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Should welfare benefits be capped at £26,000?

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2012 12:38
      Very helpful



      time to start again.

      Margaret Thatcher was right when she said there was no such thing as society. She meant that the right wing majority will always turn on the minority when they are allowed to, so that majority, not the minority, voting for you, election victory guaranteed. If she had ignored Heseltine's insistence on bringing in the poll tax she would have won again and again. The benefits cap and the attack on the pubic service is the beginnings of that divide and rule for Cameron. While the workers are preoccupied snarling at the underclass the rich will tip toe off with the family silver, the National Health their real target, massive private contracts ready to be handed over to the people who bank-rolled the Tory election campaign. No pay ruse for you, the 45% tax rate for the ultra rich.

      Wants and needs...

      We enjoy ranting at the workshy because our taxes pay for them, right? But if given the chance and mechanism, and if it was legal, most of us would evade our taxes, the same thing. The head of the Student Loans Company has been found out for not paying tax and I'm sure all the other top civil servants are doing the same thing, the head of the HMRC next, the one who had poor old Harry Redknapp up in court for tax evasion. There is something rather contradictory that a public servant doesn't think he is worthy of paying tax.

      Look at Michael and Jen O'Shea. They won £10 million on the lottery and three years on STILL claiming their non means tested benefits of £6,000 a year in the same council house. We want it both ways and that's why we operate an orderly society through mandatory taxation so there's money and structure to school our kids and heal our sick through public services, and that means tolerating the feckless and the broken that system produces. Most of the unemployed aren't lazy but just can't cope with employment. Trust me; some of you over 50 sneering at those long term unemployed will be them one day soon under the Tories. It is oh so easy to fall out of the system.

      The 26,000 benefit cap figure (£500 per pw) is arbitrary, of course, and really an attack on housing benefit, the biggest welfare bill by far and the one that allows poor people to live in nice Tory areas by having their huge rent paid, rent as high as £1000 per month, rent, by far, the proletariats biggest expense. If the poor's rent isn't paid we have homeless kids running around on the streets and so why we have housing benefit.

      The bulk of the estimated 50,000 welfare families that exceed £26,000 live in London, and many of those may well be ethnic minorities, the sort of people Tory voters hate and so you can see what this is really about, gerrymandering of sorts, dropkicking Labour voters into the home counties sink estates to big applause from the home counties crowd. It has already begun, Stoke asked to take 200 families from Brent only last month. Of the 600,000 plus asylum seekers allowed to stay by Blair when he threw open the gates, 66% of those given the right to work are still claiming benefit, causing huge strain on housing, especially in the capital. Those media images of underclass dole-queues are exactly what Cameron wants you to think that represents the unemployed, images that will win your vote and so distract you from the real issues. These were the people rioting last summer, right, 77 different countries citizens up in front of the beak the following weeks. This policy digs up those statistics and makes Tory MPs and voters feel good in recession and why two thirds of the nation backs the benefit cuts in recent polls. Its pretty cynical stuff guys.

      Babies for benefits?

      As with the underclass up north, some girls in London are tempted to have a kid on the dole, and when that kid reaches school age mum obliged to work and so she may well have another kid to avoid that often boring and low status employment heading her way, increasing her state handouts and property size in the process. Middle-class people have careers, working-class people have jobs. Blue collar life is not glamorous in grey Britain. Suddenly you have five kids from three different dads. If you have no aspiration in life then it makes sense to anchor yourself to your council property and extended family, especially at a time of housing shortages, the state obliged to protect those kids with appropriate housing and care.


      Now the government is cutting the handouts we are going to see lot of poor families forced out of London and into the suburbs, like you see in Paris. But when it affects London's working poor who need the rent subsidy to afford to work in London we have a problem, commuting into work for minimum wage jobs not possible. We can't have this both ways.

      Want not need?

      Blair allowed the welfare bill to get out of control as the unemployed tended to vote for Labour and with 5 million people out of work when times were good you can see why they stuck with that idea. New Labor got them hooked on the heroine of benefits and they needed their fix. Sign here! It's reckoned we have about a million benefit dependent households in the UK where no one has ever worked. The Tory's intend to tackle this head on. The unemployed benefit bill alone is £150 billion and if you throw in the extra costs of crime and poor health the bill rises another 50%, one third of all the tax money coming into the UK right now. Its time for a benefit cap because it discourages the next generation of underclass families that cost the country so much. Human right laws and a cooling off period will protect the current batch from eviction, no doubt, but the message must be sent that you can no longer have kids on the state. With teenage pregnancies falling 5% year-on-year of Cameroons government the young girls are not having 'accidents' any more and it seems to be working, even if they are not.


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