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Sony Cyber-shot U DSC-U40

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    2 Reviews
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      11.12.2005 22:22
      Very helpful


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      • Reliability


      This is a cute, handy camera which is easy to use - it lacks a zoom function & the screen is small

      This camera was bought for me as a present - I would not have chose to buy a digital, but I am so glad I received it.

      **** PRICE ****
      It cost around £120 to buy (although this did involve my fiance's staff discount.Although it may seem expensive for such a small little thing it's worth it belive me.

      This camera is worth every penny, although I was at first scared to take it out incase I dropped it and broke it! As you will see further in the review it is a durable little thing and now I do not even consider the cost.

      **** ACCESSORIES ****
      I have a padded pouch for it that is very handy as it hooks on to your belt loops - so you can keep your hands free!

      **** PICTURE QUALITY *****
      It looks good and takes excellent picture, although if you blow the pictures up to anymore that A4 they become quite pixalated as this camera has only 2 million pixels - so not recommended for professional photo's, for casual photopgraphy this is great.

      I have a 126mb stick in mine and on the lowest setting (VGA) I can get over 1000 pitures on it, on the best setting (2 MILLION PIXELS) I can get around 230 on there.

      **** USEAGE ****
      For a technophobe like me this camera is surprising easy to use. thedifferent settings (i.e. flash on/off, red eye reduction, night vision, sports mode) are easy to use and are triggered by one button. The menus are easy to navigate and clear to read.

      It is so handy being able to put the pictures staight on to the pc. The only thing is you will never have any of those 'embaressing' piccies anymore as you have the benefit of deleting before people see!

      **** DURABLITY ****
      This camera is solid - its definately durable I have dropped mine a few times and its been fine. It has good weight to it which makes you feel that its quality - however at the same time its not too heavy that it would weigh you down!

      **** DOWN SIDE ****
      The only downfalls I would comment on is the screen is a little small - there is wasted space on the back that the screen could have used.

      In addition there is not a zoom function when taking a picture - there is however a zoom option once the picture has been taken, but this isn't great.

      Also when you used ordinary batteries they run down extremely quickly - definately recommend rechargable ones with this camera, you don't want to run out of power when you have a classic photo opportunity.

      **** MY OPINION ****
      All in all I love this camera and everytime I get it out to take a piccie I always get people complimenting me on it and people take a great intrest as they have not seen one so small... I have the blue one and its fab, easy to use and the quality of pictures is perfect for my 6x4 pictures.

      I love my little camera. Its cute, little handbag/pocket size - perfect for a night out when you have a small bag.


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        08.12.2005 19:25
        1 Comment



        Small compact sony camera, easy to use

        As expected from Sony this camera is of high quality and design. It is easy to use in every way yet still contains all the necessary features to take some quality photos. The small viewing screen is a little small but still provides the necessary ease of access to the camera functions. Its small size also helps save valuable battery life. In all the times I have used this I have never run out of power.
        The front slider provides easy protection for the lens whilst giving trouble free starting when you want to take a photo. Both this and the battery cover are well made and you dont get the feeling that they would be easy to break .
        Access to the battery and card area is through one hatch, making it easy to change the card and charge up the batteries.
        Information displayed on the screen is clear and precise. The battery life and remaining photo indicators are clear and understandable.
        The actual camera size is perfect . Small and compact it can fit in your pocket at anytime without actually getting in the way like some larger cameras.
        Photo quality is great, flash shots are also of good quality even though the falsh appears to be very small.
        The only possible issue with this camera is that it does not have a zoom function. However, if you dont think you will need a zoom then it should not be a problem.

        Well the only problem I had with this camera was the lack of zoom. It just made life a little to difficult when trying to capture that perfect image. Also, the 2MB picture quality is gettinga little dated but not enough to put you off..The only other thing was the LCD viewer was to small to be of practical use.


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