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Typhoon Photo Frame 7"

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2012 22:27
      Very helpful



      A good frame for a good price

      I have had a digital photo frame for a while, and decided that it would be a good idea to set one up for a friend for her birthday. She had loads of pictures of her children on her camera and laptop and I thought it would be nice for her to be able to show them off in the house. Add to that we had just been away to Bruges for a few days so she could put those pictures on as well.

      I got the Typhoon 7" frame and must admit it took a bit of messing round to get the pictures the way I wanted them. I then chose the amount of time that each one was to be on show and everything was done. There was a good choice of time and I chose 5 minutes although it is possible to have anything from a few seconds to an hour. Looking back it was not the most difficult thing to do, but it took longer to set this up then it did to set up my own digital frame.

      Once they were on they looked really good so it was worth the bit of messing around. Some look better than others but that could have been more to do with the quality of the picture to begin with. I was happy with the results and my friend was happy with the frame.

      This was one of the cheaper frames and I only paid £30 and although I liked some of the black frames this is a silver colour and looks effective. I have only added a couple of dozen pictures as that is how many I managed to get on the 64mb card that comes with it. It is possible to get a bigger card but I am not aware that the pictures have been changed since I set it up, so it seems a bit pointless to get a bigger card under these circumstances.

      This is not the most solid digital photo frame that I have seen but it looks nice, does the job and did not break the bank.

      Now for the technical bit

      7" LCD with stand
      480 x 234 pixels
      Varying timescales to show picture
      Screen size mode 16:9 / 4:3 / 4:3 full screen
      Photo changing interval: 5/15/30s, 1/5/15/30/45min, 1h
      File format: JPEG
      Power requirement: 12V DC
      Dimensions 231 x 167 x 29
      Weight 0.392kg


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      21.10.2009 20:39
      Very helpful



      Show all your photographs in one little space

      There are just never enough walls in a house to hang all your favourite photographs on so, if you're like me' you end up with hundreds, if not thousands of photos stored away in many picture albums.
      However, there is a solution on the market which allows you to show as many pictures as you like in one little space, that solution is the rather splendid digital photo frames.
      The Digital photo frame comes in many shapes and sizes, each one being able to show as many pictures as your inserted memory card will hold, but the photo frame that I have sat on my shelf is the 7 inch Typhoon.

      ** What does this typhoon photo frame feature then..?
      Sadly, no delicious tasting tea... but it does have...

      * 7 inch visible display
      * Size of entire frame is 231 x 167 x 29
      * 0.392 kg in weight
      * 480 x 234 pixel resolution
      * Supports JPEG format
      * Various time intervals, including 5/15/30 seconds, 1/5/15/30/45 minutes and 1 hour.
      * Reads SD/MMC memory cards
      * 3 Screen size mode, including 16:9, 4:3 and 4:3 full screen
      * 5.0 M/pixel Photo size
      * 12V DC
      * 6 watt power consumption

      ** Comes with a free 64 MB SD card, although most storage size SD cards will be fine

      * It does not come with built in speakers, nor a remote control like some other more expensive frames come with.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      When I first read the name of this photo frame I wondered why a well known tea making company would diverse into the digital world, but I soon realised that I was being a little stupid and once again getting brand names mixed up.

      Anyway, once I got over my initial silly error I was pleasantly surprised with the silver white unit which was here to help me display the myriads of images I had stored on my PC.
      It looks the part, with its slightly curved shape and silver white colouring, the visible picture being entombed within a double type border, giving it a 'retro look.
      Although the frame itself looks a little plain it is the images that you are intending to watch so the looks of the frame don't really matter that much anyway.

      Loading the images onto the frame is as easy as taking the picture in the first place, you just fill your SD card with as many pictures as it can hold and simply slot the card into the slot which is on the rear of the frame itself. Then it is a matter of choosing how long you want to show each photo to hold before going to the next one, akin to a slideshow. There are several options for the time intervals so do play around a little until you get your individual preference. Personally, after a lot of deliberations, I opted for the 30 second interval which I found to be enough time for each picture.
      The picture quality is crystal clear, but then again I suppose a lot of this is down to the images you are showing, so, if your as good at taking picture as I am then your images will be as clear as day.

      Anyway, the actual frame stands quite happily on any shelf without any hassles. It is supported by a rather rigid, albeit fragile looking stand, which does keep the 'frame' in the perfect position to view those precious pictures.

      The Typhoon comes with a free 64MB SD card, which holds a few dozen good quality images, but with a larger storage card you can add as many images as you want. Personally, I have a 2GB card inserted into mine which holds more images than I can count so there is always something different to see every time I look at the frame.

      If you want to get those perfect snaps to appear on this frame then I do advise playing about with your images on your PC to get better results, such as resizing, cropping and maybe enhancing the clarity. This does take a little time, depending on the amount of images, but it is well worth while when you see the final result.

      In all, a brilliant idea to show off those excellently taken photographs you have rather than them sitting idly on your PC. This photo frame looks the part and comes at a lovely low price, being around the £38.00 region from amazon.
      So if you want one single good sized and low price picture frame to show off the myriads of your favourite family photos then this is certainly for you.


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