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Brand: Kodak

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2013 19:26
      Very helpful



      a digital photo frame from Kodak

      I have so many photos that are backed up from holidays from over 3 years ago and it's at the stage where I really need to print them all as they are taking over my hard drive. However, the part that annoys me the most is that I can never look at the photos while they are stuck on there so when I saw someone with a digital photo frame I liked the concept of it as you can see all of your pictures and it shuffles them up which is a nice idea. I had sat researching the different ones out there as there are so many unknown brands that do them and I wasn't keen on that but when I saw this Kodak P76 photo frame it looked like exactly what I wanted and being by Kodak I was more inclined to pay for quality


      The Kodak P76 comes boxed in a nice compact box it has the photo frame image on the front and the Kodak logo on there and is well packaged. Once out of the box you get the instruction booklet in different languages which helps you on how to use this and the frame itself is a nice size it is 19.7cm (W) x 12.7cm (H) x 1.9cm (D) which is the perfect size and the frame is a 7" LED with a resolution of 714 x 480 which is good enough for me. It is all black and has a black gloss frame and on the reverse you find the stand which you screw in and take out of its slot and the buttons are here to navigate as well as the hole to plug in the socket connection. There are also slots here for memory sticks and cards.


      There are a number of digital photo frames but when I went alone to PC World to take a look at them, not all looked as nice, some were too small and some too big but this one was just right in size. There are quite a number of features on this frame and for the money it does have a good amount of settings. The internal memory on this camera is only 128MB which isn't that much really if you have as many photos as I do. What you can do if you want to store a couple of photos to internal memory is by using the button on the back and hold the copy button and it will copy them over. The frame doesn't take a lot to set up, you just get the socket, plug it in and it is ready to start using.

      You get a start up screen which asks you to put in the date and also to choose whether you want different displays or the same all of the time and then you save and exit. When I first started using it, I inserted my memory stick into the side and then the pictures started to show up on a shuffle mode in a random order but I was just happy that it was up and running. This device can only play photos with a file name of JPEG or EXIF, now I have only heard of JPEG but it is the standard file extension for photo files anyway so this hasn't caused me any problems in using this at all. The photo frame holds up to 1000 photos which is a lot and then this is when you can start to choose the settings to display.

      Not only can you obviously use your memory stick you can also use your SD card to play images from. It will accept all of the following formats: SD, SDHC, MMC, MS, MS PRO/MS PRO DUO, XD. The power button is at the back with this frame as are all of the buttons to navigate around, it is not too difficult to work out what to do with the instruction guide. My only problem with this frame is the stand, when I got the frame this was missing from the box and it was a nightmare having to go back as they had sold out of this frame but I spotted the display model and luckily was able to get that one. It slots in at the back to keep it all together when packaged but when in use it screws in and stands out, it is ok but if it fell this would easily break and the frame would never stand, it could have been made better.

      So, going back to the settings and how to use this when you get to the main control panel you get the button options to use this frame. You have play/pause which is pretty self explanatory and then you have pictures where you can choose to play all, play by date, folders, keywords, people and favourites. Copy button is what I explained before where you just copy from a USB or memory card when they are inserts into the internal memory. The delete is to delete pictures from the frame, again when the memory card is inserted and picture finder plays pictures taken on the same day as the picture on the screen. There are more buttons also in the settings category.

      Settings has the choose frame settings where you can rotate, have time/date, auto on/off, background image, enhancements, brightness, play order and language. One of the best is the transitions option where you can choose transition styles between pictures and the time that images are displayed, I need to fiddle about more with this myself as I feel I still have more to find out about this frame. The last of the settings is the set modes this is where you can choose your default settings for viewing modes so that you can have photos showing in collage mode, clock and calendar, it depends if you want ordered images. I personally prefer to have the photos always on random so that when a new one comes up I get a surprise.

      One other slight problem I have had with this frame is that when it has been playing random photos, it keeps freezing on one image and then it will stay there until I click a button. I don't know if this is a fault but it seems strange to me, otherwise there are no real issues as the colour is very bold and I like the display, it is crisp and very clear and the quality is very sharp indeed. You always forget images you have until this seems to bring them up, sometimes it repeats several everytime and then sometimes I'll be looking and it has picked ones I haven't seen before and it can be quite nice. It is much better now that I can see all of the photos in my collection just shuffling through and getting a surprise.

      This frame is a lovely idea for a gift for anyone who takes a lot of pictures and wants to see their images more frequently. It is quite nice to have on in the background as it doesn't take up too much room and even just when sitting there it can be nice to just watch. The price of these frames has come down a lot and this model I am more than pleased with and I am glad I decided to go for Kodak. I have so far had no more issues apart from the stand missing but I make sure I have this high up on a shelf out of the way so that the stand never breaks off. I think this is a brilliant, high quality digital picture frame and anyone looking for one should definitely look at Kodak's range


      This photo frame I got it in Currys/PC World where it was on offer at the best deal around at £34.99 they are still selling it but stock is very limited. Amazon stock this but prices vary as the shop sell it at £70 which is too high really for this model I feel but eBay may have some deals.

      The official Kodak website is http://www.kodak.co.uk/.


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        01.01.2013 17:59
        Very helpful



        Definitely worth buying if you want to be able tp view and share your favourite memories

        I recently purchased The Kodak Easy Share P76 Digital Photo Frame from Curries. Having had a new digital camera too, it's easy and amazing to view and share me and my families most treasured moments and memories on one small digital device!
        I really do love this product and it's truly amazing too have in your home. Showing family and friends photos has never been easier. It gives you the power in one truly amazing, affordable package. It lets you store your favourite photos and share them with people while KODAK Colour Science adjusts your images to make them look even better! The eye-catching animations and transitions will give your images that extra special effect to make your memories even better.

        The Kodak Easy Share P76 Digital Photo Frame is also a great gift for birthdays and christmas and would truly make someones day!

        Product and Technical Information:

        1. Store and share up to 1,000 pictures,
        2. Easily and simply put in your memory card or USB flash drive to start the show,
        3. Compatible with most memory cards--just drag and drop,
        4. Smart search menus make it easy to find your favorite moments in seconds
        5. Share more while using less
        6. ENERGY STAR qualified for efficient power consumption
        7. Enjoy our thinner mercury free LED backlit display
        8. Displays pictures beautifully
        9. Enjoy stunning picture quality--the P76 Digital Frame features proprietary KODAK Color Science 10. Technology to enhance each picture individually
        11. Pictures look amazing on the 16:10 17.8 cm (7 in.) high-resolution viewing screen
        12. Create eye-catching slideshow effects--clock & calendar mode, panoramic sweep, and dynamic collage view

        I really like the exquisite image quality and the intergrated battery too. This product is truly worth thinking about buying. They are brilliant for kitchens, Lounges, Front rooms, bedrooms and offices to remind you of your beautifal memories.

        There are a few dis - advantages to The Kodak Easy Share P76 Digital Photo Frame though.

        Many people have complained that it takes them a long time too transfer their pictures and photos onto the product and that it takes too long to label their photos. They can be very expensive depending on where you purchase them from. Some stores might be charging to much money for The Kodak Easy Share and some might be charging just the right price. You really need to shop around a bit and decide which product is the best one for you and also consider and take into account how much you actually and would like to pay for this item. You need to ask yourself these questions: Do you actually need one of these products or can you manage with your digital camera and PC to share and edit your pictures. I hope I am not putting you and anyone you know off about buying this product because I would personally recommend this product to people. It is also definitely worth buying as long as it is a fair price.

        It's quite nice to see one of these digital photo frames in your home and too let people that come to visit you see these wonderful memories without having to through picture albums and booklets.

        Overall, Its definitely worth buying and I would recommend it to people!


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