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Help to find Madeleine McCann

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The disappearance of Madeleine McCann occurred on the evening of Thursday, 3 May 2007, when a then three-year-old British girl, Madeleine McCann, went missing from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve in Portugal, in which she was staying with her parents. Investigation by the Portuguese Police concluded that Madeleine, who was in a bedroom with her two two-year-old siblings, had been abducted.

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    5 Reviews
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      23.08.2007 18:04



      I hope she's found safely or if not i hope the family have closure soon.

      To be honest, I have to disagree.

      Although I agree that it's an awful thing for anyone to go through and it brings tears to my eye even thinking what i would do if it were my child, however, I do believe the parents have something to do with it.

      Firstly, when they are being filmed out and about, it's all so "staged" if that's the right word. The way maddy's mum walks round clutching maddy's teddy. In a way i think that's quite sick. If a loved one of mine had gone missing and i had no closure as to where they are or anything then i would be so distraught that i don't think i would be able to face anything of theirs, however i do understand that different people deal with things in different ways.

      Secondly, in all the interview they never seem distraught, they seem very comfortable with the situation. Not so much the mother, but the dad is definately shifty and when he says about wanting maddy back and when he makes appeals, i never feel that it's heartfelt.

      Also, I think that class definately, without a doubt has something to do with it, as if this family were a working class, "chavvy" family who are all on the doll then the media would have absolutely ripped it out of them for leaving their kids on their own. I mean come on, it's just plain stupid to leave kids of that age on their own in a strange apartment where there would have been ovens, microwaves, knives. Its just sickening and when i first heard the story all i said was "well what do you expect".

      I think it's terrible that the parents are being questioned and blamed but i also think that the police have a duty to address any suspicions they may have.

      All i can say is I do hope she is found safely but I hope that social services get involved if she goes back to her family.


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        23.08.2007 13:32



        truth hurts

        I feel very sorry for the mcCann family , but i and i belive a lot of other people belive they should be held accountable for the loss of their child, to walk around with the thought that they are not to blame is rubbish. They left the child alone while they went off to enjoy themselves it was supposed to be a family holiday could not the children have eaten with them as many a family do ,and according to other people it was not for the first time and the child was left crying for a hour.when they said it was like being at the bottom of the garden how many gardens have joe public walking around they have been made to look like saints i would like to see them both brought to court on charges of child abandoment even if they are cleared it might open their eyes to the fact that the reason the child is missing is because of their lack ok parental judgement and stupidity and if they had not left her she would still be with them also i would look at the fitness of them to keep the other two children without being accessed by social services when they get home to england it beggers the thought that they are doctoes and should know better


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          07.08.2007 10:36
          Very helpful



          The stoyr goes on..

          The terrible disappearance of Madeline McCann is no longer a story because the parents didn’t do it. It’s as simple as that. A lot of cynics out there wanted them to be the people responsible, as is often the case in child homicide. It would certainly help other parents sleep easier in their guilty beds after leaving their kids alone on holidays and at home. The moment a German reporter asked ‘that’ question of the parents the publicity trail ended like their hopes of ever finding the poor kid. The McCann’s realized quickly if they didn’t back down at that particularly uncomfortable moment of their honorable but tiring campaign the public would begin to resent them, the bored press encouraging that particular change of wind direction. Being intelligent and educated doctors they did just that and stepped back. Make no mistake if they had carried on courting the great and the good, God forbid turn to celebrity help, the nation would have turned on them. Its human nature and its not nice.

          The reason the McCann’s have kept public support from day one is because they are middle class. If they were working class Brits the press and public would have labeled them with guilt and doubt from the off, regardless, and so appeals or access to the mechanisms of. We have all seen those press conferences when kids go missing and the father or uncle blabs what look like crocodile tears in front of the media, whether they are real tears or not irrelevant. Sometimes the police put these guys in front of cameras to find if there are any clues if they were involved. With the McCann’s the persona has always been sorrow, loss and innocence. But the press just couldn’t resist. The latest story that the Portuguese police-with the help of British cops- have now ‘allegedly’ found Maddys blood in the apartment, will only help to reignite the story. Another aspect of this case is that the British media were subtly undermining the Portuguese police from day one; make them look like “incompetent dagos, to use an unfortunate quote from the Sun. This maybe the main reason they have only really been looking for British suspects.

          There have been reported sightings of Maddy, the most recent in Holland and Belgium. But the descriptions of the people with what looks like the missing Maddy always talk of seedy and swarthy looking types, again the social class element coming into it. We are determined to convince ourselves that the only people that would harm children are not us. When you see the Chris Langham case you know different. When you see headmasters of public schools go down you know different.
          I like to equate this class element to the drama as that of dangerous dog attacks, also in the news in the summer, also unlikely to attack middle class children. It’s always the rather cliché owners of the dogs that are vilified and not the animal itself, a stereotype created to drive the story.

          The abuser…

          90% of abusers and child murderers out there are us, family and friends of the children at most risk, yet as a group we fear the lone stranger the most and take precautions against, the extremely unlikely variable. Maybe it’s a way of off-setting our own guilt that there are people we know and work and play with that could be those abusers. Statistically you know what someone reading this could be one of those silent domestic abusers. We don’t dare think that way but it’s true. When do we ever act on what we hear through the walls of our houses or see with our own eyes when our neighbors kids look like they are being abused?

          The real child abuse going on is rampant and unseen, yet little cute and innocent Maddy from a good family represents our external paranoid expression, the one in a two million event grabbing the media and publics conscious, there but the grace of God goes I…But no, this abduction just can’t happen to us yet we think it’s more likely an event than say little Johnnies teacher playing pocket snooker in the changing rooms. Or Father O`Rieley asking the choirboys to stay late for extra bell polishing.

          Religion is a rampant abuser of children, of course, huge law suits pending against the Catholic Church around the globe, yet the McCann’s traipse to church everyday and into the arms of this destructive organization for comfort and solace. The reason is because the church offer blind hope in times of need, and hope is always exploited.

          Is the kid alive? Well we know with that Austrian girl that miracles can happen. Although with that case I think there’s a lot more too the abduction than pure kidnap. But that’s another review.
          Most of the time the abuser rapes the child and then gets rid of the evidence, as in the Soham case. I personally think the kid is long gone and will never be found in any shape or form. But the parents will never let go of her because of their faith. It must be a tough conversation with their God for the justification of this act. God, if you’re out there, its miracle time! Put them out of their misery please.

          The other side of unseen and whispered child abuse and murder that doesn’t catch the public sympathy is infanticide and some cases passed off as cot death.

          In law and when it comes to prison women are given the benefit of the doubt when a child dies mysteriously, all sorts of excuses are used to protect women who may have taken the lives of their children, reducing the eventual CPS sentence handed out if they are found guilty.
          Most cot deaths are just that, unknown sudden deaths, but some are not and when the men are left in charge of the baby and it dies they are rarely recorded as sudden death cases, the guy soon in the dock. To tie this type of infanticide into taking holidays abroad an obscure report on google discovered that, over ten years, Dutch Nationals on vacation in Morrocco were six times more likely to suffer a cot death than there their kids were back home. When you see stats like that you can’t discount anything from the McCann case. With blood found in their apartment the mystery deepens.

          It seems we, as a society, have an intrinsic built in need to believe men and not women are child killers, yet it’s around 50/50 in the court of law in the UK, recent high profile cases involving imbalanced mothers proving just that. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Robert Morat was put in the frame in Portugal as he fits that pedophile profile we all need to believe in to avoid the anarchy of confronting real abuse .A single thirtysomething guy who lives with his mom seems to satisfy all. The fact he is just an attention seeker is excuse enough for the media to blame him. 80% of children that are unlawfully killed are so by their parents, not some unseen menace that climbs though your window at night. But if the forlorn hope of finding little Maddy is kept alive then, like I said, parents can sleep easy at night because their children can’t be taken by the bogey man they will never have to confront.



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            03.08.2007 10:16
            Very helpful



            Help find Maddie and other missing children

            UPDATE - I wrote the following review early this morning and at that time hadn't seen the news about the latest sighting of her. Coincidence perhaps - let's hope it is a lucky coincidence and there is a breakthrough in the search for her.

            TIME PASSES

            It is now almost three months since Madeleine McCann was abducted from her bed in Portugal, the initial publicity has died down and there is rarely anything on the news now about her.

            Just because it is no longer headline news doesn't mean the search is over.


            Yesterday I saw a poster of Madeleine in a car. This is the first one I have seen in the UK. When I was on holiday in Malta I saw only one poster of her. This was unvelievable as there had been reported sightings of Maddy in Malta at the time.

            On the 50th day after her disappearance balloons were released and I understand a similar even will take place if she is still missing after 100 days.


            There has been a lot of criticism about Maddy's parents leaving three children alone in their room while they ate out with friends. I know almost every parent amongst us has probably said we wouldn't have done that. But attacking the parents is unfair at a time like this.

            Gerry McCann is seen as something of a celebrity by some as he swans off all over the place trying to raise awareness. But have any of us stopped to think that this could be his way of coping with the terrible distress they are suffering?

            Yesterday I saw a book about one of the missing Soham girls, written by her father. My first thought was why on earth did he have to write a book about his murdered daughter? Then I thought that maybe that was the only way he could come to terms with what happened.

            Men and women react differently. Us women are more likely to openly show our distress, whereas men may be more inclined to do something practical.

            If Gerry McCann can keep his daughter's absence in the public eye, and at the same time hopefully raise issues of other missing children, then surely that is a good thing.


            Gerry McCann has a Blog at www.findmadeleine.com where he writes about what is happening. Again, this has received a lot of scathing comments, but I do feel this is unfair. If it helps him to cope and helps to keep Maddie in the news then it is a good thing.


            Initially there was some criticism about the way the police had handled Maddie's disappearance, but now it is obvious they are doing their best. Maybe they have a lot of information that they are not telling us about in case it jeopardises finding her.

            It can't be easy searching for a missing child. If you have ever been to Portugal you will be aware of the remoteness of some of the villages. There are thousands of outbuildings, some almost derelict, not to mention the countryside. How on earth would anyone set about the task of searching everywhere?

            UK PUBLICITY

            As mentioned at the beginning of the review, I have only seen one poster about Maddy in the UK. How do we know she hasn't been brought here? Would you think to look for her over here when we have been led to believe she is still abroad?

            Today I am going to download one of the posters about Maddie and put it in my own car. I think we are in danger of forgetting what has happened if we don't try and keep her disappearance publicised.

            OTHER CHILDREN

            A few weeks ago cinemas were asked to stop showing details of Maddie's disappearance as it was upsetting other children.

            Again there has been criticism about this. Why should children be upset? Well, we all know that kids are vulnerable and have vivid imaginations. Although most responsible parents will have made their kids aware of the dangers around, this doesn't mean the children don't worry about such things.

            It is a shame the ads were stopped, but if they were upsetting other children this had to happen. I know a little girl who is 8 years old and quite a timid child. Since Maddie's disappearance she has worried about being out on her own, even to walk to her friend's house a few doors away had become an ordeal for her.


            There has been a huge amount of money raised by fund raising. I sincerely hope this being used sensibly, not only to help find Maddy, but also to help in the search for other missing children.

            I know a lot of people have wondered if the funds are being used to keep the McCann family's stay in Portugal. I would hope this is not the case. They are both professionals and quite wealthy, so if they choose to stay in Portugal my personal feeling is that they should finance this themselves. In reality however, it is more probable that some media funds are helping.

            Apparently Kate McCann has been doing interviews for magazines. Hopefully this will raise awareness of the search and also the fees will go towards the funds.


            Some years ago a little boy, Ben Needham, was snatched from the garden at his grandparents' home in Kos. At the time he was only two years old, too young to remember much.

            That little boy will now be grown up. It would be good if the campaign to find Maddie also made Ben and other children like him, ask questions. Ben was a blonde toddler, maybe he was taken by a family with different colouring to him. Perhaps he may start asking about this. I think the publicity about Maddie should also include information about children such as Ben Needham and be publicised in the countries where they disappeared.

            END RESULT

            We all hope and pray that Maddie will be found safe and well very soon. It is my feeling that there is just one small piece of evidence that is not being made public, that will eventually lead the police to the abductors.

            Even if it takes years fo find Maddy, there is still hope that she is alive. If so, there will come a time when she may have memories of her family. She was almost four years old when she disappeared. Most of us can remember being that age, so maybe if Maddie grows up elsewhere, one day her early memories will surface.

            And of course there is the distinctive marking in her eye. When she gets older and has to have eye tests, if the campaign is still running, then hopefully someone will make the connection.

            Pie in the sky maybe, but in the meantime, please don't forget about this little girl.


            Whether you disagree with her parents' actions or not, this is still a child that is missing. Unless anyone has suffered a similar incident, none of us can even imagine how the McCanns are suffering. They need support not criticism.

            SEARCH GOES ON

            The search goes on. When Maddie first disappeared everyone was talking about it.

            How long has it been since anyone mentioned Maddie to you? We need to keep her in the public eye, so please keep up the campaign to find her.


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              14.06.2007 11:34
              Very helpful




              PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a review.
              This is an appeal made my me as my way of helping find Madeleine Mccann. DO NOT RATE

              you may notice i have 2 of the same reviews, but rest assures, dooyoo are in the process of deleting the previous appeal, as now i have moved it to the madeleine mccann section that I suggested. thanks!



              Madeleine Mccan is a beautiful 4 year of little girl who was so cruelly abducted from her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the evening of May 3rd 2007.

              This again is NOT a review but an appeal to try to get the message across to anyone and everyone where ever you may be.

              Please take 5 minutes of your time to read through this appeal and see if you can do anything to help.

              There are a number of ways that you can do you bit.

              Either by visiting the Madeleine Fund website where you can make a donation into Madeleine's fund, helping raise money to help find Madeleine McCann, support her family and bring her abductors to justice.

              By visiting Madeleine's website you can :
              Find out more about Madeleine
              Local Communities
              News and Downloads
              Send Evidence
              Contact Information
              See more Pictures of Madeleine

              Please click the link below to make a donation


              You can also download the Madeleine Mccann posters to put up where ever you go,

              By downloading the Madeleine banner you can add them to your websites, email, and where ever possible. By doing this anyone who clicks on the banners will be automatically be directed to Madeleine's website.

              BANNER 1

              <a href="http://www.bringmadeleinehome.com"><img src="http://www.bringmadeleinehome.com/img/maddy450x124Banner.jpg" alt="Banner1" width="450" height="124" border="0" /></a>

              BANNER 2

              <a href="http://www.bringmadeleinehome.com"><img src="http://www.bringmadeleinehome.com/img/maddy544x150Banner.jpg" alt="Banner2" width="544" height="150" border="0" /></a>

              Madeleine Mccann has a very distinctive right eye, where the pupil runs into the blue-green iris. A photos can been seen further down this page to help you recognise Madeleine if you was to see her.

              The Police are appealing for anyone who may have been visiting the Ocean Club Resort, Praia da Luz or in the surrounding areas in the two weeks leading up to Madeleine’s disappearance.

              If you were around the resort around the time Madeleine was taken the Police are urging anyone to go through photographs that you may have taken. Not photographs of the scenery of or your own family/friends, but photographs that have other people within the, maybe acting suspiciously, or appear in a number of your photographs.

              If you think you may have some photos that could help then you can up laid them by visiting


              For anyone unsure how to uplaod photos please visit the site and there are links to tell you how. If you are still unsure after reading the instructions then maybe you could try out

              Supporting Retailers Jessops
              Online how to advice
              In store advice
              Free conversion services for film to digital.



              THANK YOU VERY MUCH

              if you feel that this AD is in appropriate then please let me know, but again I am just trying to do my bit and get the message across the world...........

              Return home soon Madeleine, You are very dearly missed, Your mummy and daddy miss you very much as does all of your family, and that they are doing all they possibly can to bring you home safe


              please note the rating below are nothing to do with this appeal in any way at all.....


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