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Clarity CPF6-1 Digital Picture Frame

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Manufacturer: Clarity / Type: Digital Picture Frame

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    1 Review
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      17.04.2012 11:56
      Very helpful



      A nice way to display your pictures but the frame is quite cheap looking

      I apologise in advance as I am not very technically minded but I have written my opinion of this frame as well as I can.

      When it comes to displaying my photos which I have taken I tend to have one or two nice ones displayed in frames in my lounge and the rest are saved onto discs which I can view on my laptop or print off when I want. However I recently acquired a digital photo frame, I have seen these before in friends and families homes but have never really thought about buying one myself. The digital photo frame we were given was the Clarity 6" Digital Picture Frame, as I had it I decided to give it a try and see how I got on with it, after all I hadn't actually paid for it so hadn't lost anything if I wasn't keen.

      The clarity Digital Picture Frame comes in a large square grey/ silver cardboard box, the word "Clarity" is written down the left hand side of the box in black with the name "6" Digital Picture Frame" written at the bottom of the box. The rest of the box is taken up with a picture of the digital photo frame displaying a picture of hot air balloons. Also on the front of the box is a list of facts about photo frame, these are written in white inside orange circles. The same information appears on the back of the box along with a list of features which appears on both sides of the box as well. Inside the box is what looks like an over sized egg box, this holds the photo frame in place and also contains the instruction booklet.

      The Picture Frame
      The picture frame itself when I first saw it was a little disappointing, I wasn't overly impressed with the design of it. The frame is basically made from plastic, the back of the frame which cannot be seen when stood up is plain black, this contains all of the function buttons as well as a black stand, the same type of stand you get on regular photo frames. The front of the picture frame is the part which I am not overly keen on, the frame is basically plain white plastic, the actual display area is a wide black screen in the centre of the frame with a silver border, this is basically it for the design of the frame, I would rather it was a bit more attractive rather than plain white plastic, however I decided to give it a go still and see what it was like once it was up and running. The Clarity Picture Frame has a variety of features which include
      * 6" LCD screen
      * Wide screen
      * Swivel Stand so that you can have the frame portrait or landscape
      * On screen time and calendar
      * USB socket and 4 in 1 card reader for digital pictures.
      These features are listed on all sides of the box and also in more detail inside the instruction booklet.

      Operating the Picture Frame
      When it came to operating the Clarity Picture Frame I was surprised at how easy it was, you simply
      * Plug one end of the AC adaptor into the frame and plug the other end into the wall socket.
      * Press the power button on the centre of the main menu where you find the functions "photo, set up, calendar and clock"
      * Insert a UBS data traveller or a card reader including either a SD, MMC, XD or MS card and press the navigation button.
      * You can then navigate through the photos where you can rotate them and select the photos you require
      * Select the slide show option to go through the photos one by one, you can skip photos and reset them using the various buttons on the back of the frame.

      Other operating functions include setting up the onscreen calendar and clock, selecting the time intervals that the photos change and also the transition effects from one photo to another, you can also set up the display brightness as well. All of these functions are described in detail within the instruction booklet. The instruction booklet is literally a couple of pages long, even though it is very short it is also detailed, the instructions are clearly written and very easy to follow, they are not long and complicated at all. Normally I do not bother reading the instruction booklets on things and just work it out for myself however I had no idea what I was doing with this so was pleased to see how short they were and simple.

      Price & Availability.
      As I have mentioned I didn't actually buy the Clarity Digital Picture Frame, however I have since found out that they are available from various online stores and are sold for around £20.00 Personally I think this is quite good value for money as it is a good way to display all of your photos without having to fill your house up with photos frames, you can have a lot more pictures displayed without having to worry about running out of space.

      My Opinion
      Overall I have been impressed with the Clarity Digital Picture Frame, it is very easy to set up and really didn't take me that long to do. I like the fact that you can rotate the pictures to suit your needs and can also select how you want the photos to be displayed, one thing I have not been able to find out is how many pictures you can have, I am assuming that the amount of pictures depends on what is on your card reader, however I'm not sure if there is a limit as to what the frame can cope with as I have not managed to find this anywhere at all in the product information.

      When the photos are going through the slide show I was very pleased with the picture quality, the wide screen means that none of the photos are cut short and the picture quality is extremely clear, the digital frame does a very good job of displaying all of your photos and makes the best of them, there is no blurriness at all. For me the only real disadvantage of the Clarity Digital Picture Frame is the design, personally I am not keen on the plain white plastic frame, I think it would have been better if it had been black, for us this would have blended in with our lounge better. I think the frame is quite plain so that it does not detract away from the photos being displayed but I do think the white plastic has a bit of a cheap look to it, this could have been designed a bit better in my opinion.
      Other than the design of the frame, the overall idea of it is very good and the way in which this particular frame works is excellent, I would recommend the Clarity Picture Frame especially if you could get it in a different design but I'm not sure I would have bought it myself if I had of know it was plain white plastic, but the general concept of this is very good.


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