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    4 Reviews
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      18.09.2013 13:49
      Very helpful



      good digital photoframe to buy secondhand

      I always wanted a digital photo frame, as soon as I first saw one, but when I saw the price of them it put me off. I decided to wait for the prices to fall. After waiting ages and the prices not falling much I went on ebay and bought this Sony DPF-D80 almost new for £30. I think you can get them even cheaper now.


      When I got it I was surprised how sleek and expensive looking it was, but then it is a Sony and they are normally very stylish. It looked glossy and was black and looked more like an I pad or Tablet than a photo frame. The stand seemed a bit thin and fiddly but it has not broken and it stands up okay.

      I have several hundred photos from old mobiles and my old Samsung camera, it's been a lot of fun being able to actually see them easily, rather than trying to access them through Samsungs software which takes hours to load up and is very hard to convert and move stuff around.

      It has 2 different menus once you turn it on and a remote control if you are incredibly lazy. It has a similar kind of clever technology as the Samsung mini Galaxy for orienting the picture on the screen to the right way up whatever way round you have the frame / smartphone.

      It has clocks and calenders that you can choose from as well, you can have the clock on and a picture which looks odd to me, the calender is an expensive way to check the date.


      You also have the most useful thing which is the slideshow, which once you have uploaded your photos via a an SD card, SDHC,MMC, microdrive, compact flash in a usb port.

      It supports JPEG and RAW pictures

      The ratio is 4 : 3

      The screen is 8 inches

      It can decode up to 48 megapixels

      Internal memory is 256 mb ( photos 200 mb )

      Resolution is 800 x 600

      This frame can hold enough photos for me, up to 500 , but there are much more advanced ones with bigger memory's available now, but you pay the extra amount as they are newer models.


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      06.05.2011 13:57
      Very helpful



      Top notch digital photo frame - as you'd expect from Sony

      Our Sony DPF-D80 has been sitting happily in our living room for about a year now, and it was definitely a good purchase.

      The frame has an 8 inch LCD screen with a 4:3 ratio. When choosing the frame I remember dithering over whether to go for the 7, 8 or 9 inch screen model. For our living space the 8 inch feels just about right - not too obtrusive, but not so small you have to peer at it.

      The frame is gloss black (I think you can get a white version too). I've seen reviews complaining about the manufacturer logo on digital photo frames, but really, you have to consider them as a branded electronic gadget, so it's only to be expected. For me, the Sony logo is fine - quite small and unobtrusive. The whole frame looks pretty smart. It has a small flip-stand so it will stand on a surface.

      Picture quality is excellent - really sharp and clear. It will automatically rotate your photos so they're the correct way up. This works the vast majority of the time (we have one photo that keeps coming round sideways, so it's not 100%!)

      There are several different playback functions to choose from. You can just show a single photo, either static or as a slideshow. In slideshow you can vary the time delay before it moves on. We tend to use a 30 minute slot, so you rotate through a whole photo album without it constantly and distractingly changing! There are other modes where you can show multiple photos. These are quite fun but for me a bit gimmicky and not what I wanted the frame for. You can also display various time and date formats using the clock and calendar functions, but again we don't really use this.

      I'm not overly keen on the controls. This is probably because we don't use them very often so I forget what everything means! However, I don't find the menus terribly intuitive. While there is a small remote control as well as control buttons on the frame itself (these are very discreet on the side/back of the frame), I usually end up peering at the menus on screen to try and find out what I'm doing. To be honest, now we have it set up as we want it, the only time I use the controls is usually after I've accidentally knocked them and put it on the wrong setting (and this is quite easily done!)

      Importing photos to the frame is easy and there are several options including direct connection to camera or computer, and memory card. I find the 256GB memory plenty, but of course you can upgrade with bigger memory cards to get more photos on.

      So, bar a couple of niggles on the controls, I love this photo frame - the excellent quality I expect from Sony.


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      29.10.2010 09:35
      Very helpful



      A digital photo frame which is to expensive for what it is

      Picture taking I admit I love to do and everytime I used to take a really good picture (in my eyes anyways) I would end up spending a small fortune on the photo frames which accompanied them and then run out of room to put them anywhere on show.

      I decided it was about time I went and purchased a decent but fairly cheap digital photo frame and I was lead to the Sony D80 and this was apparently one of the best around.

      I got it home and unwrapped it all from the box and the setup was so simple even for a simple mind like me and all I had to do was plug the mains in and then wait for the start menu. You had options such as how to wait for the picture changing to take place. Some people want every few seconds for when the picture changes and other people prefer longer.

      The item is 8 inches in terms of the LCD viewing screen and I wanted to stress this point because there are people who believe the outside border as well is included in the overall size which is not the case.

      Now I had a very good memory card in my camera and at the back of this item you have this rather bulky area to place your memory card and as soon as you plug it in your able to view the pictures on the screen instantly.

      You can put all types of memory cards and even sticks inside so either way you get your pictures on the screen which is the main aim in this matter.

      The ration for this item is 4:3 and I am not sure what other photo frames are like in this area so I cannot pass judgment on how good this truly is. The screen resolution is 800 x 600 which is fairly decent and it does show pretty well. The item being black helps images seem bigger and better.

      You have a remote control provided with this item which is helpful when your sat down and wish to flash through images to show friends and the best part is you can take out the memory card and put on new images. You ave 256mb internal memory which in all honesty is poor with the better cameras nowadays.

      I like the item because the pictures show up superbly well which is what you want and I do appreciate the very good size on offer as well. At the back you have a bulky area to place memory cards and the power unit but you have a stand to hold the photo frame in place. I have to admit this is rather cheap looking and does worry you incase it cannot withhold the weight of the photo frame itself.

      I found the colour of the item itself very good because it makes all the images look very clear especially at night time when the images seem to float in the darkness so that is very good but I dislike the fact that the border seems bigger then it needs to be. The black border seems to thick and could have been smaller.

      Overall with the price tag reaching over £60 I would suggest to people to shop around first and then come back to this one because for this price I have found it pretty expensive when it offers very little else compared to other digital photo frames.


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      09.12.2009 13:47
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A gift everyone will remember.

      Pictures or photos are a part and parcel of remembrance, catering to the aesthetic values of human being. Over the years sophisticated cameras has evolved to cater various needs of this strange trait of human character which is unique. Pictures have been of great consequence of scientific researches and scientist have succeeded in capturing mind-blowing pictures of remote stars and satellites. Naturally printed formats have failed to satisfy our quest for easy sharing and viewing of those precious moments, hence the evolution of photo frames having capabilities of displaying photographs and sharing them more vividly and conveniently. Computers have aided this development immensely and taken it, more or less, to the realm of fantasy.

      Digital photoframes has the capability to display images or photographs directly from the memory card of the camera. It's possible to upload pictures to photoframes through bluetooth, a wireless device, via USB support and even via mobiles. There are photoframes which has its own internal memory storage.

      Now a days built in speakers are wide spread for playing videos with sound and are provided with remote controls making photosharing and viewing that much more comfortable and immensely enjoyable.
      Sony DPF D80 is a high quality digital photo viewer albeit incapable of playing video or audio files which hardly becomes a loud disqualification. The best part is its ease of use and audacious image quality. It looks absolutely breathtaking in its glossy plastic giving it hi-tech look. The intelligent part of the gadget its design. Sony DPF D80's display area seems wider than most because the bezel is smaller than most other such products although the dimension is 9 inch x 6.5 inch x 5.5 inch. It has been provided with a rotating kick stand making the frame to be mounted vertically or horizontally, the noticeable drawback being that it does not come out with a fixture to be mounted on the wall.

      The menu, the power switch, navigation buttons are all there, but the addition of the remote has made it much more comfortable to use. Slots for CompactFlash, SDHC/MMC/xD and Pro/Duo memory sticks are provided on the back and are easily accessible. The A/C adapter with mini USB is placed directly opposite to these slots.

      Images files can be directly coped from the computer add to that its capability of remotely copying and resizing selected images to its own internal memory just by a dab on a button.

      It optimizes at 500 images independent of size, this is possible because even though the Sony DPF D80 has does make its total built in memory available for pictures. This is a possibility but my only contention is that a difference of 6MB in built in memory availability should hardly make any such difference, may be some technological impediments are there, applying same analogy to computers makes quite a difference in the performance in computers as far as the system disk is concerened.

      To be more conversant with the Sony DPF D80 just have a look at the technical specification:

      Device Type: Digital photo frame
      Key Features: Memory card reader, Digital photo viewer
      Width: 9.1 in
      Depth: 1.5 in
      Height: 6.6 in
      Weight: 1.6 lbs
      PC Interfaces: USB
      Features: Clock, Calendar

      Display Type TFT 8 in - Color
      Display Form Factor Built-in
      Image Aspect Ratio 4:3

      Flash Memory Cards Supported Microdrive, Memory Stick, MultiMediaCard, XD-Picture Card, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCardplus, Memory Stick PRO Duo, XD-Picture Card Type H, XD-Picture Card Type M, CompactFlash Card type I, CompactFlash Card type II
      Integrated Flash Memory 256 MB


      Operating Modes Portrait, Landscape
      Features Automatic slide show, Variable fade effects, Automatic image resizing, Variable slide show speeds, Automatic Orientation Sensor


      Supported Still Images Formats JPEG, JPEG(JFIF 1.0)
      Playback Image Resolution (max) 48 megapixels


      Although this is the first photoframe that I am using it's very fast both while copying and resizing. At 800x600 pixel resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio the pictures are amazingly well defined and hardly carries any grains. It reproduces all the attributes of the image accurately. Although it is not specified in the technical specification it can also play Sony ARW (raw) files.

      THE LOWS:

      The non-inclusion of thumb drive is inexplicable and there are visible color contouring. Only the index thumbnail display is annoyingly slow, and it won't let you interrupt it until it's rendered all the thumbs on the screen.

      No doubt it is very pricey but on the whole it's a worthwhile experience and you would not really repent the money spent.

      (Also available at ciao.co.uk under the same user name)


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