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Coby DP180 Digital Photo Keychain

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Brand: Coby / Type: Digital Photo Frame - Keychain

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2011 17:50
      Very helpful



      Small digital photo display on the go

      In times where many of our gadgets are being able to call, take pictures, store pictures, play all kinds of media etc. it is quite refreshing to have something that basically has only one function.

      This 1.8" digital photo keychain is just that. It's purpose is to be a keychain and to store and display photos (and date and time), nothing more nothing less.

      The packaging includes the keychain (naturally), an USB cable and a simple manual. The manual is pretty much straight forward and easy to follow.

      When you connect the device it runs a program (DFP mate) which makes picture transfer easy on this one. The program is easy to navigate, you select the picture, get the preview - crop it as you see fit and click add to transfer it to the keychain. If you want to remove the picture you just mark it and click remove. Finding pictures is easy since there is a preview of every picture on the keychain or on disk. When you are done and have all the files selected you will have to click download to get the pictures to the keychain. There is a tempting save button which I first clicked but this one only saves the selected files to the hard disk. This keychain can store up to 120 photos, the software also counts the number of photos you have on the keychain so you can see how many "free slots" you have left. I do find this interesting - a numerical limitation instead of memory space limitation. The data transfer between computer and keychain is really fast.

      As long as it is connected to the computer you are unable to see the photos on the display. When you unplug it the fun starts.

      The keychain has 3 buttons the on/off/menu/ok button, forward/down button and backwards/up button. With these 3 you can simply navigate this thing. Well there is also a tiny reset button hidden on the back side. It is not fragile, if dropped it won't break. The screen seems to be durable too, since it is in constant contact with keys and there is only a little scratch on it.

      As you turn it on the first picture shows... And the slide show starts. There is a clock in the right lower corner and there is a number of the picture in the right upper corner. You can use the forward and backwards buttons to navigate through pictures. If you click the on/of button you get to the menu. The forward and backward buttons now become up and down.

      From the menu you can, turn off the device, delete pictures, set the time between pictures in slide show (from 5 to 60 seconds), turn off the slide show, set the clock (which seems to be synchronized with the computer anyway) and set the LCD contrast. I think all the essential functions are here.

      It has an integrated lity polymer rechargeable battery, that is charged via USB cable. It has a 3 hour picture viewing battery life. I can't say it has nor that it has not - I never watched the pictures for 3 hours in a row nor did I count minutes. In the first days of use I did have to recharge it more often. But now the battery holds for weeks since I only "slide-show" here and there. I am satisfied with the battery life.

      Now to the picture quality. The display is fairly small, 1.8" only, but then again bigger screen would mean bigger device and that would be pretty much useless as a keychain. Display resolution is 160 x 128 which all in all is not a lot. The pictures are, if looked from the right angle, acceptable. It is quite clear, the colours are intense, I might say that for the resolution this one has the pictures are great. But if you look from the "wrong" angle you will see a bit distorted image, it will have stripes. Assuming you will be looking them at a good angle I have to say that pictures are just good enough to bring a smile on your face if they carry a special memory and just good enough to share that memory/picture with someone.

      I have to say that I pretty much like carrying this around. All the important people and animals are always with me that way and are just a few clicks away. For me it feels somewhat nostalgic, I used to have tons of photographs in my wallet (friends, family, pets) now I still have a few, but other ones are in my keychain and they still feel more personal than pictures on the phone... It might be because pictures on the phone are usually the ones that were taken by the phone, you usually do not upload them from different devices, but with this I chose the dearest of the pictures and uploaded them.


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