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My Husband / Your Husband / Everyone's Husband.

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2012 12:00
      Very helpful



      it's good

      My husband is not what people think , that is probably the same for most husbands or just people in general.

      My husband has both good and bad points but obviously (to me) the good outway the bad or I wouldn't stay with him.

      I have to say before I go on that my Dad was a new man before new men existed so I probably expected more than most girls as I grew up. My Dad used to cook and clean etc ( although my mum used to moan that he didn't move furniture out to clean, personally I used to think does it really matter he has cleaned etc so what if its not to your standard) and that set what I wanted in way.

      Why should women do all the housework and cooking etc.

      My husband and I have always been equal (even before we were married) sometimes I took the rubbish out sometimes he did. The same with cooking.

      I often hear about the man in the house does nothing etc and the woman moaning about it. But to me what bugs me most is when women says their partner does something but doesn't do it right so they (the woman) just do it.
      To me it doesn't matter if things are done to my standard if my husband does some housework its great no matter what.

      My husband has always done his fair share and I feel that is right he washes the pots sweeps the floors etc and over the 16 or so years we have been together learnt how to use the washer.

      Things work for us; I am not that domesticated but my husband has over the years done more cleaning etc as I have taken the girls to activities more. This does not make him someone that is under the thumb or anything like that we just work together.

      As I often hear women moan in my office about their men doing nothing I don't feel smug or even comment because I expect what I have a great husband that shares in the household stuff and the child care. He picks the girls up twice a week and takes them to dancing etc. I understand it is good that his job means he can finish early 2 days a week but i know men that wouldn't bother doing that because dancing is girls things so it is left to the mum.

      My husband doesn't particularly like going to dancce shows but he goes unlike some dads.

      I think we have it right we are equal I don't believe in male and female jobs etc.
      My husband is my partner in everyway, he doesn't shirk reponsibilities and watches the girls in all their dance shows and we work together.

      My husband understands that sometimes i need time alone, as he does or with friends.

      I never feel the need to complain about my husband (to be honest it's private anyway). Yes we argue because we disagree or just get on each others nerves but mainly we are on the same wave length and we get what each other means (we love a good debate).

      We often joke about having psychic powers as we often think the same thing; like when either of us has gone out for something and the one at home remembers we need or just want something the other will come back with it. Or just thinking the same thing when we are together.
      We know what each other are thinking.

      So on the whole my husband is pretty good but I wouldn't expect anything else, he is just what I expect a person to be like if I live with them.
      If soul mates exist I have found mine. I believe we will never split up because we fit. (and are too lazy)


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