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Do the press intrude of the Royals too much?

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2012 15:54
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      We own them - all of them!

      I have no problem with the naked photos of Kate. William of all people should know the paparazzi get everywhere and so should have been more careful, especially abroad where they are an obvious target, Paris his moms end. The French simply don't respect the British royals as much as we do and treat them as mere celebrities. They behead their royals, remember!

      Kate Middleton really only has three or four things to remember as a princess - look pretty, stay thin, keep you mouth shut and most importantly keep your clothes on, the Duchess of York showing what happens if you don't. The Royal Family is all about being enigmatic and aloof and if that façade is eroded then they are simply just another family of freeloaders. Kate is perfect for the job as Williams's trophy and demure wife. I suspect it's the fact that her aura has already been breeched that's annoying the Royal Family the most. The internet and ever intrusive media is simply eroding their ability to be private and so elite.

      As much as people don't like the young couple's intimacy being spied on there is big demand for those pictures by the general public, and to some, seeing them embarrassed and so like us makes the Royal Family taxpayer expense more palatable. The people get the tabloids they deserve. I know quite a few women who purred at the idea of seeing how big Prince Harrys weapon is. The fact he has a penchant for Nazi uniforms and currently shooting up Muslims in his Apache in Afghanistan makes him very popular with right wing tabloids. He's a hot royal and selling copy. The Royals are celebrities whether they like it or not and have to play that publicity game to stay relevant. I did think it rather ironic that it was Richard Desmond of all people who led the charge to stick up for Kate, a man who made his money from women exposing themselves in his jazz mags.

      The role of the Royal Ramily is to simply help sell Britain aboard and cheer up the domestic fan base. When Wills and Kate are wheeled around the world as the fresh young vibrant side of the Family it's not to show the locals who is boss but to encourage trade deals by morally prostituting themselves on behalf of the United Kingdom, often to give the royal seal of approval for arms sales, security apparatus often used to help put down those nations populations if the people don't like the sitting royals and the current government. Prince Andrew is not in the Old Russian Caucuses to enjoy the weather and hospitality but to sell dreadful dictators our weaponry. The Royal Family is brilliant at being the perfect foil for our more nefarious business abroad. If the likes of Prince Andrew refused to do these grubby trips to Kazakhstan then the public purse would be trimmed to the Family. This is a reciprocal deal guys.

      I do feel that the tabloids - rather cynically - are quietly and deliberately turning Kate into Princess Diana as that will sell newspapers. In a sense Kate was also selected for that role by the Royal Family for a similar sinecure as the polite and attractive girl that projects positive on the Royal Family, the Muslim headdress in Malaysia a great example of how the two are being compared, a transmogrification in progress, Diana slowly being wiped from our memories. Let me tell you, for the 15 year anniversary of Diana's death last month there were very few flowers laid at Althorp or Kensington Palace. Diana may have berated the media at times but she was addicted to them and used them to her own ends, the trap Kate has to avoid. The last picture of Diana alive is sitting in the back seat of that Mercedes with no seat belt on and grinning at the press pursuit, no doubt egging on her drunk driver to go faster. The tabloids are desperate to shift copies as they continue to lose the battle of survival with the intrusion and immediacy of the internet hitting their profit margin and so this publicity for Kate will only intensify. As I say I don't think Kate will suffer the same fete as she is more mature and less vain but fame gets most of them in the end.

      For those tabloids it's been quite a contrite time since the Levisson Enquiry and clearly on the moral back foot now, acting against their instincts here as they refused to print the naked pictures of Kate. But for me, like the Vegas pic's of Harry, these shots were taken overseas and simply a peep into the decadence of the Royal family we pay for as taxpayers. Just how many hours have William and Harry actually been in action in their respective helicopters? Is it all purely image control? Who knows what Harry took and did in that room in Vegas. Did the body guards join in? Those pictures are probably out there too. Just how decadent are the royals behind closed doors is the question the tabloids try to answer. Newspapers are all about breaking the illusion.

      Celebrities love being photographed fully made up or at charity do but absolutely hate being photographed looking unattractive or fat and the latter is when they say the press is intrusive but when we most enjoy their photos. Again, we want to see them looking like us. Without the tabloids, celebrities and the royals would struggle to flog their name and wares. The Cambridge's are no different. Kate is great at selling British fashion ranges but she needs to realize its open season on her now and she has chosen the role and so she will have to deal with that Prince Harry moment when she is caught with her pants down. Nothing is for free in life. They are not a regular couple. Their role is to be photographed and be on TV for Team GB, why William didn't marry a twenty stone ogre.


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