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Jade Goody received incredible amounts of media attention in the last years of her life. What do you think about this former Big Brother contestant? What do you think about the plans to turn her life into a film? Tell us your thoughts here.

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    10 Reviews
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      18.11.2010 00:01
      Very helpful



      From rags to riches...... The real cinderella!!

      I was actually looking to write a review on Jade's autobiography and came across this in the discussions and want to add my piece.

      I was always a big fan of the dippy Bermondsey girl Jade Goody. She was so natural and down to earth and also a bit needy in Big Brother and although she didn't go on to win the show she did capture the hearts of the nation in her final few months.

      She lacked so much general knowledge is was shocking but quite funny, I think Jade was exactly how blondes are conceived and that as we all know is a dippy blonde!
      She appeared on Big Brother 3 in 2002 and again in Celeb Big Brother in 2007. The first time around it got her places and she made money and was living the dream but her second appearance on the show saw this dream collapsing around her after getting into arguments which were thought to have been racist. It didn't come across in a racist way to me as she said things in the heat of the moment as we all do in an argument and because she just happened to have been arguing with Shilpa Shetty it was blown out of proportion completely.

      I really felt for Jade during these times as it seemed the world had turned against her and this obviously is never going to be a nice feeling for anyone, never mind someone in the public eye.

      In 2008 she entered the Indian version of Big Brother and it was here just 2 days into her stay she was dealt the devasting blow.......... she had cervical cancer.
      She flew back and started treatment, she had to undergo a hysterectomy which for a woman of just 27 must be so hard, even though she already had her two boys, she had said that she would have loved a little girl. Sadly all the treatment she had was simply not enough and she passed away on mothers day 2009. I like to think she held on until this day for her sons. Her death however was not in vain as she has raised awareness of cervical cancer and has in turn saved so many lives.

      She kept up the interviews etc.. during her final months and the money was put aside for her childrens futures, now I am sure if you knew you were going to die and had the power to get as much money you could to ensure your kids had the best life you could offer, you would do the same. Jade was brave until the end and her children were what she had in mind the whole time.

      She looked so beautiful on her wedding day. The pictures don't portray a poorly person at all, in fact apart from her bald head you wouldn't even think she had anything wrong with her at all!

      Her funeral was massive, people lined the streets to say goodbye and it was broadcast on tv. She really had crawled her way back into the publics hearts only to be taken in such a cruel way.

      Apart from the Big Brother series she was also seen on her own shows, she also brought out perfume ranges, opened a salon and wrote autobiographies.

      These are the shows she appeared in ~

      Big Brother 3 Housemate

      Jade's Salon Herself

      Weakest Link Contestant

      Just Jade Herself

      Jade's P.A Herself

      Jade's Shape Challenge Herself

      Friday Night Project Presenter

      Celebrity Big Brother Housemate

      You Can't Fire Me, I'm Famous Herself

      Living with... Jade Herself

      Bigg Boss 2 Housemate

      Jade's Progress Herself

      Jade: Bride to Be Herself

      Jade's Wedding Herself

      Jade: With Love Tribute show

      Jade: As Seen on TV Tribute show

      Jade: A Year Without Her Tribute show

      Ultimate Big Brother: The Final 15 Minute Tribute

      As you can see she was rarely off the screen and made a nice earning for herself.

      She also brought out a range of fitness DVD's (of which I have a few.... One of them being a dodgy dance one!!!)

      For someone who has died at such a young age, she didn't half fill it with fun, love......

      I thought she was fab from the start and am sorry that she had to leave the world so young.

      Her children have lost a fantastic mum but luckily still have a fabulous father.

      A musical/film of her life would be a great thing to do as she had a short but filled life and I think it would be a nice legacy to her.


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        30.03.2010 00:07
        Very helpful
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        Rest in peace Jade

        I have to say I have been a fan of Jade Goody since she first appeard on our TV screens and I followed her career as I thought she was an insperation to young girls who may not have had a great upbringing but can make something for themselves.

        Jade first appeard on our screens in 2002 on Big Brother and she certainly came across as a dizzy blone with questions like "is east angular abroad?" she didn't win but she certainly kept us entertained!

        Jade then went on to have several of her own TV shows, show on living TV. There was Jade's salon where she set up her on beauty salon with a friend; Just Jade where she launched her own perfume called Shh; Jade's PA where she looked for a PA for herself and Living with Jade where the camera's followed Jame on her day to day routine.

        Jade got together with TV presenter Jeff Brazier and had to children, Bobby and Freddie. Unfortunately, they split and Jade later got together with Jack Tweed.

        In 2007 Jade appeard on Celebrity Big Brother and unfortunately lost someof the public's following due to some of the debates in the show with Shilpa Shetty. In 2008 Jade went into the Big Brother house in Inda but just a couple of days in she was told she had cervical cancer and returned home for treatment.

        During her illness Jade remained so brave and strong and continued to film, I think this was suich an inspirational thing to do as it has made so many young women who wouldn't have normally gone for their smear test go along. I recieved my letter as i'm now 25 a couple of months ago and was thinking twice about going, but thinking about Jade I decided to go along and was latter referred to the hospital, had it not been for Jade i'm not 100% sure I would have gone for the test, so thank you Jade.

        Jade sadly passed away on 22nd March 2009, mothers day and a great mother she was giving her boys everything she could.


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          02.01.2010 03:46
          Very helpful



          She is pretty to close to a victim of media

          The concept of reality shows in a way is basically business. No body can deny that every coin has two sides and the theory of probability has convincingly proved that it's a 50/50 chance of it being head or tail when you flip it up. Naturally everything has two distinct possibilities. Now the question is which possibility means good for human race. For instance a reality show does through up a talent or two but have anyone looked at the darker side of the moon? The kids who just nearly made it? I have n number examples of heartbreaks, total psychological breakdown and even suicide.

          The basics of filmmaking is mainly entertainment and of course public awareness and it's the hallmark of a good movie which blends both. So why not a movie on Jade Goody? Look at both the print and the electronic media, through out her career they were after Jades head the reason being she talked nonsense and her deeds had no content, but the point is she definitely created a niche for herself on international level! It is true that for most of the time public hated her, talked about her family background, her parents, her education and in fact her worth. If you allow me, I want to quote Sir Michael Parkinson when in April 2007 he said Goody had become a property of the media "to be manipulated and exploited till she died", that tells a lot. She was a creation of the media for exploitation and there is no harm if Jade used her courage, intelligence and capability to exploit that exploitation to her advantage. And that is what she exactly deed. I don't think she was that naïve to have said what is said that she has said. Public memory is short and it's human nature to have an undercurrent of love and hate for a living person, more so if she/he is famous, may be for Jade Goody it was more of hate but see what happened after her death, she is and was probably one the most talked about personality in the media but why.... A lady with no talent catching media and public attention, like she has, just like that-you want me to believe it?

          The massive commotion about Jade's remarks on Shilpa Shetty, mind you I'm an Indian, was totally out of sheer frustration and publicity mongers and even Big Bather cashed on it and that is what reality show is all about. You are asked to be glued to the idiot box for dreaming. Big Brother is not merely a reality show, its big money. Just one example, if you remember last year we had a massive celebrity racial uproar on the field of a gentleman's game-Cricket. Indian cricket star Harbhajan Sing was slammed for making racial and degrading comments to Andrew Symods of Australia and that too on the field and that was blown out of proportion by the media. What came of it? It happens. Once the legendary fast bowler Jeff Thompson said "I want blood on the track not wicket", but it's known to the world what a soft heart he has got. These are gimmicks for motivation.

          She never pretended to be knowledgeable and had the courage of spilling out what ever she felt. Probably she was aware that she was not one of the prettiest of the ladies but one plus point she had, her voice, and she made it a point to sell it, any problems? If you can think of a movie on Laden, well tell me what should I say, my dear friend.

          Let them celebrate the death of a naiveté by making a film on her....it will be a tribute to bravery...


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            29.10.2009 21:21
            Very helpful
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            An unintelligent/girl next door but she was a diamond

            Jade Goody R.I.P

            We were first introduced to her as a young girl (21 i think) who plonked herself on reality TV shows BIG BROTHER on channel 4.

            It quickly became apparent that Jade wasn't the most intelligent person to enter the B B house. The tabloids were quick to jump on her back ground, the fact that her mum was a warm armed junkie. This said, Jade made me smile, there was a big part of this young, loud girl that you wanted to say, look just shut up and give it a rest, and we all cringed the night she sat on the BB sofa naked saying "I hope no one can see me kebab"

            Jade left the BB house and went on to become a very successful business woman, and had reality shows of her own showing her life after BB and all her achievements.

            I personally was happy with her when she met presenter Jeff Brazier and they went on to have 2 gorgeous boys.

            No Jade wasn't the most intelligent and savvy person but she became quite the mother figure.

            There were other celebrity mothers doing lines of coke every time their children turned their heads for split second, mentioning no names (Kerry Katona).

            I take my hat of to Jade big time, she loved her boys and put them first.

            Shocking news it was when she was diagnosed with cancer whilst in the BB house in India.

            She bravely stayed in the public eye and let camera's follow her medical treatment.

            Jade, not intelligent by any means and not everyone's cup of tea. This lady was a great loving, down to earth mother, who was very unfortunate to have had this incurable cancer. She showed so much fight and determination.

            Jades death left a legacy, she is inspirational to me and I am a decade older than she was. She has saved the lives of so many young girls who were prompted, by Jades experience, to have a smear.

            Thanks Jade, your life was by no means long enough, but you definitely had a positive purpose in life.

            There are other celeb. mothers that should count themselves lucky and shake their lives up.

            Jade didn't let her childhood experience reflect her ability as a mother.


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              31.08.2009 10:42
              Very helpful



              Goody Riddance

              We hear all to often how the recently deceased was something great or excellent, we never get told the blunt truth, we never get fed honesty (except for the odd occasion as we'll go on about later) we just get told how good the person was. With people dying all the time, lets be honest, several people are dying at the time of this being written (2:45 am, 31st August 2009) and people are really upset by them (not you, not me, but someone, somewhere. At the same time some one, somewhere is being extremely racist, someone else is being ignorant, and several people are just flaming idiots. Thankfully some of the people dying are those flaming idiots. We all know an idiot, or a few, hell some of us are the idiots, some of us know racists, and again some of are racist and better yet, some of those racist ignorant idiots are dying. Short live the BNP.

              So Jade (ironically named) Goody became well known for being a flaming idiot on some reality TV show named after a fat sibling (I can be used as an example. Sadly instead of the show being called "Fat arsed lazy sloth of a brother" it's called "Big Brother" (thankfully however 2011 will see the final series of that dross) and has been show on Channel 4 in the UK for approximately...too long. Jade became the ultimate...what's a nice word for retard?...handicapped person in that she stripped on TV and said stuff that made 6 year old children feel smarter than an adult (I'm not talking about smart 6 year old's, but EVERY 6 year old. I'm quite thankful that she wasn't asked about Cumbria (yeah cheap pop, Cumbria rules wooo) as her reply would be something like "Cum in ''er ear? Thats a bit sick innit?". Yes a chav, with no sense of geographical knowledge, oh what joy, what a lovely little idea that my county could well be some form of imagery from a porno flick.

              So a woman called Jade, was on a TV show, she was quite thick, and rather fat, On her arse sat, came from her mouth was shat.

              After coming from the televised house of CCTV (of which labour plan to follow in the near future) she did same random stuff of which absolutely no one gives a flying...erm...intercourse about (yeah I used a thesaurus!). Then she managed to go back into the house, obviously in love with being followed by CCTV (labour should take note, they do have SOME fans of there CCTV society) in there this time, she made her...erm...cock up (I'm too lazy to find the "version du Francias") that she will likely be remembered for. The slander towards some Indian actress that seemed to insinuate she should get back to her "own country".
              Now if poor Miss "Goody" had actually had even a simple understanding of history (ooh yeah a tangent baby) she would have known that WE had taken over India and had therefore cocked up the view of hers of "staying in ones own country". After that we ran away (after using up the stuff we could of India) when we couldn't afford to run roughshod over a large and relatively poor country. After legging it the country was embroiled in internal battles that lead to the formation of Pakistan ("bloody paki's" and all that sort of malarkery form the BNP), Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Yes WE Britain lead to a country to split into 4, yet Jade wanted a go at an actress for appearing in a British house. Well done Jade.

              Immediately after leaving the house the media found her to be the dartboard of their verbal arrows, until it was revealed she was suffering from terminal illness. In the most humane of erm...human behaviour we see cancer as something that automatically gives the poor subject some sympathy. In the most disturbed of humans, they see Cancer's as a death sentence, happy to pick both the deserving and the innocent as their target. Some of whom would happily view the sacrifice of Jades life as another idiot taken from the world, other would say another poor victim of the assassin that ravages human life with out persecution.

              When it turned out Jades days we're numbered some partied it up, one less idiot, one less fool in the media and one less annoying woman that takes up the columns that should be spent on those millions (sorry billions) much more deserving). Whilst some we're counting the days others give her the pardon of which Gordon Brown is still wishing for, the "Awww we feel sorry for you, lets be your friend now". The typical school bully who turns into "friend" post conflict, we've all seen it done before when we find out that Jimmy with a weird walk has it because he fell down the stairs wrongly and broke his leg in 4 places. Jade had become the media darling for the final few months as she whored herself to every tabloid who had previously slated her. Funnily she'd gone from whipping girl to effective media prostitute, all in the name of her kids. Funnily whats never remembered is that she'd "earned" over a million pound by then, so the media whoring in the name of "her kids" seems rather far fetched.

              Anyway the cancer took hold and the world saved goodbye, no candles we're blowing in the wind (that's saved for Diana) and to be frank no one outside of those who we're Big Brother fans really cared. The fact she failed to promote the charity's out there for cancer verbally ticked off some, whilst her mentions of them in posthumous books did little to earn her much in the way of respect. She died and the fact she brought cervical cancer to the fore-frame of social conciousness was good, but sadly a missed chance and personally she'll be remembered as a media whore, who's significance to general society will be little. More than me? Yeah but I'm not important. Good riddance.


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                17.06.2009 01:55



                Did she have too harsh of an ending to her life?

                It's hard to believe the Jade Goody phenomenon started off on a reality game show. Just from appearing on Big Brother, she became well known around the world and was often known as a "slob" or a "nobody". I agree with these statements, she may have been a nobody, but aren't we all? She was a nobody but she found stardom, and if we all had the chance that she was presented with, wouldn't we all take it? She made a big mistake by going back into the big brother house and by doing this, she became known as a worldwide villain and death threats were thrown at her. But was it all over the top? She simply made a few remarks which were SLIGHTLY racist, but nothing major, haven't we all made a derogatory comment towards people of difference? I think she has received too much attention for what she has done and she should have just been the usual big brother housemate who fades away within a month. Her life, being so eventful, could be easily turned into a movie as the randomness and eventfulness of her life has been truly amazing. Now that she's dead, people are starting to feel sympathy for her but no-one showed any before she took cancer, everyone just talked about her like she was a piece of dirt on the floor, but she's just like everyone else.


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                  08.06.2009 21:35
                  Very helpful



                  i have never liked anything she stood for, but i feel so sad for her boys

                  I first off want to start by saying that i do not wish to offend anyone with any of my thoughts and my opinions. I believe there are very few fortunate people out that that havent had their lives, or lives of a loved one touched
                  by cancer. So most of us will know of heart wrenching stories of close ones lost or battling the horrible disease. My partner recently lost his auntie in the autumn, 3 months after she was diagnosed, my grandfather is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and my mum had various moles removed over the years that become malignant. Ive had my fair share of upset and i do NOT want to appear as flippant and unsympathetic towards anyone that is dealing with the effects of this disease.

                  What i am talking about in this review is, that there are so many wonderful people that do amazing things with their lives and strive everyday to make a difference to other people. But most of us know nothing about them, they have gone, and not a word uttered about them, not even a column on page 4. But celebrities that have apparently seem to have got rather greedy and fame hungry, are talked about as if they are heros and memorials in newspapers go on for 9 pages or more.

                  For example

                  Have you heard of Dith Pran? Probably not, he died 30th of March 2008 of pancreatic cancer. He was a humanitarian that survived the Cambodian Genocide, and it was him that was the subject of the 1984 film 'The Killing Field'. He spent his life since he survived the brutual 1970's regieme in Cambodia, making people aware and campaigning to end genocide everwhere on behalf of the Cambodian refugees and victims. If you have ever seen the film, and i suggest you do, you will understand what a truly remarkable person this man was and what he risked to help others
                  is commendable. And chances are you knew nothing about him, how long he has had cancer and that he even died.

                  He died old (74) and had a long worthwhile life, but why wasnt he celebrated? its still tragic, a life taken beforeit was time.

                  How about Andrea Kerney the mum of 5 who died at 41 of breast cancer, her eldest child was just 12 years old, and her youngest, newborn. They found the lump 2 weeks before she was due to give birth and found it already measuring 6cm. They decided to induce her so that she could begin treatment, she went through the treatment still continuing to run
                  around after the kids as her hair fell out. Before being diagnosed she regularly did 10k races of charity and raised money but sadly she died on May 28th 2008 when the cancer had spread to her lungs and liver. If we ever talked about this brave, brave woman, how long was it for?

                  So now we come to Jade, as i have said i have every sympathy for her and her family left behind, so please dont feel that i dont.

                  So who was Jade Goody? Jade went into the Big Brother house in 2001 at the age of 21. She did not win the show however i think its safe to say that she became the most famous person to have left the house and has accumulated the most amount of money since doing so. Jade won over support from viewers as being quite uneducated and saying silly things most of the time which made her quite comical. The 'highlights' of her Big Brother experience were thinking that East Angular was abroad
                  and willingly getting her 'kebab' out for millions of viewers to see in a strip drinking game. Being the first housemate to (ALLEDGEDLY)
                  perform a sex act live on TV and the infamous drunken 'am i a minger?' chaos. Not perhaps the most conservative of girls but nonetheless
                  the public warmed to her. This in turn earnt her a few millions in the years to come after from having her life filmed as a TV series, in each one appearing more and more 'simple' for want of a better word, than before. She then released perfumes and countless DVD's telling us how to shift the pounds (they did fail to mention she had lipo before doing this particular dvd however) and then running the London Marathon.

                  Running that distance is no mean feat and people train for a long, long time to be able to do so, so when Jade Goody gave it a go and then had to be stretchered off exhausted as she didnt realise how far 26 miles was, she hadnt trained and had an Indian takeaway the night before, i think Britian split in two. Half finding it somewhat endearing and others feeling that she had abused her position in the race due to being simply Jade Goody when someone more worthwhile could have done the race successfully and raised alot of money. I will add here that the people that donated still insisted on their money going to charity despite her failing to complete the race.
                  Jade has 2 sons wth Jeff Brazier with which he still has a close relationship with and her other half is Jack Tweed, who she later married in her last days alive. Her mother Jackiey and Jade had various issues from the past where Jade was her carer when Jackiey was a drug user and beaten by her, then, boyfriends and tragically lost her arm in an accident. With their repaired relationship they headed into the Big Brother house along with Jack in what was to be the most controversial Big Brother so far. Jades dreams of going back and experiencing what made her famous unfortunatly all unravelled as a huge Race Row errupted between her and two other housemates and Shilpa Shetty. Whether or not it was racial abuse is something that i think you would have to see for yourself and draw your own conclusions, as what one person classes as racist another may not depending on your sensitvity
                  to the subject. She came from the house her life seemingly ruined, sponsers moved away from her business's and stores refused to stock her products.

                  She then later appeared on a foreign Big Brother when the news she had cervical cancer was announced live. In my opinion this was an awful way to handle the situation and it still beggars belief that she would have this news given to her in this way with what is such a private affair, and in years to come her two boys will undoubtedly witness the moment that that their mum was told she may possibly die. I just hope they are old enough to understand when they do, and not catch a glimpse on you tube as some sick jibe from another classmate. She then had her treatment covered by magazines and tv crews to ensure a future for her sons, which at that
                  time were her main concerns, as they should be. I dont agree with how this was done in that i believe it should have been totally private and dignified for the family, however i can see that she wanted to at least leave a good sum of money to ensure her sons futures.

                  She then married Jack in her last weeks, this is where i have problems understanding what was happening ,as Jack was a serial cheat that appeared to only be with her for her money and i remember screaming at the telly not to marry him. I was sure he would sell every story and make a fortune out of her misery and not a penny would go to the children.
                  As far as i know he has in fairness only sold one story to a magazine for money and has swore he will not do another. That remains to be seen as Jade did not leave him any of her assets and they all went to the boys. He claims he will always be there for the children and i sincerly hope he does.

                  I just feel very sad, that as terrible and tragic it is for a young woman, less than a year older than me, that has not really provided any good on a wide scope in life, obviously she loved her boys and i am in no doubt she was a devoted mother to them. But her life made no difference to ours or anyone elses particularly, she was someone we laughed at, and not even because she was a comic but because she was quite ridiculous. Why is all the attention on her, why is her life being talked about into making a film? As a previous reviewer has said, dont we all know everything we can? Yes she tought us a valuable lesson, dont ignore medical procedures that are put in place to protect us and get yourself checked out regularly. I have however heard that she did know there were issues that could cause problems and it wasnt that she never had a smear test done, but she ignored the results. But was there not someone more insipring they could have used to get this message across?

                  Nothing about her life made me inspired or in awe of her and yet magazine covers and page after page are devoted to her memory. There special additions of glossy's showing such a false marriage that would
                  never have happened if she had been well, he would have left her stranded and not seen him for dust.

                  I just feel so much has been given to someone that was far less deserving of the column inches than some other people, and we have forgotten those countless others far too easily. Im glad her boys are now set up for life, but im sure with her £1million she had tucked away and the rest tied up in estate, they would have lived a far more privilaged life than any of us can dream of us, but unfortuantly not all the money in the world could replace their mother.


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                    28.05.2009 01:01
                    Very helpful



                    People still cant stop talking about her- even after her death!

                    Jade Goody- someone I never thought i would write about. I was new to the UK when i heard about her, read about her in magazines and newspapers. But i did found her annoying and stupid. And her comments on the celebrity big brother show on Indian actress Shilpa Shetty obviously made me feel about her racial discrimination. It was not until last month when she died, i kind of started changing my views and opinions.
                    I thought she became a lot smarter than I thought she was.
                    It was like someone asking for 'the three best/important things you want to do before you die'- And she answered it by actually doing it-
                    1. Marry the one you love
                    2. Secure the life of your kids
                    3. Spend most of my time with the ones who made her who she was- family, friends and media

                    Then I read about her and watched most of the TV shows about her. She had been a great daughter- someone who has taken care of her epileptic mum. She wasn't intelligent but still made enough money to live a luxurious life. She launched her own perfume 'Shh'. She had her biography published. She has given many dreams to the young girls who think that they want to become famous like her. You don't have to be an actress, businessman, singer or author to be famous and make money- all you need is a positive approach to life and probably a lot of luck. But unfortunately life wasn't the same with her.
                    Her cervical cancer came as sudden news and it wasn't long before she saw herself in the last stages of her life. Her death was sudden and tragic. In spite of all this, she made every day of her life a media file. And why not, TV made her life popular and TV might as make her death popular too! And all this to raise money for her children! A brilliant way forward! And today even after her death people still talk about her- she has made a mark in people's life.
                    Her life might not be the best example for someone to follow but it definitely has something to learn.


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                      10.05.2009 03:43
                      Very helpful



                      Any money from this review goes to MacMillan.....

                      This review was written originally for Ciao where the topic was our thoughts on making Jade Goody's life being made into a film. This was Ciao's monthly current topic review, and it was the first topic that really grabbed my attention - and as I said over there, it's quite a sad state of affairs (and I feel a bit embarrassed) that this was the first topic of the month I felt I wanted to write about...

                      ---Let Me Explain---

                      I like to consider myself a relatively intelligent and reasonably well educated person. I'm no rocket scientist by any means (although hubby tells me that rocket science is easy), although incidentally I am a Master of Science (ok it's for Applied Social Research, not Rockets) and a Bachelor of Arts. But not wishing to blow my own trumpet (on a side note I have Grade 5 on the trumpet)...

                      So why is it that with hubby away and having just had Sky TV installed the day before, with any number of ridiculously rubbishy TV channels to choose from I found myself watching Living TV with the run up to Jade Goody's wedding? And why did I proceed to watch the actual wedding on the next show? The whole thing was a complete farce as it was - had Jade lived there was no way the marriage would have lasted (do these 'celeb' marriages ever last?), not to mention the issue of the fact that Jack Tweed is a thug. But that's really an aside, the fact is that I watched it, and I actually found myself getting into it. And while I have to admit I wouldn't have given Jade Goody the time of day before, I actually started to feel just a little bit of compassion for her - SHOCK HORROR!

                      ---The Makings of a Film? --

                      Since Jade became famous (more about that in a minute) her life has been all over the media in one way or another. Essentially it's all there, ready to be made into a real-life film - would there actually be a need for a film to be made from scratch? Probably not. Mind you, there's remakes of films made all the time, so perhaps this is similar.

                      So, what would the film be about then? I'm now going to talk about Jade, her life, and my thoughts on it (and random ***film thoughts***) - I'll try and be brief!

                      ---Jade Goody ---

                      I am not pretending to be an expert on Jade Goody, and I don't intend to do any research for this review - this is solely based on what I already know and my personal opinion. I don't wish to offend anyone, these are just my thoughts!

                      Regular readers of my reviews might remember that in September 2008 I wrote a review entitled "My most embarrassing review yet" which was about a truly awful biography of Jade Goody written by Neil Simpson which I bought for 25p. As it happens, in that review I also mentioned the letters I have after my name. This is because there is something truly embarrassing about being interested in this 'celeb culture' that I feel the need to justify myself to the world and his dog.

                      Jade Goody had a pretty rough childhood, being brought up by a one-armed lesbian who she spent much of her childhood caring for.

                      ***Sounds like the makings of a trashy film, doesn't it? I can almost hear the music playing in the background....it could be one of those films they show on Channel 5 mid-afternoon***
                      However, to her credit Jade became a dental nurse when she could quite easily have become a single parent of 10 children

                      ---Pictures ---

                      Even I started to feel some compassion for her towards the end...living off the state. Anyway, I digress...

                      Anyone reading this review will no doubt know that Jade became famous through appearing on Big Brother, (3rd series, back in 2002). Although she didn't win, she shot to fame for being uneducated and having an outstanding lack of general knowledge (particularly geographical) and common sense - East Angular is not a country and Rio de Janeiro is not a person, for those who don't know. Oh and also for having the first alleged sexual encounter on Big Brother. Not really the sort of things that most people aspire to become famous (if they wish to become famous) for I would imagine.

                      ***Hmmmm, I wonder who they'd get to play the part of Jade! I wonder if they'd be able to use the real Big Brother House...***

                      Following Big Brother Jade remained a well-known face (not to mention the fluctuations in her weight as everyone seems to be obsessed with) in the media. The particular things which stick out (there's not a lot) from her 'career/life' are:
                      * The 'racist' incident on Celebrity Big Brother. I can't say I watched it, and don't have any strong opinions either way. But I do know that whatever happened it got far too much media attention.
                      * The London Marathon. Without training, Jade attempted to run the London Marathon. To be fair to her she had a pretty good stab at it. However, I felt it was a bit of an insult to people who train and train and spend ages getting sponsorship (not to mention the fact that not everyone can get a place to run it) and then someone famous just comes in an attempts to run it and says that she didn't understand what miles were. But anyway...
                      *Having cancer.

                      Of course she also had two children, and has written the mandatory autobiography (compulsory to have one before the age of 25) - so really she did manage to fit quite a lot into her 27 years.

                      ***Her film would no doubt be more interesting than my 27 years if I died tomorrow***

                      ---Cancer and Smear Tests ---

                      None of us can know what actually happened except Jade. However, from what I have read, Jade Goody had abnormal (pre-cancerous) cells in her cervix from an early age, as many people do. These cells were removed (I know people who have been through this process). However they came back (these things often do, and those who have had abnormal cells will know that they need to be aware of that), and she (allegedly) ignored the letters from the hospital telling her that she had abnormal cells, and thus the abnormal cells progressed into cancer. I remember reading that she didn't want to have a hysterectomy as she wanted to have a little girl. Whether or not that is true I don't know. It does seem absurd and extremely selfish though that any mother would risk her life and leaving her current children motherless in the hope of having a little girl. So I can't imagine that that would be true. But who knows?

                      ***I wonder how they'd approach all of this in a film***

                      It seems that with Jade's death there has become a big campaign to lower the age of smear tests. Presently it is 25 - I'm sure I had my first at 22 though. But anyway, I am all for that (I think that smear tests should be available for any woman who is sexually active), and also for the vaccinations that they are bringing in (although no doubt there will then be a huge outcry about the vaccinations causing autism or something).

                      I have to admit I was very worried before my first smear test. However, it really wasn't that bad at all, it wasn't embarrassing in the slightest - they have seen it all before - and while it felt uncomfortable, it didn't hurt. I realise that for some (particularly those who have been sexually abused) then smear tests can be extremely difficult. However, at the end of the day, the treatment for cervical cancer is going to be far worse than any smear test could be. And at the end of the day if you're not able to cope with a smear test I would imagine (I'm not a mother) that there's no way you'd be able to cope with childbirth!

                      However, people seem to be missing the point that Jade did not die because she didn't have a smear test. She did have smear tests - they were abnormal, and they were ignored.

                      ---Jade and her Cancer ---

                      Jade's cancer was in the public eye right from the start - her diagnosis was delivered on live TV. Not the most dignifying thing for anyone I would imagine. But that was her choice essentially.

                      ***I'm thinking the film will be pretty easy to write, the script's already there!***

                      Jade decided to use her cancer to her advantage, and to make money for her two little boys' futures. I don't see anything wrong with this. If she had the opportunity to do that and wanted to do that, then that is fair enough. More fool us (the public) for giving her the opportunity to be paid for it.

                      Undoubtedly Jade did (and continues to after her death) raise awareness about cervical cancer. As you'll know from what I've said above, I'm not sure it was really the best way to go about it. However, it is meaning that more young women are going for smear tests, and that has got to be a good thing.

                      But...and there's a big but...it is a very sad state our society is in if it takes a celebrity dying to make women take a look at their health. Women should already know how important it is to have smear tests. They should just know!

                      Is it perhaps a bit odd that it's the uneducated Jade Goody who is educating the uneducated British women?

                      ---Lots of people get Cancer ---

                      Lots of people get cancer. Lots of people survive, but unfortunately lots of people die too. It is a nasty, horrible illness.

                      I have been thinking more and more about cancer in recent times. A close family friend died earlier this year at the age of 65 after a long battle with three types of cancer. There is a possibility at the moment that my father-in-law's cancer is back, and we're waiting for news on that at the moment - finger's crossed. It's something that none of us can escape. This morning I sponsored a friend for running the London Marathon (unlike Jade she is training!) in memory of her mum who sadly died much too young.
                      Although treatments are improving all the time (and I often wonder if a school friend of mine who died at the age of 8 from leukaemia would have made it if it was now, 20 years later) still many young people die. Many parents too die leaving their often young children behind.

                      ***No one's going to make films about these people's lives.....but then, do we all want a film written about our lives?***

                      ---A Tragedy ---

                      Jade was a mother of two young boys. It is undoubtedly a tragedy when a parent of young children dies. I don't think it makes any difference really whether it is the father or mother. However, Jade was the primary caregiver to her children, and this makes the upheaval for them even greater.

                      It is not any more or less tragic that Jade has died than any other person. Although it is very sad, I have to say that if I gave this much time and thought thinking about every tragedy then I wouldn't actually have time for a life.

                      However, it seems that as the public we get focussed on particular people and events. I am not comparing Jade Goody to Princess Diana (so don't jump down my throat). But, there are some similarities in it being blown out of proportion. I have to admit that I got caught up in the Diana frenzy. While Diana did a hell of a lot of good for charity (and she was in a good position to do that we have to remember), she was human too, and made mistakes (perhaps a big one was not wearing a seatbelt when the car crashed - controversial comment I know!). But anyway, that could be a whole other review!

                      There are a LOT of people who do good. There are a lot of people whose good doesn't get celebrated. However, we tend to pick up on the famous rather than the good as such.

                      ---Will they make a film? ---

                      I think they probably will, yes. There was talk of the film before she even died after all, and we are all talking about it here.

                      There is apparently going to be a waxwork of her in Madame Tussauds....whatever next?

                      ---Should they make a film? ---

                      I have thought and thought about this, but can't come up with a simple and final answer.

                      I hope that throughout my review while I haven't talked a great deal about a film specifically that I have addressed a lot of the thoughts that people will have had about the subject.

                      On the one hand then - Yes, because it will make money. At the end of the day if people are going to pay for something then it makes sense to make it. And at the end of the day, regardless of whether we as individuals think her life warrants a film, there are many people who will want to watch it. I'm not saying that that is right or wrong, it's just what will happen. If however, it could be an avenue to raise money for cancer research then that would be a bit more positive.

                      No, on a moral level there should not be a film made about Jade Goody. She is no more (or less) special than any other normal individual. She has NOT achieved great things which warrant a particular celebration.

                      Basically she lived and died - and at the end of the day that's all that most of us do.

                      ---Will I watch the Film? ---

                      While morally I think that a film is probably wrong (not to mention the effect it could have on her children who will already be suffering) I have to admit that unfortunately I probably will end up watching it. At the end of the day I watched the Living TV stuff which was no better really.

                      By no means would I watch it at the cinema or on DVD - I will certainly not deliberately pay to endorse it. However, I can't say that 15 years down the line if it's on TV and hubby is out of the house, that I wouldn't feel tempted to sneak a look.

                      If nothing else I'd be interested to see who they pick to play the one-armed lesbian mother...sorry, I couldn't resist!

                      I realise that I might come across as completely hypocritical (I certainly feel it), saying one thing and doing another. But just because I believe something is morally wrong doesn't necessarily mean I won't do it. I'm just being honest here.

                      ---Final Remarks ---
                      Jade Goody was the same age as me, in fact exactly 2 weeks younger than me. It does hit home when people the same age as you die. Four people in my year group at school have already sadly died, each was shocking in its own way. They won't have films made about them. However, I don't think they would want films made about them. I think that Jade Goody probably would.

                      This review has just been my personal views on the subject. I appreciate all rates and comments.

                      I didn't win the Current Isue competition on Ciao, however any money I make from this review on dooyoo I promoise I will donate to MacMillan Cancer Support.

                      PS. I apologise to everyone who just wants to forget about Jade Goody now, or to let her simply rest in peace. By writing this review I know I haven't helped the situation. However, that is part of the point of my review - we might want to let it go now - however, a lot of us seem to have a lot to say on the issue!


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                        08.05.2009 16:29
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                        Rip gal!

                        Watching the McCann's unknowingly flaunt their kids on Channel Fours excellent documentary series 'Cutting Edge' last week as the cameras were invited into their family home near Leicestershire ( take note of the remaining kids bedroom layout and window locations and security why not!!) you cant help being cynical over how the couple have taken celebrity to another level. OK, the show was to mark the fact the abduction was two years ago to the day and a method to stimulate the fading search (and the rapidly dwindling donations) and although they are God fearing Catholics who think the same man up top who allowed their baby to be taken away in the first place is going to hand it back in an equally sadistic way you just cant help thinking they have become addicted to their unfortunate celebrity. The publicity maybe the method that enables them to continue the search but perhaps this is really about holding their marriage together, the couple unable to live without the cameras and flashbulbs,' the third person in the marriage', as Princes Diana once said (more about her later). But its also fascinating to read their body language and finally realise they are innocent. Kids do get abducted and theirs did, their middle-class status as caring medical professionals holding the cynical media pack off long enough to avoid the child killer tag and possible false prosecution in a foreign moustachioed land. The search and publicity is continuing not because the parents think they will find the kid and so make you think they didn't have anything to do with it but because of the guilt of not being there when the kid was taken and getting drunk and stuffing themselves instead at the time, something that will never go away, no parent able to live with that. Their marriage can not survive this and when the search stops they stop. They deserved the break in Portugal but not what happened to them. The rather ludicrous photo fit of Maddie two years older looking like an American kid from Idaho is where they are right now in the fruitless search.

                        Jade Goody, of course, never had that privilege, her story the McCann's in reverse, her life abducted by the celebrity that eventually killed her. She courted publicity she could never handle from day one and also paid the price, as if the cancer eating her away inside of her was celebrity itself rejecting her unglamarous looks in disgust that she got this far. Beautiful people are famous and not people that looked like Jade. But good old Jade was a savvy East End girl and was there only for the pay day, her looks not important from the day she was born. It was not her but celebrity that demanded she was sliced and diced by the plastic surgeon to live up to their standards, and probably the trauma that invited the cancer into her awkward body in the first place. I certainly don't despise Jade in any way and feel sorry for her passing and find the media the guiltier for what Jade became, celebrity Grim Reaper Max Clifford only too keen to usher her into the next world when the cheques dried up. At least she gets to go on the 'up' elevator and him on the 'down'. Yes that foghorn voice and dumb persona was incredibly annoying but no one deserves here fete at 24.

                        It was really quite sad to see the media turn on her over the Shilpa Shetty thing, Celebrity Big Brother closing the circle of fete for Jade. She went into the regular BB house as the loud mouth Bermondsey 'Chav' (cynically so on behalf of the producers) and three years later she was fittingly ejected from the celebrity version (cynically so by the same producers), all that make-over and sheen of being the working class girl made good quickly washed away by her bitchy churlish comments towards a very classy lady put in the house to get just this reaction. The truth is she was always that girl and never that racist, just talking like they do in the East End. What angers me the most about the way the media hammered her is they too are even more racist at their dinner parties and canteens. I know that, as do you, because we know most people are like Jade when caught off guard. If an Asian guy cuts you up at the lights the 'P' word you use isn't bloody 'pedestrian'. If Prince Harry does it we all do it. We are all hypocrites on race and a girl is dead because of that intolerable pressure put on her to bare that guilty burden of a nation. Some of the racism I hear from some white people, and indeed people of colour that you never expected to hear it from, is unbelievable.

                        Jade was the underclass Princess Diana, make no bones about it, her final funeral cortège a calculated tribute by Clifford to maximise his 10%. Yes her final days raised millions for charity but you can bet Clifford will still be earning off her ten years from now. Just as Diana was the patron saint to gay men and menopausal women, watched on by their designated drivers (bored husbands) as the sad whimpers laid those bizarre and somewhat cringing piles of bouquets in posh central London to a women they only knew from the telly, Jade was the princess of the underclass to single moms and fish wives in the same way, buggies and crumbling public busses pulling up to lay flowers at Jades funeral.

                        The general annoyance over Jade was why she became so rich and famous for doing absolutely nothing? Those working class people that admired her say she worked hard for her money yet no that not to be the case deep down. We know she had liposuction and plastic surgery so to make her fitness video and the front cover picture was seriously doctored. She basically never lost the weight and so the video was irrelevant. I suspect Clifford himself didn't think her fame would last ten minutes (quite rightfully) and so exploited her early on like any other Big brother contestant, he too amazed at her success. It says a lot that the ugliest of all of the contestants on that show would make the most money. Was enough of the nation collectively accepting we were no longer Great Britain by celebrating people like Goody.

                        The worst of the story is Jack Tweedy, her villainous thug showbiz boyfriend who knows a good deal when he sees it, unable to even look her in the eye at the shotgun wedding, he familiar with that weapon in his time no doubt. Poor old Jade had to revert to her crass comments in front of the congregation by making some comments about him starring at her 'baps', relieving lot of the embarrassment in that church and none more so than Tweedys guilt for playing the poor kid this long. But Jade went along with it and the final PR act of filming her life up until death as she had indeed sold her soul (or is it sole) to the devil.

                        Fortunately Jades people were sharp enough to cut Tweedy out of the will, something for him to ponder in jail, but soon to be 'papped' hanging of some Essex tart later this year that is also playing the fame game. Jades not bright enough to consider he was with her just for her money and celebrity. All she knew was rich and famous people get attractive partners. This is not a likeable bloke. Beating up a cabbie and facing prison when his wife has cancer is not the best move to fore fill that promise to look after her kids.

                        So what are the working class women and single mum's celebrating with Jade when they buy her perfumes and books and then weep at her funeral? Let's face it, who would want to smell like Jade Goody! Well they clearly did and perhaps buying into her products is as simple a thing as celebrating normality and the security of being a woman that doesn't want to be teacher or a doctor. They just want to be decent working class girls to live an easy life of benefits or repetitive employment, the perfunctory satellite dish on the council house beaming in trash and sucking out the hope of improving their lot as they watch everyone else have angry dull lives in the soaps. WKD and Eastenders is far more appealing to some than degrees and responsibility. Or maybe they really believed the advertising man that the ugly uncouth duckling could indeed become the fairytale princess of East Angular...


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