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Liverpool F.C.

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    166 Reviews
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      12.07.2010 12:52
      Very helpful



      They've won it five times!

      Chelsea have been very successful in the past few years winning league titles and various cups and along with Manchester City I expect them to feature prominently in the race for the Premiership title for the next couple of seasons at least. Tottenham of course finished fourth qualifying for the chance to play in the Champions League, a brilliant achievement because although they are not struggling financially by any stretch of the imagination they do not have the assistance of a super rich foreign owner like the two previous clubs mentioned. Although these three teams will possibly win a massive proportion of the domestic trophies and even European competitions available in the coming seasons along with maybe Villa, in my mind there are only three teams that have the history to be referred to as the best and biggest in England, these are Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool. I know that Nottingham Forest have won two European Cups and Aston Villa won it in 1982 but the former are no where near the levels they reached under Clough and Aston Villa have not really won all that much since the early eighties, definitely nothing as prestigious as the League or the Champions League.

      I am not from Liverpool or in fact a Liverpool supporter but I do have tremendous respect and affection for the club and its history which has at times been triumphant but also tinged with tragedy, never the less always extremely eventful and so I find it such a shame to see it in the state which it currently is. There are major financial problems, the American owners when purchasing Liverpool FC borrowed heavily and then placed this burden of the debt on to the club itself and to make things just that bit worse missing out on Champions League qualification has reduced the budget and cash flow as well. Obviously this makes it almost impossible to make new acquisitions to improve the squad of players needed to challenge for honours but more worryingly the star names like Gerrard, Torres and Mascherano may need to be sold to keep the famous club afloat.

      There are some things to be grateful for though, the departure of Rafa Benitez for one in my opinion is such a blessing. He won the Champions League in 2005 and the FA Cup in 2006 and he no doubt played his part but arguably Gerrard dragged the team across the line in both of those finals. In recent times though I found his interviews with the media so objectionable, he acted with no class, dignity or grace constantly berating referees and even sarcastic to the point of describing one official as perfect and that they never make mistakes. In complete contrast new appointment Roy Hodgson appears a gentleman, honest, gracious often giving the opposition credit when it is due and not blaming his own failures and inadequacies on the men in black. Rafa's substitutions have been questionable, one famous occasion when Gerrard gave a look of utter disbelief at the removal of Torres when the team were in need of goals and don't get me started on his transfer record. He purchased Fernando Torres but it doesn't take a genius to work out that he would be a good addition to any team but some of the other players just were not good enough, Voronin should never have been able to wear the red shirt just based on his ponytail alone.

      Watching Spain in the World Cup just made me constantly think how on earth he could have let Xabi Alonso leave, what a wonderful player he is and his treatment of Robbie Keane was awful, he definitely would have scored more goals if given a good run in the team. Arguably Crouch and Bellamy were as good as or better than other strikers that were brought in to replace them and Dirk Kuyt does show the honourable quality of working hard and he will run all day long, this may be acceptable with respect if you play for Wigan or Fulham but Dalglish, Keegan, Ian St John and Fowler became Anfield legends because they possessed a bit more than a strong work ethic.

      Can you imagine what it would be like to be a supporter of Inter Milan? You have had the privilege of the special one Jose Mourinho leading your club to an unprecedented treble and when he leaves for pastures new the owners of the club reveal his replacement is Rafa Benitez, I think I would have to take to the streets in protest. It would be like courting a beautiful girl with the sweetest most lovely personality and then if that relationship ended falling in to the arms of a completely abhorrent new girlfriend.

      Liverpool FC became a dynasty under the stewardship of Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan and Kenny Dalglish winning 18 league championships, 4 European Cups (although they have now won five) and countless other pots and pans. Since those heady days though the league has evaded them and Souness, Evans, Houllier and Benitez were only able to add to the tally of cups.

      Like with all great clubs there are times the supporters would rather forget like the cream Armani suits at the FA Cup final in 1996 or the league title in 1989 which they narrowly lost out on to Arsenal after being beaten 2-0 at Anfield in the last game of the season. This games features heavily in the film version of Fever Pitch starring Colin Firth, my mother doesn't really follow football but she likes this film and I recommend it thoroughly.

      Real tragedy struck in 1989 though when 96 innocent supporters were crushed and killed at the FA Cup semi final against Forest at Hillsborough. Initially the fans who attended the match were blamed for what happened and absolute scandalous lies were told about them in the Sun newspaper. On the contrary the fans who escaped with no or only minor injuries tried to help the wounded by using advertising barriers around the pitch as make shift stretchers. There is an interesting and moving documentary about this horrendous event on the official club website and I also enjoyed if that is the right word the dramatisation of the disaster and the aftermath by Jimmy McGovern with actors like Christopher Ecclestone and Ricky Tomlinson. To this day although the public generally accept that no blame lay with the fans themselves and that it was more than likely negligence on behalf of the police, they haven't had proper justice, why not? Justice for the Ninety-six!

      There have been so many great players, moments and goals that it is impossible to talk about in many articles let alone just this one and hopefully with Mr Hodgson at the helm and if the owners can pull themselves together for the good of something that is so much more important than themselves I am sure that this great team can challenge and return to the upper echelons where it belongs.


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        09.04.2010 11:16
        Very helpful
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        A club aiming high with fans but maybe lacking the owners with the vision

        Liverpool FC is one of the worlds most successful clubs and is one of the biggest names in game today as it was in the past but what makes Liverpool the club it is?

        The club:

        Liverpool FC based in the merseyside area at its history filled home of Anfield stadium has long been a top name in the English game and competed with some of the best teams in Europe which has given the fans of the club throughout the world amazing times. The club is known for its amazing fans and when playing at home the stadium rings out with You'll Never Walk Alone which has become an anthem for the club (I still remember when Liverpool played Celtic in Europe in home and away ties and had simply amazing singing going on throughout).

        Recently the club have been going through a period of change where American owners stepped in to purchase the club (followed by the owners not speaking to each other) and trying to move the club on to the next level where they are able to challenge for the league title (currently the club manages to complete for top 4 finishes and therefore qualify for the Champions League) and continue to have success in europe. The clubs main issue of late has been finances as the stadium is not able to be developed to increase capacity so a new stadium needs to be looked into by the board to keep up with other clubs who have gained income potential thanks to increased stadiums.

        The club has long been a team players are proud to have played for and thanks to the name being so well known they are a club able to attract top staff with the current manager Rafa Benitez being a hugely successful manager who is wanted by many clubs europe wide. The big name has also made it a club who are able to bring in large sponsorship income and this is something that gives the club an amazing foothold in the English games top division.

        The players:

        With a successful club come the big names of the past like Ian Rush, Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, John Barnes, Steve McManaman, Bruce Grobelar, Sami Hyppia and Neil Ruddock all having contributed to making the club the success it has been over recent times but with all of these now moved on are the new crop as good?
        The current side includes some amazing players with Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Fernando Torres, Pepe Reina, Dirk Kuyt and Daniel Agger forming a good foundation for the side to move along but when you look at the side overall you feel that a lack of depth in the top players numbers will be something that will hold this club back from moving along and this is why you have to hope for the owners being able to put some serious money into the purchasing of new players to help push the club back to where it should be.

        Overall this is a club which has amazing fans, a good backbone of a squad and staff who could push the club on to become challengers for the Premier League but with owners who are not willing to put money in to truly develop this club the way it deserves and a stadium making the club have a disadvantage over rivals for the top of the table you feel that things are not looking likely to move on as quickly as the fans had been led to believe or hoped for.


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          28.05.2009 13:38
          Very helpful



          Excitement and thrills but no end result!

          Well have been looking at some of the reviews on here for liverpool. They are all very good, but thought I would do something a little different, instead of reviewing the club, I'm going to review the season 08/09. So if your after general info about the club, you should prob read another review.

          So in the summer of 2008 Liverpools season was about to begin. After never winning a premiership title and being dominated by manchester united for the past 15 years, Liverpool fans were hoping for something to cheer about! Would they get it?

          No serious action in the transfer market, the most noticable addition to the side wa Albert Riera, formly of Man City, could he have an impact this season?

          So on Sat 16th August Liverpool travelled to Sunderland to start there campaign. Fans were hoping for a nice easy start to the season, they didnt get it. After struggling to find there form only a wonder strike from Fernando Torres in the 83rd min saved the day. The left with the 3 points but it was far from a good performance.

          Next up home to Middlesbrough, again on paper an easy result. Again anything but! After 85 mins liverpool were 1-0 down! Only a lucky own goal and then a 94th min strike from hero Gerrard were enough to win the game. Another dodgy result, but even though not playing well there was evidence of a real fighting spirit in Liverpool.

          A goal less draw away to Villa was no disaster up next.

          Then the big one. Liverpool v Man Utd. Man U have recently won the majority of the games and this bitter rivalry was set to continue. After just 3 mins Tevez opened the scoring and broke Liverpool hearts. Liverpool play very well and in the 27th min a bizarre own goal bring the scores level. Again Liverpool press but cant find the break through. Then in the 77 min Ryan Babel strikes on into the ground and it bounces into the net! 2-1 Liverpool! Despite late pressure Liverpool hold on, Vidic is sent of in the 90th min to rub salt into the wounds. Sudenly the season explodes into life!!!

          Next up a very bad result, 0-0 home to Stoke, a 2nd min opening goal from Gerrard wrongly disallowed and after that Liverpool are frustrated.

          A run of 3 wins next against Everton, a fast improving Man City and Wigan, some late goals seeing Liverpool home again.

          Next up Chelsea, Liverpool struggled against big 4 games in previous seasons. And Chelsea have not lost at home for a few season. Odds stacked against Liverpool. However another freak own goal from Bosingwa and liverpool hold on for a 1-0 win!

          At this stage everything looks good for liverpool! They are ahead of there main rivals and fans are becoming optomistic for a change!

          A win against Portsmouth next, no probs.

          Then a shock result against Tottenham. After being all over Tottenham and being 1-0 up. 2 late goals sink the red and Tottenham take the points. Liverpool look to be gutted!

          A few wins against West Brom and Bolton next keep liverpools title challenge on course.

          At this point in the season Liverpool are joint top with Chelsea, Man U are a massive 8 points behind, the future looks bright!

          Then another 0-0 draw at home to Fulham followed up by another 0-0 to West Ham. This is were Liverpool season came unstuck.

          A solid 3-1 against Blackburn looks to put Liverpool back on track.

          Then another draw against prem surprise package Hull! 2-2. Problems a plenty for the reds as they drop back down the table.

          A 1-1 at Arsenal is not a bad result but all these draws are starting to hurt liverpool!

          Two good wins against Bolton and Newcastle show the fans what the team is capable of next. And at the turn of the year Liverpool are back on top of the table after Chelsea have been going through a bad patch. Man Utd are still 7 points off the pace.

          Next up another 0-0 to Stoke, Liverpool will rue these missed chances come the end of the season!

          A draw at home to Everton next with Cahill breaking hearts and scoring in the 87min. Followed up by yet another draw to Wigan!

          Next up big game against Chelsea, after a vert hard fought match Lampard is sent off in the 60th minute. Tempers fray and the two teams really go for it. Then in the 89min Torres strikes to put the reds in front. Then as Chelsea try hit back he scores again in the 94th min. 2-0 Liverpool, again things are looking up.

          Only a 92min strike from Torres give liverpool a win over Portsmouth. Then a draw against Man City frustrates the fans.

          Then a shock result losing 2-0 to Middelsbough. Only Liverpools 2nd loss of the season so far.

          At the start of March the table has turned on its head. Liverpool down to 3rd, after Man Utd have been flawless. 7 points behind with Utd having a game in hand. Surley Liverpools title dreams are over!

          A nice easy win against Sunderland keep then in the hunt, then....

          The big one!! Man Utd v Liverpool. Utd lookking for revenge from earlier in the season. An early penalty from Ronaldo looks to break Liverpool hearts yet again. You don't come back from 1-0 down at Old Trafford, or do you??
          5 mins later Torres after giving Vidic no end of trouble breaks through and scores. Then just before the break another penalty and Gerrard does the unthinkable, Liverpool lead!! The 2nd half is packed with incident, Liverpool are playing dream football, in the 77th min Gerrard skins Vidic who hauls him down. Vidic see red and suddenly Liverpool look favorites. From the resulting free kick Aurelio bends the ball in to give Liverpool a 3-1 lead. Then as Utd press Dossena breaks from and lobs Van Der Sae brilliantly to give Liverpool an unlikey 4-1 victory! Game on!!!

          High on confidence Liverpool batter Villa 5-0, and then sneak a 1-0 with Fulham. Then they batter Blackburn 4-0 and Utd have slipped up, the gap is closing.

          Next up one of the most bizarre games ever. Liverpool v Arsenal. Liverpool are on fire they batter Arsenal with some magic football, Arsenal only manage 4 shots on target. Somehow though the score is 4-4! An incredible result and surely the end of the season for liverpool!

          They beat Hull next but are still 3 points behind Utd and they have a game in hand.

          Two 3-0 win against struggling Newcastle and the West Ham keep the pressure on, but Utd are to string, they scrape a few wins and clinch the title.

          Wins against West Brom and Tottenham finish of the season but Liverpool finish 4 point down on Utd.

          Overall a really good season, they achieve 86 points which in most season would have been enough to win the title. However Utds brilliant run in the second half of the season denies the reds there first prem title.

          The future does look bright however for Liverpool. A few good signing in the summer and they can really put in a good challenge for the premiership next season. Well done the reds!!


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            22.05.2009 00:48
            Very helpful



            A team thats on the rise, could be the new Premier League champions if the summer brings big names

            Liverpool FC was established in 1892 by John Houlding and won its first league championship as early as 1900. It has since gone on to become the most successful british football team of all time winning 18 top flight division titles, 7 league cups, 7 FA cups, UEFA cup 3 times and the Champions League/European Cup 5 times.

            It's most notable managers are Bill Shankley (1959 - 1974), Bob Paisley (1974 - 1983) and Kenny Dalglish (1985 - 1991). Currently Rafa Benitez is in charge and has been since 2004.

            Liverpool's history has been attributed with many legendary players such as Kevin Keegan, Emlyn Hughes, Roger Hunt, Ray Clemence, Ian Callaghan, Alan Hansen, Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, John Barnes, Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen. Currently Liverpool's team boasts Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and Jamie Carragher. With other solid players consisting of Xavi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Daniel Agger and rumours of Gareth Barry and Carlos Tevez, Liverpool's future looks bright.

            Recently Liverpool have been outperformed by Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, despite being finalists on two occasions in the Champions League (winning one in 2005). However the 2008/09 season has seen Liverpool make its first serious title challenge for years with Manchester United narrowly winning a week before the season ended. Losing only 2 games all season and obtaining enough points that would of won the league most other seasons Liverpool were certainly unlucky but this hasnt dampened the mood of Benitez who pledges to spend big in the summer of 2009.

            A new 60,000 seater stadium, based in the Stanley Park area of Liverpool started making progress a few years back now but has since been stalled by the current economic climate's effect on the American owners; George Gillett and Tom Hicks.


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              29.03.2009 01:33



              Fabulous team, always one of the best

              Liverpool Football Club is owned by Tom Hicks and George Gillett, two American businessmen. The manager of the club at present is Rafael Benitez, whose role is to keep all of the players in line and make sure they train to their highest ability.
              Over the years Liverpool FC have won 5 European Cups and 18 League Titles.
              The current main goal keepers are Pepe Reina and Diego Cavalieri.
              The captain of the team is the Liverpool born Steven Gerrard and the vice captain is Jamie Carragher, also from Liverpool. These are two of the few English players on the team.
              Their home kit is mainly red with white logos and their away kit consists of grey with red on it.
              Liverpool's home ground is called Anfield, in Anfield, Liverpool. They have played at Anfield since they were founded in 1892.
              They are usually in one of the Top 4 spots in the Premier League and are one of the highest standard English teams to date.


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                14.03.2009 14:46
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                One Day The League Title Might Return To Anfield.

                Liverpool FC are an English Premier League football club founded in 1892 and their nickname is the rather unimaginative "The Reds".

                They have two arch rivals, their Merseyside neighbours Everton FC and fellow North West of England geographical giants Manchester United.

                The club play at the historic Anfield ground. The supporters have adopted the anthem You'll Never Walk Alone which is sung before each match kicks off. The tradition of singing it started in the 1960s after it was a pop hit recording by the Merseyside band Gerry & The Pacemakers.

                Apart from that I am not aware of any other reason why it is sung as in actual fact the song is originally from the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical "Carousel".

                Indeed it is sung by supporters of lots of other teams all over the world, to name but one Celtic FC who are based in Glasgow, Scotland.

                Liverpool were the major force in English football in the mid 1960s and then again from 1972 until 1990 but since then have been successful on and off but much more so in domestic and European Cup competitions. Their main nemesis in the League has been Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United.

                A few of Liverpool's greatest ever post war players have been:

                Roger Hunt, Ian Callaghan, Steve Highway, Graeme Souness, Kenny Dalglish, Kevin Keegan, John Toshack, Ray Clemence, Michael Owen, Emlyn Hughes, Tommy Smith and Alan Hansen.

                Liverpool famously had a player called David Fairclough who was nicknamed "Supersub". He was generally acknowledged as being one of the lesser gifted footballers in their squad so was often not in the starting line up.

                However, he very often came off of the bench fairly near the end of the game to make an impact or score a goal. He also won one cap at England Under 21 level.

                Probably Liverpool's most famous manager was Bill Shankly, manager during the 1960s, who once when asked what football meant, answered: "Football is not a matter of life and death, it's more important than that"


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                  14.01.2009 14:05
                  Very helpful



                  Worth a visit if you can manage to buy a ticket!!

                  As an Evertonian I have been at Anfield on numerous occasions watching the local derby. It is situated across the road from the Everton ground.

                  The stadium is very modern but is too small for the large number of fans that are attracted to the ground. Therefore it is very often difficult getting tickets for matches. There is also a large waiting list for Season Tickets.

                  Liverpool FC also offers tours around the ground showing the stadium and its museum.

                  Liverpool have planning permission to move their stadium a few hundred yards away in part of Stanley Park. Due to the Credit Crunch and building costs soaring the plans have been shelved.

                  For those visiting Anfield (the name of the stadium) there is a large sized souvenir shop which is well worth a visit. Also Shankly gates. Right next to Shankly gates you will see a memorial to the 96 Liverpool fans who so tragically lost their lives in an FA Cup Semi Final in 1989. You will see the eternal flame too.


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                  09.12.2008 22:41
                  Very helpful



                  The greatest team today

                  Liverpool F.C. has always been amongst the top teams and because of the quality of the players, it has maintained its top spot. Even as we speak, they are top of the premiership league table.
                  They have always played at Anfield, which is their home ground and have won more first division titles than any other english team.
                  I have always been a livepool supporter since i was a little girl.
                  I used to absolutely adore michael owen and was heartbroken when he left.
                  Having said that though, there are a couple of old time players left such as Jamie Carragher and Sami Hypia who will always be a favourite amongst fans as they never fail to deliver.

                  Steven Gerrard is the captain and is probably the best player on the team. He always keeps the team motivated and i think one of the reasons that this club is so successful is because the players are great at working as a team. He always gives 110% at every single match and normally scores top quality goals aswell.
                  Also, Fernando Torres is one of the best strikers in the world and is invaluable to the team. He is also very fast and a favourite amongst fans.


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                    23.11.2008 15:09
                    Very helpful



                    Please comment

                    Instead of just doing a generic review on Liverpool FC, that most people have done here, what I will do is a player by player analysis on the current first team and then make updates ever summer.

                    Pepe Reina: Quality Goalkeeper who has really established himself over the last few seasons as our undisputable number 1, although he does have the odd problem catching high balls into the box, but this will only pass with time

                    Aurellio: He has been chosen ahead of Dossena as Aurellio has been more consistent, but he has yet to make the left back position his own and should be making more attacking runs down the wring

                    Carragher: Well a fan's favourite and living legend and eats, breaths, sleeps Liverpool football club. Has made many memorable performances, with his best against AC Milan in the champions league final of 2005

                    Skrtl: Has made the spot besides Carragher his own this season and athough injuries still trouble him, he should keep this spot. Agger made score some great goals but defensively Skrtl reigns supreme

                    Arbeloa: His only competition is Degen who seems light weight and Arbeloa has the knack of not scoring often, but when he does score they are great goals.

                    Mascherano: Well he is the new captain of Argentina and a rock in front of the defence, and arguably the greatest in his position in the world

                    Alonso: The passing master, who has looked back to his best this season and to think he was nearly sold with Barry as a replacement

                    Gerrard: Captain fantastic and the scorer of only top drawer goals. There's too many great performances to name, but the one that sticks out is the FA Cup final of 2006 with his legendary half volley.

                    Kuyt: Not a regular goalscorer but no one can doubt his ability to fight till the end and he is a gladiator. This season he has shown his fox in the box capabilities and has secured his first team spot although from midfield

                    Torres: Awesome striker and one of the best in the world. Has everything in his repetoire and should not be sold at any cost. A match winner of the finest quality

                    Keane: Has shown patches, but is not justifying the 20million spent this season. Will need to bang in more than the 4 goals so far, if he is to stay at Anfield beyond next summer.

                    If anyone disagrees with the choice of players, or wants to add anything, then please comment


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                      10.08.2008 19:15
                      Very helpful



                      There's a really good squad this year, but can they become greats?

                      Liverpool are the most successful team in the United Kingdom. With 18 Championships, 6 FA cups, 7 League cups, 5 European Cups, and 16 Charity shields, they have had more silverware than you can shake a stick at.

                      However, after the decade of the "spice boys", the fantastic Liverpool team of the 90s that failed to live up to expectations due to their partying lifestyle, Liverpool had failed to recreate the success of the 70's and 80's, with a string of unsuccessful campaigns failing to meet expectations.

                      After the heroics of Istanbul in 2005, where Liverpool came back from being 3-0 down against European giants AC Milan to win the Champion's League, there was a fantastic belief that 2005/06 would be THE SEASON. The season where Liverpool recreated the heroics of old. The season where Liverpool played fantastic football. The season where Liverpool won the league.

                      Perhaps expectation was a bit too high, but Liverpool managed to once again pick up silverware, winning the FA Cup final after being 3-1 down against West Ham, and an improved season finish of 3rd (as opposed to the 5th in 2004/05, behind local rivals everton).

                      So 06/07 became THE SEASON. And once again Liverpool failed to compete for the league, staying at third but reaching another final, once again against AC Milan in the champions league final, but failed to replicate the heroics of Istanbul and came out of the season without silverware.

                      Then the summer of 2007 came, and a young Spaniard called Fernando Torres came to Liverpool with a £20million pricetag. The Spaniard woo'd the press and fans alike, and once again fresh hope came to Liverpool. Indeed, during the 2007/08 season, it took until christmas before Liverpool lost a match, but off pitch battles within the club along with a string of injuries ruined the season, leaving Liverpool 4th, 11 points away from the champions.

                      So, what makes the 2008/09 season any better? Well, one difference is the age of the team - more and more younger players are entering the first team, with several key 28-32 year olds adding experience to the squad. The purchase of Robbie Keane and N'Gog has strengthened the team, but how much difference will they make?

                      CURRENT SQUAD (as of 10/08/08)
                      1 GK Diego Cavalieri
                      So far he's had no starts in proper competitions, having only joined Liverpool in in June 2008. However, he's looked strong with the gloves on, and has read potential to take the gloves off Pepe Reina in the future.

                      2 DF Andrea Dossena
                      Another player brand new to the team, Dossena has looked very capable of making the left back position his own, with lightning runs and fantastic footwork. On the ball, he seems unstoppable, though he is untested in the Premier League at present.

                      3 DF Steve Finnan
                      Steve Finnan is one of only two players to have played in every tier of English football along with in the Champions League and Europe. Although he looks to be heading out of Anfield this summer, he will undoubtedly be remembered for his fantastic competitive spirit and quiet, relaxed demeanor.

                      4 DF Sami Hyypiä
                      At the grand old age of 34, Sami Hyypiä is the oldest player in the young Liverpool squad. Although his pace is no longer enough to keep up with the speed of the game at times, he is undoubtedly a strong part of the Liverpool team and a legend in his own right.

                      5 DF Daniel Agger
                      Agger is one of Liverpool's up and coming young central defenders. He is passionate in the manner of Carragher, but with more skill on the ball and a capability to press forward, though this occasionally means that he can be caught out while tracking back.

                      7 FW Robbie Keane
                      A new boy in the squad, 28 year old Keane is an old hand in the Premier League, having had success with Tottenham, Leeds and Coventry before his move to Liverpool. From Preseason friendlies, he seems to work well with Fernando Torres.

                      8 MF Steven Gerrard (captain)
                      Rarely a bad word is said about Gerrard, the strong forceful captain of Liverpool. He can be the driving force behind Liverpool and force victory when he's in a passionate enough mood, with his fantastic right foot, and a fiery temper (occasionally seen in Derbies).

                      9 FW Fernando Torres
                      After a lightning 2007/08 campaign, the 2008/09 season is to be the one where Torres is to prove that the hype was justified. With pace and fire, Torres is another Liverpool player capable of dominating the games, though in the preseason friendlies of 2008 he played in an almost lazy manner which was never seen during the previous campaign - one can only hope he's saving himself for the start of the proper season.

                      10 FW Andriy Voronin
                      Andriy Voronin has had a difficult first season in England, with less success than he would have perhaps hoped. Preferred last season for the likes of Dirk Kuyt and Peter Crouch, this season he has taken another knock down the pecking order with the arrival of Robbie Keane and N'Gog. However, he has the makings of a super-sub with his ability to score within minutes of coming on the pitch.

                      12 DF Fábio Aurélio
                      After an injury hit season, Aurélio can only hope his health holds up so that he can fight for his place against the likes of Dossena. Aurélio is strong going forward, but can be easily exposed at the back.

                      14 MF Xabi Alonso
                      The 2007/08 season may have been Xabi's last for Liverpool, which is a real shame. He was a bright spark when he first arrived at Liverpool, and though his shine has dulled a bit over the years he is still a fantastic player and incredibly skillful.

                      15l MF Yossi Benayoun
                      Yossi Benayoun arrived at Liverpool in the summer of 2007 in a shroud of controversy. However, that was soon shrugged off with flair and skill. Though Yossi is a bit-part player in the Liverpool squad, his talent is visible.

                      16 MF Jermaine Pennant
                      Pennant is a player in the Liverpool squad by the tips of his fingers. Excluding the rare moment of skill (most notably against his old club Arsenal) he has failed to shine in the manner you would expect from a player who cost up to £8 million.

                      17 DF Álvaro Arbeloa
                      Arbeloa is a player who was starting to make the right back position his own. He is capable of playing anywhere along the back four and has a fantastic versatile left foot.

                      18 FW Dirk Kuyt
                      Dirk Kuyt came under much criticism during the 2007/08 campaign. After the death of his father, his form understandably dropped, and at times it seemed that it would never improve. However, towards the end of the season he began to shine again and became the hard working power horse that he had been in the previous season.

                      19 MF Ryan Babel
                      The dutch winger is fast and skillful in his position on the wing, running fantastic lines and passing impressive short balls. His crossing, however, leaves much to be desired.

                      20 MF Javier Mascherano
                      Mascherano, or "The Chief", is the miniscule central midfielder in the Liverpool squad, with lots of passion and determination. Occasionally his temper gets the better of him, but for the most part he is worthy of his place in the fantastic midfield.

                      21 MF Lucas
                      Lucas Leiva is a speedy Brazilian in the squad (one of the first Brazilians to ever play for Liverpool). He is quite young and does lack a bit of composure, but his quality is undoubtable, and he could be a regular in the squad in a year or two.

                      22 DF Emiliano Insúa
                      Insúa is a very young Liverpool player at only 19. He has a tough fight to try and become the first choice left-back, but he is quite determined and could succeed due to pure hard work.

                      23 DF Jamie Carragher (vice-captain)
                      I could write an entire essay on Jamie Carragher. My personal favourite on the Liverpool team, he has the determination of a bulldog and the passion of the greats. What he lacks in skill on the ball he makes up for in his last ditch tackles and protection on the goal-line. He is an echo of the Liverpool players of old, with the traditional style of defending. And he scores the occasional goal too. You know, maybe one in 5 years?

                      24 FW David N'Gog
                      David N'Gog is the recently arrived frenchman from Paris St Germain with bags of quality and an unpronounceable name. I can't comment on his ability in a Liverpool shirt, but he was quite good for Paris, with very few goals but a high work rate.

                      25 GK Pepe Reina
                      Liverpool's first choice goalkeeper is a real character, and has won the golden gloves for the premiership for the last 3 years. His fearless approach to goalkeeping is what helped him knock champions league hero Jerzy Dudek out of his position in goal.

                      26 MF Jay Spearing
                      A local lad, Jay Spearing is perhaps not quite ready to start for Liverpool yet, but he is sure to get some games at least on the bench this season, and has the ability to get into the squad in a few years time.

                      27 DF Philipp Degen
                      I can't comment much on Degen, because although I've seen him in the friendlies and playing once for Borussia Dortmund and Switzerland, I can't say I was overly impressed, but I trust Rafa's judgement, so who knows?

                      28 MF Damien Plessis
                      Damien Plessis looks to have the makings of a good player. I'm not too familiar with him, so I'll leave my judgement for later in the season.

                      29 FW Krisztián Németh
                      Németh was one of the best players in the Liverpool reserve team last year by an absolute country mile. However, in his preseason games he has been trying so hard to impress that his talent can't really shine. If he relaxes a bit, he can be a good player.

                      30 GK Charles Itandje
                      Not even worth mentioning. He *can* block some shots, but his overall talent would be better placed in the Championship instead of the Premiership.

                      31 MF Nabil El Zhar
                      After an injury hit season, the 2008/09 season could be El Zhar's year. What little I have seen from him has been full of potential.

                      32 DF Stephen Darby
                      Darby is one of the local lads with the best chance of breaking into the first team squad. Young and full of enthusiasm, Darby is a sturdy player.

                      37 DF Martin Skrtel
                      Skrtel is fast becoming a fan favourite due to his crunching tackles and rough exterior (to the extent that many fans have started using Chuck Norris comments to refer to him "The boogeyman checks under his bed at night to see if Martin Skrtel is there" etc) he is the hard-man of the Liverpool back line, and another one of the quality centre backs in the Liverpool squad.

                      MANAGER - Rafa Benitez
                      Rafa Benitez has, in his first 4 years as Liverpool manager, reached 2 champions league finals, an FA cup final and a Carling cup final, though admittedly many of these occurred in his early years. Whether or not he can win the league this year is debatable, but there is no doubt that the 2008/09 squad is the strongest of his campaign teams. Arguements with the owners marred the 2007/08 team, so Benitez may need to suck up a bit to the unwanted Americans.

                      STRONGEST 11 (IN MY OPINION)
                      Aurelio - Carragher - Skrtel - Dossena
                      Kuyt - Mascherano - Gerrard - Babel
                      -----------Keane - Torres---------------

                      Oh. And for anyone who was in doubt, I am a Liverpool fan.

                      When you walk through the storm
                      Hold your head up high,
                      And don't be afraid of the dark.
                      At the end of the storm is a golden sky
                      And the sweet silver song of a lark.

                      Walk on through the wind,
                      Walk on through the rain,
                      Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
                      Walk on walk on, with hope in your heart
                      And you'll never walk alone
                      You'll never walk alone


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                        30.01.2008 11:28
                        Very helpful



                        The changing face of football...

                        The Liverpool Orioles!

                        So what happened in both1991 and 2005? Well, Prince Charles got married, England won the Ashes, the Pope died and Liverpool won the Champions League, an impressive probability quirk at the best of times. Now some are saying it will be another 14 years before Liverpool win anything again in Europe the way things are going with the new American owners and the muddled Benitez. It's getting so bad the Everton fans are singing Jose Beneathus, as Moyes team are looking the more likely for champions League on Merseyside. The top league is a different world to the one were Bob paisley and the boot room boys supped tea after wining 4 European cups and I don't think Liverpool fans can deal with it.

                        I do feel sorry for Liverpool; coming from a Manchester United fan that wasn't easy to say. A once successful multiwinning trophy side with a winning ethos has sold its sole to the devil now and effectively in 'hock', Hick and Gillette refinancing the loan this week to keep control of the club. This week Liverpool fans also learned that any profits made will go to repaying the interest. No money will be available to buy in fresh talent. Unless you can get an Abramovich or Randy Learner style owner to wipe out your debts and release money for good players then your are really just a cash sponge being squeezed for that lucrative TV money. With the credit-crunch biting you do wonder what type of new deal they signed and how big the interest is. You can pay that interest if you are winning things like Man United, 87% of their 200m profits last year used to service their current Glazier debts. It seems you can't help but borrow to stay with the likes of Abramovich now.

                        Hicks and Gillette have borrowed all the money they have purchased Liverpool with and their personal wealth is just a guarantee. They aren't really risking much here for their controlling 51% stake. This latest refinancing deal was not a move to raise capital to by a new stadium so much but to load the debt on to the Liverpool board and so the club, meaning they will make more profit when they sell it on. These guys are not in it for the football.

                        Hicks has a history of this, he and George W Bush moving a baseball team from one city to another, a franchising system now not out of the question in the Premiership as foreign ownership spins out of control. Hicks and Bush and two other businessmen were persuaded by the City of Arlington in Texas to move the Texas Rangers team to Arlington with the City buying the purpose built stadium for them, just to secure a major league team in the Dallas twin city. The deal saw Hicks and co get a free stadium, all the franchise rights and utilities paid for, only having to find the wages of the players from substantial TV and gate money. With Andy Appleby being the fifth American to buy a Premiership team this week at Derby County (once the Baseball Ground) English football will have to consider its destiny if the clubs continue to go abroad. Fans seem to think the FA can stop what the owners want to do in the future by being the F.A. Wrong. These guys own the clubs and even now will be forming their own committees to shape the future of 'soccer' in the U.K- if it's in the U.K. With Manchester United having 700 million fans worldwide then why wouldn't they play a premiership game in Thailand? We saw an American football league game at Wembley only last year, the first time an NFL game had ever been played outside of America, I'm sure as equally sacrilegious to gridiron fans.

                        The Liverpool saga has also highlighted the BBC woeful tabloid reporting style they see to be deteriorating into. They told us thee different guys were going to take over Newcastle United, yet nowhere on the Keegan and then the Wise story, then they said Liverpool would be taken over by a Dubai based financing company last week. This deal never got close and made their ethnic quota filling and mumbling sports correspondent Mihir Bose look silly, he continuing to claim the deal is still on even today. Hicks did tell Gary Richardson that he and Gillette had offered the Dubai people 15% of the club some 7 months ago but that's no evidence that the Americans want to sell in 2008. The BBC sports people keep trying to cover their tracks on these speculative stories but it's a sign the corporation is ready to go commercial. Report the facts or not at all please! You would have thought the Financial Regulator would have something to say about a TV station constantly trying to talk up a deal like this with little evidence.

                        Team and performance wise it started well for Liverpool, just one defeat in the league going into the Christmas period where squad strength really shines. But facing a critical Champions League qualifier on the following Tuesday to prem game Liverpool went down 3-1 to a modest Reading side, pulling off their star players to save them for the game. Liverpool fans were incensed and felt that was the point Liverpool gave up on the Premiership for another year. Most top mangers face this situation with Europe but they usually put the guys on at the end of the game to try and secure points that way. Since that game Liverpool's league performance has been poor and indecisive, coming off four straight draws going into that awkward F.A Cup game against Havnat (a chance) Waterlouvillie.

                        Benitez was clearly bought in to not only do well in the Premiership but to win European trophies, which they did in 2005 of course, memorably turning around a 3-0 half-time deficit to win on penalties against a Milan side that would be later implicated in a match fixing scandal. UEFA claim it was a legitimate game to this day whilst others disagree. It was an extraordinary game.
                        Liverpool's European pedigree is unquestionable but they haven't won the league since the 80s.When Torres came in through the Spanish connection you could immediately see a Robbie Fowler style goal scorer scenario here, a guy able to score spectacular winners in games Liverpool weren't dominating. He's clearly a twenty five goal a season guy and maturing quickly. But if Benitiez is ousted or walks away he will probably take Torres with him. If they keep him and Benetez, regardless of the behind the scenes chaos, this guy can take Liverpool close next year in the premiership. But with no money for new players that could be seen as constructed dismissal moves by the owners to force his hand.

                        Captain Gerard is Liverpool through and through and with Benayoun and Alonso alongside there's a nucleus of a premiership winning midfield. When Liverpool are playing well their defense seems to be the driver, again plenty of class in the back four. An easy home Cup draw against Barnsley and the Champions League rebooting next month should sharpen the team in the Premiership and the challenge reinforced.

                        The problem in the league has always been that consistency, again down to Benetiz favoring Europe over the top two spot in the Prem. But to me they don't have the gumption and respect proven winners like Arsenal and Manchester United have, meaning teams lie down against them away from home and so they get more wins, something Liverpool can only earn by wining the Premiership. It doesn't really matter how many quality guys Houllier and Beneitz bring in because there just doesn't seem to be a get stuck in quality at Anfield. That's not Gerard's fault, an excellent motivational captain for Liverpool and leader that he's clearly not for England, but the foreign legion around him who are not prepared to get stuck in away from home in the league. This is why Sir Alex likes to go with an English nucleus to his sides that he can take aside and read the riot act to. Liverpool have only won 7 times in 32 encounters with the other big four teams compared to Manchester Uniteds 17. That's how you win the league, those six-pointers at top the pile...


                        League [72]
                        Winners (18): 1900-01, 1905-06, 1921-22, 1922-23, 1946-47, 1963-64, 1965-66, 1972-73, 1975-76, 1976-77, 1978-79, 1979-80, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985-86, 1987-88, 1989-90
                        Runners-up (11): 1898-89, 1909-10, 1968-69, 1973-74, 1974-75, 1977-78, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1988-89, 1990-91, 2001-02

                        Division Two (Level 2)
                        Winners (3): 1893-94, 1895-96, 1904-05, 1961-62

                        Lancashire League
                        Winners (1): 1892-93


                        FA Cup
                        Winners (7): 1965, 1974, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2001, 2006
                        Runners-up (6): 1914, 1950, 1971, 1977, 1988, 1996

                        League Cup
                        Winners (7): 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1995, 2001, 2003
                        Runners-up (3): 1978, 1987, 2005

                        Community Shield [73]
                        Winners (15): 1964 (shared), 1965 (shared), 1966, 1974, 1976, 1977 (shared), 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986 (shared), 1988, 1989, 1990 (shared), 2001, 2006
                        Runners-up (6): 1922, 1971, 1983, 1984, 1992, 2002

                        Screen Sport Super Cup [74]
                        Winners (1): 1986

                        European Cup and UEFA Champions League [70]
                        Winners (5): 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 2005
                        Runners-up (2): 1985, 2007

                        UEFA Cup
                        Winners (3): 1973, 1976, 2001

                        UEFA Super Cup
                        Winners (3): 1977, 2001, 2005
                        Runners-up (2): 1978, 1984

                        UEFA Cup Winners' Cup
                        Runners-up (1): 1966


                        3 DF Steve Finnan
                        4 DF Sami Hyypiä
                        5 DF Daniel Agger
                        6 DF John Arne Riise
                        7 MF Harry Kewell
                        8 MF Steven Gerrard (captain)
                        9 FW Fernando Torres
                        10 FW Andriy Voronin
                        11 MF Yossi Benayoun
                        12 DF Fábio Aurélio
                        14 MF Xabi Alonso
                        15 FW Peter Crouch
                        16 MF Jermaine Pennant
                        17 DF Álvaro Arbeloa
                        18 FW Dirk Kuyt
                        19 MF Ryan Babel
                        No. Position Player
                        20 MF Javier Mascherano
                        21 MF Lucas
                        22 MF Mohamed Sissoko
                        23 DF Jamie Carragher (vice-captain)
                        25 GK Pepe Reina
                        30 GK Charles Itandje
                        33 MF Sebastián Leto
                        34 MF Jay Spearing
                        35 MF Ray Putterill
                        36 MF Ryan Flynn
                        37 DF Martin Skrtel
                        39 DF Stephen Darby
                        40 GK David Martin
                        42 MF Nabil El Zhar
                        48 DF Emiliano Insúa

                        On loan

                        GK Scott Carson (Aston Villa - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        GK Nikolay Mihaylov (FC Twente - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        DF Godwin Antwi (Hartlepool United - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        DF Jack Hobbs (Scunthorpe United - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        DF Miki Roque (Xerez CD - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        DF Robbie Threlfall (Hereford United - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        No. Position Player
                        MF Paul Anderson (Swansea City - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        MF Danny Guthrie (Bolton Wanderers - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        MF Adam Hammill (Southampton - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        FW Besian Idrizaj (Crystal Palace - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        FW Anthony Le Tallec (Le Mans - to the end of 2007-08 season)
                        FW Craig Lindfield (Chester City - to 17th February 2008)


                        Appearance record: Ian Callaghan 857
                        Goal scoring record: Ian Rush 346
                        League goal scoring record: Roger Hunt 245




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                          22.05.2006 14:52
                          Very helpful



                          Liverpool - ready to challenge?

                          It has been a very long season for the best team in Liverpool. The season started back in July as Liverpool looked to defend their European Crown.

                          Rafael Benitez joined the club in the summer of 2004, his first season at the club was expected to be a little hot and cold so to speak. Liverpool finished fifth behind Merseyside rivals Everton - but won the European Cup for the fifth time in the clubs history with what was one of the best finals ever against AC Milan.

                          Liverpool have changed so much in the second season - finishing third (way ahead of Arsenal) and despite being knocked out of the Champions League Liverpool didn't do at all bad topping what was a very tough group.

                          Rafael Benitez has installed a 'never say never' attitude into the club. Last season - Liverpool went down 1-0 so many times and you knew that the game was over pretty much. But this season Liverpool haven't gone down 1-0, Liverpool have been winning and been quite consistent, we remain the same at home and away we have improved a lot.

                          So what has changed that much? Rafael Benitez was quick to freshen things up last summer, out went even more players and in came Jose Manuel Reina, Momo Sissoko, Bolo Zenden and Peter Crouch. Some fans weren't that pleased with Zenden and Crouch's additions but never the less they've paid off (well Crouch has Zenden sadly picked up an injury that put him out for the season).

                          Momo Sissoko, for me - has been such a key player in us dominating games. The Mali central midfielder is infact a little like Patrick Vieira, only younger and with more energy to spare. Sissoko is Sissoko, he isn't the next 'Vieira' though, he can become his own player. The 21 year old is very competitive and has given us the edge at times, his prescence is known from the start and having him in the squad has allowed Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso to go 'about their business'.

                          Sissoko had some doubters - which I thought was unfair on him. But he has won over that small section of fans, he does have some flaws in his game, but since he is so young he has time to stamp them out. In my view, Sissoko has already become a key player.

                          It has been a very long season, but one that has impressed many. Benitez became a fan favourite the moment he signed at Liverpool, and this season we won the Super Cup and the FA Cup which are very good achievements for the club to be winning trophies consistently.

                          So to move onto next season, Rafael Bentiez' third season at the club. Some fans are beleving that Liverpool can stop Chelea and win our first League title in over 15 years - it's over due.

                          Liverpool and Manchester United are the two biggest clubs in English history, and both find themselves trying to know hault Chelsea's reign of terror.

                          Liverpool haven't had the best of times under Gerard Houllier, whilst we won trophies we didn't win anything like the Champions League. We did almost come close to winning the league, but after that it all went wrong for Houllier.

                          It all started back when Graeme Souness took the role of manager at the club, the players didn't like that training, the way he coached and the way we was playing. You could say he was partly to blame for the decline (if thats the right word) of Liverpool.

                          So Can Liverpool over come all those years without winning the league and do it next season? We'll have to wait and see. I feel that Rafael Benitez will need to spend in certain areas and hopefully he can find the right 'options' for the team. It is a very exciting time for Liverpool as we seem to be going 'somewhere' under Benitez, we are confident and there's no problem in that.

                          I believe that we can win the League, maybe next season or maybe the one after that. We want to do well and we have a squad that can cope, Benitez is also signing in more and more players.

                          The Key Players to our title challenge:

                          All. We need everyone to be on tip top form, from the back to the front. This season just gone, looking back - we should've maybe finished second way ahead of Manchester United, it was a shame that our strikers let us down in certain areas.

                          For me, if Steven Gerrard is on form then he can single handly take us to 3 points. We have some excellent players (Xabi Alonso, Momo Sissoko) but I feel that Benitez will need to add some better attacking players during the summer and players that'll score goals and do well in the team.

                          We can do it, based on recent form we are one of the best in-form teams around. But next season we have to start well and then come December time we'll hopefully have a better view of what will happen. We need to hope and pray that United do not improve this summer, but we must improve ourselves as well because we need maybe 3 or 4 fresh new faces (on top of the signings of Paletta and Mark Gonzalez).


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                            14.02.2006 19:40
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                            A short history of Liverpool Football Club

                            I have been so impressed with Liverpool football club in the last couple of months that I've decided to write a review on the club. I support Liverpool and every time I watch them play I see a team that is progressing very fast.

                            Liverpool Football Club were established in 1892 and since
                            then Liverpool have won the UEFA champions league five times, won the F.A cup six times, won the league eighteen times, won the UEFA cup 3 times and won two European Super cups. Liverpool's longest serving manager was Tom Watson who was the Liverpool manager for 19 years from 1896 until 1915. Watson died in May 1915 and his funeral took place on the 11th of May, the coffin was carried by Alex Raisbeck, Teddy Doig, Goddard, Wilson, Parry, Fleming and Robinson as well as the club trainer William Connell. He is buried at Anfield Cemetery. While Tom Watson was at the club he had helped Liverpool win 2 league championships, 1 liverpool seniour cup
                            and runners up in the F.A cup (the first time Liverpool were in a F.A cup final).

                            Bob paisley is by far the greatest Liverpool manager ever in my opinion, while Paisley was at Liverpool he helped the
                            club win 6 league titles, 3 league cups, 3 European cups, 1 UEFA cup, 1 European super-cup and 5 Charity Shields. Bob Paisley himself won the Manager of the year a stunning 6
                            times. Paisley began his managerial role in July 1974 after reluctantly stepping into Bill Shankly’s shoes. The manager never looked back. He won virtually every honour on offer to the club game, most notably guiding the club to european domination. He guided the club to its first European Cup triumph in 1977 only to repeat the feat in 1978 before letting it slip until regaining it in 1981. Bob paisley Died on the 12th of Febuary 1996.

                            Ian rush.
                            The goal scoring records for Liverpool are dominated by this one man he's Liverpools all time goal scorer, he didn't just score goals he was a brilliant player to watch. His records at liverpool speak for themselves.

                            These are the Liverpool Football club records held by Ian Rush

                            Most first team goals - 346
                            Most FA Cup goals - 39
                            Most League Cup goals - 48

                            Ian rush left Liverpool in 1996 to join Leeds United. Since then Micheal Owen And Robbie Fowler have been the main goal scorers at Liverpool.

                            Robbie Fowler.
                            Robbie Fowler has scored 171 goals in 334 apearences for Liverpool, he left Liverpool in 2001 To join Leeds United, he joined Leeds for £11 million. Fowler joined Manchester City from Leeds United in 2003 for a undisclosed fee, injuries and lack of form meant that Fowler didn't get many first team opportunities, Fowler rejoined Liverpool in January of 2006 for free he has made 3 appearences since his return to anfield but no goals yet.

                            Rafael benitez
                            The sacking of the former manager gerrard houllier meant the arrival of new manager Rafael Benitez, Rafael had a rough first year in the league finishing 5th when you think that gerrard houllier was sacked for finishing 4th this wasn't so good for benitez but at the end of the season Liverpool had one competitive match left and that was the champions league final aganist AC Milan there was no doubt that Liverpool were the underdogs. As i'm sure many of you know Liverpool came from 3-0 behind to win the match on penalties this was the high point of the season for rafael benitez. This season Rafael Benitez has won manager of the month two months in a row for winning eight matches out of eight. Liverpool sit third place in the league thanks to some great results in the league this year.

                            This Season
                            This year has been great for Liverpool, the season is not yet over and Liverpool have won the European Super cup, are in the knock out stages of the champions league, and face a tough match against Manchester United in the 5th round of the F.A cup. In the January transfer window Liverpool brought two new faces to anfield in Daniel Agger and Jan Kromkamp for a combined cost of around £10 million. And today it was confirmend that Liverpool would sign Argentine under 20 International, Liverpool are buying him from Argentine club Banfield. This year has been fantastic for Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard he is liverpools top goal scorer with 18 goals in all competitions. Liverpool signed a kit deal with Addidas for next year but the new kit has already been made.

                            On May 29th 1985 Liverpool were playing Juventus in the champions league final. Liverpool had objected to the choice of ground to stage the final well before the friendly banter outside the stadium began to turn nasty inside. Aside from the fact that the stadium appeared to be crumbling, Liverpool's main concern was that there was to be a neutral section of the ground set aside for football fans from Belgium. The club argued that only Liverpool and Juventus should be allocated tickets. Setting aside a neutral area would only lead to both sets of fans being able to buy tickets off Belgium touts thus creating a dangerous mixed area. As history has since proved, this neutral area was soon filled with Italian supporters. This was one of the lowest moments of Liverpool Football Club. When Liverpool played Juventus in the quarter finals of the champions league last year both teams supporters showed there respect for the 39 people that died at heysel stadium.

                            Thanks for reading ;)



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                              29.07.2005 12:13
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                              My top 10 list of the greatest players to wear a Liverpool shirt.

                              This is a list of Liverpool FC players that I have seen play in the flesh and not only on TV.

                              10 JAN MOLBY.
                              Although big Jan was overweight and never seemed to run anywhere, he could stay in the centre circle and receive the ball and play a pin point pass to any part of the pitch. Holds the record for penalties scored (42)

                              9 EMLYN HUGHES
                              Old crazy horse was a no nonsence centre back who would go on mazy forward runs, rarely beaten in the air, Sadly missed and taken too young. R I P

                              8 GRAEME SOUNESS
                              I have never seen such a competative hard player as Souness, was as hard as nails and would never shirk out of his responsabilities of being a midfield general.

                              7 MICHEAL OWEN
                              A great goalscoring legend, Who decided to leave for Real Madrid to win trophies and missed out on the Champions League success in 2005.

                              6 IAN RUSH
                              Ian rush was a natural born goalscorer and scored almost 350 goals for Liverpool in his career. won every major honour with the mighty reds.

                              5 ROBBIE FOWLER
                              Growler was to me the most natural finisher to have ever wore the red shirt of liverpool FC. Sadly he has now seemed to have lost that magic touch.

                              4 PHIL NEAL
                              The most comfortable right back I have ever seen, nothing flustered Phil and he is the most decorated Liverpool player with 20 winners medals. Another player who won every major honour with the reds and spent 9 seasons as an ever present player.

                              3 JAMIE CARRAGHER
                              Jamie bleeds Liverpool red blood, he is the ultimate red and loved by all fan arround the world for his commitment and loyalty.

                              2 STEVEN GERRARD
                              Stevie G has the ability to become one of the world greats of all time. His passing is sublime, long or short, He loves to get forward and is not affraid to put in the tackles.

                              1 KENNY DALGLISH
                              King Kenny was and still is the greatest player to ever don a liverpool shirt. his vision and quick brain on the pitch was like no other player I have seen. Went on to manage Liverpool and won the league and FA Cup double in his first season.

                              Well that is my list of great Liverpool Football Club players, I could quite easily have listed 20 or more and to list only 10 was hard.

                              Hope you enjoyed reading my review and thank you for your ratings.


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                                26.02.2003 01:24
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                                Radio Five commentator Alan Green (the man with one of the most irritating voices in British football after Stuart Hall, who grows more and more bizarre each and every day) clearly had more than his fair share of porridge oats at the weekend - he'd seen enough of Liverpool Football Club this season than is good for any one man (despite ill concealed rumours that he's a closet Reds fan) and had been pushed over the veritable edge. "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more," bawled Peter Finch pretty memorably in that movie about television (Network, I think it was), and it could easily have been Green screaming that oath because he was almost purple with indignation as he sat noisily through the Birmingham-Liverpool tussle with Millwall's slovenly striker cum tramp Steve Claridge. "Liverpool are truly clueless, abysmally awful. I'm sick of saying it this season, but this is just not good enough," was one pretty standard excerpt from the Green rant, and he wasn't finished yet. "Are we being too hard on them?" queried Claridge at one point, but Green was having not one bit of it. "No, we're not," warned the crazed one with a disturbing flash in his eye, like a dog which you've just tried to part from a particularly appealing bone. Green has never been one of my favourite commentators, but you can hardly criticise him for lack of either feeling or forthrightness, and he was only putting into annoyingly grating words what many football followers have been quietly musing upon all season. A very muted opener to the season when Liverpool had come a very poor second to Double winners Arsenal in the Charity (sorry, Community) Shield was soon forgotten when the Reds went on an impressive opening burst to their assault on the Premiership. They stormed into the role of pace setters and seemed to be on an unstoppable roll, hinting that they would continue
                                the steady progress of the last three years when they have graduated from fourth to third to second, and finally return to the position they used to take as read at the very pinnacle of the English game. However, even in those early games, despite the positive results, they were finding goals hard to come by and only scraping the wins, rather than doing so at a canter. The first League defeat, when a Gareth Southgate goal saw Middlesbrough home, looked to be a mere blip, but soon started to spread like cancer across Anfield, as they went into their worst run of form for the last fifty years, back to the time when Bill Shankly was a gritty Scottish wing half who had struggled to make Carlisle look anything more than a mess. This was crisis writ large and the manic Scousers who boastfully applauded the feats of their favourites went underground, the depression made all the more intense by the startling ascent to the top by the other Mersey team, Everton, enjoying a rare moment in the limelight under young boss David Moyes, making more than a sow's ear out of his paltry riches. For the rest of us, the sight of assistant Phil Thompson grow more and more aggressive while Gerard Houllier sank deeper and deeper into his gloom, provided some light relief as our own teams stuttered and stumbled. Still, at least you got some excitement out of Kevin Keegan and Man City, which is a damn sight more than the square, crablike movements of Liverpool promised. In fact, predictable and dull have become the watchwords for the Anfield team these days, with only rare moments of any genuine threat or excitement. Liverpool's offensive tactics have long since been limited to the lightning darts of Michael Owen beyond the last defender from a long hoof up front from Steven Gerrard, supplemented only by the clumsy stumbles of Emile Heskey and the more intelligent probing of Danny Murphy from deep. This season, with the Boy Wonder's reputation t
                                arnished by the news of his gambling predilections, Owen's form has been very muted, with an endless stream of misses from what should have been easy chances. Houllier had sought to give himself some other options with the purchase of El Hadji Diouf and the emergence of Milan Baros, but to date neither have looked likely to make a sustainable contribution. Indeed raw reserve Neil Mellor has hinted that he is a greater threat than either, and he looks years off true first team class. It is in midfield, however, that the real issues have arisen. Dieter Hamann has been absent for long periods and it has badly shown. Gerrard and Murphy have looked lack lustre, and while Salif Diao has brought in vigour and a ball winning approach, he has little to offer in the creative stakes. And as for the lacklustre Bruno Cheyrou, just ask Alan Green to sing his praises - I have rarely known a commentator be more pointed in his attacks on any player. As far as Green is concerned, Cheyrou may as well be sitting permanently in the dressing room, for his anonymity on the pitch is sadly outstanding. Jerzy Dudek's form has been patchy at best, and just as it looked like Chris Kirkland was to make the goalkeeping jersey his own, even maybe adding David Seaman's scalp (and what a scalp!), he gave way to injury in the Cup match against Crystal Palace. The defence too has been relatively uncertain, with Stephane Henchoz's extended absence through injury. Even the massive Sami Hyypia has looked out of sorts and limited. The real problem, however, is the staggering lack of strength beneath the surface veneer of the first team. I mean to say ... Biscan, Traiore, Smicer ... these guys are mere shadows of former Liverpool stalwarts, and it's relatively easy to see why the team have sunk so low. Those buys are down to the manager and while he can hopefully point to how tenuous was Robert Pires' debut Premiership season, he cannot affor
                                d to carry so many substandard footballers. Houllier must also take the blame for the overly defensive approach of his players. Such negative style may have brought the club a Cup treble two years ago, and a runners up spot last year, but it is dull and one dimensional and unlikely to roll over too many teams. At the weekend, Birmingham's limited midfield enforcer Robbie Savage was good enough to dominate the engine room and outshine his opponents. His enthusiasm and will to win sentenced his more illustrious opponents to the role of also rans and I'd wager that Houllier would have been willing to take ten minutes of Savage for a whole game from any of his schemers. The Radio 5 phone in after the game was crammed to the rafters by Liverpool fans bemoaning their lot, and it could have been dismissed as just a one off, but in reality the malaise has been intense all season. It could take a major revolution to repair the damage during the summer if Liverpool miss out on a Champions League spot, which now looks more than likely. What a wound it would be if the other Mersey team were to be the ones depriving them of qualification! PS At the end of February 2003, Liverpool sit seventh in the table, behind Charlton and Everton, with a record of just 11 wins from 28 games, and just 39 goals conceded?


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