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Kodak Easyshare SV-811

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    1 Review
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      24.09.2013 13:11
      Very helpful



      Three is a crowd - four or more is impossible

      Digital Photo Frame
      Dimensions: Width 284 x Depth 35 x Height 211mm
      - - -

      Getting use to pixels manufacturing an image was a long process for me - you see, I adored the process of hands-on- image-manipulation stroke experimentation - for me an over-exposed image was an act of intended creativity, not a disaster. Naturally, such crimes in photography happen, but not as regular since the explosion of automated photos' i.e. digi-ware, which enables devices to 'Easyshare.' The emergence of digital media has bought a plethora of new meanings to image orientated communication (s) via efficiency and quickness of process to how you view the data. Now if you seek a 'photo-album' you'll end up interactively flicking through digital images on a device that sadly uniforms imagery. Kodak's Easyshare digital photo frame epitomizes the 'world of digi-ware' - a functional digi-device; embracing photo-sharing, MP3 and AVI Media files.

      Back in the last decade of last century the SV811 may have filled me with utter dread. I despised any numerical model that echoed a 'assembly line order number, ready to be dispatched at 1408 as stated on dot-matrix printed paper.'I've softened my prose since, probably a result of the incessant drip, drip of numbers and letters working as a brand, warping perceptions. Some may claim: "Well, isn't the SV811 just an object?" I would state: "don't the numerical lettered named devices imply an upgrade is on the horizon, inadvertently quickening the SV811's shelf-life?" What knits my view together is the material the SV811 is cased in; easily manufactured plastic - 'Athena' styled; mass produced junk which depreciates in price as soon as it leaves the shop - not that the price is cheap, expect to spend sixty pounds for the device. Quite a lot really for a 128 MB facility and to witness the 'Knocked-out' software efforts of Kodak's software team of developers who've just plucked out a random program from the late 1990s' and renamed it 'EasyShare' - well it's easy to 'cut n paste' code and choosing icon 'Clip Art' graphics - hence, the software's namesake; 'Easy' and 'Share' identifies the program hatchet job. Plagiarism doesn't exist when it is easy to share. If I had to stick my neck out and dig up a shred of positive prose, the remote feature is worth half a star rating, on the premise user-friendliness allows you to sit three feet away from the digital picture frame to 'point and instruct;' great for consumers who use their robust middles as a food tray, or if mobility is a priority decision.

      The eight inch screen is bigger than a seven inch screen, if one inch extra does it for you and provides better viewing pleasure the SV811 doesn't disappoint. I cannot fault the visual display / definition; the screen resolution is; 800 X 480 dpi (pixel dots per inch). Decent image clarity is what I would expect from Kodak who'd been at the heart of image procedures and preparation since 1892. In away I can see a kinship of the gaudy yellow fragile disposable camera that is part of the wedding paraphernalia on tables and the SV811 model; the picture frame holder hardly is a valid insurance to keeping the 1 KG weighty device up-right. If you've an enthusiastic feline programmed to jump and climb, refrain from purchasing - if not, a 'catastrophe' is impending. There is an option to wall-mount the SV811 in a prime position due to the device having metal teeth that'll hook like a proper picture on the wall. I advise then, not to loop a goldfish AVI movie to give the impression you've got goldfish; again if you've a cat, a catastrophe is impending. Looping a Bruno Mars song only adds to acoustic confusions also, it can be off putting finding visitors listening to walls. "I can hear Mars, can you?" On the plus side, the SV811 model can MPEG loop a naked flame licking; it does manifest warmth psychologically, until of course it is bitterly cold and the fake flame only makes you wish you had a real one.

      Media adaptability via media memory card selection is versatile enough with enabling users to slot in SD Cards, xD-PictureCards, MicroDrive and USB memory pens; the installed software instantly notices the SV811's slots have been activated. Pondering over what data will be promoted to the digital photo frame - considering the 'xD-PictureCard' has stored 972 Mega Bytes of pictures and sadly the 'honeymoon suite' at hotel 'Kodak Easyshare' in the district of SV811 only beds, 128 Mega Bytes maximum per sitting (internal memory); 844 Mega Bytes were to remain on 'PictureCard' - left out in the cold, no where near the fake fire film lick. Ok, Kodak probably will take another 121 years to master audio; although, I suspect the plastic casing and the fact it is on a wooden surface, spoils tone clarity; I guess it's a result of bad vibrations. The audio is hardly comparable to a smoothly ironed iPod weighing in at a swig of the weight of the SV811.

      We are family...generally means more than three

      One critical prose, this is the eight inch screen, it is far too minuscule for a wall-mounted entertainment device for all the family to observe with ease. If your family consisted of two or three individuals who Kodak thinks a standard Western family to be - heads are unlikely to bang together while viewing the digital data. Sadly, the majority of families consist of a greater number of individuals; therefore, I suggest a Philips 1970s Projector where the whirling of tape flicks round louder than the audio and the pictures are grainy and disfigured but it didn't matter back in this bygone era. What was possible was a generous three foot picture of a grainy granny on your wall in full glory - viewing it wasn't a problem, regardless of numbers around you. The SV811 has infinitely better visual quality, however if you're unable to witness the exquisite higher definition on display due to the mandatory ear-to-ear family cluster, the fundamental point of family entertainment is flawed; not exactly 'Easyshare.' - Kodak requires to go back to the brain-storm picture board and add some extra heads - within minutes, I will bet some smart Kodak team member in the tech department may have an eureka moment and exclaim; "The next model has to have a two inch bigger screen," - such wisdom will justify his/her extortionate pay packet. As reported, the seven inch screen is worse than the eight inch screen; it may surprise Kodak but a nine inch screen will be better than an eight screen. When will Kodak realise size and Wifi matters?

      Kodak is world leader in image quality - alas, is ten years behind in software, fifteen years behind in audio and infinitely behind when it comes to weighty devices - the perfect gift for Fred Flintstone.


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