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Nose piercings

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What are your thoughts on nose piercing? Do you prefer a discreet diamond stud or a full-on bull ring? Perhaps the whole idea is a turn off, share your thoughts with dooyoo.

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    3 Reviews
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      01.05.2010 12:16
      Very helpful



      A awesome but discreet piercing that it becoming quite popular

      Nose piercings

      I have a nose piercing and I got it done about 7 months or there abouts I don't actually remember (I think Dr Freud would say that I repressed the memory because it was so emotionally traumatic - which is was not). But anywho it has heeled fully now and I am really happy with it! I am writing this review as when I was thinking about getting my piercing done I had no where to go with my questions or with personal stories so Im going to write my own.

      *Getting it pierced*

      I got my nose pieced at Shiva at Afflecks palace in Manchester (see review and their website - www.afflecks.com) which in my opinion is one of the most amazing palaces for shopping and art and culture anywhere in the North West. It is truly amazing! So I went there with my friend and to be honest I was really quite nervous - not about the piecing studio as another friend of mine has had her ears and lip pierced there are it is all clean. But I was worried about the pain *obviously* because you have to have a needle pushed though all of that cartilage but it was not ad at all, to my relief!

      But there was nothing to worry about if you get it pierced with a needle but I have seen some videos in which the piercing person doesn't use a needle but a sharp metal thing (I have no idea what it is but I don't think it is a needle) and that looked quite painful on the videos. But I had mine done with a needle.


      Before he pierced my nose, he put a little pen dot on my nose where the stud was going to go - as you can only have it done in certain places, for reasons I don't know. I then picked out which stud I wanted, there was a range of little normal one (with no colour), then there was a large range of ones that had little 'diamonds' in so they are different colours and sparkly. I chose the clear 'diamond like' little stud and I do mean little mine is only like 2mm in diameter. So it is not going to be huge or massive so that your nose will fall off.


      About a week went by after having it pierced and it was fine and I was so happy with it and I was walking around Manchester shopping and when I got to the car park lift in the mirrored wall I looked at my piercing and it had started to bleed a little and long story short it had gotten infected! (just my luck) and I was fully my fault as I was not cleaning it enough and thankfully both my parents are nurses and knew what I should do. I cleaned it twice a day and I also had to have some disgusting antibiotic neon pink liquid from the doctors which was not nice but the injection when away after about 5 days. And now it is completely fine, just remember to clean it!


      *A really nice but discreet piercing
      *They are becoming really quite popular now as loads of people in my college have them
      *They are not in my opinion and from my experience very painful - it was just like my TB vaccination. It stung a bit and it did hurt but it was not as bad as I thought it would be and I didn't bleed at all which was good.
      *Shiva at Afflecks is really good
      *There is a wide range of choice from studs to rings and there are so many colours to try out too - I look on the website http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/ which has loads of studs to buy for a wide range of piercings and it also has loads of information about all the piercings including, history of piercings, different piercings, piercing problems and FAQ's, so you should check it out!
      *They heel in a relatively short amount of time - about 12 - 16 weeks to heel fully
      *My piercing needs cleaning a lot and I use the savlon liquid (see my other review) and I clean the outside with one cotton safety bud (See my other review) and then I clean the inside with another and it is really important to clean to inside and outside of the piercing to avoid infection
      *Mine only cost £13 for the piercing and stud from shiva at afflecks and you have to be 17 or over to get it done

      If you have any questions please message me or leave me a comment

      Thank you for reading my review


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        08.09.2009 15:56
        Very helpful



        A beginners guide to nose piercings by yours truly!

        Nose piercings are becoming increasingly common. The most popular nose piercing is the nostril piercing which can be situated on either side of the nose.

        Other nose piercings include the septum (the wall that seperates the nostrils) and bridge (situated at the top of the nose, between the eyes).

        I had my nostril pierced many years ago with a gun - luckily I didn't have any problems, but I would not advise anybody to have a nostril piercing with a gun and I wouldn't ever pierce my nostril with a gun again.

        Piercing guns should not be used on any part of the body except the earlobes. If you go to a piercing parlour that attempts to pierce your nose with a gun, get out of there fast! Guns crush the cartilage, rather than remove it like needles do - they are also unsanitary.

        A nostril piercing usually takes 2 to 4 months to fully heal, a septum piercing can take 6 to 8 months and a bridge can take 3 to 4 months to fully heal.

        A quick and successful healing process will only happen if you take care of your piercing and follow the following rules:

        - Do not touch or play with the piercing (other than when you are cleaning it)

        - Use a salt solution and cotton bud (one teaspoon of sea salt and a cup of warm water) to remove any crust and discharge. Use the other end of the cotton bud to dab the piercing dry

        - Clean the piercing twice a day

        - Don't sleep on the piercing and make sure your bed linen is clean

        - Do not remove jewellery during healing

        - Do not switch jewellery during healing.

        Do not drink or take any form of pain killers before a piercing as this will thin your blood and could make you bleed excessively. Pain killers after the piercing are fine.

        Nostrils are the cheapest out of the three nose piercings - you can look at paying around £10-20 for a nostril piercing and £25-35 for a septum and bridge piercing. Nostril piercings are also a little less intense than the septum and bridge in terms of pain - I would describe the nostril as uncomfortable, slightly stingy and an eye waterer, but not painful. However the thing that you have to remember about all piercings is that they are usually over in a matter of seconds and after that you'll have a piercing that you'll (hopefully) love for life!

        Getting my septum pierced was an awful experience. There was a problem and it took about 10 minutes of chiseling through my nose to get the needle through. I wouldn't have wished it on anybody but afterwards I had this fab piercing which I really liked so it didn't matter to me.

        If you work in a profession where you have to deal with the public then many employers won't allow bridge and septum piercings. The beauty of septum piercings is that you can buy jewellery and retainers that can be hidden out of sight. Nostril piercings are usually allowed if a small stud is worn but all employers are different - some allow all piercings, some allow none.

        Remember that the main key to getting a successful piercing is to go to a clean professional piercing parlour that has a good reputation, that you trust and that you feel comfortable with. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to pierce your nose yourself or let anybody pierce your nose who is not a professional as you could pick up many sorts of infections, aswell as ending up with a dodgy piercing.

        Like all piercings there are always risks associated which can include infection, nerve damage, excessive bleeding and cross-contamination. Though if you choose a trusted, professional piercer and look after your piercing correctly these can all be avoided. If you are allergic to certain types of jewellery make sure you tell the piercer beforehand and also be aware that you cannot give blood for up to a year after getting pierced.

        Happy piercing!


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          30.08.2009 12:27
          Very helpful



          Nose jewellrey is a personal choice.

          I work in a salon that has a body piercing studio and have noticed in the last two years how popular nose piercings are becoming, not just with the younger generation.

          A lady walked in the other day for a nose pierce, she looked about mid fifties, she had recently gone through a divorce and she wanted to do something for her self to feel whacky and to be a bit of a rebel, her ex husband would certainly not approve. She left feeling a million dollars because she had made the decision herself and had nobody to answer to.

          I had to smile, she said that her kids would be shocked and she seemed so pleased about that, after buying a few studs to change the jewellery the following day she left with a spring in her step to tackle the new world that she now found herself in.

          There is a lot of arguments in the body piercing world about how noses should be pierced, whether it be with a gun or needle. I personally prefer to use a gun because it is quick and easy, and as long as you pierce the stud downwards avoiding the cartilage of the nose then it is also quite safe.

          After twenty four hours the stud can be removed and a smaller one inserted or a ring if preferred.

          A stud should never have a back on it because this is dangerous and can cause a lot of damage if knocked, the best way to keep one in is to put a bend into it so that it hooks into the nose it is also a lot more comfortable to wear like that because the spike is not pointing directly towards the cartilage.

          There are studs on the market with a spiralled stem, I never recommend these to customers because they are really uncomfortable to insert and can cause a lot of pain if the nose gets banged but of course that is their choice I can only give an opinion.

          If a person wants a ring in their nose it is important to discuss exactly where they want their piercing because some people just like a small ring so the pierce has to be done quite close to the nostril, but then you get a person that wants a bigger jewellery ring so they need to have the pierce higher up the nose.

          I personally think that studs on females look nice especially if they are dainty, but you do get people wanting to put some huge ones in but that is their choice I suppose.

          I don't like to see a ring hanging from some body's nostril, I think it looks awful and reminds me of a bull but of course this is just my opinion I certainly wouldn't tell a customer that thought.

          Do I enjoy piercing noses? I have to admit I do.
          Would I have my nose pierced? No Way!!!!! I am too much of a coward because I see how it makes a persons eye water, I use stick on studs far less painful!!!


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