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Vivitar Vivicam V7022

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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2011 16:35




      I bought this camera when I was in Dublin as I forgot my usual camera as I was rushing around packing things at the last minute!

      I paid around £30 for the camera. It came with all necessary bits and pieces and it was pink in colour, which was a bonus! The camera is pretty compact in size to be honest. It fits well in the hand and is easy to hold. It doesn't seem to slip from my fingers, although you can use the wrist strap if you think it IS going to slip from your fingers. This comes with the camera.

      The camera is 7 mega pixel but it doesn't work like a normal 7 mega pixel camera does. Firstly, you need an SD card before you can use it as the internal memory (without the card) is WAY too small. Also, the camera literally EATS batteries, so I would recommend using batteries that can be recharged as you will get through a LOT of batteries if you don't! It takes 3 AAA batteries, you can find AAA batteries that can be recharged. I bought some from Wilko for £6.97.

      The photos can appear to be a little fuzzy sometimes. They aren't the best quality but what can you expect for a camera that's pink and so cheap? I use it mainly for nights out as it's not the best camera in the world so I wouldn't be that upset if I lost it. Sometimes it's hard to get a decent photo from the camera as it seems a little out of focus. I have tried adjusting it but it doesn't make a difference.



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      16.03.2011 15:50
      Very helpful



      Spend a bit more and by something that works

      This is not a highly technical review about the inner workings of the Vivitar 7022 because I wouldn't know where to start with that sort of information so this is based on my personal experience of using the camera.

      My husband is quite a keen photographer and our six year old loves to take pictures but we are a little loathed to let her use our camera to do so. After wracking our brains for a while we decided to buy her a camera for her 7th birthday.

      I didn't really go actively looking for a camera for my daughter as her birthday was some weeks away but one day while browsing on the Asda Direct website I noticed the Vivitar Vivicam V7022 reduced from £29.99 to £24.97 and it was bright pink. This immediately appealed to me because the price seemed very reasonable especially for what would be a Childs camera and it was pink which seems to be the only colour option for girls these days.

      We have previously owned the Vtech Kidizoom camera but it stopped working and we assumed it was the batteries but it turned out to be a loose connection a month after the warranty ran out!

      I placed an order with Asda direct and my camera came within a few days. I had it delivered to the store to save on postage and put it away until my daughter's birthday. I had been so pleased to find a 7mp camera at such a bargain price I hadn't bothered to read any reviews or look elsewhere to compare prices.

      The camera claims to be 7.1 mega pixels and have a 1.8" preview screen, 4 x digital zoom, continuous shooting, high definition, auto flash, a self timer, anti shake, smile and face detection and red eye reduction. The minimum system requirements are Windows XP, Vista or 7 or an Intel processor based Mac with Mac OS X 10.5.x or higher.

      The camera comes in a plastic sealed pack that contains the Digital camera, USB connector and Vivitar experience software, a camera easy guide in 9 languages (user manual on CD), a wrist strap and the 1 year warranty.

      To operate the camera you need to also have 3 x AAA batteries and an SD card neither of these are included with the camera. The camera will only take one picture without the SD card.

      On opening this gift my daughter was thrilled to have a proper grown up camera of her own and the colour was also very exciting! I was a little disappointed with the feel of the camera as it is very light very plastic looking and feeling and the operation buttons are tiny and also feel of poor quality. I suppose I was being a little naive to think that I would get a nice camera for £25 but I don't shop for cameras very often and never for this small pocket size variety. The last time I bought a small camera like this you had to put a film in it, it only cost me £20 though and it lasted years. I very much doubt that the vivitar will still be around to see out its warranty.

      I hadn't realised that I would also need the SD and I had an old XD card knocking about and assumed I could just use this. After purchasing an SD card my daughter was off photographing everything that would stay still long enough. I didn't bother to download the software as I was pretty sure we wouldn't be printing or sharing any of her pictures and my laptop has an SD slot so we could view her pictures without needing it. The Easy guide is very basic and basically just names all the parts of your camera shows you how to insert the batteries and SD card and how to switch it on. There is also information about technical support and your warranty so I assume everything else you need to know is on the CD. My husband has owed a few digital cameras and seemed to know what he was doing so I left them to it.

      The camera is a nice size and would fit into a bag or pocket easily. It comes with a wrist strap and we also bought a small hard case for our daughter to keep her in. The camera I bought is bright cerise sparkly pink but the camera also comes in other colours like black and silver. The on/off switch and shoot buttons are on the top of the camera and the mode and other function buttons are on the back next to the preview screen. There are little symbols on the buttons that probably mean something but the only one I recognise is the bin one which is to delete your pictures.

      When you switch the camera on and off you get a welcome and goodbye message and it makes a little twinkly sound. The picture quality of the preview screen is awful. The colours are all muted and mostly orange and everything looks hazy and blurry. All around the edge of the screen are little icons that probably mean something too but all I want from a camera is to point it press it and to then get a half decent picture. I can take pictures and then delete them but haven't worked out how to do much else as all is does is beep at me and we haven't done any filming yet.

      I have looked at the pictures on my laptop and although the quality is better than on the preview screen it is not brilliant and most of the pictures are blurred or have colour issues. Most of the pictures my daughter has taken are of her birthday cards or her brothers and sister but from about 100 we probably only had about 20 that were recognisable but you certainly wouldn't be able to frame them.

      After a few days of using the camera it claimed that there was a storage error and that the SD card was full. I had put a 2GB card in the camera so was a bit doubtful about this. I went through the card and deleted all the blurred unrecognisable pictures and then replaced it into the camera but it still claimed that there was a problem. I eventually gave up and returned the camera to Asda who exchanged it for another. I was offered an alternative but the next cheapest camera was £69 and I wasn't paying that for my kids to bash it about.

      We have had the second camera a couple of weeks now and it is still useless. My husband and daughter insisted that the viewing screen was clearer but I couldn't see any difference.

      I have since read many reviews about this camera and they all say that this camera is rubbish.

      If it was for me to use to take holiday snaps or pictures of my children I would have demanded a refund and spent much more to get something that was a least half decent. As a throw away camera for kids to use this is fine and pretty much the same quality pictures as you get from the Vtech kiddizoom that we had paid almost double for.


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