 3x optical zoom.

      The camera takes Memory Stick Duo and Memory Stick Duo Pro memory cards. It has a rechargeable battery so you don't have to worry about buying new batteries. According to Amazon the battery can take up to 350 shots before having to be recharged.

      The wheel on the back allows you to seamlessly choose between
      + Auto adjustment - automatic settings
      + Programme auto - adjustable exposure
      + Video Recorder
      + Twilight - for use in low light
      + Soft Snap - soft background
      + High Sensitivity - low light, no flash
      + Snow - white scenes
      + Beach - emphasis on the blue
      + Landscape - distant focus

      --Appearance and Build--
      The metal body leaves it sturdy and confident that it is going to last. Plus it doesn't get so scratched and old looking as quick as plastic covered cameras do.

      The front, as you can see on the picture is plain (though it comes with a sticker on the front that can be removed) apart from the words 'Sony' and 'Cybershot' and the lens, flash, viewing window and red eye reduction.

      One side has a door that holds the battery and memory card. You slide down the door and it flips open. This does so easily and mine has shown no sign of breaking.

      The back has a decent sized LCD display which shows your pictures or where you want to take a picture. It also has the options screen. There is also buttons for the zoom, settings of pictures, play back, menu, arrows, macro on and off, flash and timer.

      On the bottom you will find the usb slot and a hole for tri-pods.

      I find the camera looks really nice and the metal frame makes it feel good and decent quality.

      The camera is easy to use. To take a picture it is as simple as switch on and shoot. The picture will then appear briefly on the screen before returning back to the live picture. To delete the picture you can press playback and press menu. The delete option will be the first one that comes up and you can delete one, many or all pictures.

      I have found all the features easy to use and the camera easy to find my way around.

      --Picture Quality--
      I have found this camera to take excellent pictures, even in gig conditions (as long as you don't move the settings wheel). Pictures in both low and high light seem to take well. Pictures are crisp and clear with good colours. I cannot fault the picture quality, especially with the autofocus.

      For as long as this camera keeps working I will keep using it. I definitely don't anticipate that I will be buying a new camera soon and will be taking it on holiday with me to New York (so hopefully getting a lot of good quality snaps). Plus I have used this with more artistic shots with more than good enough quality. It is light and a good size for fitting in my pocket, has lived through many a gig and more. It is easy to use and you can take pictures effortlessly.

      Definitely a camera to keep!


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        01.04.2010 19:42
        Very helpful


        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Quality camera. Well worth the price.

        Two years ago, I purchased the Sony DSC-W90 digital camera to use for casual point-and-click holiday snaps. With a Carl Zeiss lens and 8.1 megapixels, the camera was high spec at the time, and well worth the £100 or so I paid for it.
        Nowadays, I'm a keen photographer taking artistic (but natural) shots as a regular hobby, and I still wouldn't change the camera for anything more expensive, more professional, or newer. The W90 does exactly what I want, when I want, and produces high quality images every time.
        I use a 16GB Sony MemoryStick Pro Duo with my camera, though it'll accept MemoryStick and MemoryStick Pro cards of varying capacities, and it fits in my pocket with a lower weight than your typical mobile phone.

        As a point and click camera, the W90 is extremely simple to use. It boasts an accessible power on/off button next to the shoot button, and a screen large enough to see exactly what you're shooting in any light. There's a zoom button, allowing you to zoom in on objects to three times their real size, a face detection feature keeping photo subjects in perfect focus, and a Super SteadyShot function for those with shaky hands!

        However, when you want to get a little more advanced, the camera won't let you down either. It boasts a smooth dial allowing you to switch between various photographic functions to create your perfect image with minimal effort. You can pick between:

        * Auto Adjustment (automatic settings)
        * Program Auto (automatic, with adjustable exposure)
        * Movie Mode
        * Twilight (shoot in low light with flash)
        * Soft Snap (shoot subject with soft background)
        * High Sensitivity (shoot in low light without flash, to reduce blur)
        *Snow (shoot white scenes brightly)
        * Beach (shoot water brightly with powerful blue)
        * Landscape (for distant focus)

        Other functions include a handy 'play' button, allowing you to run through your photos, and a 'home' button allowing you to run a slideshow or see multiple photos at once, use a tool to print easily, use a tool to manage slideshow music, and easily reach shooting settings, language settings and clock settings.

        Shooting settings themselves include the ability to add grid lines to your images, and the ability to switch on autofocus, whilst the camera also boasts easily reachable buttons on the reverse to switch the flash between on, off and auto, to set a timer on delays of two or ten seconds, to display memory information or a light meter, and to change from portrait to landscape settings in seconds.

        Videos from the camera are recorded in MPEG format, and pictures can be taken straight from the camera or memory card in JPG format (meaning that they may require a change to lower case jpg to be easily uploaded to sites such as Flickr), and the camera comes with a re-chargeable battery and battery charger that naturally gives you approximately ten hours of snapping.

        High quality images and easily accessible functions make this point and click camera a valuable asset to beginners and more experienced photographers alike, and of course it comes with the standard tripod fitting and a USB cable for easy PC upload and steady shots.


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          09.11.2009 17:54
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability
          • Reliability


          it is good

          I purchased this camera the month that it was released in the UK. So having had it a few months what do I think...
          Well, for a start it beats my old Minolta hands down. It's light weight and a decent size, so sits in my hand quite nicely. And looks rather fetching in black!
          Upon turning it on it becomes pretty clear how you go about using the device. For the less technical amoung us, the selector wheel cycles through the preset options for the general Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes and now Snowscapes!
          The standard setting 'little green box' could be classed as 'simple mode' and is where the new technology of Face Detection comes into play. It's quite novel (sadly the novelty hasnt worn off even after sitting infront of the tv to see if the camera detects people on the box)....(which is does!) and means that most faces within the frame are perfectly focused. Useful for a group photo.
          LCD screen on the back is sizable, taking up most of the back so good to view your images on. The only thing I would say about this, is purchase a camera case because I have rather stupidly scratched this already. It doesnt hinder the view, but being a perfectionist and still being rather proud of my new camera it's annoying!
          You can of course take videos and they are fabulous, quite a few have been captured, with good sound and quality. You can also watch slide shows of your images either on your camera or on the tv through the cable supplied and the camera has a variety of music to put this too.
          I do not have a HD (high definition) monitor to view my images upon but the camera is HD ready, and the colour and contrast captured is real and rich. Beautiful images.
          Blinded by the "I must have the latest technology, give me 12.1 megapixels I am greedy", I decided to read some W200 reviews before purchasing. Having read reviews of the W200 and the W90, I got the impression that despite having 12.1 megapixels, the W200 hardly differs from the W90. Unless you plan on enlarging your images to wall sized proportions you shouldnt notice a difference....
          However.... in my haste I did not notice the lack of 'M' (manual) mode on the W90 which the W200 does have, and this on my part would have been useful. But not for everyone!
          All in all this little camera is fantastic. I am tremendously pleased with it, and if you search around you can get it for under £200! I hope this is of some help!


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