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Should there be a watershed for UK Radio Stations?

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There is no official watershed for UK radio. Should there be?

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2012 12:10
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      Don't impose a watershed but make it law to warn listeners of a harsh language show.

      Did you know? There is not a watershed for UK radio stations? I actually had to suggest this topic in Discussion because no one seems to be aware of this? Don't believe me? Here's a Qoute from the Ofcom Website:

      "The watershed is at 2100. Material unsuitable for children should not, in general, be shown before 2100 or after 0530. The watershed does not apply to radio."


      Now this was actually raised a few years ago, i believe it was early 2009 when people complained about a Radio 4 programme containing some really offensive, strong language, i believe it was a band of some sort that said it, and basically this sparked anger at Ofcom to act, but only to get the response, "That's ok, there is no watershed"

      Whilst i don't agree that there should be a watershed, we should at least have something similar to the night time programmes on BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra whereby the show is constantly plastered every 20 minutes with jingles telling listeners about the strong language in the programme. Good idea, and this gives listeners the chance to not listen to it. But this is the thing, there's no laws for that either. You can say the F word as many times as you like without warning or without jingles, you can do what you want.

      I am all for free speech, you should be able to say what you want even if it may have offensive language, such as the harsh language that was heard on Radio 4. But i also believe that these jingles should be mandatory because whilst Radio 1 does it, and then does swear frequently on air in the dark hours, Radio 4 didn't, and neither do most other stations because they don't have to.

      It's not like you can simply turn down the radio before its said because by the time it's said, the damage is done, children have heard the language, so that's just not possible. I can see that sometimes mistakes are made and you cant play these jingles on every show just in case but when accidents happen like this (which are RARE) Ofcom, please instead of simply telling them its ok, take action against the person that said it, or at least the radio station. If its not illegal you can't arrest or "stop" them but if viewers are more aware of this issue it will be less likely to happen. If i had the lead guitarist of Motorhead on the radio i'd be playing those jingles like a mad man.


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