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Vivitar ViviCam 5015 5 MP

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Manufacturer: Vivitar / Type: Digital Camera

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2013 21:15
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      cheap and cheerful

      My niece is getting to the age where she can have a little camera of her own, however some of the children's cameras on the market are quite childlike with chunky plastic frames. We had our eyes on a Vtech one but to be quite honest, it looked quite tacky. As we struggled to find anything aimed at children we decided to look at adult cameras and did a quick eBay search. We found this one for a very respectable price of £2.99 on eBay but it was second hand.

      ==Price and availability==

      The camera was bought through eBay and it came without box but with instructions and a transfer lead. I paid £2.99 for it and £2.50 for delivery. I thought this was quite a cheap price to pay and it was in very good condition. The camera can be bought brand new for £17 on Amazon so it does not cost the earth anyway.


      The camera is very old fashioned nowadays and is quite bulky with a plastic coating on the front and silver plastic on the back. The camera does come in a lovely pink colour though and this was half the reason we bought it too. The camera is heavy but this is because it takes batteries rather than uses a lithium battery. At the rear is a 1.5" digital screen which takes a few seconds to focus everytime you view the slide show of the pictures, it is very bizarre but it is quite bright. Having such a small screen though makes the camera quite robust and even in second hand condition the screen had no marks on it. It is nestled in the plastic frame for protection. The camera takes pictures in 5 MP quality and for a children's camera it is fine but I would not be happy with it, my phone takes better pictures. There is an on button and a shoot button but no zoom so this adds to making it fun for children to use.

      ==In use==

      The camera is perfect for a child as it has anti shake and easy to hold sides so there is no risk of little fingers blocking the view finder. The camera is slow, it takes a while to register that the shutter has been pressed before you see the final image in focus on the screen, it is blurry and then goes clear.
      The camera uses a lot of batteries and it seems to drain even branded batteries in next to no time. My sister is going to invest in some rechargeable batteries in order to make it cheaper. There is no memory on the camera so you need an SD card, we bought a 1GB one for £3 second hand to go with it.
      My niece loves this though, she loves the pink colour and loves taking photos. She has taken some cute little snaps, even taking some of the penguins at Chester Zoo when we visited in the summer, she took the picture through a sheet of glass and caught the penguin mid stroke, it was a blur free picture that even I was quite impressed with.

      What is good about this camera is that it costs very little to keep her happy, we upload the pictures on the laptop and she is happy enough with that, rather than printing them all and spending a fortune. The very good ones we may print but mostly she is interested in taking the photo rather than seeing it in its paper form.


      This is a very basic camera and for full price I would be disappointed because it is clunky and cheap looking. It has a very small screen and does have the most megapixels but for a child, it is perfect. It is easy to hold and the pictures are ok, not the best but clear and bright enough to please a little girl. We have dropped the camera too and it has stood up to some abuse. I would recommend it for a child but I would not want it as my main camera.


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