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Synn DKR15 Keyring

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3 Reviews

Brand: Synn / Type: Digital Photo Frame Keyring / Size: 1.5 in /

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    3 Reviews
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      05.09.2011 23:38
      Very helpful




      My very thoughtful husband bought me this cute digital photo frame keyring last november after starting my new job. Unfortunatly my job has me travelling around the country for a few days at a time leaving my husband and children at home. I miss my children so badly but to give them the best life possible i have to work. I loved the idea of the photo frame keyring so i could cherish the photos of my children when away.

      The synn dkr15 keyring cost around £8.99 from Amazon uk maybe cheaper now from other websites. It only comes in the colour black but it is a nice matt black. It comes in a white slim box with a picture of the digital photo frame keyring on the box and inside its mounted on a lovely velour piece of material sponge typed stuff.
      It comes with instructions, small disc of software and the usb charging cable.

      I am in no way technical but i was able to load the software disc onto my laptop meaning that as soon as i plug in the photo frame usb cable my laptop was able to identify and start the photo programme witch is a folder that opens so you can transfer the photos from the document on my laptop onto the photo frame keyring.

      There is a small black switch that slides to the side to switch the keyring on and off. The frame size is 1.5 inch , perfect sized for the keyring. The screen is small but nice and bright and shows of the picture quality well. The photos are clear and full of colour just like viewing them from a digital camera.

      It takes around 30 minutes to give the keyring a charge. It has a lithium battery that's rechargeable. I am not sure how long the battery lasts but it has enough charge for viewing all the 120 photos that it holds. The photos flick through themselves because you view them as a screen show rather than flicking through them.

      I love this little keyring and i love viewing my photos when im away from home. Its also handy for showing family on visits to there homes. I think they make the prefect little gift at a cheap price.

      I wish the battery could last a while longer than it does because i have to charge it everytime i'm leaving home for my trips a little annoying but not a huge hassle as i charge my ipod etc at the same time.
      I recommend this sweet little keyring.


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      28.02.2011 09:43
      Very helpful



      Good idea in principle - needs working on

      I got this keyring as a present for christmas from my mam who knows how much I love taking and displaying photos.

      The packaging of theis keyring is tough clear plastic which is sealed all the way around, there hasn't been anything put in place to allow it to be opened so it's a job for the trusty scissors. Even with large sharp scissors this took a bit of cutting into as the plastic has a lip all the way round so it is not a straight cut but I did get in eventually. Inside the packaging is the keyring and a piece of grey card folded in half with the instructikons tucked inside, the grey card also has a number of brightly coloured squares in the corner although it's still a bit dull and I don't think it would have caught my eye in a shop. On the back of the cardboard there are a few bullet points about the product, 1.5 inch screen, supports JPG, BMP and GIF formats, slideshow function, clock and calendar function, holds 120 images, lithium ion rechargeable battery and USB cable for charging and image transfer included.

      The keyring is possibly 1.5 inch x 2.5 inches at a guestimate and is made of black plastic but does feel abit cheap, there is a silver frame around the display screen which when packaged is covered with a thin piece of plasticy film for protection. At the top of the keyring is the keychain with a large lobster clasp at the top to connect it to your keys. On the rear of the keyring you have 4 buttons reset which is one of the hidden button types where you have to put something in to press it so it can't be knocked accidentally, menu button and then two arrow buttons to allow scrolling.

      When you press the menu key you get USB connect, slide show, auto on/off (there is no on/off button) LCD contrast, backlight, delete one, delete all and display clock. To work each of the menu options you have to use the arrow buttons to scroll through. When you connect the keyring to your computer via the cable provided it brings up a screen showing all your photos, you simply click on one which comes up in a display and then press add, once you have added what you want you click download to send them to the keyring.

      Like I said I didn't buy this so I have had a look on the internet and was quite surprised to find it's selling price is £19.99 at play.com, I would have to say I don't think it is worth this. The idea of carrying a lot of photos around with you is lovely but the keyring feels cheap to me and the battery life is ridiculous and it's not as if you are going to carry a chargwer with you to charge it every 2 or so hours. Also I only managed to get 105 photos on mine rather than 120 but I guess this is down to the size of them. I am giving 3 stars one lost for the battery life and one for the feel of it.


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      02.01.2011 15:30
      Very helpful



      Can't see it lasting 6 months...


      Back in November I purchased a Digital Photo Frame to display some of the many family and holiday pictures my wife and I had taken over the years. At the time of its purchase I also noticed that a miniature Digital Photo Frame attached to a key ring was on offer and at just £5.00 I decided to take a chance on it not really expecting all that much from it to be honest. I thought the idea was good in principle as it would allow us to carry some photographs around with us and be conveniently stored along with our car keys but I was naturally suspicious that its low price was an indicator of a poor quality display and limited features.

      **How it Looks**

      On its arrival the Synn DKR-15 Digital Photo Key ring (to give it its full model name and hereby referred to as the DKR-15 for the rest of this review) lived up to my initial fears as it was poorly packaged in an annoyingly impossible-to-get-into plastic blister pack. A single piece of folded paper with incredibly small typing acted as the instruction manual which didn't inspire great hope in me and a very short data cable was included. The device itself has a visible 1.5 inch display screen which is surrounded by a silver metallic finish, it is housed in black plastic and has a short silver metal chain attached it with a key ring on the end. On the underside of the frame are 3 small buttons marked 'Down' 'Menu' and 'Up' and there is a tiny reset switch. Quality and finish wise I have to say that the DKR-15 is very disappointing, it looks cheap, feels lightweight and plasticy and doesn't look durable at all; however what saves this from being a one star rated item for me is just how easy it is to transfer photographs onto it and how clear they are actually displayed.

      **Transferring Photographs**

      Unlike other mains-run Digital photo frames the DKR-15 has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery installed within the device which is charged via the USB cable when connected to your computer. There are no slots for memory cards or sticks on this as you have to transfer images from your PC directly onto the device itself and its internal memory will allow for up to 120 pictures to be stored and displayed. Once the data cable is plugged in and attached to your computer the preinstalled photograph studio software opens up onscreen and prompts you to select the photographs or images you have saved on your PC that you would like transferring.

      The software is easy to follow I have to admit and it's really just a case of selecting, dragging and dropping images across into the DKR-15's memory. If you are anyway computer literate and have experience of similar software used for iPods and mobile phones then you will know instinctively what to do with this but there are some considerations that you have to take into account when selecting what images you would like to transfer as you are limited by the small display screen. The device supports JPG, BMP and GIF images and I haven't had any problems in transferring both photographs which have been saved on my computer's hard drive and a couple of images I downloaded from the internet.

      When you decide on a photograph from your collection and want to add it to the DKR-15 you are prompted to select an area of the picture you want on display. A shaded rectangular box appears on your photograph and you simply place this over the part of the image you want transferring so do bear in mind that massive landscape pictures won't be able to be displayed effectively and neither will large group shots. Single and couple shots are probably the best types of photographs to add to this so if you have children and want to show your pictures off to friends and family then this would definitely do the job, on the other hand if you are a keen amateur photographer and take scenic shots of pretty landscapes then you will struggle in displaying them on the DKR-15. Be very selective would be my advice and choose the pictures which can be best displayed as even though the price for what this retails for is very cheap and the build quality is very poor I have to say that the backlit screens display is surprisingly clear.

      **The Display and Features**

      For a visible 1.5 inch screen the colour saturation is quite impressive; blacks are deep in shade and bright colours such as red and yellow are oftentimes clear and vibrant. There is a slight pixilation when observing the pictures close up and some pictures do appear to have a 'washed out' look to them but this I put down to the quality of the photographs that were taken in the first place. This never was going to provide the highest clarity of definition though and to expect anything other than a pretty decent image display would be unreasonable given the fact that this _was_ only a fiver. If you are expecting pristine clarity with extra fine detailing then you will be disappointed with this so my advice would be to avoid if you have high expectations. If, on the other hand you want something portable that doesn't cost that much and gives you access to dozens of your favourite holiday and family snaps then this could be well worth taking a chance on.

      There are various options when it comes to displaying the images and the menu function allows you to set them to scroll as a slideshow with varying amounts of time between the image refresh. You can also set a timer rather than having the device permanently on which is a handy function and a battery preserver, the menu options are fiddly though as the controlling up and down buttons are very small and even more annoyingly it is awkward to use the buttons and see the screen at the same time. To be fair though once you have customised the settings to your own requirements you shouldn't need to keep returning to the menu screen unless you want to change any of your settings.

      On the whole then the DKR-15 does do a very good job in displaying the images held in its memory and whilst it really isn't comparable to the larger, more expensive digital photo frames that are available to buy (my Elonex frame from a previous review for example) it is undeniably a handy little gadget to own and use. Photographs are a nice reminder of memories past and by having a few of them to hand in digital form means that you have access to them whenever you want and whilst I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as a gift to someone I am pleased that I purchased one for myself.

      **The DKR-15 Two Months On**

      I did buy this with the intention of attaching it to my car keys, however in practical everyday use I found its durability to be questionable especially as I ran the risk of scratching the screen. Even though this is promoted and sold as a key ring I personally wouldn't recommend its use in this way and my wife now carries this around attached to an internal pocket in her handbag. It has taken a fair few knocks in its time with us but is still going strong however the main problem we have with it is remembering to charge the battery as it is prone to run down quite quickly even when it is not in use or switched on.

      Overall this is something that I can't get overly excited about to be honest and the novelty of owning it soon wore off. It did come in handy over the Christmas period when we met up with some friends who we hadn't seen for a few months, we were able to chat about and show them the photos that we had and for that purpose it was useful. For the most part though it does just sit in my wife's handbag only ever seeing the light of day when we remember it is there and for the occasional charge every now and again.

      I'm still not impressed with the build quality of the DKR-15 and consider it to be cheap looking, I would imagine that over time it will become battered and will end up being one of those impulse purchases that ends up being thrown away. I can't see this withstanding the rigours of excessive use and even though it does do a good job in displaying the images it holds it is let down by the too-small buttons and plastic feel. In its favour though it is cheap and if it only lasts 6 to 12 months then it will have well worth the price I paid, whether you decide that it is for you will obviously come down to personal choice.

      My own 3 star rating seems fair given my experience of it, it just goes to show how quickly technology moves on given the fact that only 18 months ago Digital Photo Frames were being sold for upwards of £100.00, this from Synn cost a twentieth of what they were originally retailing for and had more care been taken its appearance and production then this could well have been a five star product.

      As far as recommending this goes I do but only with caution, it's a cheap throwaway item and if you don't set your expectations too high then you won't be overly disappointed. I bought mine from play.com where it is still available for the price I paid so is easy to track down if you are interested in buying this for yourself.

      Thanks for reading my review, please be aware that this also appears on ciao under my username.

      **Technical Details at a Glance:**

      1.5" colour screen
      Supports JPG, BMP & GIF formats
      Slideshow function
      Multi-language on-screen display
      Clock & calendar functions
      Capacity 120 images (approx.)
      Lithium ion rechargeable battery
      USB cable (included) for easy charging and image transfer
      Requires a computer running Microsoft Windows operating system (XP and above)


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