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Casino card game.

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    2 Reviews
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      20.01.2011 17:26
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Well if you like fun interesting card games then i would say that this is not the game for you, i dont think myself it is very exciting at all. Although it can make u a few quid, but it could also lose you a few quid too.
      I wont bore you with the background of the game, although i will say some also have a different version of blackjack to play among friends. I am sure you all know it a blck jack makes you pick up five cards etc etc. But i dont think this review is about that type so i wont go into details lol.

      The game is so easy to learn and to play, its the beating the dealer thats the hard part.
      Normally on each casino table there will be four people, plus the dealer. The dealer is the only person that you play against, so you dont need to beat a whole table to win.

      The basic rules are as follows:
      You place a bet on the table, then each player is dealt 2 cards each. Each player tries to get closest to 21 without going over, if you go over the banker wins. You can stick on most numbers but the banker can not stick on less than 17.

      The banker will go round the table clockwise to see what each player wants to do with their hand, the choices you have are:
      Twist : means you want to take another card.
      Stick : you are happy with your hand and dont want no more cards given.
      Split : You can only do this if you have a pair, but you must place a bet on both hands so u will have to double your stake.
      Double : this is where you can double your bet on your next card, but must stick no matter how many you have after that. i tend to only double when i have 11.
      Card values are as follows :

      An ace is worth 1 or 11
      2-9 is their face value
      10, jack, queen or king are both 10
      An ace and a 10 point value card are the best that you can get as that is blackjack. Also if you have 21 in 3 or more cards is high but a blackjack would always beat that.

      remember to always take into account the bankers first card as if they have a rubbish 1st card then chances are they will have to twist and may bust. Do not always go for high amounts as you may bust yourself, and remember the banker busts and has to pay you out.
      i would usually myself stick on about 16 or 17, as chances that you would not bust by twisting are pretty slim unless you get lucky lol.

      Just be careful when betting if you are losing never chase your money as you will only lose more. After all casinos are there to make money not lose it all lol. so just becareful of what you are doing and dont go mad xxxxx
      also on ciao under kineticspade x


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      22.12.2010 16:58
      Very helpful



      Comeplete Guide to Blackjack

      Blackjack Introduction - A short history and background of Blackjack

      Blackjack (or "21") remains one of the most popular and easily recognizable card games in the world today. By having basic rules that are easy to understand, Blackjack is a fun and enjoyable favorite in online casinos across the globe. The history of blackjack can be attributed to many different games spanning hundreds of years and a variety of countries, but it is the 18th century French game Vingt-et-Un that is widely accredited to be the forefather of Blackjack as we know it today. The name Blackjack itself, derives from a now redundant bonus payment of ten to one, which was given to the player by the casino when they had a winning hand comprising of an ace of spades and either black jacks. The popularity of blackjack lies in its simplicity and means that this much loved game can be found at all online casinos.

      Rules of Blackjack - How to play Blackjack online or anywhere else

      The basic rules of Blackjack are not difficult to grasp. Each individual player is playing against the dealer, with the object of the game being to get as close to 21 as possible. The numerical value of the cards must be higher than the dealer and must not exceed 21. (Bust) The deck consists of up to 8 regular packs of cards and players are dealt two cards each after placing their initial bet. Card values are 2 - 10, aces being both 1 or 11, and picture cards that are not aces counting as 10. The dealer gives himself two cards, one face up (the up card) and the other face down (the hole card). The best hand available is an ace and a 10, which is blackjack. A winning blackjack pays 3 to 2. If the dealer is showing an ace, players are allowed to buy insurance against a blackjack and that pays 2 to 1. A hand with an ace is referred to as a Hard Hand and a hand without an ace is called a soft hand. The player then has to decide whether:

      To Hit - the action of taking as many cards as desired without going bust.

      To Stand - If the player is satisfied with what they have got

      To Split - If the player has two cards of the same value they can then split the hand into two separate hands. A wager of equal value to the original bet is required and the player is dealt a second hand of two cards.

      To Double Down - A player can double their bet and receive only one more card after which they must stand.

      To Surrender - Once the first two cards are dealt, a player can forfeit his cards and have 50% of their bet returned.

      The dealer then deals his or her self cards until they reach a score of at least 17. If a dealer goes bust, all players that have not gone bust automatically win.

      Blackjack Tips - What you need to know to be a successful Blackjack player

      There are a number of tips and strategies that players can employ in trying to be a successful Blackjack player. The first thing a player should do is acquaint themselves with is the House Rules. These vary from casino to casino. Always bear in mind a dealer has to draw another hand when their cards are 16 or less. A player therefore cannot win with a hand less than 17 unless the dealer busts. When the dealer shows A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, or 8, it is advisable for the player to take a hit on any hand under 17. If a dealer shows a 4, 5, or 6, stand on any hand above 11. Avoid the common misconceptions that playing two separate hands will gain the player an advantage, it doesn't. The other false belief being never going bust, this gives the house a big advantage. Always split the aces and always double down on any hand of 11 or 10.

      Blackjack Odds - Learn how to maximize your bankroll by mastering the odds behind Blackjack

      Once a player has been able to master the odds behind Blackjack, they will be able to maximize their bankroll. Odds will depend upon the amount of decks in use, but the rules of the variants do not change. Once the odds have been mastered, players will learn about when to make the appropriate high risk and high reward wagers when needed. It is easy to follow the simple strategy rules, and there are any numbers of online Blackjack odds calculators to refer to, as well as a whole host of tutorials and free tables to cut their teeth on. These should all be used when learning the game of Blackjack and how to master the odds.


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