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Telefunken Digiframe 8001 8"

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    3 Reviews
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      07.01.2009 13:44
      Very helpful



      Altogether this is a great little device and excellent if you have alot of pictures!!

      My husband got this for christmas off my parents, when they first cme out I didn't see the point in them, I thought they had to be conected to your laptop or computer or have your camera attatched to them, but then when I was shopping with my mum to find one for my husband, I realised you just popped your memory card in (most types are taken including SD and XD) and then any pictures that are on show in a slideshow on the screen.
      if your planning on buying this digital photo frame, or any like it, I would suggest that you buy a spare memory card which you can put all your favourite pictures on so that you can have it on all the time.
      The digital photo frame really is a great yet simple invention, as it means you can have all your favourite pictures on show, with just one photo frame. You can set the slideshow for 30 second intervals down to 3 second intervals so you can have a quick photo change or a slow change.
      I would recommend this to anyone who has alot of photos which they want to display, and anybody who likes gadgets!!
      Its very very strong, my husband accidently knocked his off the shelf only a week after having it, and it fell 5 foot to a hard wood floor, but there was no damage done and it worked perfectly well after the fall, which is good if you have children or are accident prone!!!


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      30.10.2008 14:13
      Very helpful



      One of the leading photo frames

      In the world of electronics, "size is everything."

      TV's appear to be getting bigger and thinner, computers are getting smaller yet faster, MP3 players and cameras can fit into the palm of your hands, and the next big thing is Digital photo frames.

      I got bought this as a birthday present a few months ago and it's taken pride in our home on the side table.

      I like photo's, with the likes of Facebook and other networking sites, photo's are becomming more and more popular and you find yourself taking them at any opportunity, but realisticly, when would you go to the developers, get one printed, and frame it? 1 in 100? 1 in 500?

      This allows you to show off your photo's, with no further expense! You get the exact same outcome as if you had printde it off, (being framed), but you can store thousands of photos and every few seconds/minutes look at a new one! You won't need to replace a picture anymore as it can all be stored on your memory cards.

      It's great also, if you have certain friends coming over, load up their album, so it makes the place feel more welcoming!

      If you want to impress new people, put up photo's of your impressive things, achivements, day's out, trophies ;)

      The design is utterly awsome, the jet black looks immense on a white window sill, the card plugs straight in (same one from your digital camera) and away you go.

      Loads of options to chose from, transition times/effects, folders, backlight brightness etc. There is also a neat little remote if you want to skip, rewind or pause a photo.

      The only downside to this, is the wire/plug. If you can situate the frame somewhere where a cable can be hidden, go for it!

      Basic spec:
      8-inch, 800 x 600 pixel, 4:3 LCD display
      Standard USB and mini USB ports
      Reader for SD,Mini SD,MMC, CF & MS cards
      Single image or slideshow mode 6 transition effects & adjustable delay
      Remote control & USB cable included
      128MB internal memory
      Wallmount or use 6-position stand


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        23.03.2007 18:41
        Very helpful




        I was given a present this year that totally surprised me with it’s uniqueness and the enjoyment it has given me over the last few weeks.

        The Telefunken Digiframe is in essence a photo frame that you could have on your mantelpiece, but instead of having only one static photo to look at, it can hold hundreds of digital shots. The frame scrolls through the loaded photos either individually or in groups and pauses on each one for a set number of seconds before moving on to the next.

        SET UP

        The box is actually huge compared to the size of the frame, and there is a lot of packaging inside to hold the frame firmly and reduce any risk of breakage before you even plug it in. Once unwrapped the process is extremely simple and only requires a power supply cord (enclosed with the product) to be slotted into the frame and into a power supply. This will immediately power up the frame, and then you just need to insert a memory card, previously loaded with your favourite photos, or if you don’t have a memory card you can connect to your computer via a USB cable and download direct to the frames internal 16mb memory.

        There is an on/off switch at the back of the frame which I think could have been positioned much better. If you mount the frame on the wall, as we did, it is very awkward to reach this switch and we have reverted to turning it on and off via the switch on the plug.

        USING IT

        This is the most rewarding part and obviously the whole meaning of the frame.

        You can either have it standing on the shelf, mantel etc by using the stand which is fixed to the back of the frame or by wall mounting it. We found the angle required for the frame to be steady enough using the stand, was a tad too wide for our mantel, so we opted to wall mount it a few inches higher than the mantelpiece. This looks really effective as it seems to be almost floating on the mantelpiece but it is flush to the wall, rather than being at a slight angle as it would have been using the stand. I much prefer the way we have it and would recommend it if you purchase one.

        The frame comes with a remote control to aide the set up or editing the way the photos are displayed. This seems to be a pretty good idea as in my opinion the switches which are located at the top of the frame are too fiddly to use, and also if you have the frame wall mounted, it tends to make the frame itself wobble off balance when you press the buttons, meaning you are forever trying to realign the frame. The remote is about the size of a credit card and very slim line, so is not intrusive if you leave it on the shelf under the frame, however it is white and therefore stands out more than it would if it had been designed in black. (Unless you have a white mantel/shelf of course!)

        The frame can show your pictures in a number of ways, from four photos on screen at once (magic window setting) or simply one at a time, which is our preferred choice. It is a slideshow effect and you can decide on the speed of the change. There are 5 speed settings ranging from 3 seconds to 60 seconds pause in between each picture changing. We have ours set at 5 seconds, as we find this long enough to look at a photo and remember but not so long that you get bored looking.

        You can change the transition effect between pictures and it has eight different settings here. You can choose to have each photo fade out for example before the next appears, or for a shutter effect to happen. We have ours set on random, which obviously means we get a random effect on each different photo. This is good as it adds to the uniqueness, and watchability of the frame.

        There are other settings you can choose, like whether to have the photos shown in the same order as on the memory card or to have a random showing, this is called the slide show shuffle. (Try saying that after a few!)


        The frame takes a whole host of memory cards (SD, MMC, Compact Flash, & Memory Stick), as well as having an internal memory built into the frame itself. This allows you to store quite a few photos straight onto the frame if you don’t have a memory card or stick. You will need a USB cord, which is not supplied with the product. Then it is a simple matter of right clicking on the picture you want and sending it to the frame.

        The size of the display screen on this frame is 8” and can happily exhibit photos in both landscape or portrait mode. You do not need to change the position of the frame, as it will automatically re-size the picture to fit in the frames display. If you have the frame in the landscape position (as we do) and are showing a portrait photo, it will centralise it and show it with borders either side, rather than trying to stretch it out to fill the entire screen.

        The only compatible formats it accepts are JPEG’s and it does actually recommend not to have too high a resolution on the photos you choose to display, as this will slow down the speed at which they scroll through and appear on screen.


        I really love this present. It was something very special in my eyes, as I love my photos and have quite a few static photo frames around the house. I love these too but have to constantly update them to keep them fresh, or leave them holding dear memories but excluding newer more recent ones.

        The Digiframe allows me to load hundreds of my favourite photos straight onto the memory card and to be able to view them all through the day. The display quality is fantastic and the pictures present themselves in just as good quality as if you were viewing them though your computer screen.

        Everyone has commented on how great it looks, sitting on the mantel, and I find myself gazing at the constant changing memories for longer and longer periods. It is a real prize to be able to view these without making any effort, other than to switch on the plug. Incidentally, once you have selected the settings you require, it will remember them, even if unplugged, so once it is done, it really is very low maintenance.

        It is a pricey luxury though, at around £150, but if you have a special birthday to buy for or just come into some extra money I would recommend this. If you love memories and photos and would like to have them appear at the touch of a button, with the facility to update totally and easily then this is for you.

        Keep your memories alive!


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