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The Sanctury Spa & Products

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This spa caters to women, their health, body, skin and hair. Why not pamper yourself.

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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2009 15:43
      Very helpful



      This will give anyone a lift and make them feel special!

      A couple of weeks ago my husband thought he would give me a treat as a surprise ( which is quite unsual!), which was a beautiful large orange box with two drawers on the bottom and a lid that lifted up by a gold ribbon. It was a Deluxe Beauty Box from the Sanctury Spa Covent Garden range from Boots. It turns out that my son's girlfriend had spotted this in Boots as their offer of the week and phoned my husband to persuade him that I needed a treat ( now that makes more sense for my surprise!!). They were doing this set for £17.50 instead of £35.00.

      Well what can I say except it is a really lovely gift set with loads of items inside the lovely orange and gold box, on lifting the lid you will find all the items are in a orange and black packaging with the logo for Sanctury being a fish ( I think!). Firstly there is a;

      Body Wash which is in a clear plastic bottle with an orange screw on lid this contains sesame oil, smoothing essential oils and fragrant spices. It has tiny coloured bubbles in this orange gel which are sesame oil and jojoba which burst when you put them onto your skin and leaves your skin feeling really soft. 75ml.

      Body Lotion that also comes in a clear plastic bottle with an orange screw on lid the body lotion inside is a white reasonably thick cream with a lovely scent to it. This makes your skin feel even softer as it has invigorating ginger, jojoba and spices. Also it contains B5 and says that it leaves you with a warm tingling sensation, but I can't say that I have noticed that yet. 75ml.

      Next is a really lovely chunky long square glass bottle of Classic EDT with a glass square lid and a spray top perfume. This has a lovely smell that is perfect for putting on after having a long soak or shower as it isn't to over powering. It is hard to explain it has a slight floral smell but also a bit of a musky smell as well ( I'm useless when it comes to describing smells sorry!), but it is lovely. 50ml.

      Body Scrub in a nice squeezy orange tube which looks like it is full of big bubbles, that contains natural pumice, patchouli and soothing orange oil. I love this as I love any products with gritty bits in as I feel that it refreshes my skin ready for my body lotions. 50ml.

      Luxury Bath Float comes in a plastic bottle and gives you loads of bubbles with its extracts of freesia and baobab is gorgeous which also has vitamin E, you certainly feel like you are having a luxury bath!. 75ml.

      Body Butter comes in a large round tub with again a screw on lid, this is a rich cocoa butter, creamy shea butter and macadamia nut oil all mixed together to create a lovely thick cream. What I like about this is that it doesn't have that strong buttery smell that some body butters have. It hardly has any smell at all and it rubs in leaving a really lovely soft texture to your skin. 150ml.

      Lastly there is the Mandelular Sensuous Body Souffle in a large round tub, again this sinks into the skin and leaves it feeling really soft with just a slight smell to it. It is a really creamy souffle with vitamin E and exotic spices. 150ml.

      I feel very spoilt for choice with all the washes and creams, not knowing what ones to choose from as they are all so gorgeous. Once opened they will keep for 12 months.

      Now to the drawers in the first one there is a Smooth Skin Wash Mitt with a large satchet of Salt Scrub, I haven't got round to using this yet so I can't comment on it, but I'm sure it will be just as great as all the other items in this box, The satchet contains 60g.

      The next box contains a Luxury Shower Cap, which has the most lovely deep pink satin looking shower cap I have ever seen. With a very soft plastic lining inside, it is so soft to the touch luxury it is!

      Once I have used all the products in this box I will keep it to store some of my precious photo's that I haven't got round to putting into an album yet, as it is so sturdy.

      Sanctury Spa Covent Garden first started in Covent Garden 30 years ago for local dancers to go for a relaxing and rejuvenating treatments. Many women went and started to say that they wish they could take some of the treatments home to do for themselves, so Sanctury teamed up with Boots in 1998 it was launched as a Luxury Spa Treatment to do at home. If you would like to go for a Spa Day which they do on a special offer in October, it will cost you £109 for a 50 minute treatment instead of £135.

      So I will be getting my pampering from my lovely box instead, as the real thing is out of the question at the moment!

      If you are making a wish list for Christmas I would strongly recommend you put this on it as it is worth every single penny even at the full price. Definitly 5 stars!!!


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        28.01.2008 10:58
        Very helpful



        Great products for women in need of some pampering!

        Christmas comes but once a year and gift sets are filling the shelves and when I was given a large square gift at Christmas I was hoping for some pampering gifts.
        I unwrapped the gift to reveal a large square box coated with a synthetic brown covering and the inside of the box an orange and gold floral pattern so straight away I knew this was a high quality product.

        The Sanctury, Convent Garden are renowned for their pampering feminine products ideal for relaxation and the gift set that I had was £15 from Boots and contained some delectable treats.

        *~*The Gift Set*~*

        The Gifts set is from the Bath and Body range and the Spa Essentials range which is designed to promote radiant skin through their professional products using only natural ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

        All of the products are kept in place with a plastic mould to stop them moving around inside the box and to assist with the presentation of the product.

        *~*Body Wash 250 ml*~*
        The body wash is quite generous at 250ml and is used via a flip style lid which will distribute a small amount of the wash out of the lid. The aroma of the body wash is definately relaxing and it contains essential oils and spices to relax and the tiny orange capsules gently pop as you rub it into the skin releasing sesame oil and jojoba which created a thick creamy lather onto the skin.

        *~*Body Scrub 200 ml*~*
        A mild scrub that gently awakens the skin and removes any dead skin cells ensuring that the skin is smooth after use. Containing patchouli oil it offers a natural, gentle pumice to the skin which is ideal for an early morning shower to awaken the senses.
        I have used some scrubs before and found them to be a little rough, this is slightly gritty but certainly not too harsh for the skin.

        *~*Body Butter 150 ml *~*
        Most defintely the most luxurious body cream I have ever used, a thick cream base that certainly doesn't need a lot of application to get the desired results and it leaves your skin fresh and smelling delicious.
        I tend to use the cream across the chest and on my arms which really moisturises leaving it soft and silky to the touch, I also liek the fact that the smell lingers which is nice and relaxing especially if used just before going to bed.

        Also contained within the gift set is an orange exfoliating cloth which I find great to remove any hard skin and dead skin cells that build up to create spots.

        A small votive candle is also in the gift set which smells just like the products and really scents the bathroom when it is used and I find it the perfect answer to a stressful day at work with just candles lighting the bathroom and the aroma of the sanctury products.

        All of the products in this range can be identified by the orange colour, the lids of the products are all orange and the body wash and scrub are orange in colour as well.

        The Sanctury also offer a range of alternative products these can be identified by its different packaging.

        I have never truly been a fan of pampering products or bath sets but when I was given a minatures gift set the Christmas before I was converted and I really like the smell of these products and am thinking of adding to my collection as the products are definately a great gift, however they are designed with women in mind and may not be an ideal gift for the gentleman in your life!!


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