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Kitvision 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame

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    8 Reviews
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      28.02.2014 13:06



      Excellent product..we now own three

      Like many people, we have all our "old fashioned" printed photos stored in a box, only to be brought out once in a blue moon when a new boyfriend comes to meet the parents, and our digital photos stored on the computer, only ever looked at whe we need one for a blogspot or social media upload. So we bought ourselves one of these didgital photo frames in order to enjoy our photos on a regular basis.
      The resolution is adequate, and the screen size is not bad considering that the price of this product is very inexpensive. After a year of continual use we bought two more, and have them set up in various locations around the house, as a sort of moving picture. Each of our frames is loaded with a diiferent theme of pictures, ie: a wedding or a particular holiday, and we change the theme every so often. It is lovely to glance accorss the room and see a photo of you favourite dog, or your niece and husband saying their vows. You will need to purchase a memory card to load the photos, as it doesn't come with one, but 1 or 2 gb is perfectly adequate, and you will need to make sure all your photos are orientated the same way as you cant spin them on the frame.
      This frame is good value for money and does what it says on the tin.


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      24.03.2013 13:03



      Nice cheap frame that does the job, but pay more if your a photo fanatic and want real LCD quality

      OK so there are vast options when it comes to photo frames! I was as lost as everyone else when buying one for myself. I did not want to spend lots but at the same time I knew there must be a difference with the cheaper units.

      Well...there is, it's simply about LCD quality. Two aspects to consider here, resolution and viewing angle. Low resolution and things look pixilated, low viewing angle and you can only really see it in full color from head on.

      This unit its good in the sense that it has a fairly good horizontal angle, but vertical is a little more limited. Not so much that it makes the image fade just so that when you stand up from having been looking at it sat down (on a shelf for example) the whites and blacks tend to lose definition.

      Resolution is not superb but then again it's a small frame, from an arms length away the pictures are still VERY recognizable and good if not better than say looking at a printed photo. Low power consumption, and with SD and USB connectivity this little unit makes a nice gift, or home use option.

      If your after something with a higher quality LCD then you need to be looking to spend more, this unit is a nice cheaper alternative that still delivers. What would be nice of course is if this unit had wifi capability, but that is just out of the price range I guess!


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      31.12.2012 21:49
      Very helpful



      Holds your memories in one place

      I received a KitVision 7th Digital Photo Frame as a Christmas present and was very chuffed to receive it. More often than not, we like to display family photos around the home, but with little space, and with me liking a minimalist look, this present is ideal for showing your favourite pictures digitally all on the one screen.

      The photo frame allows you to select one static image, or a continual slide show of all the images you have uploaded to the frame. There is a built in memory card reader so just pop your usb drive or a card reader in the side of the frame and upload the pictures you want. A camera, internet connection or computer is not required. Select how you would like the pictures to be displayed. A selection of buttons on the top of the frame will allow you to select pictures in a thumbnail format. From here you can select them individually and follow the instructions in the user manual provided to save the picture to your frame. It is wise to follow the instructions carefully because at first it does seem a little complicated for saving etc but after a few practices it does click in the mind.

      Kitvision comes with a stand and a mains adaptor. I love this present as it displays lots of my memories in one place and the photos can be changed whenever you feel like it. The pictures are very clear and colourful and it is a talking point when visitors come. They make an ideal present for anyone and i understand they are available from many retail stores, including Argos and online on Amazon and other websites.

      7" TFT panel
      Resolution: 480 x 234
      Input voltage: AC110-240V (50-60HZ)
      Compatible with Jpeg file format
      3 in 1 card reader supports SD/MMC/MS Pro/Duo/Pro Duo (Mini/microSD & Memory Stick micro (M2) are also supported when used with an adaper (not supplied)
      Supports up to 8 Mega Pixel jpeg files
      Slide show display mode


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        17.12.2012 18:01
        Very helpful



        A pleasant way to admire thousands of images in one little space

        I like to show off the pictures that I have taken, especially those of my family, but the main problem is that there is just never enough space on the wall for all the picture frames to hang from. So, a few years ago, I happened upon something that shows a large number of pictures in a small space, that space being the size of a standard pictures frame, such as 7inch, 8 inch or there abouts.
        That something that I happened upon is in fact called a digital photo frame which, as the title suggests is a photo frame that digitally shows pictures. What I mean by showing pictures is that it can show a vast number of them in a slide show fashion.
        These days there are many different types of these digital picture frames so actually finding the right one for you is a bit of a task in itself. Fortunately, as I have spent many years amassing these type of picture frames I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to finding a reliable one which is also quite nice to look at too.
        One particular digital picture frame that I have stuck on a shelf, showing off many of my pictures for all to see, is a lovely little 7 inch model which goes underneath the name of KitVision

        * Firstly, let's take a look at the frame itself...
        Well, from the name of it you'd think that it was shaped like a Kitten, and you'd be completely and utterly mad if you really thought that it was... come on, a kitten shaped picture frame..? What ever next?
        No, this is shaped like any other frame type device, which is basically a rectangle which makes it look like one of those 'normal' picture frames that you usually put a single picture of the mother-in-law in so as to keep the burglars away from your DVD player.

        In fact the full frame, that is the entire lot, the screen and all that surrounds it, is about 230mm by about 170mm, and about 30mm thick, so it is larger than the visible frame really. The actual 'viewable' 7 inch screen, (or more 175mm), is surrounded by a 25mm black frame which in turn is surrounded by a 25mm clear frame, thus, making the entire frame look a lot bigger than it actually is, if you know what I mean.

        The stand slots into a little grove on the back, offering two different grooves depending on whether you want the frame in portrait or landscape.
        Above and to the left of this slot there are the control buttons, which are situated on a small protruding section. These controls are play/pause, next, previous, which do exactly what they say they do. Then there's the interval button, which lets you select the time between each picture in the slideshow function.
        Finally there's the mode button which lets you select how you want to see the pictures on the screen.

        On the back still, well, more to the side on the rear, there are a few little slots and a port, (no, not the drink that you see the elderly spinster drinking at the annual dart meeting, I mean port as in a hole where something slots into... don't be rude). These ports, slots, holes, or what ever you want to call them, are for the power cable and the external memory additions, such as SD card and USB.

        It comes in a few choices of colours, black, which I have, silver, white, pink and, which is pretty neat and I wish I'd got this one, a union jack one, which is red, white and blue stripes.
        Although when I say it comes in different colours it is only the actual inner frame that is a different colour, the outer frame is clear on every choice.

        * How does it work then..?
        You have to shovel in some coal and then stoke the fire until the steam gets up to the right pressure... no, hang on, that's some thing else. This actually works using something that the boffins call elastic-trickery.
        In other words this runs of the mains, which does mean that you do have to have it positioned near a plug socket, and, sadly, as it doesn't have a built in battery it has to remain plugged in to keep the pictures showing.

        To get it working you have to put on some pictures, either on the internal memory, which won't take long, or inserting a card into the slot on the side.
        The frames brain is intelligent enough to know what device you have plugged into the SD slot and the USB slot, which makes it more intelligent than some of the people that I have to work with.

        Then, using the easy to understand menu settings, you go through the motions, choosing the way you want you images to be seen, and press the play button to set the slideshow going.
        Simple as that really.

        * What does it offer..?
        You ask a fine question my curious comrade? A question that deserves an answer of the finest quality from the finest minds. (But allow me to answer instead).

        This frame actually has a bit of a measly internal memory, with it only offering 8MB. Yes, Mega NOT Giga. Which means that if you don't insert an external memory device you're only going to be looking at about 5 or 6 good quality pictures over and over again, which is not that good at all, I mean, you may as well buy one f those wooden picture frames that you can put lots of pictures inside a cardboard cut out.
        Luckily though, as I said, you can add an SD card into the slot, but not just an SD card, you can also slot in a MS, XD, CF, and MMC card, with the Pro duo range too as long as you have an adapter, (but not all at once as this may cram up the single slot and could cause some damage). Apart from that you can use a USB connection as well
        It can show both portrait and landscape pictures, and offers a few transitions so that you can really give your slideshow that personal touch. But remember, the images have to be adjusted accordingly before showing on the slideshow as this does not have a built in function to adjust them automatically. Although it does have the ability to be able to delete images from the card or the internal memory so do be careful as once they're gone they're gone.

        This frame can cope with the most common JPEG format, managing to cope with up to 10MP pictures, and you can use it to show a single image or, as I end to do, use it as a slideshow image viewer.

        Plus. For those that are really interested, it also offers a calendar and an alarm clock, which is nice, if you like that sort of thing that is.

        * Is it easy to use..?
        Another interesting question indeed my inquisitive iguana. One which I will give my finest riposte to.
        This frame is without doubt one of the easiest frame to use, mainly due to the fact that what it offers is so basic. You simply put in your pictures and press play. Simple.
        The menu is so easy to go through, making the initial set up easier than falling over after a few tipples of the finest malt. I won't go into too much description about how this goes but I will say that you can adjust the pictures, making them fit onto the screen better. You can also set up the speed of the slideshow, from 10 seconds to a minute between each picture showing up. Or you can adjust the way each picture comes in by adjusting the effects, which again, is done in the menu section.
        In fact, most things are done by getting into the menu function, including contrast, colour, rotation and more... including the language if you want to show off and have everything written in Bangladeshi... or how ever you pronounce it..? (it doesn't actually have a Bangladeshi setting before you start to shout).

        It can be either stood on a flat surface or hung from a wall. The stand can be twisted to allow for both portrait and landscape, plus, if you want to hang it on a wall, there are two little holes drilled into the back of the frame. It weights about 420grams so I can't see it ripping from the wall unless your plaster is a bit on the fragile side.

        It can handle up to 10MP images, which is great for me as I tend to take pictures at 5 - 8 MP, mainly due to the fact that, even though the camera that I use these days is a 12MP one, I can't see any reason for choosing any higher due to the fact that the pictures are clear enough at that without taking up all the room on my camera memory.

        * What about the results..?
        Well, City won the 2011/2012 Premier league, taking United to the wire, winning on goal difference alone after what has to be the most nail biting, nerve racking, gut wrenching and probably the best game of my life, (I am a City fan before you ask).
        But it's not the football results you're after is it? You want to know what the results of this frame are don't you?
        Well, the results depend on the pictures that you actually put on them so don't expect the images shown on this frame to automatically improve your terribly fuzzy pictures that you blamed the camera for taking so badly.
        But as long as your pictures are half decent then this LCD TFT screen will happily show them off in a clear and very appealing way indeed.
        Plus, it gives you a chance to show a few little impressive 'tricks' of your own using the functions with-in the device. There's the transitions, which let you choose the way that your images change when sliding along, such as fade, flick and slide in or out.
        Then there's the speed selection, which give you three options, slow, medium and fast, or 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 60 seconds.
        And, if you comes across a picture you particularly like, there is a rather fine button called the pause button which lets you pause the slideshow in order for that picture to stay showing until you press the button again, to continue the slideshow.

        * My Opinion...

        This is a fine little digital picture frame that not only looks the part but does what it is supposed to do without all the bells and toggles, or what ever the saying is.

        I particularly like the way that the screen is housed within a frame, which is in another frame, making the whole thing rather interesting indeed, in a picture frame sort of interesting anyway. I am quite happy with the black frame, although I have seen the other frames which are all quite nice too, especially the union flag one for all you patriotic ones out there.

        The screen is pretty clear indeed, although some pictures can look a little 'iffy', but that's down to the picture itself and not the frame and, as with many types of frames, when you've turned the pictures that you have to from portrait to landscape, or visa-versa, the pictures can look a little, well, shall we say strange.

        The settings are so simple to understand and even easier to use, allowing you to adjust the slide show to your own personal choice. This is done in the menu section where you can do several things with the pictures, such as crop them, turn them around and even stretch them, (but this I don't recommend as some pictures can look pretty frightening once stretched).
        Although before I put any images on any of my pictures frames I like to sort them out on a PC first as I find it a lot easier to do rather than messing around on the frame itself. But I have tested how easy it is to do on this frame and found it pretty basic, easy to understand and a breeze to get the results you require.
        As with most frames of this type, but not all, you can set the speed of the images so that you can see them for a few seconds to a minute each. One thing though is that they will all be shown for the same amount of time so if you have a picture of the in laws that you don't really like, but you feel that it has to be shown to keep the peace in the house, it will have to be seen for the same amount of time as that picture of you when you met up with some woman who appeared on the X Factor and suddenly had thousands of screaming people chasing her down the road...? You Can't have the in-laws showing for a split second and have the other pics showing for a minutes... sorry.

        It does have a bit of a downside, that being the fact that the internal memory is lower than a politicians IQ. But once an SD card is slotted in, offering up to a 16GB card, there's no real danger of running out of space for loading thousands of your favourite images. Think about it, if you take pictures at 5MB then you can fit about over 3000 images onto a 16GB card, which is plenty of pictures in anyone's eyes.
        I do have to say that on the initial loading of the SD card it can take a few minutes for the frame to read the images on the card, depending on how much is on the card. But once it has read it then it doesn't have to do it again, unless you turn the frame off or take the card out.

        * So what would one expect to pay for this digital picture frame..?
        Well, one, or more than one, would expect to pay a low price of about £20 - £30 for this lovely sized frame that can show off thousands of you most favourite images over and over again.

        * Is it worth the money..?
        For the price tag I'd have to say yes, as it does exactly what it is supposed to do without the frame itself taking your eye away from the pictures that you are supposed to be seeing.
        But do shop around as there are bargains out there to be found.

        In all, even though I've never heard of Kitvision, even after a quick 'guggle' check on line I'm still none the wiser, I do know that after getting hold of this frame and being very happy with what it offers I would no doubt buy another product of this kind from KitVisision, who ever they may be.

        ©Blissman70 2012


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          14.09.2012 14:29
          Very helpful




          ~ Review ~

          I bought the Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame for just under £30 online. I have since seen it advertised for lower so as with all electrical goods make sure you shop around before you buy. If you prefer to buy in shops then take proof of online prices and they may match them.

          I choose this digital photo frame because of the price and also the design. At around £30 I think this is good value for money for a nice designed piece of equipment. The photos are surrounded by a black frame which is the set inside a silver frame. It is a very modern looking design which I think works very well. The bracket it sits on is rotatable which means you can view pictures in landscape or portrait.

          To view your photos all you have to do is insert your USB, memory card or flash drive into the frame. It will also play music you have stored on these devices. The frame has an in built memory of 8MB which will allow you to save about 10 pictures. I have read reviews where people complain that they want more storage. For me this is more than enough, I wouldn't want to have loads of pictures scrolling through. It also makes me think more about what photos I want in the frame and therefore I use more than I would normally. The frame will support JPEG images up to 10MP which easily works with pictures I take on my camera phone or digital camera. The picture quality depends a lot of the quality of the original pictures but If you have very high quality pictures this reflects well when they are in the frame.

          Once you have your pictures on the frame you can easily manage them. You can view a fixed image or set up a slideshow. With the slideshow you can choose how the transition between images and how long each image is viewed for. I normally choose the long, 60 second option as I think any quicker detracts from the picture but it all depends on the situation you are using it for.

          For around £30 I think this is a very good digital photo frame. It is very easy to use and has some nice features that makes viewing your digital pictures very pleasant. At 7 inches it is slightly bigger than a normal picture and with the frame it is bigger still but this makes it into a nice feature on your shelf or cabinet.


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          15.06.2012 10:33
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A decent priced digital photo frame that competes well with higher priced better known brands.

          We've looked at digital photo frames before, and discarded them as being either too pricey or not good enough quality. However, because my husband runs his own business, when he recently had a stand booked, we wanted some new and innovative ways of displaying his disco/karaoke business on the stand.

          Obviously we wanted people to be able to see the sort of lighting he can supply, and how much fun people have at his events, so as well as running a few video clips on his laptop there, and some static photos, we decided that a couple of digital photo frames that we could set to display lots of pictures might be a good idea.

          The business is still in its infancy really, so when we spend big money it tends to go on his rig to improve things for the disco's themselves. Advertising however has to be a major part of any business and we figured that these digital photo frames would be useable over and over again so were quite a good investment.

          The frame on these is quite simple and stylish, a clear back frame with a simple silver inner frame to give a band of plain silver around your photos. With this frame, despite the pictures only being 7", it brings the overall size of the frame to around 9"x6.5" which is quite a good size to put on a sideboard (or in our case a display stand). The product is a little over an inch deep making it fairly compact overall.

          The Photo frame has been designed so that it can stand either in portrait or landscape mode, and has a sort of rotatable stand (bracket) on the back that lets you turn it. We found it most advisable to select all landscape for one frame and all portrait for the other so that images were as clear as possible because if you mix the two then whichever setting you do NOT have the frame set in the images will be incredibly small (i.e. if you have it in landscape mode, and then display some portrait pictures on it you get a big gape either side of the image).

          Technical details:
          The device comes with 8mb built in memory, but also supports SD memory cards (mini and micro), MMC cards and Memory sticks as well as USB for flash drives so that you can increase the quantity of pictures you can display. This was one of the important factors for us as obviously we wanted it to be able to display a good number of pictures one after the other. It can also support JPEG image files up to I believe 10megapixels in size.

          This is a mains powered digital photo frame, so it doesn't need to be plugged into another medium such as a laptop.

          Picture Quality:
          Obviously the biggest and most important factor once you've bought this is the quality of the display and I have to say we think it's pretty good. Obviously the quality of the pictures is a big factor here, but the display itself is a TFT LCD display and gives a really good clear image that is quite impressive.

          You can crop or stretch images using the photo frame - not something we did as we had already cropped etc. pictures in readiness for use - but it was nice to know we could have done it with this if we'd wanted to.

          Pictures can be set to display in slideshow mode in a variety of ways. You can have the images fading out and new ones coming in, sliding in from one side or above, and various other options. It's possible to select just one method of picture change, or to have it set to randomise this which is what we did. You can also change the length of time each picture is on the screen, although this is a little limited. You can choose fast, normal or slow. Fast flicks through the pictures about one every 5 seconds, normal is about every 10 seconds and slow every 60 seconds. It would have been nice if there had been some intervals between 10 and 60 seconds as a minute is a very long time, but 10 seconds is perhaps a little faster than we'd have liked.

          You also have contrast and colour adjustment for the images too, but we actually found that the factory settings were pretty much bang on for us.

          Other Thoughts
          We both found this a very easy digital frame to use, and the time it took to insert the card, plug the device in, turn it on and get it going was very quick. The menu is fairly easy to use and pretty intuitive but for anything you're unsure of the manual is reasonably comprehensive and tells you how to do whatever you're trying to do.

          I like that the control buttons allow you to pause the slideshow at any time. This meant that if someone wanted to look at something specific, or if my husband wanted to point out a particular feature of a picture to someone, he could pause the display at the touch of a button to do so. He was also able to zoom in on certain features by using the zoom option which gives you 2, 4 and 8x zoom.

          You do have the option of sound too on this - we didn't use it as obviously we were using hubby's own laptop and speakers for sound because we wanted a very much higher quality of sound than something like this could produce.

          We paid just under £50 for the pair of these - a special offer due to being trade customers. However they normally retail at not that much more than this (around £28ish)and I've just found them on Amazon at £26.50 so a pretty good price for a digital photo frame that can compete pretty well with bigger brands that command much higher prices.


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            02.04.2012 11:45
            Very helpful



            Pay for what you get!

            I decided to buy a digital photo frame after seeing how good one was around a friend's house. As I was on a limited budget I shopped around for a while and decided to go for the KitVision 7" Digital Photo Frame from Argos. At full price this frame costs £37.99, but at the time it was 30% off at £26.59 which I thought was very reasonable!

            The frame has a clear frame which is inset with a silver frame. The design is simple but quite stylish with its clear and silver frame contrasting against your images. It is also compact with it being around the 7" display.

            The digital screen is 7" and 480 x 234 resolution, which is enough to show pictures pretty clear. It has a mains adapter for the power and has an 8MB memory. On the top is a SD slot which also will hold MMC, MS, and XD which means you can pop in a variety of media and it will work just fine. The frame also has 1 USB point. I particularly liked this model as you could slot in a wide variety of memory stocks and cards which were helpful as we also used a range of them to store our pictures.

            I had never heard of the KitVision brand but after reading a couple of reviews they seemed to come across well. For the reduced price of £26.59 it seemed very appealing.

            The frame is easy to set up, just simply plug in, insert your memory card and you're away. You can adjust the contrast of your pictures via the frame allowing you to get your images to the best quality. The frame can be stood up landscape and portrait to suit your images, but if you have a mixture of the two it can be a bit of a pain to get them set. In this instance you need to rotate the images and they can becomes small or stretched out which is disappointing.

            The frame will play through your pictures and you can set the speed, and will also play video clips and music. It has an inbuilt calendar and alarm clock but we have found no use for these as the frame is in our lounge, but it is a nice additional feature.
            Overall the KitVision 7" digital photoframe is OK. It is stylish and compact. I like the wide range of memory cards you can use with it and that it will also play videos and music. However, if you have some photos will a lower pixel count - some of our older ones are just 3mp then they appear pixilated and fuzzy. Also if you have a variety of landscape and portrait photo's the frame turns them round and they appear very small of too big and stretched out. I do like the frame but if I buy another one in the future I will spend more on it as I think you pay for what you get in this instance.


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            12.10.2010 19:59
            Very helpful



            A low priced digital photo frame from Kitvision.

            I always try to make sure I'm in charge of the camera on a night out... that way I can always delete rather unsightly photos of myself before they get published onto Facebook and other such sites! I must admit I feel a certain amount of dread when I'm alerted to the fact that I've been tagged in new photos as my stomach always sinks just a little bit as I wonder where exactly I've been snapped and, more importantly, what exactly I've been doing in the photos! Over the past few years I've built up quite a collection of photos which are stored quite happily on my computer and on an online storage site but I never really look at them. I recieved some Amazon vouchers as a gift a few months ago and, as I didn't really know what else to spend them on, I decided to buy a digital photo frame to occupy a spot on my rather bare side table and so I'd actually look at my old photos more often!

            After researching for quite a while (but not really knowing what I was looking for exactly) I settled on a rather basic model of digital photo frame by a brand I'd never actually heard of. Kitvision seem to specialise in digital photo frames and, from what I've found online, don't seem to offer a lot else in terms of product range. I selected the Kitvision seven inch digital frame although they do offer a variety of ten inch ones as well as just one fifteen inch ones from what I've been able to find. Judging from the range available online the brand seems to have under ten digital photo frames in circulation at the moment, talk about putting all their eggs in one basket! The seven inch frame that I bought is available in black, silver and white although I didn't really like the look of the white one as it looked a little cheap, the black and silver versions look much more high quality in my opinion.

            When I recieved my digital photo frame it was in a cardboard box which was really quite small, for some reason I expected it to be much bigger! The box weighs just over 900g although the actual frame weighs just under 700g, and contains the photo frame, a mains charger and a stand. The frame itself is very thin and quite light, the actual photo screen is surrounded by a one inch black border which is then surrounded by a one inch silver border - all in all it's quite sleek and smart looking. The frame is easy enough to insert into the stand and this will ensure it's kept virtually upright on any flat surface while the mains charger plugs into the small socket. The charger wire is of average length, it easily reaches to my plug socket which is about a metre away from my table, obviously you couldn't stretch it right across a room but it seems relatively long and in line with others I've seen.

            The digital photo frame is compatible with JPEG file formats and it also supports SD, XD, MMC and MS memory cards (whatever they are!) which are easily inserted into a small slot. There's also an internal memory in the photo frame of 8MB meaning you can store photos actually on the photo frame. In addition you can plug in your camera directly via the USB port so there are a range of options for viewing your photos. The frame automatically recognises if you've used a memory card or your actual camera and loads the photos accordingly. You are then presented with the options to watch the photos in multiple viewing modes, including on a slide show, which can be altered depending on the occasion. The actual menu on the digital frame is really straightforward to use and doesn't really have that many options, but then I suppose there's only limited things you can actually do with it.

            In terms of the photo quality I really can't fault this frame at all. My camera tends to take photos at five megapixels and the images are crystal clear, there's no distortion at all and the colours are very crisp. I was worried the pictures may be a little grainy due to the relatively cheap price of this frame compared to other models but I had no need to worry at all, they were perfect picture quality. If you put it right up close to your face there is a little distortion and a grainy effect but held in my hand or at arm's length means the pictures are perfectly clear and actually really good quality in my opinion. Several people who have seen the frame in action have commented on the good quality of the photos, the colours are bright and the images are crisp, it's as good as my dad's Sony one which cost twice the price of this one... which really was a little bargain from Amazon in August!

            The Kitvision seven inch digital photo frame in black will currently set you back £24.04 on Amazon, when I bought mine it had been reduced to £21.00 so was a real bargain then. The silver one is priced a little cheaper at £23.05 while the white one is a real bargain at £17.99... although I do think you are compromising slightly on the look of it for that price. The black one can be found cheaper on different websites, I have seen it for £21.99 when searching on Google recently so it would be worth shopping around to make sure you were getting the best price. In terms of price I really can't fault it, looking on Amazon I've seen plenty priced from around £35 upwards to near enough £100 which does seem a little extortionate for something which is very much a household ornament that probably will only get used on special occasions, I wouldn't be able to part with £100 for that!

            So far all I've had to say is positive things about this photo frame and indeed that's the impression I do want to leave with you. However there is one thing I'm not overly impressed with and that's the fact that it's actually made of perspex, something I didn't realise at the time of buying. Now perspex does have a slightly cheap look to it but due to the colours I've chosen it's not really as evident as it would be with the white one for instance. Obviously the upside of perspex is that it is not easily damaged, well it didn't break when I dropped it on the floor last weekend after a glass of wine anyway! I think that for the price there had to be a compromise somewhere and this is obviously where it is. However I'm still giving this frame the full five stars as I'd fully recommend it... so maybe you want to get one of these on your Christmas list for 2010... I know you've started it!

            Thanks for reading!


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