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Vivitar Vivicam X60

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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2011 13:29
      1 Comment



      If you like grainy pics- GO FOR IT .

      I don't want to bore you with "this and that" .. so i'm just going to get started with it. Basically Im a teenager and last month I went to Germany. I've always wanted a camera- a really good camera... But the best camera's are really expensive. Luckily I saw this camera for £39.99 in Curry's. What a bargain I thought , it looked alright on the outside- so I thought let me just test it out in Germany, take pictures , If its good quality then I will keep it. If not then I will return it. Now this camera says that it is 10 mp.. When I took the pictures it came out rather rubbish. This ruined my holiday, the pictures came out grainy. This is a real big problem for me, because I rather have my phone which takes 5mp- (without it looking grainy) - than a camera thats 10 mp and is grainy. I should have known that it wouldn't be a good quality as the outside looked plasticy , like one of the cameras you would play with when your a kid.

      I advise, not that good.. but if you like grainy pics- GO FOR IT .


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        19.12.2010 16:26
        Very helpful



        Simply a very poor compact camera!

        I hate to bore you all with my intro of how I am a professional photographer who also tests and reviews cameras for my camera club as I am sure most of you have heard it all before but I do still get messages asking me how come I have so many cameras, so just to be clear I test them, sometimes for the companies that produce them and sometimes for my camera club itself.

        Most of the cameras I am given to test and give opinion on are new modes just out but a few weeks ago I was handed a Vivitar X60, a camera that has been around since way back in 2006, this camera was Vivitars first real attempt at playing with the big boys, their first 10 megapixel offering when others had been making 10 megapixel cameras for some time.

        I have tested other Vivitars and always been pretty disappointed with them and this one did nothing to break that trend. The reason I have bothered to write about a camera that lacks a lot of what you would expect from the more modern offerings is that I have it on good authority that this camera is still out there for sale and is to be given the price drop treatment in attempt to shift them in the new year sales and if this is the case then I am here to warn you off buying one basically.

        Vivitar cameras have for me a very frustrating trait in that they take pretty poor pictures, not great for an item that's sole purpose is to take pictures! Vivitar lenses seem to have a serious problem with softness around the edges of photos that are taken zoomed in tight and with this X60 offering a 6X optical zoom I was keen to see if they had sorted this issue but they have not at all and if anything it is worse in this camera than in Vivitars that have gone before it.

        The X60 did at least have a built in anti shake function, something Vivitar had not seen fit to bother with previously even though their camera all had very poor lenses and produced blurry images almost every time. Sadly though the anti shake function in this camera wasn't great and although it worked at fast shutter speeds in good light when you should not really need it anyway, add a bit of zoom and dim the lights and the blurry pictures are back.

        Vivitar got it so wrong with this camera it is a wonder they sold at all but to re-release them into today's market if indeed that is what they intend to do is simply madness. Continuing on with the many things wrong with the X60 I will move quickly on to the very cheap feel this camera has to it and indeed the very cheap look, there are far too many things written on the front of this unit for it to ever look classy it has the vivitar name on it twice, the fact that it has 10 megapixels is splattered all over it, it has the 6X zoom advertised in the top right hand corner, it even has the size of the screen written on the front, why I will never know but it does.

        Moving on to the screen, it was actually the only good thing I could find about the camera. At 2.8 inches it was one of the biggest LCD screen of its time on a compact camera and it is a very clear and bright screen that offers great colour reproduction so you could see clearly the image you had taken, sadly this just allowed you to see how bad the photo was and then probably delete it.

        This was Vivitars top end model back in the day and it really was sub standard, and costing a whopping £110 when it was released it wasn't even cheap, so what did this camera have going for it? Well nothing really and that I guess is why it was one of Vivitars worst sellers and a real flop and was quickly lowered in price and could at one point in 2007 less than a year after its release be purchased for just £45 in many places but by this time other top end cameras from other brand names had come down in price too so it still failed to sell.

        I guess to keep this review fair and balanced I should say that this camera was and is easy to use and it does have a macro capability which in truth was one of the better ways to take photos on this unit, it is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery which I always prefer to cameras that use AA`s but all of this surely matters little if the camera cannot produce worthwhile images and for a ten megapixel camera this is one of the worst I have come across.

        Vivitar announced the release of this camera saying "In addition to very high resolution stills, the Vivitar X60 digital camera captures movie clips at 640 x 480 at 30fps allowing the photographer to become a videographer at will". This is laughable because if the still image quality is bad then don't even get me started on the video quality, in anything short of perfect daylight then the videos were very blurry and almost un-viewable and even in good lighting conditions the video quality was poor and could not be played back even in full screen on a PC because it was so blocky and stuttering so imagine trying to watch it on TV?

        The info I have on this camera being re-introduced to today's market may be misinformed but if it is correct then how this camera with its very basic features and functions and its unattractive looks is meant to compare with what is on offer today I do not know, I mean in the January sales it is likely that you will be able to pick up very good Sony and Samsung compacts with 12 or even 14 megapixels and every feature and function you could wish for, for around £70 so what price would they put on this? I suggest that about £2.99 this might just about be good value for money anything higher then please avoid it like the plague.


        Class: 10 Megapixel 1/1.8 inch CCD
        Focal Length: f=7.8mm - 46.8mm(T) (37-222mm in 35mm)
        Focus Range: Macro: 2cm (.78 in) - inf.(Wide)
        Focus Range: Normal: 0.5m (20 in) - inf.(Standard)
        Resolution: 3650 x 2736
        Image format: JPEG
        Movie clip: 640 x 480 at 30fps, MPEG 4(ASP)
        Housing: metal
        Lens: Auto focus zoom
        LCD display: 2.8 inch color LTPS
        Internal memory: N/A
        External memory: Secure Digital to 1GB (not included)
        Flash: Built-in 4 mode auto flash
        Other: PictBridge, USB 1.1, A/V out (NTSC/PAL)
        Power: Lithium rechargeable
        Weight: 150 g
        Dimensions: 93x57x25.5 mm (3.7 x 2.3 x 1in)

        TO SUM UP:

        I really dislike writing about cameras or other products that I find to be very poor as I hate to sound unbalanced but I have given an honest opinion of the product. It has a very sluggish start up time and it is slow to autofocus, it offers very poor final images especially if you use the zoom which is one of the cameras selling points.

        The camera does not look good and has a poor build quality despite having a metal casing rather than plastic, the cameras limitations were clear to see back when it was released so comparing it to today's cameras would be like comparing Susan Boyle and Cheryl Cole on looks.

        There are decent things about the camera such as the screen on the rear and the fact that it uses a rechargeable battery but these are simply nowhere near enough to make up for all the cons there are sadly.

        MY SCORES:

        LOOKS 4/10
        BUILD QUALITY 4/10
        EASE OF USE 8/10
        IMAGE QUALITY 2/10
        VALUE FOR MONEY (at original price) 1/10
        OVERALL 3/10

        Thanks for reading.
        © thebigc1690


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