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Political correctness - it's doing my head in!

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    8 Reviews
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      02.02.2010 19:35
      Very helpful



      Bureaucrats get yourselves an offer we all want to refuse

      Apart from taxes, corruption, and the recession, the tolerant UK citizen has also endured the mother-hand of our state telling us mortals how to live and what to say. In fact every social corner stone has been turned and tarnished with the brush from our dementia gummy nanny state. It is big business. Political correctness has taken our democratic rights away, it is as if we've been a bad child and can't play with our favourite toys anymore; without the underlining prospects of being sued by the nanny state, and I thought nannies are suppose to hand out humbugs, knitted sweaters and prickle you when smothered with a wet embrace. Not that I'm bothered now, I've got many of my own bristles to cause major irritation. Along with my trustworthy pen which does see the light of day in the corridors of power, whenever a dodgy dossier is required; filled with nonsensical rhetoric that is addressed as fact.

      In the early days of PC, when the economy was booming and it didn't matter how much the fat cats got in bonuses and what the bankers got in take home pay; doddering along a path of prosperity and good living, the UK public were tolerant to the route map of PC; especially if it fills your boots with green notes for rewards at being a good citizen. Alas, the UK has been thrown into the lions den without any supper due to crazy banking policies and losing at gambling with other peoples money; which caused a deep depression and misery that has still got to be endured by us all. The 0.1 per cent growth last month has effectively taken the Brits out of the downturn and into a small growth spurt that I fear will be short lived. The 0.1 per cent was due to the increasing knowledge that VAT will be hiked up 2.5% in January, so all big products were purchased prior to the hike up. In fact the powers of be actually greeted the growth as a ray of light hitting our brows with great warmth and love. I could almost hear the singing of angels as the reports were broadcasted, yet actually it may not be the case. Recession still maybe the case as the figures are not conclusive, typical of the back thumping politicians getting all overly emotional about 0.1 per cent growth, which could end up being a deficit. Oh so politically correct aren't thee corridors of power! - NOT.

      - If the great chosen ones who've walked the corridors of power for thirteen years were all PC, then there would be no expense scandal, or would be MP's arguing their innocence inadvertently blaming the tax payer and every other constitution in allowing themselves to flip homes. Jacqui Smith still doesn't know where she lives, now John Terry has skedaddled to Dubai to save his two year marriage, she'll flip his home if she could. These are the types handing out PC jargon with newsletters of how to not be stressed for MP's; MP's stressed! How about being on the dole, that'll do it; costing the tax payer 3k just for saying 'soak in a hot bath for 20 minutes'; or perhaps 'hire a DVD after reading several Dooyoo reviews'. So knowing all the Whitehall discrepancies having a decent PC society does not wash at all; the only way it can comeback and be effective is for a government to be 100% transparent. Get your own house in order before preaching PC jargon to more level headed and logical citizens.

      I'm not going to partake in many media verses showing where the PC world had gone mad, but the ultimate analogy came directly from the Home Office itself when the word 'reliable' had to be taken off the database for jobcentres who advertise for positions vacant. The reason being is due to that fact it discriminates against the 'unreliable'. There is a real chasm of deluded beings that actually think this way; sadly they've evolved the same way as us according to Darwin, yet must have cantered off down the yellow brick road stalking a little girl called Doris, worried she would trip up on a pot-hole. These members of the public surely must be too frightened to try anything slightly risky, so really they shouldn't get out of bed. Sadly they do. It must be quite a chore for the over reactive bureaucrats who determine our own logical thoughts on grounds of the merciless language we all speak. Behind close doors we even use naughty words to elevate anger that the PC world has endangered normal rational thinking; stifling creativity, almost thwart to a dehumanised status. I would deem that within time, people with high voices can only talk when talked to. These boundless irrational patterns won't stop at anything, unless they're eliminated from preaching period.

      It is a form of ethical cleansing, because we in the UK are blessed at having so many cultures cohabiting on our shores, it is thought that the nation itself have to comply with language and expressions that is deemed as beyond passive. No naughty words will be uttered at this point to save face or any discredit and to keep my decorum state intact. To put it blatantly obvious, any words that barely sniffs at derogative status to our foreign cousins would be seen as that 'R' word. Nationals are afraid of any backlashes that can occur from natural expression, especially online, when matters are inadvertently misconstrued by cultural slant. Words shape attitudes and beliefs. Obama is a great example of that notion. He hasn't done that much in his first year in the White House, yet actually it is more about what he is, has made big inroads in foreign policy. In the states, being PC is rife. It has become the Western World's disease over the last forty years.

      In the 1970's big hitting comedians who use the race card, got huge recognition for what they performed. Bernard Manning made a living out of particular jests to many groups of people, and was an instant success. And what is happening today, uniforms that analogy. The comedians who express this term of tact in their material get bigger followings, and I will mention satirist Frankie Boyle with 'Mock The Week'. He has been banned from the program for being PC incorrect by the BBC, who are endangered of becoming boring and simply not worthy of viewing. Welcome back to the 1950's when the grainy video tape roll with highly polished voices slowly pronounce every word in the most correct manner and poise without causing offence to any multi-cultured viewer or national who maybe viewing, though I doubt they are.

      Suppose with PC being thrown about like confetti, you would expect a different society to what we've got? Yet you can't be further from the truth. It isn't making the economy any better and we've still got no regulation in-place when the 50P tax sends the fat cats scampering to warmer locations or get their lawyers onto it, by going off shore with funds. Everything seems to be misguided when it comes to money and as blighty is predominately finance as in revenue, you can't help that logic isn't going to play a huge part in the spectrum of things to come. Incredibly 25% of all corporate revenue to the treasury is from the finance sector; I'm being politically incorrect by stating that all finance sectors do not run on logic, more like hunches. Considering the credit crunch, I would say that logic went out of the window when dealing with the huge amounts of credit that was floating around two years ago. I fear for our National language of expression as all areas are watered down to a level whereby individuality is frowned on. In my experience I've seen 'money men' walk and talk the same and quite honestly are investing and breeding oddities in this PC world.

      Faiths and cultural beliefs have been dulled down for concerns of offending; Christmas in some city councils are now called
      'Winter Festival'. The PC bureaucrats spend the tax payers money on meddling on such a grand scale that even children nursery rhymes are being changed to fit the multi-cultural nation we've become; 'Ba Ba Black Sheep' now is forbidden in primary and pre schools. Concur fights are not allowed in playgrounds as it can cause injury, so can an IED be when stepped on in the Helmand Provence, worse still, death; but the government has still sent thousands of troops out to face a Taliban, which they supposedly are going to pay off. Every which way you turn in regards to justice and the PC world, incredible misjudgements have been made, and guess who is going to mop up the mess?


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        17.11.2008 13:32
        Very helpful



        Get rid of political correctness altogether. Sexism, rasicm etc... will still apply.

        I don't know who invented the phrase 'political correctness' but I am sure the way the term is used these days is not as originally intended.

        A little story I have is from when I worked for a council. Yes, councils do generally apply the political correctness a bit too far.

        One day, I walked into work and the boss asked to speak to me. I was the person who designed many of the information brochures that the department used to send to people.

        I was working on a brochure, but I had to recheck all the wording because of 'new political-correctness'.

        It was now not permitted to use a phrase such as 'visually impaired person'. These had to be changed to 'person who is visually impaired'.

        "Why?", I asked.

        Apparently, this is because the person comes first and the disability comes second.

        Of course, this cause untold problems in the brochures, not least causing the text to be longer and therefore covering more pages. The section on disabilities in these brochures were often quite long. This increased the costs of printing the products. We couldn't reduce the font-size, since the council had a minimum size for visually impaired people. Sorry, people who are visually impaired.

        This went on for a while, although I allowed many of the 'non-allowed' terms to go through, since we were working to cost budgets and how many complaints did we get? Not one. In fact one of the brochures was used to demonstrate to all other council departments just how their printed products should look.

        This swapping of the person coming first and the disability coming second went further. Of course, the staff in the office started correcting their speech, but only in a humorous way. For example if someone in the office mentioned a 'blue car', someone would always correct them 'you mean a car that is blue! The car comes first and colour second!'

        Some nearby councils begun to adopt the same policies in some of their departments as well. Once went so far to use these policies whilst losing a court case for paying women less than men and had to pay over £1million in back payments.

        Speaking of male and female, we also had the problem of using the word 'he' when referring to an unknown. So when asking if someone in a department had sent paperwork through, asking if he had sent it was frowned upon. Just in case that 'he' was in fact a woman.

        Well, I am sorry, but in the English language, you use the word 'he' (or a masculine term) until you know that the referred to person is female. Then you would use the word 'she'.

        Of course, in the council you are not allowed to used the word 'Paki'. Many said because of political correctness, but somehow I don't think so.

        This is where people take the term 'political correctness' too far. Surely the word 'racist' would be the one to apply here? Should we ban the word 'Brit' as well, whilst we are at it?

        Paperwork and forms always brought the worst out in people. We had a section on one application form and it requested your nationality, but one woman insisted in crossing the whole section out and writing 'Human'.

        No guesses for what kind of nationality she was? Yes, she was a British middle class worker. We never had any problems with people of other nationalities at all for filling that section in.

        This lady was not happy when I suggested she may have to pay full price (£32 instead of just £3) because we can only use correctly filled out forms to claim the remainder from the government. She just didn't get it.

        The whole reason for the box was for equal targetting.

        At the beggining of a year, the government compiled how many British and Asian people were using our service. If there seemed to be a disbalance, we were encouraged to target a nationality to try and get more uptake from those people. One year, our target was for Polish people as hardly any were using our service. And yes, we were asked to target British people one year as well. We could obtain more funding for the people we were asked to target. The government simply wanted an equal balance of nationalities compared to the ratio living in the area.

        Political correctness has been used as a term to simply through everything else into. Sexism, racism, disability discrimination and so on.

        It is often over-applied and too well thought through to the point of being extreme.

        What I really hate about this political correctness is I have never heard anyone other than a British person start a conversation on this. It is as if we are applying what we think other people want to hear, rather then just being nice in the first place.

        There is one positive, however. Since I left the council and a couple of years have passed, 'Political Correctness' is a phrase I hardly ever hear now.


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          01.09.2008 14:42
          Very helpful



          Treat the dis-ease, not the symptoms.

          'Political Correctness' is probably the most misused term in the English language.

          It has become a stick for the right wing press and public to beat liberals and minorities with.
          Everytime I hear the phrase "Political Correctness gone mad!" I know that if the true facts were reported it would really be about an over zealous twit trying to bully someone into doing it their way, somebody trying to stir up racial hatred or a second rate journalist trying to make news rather than report it.

          When you hear that phrase, beware! Ask yourself who has got the most to gain either financially or in the muckraking stakes. Use your discernment. It's always the same when a person tries to tell you any bit of gossip. Ask yourself "What's in it for the person telling me this." Usually it says a lot more about them than the person they are talking about.

          You cannot legislate for morality.

          You can educate, you can put other points of view forward, you can refute what you know to be untrue but you can not legislate for morality.

          Telling a person it is illegal to discriminate against anyone isn't going to stop them being discriminatory.It isn't going to make anyone more tolerant or understanding.
          They may act in a less discriminatory manner perhaps if they are going to be penalised, but it isn't going to change any attitudes, it just hardens them. It drives them underground so it is harder to see where they are and discuss them.
          It's a bit like taking too many antibiotics. The organisms will evolve to defeat the cure.

          I believe that political correctness was originally a well meaning idea which has turned into a monster used by both ends of the political spectrum to further their own agendas. It has been wrenched out of the hands of the well meaning liberal reformers and turned as a weapon against them and anyone they try to defend or help.

          I know that this might sound like a rant. If so I apologise. I am passionate about this because I see the hurt and division it causes on a daily basis.

          Laws don't need to be changed. Hearts do.

          End of rant. ('til the next one! :) )


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            18.06.2008 18:45
            Very helpful



            Stupidity kills

            I find that a lot of people find an excuse in "political correctness went mad" to vent their anger at immigrants, other race, government, anyone who thinks differently than them. Actually I vote for politeness. I vote against stupidity.
            Many events which were in media represented as "political correctness went mad" were simply stupid acts of some clerks afraid for their own position. On the other hand these examples were later used by others to have a go at minorities of all kinds.
            In order to reduce number of both phenomenons we have to have better home upbringing and better education. Probably a lot of philosophers gave their judgment on this throughout centuries and I would not attempt here to be too clever. This is universal and old issue just wrapped in modern clothing.
            I would like to live in a world with more respect for weaker and less stupidities but I have no illusions. There will be these issues while there are people on this planet...


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              14.08.2007 15:01
              Very helpful



              Anti PC- A hidden agenda.

              A lot of rubbish is spoken about political correctness taking over our lives. Many myths are perpetuated about political correctness usually by right wing commentators and media to discredit progressive cultural change in a modern society.

              Words matter, language is a powerful tool that can be used to provoke, cajole, persuade, praise or insult. The power of language and words should not be underestimated and indeed some believe that the words people use not only reflect but shape their idea and attitudes. Political correctness when applied to language has the function of making language inclusive or neutral ensure that minimal offense to racial, cultural, or other groups.

              It wasn’t so long ago that many derogatory terms where common place in the media and everyday life, nigger, coon, queer, yid, Paki, faggot, puff, kike, spastic, cripple and many more were routinely used by people with little thought to the offense the it might have given to those people the those groups. Over the years these terms of reference have changed and more acceptable words have replaced the offending ones and the process is ongoing developing as language develops and attitudes change. In these circumstances I don’t have any problems with so called politically correct language.

              More contentious changes have also been made in the filed of gender specific language, where certain professions have been considered male oriented and the language has reflected this thus in the yes of many making it more difficult for women to achieve equality of employment.

              For example

              "Tomorrow I will meet my new doctor; I hope he is friendly."

              Could be changed to

              "Tomorrow I will meet my new doctor; I hope they're (he or she is) friendly."

              To many this might seem pedantic but personally I’m not opposed to adopting such changes especially in published material if it helps to emphasise that women can do the same jobs as men. Again many of these concerns are now trivial since sexual equality in the workplace has made great strides in the last few decades but at the time when many schoolgirls were not considered to take up such male careers the use of ‘correct’ language was important.

              Today for many people political correctness is much more than the use of language but seems to extend to they way we represent and define our culture. So why has also become a derogatory term?

              We’ve all heard the many stories of how sometimes even well meaning bureaucrats and public organisations have taken the idea of political correctness to an extreme angering many that believe this is an attack on their free speech, even their traditional way of life. Inevitably this give rise to antagonism and resentfulness to those groups who are seen as the perpetrators of these changes, more often than not it gives rise to xenophobic, racist or ant–gay feelings.

              Religion particularly seems to spark off great controversy, some famous examples have included

              1) Birmingham city council banning Christmas celebration opting instead for the more neutral ‘Winterval’ festival (The Sun).

              "The dead hand of political correctness is throttling the life out of the festive spirit,"

              2) Luton council banning Christmas celebrations in favour of a Harry Potter themed event called Luminos (Daily Mail)

              “cancelled Christmas for fear of offending Moslems"

              3) Various councils banning hot cross buns from schools in case they upset non-Christian pupils (The Daily Telegraph).

              4) Chester council banned Christmas cards from saying Happy Christmas.

              5) 'PC madness' resulted in a local millionaire in the village of Sonning near Reading being banned from ‘putting up his annual charity light display outside his home’ (Telegraph Online).

              6) We hear that 74% of British employers have banned Christmas decorations for fear of offending non-Christian workers and that by law all religious festivals have to be celebrated (Daily Mail).

              7) Other famous examples include Baa Baa Black sheep being changed the Baa Baa Rainbow sheep or being banned altogether (The Mail On Sunday/Daily Express and the BBC news).

              The World’s gone PC mad!!


              Let’s go through these once again and see if we can figure out what is really going on…

              Did Birmingham really ban Christmas? Well not quite. According to the council
              official statement, a festival called Winterval did take place in 1997 and 1998 but never since. It was a promotional campaign to drum up business for Birmingham's recently regenerated town centre. The festival began in November and finished in January BUT during Christmas period it said

              "There was a banner saying Merry Christmas across the front of the council house, Christmas lights, Christmas trees in the main civil squares, regular carol-singing sessions by school choirs, and the Lord Mayor sent a Christmas card with a traditional Christmas scene wishing everyone a Merry Christmas".

              So not quite what The Sun had in mind then…

              Similarly in Luton although a festival called Luminos did take place one November weekend in 2001 it was not an alternative for Christmas it does not use an alternative name for Christmas and the event didn't replace the council's own Christmas celebrations.

              How about Hot Cross Buns surely this would be a prime target for that PC terrorist attacking our great British Christian traditions?!

              Sorry to disappoint you but this is true either…the story was published by the Sunday Telegraph in 2003 and it was totally false in fact authorities had done nothing of the sort and most had never served hot cross buns in the first place this was the figment of some journalist’s imagination. The Sunday Telegraph admitted as much and carried an apology in following edition unfortunately the apology did not appear on the online version and the story still get quoted and recycled by eagle eyed anti PC’ers.

              Did Chester ban Happy Christmas on cards? Not really their cards said Seasons Greetings as do many Christmas cards and have not changed in decades.

              How about the millionaire and his charity lights? Again this is a case of the truth getting in the way of a good story… the display by Vic Moszczynski involved 20,000 lights, and were supplemented with large illuminated snowmen and amplifiers emitting Christmas songs into the street. Wokingham council got an injunction against him, after it received complaints from neighbours, reported traffic snarl-ups and had to spend £7,400 for policing Moszczynski's neighbourhood. Even so a display was not banned it was still there in 2006 if a little toned down it still featured a featuring a snow machine and Moszczynski was the guest of honour at a shopping precinct in Reading to switch on the Christmas lights.

              Now we come to the famous survey were 75% of British employers have banned Christmas celebrations this must be true? Well again the facts need to be dug out of this one. The survey in question like many other surveys did had questions such as

              "Do you admit to banning Christmas decorations because you are worried about offending other faiths?" which seemed designed to provoke certain responses and in the end people were asked

              "Are you aware of your legal requirement to celebrate all faiths?"

              Fortunately though there is no legal obligation to do so.

              What about the Baa Baa Black sheep story? This story goes back to the 80’s and originated from the Lambeth ‘Looney Left’ council suggesting that certain language in traditional books should be reconsidered so maybe an element of truth there although nothing was ever banned. A warning issued by Birmingham council that Baa Baa black sheep could be offensive to black people was issued and duly scrapped in 2000 after black parents complained it was ridiculous…

              The more recent controversy in Oxfordshire about ‘Rainbow sheep’ replacing ‘black sheep’ is less well-founded in truth. The nursery in question run by the charity PACT did indeed use the line 'Baa-baa Rainbow Sheep' but the line did not replace but was used along with the traditional one. A spokesman or should that be spokesperson for the charity said that this was done not for fear of offending ethnic minorities but for educational purposes. They said

              “Children sing a variety of descriptive words in the nursery rhyme to turn the song into an action rhyme. They sing happy, sad, bouncing, hopping, pink, blue, black and white sheep etc and they also exchange boy and girl at the end of the rhyme. This encourages the children to extend their vocabulary and use up some energy."

              Nothing sinister there then.

              In fact the more I look into these stories the more I’m convinced that there isn’t a sinister leftie anti-Christian conspiracy to attack the British way of life but a sinister right wing agenda to make people believe this is indeed happening and thus to foster a misconceived sense of nationalism, traditionalism and intolerance. I suspect that even in cases where ‘PC has gone mad’ it is more to do with individuals thinking they are doing the right thing or wishing not to do the wrong thing than any concerted effort by any groups lobbying on behalf of disgruntled minorities.

              So is PC doing my head in? No not really I think there is a sensible debate to be had over how language should be used to make a multicultural society more inclusive and how we should be sensitive to others feeling on different matters. This does not mean having to change the way we speak to adopt ‘cumbersome’ words to replace perfectly good words we have already and I don’t think this is happening or if it is change is happening naturally not being forced as the Daily Mail et al would like us to believe.

              As far as PC diminishing our traditions and our culture I think this is mostly a smokescreen and hides a much nastier agenda by a few extremist to fragment society, a smokescreen that unfortunately many can’t seem to see through.

              Don’t believe the hype!

              © Mauri 2007


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                10.07.2007 21:14
                Very helpful



                The positives and negatives of the PC world.

                Political correctness is perhaps one of the most fiercely debated topics of our time, particularly by the press and although being a misunderstood topic often polarises debates. Firstly the term means different things to different people, to the proponents of political correctness it exemplifies courteous and responsible behaviour for all people in positions of authority. This tends to be, although not exclusively a position for the political left. For the political right, political correctness is often a dirty word and shows a limit on free speech. The term is commonly known to be abused by the far right as a guise to hide behind racist views. Usually minorities, or discriminated groups in society often use political correctness to shut down controversial debate. Getting the right balance is always very difficult because political correctness often enters in the most controversial of debates be it race, culture or gender.

                There are many positive aspects of political correctness which perhaps slips under the radar and is not recognised as such, a simple example is that of a sports commentator, you will now see that commentators rarely speaking about controversial political matters even when they may legitimate in sport. Recently during the cricket world cup, the situation of the Zimbabwean cricket team arose, it was clear for all those listening to the BBC’s cricket coverage that Mugabe and the political situation was a proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ in that all the commentators where aware of the problem but were highly reluctant to speak what they thought was be correct. This is clearly a case for political correctness and to be fair it was perhaps warranted because an organisation like the BBC, which is broadcast worldwide has a duty not to politicize a sporting event.

                There are often many negatives aspects of political correctness, those who speak on controversial topics such as racial problems or social degradation are often criticized for using harsh or unpolitcally correct terms or references. This they argue is a censorship placed on them by those criticized, basically shutting down debates. There is quite a lot of evidence to support this may be the case, over the years Britain has sleepwalked into a segregated society according to one prominent figure and this brought up the debate on whether critics of the past were indeed marginalised because their speeches were no politically correct. Of note, Enoch Powell and Norman Tebitt come to mind but the difficulty comes in the political opinion you stand upon, often the right think both were correct, whilst the left often describe them as veiled racists. Consensus always seems to be changing, at times it seems British society an in particular governmental institutes are too politically correct and then at other times we feel political correctness allows us to handle controversial topics in a dignified manner in particular when compared to other nations, the self imposed reserved and tolerant nature perhaps works well.

                As much as minorities may try to exploit political correctness (say by branding critics as racists, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic etc…) there are those who wish to exploit the term and portray themselves as marginalised but justified critic. Such tactics are often used by sensationalist press headlines, with the ‘PC gone mad’ brand firmly attached to the Daily Mail. In light it has been often shown that so called stories of abuses of political correctness are often fabricated or at least exaggerated to a high degree. Thus credibility for such stories is undermined. It is often prescribed that Britain has developed a ‘PC culture’ and stories such as ‘minorities offended by Christmas’ etc.. often baffle and anger the populace. Yet when such stories are thoroughly investigated it is often either exaggerated or due to an misjudgement on behalf of a manager. The idea that white middle-class managers are going out of their way to pander to minority groups often breeds resentment, but conveniently supports the political agenda of such newspapers.

                It is fair to say political correctness is here to stay, no doubt it is a big hindrance if misused and sometimes freedom of speech is curtailed but because it is not controlled by any part of society it will be impossible to stop. In time we will slowly realise this and also question those who try to abuse political correctness, i.e. by really questioning those who cry discrimination at every opportunity but also the tabloids which run ‘PC gone mad’ stories are often ridiculed and this trend may continue. It is clear that we are living in a different world than a generation ago, globalisation whether forced or not is the way of the progressing world nations and immigration on a big scale is a big part of this. Of course with so many people from so many various countries and cultures has its positives and negatives. It has become PC not to openly criticize immigration policies and a recent survey showed this to be a major concern. However an alternative point of view argues that it is simply human nature for even immigrants to either look down upon or resent newer immigrants. Political correctness acts as a stop gap between this and it often means people feel like they will be portrayed as racists if they take an alternative stand point. However it becomes clear that a well researched and balanced approach to immigration for example is often taken seriously thus a by product of political correctness is perhaps to ignore those who make ill informed and divisive stances.

                That is not to say political correct infringes upon every aspect of life in Britain. Indeed there is a great and what appears to be growing respect for un-politcally correct figures. To mind Boris Johnston comes to mind, at the height of political correctness, he was widely criticized for many of his opinions (including people from Liverpool). Yet as time has gone on many have grown to respect and understand his comments and they are less likely to take offence.


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                  10.07.2007 19:16
                  Very helpful



                  Who are the PC brigade!

                  I am sure many of us on here are fed up of this policital correctness introduced by the PC Brigade. But just who is this PC Brigade? I certainly don't know any individuals who admit to belonging to this group - do you? Are you one of them? Come on, somebody must admit to be a member of the PC brigade - or is this just a title made up so that the rest of us are prevented from saying what we really think about certain matters?

                  I know people who have been affected by the thinking of the PC brigade. Oh yes, I have met a few in my time. Take the time when I was helping out in a school and I was asked to show a video to the children. Thinking I would be fair I allowed the children to choose what they wanted to watch. After all, these were 6 year olds, and I was a bit out of touch with that age group so when they said they wanted to watch Babe that was okay as far as I was concerned. How wrong I was! "You can't show them THAT!" screeched another member of staff, almost snatching the offending video from my hand. "Er, why not?" I asked, wondering how on earth something as innocent as Babe would harm the kids. "It might offend the Asian children" was the reply. Now, I am sure the Asian children would have loved the film, but they didn't get the chance as it was whisked away.

                  And what about Christmas celebrations? I know some local authorities banned the display of Christmas lights and called them "festive" instead. Fine, but we should remember Christmas is our main religious festival of the year, even though the meaning has been lost along the way. Do we stop the ethnic minorities from celebrating their festivals such as EID and Diwali? Not that I know of, we don't. But this year I am going to make a point of refusing to buy Christmas cards unless they have a clear religious message. That is my way of protesting at this ridiculous PC stuff that is taking away our traditions in this country.

                  Baa Baa Black sheep was banned, they said it was racist at one time, then decided it was discriminatory against the poor! What rubbish!!!!

                  What about Snow White and the seven dwarfs? I haven't noticed them changing this to whatsername and seven vertically challenged men. Sorry I can't think of a more suitable name for Snow White, but now I have mentioned it perhaps the PC people will come up with something. Nothing with "Queen" in it though, as that has a different meaning these days.

                  I am not even sure I want to mention PC and the gender issue. My son once commented that he felt he was being disciminated against when a leaflet came through the door offering "equal opportunities" for all at our local college. There in the leaflet were pictures of white girls, asian boys and afro carribean boys and girls. Where were the white boys, my son asked, were they not allowed to go to the college? Feeling a bit put out I rang the local council and asked them! A bit naughty of me I know, but I could see my son's point of view. Needless to say I got put through to about five different people, none of whom could answer my question, before I gave up!

                  And what about the disabled? My elderly aunt still refers to herself as being "a cripple", but I could see the woman from Social Services positively squirming when she heard my aunt say this. "You have a disability?" the woman asked. "Yes dear, I have been a cripple since I had polio when I was little." To my aunt's generation there is no stigma attached to this, but we insist on being PC to her, when she is at an age she doesn't even know why she has suddenly been "re-classified." I know the word "disability" is better but this is only because of the PC brigade who have insisted on it, and of course, the idiots who use the word "cripple" and "spastic" as being derogatory. Now in this case I have to admit perhaps the PC brigade gave acted sensibly.

                  I could write more on this subject, but I think perhaps I have made my point and should stop before I bore you all to death - or am I not allowed to say that nowadays? Perhaps I should say "until you realise you could spend your time reading something more interesting."


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                    26.06.2007 12:01
                    Very helpful



                    You cant say that!

                    As a white lower middle class guy I’m not allowed to complain about anything. We of this age and heritage, as a group, are responsible for everything that has gone wrong on the planet, apparently. I have to live with that legacy. I can morally sue for absolutely nothing. Political correctness is out of control and I have no where to hide. The Wimbledon tennis tournament is a classic example of the silliness we guys have to put up with.

                    It is ridiculous that pressure has been put on the championship to give women the same amount of prize money as men at the championships. They play three sets and those sets are, on average, 19% shorter than the men’s. Men essentially play 38% more tennis at Wimbledon than women do, yet they get the same money. Men generate 68% of the crowds and the biggest TV audiences. Women need to be playing five sets, not advertising cosmetics and fashion accessories!!! I did like Venus` black Gucci racket though.

                    An overweight British female wildcard will get ten grand for turning up and losing her first round match in less than 40 minutes at this years Wimbledon. The Italian Open tennis championships pay the girls 50% less prize money, however much they ask for equal pay. Crowds are small for ladies tennis in Italy. The Italians have it about right. If the girls had their own tour it would be as popular as ladies football.

                    Let take Charlton Ladies football club, a very successful team and the bulk of the national side. They have sadly and selfishly been wound up this week by Charlton Athletic as part of the cost cutting measures after the premiership side was relegated. The girls cost £120,000 a year to run, all age groups, Darren Bent’s monthly wage. The point is that this is clearly discrimination against women yet no one, especially women’s groups, has done anything about it. The reason why is because there’s no publicity to be gained because the girls get tiny crowds, bet exert the same energy over ninety minutes, but not the skill and sexuality that sells sport. If they played on the same match day and venue as Pardews side would they demand the same money? If the people who got women equal pay at Wimbledon took the girls case on at Charlton then I would be impressed. It would certainly aid the case for the value of political correctness if the ladies football was supported on moral grounds. But this does prove that the women’s game is inferior to men’s, as it is in most sports, and it’s the guys that again generate the revenue and media in football, justify getting paid more. Political correctness does not bare close inspection.

                    The king of Un PC!

                    I’m probably in a minority here (Freudian slip!) but I laughed at Bernard Manning’s humor. The guy was just funny and I have the cajones to admit it. I’m not laughing at his race jokes with my hand over my mouth but I’m laughing because he was being allowed to tell taboo gags when it was deemed unacceptable, in spite of, it so even funnier. It’s like watching someone fall over or walk into a wall.

                    What’s black and not working?
                    Bernard Manning’s kidneys.

                    Now that’s an offensive gag but will be laughed at by 80% of the country due to his recent press. The press has allowed us to laugh at it. That’s the hypocrisy we are dealing with when we judge what’s funny and what’s offensive.

                    Most of the commentators proclaiming Manning a racist also laugh at his jokes on the sly. They make money from hypocritical comments like that. This is called political correctness. That’s why Bernard told gags the way he did. There was a market for him because of them. Taboo is what humor is really about; fat ugly men like Bernard the only portals able to project it. If people just thought he was deliberately being offensive then he would disappear like all the other blue comedians have and did. He was ironic but he was true. The guy’s job is to make his audience laugh and if it’s a room full of coppers laughing at race jokes or a Temple full of Indian newsagents laughing at black gags then that’s the way he entertains. You don’t have to like it but you must accept free speech. If your freedoms are suppressed in your country and you don’t fight for them then you end up with a journalists strapped to explosives in the Gaza Strip. How absurd hypocritical is that?

                    Believe it or not but that type of cruel northern humor unifies comminutes more than it breaks them apart. If someone cuts you up at the lights you swear and pick out his or her difference or defining feature, not judge his or her etiquette at driving. It’s a natural and private reaction. You say these things because no one is listening. When blue and cutting humor becomes the norm up north in racially concentrated areas and in the work place then it, rather bizarrely, binds people together of all colors. If you ever worked in the Post Office then you know humor is the only way to get people to work together. Most people don’t mean the things they say but it’s just a way to get through the day and maintains ones status and sense of being in their own peer groups.

                    Cleary no one agrees with racism in the work place and maybe humor helps to annul differences. I think he just picked on peoples differences because he knows that’s what makes Brits laugh at themselves. But the fact he and Jade Goody were common, fat, and unattractive means they are fair game to the thought police who are none of those things. They were just blabbing out what we, of all races, are thinking, but won’t ever admit.
                    The alternative comedians like Alan Davies and Frank Skinner are just left with the PC material, which makes them extremely unfunny. I’m not saying bring back guys like Manning, after all we have Little Britain for that, but I am saying humor is unique in its point of delivery and so exempt. People only tell those jokes because that’s what makes us really laugh. I bet your funniest jokes are the ones you wouldn’t repeat on dooyoo.

                    In the UK we have this bizarre scenario where camp comedians like Graham Norton and Alan Carr can crack double entendre jokes on gay stereotypes all day and get paid handsomely, increasing the stigma, but when a straight guy does a gay gag based on those stereotypes they are in your face calling you homophobic?? I can understand Jewish people not liking gentiles doing Jewish gags as it’s there shared collective experience but what on Earth have gays guys got to be upset about when its they create their own camp stereotypes to be ridiculed, then shouting we are just like you and me.

                    Another example of political correctness will be comments you get under your work here when you have tried to walk the line on certain issues. There is a chunk of people out there that get almost sexual relief from pointing out things they feel are offensive on behalf of those people it’s supposed to appear offensive to. These are the politically correct nimbi’s that are decaying our democracy.

                    The BBC…

                    The BBC is positively drowning in political correctness right now, post Hutton and Butler Reports, petrified they will lose their perks and public service license if they mention stealing oil from Iraq or Blair being a crook.
                    They ran a story last week about people standing in and taking other peoples driving test as their big headline. They were quickly batting on the back foot on an eggshell crease because the people most likely to be committing and getting away this felony would be hard to tell apart by the driving instructor because they tend to be Asian, black African or Irish travelers. A nervous instructor, because of the same political correctness, dare not question who the guy or girl in the pic is. It’s a fraud that’s been going on for years, and only recently has it exploded because of mass immigration, getting a driving license enabling the person to legally claim benefits and get credit and banking facilities etc, sometimes committing further frauds, but mostly just to drive, be it a minicab or a white van etc. If you have a foreign license outside of the E.U it runs out after one year in the E.U.



                    The story here isn’t so much about bad drivers on the road (even though people without a license are nine times more likely to be involved in a serious crash) but about fraud and criminality in ethnic minority communities. But the BBC was scared stiff to quote the offence statistics on the particular crime. Why report a story if your not going to make it relevant by reporting the real story? In that case it’s not a story and should be dropped down and off the order of play. It’s like they are caught in the headlights all the time when ever race is the issue. It’s the same with gun crime, cowering in the corner from stating the blinking obvious that most gun fatalities are black on black in the UK. I have never heard of white school boys shooting each other in England-have you? I’m using race as an example as it’s the big one they seem so scared about. You can usually tell if it’s a race based story, but they don’t want to mention that fact, as they tend to send a black or Asian reporter to the scene. The next time a young person is tragically gunned down and they haven’t named the shooter or victim just look at the reporter’s ethnicity. Why are we being over sensitive in an 85% white country? Show respect by all means-but not fear.

                    They are equally chicken on local news in my region. In Luton there’s a crime called ‘crash for cash’, where large Asian gangs send guys out to bump into your car and claim on the insurance for far more, hoping you don’t contest it etc.It brings in huge sums and is known as a standard Asian scam in police circles, especially up north. Even though seven of the 10 people arrested all lived in the same street in Luton the local newsreader couldn’t reveal the ethnicity, refusing to say they were all Asian, which you clearly got the impression of on the screen. I mean why is anyone offended by the news being reported as it is?


                    We had the recent murder of a young white boy in a gang related attack where twenty black kids kicked him to death. Now I’m quite happy to call that what it is-a reprisal attack from another gang. But if it was twenty white kids killing a black boy in the same attack scenario it would become a racist attack. Not because anyone important said it was racist but the guilty white media feel it’s a suitable reprise. It’s the one that makes them sweat less and feel politically correct, those two words again.

                    ‘Compo’ and discrimination…

                    Its not juts crime that gets the PC masking tape over the mouth. The compensation culture has also grown big time out of these new PC restrictions in the world we live in now and more and more claims are going in when people feel or want to be offended.
                    We see these huge sexual discrimination and harassment claims by disgruntled female city workers, not because they feel particularly wronged, but that they know in the current PC climate there lawyers have a good chance of winning the case and big bucks. It’s quite ironic really as a lot of these female high flyers use that very same sexuality to get a head start in this business. In fact the most attractive girls can sometimes be hired for big accounts as their companies know they will get the right deals from gullible male clients. Now that is politically incorrect comment!

                    After the London bombings it turned out that a guy who got 100k for losing his leg was once a serial rapist, dragging young girls into housing estates at knife point. Six years before 7/7, his seven victims only get 7k each from the same courts. Most would say his punishment fitted the crime. It’s that kind of contrast of payment that comes from this need for everything to be someone else’s fault depending of their standing in the community. And with political correctness driving on lawyers they are raking it in to legislate these claims.

                    Another case involved some guy applying for university jobs in English sounding names and Asian sounding names on his application form, both forms identically filled in, and not surprisingly in the intrinsically racist middle class society the English sounding names got more interviews. He would then sue that company or business on the race relations act. But the more he did it the more he became known and so paradoxically the more rejections he got-but the payments kept rolling in. It was political correctness that allowed that to happen as you just cant mess about on race issues or—you guessed it. You get sued. It’s almost paradoxical at times.

                    Lawyers are the worse here as they look at the letter of the law to delay justice and make them tons of money. We have seen it with the War on Terror and asylum cases in the UK where we cant deport the bad guys, the human rights lawyers clogging up the process by going through all the loop holes to keep their clients here and make their firms yet more money, even though they know some of these guys are bad news and should be dropped in the middle of the Channel. We have to draw the line and make a stand before the moral majority becomes the fleeced and beaten minority.


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