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Sapphire DPF-14S

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    2 Reviews
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      31.10.2011 17:29
      Very helpful
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      Ok but better on the market

      Last Christmas I was presented with one of these Sapphire device's as a gift preloaded with a ton of photos. A very romantic present indeed and all in all I have found this to be a superb little device that is well worth the money and investment of time in order to fill it, for everyone who enjoys looking at photo's.

      Ever since digital photo frames became the slow replacement for the traditional picture frame, there have been the key ring versions. Early version had small memories, bad displays and terrible battery life but these have since evolved into something much more spectacular and this model is a testament to that evolution! These now retail for around £12.99 - £15.99 and are really worth the price and they can work as great gifts.

      The screen stands at 1.4 inches which is not very big and you may be put off by this image where the photo looks tiny. After all this is a key ring so why would you want something with a massive frame in your pocket? No thanks. 1.4 inches is an ideal size for this device giving a good view of the image and meaning it is not so big it makes a bulge in your pocket. Its just the right size.

      What about the image size then? Well if its in your hand then its perfect. You are never going to display this in your home but as something to have a quick glance at in your hand for a few seconds its ideal. Its nice and bright with the LCD backlighting doing a great job of making the image visible even in the pitch black and its clear. The resolution has though dated quite a lot and it means that sadly even though this is sold alongside the more updated versions of the key ring, it does lag behind. Its clear enough for purposes of a key ring but if you really stare you can tell.

      Then again that may only effect people who like perfection. As I said for a quick glance at a loved ones face or a photo that makes you smile to brighten up your day then it is ideal.
      One upside is its very easy to load photos with a supplied USB cable and software meaning drag and drop and inserts work a wonder. Before long you will have all the photos you need although the 8MB is constrictive. The device does allow you to have one photo at a time or them streaming along one after the other.

      But the downside is the huge and I mean HUGE charger you get with this which has to be an AC adaptor and after a while the battery life is so poor a weekly charge is a must making it annoying. This is one huge downside as it would be nice just to have something which stayed active a while but this, being date eats power.

      All in all this isn't a bad device by any means, its bright with an acceptable photo resolution and looks okay but the short battery life, dated memory and generally out of time feel make this only a last resort option when compared to others. Ideal gift, good for non fussy fans.

      Also in CIAO


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        06.07.2011 20:39
        Very helpful



        Not one I'd buy now, but good for it's time

        The Sapphire DPF-14S was my first digital photo keyring, bought about four years ago when they were quite expensive - I paid £20 which is a lot for a keyring, but it had great novelty value.

        The keyring at the time was pretty impressive with it's 1.4 inch LCD colour screen and it's 102 x 80 resolution which was enough at the time given that digital cameras were also less powerful. It displays bright pictures (outdoor, beach, wildlife etc) better than dark indoor pictures (parties, night time shots) but overall the clarity was OK for what it was.

        The Sapphire DPF-14S comes complete with a mini USB cable so you can put image files (JPEG, BMP, PHG, GIF) directly onto it. You can have it showing one photo, or scrolling through all the photos in alphabetical order. The keyring is charged with a (pretty chunky) AC adapter which is a bit of a bind (it would have been better if it had charged over USB whilst you were putting photos on it) but the battery lasts a good week on constant use.

        It's a nice chunky keyring, you can get much smaller ones now, but it does take a lot of bashing about from your keys well and hasn't broken yet (despite looking a bit battered!).

        That isn't to say that I would buy it now because I wouldn't. It's aged too badly and it only has 8MB of memory which by today's standards is tiny - it only holds 64 (small resolution) images. A Micro SD card can be purchased for £5 with 2GB on it these days which would hold thousands - this is a limitation of the old flash memory in the keyring (which also accounts for it's size).

        Overall it was a good keyring back when I bought it but nowadays it's very very basic. You can pick up a decent digital display keyring for around a fiver now online, so obviously I'd recommend doing that. But if you lay your hands on one of these for any reason - rest assured that you have a reliable, if limited, older digital photoframe. Due to it's age there is no Windows 7 support, however as you can drag and drop over USB (1.1 which is slower than 2) I can't see it being a problem.

        Technical Specifications (From manufacturer's website):

        Model - 1.4" Pocket Digital Photo Frame
        Display Size - 1.4" Diagonal
        Resolution - 102(RGB) x 80
        Internal Memory - 8MB flash - up to store 64 images
        LCD Display Panel - 1.4" Liquid Crystal Display
        Power - Rechargeable lithium battery.
        AC Adapter - Input AC 100-240V 50-60Hz 3W
        Output DC 5.2V 500mA
        Support Format - JPEG, BMP, PHG, GIF
        USB Device - USB 1.1
        Photo Viewing - Single Photo Mode, Slide Show Mode
        Certifications - FCC, UL, CE
        Software Support - Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista; Mac. OS X 10.2 above

        I will give the Sapphire DPF14S a solid three stars out of five; it is dated but it was good for it's time.


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