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Marks & Spencer TV Advertisements

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Marks & Spencer spend millions on their advertising campaigns but are they worth the megabucks? Do the M & S celebrities entice you to hit the salesfloors? Tell us what you think!

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    1 Review
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      20.12.2010 11:25
      Very helpful



      Love Peter Kay and the music - Marks and Spencer have hit jackpot!

      I don't know about you but when the adverts come on inbetween a program or film they seem louder than the sound originally was whilst viewing the program? Maybe it is just me but that is how it appears to be and I always prepare to adjust the volume to a much lower setting and don't pay particular attention to any adverts as I wait for the program to resume.

      However! I have to admit to turning the volume back up when the Christmas 2010 Marks and Spencer advert is aired. I love the 'Should be dancing' track by the Bee Gee's it really makes me smile and that for me is enough to tune into the advert for. Due to the music grabbing my attention immediatley I also wanted to know what the advert was about and who it was for - I am not normally a shopper at Marks and Spencer for clothing but from seeing what was on offer during the advert my interest was roused, they have some really interesting selections for both men and women and of course children.

      So, the music got my attention, the clothing lines look appealing - but how was my attention grabbed in other ways than the music? Why did I not just listen to the music and not bother with the advert? Well it could have something to do with Peter Kay! I think that Marks and Spencers hit it spot on by including Peter as a leading character as I just couldn't take my eyes of the advert - he is just so funny! The advert includes other celebs such as Twiggy and Dannii Minogue too but it is the genius of placing Peter as the lead character that held my interest.

      The choreography of the dance routines is wonderful and I particularly like the similarities within the advert to music videos such as Madonna's 'Vogue' - played in black and white with Peter and Twiggy sparring for centre spot, the Britney 'Hit me baby one more time' resemblance when the children are modelling clothing in the corridor setting, the Chicago act in which Dannii plays a part; and of course the Bee Gee's 'Should be dancing' routine at the beginning with Peter Kay in centre spot 'doing his thing' - his facial expressions are spot on!

      So, I am really happy with the volume turned up for an advert! I am enjoying the different characters and inparticular Peter Kay. I am impressed by the choreography and presentation of routines which remind me of some music videos and shows - that is how my attention is then drawn to the range of clothes. The lingerie is gorgeous! It is all very tastefully presented and has inspired me to take a trip into Marks and Spencers to investigate the clothing range. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised as there were a number of trendy items that I would purchase - a little on the expensive side but they appear to be good quality. The lingerie is a definite on my wish list - great choice, well made and some sets are competitively priced. When the sales begin I shall be visiting for sure!

      So there we have it - in my opinion Marks and Spencers have had a stroke of genius this year in their advertising campaign :

      A Catchy and upbeat music
      B Placing Peter Kay in lead
      C Fantastic choreography

      This TV advert is a memorable one for me as it is the very first advert that has prompted me to TURN SOUND UP rather than mute or turn sound down - this is a very impressive fete!

      Well done Marks and Spencer and thank you for creating a TV advert worth viewing for me!

      Thanks for reading my review.


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