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    497 Reviews
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      27.08.2014 21:32
      Very helpful


      • Fun


      • "Can take over"

      Ahh I can't stop reviewing!

      I signed up to DooYoo about 2 months ago now. I though - I review stuff on Amazon all the time and I enjoy it so why not get rewards back for sharing experiences. So I wrote my first review and I feel like I haver never stopped.

      Everyday I think 'o I can write about that on DooYoo' where it is somewhere that I have been to dinner, a new product I have tried, and old stuff I have hanging around the house. When I started to get close to the sacred 20,000 DooYoo miles I though that's it, I'm going to cash in my points, get a voucher and get out. I did indeed get my voucher (thank you DooYoo) but I just couldn't stop! I was at work in my office discussing out Pritt correct I've ink mice and I though 'this is the prefect discussion for DooYoo' and in my lunch break I had to write about it.

      DooYoo is a fun site for sharing your options and practicing your writing skills. I like how you can start following other users and reading other people's reviews you really get to know what other peopler are into and you get to trust other users and what their opinions are.

      I may have originally thought that I would cash in some points and then leave the site but I have not managed it, DooYoo addition has taken over, but in a good way I think as I have a new site that I can get trusted options from.


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      19.10.2013 15:05



      Help me!!

      Well I guess I already have a place in this discussion area. :(

      I have only been a dooyoo member for a week and a bit but I can already feel the whole site getting its claws of addiction into me. For the past week I have spent my days marking all of the products I use out of 5 in my head...... Is this normal?

      The first thing I do when I wake up each morning is see what people are reviewing and I then read as many reviews as I can. I can't get enough. I have a list in my head of all these things I need to buy and every day it gets longer...

      I spend so much time each morning reading other reviews that I've been late for work three times this week which is so out of character for me. At this rate I am going to end up out of a job and then how am I going to afford to buy the latest ironing board cover, several different coffee machines and some miracle cream for a problem that I don't even have......

      So someone, please help me, tell me, how dooyoo cope with your addiction?


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        08.09.2013 00:24
        Very helpful



        An enjoyable addiction

        For my 50th review I thought I'd confess all, I am addicted to dooyoo, not all the time I can go 2 days with barely a thought or even a rating, but then it slowly draws me back into the murky world that is Dooyoo addiction.

        It all started back in March when I saw something about Dooyoo online and decided to join, it actually took me two weeks to get around to looking at it properly and writing my first review, and since then I've become hooked.

        **So what is Addiction?**
        "The state of being enslaved to a habit that is psychologically or physically habit forming, to an extent where it's cessation causes trauma"*

        For example rating everything around you out of 5 (including your husband, but it's ok my cat's clearly a 5 :) ), trying to describe everything around you in 500 to 1000 words, thinking I've read a review about that :) or even having a hissy fit because your item isn't in the catalogue :)

        **So what makes it so addictive?**
        Is it the reviews? Expressing my own opinion on everyday items and knowing someone's listening? The sense of community? Or just the money?

        To be fair while I like the money there's plenty of online earning opportunities out there, and while I've flirted with others in the past, and still do, none bring that happy feeling of a review people like and that's making me money :)

        So is it telling people what I think about everything from tea bags to home brew equipment, and not forgetting all those castles. Well, partly, I do enjoy writing about different products, and that's quite new to me as previously on forums I've always been (whisper) more of a lurker. I enjoy writing reviews, and having my say, but I don't think it's what draws me back, without my fellow dooyoo friends I'm not sure I'd be so keen.

        Reading reviews then and the sense of community, I think this is it for me there's something compulsive about learning about products I will never need or in the case of all those candles :) want (although part of me does think maybe I should have a vast yankee candle collection too, mine would be vast because I'd never get around to lighting them). There's also the added bonus that for every review I read for something I don't want there's ones where I think I could use that, or that'll make a great present. My brother will have you to thank for his birthday present (a zombie book) :)

        **Coping with addiction**
        So how have I learned to cope?

        Making timely product suggestions, we all know the pain of having that perfect level 1 thing to review and then realising it's not in the catalogue and can't be suggested. I'm now quite compulsive about trying to think of anything I might want to add to Dooyoo, when the suggestions are open.

        Reading reviews in small batches through the day, just enough to keep my addiction levels happy :)

        Planning my next review and writing it bit by bit on my word processor, if in doubt spending those hard earned dooyoo pennies on new things to review from Amazon :) I also have to remind myself when I look at the level one categories trying to think, do I own any of that with a rising sense of panic, that I should be calm levels change :)

        Finally comments, I try to comment on people's reviews more, not all the time but it gives a feeling of connection with my fellow addicts (I know you exist :))

        **Final thoughts of an addict**
        So will I be weaning myself of? No of course not I've got presents to buy from Amazon, and stuff to review :) Besides I need to know about the latest stuff, even if it's a candle or a lush product from a store that's miles away, I might one day want them :) And if sometimes I'm nearly late for work, because I just need to finish writing or reading a review well, I'll just have to walk quicker :)



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          27.08.2013 22:19
          Very helpful



          Addicted and proud!

          Discovering dooyoo back in May has been an absolute revelation. As I now consider myself fully addicted, with no indication that it might subside any time soon, I thought I was worthy of posting a few lines in this section...

          My job is fairly quiet for chunks of the time and I'm left to my own devices when work isn't on my desk. This makes dooyoo the perfect "distraction" for me... I've always loved writing, and to discover a website where I could write and earn at the same time, I couldn't believe I'd never seen it before.

          I was instantly suffering with mild addiction, posting my 5-a-day in a somewhat churny manner, and reading various reviews to get pointers for my own. I soon spotted familiar faces popping up reading my reviews and added them to my circle of friends and marking them for notification when they posted new reviews. Each morning I would methodically read and rate these reviews about all manner of topics! My miles kept totting up, and I was writing reviews for the next day each evening!

          Since then I have many moments of emotion on dooyoo fairly regularly...

          Little moments of joy
          - Seeing a review of a product I own and had thus far overlooked reviewing it! How could I have missed it?!

          - Getting comments on my reviews - I don't write as many comments as I should especially considering how nice it is to receive them ... having someone compliment on a review is such a good feeling, I should return it more *makes note for later*.

          - Seeing the dooyoo team in my "last people to visit profile" section ... have they had a nomination on one of my reviews perhaps?!

          - Getting half way through reading a review I would have thought I'd have no interest in whatsoever to discover I am intrigued and enjoying the review!

          - Reading reviews about things that will be perfect for family or friends at Christmas -I'm usually terrible at thinking of what to buy for who, and I now have a list set up which gets added to frequently!

          - Catching up with my reads, if I have let them mount up. I really try hard to at least match reads and if there are a lot it's sometimes a challenge to read a lot at one sitting. Rating the last one and realising I've caught up is always good because I then feel I can go and have a nose around the rest of the site, new reviews etc!

          - Being added to someone's cof, a great feeling!

          - Having a review already written of a product in a category that is promoted up a level out of the blue... get it posted quick!

          - Starting to write a review then realising it's a "most wanted" !! Bonus!

          - Realising I've just read (maybe even enjoyed) a review of something I would never have come across otherwise - Zombie computer games, gruesome books or films, gym equipment, places all over the world, kiddies toys and books, hamster toys... you name it, all human life is waiting to be discovered on dooyoo!

          Big moments of joy
          - Logging on to see my miles boosted by 1000+ ... a crown? A prize draw win? Let's face it, nothing matches this feeling!

          - Needing to make a major purchase, and the dent in the credit card bill being tempered by the prospect of earning 10, 30 or even 60 pence reviewing it!

          - Seeing one of my cof who rarely posts reviews post a new review - some of you guys on here are amazing and read and rate all the time, it's great to get the chance to read and rate back for the more infrequent reviewers.

          - Seeing a payment land in my bank account ... fantastic!

          - Sitting down to write a review of an item I think there is little to say about and finding myself still typing half an hour later... my shuttlecocks one comes to mind, I was absolutely engrossed in writing it!

          - Seeing Tools come up in the suggestions categories (I know, I need to get out more!)

          My moment of Shame!
          I am still smarting from being hit in the eye with that offensive "1" in the locked reviews column. I reviewed something I'd bought for someone else as a gift and so alas it seems destined never to be removed. Surely I have served that sentence now and it could be removed??? Maybe I really should be over it by now though!

          My dooyooing of the future...
          - The main thing I would like to ensure is that I can keep up with my reading and rating, which so far I am finding I do manage to do.

          - I'd like to try to write more comments, I don't write enough ... I think I'm conscious of keeping them concise and that's not my forte (I know, you'd never guess!) otherwise they cover about 6 or 7 lines in the little box at the side!

          - I'd like to continue my VU average ratings and improve the quality of my reviews. Due to the amount time I have, I do usually write at least one or two reviews per day so it's important not to let quality slip just because of the quantity.

          - I'd like to become more "to the point" in my reviews. Sometimes I'll write a review then read someone else's of the same product and wonder how theirs is so much better than mine yet half as long! This is definitely something I need to work on!

          - Finally I just want to continue to get as much enjoyment out of dooyoo as I've been getting since I joined. I absolutely love the site, the community feel, the friendly faces and the review writing.

          Thanks for everyone reading and rating me and everyone who makes the site such a friendly and welcoming place to spend time, learn about things I'd never have dreamt of, and earn some pennies at the same time. I'm not planning on getting over my addiction any time soon. Thanks dooyoo!


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            26.08.2013 12:16
            Very helpful



            Great site to be a part of.

            When do you DooYoo?
            I like to split my time on DooYoo and have different times that I like to use for writing and then for reading/rating.

            Writing - I tend to only write if I have a brain wave and something has really inspired me. I find it quite hard to just sit and look for something to review. I have to be inspired and hopefully have something useful to say about it haha. This is why you will see sometimes I manage a few reviews in a day and other times I will only do a few a week. I like to write when I am at a PC or on the lap top too, rather than on my iphone.

            Reading/rating - I make a point to look over the reviews of the members who have rated me first of all then once those are completed I have a read through the newest reviews page too. I like to read/rate when I am traveling to and from work, when the 3g internet connection on the train allows, we don't have Wifi on our trains yet!! I used to play games on my phone or read magazines/books but I find reading the reviews far more interesting and have actually saved money as I've really not bought many magazines since joining DooYoo. And I now love to read/rate when I am sitting on the sofa of an evening when everything is done for the day and the OH has some terrible show on!! haha We do share a load of TV shows but there will be times when we are watching something that I usually like but often there are episodes that just don't grip me. I used to flip my phone to Facebook or Twitter on those occasion or even worse: internet shopping, spend spend spend!! But now I like to use my time to get back and read/rate all you guys who have been kind enough to rate me. For reading/rating I tend to do this on my iPhone rather than on the laptop or PC so I can quickly get logged in and have a read wherever I am. If I can't sleep or have woken too early and don't want to wake the rest of the house I will have a read over reviews in bed!! Signs of a true addict hehe

            And why I am loving DooYoo!
            The members, advice, DooYoo miles and a good bit of banter!
            Well the members of course are a big positive thing for me. All you guys have been super supportive, offering me help and advice when I got started and your notes on my reviews are really helpful to me too. The whole community are really welcoming, there are some sites that are just negative and hard to be on, you just need to look on the news to see another poor soul getting hurt by comments that have been sent to them on internet sites, but I have never seen anything other than constructive criticism (that is taken in good spirits by the reviewer) and words of encouragement. I actually prefer looking on here at times rather than reading what my friends ate for dinner on Facebook/Twitter haha I still do love Twitter and Facebook for keeping in touch but DooYoo has such a nice community spirit that I find myself coming on here before other sites now! You all have a lot of really interesting things to say on your own reviews too. I have already added a load of books, games, beauty products to my OWN Christmas request list to Santa, and quite a few are items I would never have picked without reading the reviews so, that has opened me up to a new world. I have also been able to pick up a bargain when I read that someone had reviewed an item I already use and got it at a super low price. Also as I am on here more often now instead of Internet Shopping too I have naturally started to spend less money and have been making wiser choices on what I do spend my money on. I have also been able to avoid products that had previously looked good but after reading reviews in them have realise they wouldn't be fit for my purposes. And the DooYoo miles of course are fantastic, to collect these for such an enjoyable task is just great. I have been collecting up my miles since I started and haven't actually redeemed any yet, not sure what to buy and don't want to use them before I have decided for fear of frittering them away!! Haha

            I have actually updated my info section a couple of times since joining as I have realised some things new about myself, such as my insane desire to check that lids fit and my need to sniff everything!! Haha

            As I have been enjoying DooYoo so much I just wondered how everyone else split their time, when do they get inspired to write and what they enjoyed most about the site? :-) xxx


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              18.08.2013 14:24
              Very helpful



              Thanks for a great ten years Dooyoo, here's to the next decade of my membership!

              Well today is a bit of a Dooyoo milestone for me in that it's my ten year anniversary (I think that counts as addiction!), yes I've been scribbling my thoughts on an array of subjects for a whole decade (give or take a couple of non-active periods). Dooyoo has cost me far more than I've earned as I tend to buy a lot of the products I read about, which is great as over the years I've sussed out whose recommendations to trust and have discovered plenty of new products, brands and services through my time spent reading reviews.

              I thought I'd celebrate this milestone with a Q&A challenge which I shamelessly stole from the competition (you know, the irritating orange site which is currently sponsored by Hotpoint and creepy Chinese 'singles' ads) - god alone knows how long it'll take me to answer 100 questions so I'd best crack on. Apologies in advance for any feelings of boredom which may arise from reading (or, let's be honest, skimming) this review.


              1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

              The second hospital scan was on September 5th. From 'Thoughts of a New Old Mum' by our very own KarenUK - review coming soon!

              2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch?

              My two year olds scooter - I'm sitting in the garden soaking up a bit of sun in between the showers.

              3. Before you started this survey, what were you doing?

              Chatting to Dooyoo's own lak11 on Facebook, but she had to go shopping and left me at a loose end! Boo!

              4. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

              A documentary about food giant Monsanto - extremely eye opening and a subject that is definitely worthy of more research. It's quite frightening what we put into our bodies these days, it would seem that even growing our own food isn't necessarily keeping us safe from the harm these mega-corporations can cause in the name of 'profit'.

              5. Without looking, guess what time it is


              6. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

              12.32pm - oops, I was a bit off there! Well I have been up since 5am!

              7. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

              My two youngest kids playing and my two oldest kids having some argument with Mark about... well, I'm not sure actually but I can see it ending in tears if the fourteen year old calls her dad a 'twat' one more time...

              8. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

              I'm outside now. I'm sitting in the garden chair answering these questions, drinking a cup of coffee and contemplating whether to cook a Sunday roast or put a picky buffet style lunch on.

              9. Did you dream last night?

              I did, yes. I dreamed that I booked us a last minute holiday to Greece only when we arrived at the hotel I'd accidentally traveled with my mum and mother in law instead of my family. I know my partner was in the dream (and this bit is hazy) but by the time we got to the hotel he'd somehow, and somewhere, morphed into my sister. It was a very odd dream, not least because my mum ended up being poisoned by a piece of steak she ate in the hotel restaurant but while she was eating it was scampi! I think maybe I overdid the cheese before bed last night!

              10. Do you remember your dreams?

              Sometimes but not often, although some mornings I'll have the feeling I've dreamed but can conjure up absolutely nothing about what my dream involved - I've learned not to bother hunting details out as if my dream recollections don't come naturally then they won't come at all.

              11. When did you last laugh?

              Five minutes ago, a real belly laugh!

              12. Do you remember why / at what?

              Hollie and David dancing to Dizzee Rascal in the back garden - the main laugh came in when Hollie grabbed David and told him to get his 'boyfriend to hold his jar', while David just looked confused!

              13. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

              I'm outside so the only walls I can currently see are solid brick!

              14. Seen anything weird lately?

              Yes, a couple of months ago - something so weird I can't stop thinking about it! My two year old son isn't talking properly yet but the words he does know he tends to repeat into infinity. This night his word was 'night', as in goodnight before bed. He went round all of us (night mummy, night daddy, night Charlotte repeat ad nauseum) and when he'd had his fill of the Waltons script he toddled into the dining room, pointed at an old black and white photo of Mark's dad and said 'night granddad'. Nothing weird about that, except Mark's dad (also called David) has been dead for twenty-odd years and we don't discuss him with the kids as although he's their granddad they never knew him. Hell, my own dad has been dead for years so our kids haven't got a living granddad - I really, really want to know a) how David knew the man on the photo was his granddad and b) how he even knows the WORD granddad to use it! Very, very weird and just a little bit creepy!

              15. What do you think of this quiz?

              I'm enjoying it, but then I'm quite sad and enjoy Q&A thingys!

              16. What was the last film you saw?

              The Hunger Games - which I didn't think was a patch on the novel!

              17. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

              To answer this one I need to go back in time as the one place I yearn to live again is Kenya, but the Kenya of the early 90s back in the days when you didn't need an armed guard just to walk to the local school. I spent part of my teenage years living in a small village which was absolutely idyllic, hot for most of the year and Kenyan people are so beautiful both in appearance and heart - I cry for that country above any other when I hear of what it's become (or becoming at the very least).

              18. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

              I'd start the spend up with one huge gift each for everyone in my immediate family, just to start us off on the millionaire lifestyle. First would have to be a car for my (just turned) seventeen year old daughter who is due to start her driving lessons very soon, for my music-mad fourteen year old I'd source a 'special' guitar and drumset for her - not forgetting the soundproofing for her bedroom in my new millionaires mansion! Hollie at six would be treated to the mother of all spend ups in the Disney Store (our favourite shop!) and two year old David would most likely be fobbed off with a couple of hundred quids worth of Thomas & Friends toys. My mum and mother in law would likely get a cheque, those two certainly aren't millionaires but neither are they particularly materialistic people so wouldn't want flashy gifts - and anyway, they're both pensioners and can afford better than I can to buy whatever they want without me getting lucky on Lotto! For myself? A couple of pairs of Laboutins please, and the £12,000 handbag I saw in Harrods earlier this year!

              19. Tell me something about you that most people don't know.

              I'm a qualified medical secretary.

              20. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

              I'd share the wealth out more fairly. I found out just today that the gold carriage our queen rides around in for state occasions is worth in excess of £28 million, now just google for images of the Ethiopean famine victims and tell me it's not obscene. I must clarify here that I have nothing against the queen, but the fact remains that she's a perfect example of someone who is outrageously rich and does little or nothing to ease the suffering of people in this world whose lives could be drastically changed (hell, saved!) if she (for starters) melted down that bloody carriage and traveled in one of her fleet of Bentleys instead. I'd also put a stop to the death penalty the world over, no one has earned the right to put another human being to death regardless of whatever crime has been committed. I'd like to think I'd have the power to vanquish religion into the annals of history too, but I think the 1.2 billion Catholics and 1.5 billion Muslims (and everyone else in between!) would have something to say about that!

              21. Do you like to dance?

              If I'm in the mood then yes, I'm not one of those girls who can dance at the drop of a hat though.

              22. Would you ever consider living abroad?

              Of course! I've lived abroad numerous times in my life and wouldn't hesitate to do so again.

              23. Does your name make any interesting anagrams?

              No, not according to an online anagram maker I've just checked with. Apart from the uber-clever one of Christina Cooke (my name) being an anagram of, umm, Christian Cooke.

              24. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?

              My daughter who was in A&E with her dad after being taken ill with a gastric problem, she's really quite poorly actually but still remembered to phone to ask (nay, demand) that I record How I Met Your Mother - which I promptly forgot to do so I'll definitely be in the doghouse tomorrow when she realises!

              25. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?

              A recipe for ginger and lemongrass prawn skewers.

              26. Last time you swam in a pool?

              Ten years ago at least.

              27. Type of music you like the most?

              Reggae, I absolutely adore it.

              28. Type of music you dislike most?

              That metal which sounds like someone screaming 'wah, raaaaah, wah, deeeeeeath' to the backing of badly played guitars and too-loud drumwork. And folk music, what the hell is that all about?!

              29. Are you listening to music right now?

              Yes, Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album.

              30. What colour is your bedroom carpet?


              31. If you could change something about your home, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do?

              I'd remove the vile clay soil in the garden and replace it with a soil that can actually be used to grow anything other than grass - but that's about it, my house is pretty near perfect for my family.

              32. What was the last thing you bought?

              A Thomas & Friends comic for David and a Hello Kitty one for Hollie - over seven quid done on two ridiculously thin items that will likely be in the bin by Monday at the latest!

              33. Have you ever ridden on a motorbike?

              I've been on the back of too many two-wheelers to count and am pretty adept at riding a quad bike myself.

              34. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?

              No, but my daredevil partner has done both.

              35. Do you have a garden?

              Yes, no idea of the size but it's ideal for us.

              36. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?

              Nah, first verse only as per most of the population!

              37. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

              Should I wake Mark up for a start of the day fumble - I usually do!!!

              38. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?

              Madonna - she might be turning haggish these days (did you see her with the grillz the other day?! LMAO!) but she fascinates me and could tell some interesting tales I'm sure!

              39. Who sent the last text message you received?

              I can't remember, I've been without a phone for a week now after breaking my second in three months. Probably my partner, either with a naughty but nice text or one asking me to bring him a chippy in on the way back from the afternoon school run.

              40. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

              Just one shop?! That's stupid! Erm... probably Debenhams but I really couldnt say for sure.

              41. What time is bedtime?

              Whenever I'm tired is the only answer, which could be any time from 11pm - 3am.

              42. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?

              Yes, when I was about nine - and I won!

              43. How many tattoos do you have?

              None, I'd love one but haven't worked up the bottle to take the plunge yet!

              44. If you don't have any, have you ever thought of getting one?

              Yes, I'd love to have a tattoo but I still have reservations - and while there's still an element of doubt I don't dare do it.

              45. What did you do for your last birthday?

              Mark took me shopping into town and then we popped in for a Pizza Hut buffet meal, when we got home he bought me a bottle of Disaronno and we chilled out on our own after mum offered to have all four of our kids for a couple of days. It doesn't sound like an exciting birthday but it was bliss really.

              46. Do you carry a donor card?

              No but my family are aware of my wishes.

              47. Who was the last person you ate dinner with?

              My mum and three daughters (David was at nursery), we went for a cheeky lunchtime carvery.

              48. Is the glass half empty or half full?

              Half full, every time!

              49. What's the farthest-away place you've been?

              Kenya or Jamaica, whichever is furthest from Birmingham UK!

              50. When's the last time you ate a homegrown tomato?

              A couple of days ago when my uncle sent us a bag of his tomatoes over.

              51. Have you ever won a trophy?

              No, I don't think so.

              52. Are you a good cook?

              Sometimes, the thing with my cooking is that it might not always look fabulous but it always (or usually!) tastes good. Mark and the kids might or might not agree with that statement!

              53. Do you know how to pump your own gas?

              Of course I do, we haven't got gas station servants in the UK!

              54. If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?

              Queen Elizabeth the first, for the simple reason that she absolutely fascinates me.

              55. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school?

              Yes, never liked it much as a kid but now I've got school age children myself I can certainly see it's a good idea.

              56. Do you touch-type?


              57. What's under your bed?

              My toy box! :o)

              58. Do you believe in love at first sight?

              I'd like to think it exists, but I think love has to build really. Lust at first sight, fascination at first sight - but not love at first sight.

              59. Think fast, what do you like right now?

              Coffee and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Not together. Usually.

              60. Where were you on Valentine's day?

              I can't remember - at home probably.

              61. What time do you get up?

              Anywhere between 6am and 7am.

              62. What was the name of your first pet?

              Barney, he was a little cross-breed pooch who was the size of a Jack Russell with huge paws (we thought he was going to be a big dog based on the size of them!) and rottweiler colouring.

              63. Who is the second to last person to call you?

              My partners accountant who needs to come and check the books on Monday. Deep joy, wish I hadn't answered the phone to the anal little pr*ck!

              64. Is there anything going on this weekend?

              Trips to A&E with one child, a visit to the emergency docs with another, shopping, cooking and cleaning out the rabbit hutch. Is the excitement radiating from this review yet?!

              65. How are you feeling right now?

              Relaxed but tired.

              66. What do you think about the most?

              The kids and how their lives are going, I worry for them because of the state of things at the moment in the world but think they're (the oldest two anyway) are beginning to take things seriously now.

              67. What time do you get up in the morning?

              I've already answered this! Between 6am and 7am - usually closer to six...

              68. If you had A Big Win in the Lottery, how long would you wait to tell people?

              I'd probably be on the phone within seconds of checking the numbers!

              69. Who would you tell first?

              I'd tell my partner first (if we hadn't just had a row!) and then the kids, my mum would be one of the first to know too.

              70. What is the last movie that you saw at the cinema?

              Titanic in 3D - I don't go to the cinema very often, think that was last year. Oh, actually no - I went to see Epic with the kids a couple of months ago, which was ace!

              71. Do you sing in the shower?

              I have been known to belt out a few tunes when I'm in the mood for singing!

              72. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?

              I've answered this one too - getting repetitive now, Debenhams or Boots.

              73. What do you do most when you are bored?

              Log onto Facebook usually!

              74. What do you do for a living?

              I'm firstly a housewife and mother of four, but I also do various freelance typing work for my partners clients.

              75. Do you love your job?

              I don't actually class myself as having a job as my typing work is erratic - the housewife and mum aspect is a resounding YES, I love it!

              76. What did you want to be when you grew up?

              A journalist, it would have been an absolute dream come true if I'd have stuck at my studies and built that career.

              77. If you could have any job, what would you want to do/be?

              I'd love to be a midwife.

              78. Which came first the chicken or the egg?

              Nope, I refuse to start thinking about that one - it ties my brain in knots and makes my head hurt! The short answer is that I think the egg came first, built up out of a weird combination of deposits on the earth and then something even weirder happened a baby chicken grew inside it. Evolution for Dummies!

              79. How many keys on your key ring?

              One - the front door key. I don't like to carry around too many keys as I've a bad long-running habit of losing them.

              80. Where would you retire to?

              Beddgelert in North Wales - absolutely idyllic.

              81. What kind of car do you drive?

              A brand spanking new Ford B-Max (with sliding back doors!) which Mark bought me back in June - it's my baby. I also drive a white Rover on occasion (my mums) and a Land Rover Discovery when I absolutely have to as it's far too big for me to handle but sometimes I have to use the seven seats.

              82. What are your best physical features?

              *tuts* My boobs, obviously!

              83. What are your best characteristics?

              I'm very honest (to a fault sometimes) but this is my best characteristic as far as other people are concerned because if you're a friend I'll fight any injustice against you and be on your side at all times, sometimes even if you're wrong. I'm also a very good judge of character and can't stick liars or cheats - a personal 'best characteristic' is that I'm very good at spotting a lie, a 'worst characteristic' is that when I cop someone in a lie I don't tend to let things drop until I get to the bottom of it!

              84. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?

              Iran, I'd love to visit that country as it really captures my imagination - can't see me ever getting there though as my partner is what you'd call a 'careful traveler'.

              85. What kind of books do you like to read?

              Historical work, not romances, which are based on real events and with real life of-the-time characters. That's my absolute favourite genre, I'm starting to enjoy a bit of fantasy now and again too. I like some non-fiction but it has to be a subject that interests me already, and never anything even remotely to do with child abuse thankyouverymuch.

              86. Where would you want to retire to?

              I've answered this one. Bermuda this time!

              87. What is your favorite time of the day?

              If I'm being really honest it would be 8pm, which is when my non-stop two year old goes to bed!

              88. Where did you grow up?

              All over the place, mainly Birmingham.

              89. How far away from your birthplace do you live now?

              In the past couple of years I've moved back to within five miles of my birth place -which I believe makes me a statistic.

              90. What are you reading now?

              I have two books on the go at the moment - Thoughts of a New Old Mum by Karen Louise Hollis (KarenUK) and Dance with Dragons, the final installment of the wonderful Game of Thrones series which has taken up the bulk of this years reading.

              91. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

              A night owl, you'll often see me prowling Dooyoo at 2am - and if you're a night owl too we've probably had wee-hours conversations on Facebook too!

              92. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

              Only if I press the end of my nose down with my fingers!

              93. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?

              Yes, can't everyone do that???

              94. Do you have pets?

              We've got a budgie called Bob (or maybe Billy, I forget) and the cutest white and black rabbit called Domino.

              95. How many rings before you answer the phone?

              However many it takes for me to pick it up - bizarre question!

              96. What is your best childhood memory?

              When we were living in Kenya my dad arranged for us to go lion spotting with some locals - we had the most amazing and magical day and night ever, a little hair raising at times but I can remember every second of that experience even now 25 years later.

              97. What are some of the different jobs that you have had in your life?

              Oh! I've been a medical secretary, worked in Pizza Hut as a 'greeter', an Avon rep, a checkout girl in Threshers and (erm...) a stint as a topless barmaid in my youth!

              98. Any new and exciting things that you would like to share?

              Well yes, today is my tenth Dooyoo anniversary! Other than that, no.

              99. What is most important in life?

              My family are THE most important things in my life, absolutely and without question. As long as they're healthy and happy I feel my life is complete.

              100. What Inspires You?

              Many things inspire me, but mainly when I read or hear of people who have overcome real adversity to get on in life. It makes me not only be thankful for the good life I lead, but also inspires me to be a better person - there but for the grace of god and all that


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                08.07.2013 16:51
                Very helpful



                Just say no.

                Greetings friends,

                Imagine me now, in a comfortable if careworn rattan chair, an afghan* draped over my legs. There's a steaming porcelain cup (not mug) of chamomile tea at my elbow. I am wearing a knit cardigan. I am, for all intents and purposes, Jessica Fletcher**. So, in her caring yet authoritative tone, I'd like to introduce today's topic: something the kidz call "Dooyoo addiction".

                Now, I'm sure addiction seems a hyperbolic term. After all, we can't put Dooyoo up our noses, at least not without some difficulty and probably not much pleasure. However, as Carl Jung said, "Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism." ***

                I am not easily addicted to things. I have only smoked one cigarette in my life, and afterwards, I invoked the buzzword of my generation to describe it: "meh". I am like a feral sheep: I sample things, I move on****. Thus my experience with DyA had a slow beginning. When I first signed up, I posted a few reviews, then promptly forgot about the site for a month. Obviously I persevered, and somewhere down the line, I got hooked. Probably when I discovered Level 1, to be honest.

                3 Nigerian brides, 7 long lost uncles, 1 locked review (for saying, jokingly, that something was a "rip-off"), 1 email inquiring why I was rating so much, 1 relationship based on slime mold admiration, several long late-night conversations (including disparaging geology, various spellings of 'definitely', hentai, and bionic big toes), several friendships, 5 referrals and 100 reviews later, I am only now beginning to realise the agonising depths of my reliance on this site for both money and entertainment. Yes, entertainment - as soon as there is a particularly gruesome review, whether it be on the subject of Anusol/vaginal deodorant/crabs cream or the latest mobile (preferably in the most botched Romanian to English translation Google can provide) it is pasted around to others who, sadly, I have dragged down to my nefarious level. Though, I am also one of the hoards of gagging housewives, curious cretins and confused interior decorators who have now reviewed 50 Shades of Grey. On that day, my fall was complete.

                To understand the pathology of what clinicians now call "the reviewer virus", one must first understand the symptoms.

                Symptoms of the reviewer virus:

                * The patient can't look at an object without immediately trying to describe it (preferably in 2,000 words or more);
                * The patient shows distress when certain categories are not open for suggestion (never has a keyboard been beaten with such fury the day books and films weren't up for suggestion);
                * The patient considers buying something just to review it (a form of megalomania);
                * Conversely, but not exclusively, the patient cannot buy something without reading a review (hopefully of cotton ear buds).

                * Strain injuries in the wrists and fingers (especially RSI from hitting VU);
                * Bad posture from incorrect sitting positions;
                * Poor eyesight from computing at low level light conditions, often late at night;
                * Stress from Tuesdays often leads to the patient turning into a blueberry.

                * House is often a mess as the patient tries in vain to find what they call a "level 1" item lurking in a cupboard or wardrobe;
                * Patient has alienated friends, family and acquaintances by aggressively referring them to Dooyoo and insisting they write a review;
                * Patient often cries out "I can review this!" several times a day;
                * Patient often talks about things they write in reviews outside of the Internet ("What a nice Yankee candle." "Thanks - let me write the URL of my review down for you.")

                * Patient now has no opinion about politics and religion, and is reluctant to mention people by name in any written media. This aspect of the disease is especially difficult for students, who often fill the void of self-righteousness by spiraling deeper into DY addiction. You can identify these tortured souls easily, as they are fond of starting every review with "As a student, I don't have very much money...".

                * If patient is a student, cannot write an essay or editorial without posting an edited version on Dooyoo; sometimes this causes problems with "plagiarism" if the teacher checks their work online.
                * If patient is at work, productivity will be low as the patient repeatedly switches tabs to read and rate at work. Mind is also on products they can review at work, such as pens, note paper, staplers, etc.

                If you feel you or anyone else you know suffers from this affliction, don't hesitate to book an appointment with your GP or call this number: 01254 453873***** for free, confidential advice. Please print off this review and share it at hospitals, schools or simply push it through letter boxes as needed.

                If necessary a man will come by with a van and forcibly take your computer away, though this does not necessarily alleviate the mental anguish that comes with reading and writing reviews on a daily basis. Please, think of your families and friends. Just say no.

                If you are from the Daily Mail and want to write an article on me, please give me lots of money first. ©

                * A shawl, not a citizen of Afghanistan; they've been through enough.
                ** In one of those episodes where she sits around talking about other murders that she didn't participate in a.k.a. the dullest episodes in the series.
                *** Couldn't choose between this quote to Paul Coelho's, "MySpace is an addiction." Wise words, circa 2005.
                **** Hopefully that is where my likeness to sheep both begins and ends.
                ***** No pervs - yes, by that I mean you!******
                ****** Not actually my number, no, I don't trust you. It's a disconnected one.

                Are you happy now? I've bared my soul and all its wounds for 1p a read.


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                  23.04.2013 20:27
                  Very helpful



                  No way will they offer me a Tea Break now! :)

                  Psychologist from Dooyoo Towers: So, are you a Dooyoo Addict?

                  Sock Puppet: I'm very glad you asked this question, I wondered if I was an addict as soon as I typed in my username on that day in April 2007. I asked myself, do I really need to do this - do I need this pending addiction, do I really need to plop words, sentences into a review format for a load of strangers to read and then rate? Most of them can't read, they only rate to give the impression they can read and that satisfies them for thirty seconds and then they click onto another review. I am going to stick my neck out and say if you've clicked a rate button over a hundred times within the first three months of being a member, you're an addict. I am one; I'm an addict, addicted to clicking rate buttons, addicted to leaving comments. I log-in now half expecting to be sent to a little white room with other Dooyooers sucking on Mint Imperials clicking on their mouse in unison; wearing pensive frowns, wondering if the review they're pretending to read warrants a 'helpful' rate or a 'very helpful' rate - decisions, decisions. To nominate, or not to nominate - decisions, decisions.

                  Psychologist from Dooyoo Towers: We at Dooyoo Towers call Dooyoo addicts 'Dooyoo-ers' - we believe this is a healthy addiction unlike smoking, drinking and eating fast food. If anything Dooyoo should be prescribed on the NHS, what are your thoughts?

                  Sock Puppet: I'm starting to wonder if you are a Psychologist at all, and not just some Head-Quarter pen-pusher pretending to be one. I've haven't seen your qualifications - nevertheless, fear you've got several crowns to prove your expertise in the subject of Psychology. In fact I don't even know if Dooyoo HQ employs real people with real credentials, I can only guess they do because I can see the Dooyoo member profile has images of 'actual' beings. One of them looks mildly intellectual but then again, facial hair isn't a sign of intellect - but a sign that their office could be on the cold side - if this is the case, perhaps a cardigan is a more sensible bit of attire than a T shirt. An avatar says a lot about the member profile - The white background implies all of the Dooyoo staff is in a little white room; according to their profile data - they've been in this little white room for fourteen years. During this time, I can only guess they're already delusional - so being a Dooyoo addict is a comparably sane state of mind. To make a blatantly obvious fact: I'm not a sock-puppet! Sock-puppets generally are incapable of communicating via t'internet, usually they're too inebriated to move let alone write reviews. As for advocating Dooyoo addiction rather than smoking, drinking and fast food I'm going to put a spanner into the works by stating, members have another hand free to aid their other vices - if you're a Dooyoo addict, the chances are you're likely to have other vices. My left hand usually has a coffee mug attached to it; this enables me to be without caffeine. My main addiction, along with alcohol and a buttery craving for fingered shortbread. Therefore, I feel Dooyoo is installing addictive behaviour not solving it. Gambling and drink aware campaigns are kind of edited into Sports advertising - there is a need for it on sites such as Dooyoo - may I call it 'Rate Aware 'slogans such as: please rate sensibly... don't rate and drive... responsible rating... if your baby is crying and you are in the middle of reading / writing a review may I suggest you remove yourself from the workstation and see to your child / partner / feed your starving domestic pet. A new patch could be manufactured for Dooyoo Addicts whereby the patch is stuck onto your arm to give the impression you've read and rated more reviews that day than you actually have. It'll work in synergy with a Nicotine patch. On the term 'dooyooers' - well, this is a made up word. Notably strange considering that any nonsense is frowned upon by the Guides, HQ and members alike. 'Dooyoo members' would suffice - if I systematically wrote: 'I-ers' whenever I refer to myself some green badge cat avatar would jump on my thunder and make the comment; 'Not Helpful - I-ers is not a proper word and it distracted me from the sock-puppet review'.

                  Psychologist from Dooyoo Towers: Interesting, I'm sure - we at Dooyoo HQ do are best to treat Dooyoo addictions by offering T shirts, pathetic hampers, and many £1 monthly incentives. No normal person would really want these prizes, hence, why we call them 'Dooyooers' (as in Doo Yoo really want these er, prizes) - The subject levels go up and down in coinage as you know and even we at Dooyoo HQ are surprised at the number of 'diving equipment' reviews that have been submitted by members who live a hundred of miles away from the coast. And the number of travel reviews from hermits who're agoraphobic. And the number of restaurant reviews from the poverty stricken. We are so concerned with these people they employed me; 'a Psychologist' to see what makes these types tick. What brought you to DooYoo?

                  Sock Puppet: While on Google I typed in: Doo you have pawns? I was looking for two missing chess pieces. I became a member due to a misspelling - I clicked onto the URL expecting to see some chess piece data - and instead got 'home gadgets'. I signed up and was bitterly disappointed. The only item chess-like was a crown on the King chess piece.

                  Psychologist from Dooyoo Towers: Ah yes, an easy mistake to make - having been a Dooyooer (sorry, a Dooyoo member) since 2007 and accumulated only 47 crowns in six years! - you are not exactly submitting reviews for the crowning glory (excuse the pun) and as you've written 140 Dooyoo Lounge pieces your not exactly doing it for the coinage either. You really are an odd-ball - Have you ever sought after psychotherapy offline?

                  Sock Puppet: Er, I think I know where you're heading with this line of thought - plodding towards whether I had a loving childhood or not. Trying to pigeonhole me as a crackpot or as the ultimate failed Dooyoo-er (now you've got me at it) - label me as the ultimate Dooyoo addict, who aimlessly submits tripe just for the hype. Who never gets an award, and is always ignored. Yeah, that's right I'm an addict - my name is 1st2thebar and I'm an addict! I'm not ashamed to state this to a Dooyoo Community of cats, dogs, and pixilated grins, those drinking gin, and resembling Erol Flyns - or worse still locked in a white room, uncomfortably joined at the shoulders while wearing a fake grin.

                  Time for a Tea Break, me thinks.


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                    29.10.2012 22:45
                    Very helpful



                    macbook is burning my lap and I don't really watch tv anymore but dooyoo is my friend!

                    Today I realised I am well and truly addicted to DooYoo! I have started a new job as a legal assistant and today was my first day and I realised I missed DooYoo ever so much! At my old job I had DooYoo up on my screen and would be reading reviews in between work, or if I was out and about I'd be doing it on my phone on the internet. However, today of course I had to make a good impression so I didn't whip my phone out at my desk nor did I open any unauthorised tabs and by my lunch break I was eager to go for a walkabout so I could see what I had been missing on the new reviews page and in the Community section! I'm sure this is not healthy, but here is a short list of things I do which I know mean I am well and truly addicted:

                    1. Buying toys for my daughter/niece and thinking "Can't wait for her to play with this later so I can review it!"

                    2. Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the loo and taking my phone with me with the mindset "I can read at least 2 reviews before I go to back to sleep" lol!

                    3. Going to a restaurant and taking pictures of everything we eat (more for the other side I must say) and noting the service and the atmosphere in my phone with the thoughts "Must suggest this to DooYoo and write the review about it as soon as I get home" :p

                    4. Being in the restaurant, and taking the phone with me to the loo so I can read/rate a review or see if people have read/rated mine lol.

                    5. I now find myself looking for all these yankee candles on eBay and amazon as they all sound great and I wasn't really a candle person before but I am now, especially since they are cheap, superb fragrances and means I can review them on here at some point lol.

                    6. As soon as I wake in the morning I check all my emails, who has messaged me throughout the night, instagram, facebook and then DooYoo (in that order lol!)

                    7. As a result of the amazon vouchers given in exchange for DooYoo miles I now have 86 items in my wishlist on amazon whereas before I had no items in my amazon wishlist!

                    8. Getting super excited whenever I login and find a message in my DooYoo mail although it is generally from the DooYoo team or spam haha.

                    9. Constantly going over my internet data (I have a 1GB allowance) as I read/rate/write reviews on my phone on the bus to and from work.

                    10. At my family/friends house/out to dinner/lunch break and people ask what I am doing and I casually mention "Just dooyoo-ing" and then I have to explain to them what it is, how I found it, how I earn miles etc lol

                    These are just a few anecdotes of my dooyoo habit. I don't do drugs or gamble or anything crazy so I think it isn't an awfully bad addiction to have and I actually find it quite enjoyable really! It's funny it is very time consuming but it's a good way for me to past the time and it feels weird for me to sit and watch TV and not do anything on the comp at the same time. I do get odd moments when I think "OMG I have reviewed everything!" but then product suggestions leave a scope for new items for me and someone will review something and it will remind me that I have it and inspire me lol.

                    Perhaps now with a new job I will ease off here a bit, but as soon as I leave the office I am sure my fingers will open it up quick time so I won't disappear for too long!


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                      26.10.2012 00:24
                      Very helpful



                      Surely some of these must be common symptoms of DDS and addiction?

                      Here is a list of my top 8 weird and wonderful symptoms of Dooyoo Addiction, and Dooyoo Deficiency Syndrome (DDS)

                      1. Picking an item off the shelf and thinking "Do I need to suggest this?"

                      I kid you not i was stood in Tesco the other day with a bottle of chilli sauce and i thought to myself, this can't be in the catalogue. I suddenly realised it was not the Food/Drink month, and put it back.

                      2. Buying cheap items for Dooyoo Profit

                      When I find cheap items like shower gel for 10p or glue for 10p or a sponge for 10p i think to myself "Yeah, 10 readings and i'll make a profit from this, not bad."

                      3. Using every minute of your lunch break to return rates.

                      Besides stuffing my face with a sandwich i tend to spend my 30 mins break sitting around in the cafe returning rates.

                      4. Writing about everything, and i mean literally everything

                      To the point where you're stood in your kitchen thinking "I wonder if i can review those annoying ring pull tins?"

                      5. Logging in when you wake up

                      Before i start my day i get breakfast, shower, read the news and more recently, check dooyoo. All within the first 45 minutes of waking up.

                      6. Getting excited when someone posts a comment on your review.

                      I often find it is like an unread email, or a letter when someone posts a comment, and i therefore have to read it immediately, even if it's a hateful comment left by a revenge rater.

                      7. Deliberately searching through the old and unpopular dooyoo catalogue to find random stuff like "Test Object 1" or "IMAGE TEST"

                      I did actually write a review about something called "Test Object 1" recently. I was that desperate for free space to write about anything.

                      8. Treating Dooyoo like a social network

                      Its like facebook to me, i have to see what everyone has written, i have to comment on new reviews, i have to upload new pictures to my profile, i like seeing what other people are buying and things like that. Its better than facebook actually.

                      Please, someone... Get help.



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                        07.02.2012 10:43
                        Very helpful



                        There are worse things to be addicted to!

                        Last weekend, I saw my Saturday afternoon slipping away from me as I decided to "check in" on Dooyoo, and three or four hours later found myself wondering where my Saturday had gone. My partner, who was making use of the fact we couldn't face going anywhere because of the icy weather, had been draft-proofing the house all afternoon. At teatime, he came into the living room and was a bit in shock that I was still sitting on the couch nursing my laptop. I think it was at this point I decided my Dooyoo addiction was getting a little out of control, so I put the laptop away for the rest of the weekend.

                        I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt like this. I first joined Dooyoo after reading about it on Martin Lewis's website, and thought it would just be another way to earn a bit of pocket money online, much like the survey sites I was already a member of. Soon after joining, however, I realised there was much more to it than that, it's a community, and before I knew it I was bordering on obsessively logging in throughout the day, to see how many people had rated my reviews and whether I'd had any comments left for me.

                        When I read the rules at the beginning of my Dooyoo journey, I figured it couldn't be too hard to churn out reviews just over 150 words to get my miles accumulating nice and quickly. Like most people, I didn't really "get" it, and a fellow member had to explain the whole rating and returning rates thing. Once I clicked what it was all about, this meant I started rating other people's reviews, and this is when I realised mine were pretty sub-standard if I'm honest. Reading back over my earlier reviews makes me cringe a bit, although it wasn't long before I had this pointed out to me by some of the less diplomatic members.

                        I would say there are some tell-tale signs that give away your Dooyoo addiction:

                        1 You find yourself sneakily logging in at work, just to see what's happening. It begins by logging in every now and then, but before long you're logging in every hour on the hour, checking your watch in meetings because Dooyoo is far more important than anything your Managing Director has to say

                        2 In the supermarket, you try as many different brands as possible in the hope that you'll be able to find them in the Dooyoo catalogue to review. Your partner rolls his eyes when he hears you comment "And I can review it" at every item you place into the trolley

                        3 You spend half an hour trying to meet the high standards you've set yourself, then realise you've spent 30 minutes writing 2,000 words about a 9 pence tin of baked beans

                        4 At Christmas, your reaction to presents is "That's lovely, I wonder if it's on Dooyoo"

                        5 You're getting to know people and you're so busy enjoying the community spirit, sometimes you log in and forget to check how many miles you've accumulated, which is the main reason you logged on in the first place!

                        6 You log in to post a review, and before you know it the evening's gone

                        7 You've been reading and rating people's reviews for so long, your laptop is burning a hole through your trousers

                        8 Although you're looking forward to going on holiday, the thought of not logging into Dooyoo for a week makes you break out in a sweat

                        9 You never really used to pay too much attention to everyday products, but now you find yourself examining the contents of your yoghurt with a magnifying glass so you can provide an informed review

                        10 As much as you love your partner, you inwardly smile when he says he'll be out one night, because this gives you an evening of uninterrupted Dooyoo time!

                        Although I enjoy the extra pocket money I earn on this site, I find that by the time I've got to the 50,000 mark to get £50 cash, I look back at the work I've put in and wonder if it's worth it - it probably equates to about 10 pence per hour! But, like most things in life it's not all about the money, and I've met some lovely people on here, have read some amazing reviews, and also have a wish-list of products I never knew existed that I'm hoping to try when I've earned the cash. I am afraid to say my Dooyoo addiction remains as bad as it always was, but I might just try to reign it in a bit from now on, or at least get my weekends back!


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                          19.01.2012 12:55
                          Very helpful
                          1 Comment



                          I can`t stop thinking about dooyoo

                          I first joined dooyoo in 2008 when I began to use the internet daily. We have had a computer at home since 1996 but I would never use it, and it was only when we brought a Laptop that I decided to give it a go. I was terrible at first and I had to ask my husband to turn the thing on and get me onto my emails. I soon got used to using it but when I first started on dooyoo I only managed to write one review . It was not because dooyoo is difficult ,but I was a slow learner.
                          Over the next couple of years and with more internet practice I have tried ways to make money online. I have used cashback sites and survey sites , which are fine but as I got more interested in using the internet I needed a more interesting way to earn.I have always been a keen reader, so to take my reading hobby further I have started to review the books I have read.I have also written reviews on internet sites, cashback sites and one on pet treats.
                          Now I cannot stop thinking about reviewing, when I go shopping I look at the products and wonder what I could write about them. If I find it hard to sleep at night I think about what reviews I will write next.I am looking forward to getting my first payment and I am going to choose the Amazon vouchers so that I can buy more books to review.


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                            28.10.2011 19:37
                            Very helpful



                            a fab review site

                            I first found out about Dooyoo when I was off work after surgery last year, I had 8 weeks off which meant I had plenty of time on my hands. I had been a member of many survey sites for a while but had never realised that there were sites out there that you can write reviews about products. I actually found out about Dooyoo from the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert website and registered straight away.

                            When I first started writing reviews just over a year ago I did become quite quickly addicted, writing several reviews per day. I did though have to give up writing as many reviews earlier this year due to me planning my wedding. But now I am back writing at the moment up to three reviews per day and still very much enjoying it.

                            I also love reading other peoples reviews and finding out about different products. This has helped me in the past choose different products to buy and also enabled me to avoid buying things too. It is also nice to return the favour of reads and rates to help other people see that you appreciate there opinions and to help them earn a little bit of extra money.

                            The vast amounts of things available to review on dooyoo means that you can keep your reviews very varied so you do not get bored about writing about the same things. You can also make product suggestions if an item you want to review is not on dooyoo. I tend to write most of my reviews on food, cleaning products and health and beauty items. I find the more that I write reviews the easier I find it as you get to understand what makes a good review, which makes the process even more enjoyable and addictive in my opinion.

                            Also obviously the added bonus of dooyoo is that you earn money from writing reviews. I think this is a great incentive and I have now managed to earn over £100 which has been converted to Amazon vouchers. This extra money has helped me to purchase several items for our wedding and more recently washing detergent....its is amazing what you can find on Amazon!!

                            I do really enjoy dooyoo and hopefully will be a member for many years to come. My review writing has passed the 160 mark now and I hope that it will continue to grow. Also I do hope that one day I will write a review that is to a high enough standard to receive a crown!


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                              28.05.2011 16:11
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                              Dooyoo Addiction!

                              I joined Dooyoo just over a month ago, which ofcourse is nothing compared to alot of other people on here; especially as the majority of people who i've met on the site so far have been here for an avergage of 5 years each! That alone shows what an incredibly good website Dooyoo is, and that people trust the sites system - making any newcomers more confident that Dooyoo do indeed keep there payment promises.

                              I joined the site after hearing about it via a thread on MoneySavingExpert.com, and thought it sounded a brilliant, easy way to make a bit of spending money, which to an extent is true.

                              Brilliant? Yes. It's an ingenious idea for both the site owners and the consumers to make money, aswell as the consumers unbiased opinions bein an enormous help to people in the position of making a desision whether to buy a certian product or not.

                              Easy? At first i thought so. I randomly grabbed a handful of items and reviewed them to what i thought was of decent quality. Others didn't think so, and i became quite upset at one point soon after joining as i felt my reviews and writing skills were been patronised. I didn't give up, though! I wrote and wrote, building up my dooyoomiles as i went, and soon started revieving some more encouraging, positive comments, which made me feel great! I have now earnt my first crown which is beyond words how proud i felt upon recieving it!

                              Dooyoomiles, in my opinion, are one of the main reasons people write. Ofcourse, many of us do it to relax and to get things off our chest, send out warnings of substandard products or simply want to tell everyone how great a product is and if it's worth a try. The whole site enables users to build up there skills and make money in the process, which i feel is brilliant. The money is a big motivation to write reviews the highest standard possible and develope communication skills; via reviews, the writer communicates to a wide audience; alot of dooyoo reviews come up in google search results so can literally be read by anyone who's interested in the product you've reviewed.

                              Friends on the site are also a motivation because of there kind comments and encouragement; i've made 2 or 3 friends that i talk to regulary on Facebook, and i feel if i were to never use dooyoo again i'd be letting them down!

                              The fact the website is nicely laid out, welcoming and simple to use is great too and it feels somewhat like a social networking website, which encourages me to log in to see if any of my Dooyoo member of trust friends have posted anything new that i can have a nose at!

                              So far i've thoroughly enjoyed been a Dooyoo member and can't resist logging on atleast once a day. I find myself in the supermarket picking things up purely so i can review them! So far i'm proud to say i have made over £70, which is £70 i didn't have before and will help greatly with my savings!

                              Ofcourse there's downsides, such as the people who may post copied reviews/revenge rate/make offensive comments about your reviews and/or spelling etc, but the positives outweigh this and the DooyooTeam seem quick to respond to any violations of the Doyoo rules. Another downside is people who have say, 500 reviews with 10,000 rates, but haven't rated anyone elses reviews. In my opinion this isn't partipating in the whole concept of Dooyoo, but ofcourse it doesn't stop me from rating there review if it's of interest to me, as i enjoy reading reviews by other people who've had experiences with products i own/would like to own!

                              Overall, i'd say i'm more addicted to Dooyoo than any other site, including eBay and Facebook! It's a great oppurtunity and keeps my mind busy even when i'm just sat on the laptop, and helps with my writing/spelling skills. I'd reccomend Dooyoo to anyone - whether you purely want to share your opinions, want to make friends, or simply want to make a bit of extra money.


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                                04.10.2010 18:25
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                                This is my vice!

                                My 100th review has got to be dedicated to DOOYOO!!

                                For any other dooyoo reviewer I expect you yourself have felt somewhat addiction to the site!

                                I know I have, it's really satisfying to write a review on a product, give your honest opinion and get it out there and read by loads of people. It's a massive bonus that you also get rewarded for your time, 20,000 dooyoo miles will earn you dooyoo is all about... the community, It's a nice place to be actually.

                                I can get lost in my own little world and review away to my hearts content.

                                Dooyoo addiction is like any other and you find yourself picking up products and wondering to yourself how you will word your review... it's always there in the back of your head lol!

                                Unlike other addictions this will not harm you.... you may get achy fingers from the repetitive motion of typing, but you will make friends and earn money!!

                                If there's one addiction I would like to have then this has to be it!

                                In the evenings it's nice to sit down, with a cuppa and a fag... yep another 2 addictions!! And read through people's reviews and get your own opinion across!

                                I will proudly put my hands and admit that I am a dooyoo addict!

                                Opening up internet explorer and typing in www.do is as far as I get as it come's up automatically, being greeted with the familiar green and white log in page, comes next, I log in and come to my account page...... Ahhh heaven lol!


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