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Philips 10FF2M4

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2012 15:38
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      A lovely frame that is different to the others

      I like digital photo frames and think that they are a wonderful addition to a home. I am quite nostalgic anyway so I love to be surrounded by photographs of my loved ones and have a whole wall of pictures in various frames that run down the stairwell. I bought the Philips frame a few years ago and paid a whopping £140.00 for it. This was back when digital photo frames were a new concept and I really wanted this one because of the size of it. Most of the frames on the market at the same time were only 7" or 8". This one can still compete with the newer frames of today in regards to picture quality and size but it does not have features such as Bluetooth and Wifi. If these are a must for you then there really is no point in considering this model. I personally prefer a good quality frame that shows off my pictures rather than an all singing all dancing model and luckily as time has gone on the price of this model has fallen.

      ==Price and availability==

      You can currently buy the frame from various online retailers and it is priced around £79.00. There was a new one at the time of writing on eBay for £55.00 which is excellent value for money considering how much I spent when it first came out.


      What attracted me most was the large 10.2" display, this is fantastic and the bigger the better in my eyes. I do not like these small models that you have to squint at in order to see your pictures. I like to show my pictures off so the size really impressed me. Another feature that stood out to me is the design. It is really slim and light and it is nice to see a frame that is not the standard shiny black glass but is see through and comes with a choice of frames. I was a little unsure when I first saw this in the store as I thought it may be a bit a cheap tacky gimmick. After messing around with the model in store I soon discovered that it wasn't cheap looking at all and I consider it a really great feature. The frames are silver, black, blue and red. I have swapped the frames round once or twice and my favourites are silver and blue. My dining room is blue so this fits in lovely. I always make sure it is on when I have dinner parties in there as it looks so good. Silver is also great and fits in well in all the rooms in the house. To change the frames, they snap into place and are really easy to remove. The whole process takes seconds.
      At the back is a stand that you can clip into place so you have the frame stood up. You can stand the frame up landscape or portrait and it is simply a case of clicking the stand into place. Alternatively you can mount the frame on a wall. The main downfall to the stand is that it sits so that the frame at such an angle that it can impair the viewing angle, there is not much movement with the stand for you to adjust it. You have to be stood at eye level with the frame to get the best possible view.


      The frame is basic in features but it does have a rechargeable battery, still quite a rarity in photo frames but a nice feature to have. It lasts about 3 hours once charged up and means that you can have it where ever you like for a period of time rather than being limited to where the plug sockets are.
      *Internal memory of 128MB which means you can store images on the frame itself. This is not very much but I would rather have a less bulky frame and smaller internal memory. There are a number of ways that you can add to the memory anyway so it really is not a problem. There is a USB port and a SD card reader so you use cards or flash drives to add more memory to the device and view the photos stored on here.
      * Clock and calendar function means you can have this displayed on the screen instead of the pictures. By setting up the clock you can set up the timer function which will allow you to have 3 periods of viewing a day and it will come on and off whenever you set it to. This is really easy to do, in fact the whole menu is really easy to navigate.
      * Slide shows and multi image display means you can display more than one image on the screen at once and you set slide shows to have different fade outs and movements for example. They are well worth having a play about. The way the images move and dissolve on screen are very professional. The images move smoothly and enticingly across the screen.
      *Crop and edit of images on the device. You can crop images directly on the device so that you are getting the best possible picture.
      *Portrait or Landscape adjustment means that the frame will automatically switch the format to suit the layout of the picture.

      ==The set up==

      If you want to use the internal memory of the frame and transfer images on it the device, the process is really easy. As soon as you connect the frame to your computer via the usb port it recognises it as an external storage device. Then all you need to do is select the images you want to transfer and move them across on the screen. The transfer is fairly quick and if you need to delete an image once uploaded onto the device, you can do this through an option on the menu. If you use a camera that takes photographs at around 10 megapixels, you will get around 380 pictures on the frame.

      ==Image quality==

      This is probably the most critical aspect to a digital photo frame review and luckily this one is really impressive. I suppose it helps having such a large screen though as it really does show off the images. Pictures look crisp and clear and have depth. We have a really good quality camera so out pictures are good quality to start with however the frame portrays the photos so well. Colours are bright and vivid and accurately shown and even when we have an occasional black and white image or sepia one, you sharpness of the colours is excellent. This is probably the biggest selling point to the frame and the reason why it is slightly more expensive. The quality of the LCD display is incredible.


      I like the way you can change the frames and I like the fact that you set the frame on timer. This means that if I wanted to, I could set the frame to turn on just before I came home from work. I don't do this but it is nice to know I can! I will wholeheartedly recommend this frame, yes there are no fancy features but the whole point of a digital frame is show off your pictures and this one really does that.


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