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He's the leader of the Chain Gang, was the star of The Marine, is a bona fide hip-hop star and one of the most recognizable and successful Superstars in WWE history. Who is he? None other than "The Champ" himself, John Cena

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    3 Reviews
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      28.07.2011 17:14
      Very helpful



      you cant see me

      You in the arena hes music started to play and the fans start chanting!!!!!!! its 50/50 with the cena fans you either love him or hate him hes a bit like marmite!!!!!!! they even created a group on facebook called the F.A.C.T.I.ON (Fans against cena) although he was not even the slightest bit bothered about them he took a t-shirt off them at wrestlemania 23 i know this coz i was their.

      John cena born- John Felix Anthony Cena born April 23, 1977)
      At the moment he is currently the wwe champion
      In WWE, Cena has won 18 championships in total, including 11 World Titles (having won the WWE Championship a record 9 times and the World Heavyweight Championship twice)

      Cena has also won the WWE United States Championship three times and is a four-time Tag Team Champion, having held the World Tag Team Championship twice (once each with Shawn Michaels, and Batista),[9] and the WWE Tag Team Championship twice (once each with David Otunga and The Miz). Cena also won the 2008 Royal Rumble match, and is a two-time Superstar of the Year Slammy Award winner (2009 and 2010).
      In 2001, Cena signed a contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) where he held the OVW Heavyweight Championship and the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship

      Cena has also released a c.d called you cant see me and has been in films 12 rounds the marine and legendary. and has also made a few television appearances.

      john cena has had many finishing moves in his career they are

      Finishing moves
      Attitude Adjustment (AA) (Standing fireman's carry takeover or a powerslam, sometimes from the second rope)

      Signature moves
      Belly to back suplex lifted and transitioned into a spin-out powerbomb
      Diving leg drop bulldog
      Dropkick, sometimes from the top rope
      Fisherman suplex
      Five Knuckle Shuffle (Running delayed fist drop, with theatrics, which almost always starts with a raised right hand, then wiping his face with the crowd calling 'You can't see me'.)
      Running leaping shoulder block
      Running one-handed bulldog
      Sitout hip toss
      Thesz press, followed by multiple punches
      Running jumping neck snap to a bent-over opponent
      Twisting belly to belly suplex
      Vertical suplex.

      the titles hes held within the WWE

      WWE Championship (9 times, current)
      World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)
      WWE United States Championship (3 times)
      WWE Tag Team Championship (2 times) - with David Otunga and The Miz
      World Tag Team Championship (2 times)- with Shawn Michaels (1) and Batista (1)
      Royal Rumble (2008)
      Slammy Award winner - 2009 and 2010 Superstar of the Year
      Slammy Award for Holy $#!+ Move of the Year (2010)

      You can hate him all you like but the fact is he up their with the like of stone cold, the undertaker,shawn michaels and hhh!!!!!!!!!!

      iv had the expirence of meeting john cena on a few occasions when i went to wrestlemania 21,22,23,24 and raw in the uk nemorous times and it still doesnt change my opinion on him at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      15.02.2010 12:57
      Very helpful



      Wise up to this guy all you marks

      I have been a wrestling fan for many many years, I've seen the boom of the 90's. Huge stars come and go, strange story lines you name it I've seen it. The most astounding thing to me about wrestling over the last 5 years or so is 1 thing - John Cena!. How this guy with no wrestling talent is seen as the number one guy in the company annoys and amuses me at the same time. I was at the last 2 Wrestlemania's, I've seen several House shows and been at umpteen live taping's of Raw, Smackdown and ECW. I venomously boo John Cena at all of these shows.

      On the Raw after Wrestlemania this year I was sitting behind a child who looked round in disbelief, I was joined by thousands of other booing the leader of the chain gang. All this was too much for this 9 year old to comprehend. WHY YALL BOOING JOHN CENA??? he said, well the answer is simple and I'm going to tell you.

      I can't put it any better than how it was put to Cena himself at the Hammerstein Ballroom at the first ECW one Night stand. At this event Cena faced Rob Van Dam for the WWE title. Upon entering the ring Cena did his usual taking off of the shirt and threw it to the crowd. That shirt was thrown straight back into the ring by the unimpressed in attendance. Once again Cena threw the shirt into a different section of the crowd. Again the shirt was returned to the ring with much vim and vigour, a slightly bemused Cena picked it up and threw it out to the crowd again. It was kept for a moment this time, that was until a chant rang out in the crowd "throw it back throw it back", It was subsequently returned and this time stayed on the apron of the ring.

      During the match the fans let it be known by they had such disdain for the WWE champion in 3 simple words, YOU CAN'T WRESTLE. That's the reason I don't like John Cena but it wasn't always the case...

      Those chants have followed Cena around Arenas for a few years now, he also received a less than hospitable welcome when inducting William "the Refrigerator" Perry into the WWE hall of fame. On that night he was met with another chant. "ONE MORE NIGHT" "ONE MORE NIGHT", this was in reference to the fact that the following night Cena would face Triple H for the title at Wrestlemania, those fans believed that surely the bosses son in law Triple H would be given the nod over Cena and thus Cena's title rein would end. But this was John Cena the blue eyed boy, and he would retain his title making Triple H tap out no less (not many have ever done that) This proves how favoured Cena was within WWE.

      Fans have tried to tell WWE for years that we just aren't buying it were the self proclamed "CHAMP" is concerned. Signs such as "we've Cena Nuff" and "John Cena for ages 8 -12" aren't a big enough clue?

      Why then is he so despised by hardcore fans? He's labelled as the all American hero, never back down, never quit etc... Lets go back for a moment to the Hammerstein Ballroom and measure the level of disdain for Cena from those in attendance. Everyone remembers the "you can't wrestle" chant. But there was also a sign that quite simply said " If Cena wins We Riot" and quite possibly they would have. `Thankfully on that night Cena didn't win, thanks to an assist from a motorcycle helmet wearing EDGE. Edge after his involvement received a "thank you Edge" chant. Bizarre of itself because at this time Edge was legitimately the most hated man in wrestling - not for any storyline, but for his actions in real life.

      I was an Edgehead myself until certain things came to light. I rooted for him to get over his neck injury, I read his blogs on WWE.com during his hiatus. But once news broke that Edge had cheated on his wife with Lita - the girlfriend of his best friend at the time Matt Hardy. Once this broke Matt was then fired from WWE and Edge and Lita bore the brunt because they had crossed the line. "You screwed Matt" chants followed them wherever they went. Yet as hated as edge was, fans were delighted when he screwed Cena out of the Title "Thank you Edge" The greater of 2 evils was obviously Cena being champion.

      Don't get me wrong that wasn't the only reason, those fans like myself were glad to see RVD finally get what he deserved and that was all a part of it.

      As I eluded to earlier my dislike for Cena wasn't always the way I felt many years ago he was quite entertaining. With his rapping and Mark E Mark / Vanilla Ice wannabe character making me laugh and smile. That persona was his niche. But when it became time for Cena to become a champion that persona was dropped for the more serious character he is today, He no longer pumps up his shoes, he rarely does the "you can't see me" gesture. this has been replace by a Chain gang Soldier a flag saluting serious guy who grimaces and screams and goes red when he is doing his comeback sometimes you think a vein is going to pop his head gets that red!. He previous persona was amusing, but the guy never had the talent to be "The Man" He's got like 4 moves. this is were the You can't wrestle chant comes from and why people are so against him. Its nothing personal he's just not good enough.

      WWE have tried everything to get the guy over with the fans, highlighting his feats of strength by lifting and FU-ing Big Show. Involving his family in storyline to give him the human aspect. He is cast as the whiter than white blue collar guy. Steve Austin even gave him a beer at the hall of fame just after making his acceptance speech. Some Males, and most Women and children are avid John Cena fans but they simply don't know any better.

      WWE don't understand why everything they have tried to make this guy over with the hardcore fans isn't working.

      I can explain that, Do you know that if Cena have of been on the scene 25 years earlier he would have been huge, another Hulk Hogan!. That's who Vince McMahon sees Cena as - This generations Hulk Hogan and he can't understand why he can't get the new Hulkster over to the masses. But if Hogan himself were to be just breaking into the business right now in this day and age, he would not reach the level that he did in the eighties and ninety's. Surely not you say. but it is true, you see Hogan like Cena is and was a limited worker with only a few moves. Cena is literally Hogan reincarnated. Hulking up has become the you can't see me gesture. The FU/Attitude adjustment and feats of strength involving Big Show bear striking resemblance to Hogans body presses of Andre the Giant. Both men's moves are limited to throwing punches and feats of strength, then hogan would "Hulk Up" use the big boot then the leg drop that's his moves set. Cena will throw punches "you can't see me" gesture, then an FU maybe a leg drop of the rope's and then maybe and STFU - this submission hold only added in the last few years to make Cena seem like a wrestler. I don't think I left any moves out did I?

      Vince is scratching his head, why won't the sheep do what I want? Why won't they cheer for who I want them too?. Simply put the world has moved on Vince and you should too, Built guys with a bit of personality won't cut it no matter how you sell them to us. We are more educated now than 25 years ago when all this stuff worked to make Hogan a star. We have internet, we have shorter attention spans. Back in the day Hogan was huge, seen as the biggest star, but Ric Flair is widely acknowledged as the better wrestler. Today Flair would be the bigger star. But I hear you cry Hogan is still appreciated now!! yes that is true but Time is a great deceiver, Hogan is still appreciated because 25 years ago we were easier to please and more easily led. We are smarter and more astute now. The reason Hogan still has his popularity is Nostalgia we look back fondly on memories. We can look at him now and say he's not what he was and as wrestlers get older we let them away with not quite reaching the same levels or performing the same feats, they are slower but we cheer anyway, its good to reminisce and remember the good old days. But we don't live there and neither should you Vince. times have changed. Do you honestly think if someone with Hogans limited abilities, Physique and Charisma came on the scene now telling us to say our prayers and eat or vitamins that it would fly? Shawn Michaels alluded to Hogans lack of ability with his quip after there Summerslam match a few years back. a tongue in cheek remark about Hogans style that even Shawn couldn't figure out!.

      But I digress back to Cena, Would making the guy come back early from injury to win the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant get him over do you think? NO it didn't!! What if we give him another catch phrase like " The champ is here" along with "you can't see me" Stop trying to shove this guy down our throats we wont have it! Cena even had the gall to challenge the ROCK at a Wrestlemania. John your not fit to lace his boots. One of the most shameful things to ever happen was Cena winning the World Title, formerly the WCW title, this belt was historically preserved for the artists of their craft - pure wrestlers, Guys who could go ( yes I know in the latter days of WCW even this detoriated with David Arquette becoming the Champ). The WWF Title at times went to the man with most Charisma even if he was lacking were rassling was concerned. Cena winning the WWF title was a bridge too far yes he had the personality but for him to win a title with prestige held by great champions like the World Title made me sick.

      So what next to finally get our boy over? we've already gotten him to do what no one else has, I bet I have an idea. I bet some bright sparks gonna suggest that John Cena be the one to eventually break the Undertakers Streak at a futire Wrestlemania. that will get him over right?? Wrong he will get booed more than ever and we will switch over in droves!! But you know what don't be surprised if it happens. you heard it here first. Stick to the movie's and the music John because you can't Wrestle.


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        02.08.2009 20:46
        Very helpful



        Can someone shoot this clown?

        John Cena? Again? What he's won again? With that crappy move he does? (well he does only do about 3) Boooooring. Come one what do the fans see in this untalented guy with a cheap and relatively poor wigga gimmick that's staler than the idea that wrestling's a sport. It's sports entertainment, the fans of it accept that, we all know if you punch someone in the face their face messes up and your hand breaks simple.

        Sadly for those real wrestling fans who remember the likes of The four Horsemen and the Fantastic Freebirds, John Cena takes a dump on what we used to watch. The idea that a wrestling match should have turns, the heel V the face, the good guy bad guy, the coming back from the brink of a loss. Sadly the great matches that made the Rock-Stone Cold, and the Flair-Steamboat rivalries so good are so rare now that the WWE is dying a death of it's own cause.

        With the idea that John Cena could be the next great beacon of the WWE's survival, this generations Rock/Hogan/Austin/Thesz if you will, sadly, is misguided. In wrestling your move set often limits your matches, look at the good old pokemon of wrestling, Kevin Nash who knows 4 moves (Powerbomb, thrust thing, big boot, irish whip) managed to reach the top due to being a 7 foot fella who fulfilled Vince's fetish for giants, but rarely seemed to be in a good match. Cena fails on the one thing Nash did, and even under cuts him on the moves side, if you look at the most exciting fighters, the Mysterio's or the CM punks, the Hardy's and (going to TNA) Samoa Joe, Chris Daniels and AJ Styles these have a huge amount of moves in their arsenal and as a result attract fans.

        If the WWE is going to survive on the (admittedly strong) shoulders of Cena it needs to change a whole load of things, and one of them is to stop viewing Cena as a good guy. If you try forcing something down some ones throats the result is them throwing up all over your hand, the phenomenon has been seen in wrestling in the past, can you remember the Rock's debut? He was forced down as the next smiling happy face, and was boo'ed by the crowd because they saw through it. Austin was pushed as a heel and the WWF (well it was WWF back then) hit pay dirt as the fans loved the act and made him a fan favourite despite him being a heel/tweener. Cena on the other hand has seen fans divided, the marks (the guys who believe it's real) have fallen head over heels for a white American with muscles who thinks he can rap sadly those who can see they are being force fed tripe have boo'ed him, showing that his face role isn't winning folks over.

        Now a quick turn of the company's top face would seem like the best idea, but historically there hit and miss, with WCW's two biggest face to heel turns going under ground swiftly with Sting and Goldberg's. So Cena who's a lousy wrestler in all honestly, merely a strong guy in a wrestling industry, could try and turn and the turn would be a huge success as he's not been a clean cut good guy, he's been a rude face. It's not been the I'm going to beat you type act that has taken him to where it is, it's the your stupid and ugly and I'm stronger that's done it for him. Those outside of 13 year olds can see through it. So turning into a heel on the principle of you all suck, and I'll beat you all, especially you, you little mommy's boy towards the crowd will guarantee him being a huge heel.

        Though how much the company are willing to risk their flavour of the month being booed just because it'd be offensive, is the problem. The company's top fighters such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and HHH are all getting on, and the next generation such as CM Punk aren't quite there yet. The reliance on fairly standard fighters like Cena and Edge to supplement the top of the current crew (Orton, Batista) means that the need for Cena to remain face is definitely there, a shame.
        The huge and rather undeserved push of Cena has annoyed a lot of true wrestling fans, sadly it's ever emerging younger audience has taken a rather loving approach to him. This generations Hogan he isn't, a complete failure? Hardly, just not what he's cracked up to be, more a rather limited brawler.


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