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    1 Review
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      11.08.2010 22:26
      Very helpful



      A great way to show off all your precious pictures

      Anyone who has ever read any of my previous reviews will probably know that I am the owner of one or two digital photo frames, when I say one or two I really mean three or four, alright, when I say three or four I really mean nine or ten.
      The reason for my liking of these digital photo frames is that they can show all your precious photos in one place, in a slide show setting, without the need to fill your walls with the old fashioned picture frames which only hold one, or maybe a handful of pictures.
      So, on my walls and shelves around my house I have a few of these digital photo frames showing all the pictures of my family that I have taken over the years.
      These frames, for me, have been a god send as my picture 'portfolio' seems to be growing by the day and I just want to show off those pictures when ever I can.

      Anyway, amongst my few digital frames that are scattered around my home is a rather plain, yet very neat looking frame from that well known mobile phone company called LG, who have really branched out into most electrical corners these days.
      In fact, this particular frame is called the LG F8400N-WN... not a good name but it sort of gives a description of the frame in the title, LG is obviously the company name, the F could be for frame maybe and the 8400 could be for the 8.4 inch screen? Sounds plausible to me, as for the N-WN, well, your guess is as good as mine.
      But enough about the brilliant title of this digital frame...

      Right then, back to the actual product in question, the LG digital photo frame...

      ** Firstly the technical bits...

      ** FEATURES...

      * White frame, with interchangeable covers
      * 8.4inch 4:3 LCD
      * 800x600 Resolution
      * 128MB internal memory with Memory Card Slot
      * Memory support: Memory stick, memory stick pro, multimedia card, SD memory card and compact flash card.
      * Image support: JPEG/BMP/MP3/Motion JPEG/MPEG4)
      * Video formats: MPEG-4 , MOV , AVI
      * In built speaker
      * MP3 music compatibility
      * USB-A/USB Mini B type interface
      * Digital audio/video player
      * Digital photo viewer
      * Auto power on/off

      ** EXTRA FEATURES...

      * Auto Fitting
      * Auto rotation
      * Automatic Timer
      * Power Saving Mode
      * Wall mount Bracket
      * Planner
      * Alarm
      * Brightness display feature

      ** IT'S LOOKS...

      It may look a little plain with its white thick set border and black LCD screen but this just adds to the simple style when the screen is displaying your pictures. Although the white frame can be changed as it is detachable and interchangeable.
      On the rear there is a solid looking metal stand which easily hold the weight of the frame.

      On the back are the controls, which save them making the front look a little on the ugly side. The controls are nicely positioned down the left hand side, as you look at the rear, slightly raised for easy touch.
      They include...
      * Power button
      * Navigation control pad
      * Menu button
      * Show/edit button
      * Browser button.

      In the centre of the rear there is the USB connection port, for using with an external memory device, which is hidden behind a small panel.
      Plus, there's the slot for the stand to slide into if you want to have this unit sat on a desk or a shelf. This stand simply twists into position with such ease

      Then, if you carefully turn the unit upside down and look at the bottom, you'll see more slots for extra external memory devices and a slot for you to connect this one up to your PC.
      And along here lies the DC 12V connection point for giving this unit the power it craves.

      ** MY OPINION...

      This is one of my more favoured digital frames due to the fact that it is one of the larger screens in my collection, plus the fact that the frame around the frame, if you know what I mean, is so plain looking that it fits in anywhere, although, as I said, the colour and style can be change to give the user more options.

      I found setting this one up so easy, in fact it took a matter of minutes, although uploading the many images I wanted onto it did take a little bit of time.
      When you do insert an external memory module the screen will display what sort it is, be it an SD card, a CF card or a USB memory stick.
      From here you can choose the images, tunes and even videos you want to have played on the digital frame, using the directional controls found on the rear of the unit. All this can be seen quite clearly on the good size screen as you go along, giving you the chance to choose which images, videos or sounds you want.
      Some options that you have are the timing of each image, being 3, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds, or even a full 24 hours, (although the last option is really only used if you've only got one or two images to show).
      Other options are for brightness, language, orientation and aspect ratio, these options are easily selected by following the on screen directions.

      As for the option of having it free standing or wall mounted, well, personally I have this one on the wall but have used the stand and found it to be solid enough to keep the frame standing firmly in place.
      The stand can be used either horizontal or vertical and your images will rotate to correspond with the positioning.

      The picture quality is great, although this does depend a lot on how good a photographer you are, but the clarity of the screen is perfectly clear, giving the 8.4 inch screen a chance to show off your beloved images, or even video footage.
      This one does have built in speakers and the capability of playing MP3 music but I don't really use this function that much, although I can tell you that the sound quality isn't the greatest. But as it is only really for background music as you images slide along the 'loudness' isn't really what your after is it. If you want a top of the range sound system then you'll have to look elsewhere as this will not do.

      The price of this digital wonder may be a little on the higher side, compared to some other makes, but this has a larger screen than most and it's capabilities are almost endless.
      As for the price, well, this hovers around the £100 mark, some places selling for higher others selling a little lower. If I remember correctly I managed to get mine for around the £90.00 region, although as I have had it for a while I can't quite remember the exact price.

      In all, if you like to have your pictures on a slide show so that you can see each and every one of them then this one is something you should be looking at, mainly due to the great sized and crystal clear LCD screen.


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