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Lollibomb Beauty

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Manufacturers of bath, body and fragrance products.

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    2 Reviews
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      20.06.2010 01:18



      Try it for yourself! Awesome products and free samples if you ask!

      I don't know what happened with the other girl, but Lollibomb has been sending me great products for almost a year now! One of my favorite perfumes was discontinued by another seller, and Lollibomb was able to not only match it perfectly but make the scent in a huge soap bar for only $5 and a big bottle of lotion that lasted me for like five months. I've also bought perfume rollers for my friends as pressies and they've all raved about them. I really like the Cherry Lemonade and Sugar Rush.

      She's been vending at all kinds of craft fairs in New York lately, so I've been able to stock up on my favorite scents and also ask for new custom ones. The shipping is usually about a week or two, but there's almost always an offer for free shipping if you subscribe to Lollibomb's twitter.

      I've always received quick e-mails to my inquiries on new products. The seller has been super sweet and even sent me free samples without me asking for stuff that I've asked about. She's always given me an honest answer on how long shipping would be, especially when I placed large custom orders around the holidays. She's even shipped same day so that I could get my order in time for an emergency birthday gift! It's fun ordering handmade goods made to order, and not a hassle like with some Etsy sellers.

      I have never been disappointed with the quality of the products. I would say Lollibomb's products are even better than some of the more pricey things I've bought. The mineral cosmetics are a must-see, and have saved me tons of money on the expensive stuff I used to buy from name brands. If in doubt, there's always sample sizes that are really cheap to choose from and test drive for yourself.


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      27.07.2009 18:48
      Very helpful
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      An awful all-round experience...but there are some lovely sellers on Etsy!

      I'm not sure why this product has shown up in discussion, as apart from being an Etsy seller it's also a stand-alone website, but never mind! There are some products and services that you just feel a need to review because you liked them so much, or hated them so much, and unfortunately this was a big fat disappointment.

      I'm pretty addicted to Etsy (check out my review if you're not sure what it is!) and they have some great bath and body products there in any scent you can think of. Wanting some new body lotion, I picked out seller Lollibomb because of the huge scents menu and the general design of their Etsy page (lollibomb.etsy.com) looked fresh and fun.

      Lollibomb Beauty stock body frosting (a thick whipped lotion), body sprays, scrubs, massage oils, mineral cosmetics and mystery boxes containing a sample of products. The Etsy page doesn't stock nearly as many products as it used to, but the stand-alone site (www.welovelollibomb.com) still does, but not sure how up-to-date it is. It would seem that the girl running the show has perhaps realised she was biting off more than she could chew, and scaled things down a little.

      After ordering a $25 mystery sampler, I eagerly awaited its arrival. Etsy sellers are usually fast, but I did wait a pretty long time. I realise it was travelling overseas, but still. Still, I told myself that as this girl was freshly preparing my goodies, there was no wonder I would have to wait a little longer. There was a disclaimer on the storefront stating how long it would take for her to get the products ready, and on the very last day of this promised timeframe, she decided to ship.

      On arrival, I was pretty pleased with what I got at first. The products were packaged in a cute pink take-out style box with pink tissue paper inside, and I think, with the exchange rate being considerably better when I ordered, I got a good deal. I received a travel-size perfume spray, a perfume roll-on, a full size body frosting, three body frosting sample jars and a lip balm, all in different scents. Although well packaged, I must point out I was slightly horrified to find hairs under the labels stuck on most of the products. Is she trying to prove they took so long because they were made with her own fair hand (and head by the look of it) or what?!

      Long story short, half the products were horrendous. The perfume spray which was supposedly "Strawberry Shortcake" was horrendously sweet and way too strong. I made the mistake of spraying some into my hair after sniffing it in the bottle and it was still there after washing my hair about twice, and on my pillowcase. It smelled like a toy "My First Perfume" or something. The roll-on was pretty pleasant in vanilla bean, the lip balm tasted nice (choco-banana) but was too hard to really come out of the tub, and two of the three sample frostings were not scents I enjoy (one being a grandma-themed rose scent). The large frosting however I loved, it worked well and the Lucky Bamboo scent was fantastic.

      I decided as I really liked the lotion as long as the scent was agreeable, I would reorder and choose scents myself. I chose a fair few products off the stand-alone website, and got an email back a couple of days later saying some of the scents weren't available. Then another email saying more weren't. At this point I replied saying "Fine, I have already paid X amount, here are some scents which will be preferable, send what you have that I've already chosen and make up the amount with other items". I feel this is being particularly understanding not to just ask for a straight-up refund.

      A few weeks later, I heard nothing, and I was wondering on the status of my order. I emailed politely inquiring if there was a problem, and got a pretty rude response. I replied saying that I wanted a refund if I had already been charged, and got a particularly horrible response. Funny how she is able to respond so quickly if it's to be rude! She pointed out she had an excellent feedback record on Etsy, but it does make me wonder how many cancelled orders like mine there were, which probably aren't taken into account.

      The thing that reminded me of Lollibomb and that I should write a review about my horrible experience was trying the lipbalm out again the other day. Okay, so my order was a while ago, but I have plenty of old lip balms and none have wound up like this. I have used this balm for one-offs sporadically and it was fine. This time, it was sticky as glue and had what can only be described as a thick layer of custard skin over the top. After touching it, I could hardly even wash the sticky gunge off my fingers. This shows that while homemade might be good sometimes, it most certainly isn't when products lack the correct preservatives to not turn absolutely repulsive!

      Needless to say, I will not be repurchasing, and I suppose I've written this as a kind of cautionary tale to other Etsy addicts who might have eyed-up the fun feel of her storefront and thought the huge range of scents might be worth trying out. It isn't. You will end up frustrated, insulted, and with sticky goo on your finger!


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