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AgfaPhoto AF5087PS

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2012 14:27
      Very helpful



      So many pictures taking up so little space on your desk

      Anyone that has read some of my previous reviews will know that I have a bit of a thing for showing my vast collection of photographs, and it doesn't involve sticking lots and lots of wooden picture frames on every wall in my home, (to be honest I don't think the plaster could withstand anymore holes banged into it..).
      Anyway, many moons ago I decided to try out what was known then, and is still known now I suppose, a digital photo frame, and I have amassed quite a large collection of those little miracles over the time so that I can indeed show off my 'myriad' of photographs that I have taken.

      My collection involves digital frames with well known names such as Kodak, Motorola, Sony and others, with some not so well known products such as Lumina, (who have actually surprised me with style and quality).
      But it is a sort of name in the middle which I have decided to tell you about today, that name being Agfa, with the actual frame itself being the Agfa AF5087PS.

      There is a more modern version of this frame, the AF5087MS, which has a remote control and allow video and music playback, giving you the options of having a soundtrack playing whilst your pictures slide along.
      So don't get this PS one mixed up with the more expensive MS version.

      So, this PS version of the Agfa digital photo frame then...

      What does it look like then..?

      It's a rectangular, nay, a more square shape measuring in at around 200mm long by 160mm wide, being 14mm thick, although the stand at the rear does make it become about 100mm in depth. And it weigh in at no more than 800 grams, so it can sit on most surfaces without any pressure at all.
      The actual LCD screen is surrounded by a 'frame' which is about 10mm in depth, which seems to make the screen stand out a little more.
      For me though, the black frame did look as if it made the images seem a little darker, this is why I went for the white framed version really, plus, the white seemed to go with the rest of the room that this frame was aimed at.

      Anyway, the front is as basic as a, well, as a picture frame, being a picture, (or in this case a slideshow, inside a frame). But turn the frame around and you'll see the controls and the stand that this one rests against.
      On the rear of the frame itself there is the cursor key and on the side there are two buttons, being the menu button and the settings option.
      Then, on the stand there are the ports for the many memory sticks and power ports that you'll need.
      The on/off switch and a slot for a memory card are on the right, as you look at the rear. Then on the left there are the slots for a mini USB and a normal size USB port for standard size USB connectors. There's also the mains adaptor port for powering the device up so that you can enjoy your pictures all the time, (unless there's a power cut of course).

      So that's it; that's what this frame looks like:
      Now what does it do..?

      NOTE: This one only show pictures, it is the more advanced model, the MS, that shows videos and plays music, but that one cost a lot more than this one and if it's only a picture frame you want then this one is for you.

      Anyway, what does it offer..?

      It is an 8 inch model with an 800 x 600 resolution LCD screen in a 4:3 ratio, although in the settings you can opt for 16:9 or even 'stretch to screen, (but that one does make images look very strange indeed).
      It has a single image setting or, more popular, a slide show setting to show all you images in a set timed pattern.
      The internal memory can store a few hundred good quality JPeg pictures and as it has what they call 'Crystal Image Automatic Picture Correction' your images will always come out in the correct position and be as clear as a crystal, so to speak.
      You can rotate the images in the frame via the settings but I find that it's better, and a lot quicker, to set the images to there correct position on you PC before uploading them onto the frame. This saves a lot of hassles after wards.

      Apart from the internal storage of course you could add more images by inserting a memory card or USB device as this frame offers a 5 in 1 memory card reader, reading many of the more popular types of memory cards, such as SD, SDHC, MMC, XD and MS, plus the option of USB connections as well.
      So the amount of pictures on the device is entirely up to you really.

      Is it easy to use..?

      One word, yes...

      Once you've set it going it's so easy to remember how to do it again if and when you want to change the images or the settings. Plus, the instructions that come with this are as clear as the screen itself.

      I could go into the settings in more detail but that would take up too much time and space and people may accuse me of padding out this review, so I'll just say that once in the settings, or even the menu section, if you follow the directions on screen you can't really go wrong. As long as you don't press 'delete all mages' icon then you can't damage or lose you images.
      Just remember, when you go into the menu/settings you can play about in there until you're happy with the way you want your pictures displayed.

      My opinion...

      This has been another good buy for me and my collection of digital picture frames, freeing up my walls and saving the strain on my plaster work.
      It looks the part, even though it can't really be hung on a wall. I have it sat on a desk, although it could sit on a shelf without any trouble at all.
      As I said, the white frame around the crystal clear LCD screen really makes the pictures stand out, but if you want to go for the black then that's entirely up to you, it's only the colour of the frame that is different, all the setting are the same.

      When I first inserted a memory card I was prepared for the time it would take for the frame to 'upload' the many pictures on the card. This is mainly because all frames are the same in that respect, the more images there are on the card the longer it takes to get them showing in the slide show. But after about a minute and a half my pictures were on the move, and as long as the card remained in place they would continues moving along at the set pace until I turned the frame off.

      Apparently, the images on the memory card take priority over the ones coming in through the USB port, so if you want the one on your PC to show up first then simply take out the memory card.

      Now, this sits in place so, when someone's in that room, it gets switched on so that it can run through it's selection of images, giving the person in that room a different picture to see every few seconds.

      As for the price of this digital picture frame?
      Well, this one sells for around £60.00, which isn't too bad but as there are others on the market for around the same price, with some offering music and maybe video too, it's well worth looking around for any bargains.
      Don't get me wrong, this one is worth the £60.00 as it offers an easy way to show off you family pictures without taking up all the wall space in your house.

      In all, if it's pictures you want to see then get yourself this digital picture frame as it will show off all your pictures for as long as you want.
      If it's music and videos you want as well then this is not good at all, but it does have a bigger brother that does all that business.

      © Blissman70 2012


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