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My Top 20 Most Played Songs

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If you use iTunes you will have an automatic Top 20 or 25 most played songs list - what's on it and why? Or do you use another method of tallying your most listened to tracks? Tell us about it.

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    16 Reviews
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      02.03.2014 20:15
      Very helpful
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      Don't check the lyrics of the Rammstein songs O.o

      I saw this discussion and had to laugh. A lot of people have a view of my musical tastes that vastly differs from the reality. Most seem to think that I'm a fan of classical music, or perhaps pop. I don't look like a heavy metal fan, and yet as the following list shows...I'm a little bit addicted to certain bands! It's also a good thing that I don't know much German as some of my favourite songs scare me a little when I check the translation O.o

      I should point out that I've had my iPod Nano for 7 years and in that time I've had iTunes on 3 different laptops, so this list is my favourites from the past 2 years, before that it leaned more towards The Killers.

      1. The Memory Remains ~ Metallica - This is pretty much my favourite song. It's top of my list as I tend to listen to it on the walk to work in the morning. It's not the first Metallica song I ever heard, but it did pretty much seal them in my heart as one of my favourite bands.

      2. Haifisch ~ Rammstein - I don't know German, which is probably a good thing having seen the translations of the lyrics of some of Rammstein's songs. Happily though Haifisch is one of the cleaner ones, it's about a shark that's sad. This was top of the list for a few months, especially after I saw Rammstein live at The O2. It still is one of my absolute favourites.

      3. Devil's Dance ~ Metallica

      4. Devil's Dance ~ Metallica Live - I should explain this, but obviously it's a bit weird. The above version of this song is the original studio version off the ReLoad album. This version is from the S&M Album that was recorded live with the San Francisco Philharmonic Orchestra. This version is actually my favourite, but the one above comes right after Memory Remains on my iPod and so I tend to just keep it one rather than skip a few tracks.

      5. Ich Tu Dir Weh ~ Rammstein - Er, this is one of the less clean ones. I still like it for the tune, but I tend to try not to think too much about the lyrics, and I wouldn't recommend looking them up XD

      6. Human ~ Metallica - Only ever performed live, pretty decent song also known as "Minus Human".

      7. Sad But True ~ Metallica - The live version again, I think it sounds better when accompanied by an orchestra XD

      8. Domination ~ Apocalyptica - This is a Finnish band of cellists. Not your standard classical music cellists, these guys are well-muscled long-haired blokes who cover various rock and metal songs in their own particular style with just music, no lyrics. This is one of their own compositions and it's very good.

      9. The Unnamed Feeling ~ Metallica - This was also once much much closer to the top of this list. Nowadays it's the last track on the Metallica option on my iPod and so it tends to be forgotten. Still good when I'm in a bad mood though.

      10. Halleluja ~ Rammstein - Another one I like the music for, the lyrics are fairly clean but the actual point of the song...well it's about a Catholic priest...let's just leave it there shall we?

      11. The Call of the Ktulu ~ Metallica - An instrumental piece, and very good at that.

      12. Until it Sleeps ~ Metallica - The S&M live version, again.

      13. The Memory Remains ~ Metallica - The S&M live version. I must admit, I don't like this version much and am currently working on replacing it with the Through the Never Live version as I much prefer it.

      14. Toreador ~ Apocalyptica - Another original composition.

      15. Outlaw Torn ~ Metallica - The S&M live version, I also have the studio version but again I don't like it as much.

      16. From Out of Nowhere ~ Apocalyptica - Original composition, this is right at the top of my Apocalyptica list when I clicked on to it so I tend to just start from it, therefore it's probably higher than it would otherwise be.

      17. Fade to Black ~ Apocalyptica - A cover of...a Metallica song! I prefer this to the actual Metallica version as the lyrics are depressing (it's a song about feeling suicidal) so it's nice to just focus on the emotion of the actual music instead.

      18. The Ecstasy of Gold ~ Metallica - The S&M Live version, a cover from a song from a film.

      19. Bleeding Me ~ Metallica - Another one of those songs that I just keep on because I can't be bothered to skip tracks.

      20. Nothing Else Matters ~ Apocalyptica - Another cover of a Metallica song. I have to be in the right mood for this song though, whichever version I'm listening to.

      So there we have it, I am a bit of a Metallica addict. And I'm not ashamed of it!


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        15.03.2011 15:21
        Very helpful



        Pretty decent list!

        My MP3 player has a function on it to record what the top 20 most listened to songs on it are. I don't overly look at it though so until now, I have little knowledge of what this is likely to be. I have a vague idea for a few but not for them all. So here's the list and why I think it's there:

        1. Bleed Black - A.F.I.
        Well I didn't expect that to be at the top. I thought it might be on there, just... Well, that's a bit of a surprise. I know I listened to it for a week on repeat but that was a while ago. Oh well, it's a pretty good song.

        2. Scars - Papa Roach.
        Again, not what I expected given that I barely ever listen to this, although I did listen to it for a Psychology project so maybe that's why it's on here?

        3. Looking At You Through The Glass - Stone Sour.
        Okay, I love this song. That one deserves a place on there probably. I listen to it most days.

        4. Calling Dr. Love - Kiss.
        It's slightly embarrassing that this is on there given that it reminds me of someone and most people I know would know who that is. If they saw that, well, I wouldn't want them to. Haha. But yeah, it's a good song.

        5. Pieces - Sum 41.
        Again, this could be on here because of that Psychology project. I don't listen to it much now actually but I do like it.

        6. God Called In Sick Today - A.F.I.
        Another song I like and to be fair I probably have listened to this one a lot. Not what I thought would be on here though, especially not so high up.

        7. Something - Escape the Fate.
        I love this song as well. It's probably one of my favourite songs by ETF which is saying something given that I don't even like Craig's voice as much as Ronnie's. For those that aren't fans of ETF, I should probably explain Ronnie was kicked out of the band when he went to jail and was replaced by Craig.

        8. Walking Disaster - Sum 41.
        Again, Psychology project got this one up there. I do love the song though and could associate with it quite well with the general subject of it.

        9. The Last Fight - Bullet For My Valentine.
        This one I expected to be higher up. I listen to it all the time because it makes me far more motivated than most of the other songs on here. Odd really that I've got 8 songs ahead of this one.

        10. Hiroshima - Ben Folds.
        This one was for an English project. Along with several other Ben Folds songs that I'm not sure I still have on here. Again though, I thought this one would be higher than it is given how many times I've played it. I have a lot of songs on here as a result of college, don't I?

        11. Over My Head - A Day To Remember.
        I love this song. It's better than the original by The Fray as well in my opinion, although you do have to like covers and like screamo music to like it, I think.

        12. Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance.
        Again, it motivates me so I probably listen to this a lot if I have to do a project just to get myself more motivated. That and I love Gerard Way's voice.

        13. Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows.
        It's actually worrying that this is on the list considering I didn't even know I had it on my MP3 player... That is rather confusing.

        14. Anywhere But Here - Mayday Parade.
        I love this song. And I love Mayday Parade. So this deserves a place here I think! I've always loved them, although I didn't expect this to be the song I listened to most by them.

        15. Stacy's Mom - Fountains Of Wayne.
        This is on here because my friend is called Stacy and her boyfriend randomly wanted to hear the song, then got addicted to it and kept stealing my MP3 to play it on. Slightly disturbing really.

        16. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus.
        I always loved this song, even when I was about 10 I used to listen to it absolutely loads, not that I understood it back then of course. But I still love it today!

        17. Who are you - The Who.
        This song is another of those that I listen to a lot, although the version I have is the longer one so therefore I don't listen to it as many times as I would listen to shorter songs in the same amount of time which explains why it's quite low on the list.

        18. Lonely - Atreyu.
        I only added this song 2 days ago and it's up there already because I love it so much. Enough said? Haha.

        19. Minotaur - Smoke Letting.
        I found this randomly on YouTube and I absolutely love it. The band isn't well known but they're quite good. They don't have much up on YouTube but they have a myspace page with more tracks on it.

        20. No Easy Way Out - Bullet For My Valentine.
        I prefer this version to the original by Robert Tepper. It sounds much livelier and generally more the sort of thing I would listen to. It's a great song!

        So there's my top 20 played songs! I hope you enjoyed reading the list!


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          03.06.2010 20:17
          Very helpful



          Do you like any of these?

          I've always loved music. As a child, I would play my parents' 78s on our radiogram. The first single I bought was 'Sugar, Sugar', by the Archies, but that certainly isn't one of my favourites now.
          In the 1970s I was madly in love with David Cassidy and spent my pocket money on his records. I still have a soft spot for him but haven't included any of his songs.
          My tastes have changed, as is usual, but many songs that I enjoyed in my teens and 20s are featured here. I have my heroes and feel that even my choices from a few decades ago sound just as good now as when they were first released.

          These songs are not in order of best liked/most played but are put roughly together by decade.

          I would love to know if you share any of my choices.

          1) The Beatles, with the legendary song writing duo, Lennon and McCartney, were extremely prolific in their writing. When the Beatles were around I wasn't that interested in music but have listened as I've grown older. Both of my sons (in their twenties) like this group and play their songs on guitar and piano. It's difficult to choose one from so many but I've picked, 'Here, There and Everywhere' from the 1966 'Revolver' album. The late John Lennon is said to have remarked it was his favourite on the album. A beautiful, slow song.

          2) If you like a song with lots of mood then you may share my liking for 'Waterloo Sunset' by The Kinks. This song makes me feel ridiculously nostalgic. It's from the album, 'Something Else By the Kinks' from 1967. Love it!

          3) Now to up the tempo we have the energetic Rolling Stones and, 'Let's Spend The Night Together.' Bet you can just imagine Jagger strutting his stuff in his inimitable way! This song, written by Jagger and Keith Richards, was released in 1967 and reached No.3 in the U.K. charts. I made sure that (Not as long ago as the 60s!) this was played at my 40th birthday party and it succeeded in getting everyone up onto the dance floor.

          4) To slow things down again, a beautiful song from The Bee Gees, and even the younger reviewers will have heard of this group. Maybe not this song though, 'The First Of May.' A very evocative song from 1969. Beautifully sung lyrics and music.

          5) I think Elton John is one of the best pop musicians ever and his partnership with Bernie Taupin was/is wonderful. Taupin writes the lyrics and Elton fits the music to them. I like most of his songs, particularly the earlier stuff and this is a favourite, 'Tiny Dancer'...'seamstress for the band' It was released as a single in 1972 in the U.S.A.

          6) Another oldie is 'Desperado' by The Eagles. A tale of a down on his luck, ageing cowboy, written by Glenn Fry and Don Henley. from the 'Desperado' album of 1973. I love the easy blend of voices from this American band.

          7) And also from 1973 David Bowie's, 'Drive in Saturday' reached number three in the charts . This is on 'Aladin Sane.' I've read that this song's about a post apocalyptic world where the surviving population's forgotten how to reproduce so watch naughty movies to show them the way!

          8) I first saw a young Joan Armatrading on 'Top of the Pops' in 1976. She was strumming her guitar while singing, 'Love and Affection.' She was different and the song catchy, so I bought it the next day, playing it repeatedly on my record player until I was word perfect.

          9) In 1977 Fleetwood Mac were having great success with their album, 'Rumours' One of the best ever, I think. This is an upbeat number, 'You Make Loving Fun' written by female member, Christine McVie. I met my future husband in December 1977 and he used to play this album. I thought it relevant to our relationship. He isn't so much fun nowadays, but we have been married for nearly 32 years.

          10) What great music came out of the 70s and I'm not really talking about the many Glamrock bands that quickly faded but the lasting treasures of that era. In 1976 Stevie Wonder's fantastic double album, 'Songs in the Key of Life was out. Wonder is a true genius and this album is full of great songs but by me the one most listened to is, 'As.' Such interesting lyrics, and that combined with the amazing voice of Wonder makes it a song to play over and over.

          11) One of my top ten albums is the iconic ' Bat Out of Hell' from the album with the same title. Written by Jim Steinman and sung by the then brilliant and unique Meatloaf. This is driving along the motorway music at it's best!

          12) I hadn't been going out for long with my boyfriend, who later became my husband, when he told me to listen out for a song by a new female artist called, Kate Bush. I soon heard it and was immediately captivated. I'd read the book and felt that she'd done a fantastic job on capturing the wildness of the moors and the intense passion of Heathcliffe and Cathy.

          13) Another song that I think stands the test of time is, Simon and Garfunkel's, 'America.' This 1972 song is from the album, 'Bookends.' Paul Simon tells a story of a couple travelling across America.

          14) This song is a giver of goosebumps! I love Elton John's. 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me' but I like EVEN more the version sung by Roger Daltry for the soundtrack of the 1987 film, 'Lost Boys' about vampires. Truly atmospheric. I can't find this on Youtube but bought the film soundtrack for this song.

          15) I adore the voice of Michael Stype from American band, R.E.M. There's so many songs from these that I could listen to over and over but I must include the beautiful, 'Everybody Hurts.' This is sung so hauntingly by Stype. At a sad time in my life I couldn't stay in a room if this was being played but now, although it still makes me want to cry, I will play it. A beautiful song from 1992.

          16) In 1996, No Doubt, fronted by quirky Gwen Stefani released the moody song, 'Don't Speak.' I think of this as being a simple but powerful song about the end of a love affair.

          17) I love listening to Maria McKee's, 'Show Me Heaven' which was the soundtrack to, 'Days of Thunder.' It reached No. 1 in the U.K.
          'Hold my hand, don't let me fall,
          You've such amazing grace...'

          18) Who else likes 'Kiss From a Rose' by Seal? This was written by Seal and Trevor Horn. It was first released in 1994 and became the soundtrack for,'Batman Forever.'

          19) And just to show that I'm a modern girl...Lady Gaga's, 'Speechless.' This is so catchy and I consider American Gaga to be extremely talented. This song was written by her to persuade her father into having heart surgery and explains how when he rang her while drunk she didn't know what to say.

          20) Now, I'm going to be cheeky here and I hope you don't mind. My daughter made a demo C.D. when she was fourteen. (she will make a more up to date one when she isn't so busy) It featured four musical songs, one being, 'On My own' from 'Les Miserables.' I love the song and the musical and honestly feel my daughter does a great job ( And she's still improving.) I don't tire of listening to this sad song of unrequited love.

          A review of similar content may be found on www.ciao.co.uk by AnneLorraine1


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            17.10.2009 17:24
            Very helpful



            My Top 20

            I haven't had itunes on my laptop that long because I quite enjoyed sharing itunes with the rest of my family on the PC because I could steal their music. So this playlist is actually not what I expected, mainly because it is not the same music as my ipod but still it is representative of the limited collection I have on there. So here we go in reverse order...

            20. 1985 - Bowling For Soup

            I know the reason this is on here. Although it is not one of my favourite songs, I compiled a loud, rocky playlist because the teenagers in the corridor love rap music and like to blare it out. This is my act of revenge for when they are shooting their BB guns in the corridor and they soon get annoyed and move away from my door. As you can see at number 20, they do this quite frequently.

            19. Up the Junction - Squeeze

            This song reminds me of my dad because he used to play it in his band as a teenager and as a keyboard player he never could get the timing quite right! Reminds me of home and perks me up those days when I'm missing my daddy.

            18. This Charming Man - The Smiths

            Always puts me in a good mood and I always play it before I go out. Good one to dance around to whilst getting ready. Reminds me of the days when I first started going out to clubs and it was the same songs every week. This was played religiously just at the point of the night where I was merry enough to enjoy it but sober enough to remember it!

            17. Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones

            This song reminds me of nothing except an advert a while back but I just love it!

            16. In For The Kill - La Roux
            Takes me back to the last time I was in England, dancing away in the student bar. Reminds me of all my friends at home so when I feel a bit lonely I like to listen to this and it makes me think of them back at home and what a huge party there is going to be when I get back.

            15. Going Underground - The Jam
            Another dancing around the room number!

            14. I Knew Prufrock - Frank Turner
            This just reminds me of England. I love the words and all the English references. Especially love the video to it.

            13. Fancy Footwork - Chromeo
            One of the few songs I can actually say reminds me of happy times in France. I am not really a big electro fan but this at least has a tune and reminds me of driving home through summer sunsets in the south.

            12. Ask - The Smiths
            Another Smiths favourite. This song is actually quite jolly for them! I love the chiming nature of it.

            11. I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance
            Had an horrendous break up a while back. This was my get it all out song. And yet now I enjoy it rather than looking back on it with bitter memories. I think I would call it My Lucky Escape song.

            10. Gravity - Embrace
            When this came out I loved it and although it wasn't too successful it takes me back to that time, which was a very happy time indeed! I think the lyrics are lovely too.

            9. Baby I'm Yours - Arctic Monkeys
            An old romantic remade by the arctic monkeys. I thought it was actually them who wrote it at first until my grandma started singing along...

            8. Long Live The Queen - Frank Turner
            I love the lyrics to this. This was a breast cancer charity single that frank Turner wrote about his friend who died of breast cancer. "You'll live to dance another day, just now you'll have to dance for the two of us". It makes me sad but is a shining example of how life must go on.

            7. Mint Car - The Cure
            Not one for a soppy love song, I find the chirpiness of the melody allows me to appreciate the lyrics without being labelled a romantic!

            6. Dreaming Of You - The Coral
            I'm a teenager again!

            5. Boys Don't Cry - The Cure
            Another memory from Friday nights past.

            4. Bruises - Chairlift
            I fell in love with this song straight away! I just love everything about it, so simple yet so brilliant!

            3. Australia - The Shins
            I really enjoy the happy melody in this and it's another that puts me in the mood for going out. When I am in a good mood I always put this on.

            2. Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
            Makes me homesick but still love it! Brings out the English in me if I feel I'm succumbing to the Frenchies too much.

            1. Just Like Heaven - The Cure
            The lyrics of this are so sweet. He is singing about his wife and the magic tricks he did for her when they were younger and then the "other" tricks he did for her as they got older. Really lovely song if a little depressing towards the end!

            So there we have it. My playlist would be very different if I was back in England. As you may have noticed most of the songs have memories attached to them. In England my itunes probably wouldn't be that way.


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              03.10.2009 17:57
              Very helpful



              good fun

              Here is a list of most played songs on my Windows Media Player, and what I think of them, and if they really deserve to be there!! What is written is completely subjective! Here goes...

              1. My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson
              This is only here as it was played on repeat for a few days in anticipation to the release of Kelly's new album "All I ever wanted". It's not the best track on the album, just situational factors which made this come top!

              2. Warwick Avenue- Duffy
              I love this song. It has such a timeless quality, and Duffy's voice is unique in that aspect, suits her fantastically. It deserves its spot as 2nd!!

              3. Unfaithful- Rihanna
              4. Take A Bow- Rihanna
              I'm going to talk about these two together. Basiclaly these two are my favourite Rihanna songs... they are the ones that don't wear out so quickly. Personally, I prefer Take A Bow to Unfaithful, I don't know why its below it though... If I ever get back into those songs it might change!

              5. Paparazzi- Lady Gaga
              The best Gaga song in my opinion, and deserves its spot. It's uber-catchy without the cheesy.

              6. Is It True- Yohanna
              A very nice and powerful ballad from Yohanna, who I discovered thanks to the Eurovision Song Contest.

              7. Chasing The Light- Amy Studt
              8. She Walks Beautiful- Amy Studt
              Both these songs are from Amy Studt's second album, "My Paper Made Men", and after giving it a second go, these are my fav songs which ended up here! I am still quite happy listening to them, so they could very well move up this ladder!

              9. Stop And Stare- One Republic
              I have absolutely NO idea why this ended up here... don't even remember when I listened to this and why so many times!

              10. Believe- Dima Bilan
              Another discovery from Eurovision, which is a nice song... but its gone cold now... gradually dropping this list.

              11. Poker Face- Lady Gaga
              An OK song, but wears out quite quickly... catchy but just another one of those songs...

              12. Rain On Your Parade- Duffy
              I really like this song by Duffy, but it just doesn't rank up there, still very good, just other ones better than this I suppose.

              13. I Do Not Hook Up- Kelly Clarkson
              I much prefer this to My Life Would Suck Without You, but heard all her album songs together, so would have gained less play counts overall... Good catchy song. Has potential to move up!

              14. Just Dance- Lady Gaga
              Bored of this now, hence slipping to 14th place...

              15. The Lucky Ones- Amy Studt
              One of the best tracks on her album, and its a bonus track! Really good emotional one.

              16. New York- Paloma Faith
              Another gem of a voice, timeless quality suited to this song, has a real catchiness which is not due to an upbeat pop style, just generally addictive!

              17. Long Shot- Kelly Clarkson
              Another good catchy pop song, can get tired easily.

              18. Posessionless- Delta Goodrem
              One of the best songs by Delta Goodrem with real meaning and emotion. It is quite catchy as well and is the best song on her album "Delta".

              19. I Want You- Kelly Clarkson
              Catchy song, perhaps all it is... goes "You you you" on and on... like the Womanizers, and the Um-be-rellas of the pop world.

              20. Mercy- Duffy
              The first single from Duffy, I don't really like this song that much but obviously played quite alot...

              You can see who my favourite artists are who pop up again and again on there... the person missing is Christine Guldbrandsen and Stacie Orrico, both have songs I love, but due to getting this new laptop after their "phase" it doesnt record etc.. but they would've been top for sure...


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                26.09.2009 17:16
                Very helpful



                Top 20 iTunes songs.

                My top 20 most listened to songs.

                It will come as no surprise to many on Dooyoo that I like music, so when I saw this category/review, I just knew I had to write, regardless of the fact I won't earn any miles.

                In reverse order you will now see my top 20 most listened to songs according to iTunes....varied and a bit of a surprise to me, not that it was so varied, but that they were in this order of being listened to, and there were some strange omissions.

                With over 6,000 songs on my iTunes it was a great exercise this, and meant I played some over again, never a thing to moan about.

                20. I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtown rats

                Listened to 81 times, when this first came out it struck a chord, it chilled and excited me.

                19. I Want You - Elvis Costello

                84 listens, the most angst ridden song ever written in my opinion, the ultimate listen of self indulgence when you see an ex with their new squeeze.

                18. I'd rather go Blind - Etta James

                84 listens too, another angst ridden song with a woman who's voice typifies jazz blues.

                17. Concerto for Saxophone number 1 - Andrew Sterman, Philip Glass, the Rascher saxophone quartet.

                90 listens for a piece of modern classical music, written for saxophone, an instrument less than 200 years old that traditionalists said was an abomination that could never play classical music...pah!

                16. Big Bad Handsome Man - Imelda May

                When I first heard this piece of modern rockabilly music it blew me away, ultra cool and should feature in a Tarantino film! 96 listens

                15. A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz

                What sentiment, what a voice, beautiful through and through. 111 listens.

                14. Underneath This Lamppost Light - The King Blues

                From probably the best British album from a new band for a decade, brilliant lyrics that some up a modern life and love. 118 listens.

                13. Daydream - Back to The Planet

                Most of you will not of heard of these, an 80's festival band that have just reformed, I had a huge crush on the lead singer. Bit of a leap here to 127 listens.

                12. No Woman No Cry (live) - Bob Marley and The Wailers

                Words do not convey the feeling that this song evokes in me. Another giant leap to 141 listens.

                11. Tube Station at Midnight - The Jam

                Get in....my favourite song of all time, the drum beat, the lyrics...yet not my number one most listened to, that is a surprise. Listened to a staggering 144 times.

                10. Coming Up easy - Paolo Nutini

                Probably the newest track on my list and yet listened to 144 times too, I just love that baritone sax...this song never seems to go a day lately without being played.

                9. The Neden game - Insane Clown Posse

                Oh my word, 146 listens, though in fairness, some of those was my son playing this to his mates who had never heard of this horror rap band.

                8. Welcome to Jamrock - Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley

                Son of Bob with an absolute modern reggae classic, and the video rocks...150 listens.

                7. Rainy Night In Soho - The Pogues

                It is not a surprise to me that this song has had over 150 listens, one of the pogues's bests and McGowan at his song writing pinnacle.

                6. Mr. BoJangles - Sammy Davis Junior

                157 times I have heard this on iTunes, and I reckon I have shed a tear at least half the time, brilliant and moving, the only version of this worth listening to.

                5. Moody's Mood for Love - Amy Winehouse

                Into the top 5 now. Amy has a vocal range that is exploited to the full here, she goes up and down a scale with her voice like it was another instrument...good, smokey, back of house jazz. 161 listens.

                4. Handlebars - The Flobots

                Bit of a modern classic that came out of America at a time when it seemed the Bush administration was pulling us ever closer to the brink of implosion, brilliant, brilliant animated video that accompanies it too. 163 times this one has been played.

                3. Over The Rainbow - Art Pepper

                Recorded by Pepper shortly before his death at a live concert (do not settle for any other version), the intro to this song brings me to tears each and every one of the 193 times I have heard it....the best piece of saxophone playing I have ever heard, period.

                2. Green Fields of France - The Furey Brothers

                Now I was pretty surprised that this has been played 196 times, though again, one my son plays too. The futility of war and the sentiment of a lilting Irish brogue make this, for me the ultimate 'peace' song.

                1. Summertime - Charlie Parker

                Well, here we are at number one, by a clear 20 listens 217 times I have played this. It was the tune that got me into playing saxophone, I could not believe this rendition of a classic. I do not listen to it much nowadays which just shows how much I used to listen to it.

                I suppose what surprised me most about this list of most listened to was the absence in the top 20 of; John Coltrane, The Clash, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Acoustic Ladyland, Eminem, Louis Armstrong and other artistes I thought I listened to more than I do.

                Hope you like some of these, if you havn't heard them, give them a go, they might just make it into your top 20.


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                  28.07.2009 23:54
                  Very helpful



                  An odd selection

                  I have just come across this on dooyoo and after reading a few reviews, it got me thinking and wondering what my top 20 would be. It's also got me on the iTunes Store to buy some of the songs that are listed on here. So here goes-a right odd selection:

                  1. Smiley Faces-Gnarles Barkley
                  This song gets me up and going. I love this version obviously-it gets me running whilst training, but I also loved the version that was sung on Strictly Come Dancing on one of the Jive dances.

                  2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow-Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
                  I'm not surprised this is in the top 20. It was the song that I walked down the aisle too when I got married last summer. I first heard it on ER when Mark Greene was dying-very sad, but very happy memories too.

                  3. You Know My Name (from Casino Royale)-Chris Cornell
                  I loved this James Bond and loved the song, especially Chris Cornell's voice. Another song that makes me run a little faster.

                  4. When the Night Feels my Song-Bedouin Soundclash
                  A song I heard from an advert and haven't got it out of my head. It's worth a listen-very upbeat and summery.

                  5. Wherever you will go (acoustic)-The Calling
                  An amazing song I first heard in America. The Calling aren't very well known here but I would highly recommend their album 'Camino Palmero'.

                  6. Be Yourself-Audioslave
                  The only Audioslave song I really like, which I guess is a bit of a shame as I love Chris Cornell's voice.

                  7. Are You Gonna Be My Girl-Jet
                  The perfect festival song! This song rocks and gets me up wherever I am, especially on a run.

                  8. Save Me-Smallville Soundtrack
                  Didn't realise I listened to this so much, but it's good to listen to the full song, rather than catch the chorus on the TV programme-sounds quite different.

                  9. Heartbeats-Jose Gonzalez
                  A beautiful song, where the guitar plucking amazes me every time I hear it.

                  10. Fighter-Christina Aguilera
                  This is my Power Song on my iPod when I'm running-it really makes me want to run faster.

                  11. Good Riddance-Green Day
                  A classic that reminds me of my uni days.

                  12. Dreaming of You- The Coral
                  This is an acoustic version of when The Coral were in radio 1's live lounge- it's simply perfect!

                  13. Use Somebody-Kings of Leon
                  My only recent track in my top 20. Love listening to this early when I'm driving to work.

                  14. Wouldn't it be Nice-The Beach Boys
                  This song reminds me of my husband and I when we first started dating-first heard when watching '50 First Dates' and it fitted us perfectly-aww!

                  15. Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
                  Another classic! Perfect when they played this live at V Festival a couple of years ago.

                  16. Bubble Toes-Jack Johnson
                  An older Jack Johnson track before he went fairly mainstream-his best song in my opinion.

                  17. Feeling Good-Muse
                  A rocky take on a classic. You should listen to it, Muse have covered this song very well.

                  18. Hey Ya!-Andre 3000
                  Love this song-very summery and upbeat. I also loved Will Young's acoustic version.

                  19. Do Your Thing-Basement Jaxx
                  Gets me up and running!

                  20. Ain't No Sunshine-Bill Withers
                  Another classic that chills me out.

                  Guess that's the end. A good thing to do-I wouldn't have picked out some of these songs to be in mytop20-amazing! Hope you've enjoyed my list, I've enjoyed compiling it.


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                    06.07.2009 22:32
                    Very helpful



                    Where would I be without it?

                    I love typing out things like this which I've hunted down from the bowels of DooYoo while I'm waiting for my suggestions to be approved. That's because I enjoy a good bit of self-indulgence, and it makes me think about myself quite a bit.

                    I have previously done my top 20 all-time songs on DooYoo, but I came across this particular topic with interest the other day, and it got my brain working - realising that although the following aren't necessarily my all-time favourites, they are the 20 tracks that I play more than any others. For instance, as you've no doubt gathered, I'm an ardent Van The Man fan, yet I don't play his albums all that often, as I don't wish to become inured to their power, and he doesn't appear in this list....nor do The Stones, Beatles, Springsteen and some other artists who I enshrine.

                    I thought I'd share with any DooYoo readers who may be interested, my list of 20 most-played tracks - and, they are in no order of preference or playing frequency - other than to say that each of them will be played by me at least once a week.

                    Here goes!

                    1. ERMA FRANKLIN - PIECE OF MY HEART

                    There have been so very many covers of this song (some good and some bad). Though I feel Janis Joplin's version is superb and one of the best covers ever made of any song, I just a tad prefer Erma Franklin's original. I'm not quite sure what year it was released, but I think I remember first hearing it in the late 60s or maybe early 70s. I love the passion of the song and despite its underlying sense of misery as regards a woman who's prepared to put herself through all sorts of suffering just to keep her man, somehow I find it very uplifting. A true classic from the days when black soul music was good!

                    2. JAMES TAYLOR - FIRE & RAIN

                    According to James himself, this song was written about a time when he was living in England, and in the middle of a serious bout of depression. Due to his state of mind, his friends in the USA took the decision not to immediately inform him of the suicide of one of their circle, and didn't let him know of the tragedy until six months after it had happened - when they felt he was in a stronger frame of mind and more able to cope with the bad news. James thus penned this gently emotive song about the incident. Despite the sadness of this song and me aligning it to a few incidents where I have lost people close to me, I find it not uplifting exactly - but it can put me in a frame of mind whereby I'm able to view life's tragedies with a degree of positivity. Always a song to play when I'm in a reflective mood.

                    3. FOUR TOPS - THE SAME OLD SONG

                    This song for me is double-edged, in that partly it's sad and partly it's happy. The sad part comes from the "lost love" aspect, which I relate to my past rather than my more recent life, and the happy part is all about it simply being a good 1960s piece of wonderful Motown that has 100% "danceability" and is thus for me warm, reminiscent and reassuring. They don't make them like that any more!

                    4. GEORGIE FAME - GETAWAY

                    From the long and searingly hot summer of 1966 (why is it never mentioned in any "hottest summer" weather records?), Georgie Fame brought us this incredibly up in mood song where he invites his friend or lover to hop in his sports car on a lovely hot & sunny day, and they'll drive away to the seaside together. This is the most summery, feel-good song I've ever heard, and it's good quality too....jazz-flavoured 1960s pop at its very best.


                    From Pink Floyd's 1967 album Piper At The Gates Of Dawn - in the glorious days when the enigmatic Syd Barrett was their front man and the brains behind the band, this surreal and psychedelic track can take me to places inside of my head that there is no name for. Reminiscent of the latter part of my teenage years (in the early 1970s), this was a much played piece of music that we'd listen to whilst under the influence of various illegal mind-altering substances. Played on headphones at full volume though, the illegal substances aren't needed to achieve the same effect. I never tire of hearing Interstellar Overdrive, and I feel honoured to take a journey inside the highly unusual mind of one of rock's most innovative and sadly departed heroes (Syd).

                    6. CHRIS FARLOW - OUT OF TIME

                    Another gem from the long hot summer of 1966. Aside from this being a great song, brilliantly performed by the husky yet gravel-voiced Chris Farlow and penned by Jagger/Richard, it harks back to my first year at secondary school when life was largely carefree. I used to in those days permanently during all my waking hours, have a tiny transistor radio pressed to my ear - yes, even in the classroom - and this song reminds me of when on those long, hot summer days, I had to walk down a certain road in Southend to get home. Once off the school premises, off would come my school tie, I'd unbutton my blouse as far as I could legally get away with, my long socks would be removed and stuffed in my satchel, and I'd hitch my skirt up by rolling the waistband over and over, feeling I looked really cool and the bees' knees prancing through streets with my radio pressed to my ear and showing more leg than I'd dream of doing now.

                    7. DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET - TAKE FIVE

                    I was about 7 when I first heard this song, and despite being a young child, I could sense the changes which were happening in the world. There for me has always been something indescribably vibrant and special about the mood present within what could be described as the more Bohemian areas of British society in the very early 1960s, and for me this song homes right in on that mood and sums it up perfectly. I love to be taken back to those times - not from my own personal life point of view as it wasn't a particularly good period for me - but to link into the collective consciousness of what was around then.

                    8. TIM HARDIN - REASON TO BELIEVE

                    Tim Hardin is one of my all-time greats. I first heard and loved this song by Rod Stewart when I was aged 17, and it wasn't until some years later that I heard Tim Hardin's original....which, once I'd hooked onto that, I dumped Rod's not bad, but (in my opinion) very 2nd rate rendition. I can also link into the meaning of the song in that we always look for a reason to believe in something (usually a relationship) that deep down we know we should be letting go of. Tim Hardin for me is a superb songwriter and delivers his masterpieces with a natural, unsurpassable flair. Sadly, like so many rock & pop greats, he lost his life through the needle, dying of a heroin overdose in 1980.

                    9. LEONARD COHEN - TOWER OF SONG

                    Leonard Cohen's Tower Of Song first appeared on his I'm Your Man album, and has since been included in various compilations of his greatest hits. I'm amazed that I'm Your Man didn't (according to everyhit.com) reach the UK top 40 album charts, but I believe - correct me someone if I'm wrong - it was released in 1988 or 1989. This partly tongue-in-cheek, yet telling song speaks pretty much of how I feel most of the time these days as regards life and music. I love Leonard's references to Hank Williams coughing, 100 floors above him in the tower of song.

                    10. FIRST CLASS - BEACH BABY

                    This isn't the sort of song that some of my friends who know my music tastes feel I should like, but I have news for them....I love it, and I'm by no means a musical snob, despite how it at times may seem. From the summer (which if I remember rightly was a complete washout weather-wise) of 1974, this song digs on something inside of me that I can't quite describe, other than to say it's a sort of positive poignancy. I rarely like rock and pop songs that steal bits from classical music pieces, but it works on this track somehow. I believe the song was written by Mike Batt, and if that's so, then it's pretty typical of most of his other work - and, far more valuable in my mind than anything he churned out via The Wombles. A timeless classic, which I never get tired of hearing.

                    11. STAPLES SINGERS - COME GO WITH ME

                    Sort of gospel, sort of soul, sort of snazzy, even a little early-funky, this early 1970s classic never fails to make me sit up straight in my seat and groove, even if it is inside of my head. This for me is a typical example of how a very simply written song, with uncomplicated (yet good) words, tune and arrangement, can evolve into an all-time classic masterpiece. Released at a time when collective human conscious was searching for higher ground, Come Go With Me creates an image of a place where we could all go, where harmony, love, peace and happiness reign.

                    12. CAT STEVENS - MOON SHADOW

                    Another from my long lost youth of the early 1970s. I enshrine (up with Van The Man, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Davies and a few others) Cat Stevens and his gentle, innocent, yet deep songwriting skills as a piece of magical history which should be preserved at all costs. Moon Shadow is from Cat's Teaser & The Firecat album and as a single, reached a disappointing no.22 in the UK singles charts in August 1971. For me, Cat's work from this period of time is as clear and pure as the wind - clean, soft, warm and reassuring. Whenever I listen to Moon Shadow, I'm reminded of the softer, gentler side of the hippie/hairy movement....the side of it where the girls wore Laura Ashley flowery print skirts & dresses, were more into hanging out in fields with their friends dancing in the sunshine, than sitting in some filthy pub getting drunk/stoned. These girls (and some of my friends were like this) also wore patchouli or Aqua Manda, espadrilles, velvet chokers, usually had long dark hair, and hung out with young guys clad in crushed velvet flares and tie-dyed grandad vests, with a 12-string acoustic guitar slung over their shoulder, fancying themselves as the next Bob Dylan. Oh, happy days!

                    13. DAVE & ANSIL COLLINS - DOUBLE BARREL

                    If this wasn't the first piece of reggae I heard, it certainly was - and still is - the best. From about May of 1971, this reminds me of dancing around with DH (using his initials only just in case he's here on DooYoo lol), who was an older guy at work who I really had the hots for. I think the feeling was mutual too, but he was married and I don't think he wanted to stray off the straight and narrow. He worked in a little purpose-built hut on the site of where my offices were, and I made a point of paying him a daily visit, just to have a good lech. He loved Double Barrel too and had a radio in his hut - for some bizarre reason (possibly beyond coincidence?) this track would more often than not be playing whenever I walked in. Lovely memories, even if he now (like me) is probably now old, fat and past it. Whereas I'm 55, I'd guess he's probably in his mid to late 60s now.

                    14. KINKS - COME DANCING

                    I enshrine Ray Davies as one of the best songwriters ever to have lived, and I play this track a lot. Master of reminisence, Ray takes us back in his memory to his older sister's teenage nights out at the local dance hall, being brought home by boyfriends - only to grow up and live possibly a humdrum life, and Ray tries to persuade her to relive her youth, have a ball, and "come dancing" just like she used to. Ray has a unique knack of homing in on ordinary working-class life, accurately portraying atmospheres, how things were compared to how they are now, in a down-to-earth and very charming way, plus I can strongly relate to his words "the day they knocked down the Palais, I could have stood and cried" - as that's how I feel when I see how the no doubt well-meaning town planners have ripped the place where I grew up, to architecturally soulless shreds.

                    15. DON McLEAN - AMERICAN PIE

                    It's got to be the long, uncut version of this for me. Yet another from my mis-spent youth, this spoke to the generation previous to mine, yet the words can also easily be adapted to apply to what went on later for my own generation. Everyone says this song is solely about Buddy Holly and yes, it is a bit about him - but it's about a generation too, rather than a single individual. This is a song with a great tune and brilliant words - words I'd so love to have written myself - and I'm so glad that it has gone down as an all-time anthem. Never get tired of hearing it! Please anybody considering doing a cover of this song.......leave it alone! We've already had Madonna completely massacre it!

                    16. DEL SHANNON - HATS OFF TO LARRY

                    It's my opinion that this very troubled man, plagued with depression and alcoholism, who took his own life by firing a .22 calibre rifle at his head at age 55 in 1990, is a grossly underrated songwriter. There is so much angst in this song, and though revenge at "Larry" isn't planned as a physical act, the wronged subject in his mind takes a little pleasure in knowing that his ex girl broke "Larry's" heart, just as his own had previously been broken by her when she went off with "Larry". This is a "serves Larry right for taking her away in the first place and I'm glad you're now unhappy" song. Yes all very sour grapes, but don't most people feel a twinge of that for a while if someone we were fond of dumps us for someone else?

                    17. THE SHADOWS - DANCE ON

                    I can listen to this forever. Not only can I when hearing it visualise The Shadows in their smart suits, on stage doing their little leg kicking dance with Hank playing lead guitar, smiling his very toothy grin for the TV cameras, it also reminds me very strongly of an important part of my childhood - not a happy part, just a bit where lots was going on. Once a week my mum would take me into British Home Stores and we'd go upstairs into the restaurant part to meet my Dad with his new girlfriend, who later became my stepmother. This weekly and somewhat stilted meeting was child maintenance payment day, and Dance On was often playing on the juke box in BHS. For some reason (and it could be the general sound of Dance On rather than the song itself), it also reminds me of sitting at home with my mum in our smoky (from cigarettes and a coal fire) little living room, watching old TV programmes such as Thank Your Lucky Stars and Juke Box Jury whilst eating a tea of fried egg on fried bread.

                    18. SOFT MACHINE - SURROUNDING SILENCE

                    This track from one of (not sure which) Soft Machine's albums is truly mesmerising, with its eerie , low-pitched violin sound, weaving in and out of itself as the song winds on and on for around 10 minutes, or maybe longer. As a band, back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Soft Machine worked a lot with Syd Barrett after he'd been dumped from Pink Floyd, and they created some very deep, unusual music together. I love most of their stuff that I've heard, but Surrounding Silence is my favourite. It's borderline psychedelic crossed with borderline classical, and is an instrumental. The clear cut perfection of this track can take me to a place in my head that's not only calm and peaceful, but sort of high up above the world on a plane that I can't describe. A really good brain leveller which I turn to when I'm feeling stressed.

                    19. STRING CHEESE INCIDENT - MOUNA BOWA

                    String Cheese Incident is an American band I discovered back in the 1990s, who do mostly live performances. They do a little original stuff which they've written themselves, but mostly they do cover versions - with rather mixed fortunes. My favourite performance of theirs is one of their many live renditions of Mouna Bowa, a song written by the French jazz composer and violinist, Jean-Luc Ponty. It's an instrumental, and String Cheese Incident perform it in calypso style. It's just a lovely, breezy piece of music perfect for a summer's day, containing some quite complex note combinations. I first discovered the track quite by accident on a file sharing site, and find that whenever I listen to it, even if it's mid-winter, I want to lie on a sun lounger in a tropical garden, with a huge vat of freshly squeezed orange juice teeming with ice cubes, stroking a leopard cub.

                    20. BADFINGER - NO MATTER WHAT

                    This is one from my youth and reminds me strongly of the old skating rink on Southend's Pier Hill which I used to frequent. I don't know what's so good about this song - I loved it then and I still love it just as much today, almost 40 years on. Sadly the band Badfinger (initially discovered by Paul McCartney who wrote a couple of songs for them and signed them to the Apple record label) didn't really make it as big as everybody expected, and later two of their members committed suicide. At the skating rink where I heard this song more than at any other place at the time, there was a guy who I fancied who loved it just as much as I did - I'll refer to him as "R". Similarly to how it was with many men who I cast my lecherous eyes over, he didn't take the hint, but I was hopefully reliably told that he was interested....just too shy to make a move - and that was in the days when the guy always made the first move. I did see him a few years later and he'd gained a lot of confidence by then....and LOL he asked me out - but I was well & truly married by then. Whenever I hear No Matter What nowadays, and that's quite often, I'm always reminded of R.

                    Well that's pretty much it for my list of songs that I probably play more than any others, with a little elaboration on each one. I hope it hasn't been too boring to wade through, and as today's bout of nostalgia draws to a close, I shall say thanks everyone for reading.


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                      28.06.2009 13:45
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                      Top 20 songs I'm listening to.

                      So i'm going to jump on the bandwagon and fill this out too. So I'll open itunes and get started!

                      1. Daniel- Bat for lashes. Total of 146 plays. I'm absolutely in love with this artist at the moment.

                      2. Shake it- Metro station. Total of 145 plays. I'm going off this song now so I think the rating will start to go down!

                      3. White Houses- Vanessa Carlton. Total of 140 plays. This is such a classic song for me I even learnt the piano for it!

                      4. Bellas lullaby- Carter Burwell. 139 plays. I loved this piece and learnt some of this on piano too.

                      5. Sex on fire- Kings of Leon. 82 plays. Going off this song as well.

                      6. Just Dance- Lady gaga. 79 plays. Despite the absurdity of the lyrics for all her songs they do have catchy beats!

                      7.Use somebody- Kings of Leon. 65 plays. Still quite like this one.

                      8. Cosy in the rocket- Psapp. 65 plays. I love this song! It's the title song to Greys anatomy.

                      9.Sleep Alone- Bat for lashes. 56 plays. Again loving this album!

                      10. The Lion fell in love with the lamb- Carter Burwell. 57 plays. I really like this piece of music too.

                      11. Moon and moon- Bat for lashes. 56 plays. This is a really lovely song with accompanying piano.

                      12. Private Radio- Vanessa Carlton. 55 plays. Catchy song!

                      13. Pearls Dream- Bat for lashes. 52 plays. I think this is her current single at the moment.

                      14. Nolita Fairytale- Vanessa Carlton. 52 plays. Great song from her latest album.

                      15. Glass- Bat for lashes. 51 plays. I'm getting a bit of a pattern here! Vanessa-bat for lashes- vanessa- bat for lashes! oops.

                      16. Carnival- Vanessa Carlton. 50 plays. Great song although never made it to any of her albums.

                      17. The one- Vanessa Carlton. 48 plays. Great duet with Stevie Nicks.

                      18. San Francisco- Vanessa Carlton. 47 plays. Learnt some of this song on piano as well!

                      19.What's a girl to do- Bat for lashes. 45 plays. The video to this is great!

                      20.Who's to say- Vanessa Carlton. 45 plays.

                      So i think we can safely say who my current favourtie artists are!

                      I never know how to rate these speakers corner reviews... I guess I'll just go for the middle?


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                        27.06.2009 23:56
                        Very helpful



                        My top 20 songs.

                        I was debating about whether or not to write this 'review' but as I'm at a bit of a loose end I thought I might as well give it a go. When I read these types of reviews I usually just skip to the actual list in hand so I doubt anyone's even reading this part anyway!

                        After reading everybody else's lists my list seems quite contemporary compared to everybody else's who have included all the classics. My iTunes top 20 list is one that I'm sure a lot of you will hate and to be honest I've gone off a few of them myself but I must have liked them at some point considering I have around 11,000 songs on my iTunes list and these are my top 20!

                        So here goes anyway... just for the crack...


                        1. Rihanna - Umbrella

                        Ok ok so I know what you're probably all thinking but come on people, you can't say that you didn't LOVE this song when it came out in the summer of 2007 which ironically was one of the wettest summers on record! This song was infact so popular that Rihanna even got her own line of umbrellas off the back of it's success! Everything about this song I loved, I don't love it so much these days as I think it's become one of the most overplayed songs ever but you couldn't help sing a lot to this when it was released. It's one of the catchiest choruses I've ever heard and hip hop legend Jay-Z manages to add that extra bit of spice to it.


                        2. Beyonce - Sexy Little Thug

                        This is a song that I doubt many of you will have heard. This is a remix of the 50 Cent - In Da Club song. Luckily Beyonce isn't trying her hand at rapping but her voice suits this song brilliantly. It's not the sort of song you'd expect to hear her singing but it's one that I couldn't stop playing when I first heard it a year or two ago. If you've heard the 50 Cent version of this song which no doubt you will have done well just envision the beat to that coupled with Beyonce's amazingly sleek vocals and you've got an amazing song. I really think she should have released this as a single.


                        3. Michael Jackson ft Fergie - Beat It

                        Ok so maybe there is one classic in my list! I guess this is kind of fitting seeing as the legendary singer passed away just two days ago. Although Jackson's prime was a bit before my time I was still influenced by his music just like a lot of other people my age were. Regardless of the rumours concerning his personal life, the guy was and always be a legend and although this wasn't his biggest hit it's always been my favourite. I bought the thriller remix album when it was released recently in order to mark the 25th anniversary of the release of the biggest selling album of all time. This song is brilliant and Fergie's voice blends in fantastically with Michael Jackson's, infact they actually sound so similar that it'll take you a couple of seconds just to figure out who it is that's actually singing.
                        R.I.P Michael Jackson.


                        4. Aaliyah - Don't Know What To Tell Ya

                        Onto another deceased and sorely missed legend in the form of Aaliyah, she may have not been on the international media sensation level as Michael Jackson but she still left a big hole in the world of R&B when she passed away back in 2001 at the tender age of 22. This song was released after her death and even though it wasn't a massive hit in the UK or the US for that matter it's still my favourite song of hers which was a hard choice because there's so many. This is a great song to relax to and has a really catchy beat to go with the brilliant voice of Aaliyah.


                        5. Dizzee Rascal ft Calvin Harris - Dance Wiv Me

                        I'm not the biggest Dizzee Rascal fan although I do love his recent number one Bonkers, normally I dislike his music but this song was impossible to get away from last year, it was played in every club and was an amazing dance tune. It's still played in the clubs regularly now which goes to show just how popular this song is.


                        6. Ashanti - Break Up To Make Up

                        This isn't one of Ashanti's best known songs, it's a song from one of her earlier albums and it's still my favourite. It's a brilliant summer tune and a great song to just sit and chill out to. I'm a huge fan of Ashanti and love all her music.


                        7. Eminem VS Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A Superman

                        No that's not a typo with the title of this song, this is of course a remix song which features Eminem's Superman and Justin Timberlake's legendary Cry Me A River. Superman is one of my favourite Eminem songs with or without the remix but I think this remix is just sublime, it speeds up Eminem's rapping and makes it so much more catchy, this is a song that I've played in my car millions of times and one that I never tire of. I'm not normally a fan of mash up songs as I think that they tend to butcher good songs, this however, is a rare example of when it goes very right.


                        8. Destiny's Child - Brown Eyes

                        I'm a huge Destiny's Child fan and this is one of my favourites, this song always reminds me of my boyfriend. It's a soppy song so not one for the lads, Beyonce of course takes lead vocals, infact this may as well have been marketed as a Beyonce song. Anyway, I think the lyrics are great, it's just a really heartfelt and meaningful song.


                        9. Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

                        Ok so this is one of the more embarrassing songs on my top 20 list. It's about 10 years old and the band or man that sung it (I don't even know) disappeared pretty quickly but I can't help but love this song. It brings back so many memories of me and my mates at school and I still listen to it on a regular basis. This is a great song to sing along to when you're drunk!


                        10. Eve ft Faith Evans - Love Is Blind

                        This is a song that Eve released before she made it to the mainstream, I wasn't a fan of Eve until the 'Who's That Girl' era. I didn't hear this song until only a few years ago although I've heard that it was released way back in 1998. If anyone's heard Ashanti's - Rain On Me song then this song uses the same narrative as that. It's a song about domestic violence which is happening to one of her friends. It's a really emotional song and one that I'm sure a lot of people will be able to relate to.


                        11. 2pac - Dear Mama

                        This song is one that has always meant a lot to me for personal reasons which I wont go into, I've never been a massive fan of 2pac but this song just seems to speak to me in a way that his other music doesn't. I love how relaxed and unperturbed his voice sounds on this.


                        12. Mary J. Blige

                        This is without doubt my favourite Mary J. Blige song, her voice is amazing and she does it which such ease. The beat on this is great and the lyrics are amazing and really emotional.


                        13. Ida Corr ft Fedde Le Grande - Let Me Think About It

                        This song brings back so many memories of being clubbing in Ibiza and I love it for that reason and that reason only. This was a massive song in the clubs when it was released and it's still one that I love to this day. It far surpasses Put Your Hands Up For Detroit which was Fedde Le Grande's first single. I remember this being played on new years eve last year at around midnight and it just had every single person on the dancefloor.


                        14. The Verve ft Jay-Z - Bittersweet Symphony

                        This is the remix version to The Verve's classic song. I wasn't a huge fan of the original although I think the music and the chorus was amazing. I wasn't a big fan of the Jay-Z song Dirt Off Your Shoulder either but the two of them blended together just seems to work, the only thing you hear from the Bittersweet Symphony song is the backing music and the chorus, the rest is the verses from Dirt Off Your Shoulder and they sound incredible together.


                        15. Flo Rida ft Akon - Available

                        This song hasn't been released and I don't know if it's going to be released either, this is on Flo Rida's latest album R.O.O.T.S and it's my favourite track. It's a brilliant club tune and I really hope it's released as a single as I think this would do really well in the charts what with Akon injecting some of his magic into it.


                        16. Britney Spears - Womaniser

                        Ok so this is another one of the cheesy songs in this list and I must cover myself by saying that I don't listen to this anymore but when she first released this late last year I was absolutely obsessed with it, I thought it was the best song she'd released in years. Listening to it now I can't work out whether it's sheer genius or an absolute train-wreck!


                        17. Lady GaGa ft Flo Rida - Starstruck

                        I know Lady Gaga is hated for a lot of people as a result of her eccentricity and of course 'that' Jonathon Ross interview in which she was clearly off her head on god knows what! Having said that I thought that her debut album The Fame is absolutely sublime and it's been on so many of my iPod play lists for months now. This is my favourite song from the album and one that I never tire of.


                        18. Danity Kane - Ride For You

                        This is a group that isn't widely known in the UK, I only know them as a result of watching way too many MTV shows! They were on Making The Band, which is basically P Diddy's version of The X Factor. I think these girls deserve more recognition than they actually get because this is a fantastic song. If you can ignore the one weak link who I think is called Dawn, she sounds surprisingly manly for such a feminine looking woman! However this is one of my favourite songs and it's no surprise that it's on my 20 most played list.


                        19. Gwen Stefani - 4 In The Morning

                        I'm a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and this is my favourite song of hers, I think this song is shamefully underrated and I was disappointed when it didn't become a huge hit like it should have been. It's a really relaxed song and one that I listen to on a regular basis after coming home from work when I just want to chill out and do nothing!


                        20. No Doubt - Hella Good

                        Speaking of Gwen Stefani, this coincidentally is also in my top 20 and right below one of Gwen Stefani's solo efforts. No Doubt were a brilliant band for the 15 years or so that they were around, they racked up so many hits and this was my favourite. Gwen Stefani sounds absolutely amazing on this song, the beat is incredible and I just love how the pace changes in this between the verses and the chorus.


                        So if you've made it here without falling asleep then you'll now be aware of what the 20 most played songs on my iTunes player are... something I'm sure you all were itching to know!


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                          27.06.2009 19:59
                          Very helpful



                          My top twenty tracks, as listened to on iTunes.

                          So, iTunes is open and now I am going to list my twenty most played tracks. I think the only impression this might give off (about me, I mean) is that I listen to certain tracks in an almost compulsive manner. I do love music though :)

                          1- Tegan and Sara- Walking With A Ghost: I love this song. It reminds me so much of the summer of 2007 and riding my bike everywhere! I always listen to this song for the nostalgia kick and also because it's a brilliant song. (350 listens).

                          2- Imogen Heap- Glittering Cloud: A friend sent me this song a few month ago because I couldn't find the studio version of it. It is such a fantastic song, and one I can just listen to over and over again. (228 listens).

                          3- Tegan and Sara- Time Running: I don't know how I've managed to listen to this as much as I have apart from it must be a short song. It's catchy and quite cute though (just in case I'm giving off the impression that I hate it!), and was one of the first songs of theirs I ever heard. (162 listens).

                          4- Faith No More- Midlife Crisis: An amazing song and, quite frankly, I'm surprised it isn't in my top three tracks. Needless to say, listen to it if you haven't listened to it before. (148 listens).

                          5- Tegan and Sara- Underwater: Yes, I like Tegan and Sara, okay? :D One of my favourite songs by them and one of the first I had heard of theirs. It's a sweet love song really <3 (132 listens).

                          6- CocoRosie- Not For Sale: This is such a short track (under two minutes long) so I've stuck in on repeat. It was also featured in a ridiculously beautiful Escada advert once. I love this song in all its simplicity. (125 listens).

                          7- CocoRosie- Rainbowarriors: This song reminds me of my first semester at university so it is a nostalgia song really. Really beautiful song :) (113 listens).

                          8- Tegan and Sara- You Went Away: I honestly don't know how this song has got so many listens as I don't like it *that* much. Oh well. (113 listens).

                          9- Tegan and Sara- Monday Monday Monday: Same as above. Was I just on a huge Tegan and Sara kick once upon a time? (108 listens).

                          HALF WAY WOOHOO!

                          10- Why?- Rubber Traits: The first song of theirs that I'd ever heard. The lyrics are brilliant and this is a song I can listen to a lot without getting bored. (108 listens).

                          11- Meg and Dia- Monster: I couldn't sleep one night and a friend had sent me this song so I listened to it once. And then again and again. It is a short song so I can't get sick of listening to it. Definitely one of the most catchy songs in my top twenty. (105 listens).

                          12- Tegan and Sara- City Girl: Oh go away. Not a huge fan of this song but obviously I was at some point (like in the days where I only owned one of their albums). (104 listens).

                          13- CocoRosie- Werewolf: I love this song! It's bittersweet, heartbreaking and lingers in your mind long after you've stopped listening to it. A little surprised I haven't listened to it more than this but I can soon sort that out ^_^ (103 listens).

                          14- Imogen Heap- Angry Angel: This is one of my favourite Imogen Heap songs. It has such good lyrics and this is a song you can sing along to without getting embarrassed. Would definitely recommend listening to this track. (100 listens).

                          15- Lady GaGa- Poker Face: Okay okay, so Lady GaGa gets a lot of criticism for being slightly avant garde but this is such a catchy tune! I heard it for the first time after a Christmas party last year and it's remained a favourite of mine ever since then. (99 listens).

                          16- CocoRosie- Tekno Love Song: The first CocoRosie song I ever heard. I just love the lyrics of it, probably more than the actual song. I don't listen to this song as much anymore but am glad I heard it. (97 listens).

                          17- Imogen Heap- Speeding Cars: This is such a lovely track. While it's not the most positive track out there, Imogen's voice draws you into it and makes it incredibly appealling. (95 listens).

                          18- Imogen Heap- Come Here Boy: This is easily one of my favourite Imogen Heap tracks. It's about passion and is so sensual. I'm quite surprised this hasn't been listened to more in all honesty but each time I listen to it, I am delighted by what I hear. (95 listens).

                          19- Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan- Honey Child, What Can I Do?: This was the first song I ever heard by the duet and is so so gorgeous. The two of them work perfectly together and I would recommend anyone to listen to this track because it is so delightful. (94 listens).

                          20- The Birthday Massacre- Lovers End: This is my favourite B.M song (on that album anyway!) and is so spooky. This is one of those songs that I can listen to a lot without getting bored. (91 listens).

                          So, that is my top twenty of iTunes. I'm surprised by a lot of it so will probably update this in six months and see how much has changed!


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                            07.04.2009 23:53
                            Very helpful




                            I love music so much, especially if it has a lot of emotion in it, so I was really excited when I saw this as an object of discussion. I was quite interested to see what my top 20 were also! And other peoples :)

                            1. Love Is Hard - James Morrison.
                            This song is beautiful. I genuinely love it. I think James Morrison has an amazing voice, and his songs sound perfect. I saw him live last week, and I think that must have made this shoot up to the top of the most listened to, because this song has been my special favourite song ever since then! The lyrics are real, but sad, and I think that his message is correct:
                            "If it was easy, it wouldn't mean nothing, no" Love is difficult, but it's usually worth it.

                            2. 9 Crimes - Damien Rice
                            It's pretty clear from this list that I like pretty songs. Damien Rice has an incredible voice, and in this track is complimented by Lisa Hannigan who joins him throughout. Their voices work well together, and although this song is sad, it sounds beautiful. It's about someone cheating on their partner, and as a delicate subject, the song makes it obvious about how difficult it is to go back from being unfaithful. The symbolism of a gun is very clever also. This is one of my favourite songs, because the background music sounds incredible, and the voices are perfect. This makes me kind of sleepy at times, so I listen to it a lot at night.

                            3. I'm Ready - Jack's Mannequin
                            "And today was a day just like any other"
                            Oh the monotony of life. It's a wonderful thing, or not, as this song seems to point out. Different parts of this song make me think of different things. It's quite clear that the person is struggling with something "I'm Ready, I'm ready to drop" it sounds like he needs help with whatever he's doing. It also sounds like someone has left him. It's a rather confusing song! However there is a brilliant spoken part in the middle, revealing how although things go wrong, and things can go boring, we just have to get on with it "I wake up to find it's another 4 aspirin morning and I dive in" It's the same day over again, and the same things generally happen but it's worth living. I'm not sure whether this song is happy or not, but the music is good, and it's worth listening to, even if it's just for the spoken part in the middle.

                            4. Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold
                            This is a lighter song than most other Avenged Sevenfold songs I've heard. It's cute and happy and I like it. The background music is gentle, and the words sound heartfelt, about having to leave someone you love, which I'm sure M. Shadows (singer of Avenged Sevenfold!) is used to, being in a band! "Dear God, the only thing I ask of you, is to hold her when I'm not around, when I'm much too far away"
                            It shows the difficulties that come with having to leave family and friends behind, and I even find the religious aspect cute! Plus the guitar music is awesome.

                            5. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban
                            I don't know if this is the original of this song, I genuinely have no idea. I'm sure it came before the Westlife version, but I don't know if it's the original. I think this song is gorgeous though. If I'm in a horrible lonely mood, this will make me cry extreme amounts. I think it's lovely. It's uplifting, if you feel like you have that person that can raise you up, but if you don't, it can be a bit depressing! Either way, Josh's voice is incredible, and the crescendo at the end if phenomenal.

                            6. Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
                            "Now and again we just try to stay alive"
                            This song is quite sad. It shows the way which everyone can feel depressed sometimes, and that sometimes you need that person to bring you out of that depression. The more I listen to it, the more it seems to reflect the changes in the world, and how everything changes and you have to deal with it, even though sometimes it's for the worst. At face value though, "it's not too late, it's never too late" is a good message to send out to people though. It's never too late to change your life. It has some guitar riffs which sound amazing, and the words are quite meaningful.

                            7. Zzyzx Rd. - Stone Sour
                            A very peaceful song, and once again quite sad (I worry myself sometimes!), "Tell me I should stick around for you. Tell me I could have it all. I'm still too tired to care and I gotta go." I don't know why I like this song so much. I love his voice, and I love the music in the background, but I don't really understand the lyrics. It sounds like he has been left by someone he loves, but more than that he sounds horribly depressed! "I don't really mind if I just fade away" "I'm ready to die in obscurity" Either way, the music in this song is lovely, as is his singing, as always (Corey Taylor <3) The song gets stronger and more powerful nearer the end, and it just gets better and better.

                            8. Glitter In The Air - Pink
                            Since Pink's first album, I have always thought of her as something special. She has so many different styles which all suit her. However, I think her strength is ballads. I've gotten used to listening to her really singing in slower, more meaningful songs, and it really shows off her voice. This is one of them. "Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone?" I love the way she incorporates things into her songs which people can really relate to. I think it's very important that she does this, as it makes her more real. This song reflects the loneliness that people feel at some times in their life, but it brings together things that everyone can relate to, and it makes it a very good, meaningful song.

                            9. Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
                            A softer side of 3 Doors Down, and an important side at that. I love the different styles that they can do, and this is one of my favourite songs of theirs. The song is slow, and the music very well defined. The idea of being away from a loved one (again!) the whole song sounds quite regretful but meaningful. The music is soft and the lyrics are pretty, the whole song has a lovely feel about it.

                            10. Breathe Me - Sia
                            I've heard many different interpretations of what this song is about. I personally think this is one of the most beautifully written songs I've ever heard. Whether it's related to self harm, losing people, having an argument or what, the lyrics are meaningful and the piano mixed with the sorrow which can be heard in her voice make the song incredible. I think it's about self harm, personally, which is probably why I think so much of it. It conveys emotion in the pain which I think you can hear in her voice, and yet the background music is beautiful, having a nice basis, and showing a softer side of self harm. This is entirely my opinion, obviously, and I'd recommend anybody to listen to it and see what they think it is about. In fact, I'd love to hear other interpretations.

                            11. Misery - Green Day
                            This song amuses me, and that is probably the only reason it's in my 20 most listened to. The strange lyrics, the mix of musical instruments, the strange noises that appear throughout... I love it. I can't really describe this song very well, it is genuinely too hard. I can't even properly explain what it's about! You hear different stories about different people, and I'm sure they all relate eventually, but I'm not entirely sure how. I guess the thing they have in common is being miserable (hence the title 'Misery' maybe.) but I'm not even entirely convinced about that. Billy Joe Armstrong at his most random, I think!

                            12. Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap
                            I love the sound of this girl's voice. Her songs always sound a bit different from what you expect, but in a good way. Her pitch range is amazing, she can go from high to low really easily and comfortably and it sounds amazing.
                            "Just run with me through rows of speeding cars"
                            It sounds like the difficulties of life and how to cope with it all is important here "It's in the ABC of growing up" I like this song because it highlights the things which happen to people, and how difficult things are to deal with, but that it happens to everyone really.

                            13. If No One Will Listen - Kelly Clarkson
                            This is a pretty poignant song. It's meaningful though, and it shows that you have power inside yourself, as well as that even when you feel like nobody is there, someone is. We all have somebody we can trust, and that's important. You're never really alone. This song is uplifting in a way, because it's very true. Things might be hard, but there are people that care. "If no one wants to look at you for what you really are, I will be here still." I must listen to this a LOT because this album hasn't been out for that long.

                            14. Defying Gravity - Wicked
                            I've never seen Wicked. I don't know any of the other songs, yet this has become one of my favourite songs. Defying gravity to me, is doing what you want, doing what people think you can't. "I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game" It's like you want your own rules now, you want what YOU want, and nobody else. I love that idea. It's empowering, thoughtful and important. Sometimes you need to follow what you want, rather than others. The music is pretty and the girls which sing it, well they're amazing. Idina Menzel is incredible.

                            15. All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
                            "I got soul but I'm not a soldier" I Love this. I remember this when I was at Reading Festival 2008. Throughout their whole set, whenever there was silence the crowd chanted "I got soul but I'm not a soldier" and eventually they played it. It's a brilliant song. It starts off slowly and gets more powerful. It's very catchy and easy to get into your head, but in a good way. To me this is about looking back at what you've done, the good, the bad and the strange. It's also looking at certain people in your life, but then I don't know if this is true or just how I see it.

                            16. Goodbye I'm Sorry - And Then I Turned Seven
                            I have no idea where I got this from. I've had it for years and I go back to it every now and then. It's a very sad song, and it has some scary statistics in the middle about suicide. "Every 18 minutes somebody dies from a suicide. Every 43 seconds, somebody attempts one" It sounds like the thoughts of somebody who wants to commit suicide. "And I'm sorry, but this is my fate. Everything is worthless. No one wants me to stay." It's a very thought-provoking song, and it always makes me consider what people must really think when they kill themselves. "So here's my goodbye, no one will cry over me. I'm not worth any tears" I hate and love this song at the same time. I think it's very important, and subject matter is close to me, however, it's shocking and worrying that people feel like this.

                            17. Hold On - Good Charlotte
                            This is very important to me. I know a few people who have/tried to kill themselves, and this song is very dear to my heart. It has an important message - things get better. Just because things are difficult at one point in your life, it doesn't mean it will always be that way. The subject of this song is sad, but the idea behind it is important and meaningful. It sounds uplifting and it's important. "Hold on if you feel like letting go, hold on, it gets better than you know." I know how important this thought is. "And we all breathe the same way as you do, and we all have the same things to go through" it's important to know that people have been where you are, and survived. Things get better. This song makes me cry at times, because I wish some people in my life knew this before they'd tried to kill themselves. But then again, I doubt one song would stop that. Anyway, this song is something I listen to when I can't deal with things around me. It makes me realise, I'm not the only one.

                            18. Pills - The Perishers
                            This song partially sums up parts of my life... Which is slightly worrying I suppose, "When we think we're alright, but we need pills to sleep at night, we need lies to make it through the day, we're not ok" I kind of follow what it means, and how it feels. I've gone through phases of insane sleeping pill usage and lying to make myself feel better and all sorts of things... This song just makes me realise I'm not the only one who lives like that. It sounds very peaceful, but if you listen to the lyrics it's very sad. I think it's probably actually showing the breakdown of a relationship, but I don't really know. It's quite beautiful though.

                            19. Thank You For The Venom - My Chemical Romance
                            This is my angry song! If I'm in a bad mood, I'll listen to this, to the strong beats and guitar riffs and shout the words and I feel a bit calmer. "So give me all your poison, and give me all your pills, and give me all your hopeless hearts that make me ill" I don't really know what this is about, but I know that it makes me feel good if I'm angry. It's loud, unnecessary angst and it makes everything seem better! I guess I must be a pretty angry person for it to be in my top 20!

                            20. Storm - Lifehouse
                            I personally relate this to different things. I know that the boys in Lifehouse are religious, so I'm sure there is a very strong religious meaning to this song. However, I also believe you can relate it to love. I think this song would make the perfect wedding song. "If I could just see you, everything would be alright. If I could see you, this darkness would turn to light" the lyrics are beautiful, as they always are with Lifehouse. This band is one of my favourite ever finds, and one of my aims in life is to see them live. He has the most amazing vocals and the background music is soft and haunting. I listened to this a lot when I first found this band, but less so now, there was a time when this would be waaay up at number 1 in my most listened to!

                            I never knew I could write so much on a few songs! Ramble :)
                            But I love all these songs a lot... Hope you enjoyed reading!


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                              10.03.2009 00:44
                              Very helpful



                              Recommended - see how many you also like!

                              This discussion really interested me so i thought I'd take a look at my top songs and I'm actually really surprised! I have lots of other songs that I would consider my favourites also but it looks like the proof is in the pudding!

                              1. Gimme Danger -The Stooges
                              Well I know this is my favourite song of all time so it deserves its number one spot! This is honestly the most perfect song going, because it's not perfect. The melody and the singing and the instruments and everything just fit so well together, I can't even describe how good this song is! (Wow, I really shouldn't be a music journalist.)

                              2. 3 Libras - A Perfect Circle
                              I listen to this in the morning and at night a lot, it's got a pretty chilled out sound but is backed up by some real emotion. It maybe doesn't really portray exactly what A Perfect Circle is all about, but it's still a great tune.

                              3. Divine Hammer -The Breeders
                              I was lucky enough to see The Breeders last year, and after I saw them live this became one of my favourite songs. The melody is actually delightful and has a really summery feel without being too pop. I believe Kim Deal is the most important member of the Pixies and her side project is utterly genius - her singing and guitar tunes are really something special.

                              4. Fan Club - The Damned
                              I remember the day I was one of the top-played for this on last.fm and how much I buzzed over it! This is a great Damned song, really relaxed and quite unlike some of their other stuff. I always imagine it would be played in an old film over someone wearing a trench coat and smoking - it has that sort of feel to it.

                              5. Raw Power -The Stooges
                              Another great Stooges song from my favourite album, also called Raw Power. This song is a true Rock 'n' Roll classic and makes my CD played jump with excitement. I always have it on before a night out because the dirty guitars really get you in the mood to dance all night.

                              6. Sixteen - Iggy Pop
                              A stand-out song on his album Lust For Life, I love the melody of this song! It's really powerful and has a clear beat that gets me dancing every time. I also love the opening lyrics that Iggy snarls 'sweet sixteen and leather boots' because it just sums the 16-year-old me up, in my doc martens!

                              7. Touch Me I'm Sick - Mudhoney
                              A teenage anthem that I first got into when I'd heard Sonic Youth's cover (which is also really good). The song is wonderfully grunge, but still sounds new and fresh. I'm quite sad it's been so forgotten about when it has the musical value of any Nirvana song!

                              8. Tonight - Iggy Pop
                              Another from Iggy Pop...it is an amazing album! This song has a bit of a slow start but when it kicks in its another that makes the CD played buzz. I love songs that look forward to the night ahead.

                              9. Motorcycle Emptiness - Manic Street Preachers
                              My sister follows the Manic's on tour so she's constantly trying to get me into them. I do like them, but I wouldn't consider them a favourite band. However, this song is excellent. The lyrics are really poetic and the tune has emotion more than anything - sounds amazing live as well!

                              10. Pet - A Perfect Circle
                              Now this is a real fresh sounding song. A Perfect Circle should have their own genre, although you can really feel the influence of Tool and The Smashing Pumpkins in this song, especially in the guitars. (For those of you who don't know APC are what the Wikipedia call a 'super group' and have members from a few of my favourite bands)

                              11. Gary Gilmore's Eyes - The Adverts
                              I've only recently got into The Adverts, but this is such a strong song its gone straight into my most played. I love the concept of this song - murderer Gary Gilmore's eyes were used for transplant after his execution and the lyrics try and capture how this would feel. A really good solid rock song that gets so overlooked.

                              12. Renegades Of Funk - Rage Against The Machine
                              After seeing Rage at Leeds Festival 2008 I can't stop listening to them. Renegades of Funk is the perfect Rage song from their cover album - it has their classic sound but also something new. Tom Morello is a guitar god!

                              13. Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums - A Perfect Circle
                              This is a reworked version of the APC song 'Pet' which most of the fans seem to dislike, but I think is great. Its criticised for ruining the song Pet (it uses the same lyrics) but I see it more of an addition to the first song. The sound is much heavier, and it always goes on at parties just when everyone gets dancing.

                              14. Orgasm Addict - Buzzcocks
                              An amazing tounge-in-cheek song that sounds great live also. It sounds really British which I love, and has a typical Buzzcocks sound. Everyone knows the words, its defiantly lyric-driven, but the tunes pretty exciting too.

                              15. Midnight Man - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
                              What a song! Dig, Lazarus, Dig was hailed as an epic album, and if it was judged by this song only I would agree. The melody is fantastic, I couldn't even pin-point what instruments are used in it. The progression of the song is also genius, and the chorus is one of the best I've heard in a long time.

                              16. Search And Destroy - The Stooges
                              I knew I loved Iggy Pop and The Stooges but really - they've owned this playlist. Another classic Stooges song that I love for the dirty guitars and lyrics - 'I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm; I'm the runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb.' I'm sure I've got that on a t-shirt somewhere.

                              17. Bullet With Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins
                              For a band I'd consider my favourite, the Pumpkins are pretty far down the list. Last.fm tells me they're my most played band though so I won't worry about neglecting them too much. This is another angry teenage anthem that I love, one of the best songs on an album that's jam-packed with stand-out tunes. I didn't see the video to this song until about 2 years after first hearing and it completely blew me away - The Smashing Pumpkins always deliver on creating videos that match their songs so perfectly.

                              18. 54-46 Was My Number -Toots & The Maytals
                              I only really stated listening to this song after I'd seen This Is England, where the Maytals feature prominently on the soundtrack. The reggae feel is actually delightful, and this song is another that is always played at parties. It encourages a whole different type of dancing!

                              19. Cheapskates - The Clash
                              Another band I'm surprised are so far down considering I've loved them consistently for years. Cheapskates isn't a particularly well known Clash song being the second to last song on Give 'em Enough Rope, but its defiantly my favourite despite the fact the production was rushed and the song doesn't sound practised or polished by any standards.

                              20. 100 Ways - Porno For Pyros
                              I absolutely love singing along to this song, in my car, in the shower - everywhere! This is the acoustic version (it also might be live I'm not sure) and its defiantly better than the original. Most people find it a bit strange but I like Porno For Pyros a lot more than Jane's Addiction, they have some really interesting tunes and I like how they're influenced by music from other cultures. This song has such a peaceful tune and is what would be the 'Sunday morning' in the soundtrack to my life.

                              I'm really interested to see what everyone else's top 20 are and any thoughts on my mine!


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                                01.03.2009 09:45
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                                Whats on your list?

                                Well, reading everyone else's top 20 itunes songs prompted me to have a look a my "top played" list and see whats on there! I listen to itunes every morning while I run on my treadmill, so most of the top songs arebouncy, beaty or energetic, what I run to! Here goes -
                                1.Last Train Home - Lostprophets. Not quite sure how this one got to the top, but its definitely a good song!!

                                2. Dear God - Avenged Sevenfold. Such a great ballad, I never get tired of listening to this one. It proves that the metal band can do other syles brilliantly as well.

                                3. Mr Brightside - Killers. What can I say, how can you not want to dance to this??

                                4. Attack - 30 Seconds to Mars. Jared Leto (yes - the actor) has a fantastic voice and you should definitely check out their album A Beautiful Lie.

                                5. Almost Easy - Avenged Sevenfold. Very heavy and guaranteed to get those legs moving!

                                6. Stricken - Disturbed. A great song to run to - and all those Guitar Hero fans out there will recognise it. ITs a bit hard to do air guitar while running tho!!

                                7. The Take Over, The Breaks over - Fall Out Boy.

                                8. Made Up Stories - Go Audio. Ok this is a bit more "poppy" than i'd like to admit to, but if it gets me running then thats all that matters!

                                9. I'm not OK (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance

                                10. Everything's Magic - Angels and Airwaves. At least there was some good to come out of the Blink-182 breakup.

                                11. This Aint A scene, Its an arms race - Fall Out Boy

                                12. Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy

                                13. Rooftops - Lostprophets

                                14. Burn Burn - Lost Prophets

                                15. Emergency - Paramore. I dont really like Paramore's first album, I think their second is much better - but this song rocks!

                                16. Before I Forget - Slipknot. Theres nothing like a bit of slipknot to get the anger going and the heart pumping!

                                17. Chop Suey - System of A Down. The same thing can be said for System!

                                18. When your Heart Stops Beating - +44. The other good thing to come out of the Blink-182 breakup.

                                19. Remember - Disturbed
                                And last but not least...
                                20. Here To Stay - Korn.


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                                  22.02.2009 19:51
                                  Very helpful



                                  Spill your top 20 too

                                  Here's my Top 20 Played songs on iTunes - It seems a bit strange when I look back at them - their not my twenty faves - not quite sure how some of them got there!

                                  1. I Don't Want To Get Over You - The Magnetic Fields
                                  I can see how this would make it to number one - its the kind of song you can easily play over and over on repeat after a break up. But I haven't had a break up since I have this computer - Oh well it's up there anyway!

                                  2. Fidelity - Regina Spektor
                                  Great song - This got stuck as the only song I could get to on my ipod when I dropped it in a sink - so thats why its way up on the play count.

                                  3. Anyone Else But You - The Moldy Peaches
                                  Love the peaches ( I kissed Adam Green once - woohoo!), and loved Juno, played the soundtrack loads when I first got it.

                                  4. Shangri-La - The Kinks
                                  Love the Kinks - my fave band of all time

                                  5. Potential Break Up Song - Aly & AJ
                                  I don't have any other songs from these two - and only ever saw them on a sweet sixteen special - How did this mediocre song get here!

                                  6. A Well Respected Man - The Kinks
                                  Another top band + Juno Soundtrack combo.

                                  7. Brooklyn We Go Hard - Jay Z
                                  I've loved Santogold this year - and Jay Z is classic - a great tune - suits me for running and the gym.

                                  8. F**k Me Pumps - Amy Winehouse
                                  I love this for getting ready to go out and driving about - A great tune for singing along to with my girls.

                                  9. Good Life - Tony Bennett
                                  What can I say - Tony is a legend

                                  10. Lover, You Should Have Come Over - Jeff Buckley
                                  Better than Hallelujah - my favourite tune from Grace.

                                  11. Champion - Kanye West
                                  I love Kanye - But i'm not really sure how this one made it up here - I had to play it to remind me how it sounds.

                                  12. Trouble - Ray LaMontagne
                                  This is a lovely song - I love the tone of Ray's voice.

                                  13. Have a Cuppa Tea - The Kinks
                                  More Kinks, but none of their classic hits. This has made it up there while me and my housemate did a massive deep clean of our kitchen (with added bad dancing) with this on as motivation.

                                  14. Passing Afternoon - Iron and Wine
                                  I love Iron and Wine, and this has got to be one of their best - along with their great cover of such great heights.

                                  15. Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground
                                  The title really sums up this song - it sounds like a morning in bed with a slight hangover - dreamy with a bit of a sinister undertone.

                                  16. None Of Us Are Free - Solomon Burke
                                  This is a great tune, and the lyrics are fantastic.

                                  17. Midnight Train To Georgia - Gladys Knight
                                  I love Gladys - fab song, timeless.

                                  18. 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton
                                  Who doesn't love dolly!

                                  19. Teach Me Tiger - April Stevens
                                  This is such a kitsch classic

                                  20. The Dress Looks Nice On You - Sufjan Stevens
                                  Again, not my favourite from the artist, but a good song from a great songwriter

                                  Well I don't know whether I should post this on here - seems a bit cringy - but i've typed it out now! My top 50 is even more random - what can I say - there's no pinning me down!

                                  Now lets hear everyone elses top 20.


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