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Can Obama keep The Whitehouse?

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2012 20:09
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      Can they fix this election to?

      Obama's 'Change' mantra of 2008, to me, was simply a dare to enough white Americans to vote in a black guy, a conscious tactic to offer the chance to lift the guilt of the 'good old boys' in the 'bad only days'. The exploitation of ethnic minorities built the American Dream and so why not use that guilt to get power? 'Change' was certainly not about a new way to run things. Capitalism only works one way and always will. The top 5% of rich white Americans own 99% of the countries wealth. Sadly, enough of the marginal white working-class and Latino constituencies who made the leap of faith to vote against their instincts and go with Obama will now take great pleasure in voting him out with a 'told you so' stamp of their negative voting slip. The chads were not the only things hanging in America in their history around election time! Certain Americans expect black people to fail and so feel vindicated when this one did, almost willing him to, even though they had voted for him in the first place, and needed the economy to improve under him. America is a messed up place sometimes. Some black Americans further blurred the lines by calling Obama a coconut, brown on the outside and white on the inside, or a 'Choc Ice', as plonker Rio Ferdinand recently tweeted against Ashley Cole. Mixed race people are always pulled at from both sides and will tell you that however mixed race they appear they will always be seen as black by white people and an outcast by some back people. It's tough for Obama to be himself, very much a man alone.

      No, Obama failed because the Republicans took back the Senate in the midterms and they blocked all his legislation to try and kick start the economy. They didn't want to give him the chance to succeed. A racist group of voters called the Tea Party were formed to aid this tactic by shouting down all his policies and now Obama could lose the election on that hidden hate alone. The American political system is like that. Maybe Hurricane Sandy was Gods anger to spin-dry some sense into those people.

      The Republic contender is credible this time, McCain certainly not that, Romney handsome and a very American family man and leader , who, after showing signs of 'Bushisms' in his early campaigning is now a real prospect, and his particular God is backing him to win as he claws back in the polls after a poor start.
      Mitt is a Mormon (no, not a moron, that was 'Dubya') and one of their more bizarre beliefs is they are obliged to wear 'magic underpants', some sort of symbol for followers to respect their body and beliefs. Although most Mormon men wear them, many having four of five wives to keep happy through their polygamy rules and so the pants hardly on and always in that spin dryer, its oddities like that Obama needed to pick apart more. It's rather odd to imagine a president with his finger on the red button wearing magic underpants! Mitt is also a vulture capitalist, making his money that way so able to afford to run for the presidency, controversially through hedge funds, which sometimes involves American job cutting, a contradiction indeed. It was guys like him that caused the economy to collapse in the first place. That greed was an issue early on in the campaign but now its level at 47% - 47% in the opinion polls alas, with three days to go, it will come down to skin color and jobs in the swing states once again. Normally a sitting US president gets a second term if unemployment is below 8% and although Obama has thrown as much money as possible at creating jobs, especially in those swing states, it's still above 8%.

      Traditionally the white working-class back the democrats but in 2008 the blue-collar male didn't so much go for the black guy and if Obama's people had not mobilized the black vote to capacity he may not have won. 99% of those Black Americans, who could vote, voted for Obama, as equally racist, one could say. The others were either in jail, high or homeless, 67% of the US prison population still black or Hispanic. The white rednecks were never going to vote Obama. The breakdown of the 2008 vote just reinforced that racial divide this election was ironically about and set to try and erase. A big chunk of the college vote and those flustered housewives who quite fancied Barak backed him but they, too, disenfranchised this time around because the 'Change' didn't happen. Even with Hilary Clinton on the ticket they now fancy Mitt to have a go at being the boss, maybe because he looks like Ted Danson. But the change did happen because there's a black guy in The Whitehouse and that was only ever the point. Barak Obama just being there was enough for most and for me. Enough of America had moved on.

      The so-called 'Obamacare', affordable healthcare for all Americans, was where the problems really started. The Republicans said they didn't like the idea that Americans would be forced to subsides others 'deliberate' poor health by paying for it. The Democrats said if everybody pays something then the cost for all would come down. If you get sick in the US without insurance you are done for, the biggest cause of bankruptcy there. Healthcare can cost $300 per month and it is private insurance and they dont insure unhealthy people. If you are uninsured and you get sick you are stuffed. Its a very profitable business. In truth I suspect the white Republican voters simply couldn't stomach helping to pay more of black and Latino people's healthcare costs, as they do unemployment and crime costs, and resorted to natural bigoted instincts. I didn't see many white faces protesting with the Tea Party in Washington to block Obamacare! 40% of Black American women are classed as obese, a huge chunk of public expenditure going right there from the diabetes and poor health that follows. With similar problems in the Hispanic population the white middle-class are feeling put upon. I will come back to that 'I told you so' thing.

      Abortion and immigration are the other big issue in America to rile up the Republicans to froth at the mouth. They hate new folks coming into a country that was built on immigration yet want to make them have every baby they conceive, their birthrate already three times higher than Americas white middle-class, contradictions like that ripping America apart.

      But it's Hurricane Sandy that may yet decide this election, the so-called 'October surprise', a catastrophic storm and the largest ever Atlantic hurricane in volume of rain and perimeter to hit America. Obama gets to look presidential as he deals with the crisis and offers crucial Republic states affected by the storm, state aid to get those voters back on their feet. He also dominated the news feeds for a while and so all those expensive Republican campaign ads pretty much unseen by the electorate. And it's those deadly campaign ads that do the most damage; in America independent groups from the parties they call 'super packs' allowed to run often negative election ads. Of course they are not that independent hen you look closer and its party campaigning in all but name but it's the way around maximum funding rules.

      As per normal it will be a few swing states that will decide the Whitehouse and the old saying that 'How goes Ohio, goes America', never more true this year. Obama's not going to win as many votes and so Romney just needs to get it together over the weekend and he could win enough of those swing states. 70% of the votes are already made for blue or red and so the candidates don't bother campaigning late on in those locked down states. If the jobless simply vote against Obama its game over. If the idealist who misunderstood the word 'Change' take it out on Obama then he loses. As I said before, if the people who voted for the black guy to make themselves feel better take revenge he loses. To me there are more reasons to vote Obama out than not to vote Romney in. I really like Obama and he is a dude but hate will win this election. It's now up to Hilary Clinton to win it back for the democrats in 2016.


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