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My Top 10 Beauty Products

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  • I'm a slave to my make-up bag!
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    120 Reviews
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      20.12.2014 19:29
      Very helpful



      My Top ten beauty products

      1. Pore professional Primer by Benefit- This has to be my favourite ever primer, ive tried lots of primers but none of them are as good as the benefit one. You only need a tiny amount to cover all of your face. The primer has a nice smell to it which isn't to strong and it also makes my make-up go on flawlessly.

      2. W7 in the buff eye shadow palette - This make-up palette is excally like the Naked 2 but for a fraction of the price. The palette comes with a mixture of glittery and matte eye shadows, my current favourite is Dust which is a gold glittery colour.

      3. Vaseline original - Without this product i would constantly have dry lips!

      4. Barry m nail varnish - I love Barry m's nail varnish as they come in so many different shades, the nail varnishes also have a very long lasting time.

      5. MUA lipstick shade 11 - It still shocks me that the MUA lipsticks are only a pound when there so amazing, especially the shade 11 which is a dark pink colour.

      6. Batiste dry shampoo - This dry shampoo is so helpful on the days where i don't have time to do much with my hair. It gets rid of grease from your hair while adding volume. I would really recommend you try it.

      7. Collection Lasting perfection Concealer - Lots of people talk about this concealer buts its no surprise as its works amazingly for the price. I've tried dearer concealers but none of them have a good enough coverage.

      8. Rimmel London stay matte powder- This has been a favourite of mine for quite a while. The powder does what it says in the name, it makes your face stay matte all day long while making your make=up stay on.

      9. Simple Moisturiser- I love applying this moisturiser on in the mornings to wake me up. The moisturiser is not too thick which is what i like so much about it as with other moisturisers they can sometimes feel very heavy on the skin.

      10. Eyeko skinny black eye-liner - Many people rave about this eye liner. The eye-liner lasts on your skin all day long and the brush is also small which helps you to apply it as flawlessly as possible.

      I hope you liked my top ten beauty products :)


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      25.02.2014 19:51
      Very helpful



      I hope you all enjoyed reading my review :)

      Ok so I've just found out there is a section of dooyoo for general conversation so I'm just browsing through the pages to find what I like and to write about an of course you may see I like writing reviews on beauty products. I loveee so many of them its going to be hard to choose my top 10 but anyway here we go...

      1. I don't currently have a favourite facemask and I am not loyal to one brand so If I see one that looks good I will try it. I love a good soak in the bath along with a face mask as I find I can relax more
      2. Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner is my all time favourite - I just love the smell. Its so good in my hair and the smell lasts for days my hair stays clean & fresh
      3. Clinique Blush - Iced Lotus. I've never found a blush so good for me as this one the colour is beautiful and blends in well to create a lovely pink cheeks. I've received a few compliments using this blush and I love it.
      4. St Moriz Tanning Mouse - Its not very often I use tanning products but I would have to say this one is my favourite. I've previously tried St Tropez and was really disappointed with the product so will 100% stick to this tanning mouse in future and for £2.99 its a bargain!
      5. The Body Shop soap - I'm a huge fan of body shop products and there are so many I could choose from but I love the soap the coconut soap smells so great and long lasting smell
      6. Eylure Lashes 101 - These are my favourite eyelashes, I've never found eyelashes I can work with they are either too much of a faff to apply or they are too heavy for my eyes but Eylure 101 are just perfect.
      7. Real Techniques Brushes - I will never use another brand again, I originally found out about these brushes from watching make up tutorials on YouTube and came across Pixiwoo. If you haven't tried them already then buy them you wont be disappointed. I have nearly all of them now and if you look after them you will have them for years!
      8. Seventeen Powder - there isn't a day that goes by when I don't wear powder. This is £3.99 to buy from Boots and have used this for many months now. I pop it in my bag and take it with my where ever I go.
      9. The Body Shop Foot File - Take care of your feet! especially if you have them out for the summer there's nothing worse than dry and hard skin on your feet. Defiantly worth the £5 that I paid for it.
      10. Avon Vibes - a facial from home, why pay to go to a salon and get a facial. I use this whilst I'm in the bath pampering myself and its just as good as a real facial with minimal effort.

      Thanks for reading - hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 products!


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        17.02.2014 11:48



        Top 10 Beauty Products have some amazing products, I have received so many products from this place! and they are all amazing, and makes my skin look great! if I require any products I always turn to Top 10 Beauty Products? i am from the UK and when i need to get my nails done or have Laser Treatment i always go to a place called Lush Beauty And Laser Clinic! This clinic is based in Wolverhampton and the treatments they do are awesome check them out.


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        19.03.2013 19:03
        Very helpful



        My list could be endless but this is the edited highlights.

        My Top 10 Beauty Products
        This is a review I have been thinking about for a long long time. With my 1000th review approaching, I wanted to mark it with something close to my heart and as my reviews will show, I am a complete beauty junkie and love trying out new products all the time, through impulse buys and beauty box subscriptions I have tried so many brands that I love and hate and yet a few things I find I will always return to loyally so here it is, the top of the beauty must haves in my humble opinion.

        In no particular order (because that would be too difficult) they are as follows:

        1. BB cream - a modern take on tinted moisturiser, I never liked tinted moisturisers but have found myself loving a number of Beauty Balm creams on the market. They do a great everyday task, from brightening skin to evening flaws and giving light coverage and concealing shadows and minor flaws. In a few seconds I can make myself look a bit warmed up and can use it on its own or with other make up. Top brand: Dr Jart, it's expensive but worth it. I also love Bare Escentuals mineral make up and have tried and enjoyed a lot of their products with the foundation coming up high in my list of must -haves. It has a built in SPF that I don't even think about when I'm using it but it gives protection that is vital for young looking skin in the long run.

        2. Mascara - the one thing that instantly makes my eyes look awake and open. At the moment I'm loving No7 Lash Adapt in black. It's buildable and doesn't clog up with each layer. You can create a daytime or evening look with this.

        3. Lip balm - whilst I like gloss, I am never without a lip balm. I used to swear by Vaseline in a tin but have gravitated towards other balms in a tube as I don't struggle with opening them each time. Nivea's water therapy lip balm is one of my favourites. I also like figs & rouge cocoa vanilla for a balm that literally melts on to the lips but the packaging can put me off!

        4. Hair dye - I use a home dye (I get my mum to do it!) to save money and also for convenience as it can be done literally within the hour and you're not making appointments etc. I tend to use Nutrisse as the colourant but have tried others. It makes me feel better when I am root-less but squeezing another product in to this section is the amazing touch of silver shampoo that costs a couple of pounds and looks a really scary purple colour when you take it out of the bottle. It's the modern blue rinse! Only joking, it helps combat any brassiness on the hair and I love it, such a bargain.

        5. Threading - I have had my eyebrows threaded a few times and it hurts a bit but the results are amazing. I think it's a good way of spending £10 to get a big beauty result that lasts weeks. I just do a little upkeep in between with my hd brows precision tweezers (amazing). Neat brows are a good way of getting 'wake up and go' beauty.

        6. Nails. Regular raters of my reviews will know I love to have my nails looking nice with all sorts of products but usually ending up in a Nails Inc manicure. I use their caviar base coat and top coat with a bold colour sandwiched in between. Favourites for nails are St James Street (red) but I'm also enjoying their 3D effect nails too for a glitter finish that's out of this world. Nail oil is (Solar Oil or Nailtiques) also a treatment I apply under and over nail varnish on a regular basis to keep my nails in good condition. I always carry hand cream in my bag and apply when I get chance to do so (usually Soap & Glory).

        7. Taking the day off is also important in any beauty addict's life. For the quick and dirty day I just go with a face wipe (usually No7) but most days I go for the blue two layered eye make up remover then the cream cleanser from No7's beautiful skin range. I always stock up when they are doing their £5 off skincare voucher promotion and never tire of their products.

        8. Teeth have to be clean and fresh and for this I do clean my teeth morning and night as do most people (!) but I've found Colgate's pro relief range to be the most brilliant toothpaste of all and then I always have a go with some mouthwash. I'm still searching for the best one and tend to use a shop's own brand (usually Boots) but I do like the purple one that Colgate make for sensitive teeth and healthy gums. I find a mouthwash finishes off the job that brushing begins and it does dislodge a few bits so is worth doing I think. I also use dental floss as I have a few natural gaps between teeth that I like to keep on top of. I just use whatever is on offer and a box or pack of dental floss seems to last me ages. I like the tooth picks you can buy from pound shops for this as well (can't remember what they are called but they do have a name!).

        9. Skincare is something I never tire of and my favourite brand is probably Soap and Glory closely followed by No7 and then Johnson's. I like to keep a few body lotions and shower gels on the go and use whatever takes my fancy or whatever I've got time to do in a busy day. A good day ends with a treatment on my feet then socks to sleep in so that it sinks in!

        10. A good moisturiser is my final addition to this top ten. I like to keep a few on the go so I can choose whatever my skin feels like but I am loving the Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now one I'm using at the moment. I love No7's protect and perfect range and have loads of them from gift sets so use the day and night cream and serums from their ranges. I can never have enough moisturisers and if time is tight I will just apply face moisturiser alone.

        Well, I have been thinking about what I wanted to include in this review for a while but I have to say that this was a really easy review to write! I am surprised that I didn't put more make up in here but I wrote naturally what I use and it ended up with a bit of everything.

        I enjoy reading everyone's beauty reviews and have discovered some brilliant products by reading the reviews (including the purple shampoo). I hope this review has been interesting if not useful and I look forward to trying lots of new beauty products in the future. It will be interesting to read this back in 10 years' time and see what products I'm still using!


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          02.11.2012 18:22
          Very helpful



          Some of my favourite products

          As I am approaching my 700th review I thought I should post something a little different to usual and I thought it might be helpful to talk about my favourite beauty products. Over the years I have tried many and have some absolute gems to talk about and to share with you.

          To make this easy to read I have broken them down into 10 categories so that if you are looking to purchase a new mascara for example it should help you to locate one! Within each category I will talk about my favourite and then I will also mention others that come a close second. So here goes!

          It is also important to say that I am 52 so many of my suggestions may be more suitable for more maturing ladies with regard to skin care, but most of the products are lovely for all ages. I have dyed blonde hair, fair skin (NW20) and blue eyes.

          1 Bubble Baths and Shower Gels

          Now here I have a cheap recommendation that thrills me every time I purchase it because it is so easy on the bank balance, and that is any variant form the Waitrose Essential Bath Creme range. I must mention here that I have very sensitive skin, and a lot of bath products cause me severe allergic reactions, so I have to be very careful as sadly this is often the cheap ones! However I can use every one in the range and they are fantastic. Especially good at this time of the year are my two favourites- Ginger and Clementine and Cinnamon Cakes. These are absolutely gorgeous, produce copious amounts of bubbles and are so softening and the scents are beautiful. Others in the range include Camomile, Green Tea and Apple, Amber and Sea Salt and all have the same gorgeous properties and are often on offer at two 750ml bottles for just £2- an utter bargain! They also have hand wash and soaps in the ranges too which are equally good!

          I think for shower gel you can't beat the giant Body Shop 750ml size which is always on offer so I never pay more than half of the recommended price of £7.50. I love the Moringa and Sweet Lemon variants and a large bottle like this lasts many months with twice daily use.

          2 Lipsticks.

          Over the years I have tried so many but my absolute favourites are from MAC. My all time favourite that I use most days is "Velvet Teddy" - I love the name and I love the shade- it's a brown/pink matte shade that smells of vanilla as many of MAC lipsticks do. It is such a wearable shade and it lasts for hours, even all day if you layer it over Number 7 Nude lip liner and lightly powder over it with Bare Essentials Mineral Veil. Retailing for around £13 this isn't cheap but it is worth every penny.

          Also in my favourites is "MAC Taupe", also a matte this is a darker more autumnal shade of brown / brick red but quite muted so very wearable, and "Freckletone" a MAC lustre which is my go to summer lipstick which is a peach/brown. I also love MAC Petting Pink lip conditioner which is a lovely alternative for summer days when you want a glossy pink stain. Also in my favourites are the Sheen Supreme MAC lipsticks which are a cross between a lipstick and a gloss, and my favourite shades "Bare Again" and "Can't get Enough" these feature a lot in my summer make up especially.

          3 Foundations and Highlighters

          Now this is interesting because I have many favourites that I could talk about including some high end ones, but in this economically challenging time I am reluctant to talk about these too much, as to be honest my absolute favourite has emerged within the last year and really pleases me because it is so inexpensive. "Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum" is just fantastic, and it imparts a healthy glow to the skin. Bourjois also make another foundation simply called "Healthy Mix" and this is almost as good too. The Healthy Mix Serum contains fruit extracts and it really brightens the skin and for £10.99, and often less than that on offer, this is my holy grail product. I am shade 52 which is very similar to MAC NW20.

          I do use higher end foundations as well, but my family prefer this look to all the others that obviously cost a considerable amount more, including some of my other favourites by Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder Doublewear is a great foundation - I am in the shade "Fresco" and I wear this for times when I want my foundation to last well all day and into the evening, which this ensures, but for everyday I cut the cost by using the very good alternatives by Bourjois. I also love Lily Lolo mineral foundation, but just recently my skin seems to look better with all cream products. For summer holidays I use Estee Lauder BB cream which is beautiful and has a lovely fresh cucumber scent, or Doublewear Light which is a lighter version of the Estee lauder Doublewear I mentioned.

          For highlights my favourite is the "Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo" which is absolutely gorgeous when used on the cheekbones. The Body Shop highlighting lotion is also very pretty and so is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone or Pearl.

          4 Concealer

          Absolutely my number one is MAC Moisturecover. This is a beautiful concealer for under the eyes as it is effortless and glides over the skin imparting a moisturised look. It is especially good to use after long plane journeys as it makes you look more awake. I also love Coastal Scents Bright Eyed which reflects light and conceals dark circles really well. This is available from Coastal Scents.com and I have reviewed this previously on Dooyoo.

          5 Blusher

          Hands down winner in this category are the cream blushes from Illamasqua. They are absolutely fantastic and I love the shades "Dixie" and "Rude" in particular . "Lies" is also fantastic as a highlighter shade to be used over the cheek bones. I use a stippling brush to apply and this gives a natural glow from within and imparts a healthy look. Quite pricey at around £18 these are quite an outlay but they last for ages.

          I also like the cream blushes from Daniel Sandler, especially "Soft Peach" and "Soft Pink". Both of these glide effortlessly onto the skin and can even be applied with fingers. I recommend both of these blushes for mature ladies as they are moisturising and really impart a youthful appearance. For inexpensive powder blushes you can't beat those by Sleek make up available from Superdrug- look out for the shade "Rose Gold" which is a dupe for the very famous Nars Orgasm shade.

          6 Bronzer

          Now this category is one in which I have some high end options, and the reason I love them is because they last for years, and also because they are matte shades and impart a slight tanned look without any orange. I think in this group I have 3 favourites that I go to but the first are the two by Too Faced- the chocolate bronzers called Chocolate Soleil. They do the original and a lighter version called Milk Chocolate. I have both of these as the latter, which was introduced this year, is a lighter version which I prefer for the autumn and winter months when I am paler. To be honest this summer has been a washout so I have been using this in the summer anyway as I haven't got as much of a residual tan as I normally would have. Both these shades work brilliantly as eye shadows too especially if you just dust them onto the crease with a small brush.The real bonus about these is that they are scented with cocoa so are beautiful to use!

          The next bronzer that I have to mention is that by Daniel Sandler and this is called "Riviera." This is a cream bronzer and is just brilliant to use on the high points of the cheeks in particular, and you can then use one of the other cream blushes by Daniel such as "Soft Peach" on the apples of the cheeks. My final recommendation in this category is a high end product which I bought on recommendation and that is Guerlain Terracotta Number 1. This is absolutely fantastic as it imparts a healthy glow to the skin and literally lifts away that tired look in moments. It was expensive but I bought it in the sale and would repurchase it without question.

          7. All about eyes!

          (a) Shadows and Liners


          I think my favourites in this category are "Mac Woodwinked" and "Mac Wedge." Both of these shades look stunning with my all time favourite eye liner from Urban Decay 24/7 range - that being "Flipside." This is a deep blue and when applied to the lower waterline looks so pretty. I love all the Urban Decay liners and the shade "Stash" is a lovely dark green /gold. Mac Wedge is a lovely brown and Woodwinked is a deep bronze gold, and both of these colours are beautiful. Also recommended are the Estee Lauder longwear cream eye shadows- I love the shade "Antique Gold" which is especially good for the summer. There are many more I could mention including the pigment by MAC called Melon which I wear very often as it is a lovely golden shade. Barry M do some lovely inexpensive shades of pigment too- I like Dazzle Dust number 24 in "Old Gold."

          7b Mascaras

          My favourite mascara is Clinique High Impact - this gives very defined lashes and is easy to apply. For waterproof capabilities I recommend Bare Minerals as these are excellent, and for coating the bottom lashes Clinique do a really good bottom lash mascara which has a tiny wand enabling you to easily coat the little lashes. Lancome also do some fantastic mascaras which are slightly more expensive, and for natural alternatives I love Lavera as this product smells of roses!

          7c Eye Creams

          Absolutely number one for this group are the eye creams by Origins. At 52 I was noticing that I had to use an eye primer more often than not because my shadows were creasing, and my eye lids were just starting to develop that crêpey look which I really hate. I was introduced to Origins as it has a high presence on make-up tutorials on YouTube, and the eye creams in particular get a really good reception. I use two of their products. In the morning I use Ginzeng which is absolutely fantastic for tired eyes as it imparts a brighter less tired appearance, and at night I apply Eye Doctor which is a moisturising cream. Both of these are costly but last for ever as you only need a minute amount.

          7d Eye Primers

          I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance which I love and which really primes the eyes well, but I also use MAC Paintpots as well as these can be used as a shadow or as a primer.

          8 Moisturisers

          Moisturisers are easy as my favourite ones are always the French Pharmacy brands. Top of the shop has to be the La Roche Possay Intense Rich Intensive Rehydrating Skincare which is a beautiful moisturiser especially good for mature skins as it seems to plump up the skin and impart a dewiness.
          I also love Avene products and use several of their creams and alternate these with Avalon Vitamin C Renewal creams. I will also use others from time to time depending on my skin but in general I find the French products to be the best.

          9 Shampoo and Conditioner

          This is a very interesting category because I use all the high street brands from time to time, and there are some gems from Elvive, and I also like Fructis for the beautiful scent and also for the fact that I can pick up many of these in my local Poundstore. However there is nothing as good as my all time favourite "Redken All Soft" which I have in my bathroom all the time. I buy the salon size 1litre bottles as they work out a lot less expensive than buying the 250mls which are really too expensive to justify the cost. You can buy a pump dispenser for the giant bottles and so they last for ages that way. I buy these from Ebay.

          These products leave my hair silky soft and in lovely condition. I also use masks from Kerastase from time to time, and my all time favourite leave in cream conditioner Phyto 7 or Phyto 9 for very frizzy days.
          I also love Klorane dry shampoo as it is perfect for days when you can't wash your hair.

          10 Nail Polish and Hand Cream

          My absolute favourite shades are from OPI- Dusk Over Cairo ( rose copper), Wouldn't Shoe Like to Know ( creamy chocolate shimmer) and Gouda Gouda Too Shoes (peachy gold). All three of these are fantastic, Sadly they are limited collection but you can still find the shades on various websites.
          For hand creams my all time favourite is the one by Caudalie which is so fresh but L'Occitane also do some fantastic Shea Butter creams.

          A FEW FINAL GEMS
          In addition to these 10 categories I must also mention that Avene Thermal Water spray is simply amazing in the summertime to cool you down, I always carry this in my handbag along with Caudalie Beauty Elixir as these are just fantastic for cooling and refreshing the skin and for alleviating tiredness.

          So that concludes a trip around my favourite products. It just leaves me to say that I always shop around for these products and rarely pay full price for any of them. I always look on the following as they are all excellent alternatives to the high street.
          Active beauty.co.uk
          HQ Hair.com

          A final word of advice - always head over the makeupalley to see what the general opinion is of products is before buying them. This website is fantastic as there are reviews for most items and shades so it really saves so much money.

          I hope you have found this useful. I love trying new products and change my favourites from time to time, but the core products are like old friends- reliable and dependable.

          Also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278


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            05.09.2012 22:17
            Very helpful



            The top 10... *insert dramatic music*

            Well this is my nice list of 10 beauty products. I'm not doing a budget one (although if I find something cheap that works I tend to stick with it), it's just the products I can't live without. These are in no particular order! Oh and beauty can vary so all may not be makeup.

            1) Palmer's Cocoa Butter, Fragrance Free Formula - £2.85, Tesco (where I get it and the normal price)
            I originally got the fragrance free version as my skin was being stupidly sensitive, I've stuck with it as I like the smell. There are other makes - Tesco do their own cocoa butter formulation, but Palmers is for me.
            It's relatively cheap, my skin doesn't react with it, and it's intensively moisturising - as somebody who suffers with excema prone dry skin, I need to be able to fight dryness, and this does the job.
            It also works as a super moisturising face mask (too heavy for everyday use), or even as a hair mask (I mix with a normal conditioner). Ultimately it's just a useful thing to keep around.

            2) Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation - £12.49
            This is still the best everyday foundation I've found - it's gentle on skin, has buildable coverage and once bought lasts a while, so it's not too bank-breaking. Comes in several colours for several skintones and undertones, so can always match perfectly. Also contains SPF15 - so this protects your face too!

            3) Nail Polish - Stargazer/Rimmel, from around £3 up. Seche Vite, £7-8
            I cannot go without nail polish for long, and these are my 2 staple brands. I need pretty nails. I have about 30 or so polishes - excluding top and base coats. My base coat of choice is Seche Vite - it's fast drying and gives a gel finish to any nail polish.

            4) EZ combs
            EZ combs are a make, the wider product are african hair combs, double hair combs and butterfly combs, normally bought off of Ebay - they come in many styles, usually either wooden or metal with beads and other decorations. They can be used to put your hair in almost any style, from pulling it back, pony tails, basic up styles and can be used for fancy styles for special ocassions. Ultimately once you know how to use them, they can replace several types of hair styling tools - and they can be changed on the go easily for a different style. I started using them a few years ago and no wouldn't care to be without!

            4) Mudd original face mask - £4.99
            Mudd are a fairly basic face mask brand, I use the original which has around 10 application for a fiver in a tube. It smells a bit funny, it looks odd, but it does exactly what I'd hope a face mask would do. Sorts pores, cleans muck off your face, tightens pores, and just is a very useful beauty item.

            5) Lip balm/moisturiser
            There are several products you can use for this - from the most basic end of a £1.50 tube or a pot of vaseline, right up to branded makes at £15, 20 or more for... well, a different lip balm. But ultimately, protecting your lips is a great idea - I am prone to chapped lips in winter so they really do help. Worth keeping in your bag. Most give a gloss to your lips too.

            6) Face moisturiser - currently No.7 Essential Moisture
            My lovely cocoa butter is too thick and gooey for this - so a good moisturiser, it protects your face, it gives a makeup base and really should be an essential in everybody's skincare regime. I do have sensitive facial skin, and I love my No7 - but have got some cheaper boots stuff to try. Anything that suits your skin will do though, at the end of the day, they should all do the same job.

            7) No.7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara in Black - £12
            The best mascara I've found yet (although, I have around 8 bottles of free samples to use up) - it does lengthen, with a couple of coats really to the extreme, it doesn't clump, it doesn't volumise by sticking your lashes into 5 separate legs (but can be built up to volumise in a less weird looking way) and the waterproof side is amazing - I've not made it run in the couple of years I've been using it.

            8) Earrings - now I know, these are pushing it on the beauty front, but as somebody who had, at last count, over 120 pairs of earrings (probably around 150 now), well, I do love them. I have everything from giant danglies to small, feminine studs. Earrings always look nice. Mine are nearly all sterling silver (at least, the hooks are) and have been gotten from various places over a lot of years. And I've never found an occasion they're inappropriate! Earrings are the best beauty product you can buy. Ever.

            9) Lily Lolo Mineral Eyeshadow - £5.29
            I have now got 9 different shades, including a shimmer green, a matte purple, a slightly shimmery white - and a few browns. They do them in shimmer or matte - the most versatile I'd say is the Soft Brown or similar shades that are Matte, but really, a nude/brown/neutral eyeshadow in the right shade is suitable for everybody and they're great for a day to day look. The white I use for inner corners mostly. They do a selection of neutrals and they really sit well and last. The other colours though can be used as a wash or strong colour. I love these so so much - you can't go wrong.

            10) Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner Black - £7.99
            Slightly less essential, but still something I'll likely use forever - I use this very regularly, on my lash line as a thick or thin liner, but also for my tightline and waterline. It comes with a nice brush, is supposed to last up to 24 hours (it lasts all day, I've never tested it for 24 hours though) and is simply fantastic.

            So there's my top 10 - the products I've save if the rest of my makeup/beauty stuff was to be lost. The rest I love - but, I can live without.


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            05.09.2012 13:52
            Very helpful



            My top 10 beauty products

            My top ten beauty products

            1) Perfume: Perfume is a must have for me I love having a nice scent on and I feel as though something is missing if I am not wearing any perfume. At the moment my favourite scent is Lacoste Touch Of Pink, this is because I live in Cyprus and it is a true summer scent however, I also have a bottle of Diesel Fuel for Life for the evenings as I like a more sophisticated perfume for the evening and I feel that the Lacoste one doesn't really live up to this.

            2) Eye liner: I wear Eye liner every day I have tried many different brands and have found that my best budget eyeliner is Rimmel Soft Kohl (this is the one I currently own and use every day) and also my favourite "splurge" eyeliner are the ones by Benefit. I wear eyeliner every day as I would say they are my best feature and I find that using eyeliner in the way I do (along the lower eye lid) then it frames my eyes and draws attention to them. I have very strong green coloured irises and I find that when I use eye liner in this way it highlights and emphasises the colour even more, to make them stand out.

            3) Powder foundation: As I have said in previous reviews, I have quite good natural skin and an even complexion minus a few freckles over my nose and upper cheeks. I do no find wearing foundation essential but I choose to wear powder foundation as it is more natural and leaves me with a nice healthy colour especially when I have had little sleep it perks my face up and makes me look a bit more alive than the bride of Dracula! My best bargain buy would have to be NYC smooth minerals, these all have SPF in and come with a small foundation brush, and they can be picked up from Superdrug for a few pounds. My favourite splurge product would be Bare Minerals powder foundation, I use this every day and have never had a problem with it. I normally have allergic reactions to liquid foundations and have found that it is hard to match liquid foundation to your skin tone than it is too for powder. The worst thing you could do is go out looking like an extra from Charlie and the chocolate factory, well this isn't the case with powder foundation it leaves you look fresh and as though you don't have make up on.

            4) Mascara: I have naturally dark eye lashes due to my naturally dark hair so I do not need to darken my lashes so I can get away with wearing either brown or black mascaras. Again like the items above I do wear this product every time I go out, again to bring emphasis to my eyelashes and make them look fuller and longer. My favourite mascara at the moment is the Maybelline pulse perfection vibrating mascara, don't get me wrong I wasn't overly keen with the product at first because it is a bit of a strange sensation but once you get used to it I believe that it is one of the best products on the current market. One I wouldn't recommend is the L'Oreal lash architect 4d I have had problems with this product right from the start.

            5) Lip gloss/lip care: I am a self-confessed lip biter, it has got to the point where I bite until the skin has come off and it bleeds, it's my habit that I have when I am nervous and I don't realise I have done it until it hurts! I therefore keep aloe vera Vaseline on my lips as often as I can as it stops me from biting my lips and keeps them soft and smooth. I also like the Rimmel lip glosses as they have subtle colours and help make my lips look fuller.

            6) Moisturiser: I use a range of moisturisers, for my body I use a Body shop butter the current one I am using is strawberry, it smells gorgeous and really does help keep my skin soft. For my face I use a product in the Simple range, I also use this on a cotton pad to remove eye make-up be careful not to actually get it in your eye. However, using the product like this is very effective and works better than any make up remover or wipe I have used in the past.

            7) Eye shadow: I love eye shadows I tend to go for brown shades as I tan quite well living in Cyprus. I don't use these often I perhaps use these if we are going out for the evening or if it is a special occasion. My favourite products are the Body Shop shimmer cubes and the Benefit sets of eye shadows that come with instruction on how to apply; I find that they make it easier to create a professional look by a complete make up novice.

            8) Detangling spray: This is a major essential for me I live in Cyprus so I am constantly in the sun and in pools and the sea so my hair does get quite damaged, I find using a detangling spray/leave in conditioner very affective the best products I have used to date is the Aussie product range they smell delicious and are highly effective.

            9) Bronzer: again this is not an everyday essential for me but I find that it helps turn day make up into evening make up. The products I would recommend are the Bare Mineral warmth powders and the Bourjois bronzing powders.

            10) Body spray: this is one for every woman's bag, they help to make you smell fresh throughout the
            day the most well-known brand Impulse is my favourite especially the city fragrance product range.

            All in all I couldn't live without my beauty products and I know it is only going to get worse when I start my beauty courses next year as you are required to wear make up in the college studios so that you are showing your skills all the time you are working.


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            22.07.2012 02:18
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            The products I love and swear by!

            My top 10 beauty products are likely to be the ones I use everyday as that's what makes them so great so this could almost double as a 'my makeup routine' review too... ? I'm going to concentrate on face beauty products otherwise I wouldn't be able to choose anything to fit in my top 10!

            1. Benefit Boing Concealer
            This is something I swear by and will be buying for the rest of my life, a small pot of concealer that perfectly hides all my spots and my dark circles (although I tend to use Benefits eraste paste here as it's a creamier consistency). I don't really carry a makeup bag around with me but this is always in my bag for touch ups through the day. It helps hide the shine down my nose too some days!

            2. YSL Mascara
            This was bought for me as a present and is the best mascara I have ever used, the brush is soft and bristly and I often get asked if I'm wearing false eyelashes and how do they look so natural! The mascara gives me the perfect volume, curl and length I want and the casing is so elegant and makes me feel expensive when I apply it!

            3. Eye lash curlers
            I'm still on a search for the best eyelash curlers but I love eyelash curlers so much, many of my friends cringe when I huge them as they do look like a torture device but they really do help create a wide eyed natural look on my lashes!

            4. Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner
            I use this or my Rimmel Glam Eyes Liner, the Urban Decay one is amazing, it cost me £14 but glides on my lids effortlessly and the brush is very small meaning I can be very precise and build up how thick I want my eyeliner and can create perfect little flicks/wings that stay in place all day. I am liquid eyeliner addict!

            5. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 in 'Porcelain'
            My friend gave this away to me as the colour (even though it's the lightest!) was slightly too dark for her. I've never been a fan of moisturisers as they make me too greasy, the same with foundations and primers but this ones perfect and acts as all three! It is about £33 which I am definitely willing to pay when I run out. It keeps my face soft and hydrated and adds some colour to my usually dull complexion.

            6. Soap & Glory Pore Face Mask
            This is a very recent purchase which I have fallen in love with because the effect it has my skin and pores is amazing! My face is rid of all grease and my pores are tightened up and are visibly smaller!

            7. YSL Pencil Eyeliner
            This came with the mascara my friend gave me and I use this along my bottom lash and sometimes waterline. It's one of the best pencil liners I've used because it goes on smoothly as it's so creamy and soft and creates a really effective smokey eye and doesn't smudge down my face!

            8. Urban Decay Brow Box
            I nearly forgot to put this on here and it's one of my favourite products! I am an eyebrow obsessive, I keep them plucked and shaped and fill them in with the brow box. I love how eyebrow can literally change the entire look and shape of someone face. The box has two shades in with a small brush to apply, a pair of teeny useless tweezers and a tray of wax in the bottom to keep your brows in place. I love this box so much it's definitely one of my everyday essentials.

            9. Witch Stick
            I've used these sticks for years and are amazing at clearing and preventing spots! It dries them up and doesn't make my face feel greasy at all, this the best spot clearing product I've ever used.

            10.The Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Scrub
            I own a lot of the Tea Tree skincare range and find this is one of the best face scrubs I've ever used, it keeps my face shine free and is slowly tackling at the task of unclogging all my pores!

            I've reviewed most of the items on here if you want to check them out (:


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              18.04.2012 12:14
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              Quite frankly, I'm addicted to anything and everything that makes me look and feel more beautiful. Yes, beauty comes from the inside out, but first impressions generally lie with your outward appearance and if I can look my best at all times, you can be rest assured I will! I'm aware this makes me sound pretty high maintenance, I'm not, but I do like to look my best - you never know when Ryan Gosling will make a quick trip to Scotland and bump into me in Sainsburys! Let me quickly share my top 10 beauty products with you.

              Let's start off with the basics...

              1. Every girl needs a good moisturiser to keep her skin supple and flake free. Luckily, my skin isn't flaky anyway, but I do use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion to keep my skin fresh. Every woman in my family uses this (reviewed on Dooyoo by my sister, therefore I can't write my own review) and has done ever since we discovered it. The light texture prevents oil buildup and greasy marks, but provides enough moisture to keep the skin soft throughout the day. This can also be used under makeup for an even finish, or even mixed in with your foundation to make your perfect tinted moisturiser - perfect for the upcoming summer!
              This can be found at any Clinique counter and online for £16.50-£29 depending on the size of the product you get. I usually stick to the 50ml tube for £16.50 as I find it lasts roughly 2 months as I only need a teeny tiny amount of product.

              2. A good hair care product is a must for any beauty junkie, although I do try to use as little product in my long hair as I possibly can. Long hair is already weighted down by itself, so adding heavy products wouldn't help it. Coconut oil, however, is a lifesaver for me. I use the pure coconut oil that can be found in Holland & Barrett and used for a multitude of things - including baking. As it comes in a solid state, you do have to melt it before use. I simply scoop out two tablespoons into a pan and gently heat it until melted. This takes no time at all and can then be massaged onto my scalp and then taken throughout the ends of my hair. For people without any scalp issues, I recommend avoiding using this on your scalp as it will have no benefit to you, just massage it into your ends for some deep conditioning, but as I have psoriasis on my scalp, this provides some temporary relief from the itching and pain and can also reduce the amount of attacks I have on the base of my scalp.
              The one I use is Pure Coconut Oil in a 453g jar for £14.99. Seems like a hefty price tag but it leaves my hair in perfect condition and leaves my scalp itch free.

              3. Most people don't count this as a beauty product, but deodorant is my next basic must have. Perspirex roll on antiperspirant is my deodorant of choice (I'll be writing a full review shortly). It's a long lasting antiperspirant that should be applied every night for a week and then every second or third night from then on. Without going into too much detail outwith the actual review, this is a godsend and I will never use anything else.
              Available from Costco - I purchased mine in a two pack although I can't quite remember the price right now, it was either £9.99 or £14.99 for the two.

              4. For anyone with short, blonde lashes like me, a good mascara is a necessity not a luxury. Nothing makes a bigger difference for us blonde-lashed folk than a good, black defining mascara. I've recently reviewed my favourite, MasterpieceMAX by Max Factor (and somehow got a crown on it, thanks to whoever nominated me!) so I won't repeat myself here, but this is a fabulous mascara for definition, a little extra length and volume without the clumps. Please have a look at my full review if you're interested :).
              £9.99 from Boots, also available online and in any store that stocks Max Factor cosmetics.

              Now for the little luxuries...

              5. I've recently been informed that hair removal isn't a necessity as all women were meant to be natural, yadda yadda yadda. You show me a girl my age that is covered in body hair and I'll eat my bra (I don't have a hat). After years of fighting the battle with hair removal, I've finally found the secret. A good shaving gel, for me that is Gillette Series Shave Gel for sensitive skin - yes, it's a product aimed at men! I have very fine, blonde hair that doesn't respond well to waxing or epilating and cannot be lasered off due to the lack of pigment, so I have to stick to shaving - lucky me! I always thought the razor was the issue, and trust me, I've had my fair share of bad experiences with certain razors whilst using this shave gel, but this has given my some very smooth, close shaves with razors that I thought were much less than average when used without it. It pumps out of the can as a gel and instantly turns into a big heap of frothy foam when you rub your hands together. Simply smooth it over the desired area and shave away.
              This is often on offer in Boots and usually costs around £2.99 for a 200ml can.

              6. Foundation is something that as I've grown up, I've found I need less of it. When I first started out with makeup I thought it was really cool to use loads of foundation that is 3 shades darker than I am, y'know, giving myself a tan and all that...
              Now I'm well aware that a little goes a long way. My current foundation of choice (again, a running trend with the women in my family) is Revlon Colourstay. This a very thick, full coverage liquid foundation, however I believe they've recently changed the formula as the lightest is no longer an exact match for me. I don't think I've gotten any lighter, so I'm blaming Revlon. I'm on the hunt for another foundation that lives up to the quality of this one as it a holy grail in my eyes. Easy application, natural finish but provides perfect full coverage to hide all your flaws and imperfections. Smudge and water proof. Contains spf. Really, could it get any better?
              Revlon products are again, available in Boots (promise I don't work there!) and is currently £12.49. This is occasionally on offer for £11.99.

              7. Lip products in general give a lot of life to the face in my opinion. If I could only leave the house with 3 products on, I'd choose mascara, a lip product and deodorant (although it gets put on at night, so I'd probably choose perfume instead). My favourite lip balms are made by Carmex, I prefer the cherry flavour but the mint is really refreshing too. I'm yet to try the strawberry. This is the only lip balm that truly works for me, and it even appears somewhat glossy without the stickiness so it's a two in one! A 10g tube is available in Boots for £2.69.
              I'm a huge lover of lipsticks too. MAC and Chanel are my favourite (I've posted a review about Chanel lipsticks if you're interested - I believe it was my first), I'm also a big fan of Revlon Superlustrous when I'm on a budget. I highly recommend all of these brands for their consistency and colour range. Maybe not for the price because Chanel is ridiculous, but we'll overlook that.

              8. Body butter. This could maybe have gone in with number 1, but I feel that it deserves a spot all of it's own. Body Butter is my lifesaver! It leaves my skin looking and feeling extra soft and I often get compliments on how it feels - not that I'm often touched by randoms, but my forearms at least are always on show.
              I prefer to use Cherry by The Body Shop as the consistency is perfect and the price isn't too bad for the quality of product. I believe they've gone up in price recently and I can't seem to access their website this morning, I'll have to say that it's around £12-£13 for a 200ml pot.

              9. A good bra. We have to keep the girls looking good somehow! I know some boys think it's cheating to use a bra that boosts the girls up and gives them an extra cup size or two, but my boyfriend and I have been together long enough that he knows they aren't all mine and is quite content with it. I don't use the bra to give the impression of having huge tatas, just to make certain dresses look nicer. My current favourite is actually from New Look for £11.99. It's in the enhanced cleavage range and can be found in a million and one different colours. It offers some padding to boost your boobies by around one cup, but the padding is arranged in such a way that it provides a natural lift and gives a good bit of cleavage too. Go on, treat your boobies!

              And if all else fails...

              10. A bottle of vodka. Everyone looks beautiful after a bottle of vodka. Except of course, the one spewing it up!

              Thanks for reading! All of my reads and rates are currently going towards my trip to New York, so I do really appreciate the time you take to read my reviews.


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                21.11.2011 16:59
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                The internet is my most precious resource.

                I think there are a lot of rip off merchants around who know they can sell anything if they attach a celebrity name and a lot of pseudo scientific ingredients and glowing endorsements. So I'm not really one for fancy brands, although I do have a weakness for nice packaging. (I'm afraid I once bought a bottle of Philosophy "Amazing Grace" not because I really wanted the shower gel, but because I thought the message on the side was cool and I wanted to keep the bottle on my windowsill to look pretty.)

                You'll notice that my recommendations aren't really for cosmetics; I don't have any particular favourites as I like variety and by the time I've finished one bottle of shampoo / jar of moisturiser / tube of mascara, I want to try a different one rather than stick with the same brand, no matter how good it is. (I'm a fickle Sagittarian, what can I say?)

                I'm also what magazines whimsically call "a babe on a budget," so my main objective is to get the best bang for my buck at all times. I ignore reviews that magazines give to the latest designer products, because they depend on these companies to provide funding via adverts. (So it really wouldn't pay for them to give a less than positive accolade.) I prefer to scour the internet for "real," objective tips and reviews.

                Because of this, my tips are generally based on products which save you money in the long run - they are my tried and tested, "work better than anything else even if they're not so much fun to use because they don't have lots of foaming agents and pretty pink packaging" products.

                1) Clarisonic

                Ah, I owe the girls over on makeupalley.com for the discovery of this. (Incidentally, that wonderful website is where I have made most of these discoveries - check out their product reviews, especially under "unlisted brand" - this is where you will find that kitchen cupboard magic.

                Clarisonics are little massage brushes for your face - you charge it up and then just run it over your face to let the oscillating brush head do its work. This feels something like applying a giant electric toothbrush to your skin. They weren't available in the UK for some time after their US release and even now can only be found in the hallowed aisles of the "posh shops" such as Space NK, Harrods, Selfridges etc. You will pay through your newly poreless nose for one - a basic model is about £155! However, if you're prepared to use an American adaptor you can find them on Ebay - even with postage it can work out cheaper. Now, some people find these machines miraculous (Oprah is a fan) and other say "But it's no different to scrubbing your face with a flannel!" All I know is, I have been using mine for over two and a half years and my skin has barely blemished during that time. Yay!

                2) Salux cloth (available on Ebay)

                In Japan, they take smooth skin seriously, devoting hours to exfoliation and cleanliness, so it isn't surprising that the Salux actually won the Japanese invention award. These cloths are basically like those shower puff things made of netting, but left unpuffed - so it's one long piece of fine mesh, which rather cleverly enables you to reach your back without the use of a long handled brush or helpful friend. Sounds simple, but it's so effective - I give myself a good scrub with this and it lathers up my shower gel to luxurious foaminess. As I always use one of those poncey creams with moisturiser in it, I never have to bother with body cream afterwards. (I do so hate standing around naked, getting cold and tacky.)

                The extra scrubbiness is apparently great for circulation and therefore cellulite - and if you do choose to use lotion afterwards, it will absorb much more thoroughly into your skin. And my favourite part of all? They air dry super-fast, meaning no yucky mould forming.

                3) Blackhead remover.

                I did write a full review of this little gadget a while ago - and I still maintain it is one of the best money saving devices around. A box of pore strips cost about £7 last time I looked - and in my opinion, they never seem to "get everything out." A metal tool (which will hopefully NEVER need replacing) easily pays for itself within a few uses.

                Cleanliness is of course crucial to the operation - use plenty or tea tree or palma rosa oil, and remember to regularly sterilise the blackhead remover. After gently steaming your face with a warm (not too hot) flannel or just a nice warm shower, you'll probably find your pores teeming with blockages, and you can delicately scoop them out with the metal loop. Finish with a clay mask and hey presto, your nose will be nice and smooth and your expensive dermatologist will be out of job.

                4) Morroccan oil

                This is a must have for hair. My hair doesn't really frizz up, but it can be a bit flyway, so I often use serum to keep it shiny and relatively "normal" looking. I've tried my fair share of serums, but none compares with this! It really is lightweight - once you've smoothed on a drop or two, it disappears completely and you are left with perfectly shiny, healthy hair with NO BUILD UP WHATSOEVER! Yes, you're thinking of all those serums you've tried which were fine at first but then weighed your hair down and made it greasy so much faster, aren't you? Not anymore. It smells gorgeous too - a smoky vanilla scent.

                5) Olive oil

                I often see expensive beauty products based around olive oil - cleaners, shampoos, moisturisers - and I wonder why people don't just go to their kitchen cupboards. I use it for lots of things - warm oil makes a great moisturising mask for your hair, for example. (No need to buy tiny tubes of a "hot oil treatment"! If you're a fan of the oil cleansing method (check out www.ocm) it's a useful one to have around. (In a nutshell, the OCM usually means mixing a couple of different oils with different properties - say, a slightly more "cleansing" one such as Castor, with something moisturising like Olive oil, massaging it into the face and them removing with a warm flannel. It's the gentle way to clean your face without stripping your natural oils, as soaps can.) All in all, Popeye's girlfriend is an essential ingredient.

                6) Cold cream

                I reviewed this very early on in my Dooyoo career, and I'm still using it on a regular basis. There is something comforting about using a product that has been used for generations, and the proof of its long term effect can be seen in rosy cheeked sweet old ladies. It really does leave your skin soft, and feels very luxurious - especially in winter when your skin is crying out for rich moisturising creams. I'm currently using the one from Boots' "Traditional skin care" range, which smells more medicinal than Ponds. Unfortunately Ponds have changed their formula - it used to have a wonderfully gloopy, whipped cream texture, but it is now the same as all the other cold creams on the market. Which was silly of them, because now I just buy the cheaper versions - the texture was the only thing that made Ponds special for me.

                7) Aspirin

                The aspirin face mask has been an internet phenomenon for a while, and I'm sure must be mainstream by now. However, if you haven't heard of them, they are the cheapest, easiest and most effective face mask ever. Just crush about 5 aspirin with a little water / witch hazel / rose water, or even a little jojoba oil. It will be quite crumbly but should stick to your face. Aspirin contains Salicylic acid, which is one of those magic ingredients used in dermatology to fight acne.

                8) Milk of magnesia

                Not just for upset tummies! (Although I suppose you might want some on hand for that, so it's doubly useful.) Unbelievable as it may sound, this makes a brilliant "primer." You know, that fancy schmancy, completely unnecessary step between moisturiser and foundation, invented by makeup artists so they can flog us more products. This little miracle makes your skin completely matte, and it stays that way for the foreseeable future. I dab it into my nose and forehead to avoid afternoon shine, and it works a treat. Check yourself in the mirror though, as it can be chalky if you dab too enthusiastically. Some say it works for blackheads too, although I can't say I've noticed this.

                9) Sudocrem

                Remember when there was all that fuss about a nappy cream which was flying off the shelves when people noticed it benefiting their skin? Well, savvy shoppers have been using Sudocrem for years. Bizarrely, it seems to dry out spots yet moisturise your skin, simultaneously. I only use it for one night at a time, as I think more constant use could end up drying out my skin. But used every once in a while, I wake up to (appropriately) baby soft skin. However, its spot fighting prowess can be attributed to the fact that it's designed to kill of rashes and infections, so it's strong stuff.

                A word of warning though - only use this at night - if you're alone. It strongly suggests geisha makeup.

                10) Perfume
                I know I keep banging on about www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com. But I cannot express to you quite how much these perfume oils have affected my life. OK, so perfume doesn't actually MAKE you more beautiful. But it can make you feel beautiful on a day when your hair needs a wash and even your tracky pants feel tight. (Not to mention the fact that some of my beauty insights have come from the girls on the forum, another reason to be grateful.)

                Try channelling Anne Bonny (a fearsome lady pirate) with the scent of red patchouli, red sandalwood and frankincense. Or express your gentler side with Cordelia (the Lab has a whole bunch of scents based on Shakespearean characters) - lilac, lemon, green tea, wisteria, osmanthus, white cedar, and Chinese musk.

                Of course, any perfume could make you feel pretty, but it's so much more fun to wear a close-to-the-skin oil blend designed to encapsulate Nefertiti, than it is to spray on the latest chemically, air-freshener style scent designed by a bimbette from a reality show.

                The scent list grows every year and there are seasonal extras - right now the Halloween scents are still available (until December 13th) and the Yule scents will be around until January. Bottles are generally around $15 - $20 and a pack of "imps" (sample sizes) cost $20 for 6. Delivery information can be found on the forum - www.bpal.org. as can reviews of the scents (so you don't have to buy completely "blind" if you don't happen to know what vetiver or lotus smells like.)

                And a few last tips? Witch hazel and rosewater make great toners. My skin seems to benefit from nothing more complicated than a splash of cold water in the mornings - I think simple is best and too many products can overwhelm skin. Oils of any kind - coconut, olive, avacado, sweet almond - can all be used with great effect on skin and hair. And advertising is never to be trusted....


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                  23.05.2011 22:18
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                  I wear make up everyday and own so much of it, wearing a lot of make up is just something I am so used too, Of course I have my top 10 favourite make up products, and I will list them and tell you why below! ( By the way, no particular order! )

                  1. Foundation.

                  Foundation is a must, I never have left the house without make up, maybe once in the last few years! I suffer from quite bad acne and I really find foundation is a life saver, the one which I use is Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish, I will be honest, it isn't the best foundation but it does provide quite heavy coverage which I need, I always use a powder over the top of it to get it to look more of a natural colour and more natural on!

                  2. Powder.

                  I wear a foundation powder over my foundation everyday, I find this provides more coverage and makes my acne less noticeable, it also really tones down the colour of my foundation and makes it look more natural, powder is great for taking away shininess too! I currently use Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals, which is now being discontinued *cries*

                  3. Vaseline.

                  Vaseline is just an essential isn't it? everybody knows that, you can use it in lots of different ways, to soften your skin, to take away your chapped lips, to give your eyelashes a natural look, its just so great for a natural looking lipgloss!

                  4. Mascara

                  Because I wear a lot of foundation and powder my eyelashes usually turn the same colour as them, so I have to wear mascara everyday, not that I have a problem with this, it really opens up your eye and makes them look so much more attractive! The one which I use is Max Factor Masterpiece!

                  5. Bronzer.

                  I think I have chubby cheeks so use bronzer to slim them down, I do think it helps contour the face and it does make my face look slimmer, its so good for adding a splash of colour to your cheeks, especially in the summer! Its also great to use over the chest area too!
                  I use Miss Sporty Ooh so tan!

                  6. Moisturiser.

                  My nan always used to tell me to moisturise or I shall regret it when I am older, I took her tip and I moisturise every single night! It really helps with dryness and makes my skin feel very soft, but if I am honest I don't see any difference of what it could be doing except making my skin soft, maybe in a few years when I begin to age I will see..
                  I use Nivea Soft

                  7. Primer

                  Wearing as much make up as I do I used to hate it sliding of my face, then I found primer! Hurray! a great product which stops your face going shiny and keeps your make up in place longer, it also smooths out your skins surface so provides a even surface to make application easier of your foundation! Because the foundation I use now has a primer in, I don't use the one I used to, but when I change my foundation I will go back to it, Gosh Primer, amazing primer.

                  8. Face wipes.

                  When I was younger and wore make up, I never used to take it of at night because my parents never introduced me to face wipes, I think this has in some way contributed to the way my skin is now, when I first discovered face wipes I have never gone back, they are an essential for cleansing your face, they remove every trace of make up, leave your face looking fresh and its so much better knowing your face is clean! I use Wilkinsons own brand face wipes! They are worth the money..

                  9. Nail Varnish

                  Sometimes your nails can just look like crap, and what is a better way to make them look great than some nail varnish? Whether you want bright, dark, nude colours, nail varnishes really make your hands and feet look more feminine and pretty! I use a lot of them, but the main two are Laura Paige and Nailfinity.

                  10. Hair products!

                  My hair is in awful condition, any hair product that helps it look better is an essential in my opinion, hair conditions that work can make your hair look a lot better, shampoo helps your hair feel clean, colours on your hair really can change your appearance and make you look better, a lot more stuff too!


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                    24.10.2010 23:22
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                    Thanks for reading

                    Ahh this is going to be difficult narrowing it down to ten but I'll do my best by doing my top 5 makeup, hair, and beauty

                    1. Aussie Mega Shampoo and Conditioner: These smell really good and do the job well, I've tried switching a few times but always come back to Aussie

                    2. Mark Hill De-frizz Shine Serum: I use this on wet hair every morning before blow-drying and it just makes it so shiny and straight

                    3. Charles Worthington Shine spray: As long as you don't use very much it makes your hair soft and shiny, and it smells like a salon too

                    4. Aussie 3-minute miracle Conditioner: I use this once or twice a week and it fixes all the damage I do to my hair, plus its really cheap and smells great

                    5. Bed Head Superstar Leave-in Conditioner: I only use this every now and then because its pretty expensive but it smells really fruity and sweet and it makes your hair so soft


                    1. Barry M Nail Paints: I honestly couldn't live without these, they come in every colour imaginable and they don't chip for ages. My favourite is Berry Ice Cream, I've gone through 2 bottles already and it only came out a few months ago

                    2. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain: I got this free with a magazine and its great for when you can't be bothered with loads of blusher and lipgloss. Its a natural, pretty colour too, and its light so you can build up the colour

                    3. Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint: This only comes out at christmas, so every year I buy 4 tins and then ration it. Its not so much the product itself but the smell, which is really, really sweet and bubblegum-my. It also adds a nice pink tint and is very moisturising.

                    4. Clinique Line Smoothing Concealor: Expensive but can be used for spots, under-eye circles, wrinkles, anything really, and properly does the job

                    5. Clinique High Impact Mascara: This is very dramatic but still seperates the lashes so does not give a clumpy look, and is not that expensive for a premium brand.


                    1. Boots Botanics Eye makeup Remover: As you may have guessed by now, I'm fussy about my brands, but this remover is so great, you don't have to rub at all, and is only £2.99 for a big bottle.

                    2. Lush Rockstar Soap: I use this every morning instead of a shower gel and apart from being a good soap and all, the smell is gorgeous, you can still smell it on your skin in the evening, people comment on it all the time, plus its a great bright pink colour

                    3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner: I haven't used another toner for years, I use this twice a day and I swear I wouldn't survive without it

                    4. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream: This is my favourite beauty product of all time, it smells great, you only need a little bit, and it moisturises without making your skin oily. I'd pay any price for it, let alone £10 a tub

                    5. Nina Ricci Nina EDT: I love this perfume, its girly and fruity but also quite sophisticated and the bottle is so cute


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                    29.08.2010 22:38
                    Very helpful




                    This will probably be longer than 10, so I apologise in advance for the big read...


                    *Naked Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner*

                    I am very proud of my hair, it's collarbone length and in excellent condition despite fortnightly dying (I'm a natural blonde but much prefer black hair). I would go so far as to say my hair is my favourite part of me, so it's important that it is well taken care of. I've used many kinds of shampoo and conditioner over the years, and I do like to vary what I use, but this is the set than I come back to time and time again. The shampoo cleans deeply but never leaves my hair feeling dry or stripped. The conditioner leaves my hair soft and shiny. both smell divine and rinse with minimal effort.

                    *The Tangle Teezer*

                    I use this just before washing my hair to remove tangles, but also to remove loose hairs so they don't go down the drain. I also use it on towel dried hair to form my parting. It's quite good at removing tangles without removing hair. My only bugbear is it is useless for blow drying.

                    SKIN CARE

                    *Olivia Soap*

                    This is a body bar made of saponified olive oil with a little water and mineral salts. It is without a doubt the best cleansing bar I've ever used, bar none (ha ha). It needs to be used with a body puff otherwise it's a little slimy. It cleanses my skin well and leaves it feeling clean but not dry or tight. I use it of my face as well. I don't believe in separate face washes. I've never found one to be "better" than whatever soap I'm using and if I did I'd be inclined to use it on my whole body.

                    *Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel*

                    Aloe vera is an amazing product for the skin. It doesn't moisturise but it helps my skin keep itself soft and smooth. Beats any moisturiser any day. It also has other skin helping benefits, if you're interested I recently wrote a review on it.

                    *Ambre Solaire Clear Protect Sun Spray*

                    I am fair skinned and never go out in the sun. If I HAVE to expose myself to the suns rays then I use this in High (SPF30). It's an alcohol spray so it doesn't need rubbing in and is transparent. I use it on my face even though the instructions say not to because I hate buying separate things for the face and body. Spray into the hands then pat onto the face, that way I avoid getting it into the eyes. I bought it on offer in winter for £1.50 from Tesco, I'm not sure I'd pay the full £8 for it, but one bottle has lasted a year.

                    FACIAL SKIN CARE

                    *Balm Balm Face Balm*

                    This stuff is extraordinarily good. It's a blend of organic oils and fats blended to produce a thick balm for the face and neck. It's kind of a middle ground between a face oil and a moisturiser. Face oil is intensive but leaves the skin feeling greasy. This doesn't at all. I love it. The unfragranced version contains shea butter, sunflower oil, beeswax, jojoba oil and calendula oil. Yes, I know, sunflower oil on the face...isn't that what you fry foods in?!?!? I know I said I hate buying separate things for the face and body, but I don't moisturise my body as such, just use the Aloe Vera, and my face sometimes needs a little TLC. I also use this on my hands because like my face they are always exposed and also need a little intensive care sometimes.

                    *Face Scrub*

                    I prefer to make my own face scrub, usually just sugar mixed with enough olive oil to cover all the grains. It's as effective as any face scrub I've ever bought and is very cheap. I use this twice a week, washing my face with the Olivia soap afterwards because the olive oil sometimes needs a little help rinsing off. On that note, if anyone else has a good face scrub base other than olive oil I'd love to hear about it.

                    MAKE UP

                    *Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse Foundation*

                    This is my current foundation and I love it. The shade fair is just light enough that I can use it without looking tanned. I know a lot of people are into bronzer and self tan and (good heavens) natural tanning, but I am happy to embrace my paleness. It gives a matte finish with medium coverage, perfect for my everyday wants. I sometimes dust it with Revlons ColourStay pressed Powder, but it's not really needed.

                    *Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara*

                    I can't praise this mascara enough. Mascara is all about the wand, not really the formula though there are exceptions, and this wand is fantastic. It has rubbery nodules and gives a really nice coat on the lashes. I particularly like the Intense Black version which, contrary to popular belief, isn't a darker black but has a formula which is a little more clumping. The brush prevents too much clumping while allowing just enough to make the lashes more dominant on the face.

                    *Barry M Dazzle Dust*

                    This is a particular favourite of mine. It's so easy to use and comes in a decent range of colours and finishes. I am really keen on the matte finish ones, especially red and orange shades, but the shimmer ones are good too.

                    *Revlon Matte Lipstick*

                    Another product I've already reviewed so I won't dwell on it too much. I am in love with the shade Strawberry Suede, it's an almost fluorescent red and looks beautiful on. Because it's matte it looks classic and chic.

                    *Black Eyeliner*

                    I don't do make up without lots of eye-liner. Pencil or liquid, pretty much any brand. I don't like gel liner though, it's far too fiddly.

                    12, that's not too bad, is it? :)

                    © L Wade 2009.


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                      29.08.2010 18:26
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                      I buy way too many beauty products so here is the top 10 I love at the moment (the list is always changing) :]

                      1. Body shop body butter
                      £12.50 a go but so worth it! smell delicious and dry skin is a thing of the past. best after a bath or shower and probably better in winter months. I love the japanese cherry blossom one at the moment.

                      2. Toni and Guy Iron it Heat Defence Spray
                      because I know I shouldn't be using straighteners just about everyday but I still do. No more static, just soft shiny hair that smells delicious. Can also be used as a leave in conditioner.

                      3. Aveeno Daily moisturising lotion
                      I leave this by the kitchen sink and everyone uses it. Hands, face any dry patches are all taken care of. Great for sensitive skin and even eczema.

                      4. Perfume
                      bit of a cheat here :)
                      impulse- for daytime, I love love 'London'
                      body shop japanese cherry blossom - again daytime, it smells sweet and floral perfect for summer!
                      vera wang princess- mostly evening as it's quite strong but it's sugary deliciousness in a bottle!
                      viktor and rolf flowerbomb- just amazing!

                      5. Johnsons classic lipcare
                      Nothing comes close to this for solving chapped lips. I always have 2 in case I run out. By far the best and not too expensive either!

                      6. Lush shower jellies
                      they're fun to use in the shower and sweetie pie smells good enough to eat (hmmm I think I see a pattern of sweet scents here...)

                      7. Barry M nail paints
                      gorgeous nail colours that don't chip after a day- all for the price of a starbucks frappuccino

                      8. Avon glimmerstick eyeliner
                      Smooth eyeliner that doesn't drag on eyelids and doesn't need sharpening. Saturn grey is my favourite for daytime.

                      9. Max factor false lash effect mascara
                      Forget thin spidery lashes and say hello to full thick lashes with one sweep of this!

                      10. Lush strawberry feels forever massage bar
                      Pamper yourself and smell like strawberries :) need I say more?

                      hope you enjoyed reading :)


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                        25.08.2010 19:08
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                        A complete bag of treats

                        I only discovered this category yesterday and I decided I had to share my top 10 with you - not sure how I am going to limit it to 10, but will give it a go.

                        1) Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - every girl needs a fail safe cleanser and this works for me every time. Soft and creamy cleanser with muslin cloth which acts as a gentle exfoliation everyday - around £11 for 100ml from Liz Earle Website/QVC.

                        2) Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - my very favourite toner, primarily because of the fab floral smell - just breathe it in to relax and feel revived - £11.50 for 200ml - same details for purchase as above.

                        3) Origins GinZing Eye cream - a new favourite for me - pricey at 20ml for a 15ml pot, but smells great and is lovely and cooling and creamy to apply - available from large department stores or Origins online.

                        4) Origins Mega Mushroom Body Cream - this was a gift and is THE perfect moisturiser - it is creamy, but gives the effects of a richer body butter, without any residual grease and smells AMAZING!!! The downside is the price though - wow £36 for 200ml - I must remember to be very nice to the friend that gave it to me!! Available as per number 3.

                        5) Benefit - Some Kinda Gorgeous - great foundation in funky packaging. This gives great coverage and blends really well for a natural look - £21.50 available from Benefit's website or in big department stores/ Boots etc.

                        6) Benefit - California Kissin - my favourite lipgloss. Despite its alarming blue colour in the tube, it gives a natual gleaming look on lips and a fresh minty smell to your breath. Also, magically makes your teeth look whiter - win win win!! £13 - and well worth it - available as per 5)

                        7) Benefit Bo-ing - the best concealer in the world. This claims to be industrial strength and it really is!! Covers the worst dark circles to make you look and feel more human - £16.50 but again well worth it - available as per 5)

                        8) Champneys Oriental Bath float - a lovely way to unwind at the end of the day. A really softening bubble bath with an amazing smell - around £12 in Sainsburys for a huge bottle.

                        9) Chance by Chanel perfume - got to be my favourite perfume - smells amazing and just that little bit special. I love it - please hubby can I have a replacement bottle when my current one runs out? Cost - don't want to think about it - probably around £50.

                        10) Estee Lauder Ultimate lifting cream - my serious indulgence item. I was given a pot of this after haing my son by a lovely lovely friend - apparantly used by Liz Hurley to get rid of her stretchmarks and I must say it worked like a treat. Plus was amazing to use and smelled divine - the downside is the price - around £150 a pot!!! Will not be replacing it unfortunately, but it was a fab treat!!

                        There you have it - what a bag of treats! Hope you have enjoyed reading!


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