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Sony S-Frame DPF-V800

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2011 13:36
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      Expensive but marvellous

      I have always trusted Sony as a brand so when at the beginning of the summer I was shopping for a new digital photo frame, due to the one I owned being very dated with a low resolution and low memory, I first browsed their range of goods. After reading positive reviews and comparing it to other similarly priced models I splashed out on this S Frame DPF model paying £179 for this at an online retailer. Expensive considering how cheaply photo frames have become lately but in essence this is worth every single penny.

      The screen itself comes in at 8inches as based on the price and the reputation of the brand name you would expect this to be a fantastic display....and it is! The colours are vibrant, the image is well lit and it just looks stunning. Forget what you expect this frame to be, its more! The strong backlit LED light combined with the 800x 400 resolution make your pictures a joy to behold and they shine out like a beacon across your room. Its easy to clean and with the changing images there is no risk of screen burn. Its juts a pleasure on the eye, hard to describe but must be seen to be believed.

      The 1Gb memory was another of the reasons I decided to purchase this device. This is more than enough to store the photos I require and even with the high resolution this is still a huge allowance. It means you don't have to compromise on photos and anyone would do well to fill this. So if you are considering buying this, place another tick in the box of memory. This gives you between 2200 and 2500 photos when I tried it out but if you want to save at higher resolutions obviously you can store less. That is more than enough for anyone though I assume!

      The photos you store can also be stored into folders and linked to events so different folders can be playing at different times....you can name the folders whatever you like but common pre-set features included dates, events etc. I have folders for Xmas photos, ones with the pets and romantic ones as well as family ones. A nice touch I must say and it makes the device different every time.

      Indeed the range of playback features here is marvellous with timed, day based sliding, themes, mixtures, moods everything you can think off. It also has a mode where it will turn itself off at night, with a timer to switch on too. The range of customisable options is spectacular and I adore the options. It feels like a different device every time I turn it on.

      What amazed me in fact was not only does this display your photos brilliantly but it also can amend them. How cool is that? What I mean by this is that it has what they call an "Auto Fix" device built in to the frame which fixes all the usual errors in pictures such things as red eye reduction and focus issues. So not only does this display your photos well but it also makes them even better. I have never known a frame to do this before and it sure is very impressive indeed.

      As with all devices it takes the range of memory units including USb, SD cards and various other implements, some I have never actually heard off. Basically whatever you have got I am sure this will support it.

      All in all in terms of quality and functionality this is by far and away the finest device I have seen as a digital photo frame and I adore it. Its quality in pictures, its magnificent in options and its just so good I often want to kiss it!

      Also on CIAO


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