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The ten year anniversary of September 11th

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2011 12:06
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      10 years ago Saudi Arabia attacked the United States, the same time period American has spent in Afghanistan to hide that fact, fearful of attacking the regime they get most of their cheap oil from. The US only support for the relationship there is the US backed House of Saud, who would easily fall without US arms and jets, as would Israel. The facts are there has been no successful attack on the United States since and that's not down to diligence but the likelihood there is no War on Terror, why so many people feel America were 'involved' in 911, the War in Iraq for all its oil the reward. I'm not suggesting they planned it or funded it but just enough people were negligent and turned a blind eye to the pieces of the puzzle so something like September 11 could happen, most not even knowing they were missing important parts of the plot. We know most of the hijackers were known or under some sort of surveillance before 911.

      The latest (and silliest) terror threat sting came last week, the Americans claiming to have uncovered a plot by Mexican drug cartels to kill the Saudi Ambassador in Washington with a car bomb, paid for by Iran, an extraordinary claim. You couldn't make it up! Well you could. It was on odd one to say the least and the involvement of the Mexican drug cartels was extremely convenient as they are a big US election issue right now as the drug war rages across the border and sure to be America's next internal problem. Even Steven Seagal has been deployed to the border to stem the flow of immigrants!

      America needs no excuse to stitch up Iran, of course, and with their nuclear weapons intention I think we would agree Iran needs new leadership. I don't think this is another drumbeat for war with Iran but America has a seedy history of inventing attacks against itself. In 1954, the CIA staged a coup which removed the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh, replacing him with their man, The Shah of Iran. When the same Shah was overthrown in the Iranian revolution by the Ayatollah Khomeini, the poor old boy was left alone by the Americans and had to flee to Panama for his life. In 1964 they were at it again, claiming falsely that Vietnam had attacked one of their battleships, the UUS Maddox in the Gulf of Tolkin, resulting in the carpet bombing of North Vietnam soon after. And let's not forget the overthrow of the democratically elected President Allende by the Americans on September 11th, 1973, a significant date for American coups.

      You suspect the Mexico plot thing is a simple distraction from the US economy tumbling away and so attention drawn away to the drug war and the Middle East, Obama's only success of his presidency being the slaying of Bin Laden. The fact Obama is again entertaining the War on Terrror threat, however ludicrous, shows how desperate he is vote wise. Obama can no longer stand for the election as himself and so he needs to look tough in tough times to get cheap votes, what all US presidents finally resort to when times get tough. I always thought the 'Yes You Can' slogan was simply yes you can vote a black guy in and I don't think there was much more to his campaign. The moment he tried to push through policies to help his core voters, black Americans, with things like free healthcare the right stirred again, the Caucasian Tea party appeared and that was the end of Obama, the right taking him down through congress by blocking all his legislation, regardless of its damage to the nation's finances. They hate black people that much in America.

      So where are we now as far as the War on Terror goes? Well that phrase is rarely used now both sides of the Atlantic and Obama and Cameron have pigeonholed it as a war started by the previous governments, a stick to beat them with whenever it's mentioned. It's interesting to note that America have a 100% clear up rate of proposed terror attacks since 911 on US soil where there has been a sting operation in place yet missed all the other ones like the so-called Shoe and Underpants Bombers (I wonder what the heroic translation of that is in Arabic!), which may suggest the attacks are just not being planned by American Muslims as they have no real beef. The FBI and CIA are now having to create the terror threat through the local nut jobs just to keep their jobs and so justify Americas stay in Afghanistan and Iraq. Its almost as if the FBI have taken up the Al-Queada mantle to procure more recruits...

      Libya and the welcome death of Gadaffi for the people this week is only the beginning of their problems and civil war is sure to rage between the tribal beards and the western backed suits as the world's seventh biggest oil and gas supply is carved up and so the country ripped apart. The disperate bunch we backed to overthrow Gadaffi are the next Taliban for Libya. Even if you go back to the early 1980s when Gaddafi was called 'Mad dog' by America you can see Reagan penning the blueprints for the War on Terror as the communist threat ended with a rebel rousing speech in Washington 'to rid this Islamic terror threat to the whole world'. America's economy and status in the world is sadly reliant on war and turmoil. Britain only got involved as we draw 15% of our oil and gas from there and expect even bigger deals in return for our help, no doubt already signed with members of the RDC who only got to be on that council because they would sign the deals. Indeed in 2009 Britain achieved record arms sales with Libya and Gadaffi to help him defend his regime.

      Right now in Libya the CIA and MI6 and whatever the French intelligence is called will be deciding amongst themselves how to get their man in charge. I suspect they have already picked a winner from the National Transitional Council and so if there is an election it will be yet another rigged one, as we saw in Afghanistan. The young Arabs of the world may want democracies but it's the older and greedy religious zealots they become that always grab power, why its easy for the west to manipulate that power out there and why man invented Gods in the first place, the people of one insular mind in the Middle East when it comes down to it. We all need to be living in fear of something for the system to work or it crumbles around us, as we saw with the Arab Spring. Already in Egypt their chance of some sort of democracy has been wasted as the people fragment and start attacking the Jews and Christians the vacuums these power shifts cause. The west has to tolerate and back loonies like Gadaffi and Saddam just to keep these oil rich countries functioning. If Rwanda or Zimbabwe had oil we would have a $100 million dollar embassy there and Mugabe and co long since macheted. The people of Syria and Bahrain being shot right now in their Arab Spring know we only back winners.

      There is an excellent documentary series on Channel Four right now that explores the British forces role in Afghanistan through their own thoughts and actions, brutally honest and far from the propaganda you hear on the news that the troops are happy to be liberating these places. They hate it out there and hate the people more, calling it a shi*thole and would never lay down their life to protect Afghans - women or children. They know the west are not leaving their any day soon and one sardonic British helicopter pilot said exactly that, his dry humour a rare insight and off-message comment, revealing as it was refreshing: "Why build a $200 million dollar military base in the most strategic place in the world for oil and gas and then leave?"


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