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The tenth anniversary of Princess Diana's death

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“ Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Frances; née Spencer; 1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997) was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. Their two sons, Princes William and Harry, are second and third in line to the thrones of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth Realms. On 31 August 1997 Diana died after a high speed car accident in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris along with Dodi Al-Fayed and their driver Henri Paul. „

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    5 Reviews
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      06.07.2008 00:05



      Princess Diana, long may she live on in our memories

      I remember from a young age who princess Diana was and I liked her, when I was about 11 or 12 she was visiting Northampton and I was one of the lucky ones who was there and I can remember this really tall lady who spoke with a really nice accent, she was a lovely woman who always had time for children especially the sick. As I got older I remember the news headlines when she was going to get a divorce and thinking about how her children would cope. Then in August 1997 I remember getting home from a friends at six in the morning and seeing Diana on the news, so I turned it up to find she had died in a car accident, I was so grieved and shocked by what had happened to such a nice lady. I followed the events up to the funeral, I watched from my TV screen with thousands of others as she was laid to rest. I think about what a lovely sincere lady we have lost, and there will never be anybody who could match her stature, she is sadly missed especially by her children, who have turned into brave young men. Long may she live in our memories and our hearts.

      I think we should remember her especially on the tenth anniversary which will soon be eleventh.


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        22.08.2007 14:49
        Very helpful



        A marriage made in hell, not heaven!

        ~ ~ So it has now been 10 years since the “death of a princess”, when Diana Spencer met her untimely end in a fatal high speed car accident in a Paris tunnel. Or perhaps “accident” is the wrong word, as the car was being driven at tremendous speed by a chauffeur who was well over the drink driving limit (he was pissed!) and who was also taking a cocktail of prescription drugs. So hardly an “accident” then! More a fatal car crash waiting to happen.

        ~ ~ As all will be aware since that fatal day in 1997 the conspiracy theory industry has sprung into overdrive, blaming everybody and everything from MI5, her estranged husband Prince Charles to aliens from Mars for her supposed murder. Books, documentaries, magazine articles et al have all expounded the amazing virtues of the late “Saint Diana”, while at the same time taking every possible opportunity to decry and deride both Prince Charles and the Royal Family in general.
        Why is it I wonder that gullible people allow themselves to be so easily misled?

        ~ ~ Lady Diana Spencer was a divorced woman. She was divorced because she had made a bad marriage with our future King, the Prince of Wales, Charles Windsor. A bad marriage made worse (or maybe even caused) by her constant stream of lovers and cuckolding of her husband.
        IÂ’m not saying Charles was blameless in the whole affair. It now appears that throughout the marriage he continued to see his first love Camilla Parker Bowles, (herself a married woman at the time) the woman he has subsequently gone on to make his second wife. Perhaps it would have been better for all concerned if heÂ’d actually married Camilla the first time around, as she certainly seems to be far better suited to the Royal way of life and able to make Charles happy than the late Diana.
        But we donÂ’t live in a perfect world, (unfortunately) and it appears to me that Charles found comfort and succour from Camilla to relieve himself from the continuous pressures of a loveless marriage to Diana, and her constant and never-ending love affairs with a string of lovers and with the press and media, who she manipulated to her own ends like a past master.
        Far from being a “saint”, Diana must have been poor Charlie’s worst nightmare. A scheming devious woman determined to have her own way in all things and taking every possible opportunity to embarrass both him and the Royal Family, both of whom she hated with a passion.

        ~ ~ Throughout her short life she allegedly had love affairs with a string of men, which is hardly the sort of behaviour you would expect from a Royal Princess who was mother to a future King, (William) notwithstanding the fact that some of the affairs took place after her divorce from Charles.
        Her two most “famous” liaisons were with a Captain in the Life Guards (army, not Baywatch!) called James Hewitt, and the international playboy Emad “Dodi” Fayed, who was heir to the family fortune built up by his father Mohammed Al Fayed, the owner of Harrods department store.
        Whatever your own personal feelings on the fact that Dodi was a practicing Muslim, you must take on board the fact that it is still not possible for even a Catholic to ascend to the throne of Britain. So I can only imagine how embarrassing this highly publicised affair must have been to both Charles and the Royal Family.
        Speculation was rife that she actually intended to convert to the Muslim faith and to marry Fayed, and also that she was pregnant with his child, although the autopsy after the fatal car crash appeared to scotch this second rumour.

        ~ ~ But as well as Hewitt and Fayed, Diana had a string of other alleged lovers.

        Barry Mannakee, a police sergeant and her personal bodyguard. (1985/86)

        Hasnar Khan. Heart surgeon. (1996)

        David Waterhouse. Captain, later Major, in the Household Cavalry. (1996)

        James Gilbey. A car salesman. Famous for the infamous “Squidgygate” tapes, which when revealed by the press seemed to confirm beyond any shadow of a doubt that intimacy had taken place between them. (Around 1991)

        Oliver Hoare. Art Dealer. Met Diana at her early morning workouts at Chelsea Harbour Gym. (Did they work up a sweat together?)

        Will Carling. International rugby player and ex-England Captain turned TV presenter. Again a “gym” liason, and although neither Diana or Carling ever admitted to anything more than a simple friendship, Carling’s ex-wife Julia made it very clear she thought something more was going on when she slated Diana after tossing Carling out of the family home.

        Bryan Adams. Pop singer. Admired Diana from afar for years, and even wrote a song about her in 1985. Eventually made “physical” contact in 1996, after her split from Charles.

        ~ ~ Take away all the razzmatazz connected (and concocted?) about Diana by the press, TV and media, and look solely at the carry on of this so called Princess throughout her married life to our future monarch, and what conclusions must you inevitably draw? For myself, I believe Charles simply fell for a good looking lass who just happened to have the proper background and pedigree. (Through being born into the right family, the Spencers) He was also probably highly flattered (not being the fairy story good looking Prince himself) by her attentions and protestations of never ending love, and most likely believed that he could make the marriage work, only to be very quickly disillusioned shortly after the nuptials in Westminster Abbey.
        Being the inherently decent sort of bloke that he is he then carried on trying to make the marriage work for a good number of years, out of a sense of duty and loyalty to the Throne, his country, and to his two children.
        Of course, inevitably, the marriage was doomed to failure, because the simple truth is that Diana (as I see it) never actually loved him at all, but simply saw him as a damned good catch that would ensure both her own future and those of the children.

        ~ ~ In conclusion you can probably guess that I wasnÂ’t the greatest fan of the late Princess, and wasnÂ’t taken in for an instant by all the hype and adoration of her that was, in my opinion, largely created by a media bowled over by her good looks.
        ItÂ’s past time to let the dead rest in peace.


        © KenJ August 2007



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          21.06.2007 14:15




          She is over rated isn't she? Is this woman more important than the next person. No she is not. She used media for her selfish reasons which were to destroy the Royal family, at the end it was the Royals who won and Lady Di paid with her life.

          From all the information I have read about that fateful day when she died in Paris I have formed the opinion that she was killed on the orders of the Royals. She was bad news for Charles and his dear mum.

          No doubt she did lot of good work, attending to the sick and visiting the poor and charity work. She needed to do all this to keep good profile in the media and amongst public, this is why she was called publics princess.

          Public image is very important and Di knew this.

          The very public outcry on her death was sad. She didn't give a **** about any of us. She lived in luxury and could do anything, most of us have to work hard to pay the bills.

          I don't blame the public, even I was crying for a woman I had never met in real life. Media image is everything to famous people.

          I think I cried because I don't have a sister. It seems like she died yesterday. Actually I think she was a good person. I blame Charles for everything, he chose Shrek over a princess.


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            21.06.2007 10:35
            Very helpful



            Another dim royal.

            I was never a big fan of Diana; even though she lived in my home county for a while where the Spencer family seat is ‘plonked’ like an elephant’s foot. She would very occasionally visit Northamptonshires County Cricket Club when she was a kid during the long hot summers, playing on the outfield at the intervals, although no one really knew who she was, or indeed or she would be. Bit of a tomboy they say. All we knew was that her sour face father was rather self-important and would whisk her upstairs to the patron’s box to be even more important.

            I was only ickle then and the only other two times I saw her she was also in a box .One at the Derngate Theater watching Bobby Davro and the other when the somber Hurst went though Northampton to Althorpe for the ‘lake wake’. She is supposed to be buried on the island but that would be impractical on security grounds if we are really honest. A loon would eventually dig a bone up. Northamptonshire has the highest amount of schizophrenics per capita outside of London. Many from the village say she was secretly laid down in the family vault in the local church under the guise of another funeral, the crypt hatch sealed over. All very DaVinci Code. The current Earl Spencer would have no moral conflicts over cashing in his sister on his estate while the body lay elsewhere if you ask me. He currently intends to sell great swathes of the land to a property developer, using her history in street names no doubt. I’m not a big fan of Charlie Spencer, either.

            I remember being really annoyed that fateful weekend in August because they cancelled the Sunday League game at the ground. Selfish or what. But if you donÂ’t have feelings for someone then why pretend. It would be like me turning up at some tea ladies funeral I have never met in the neighboring town to pay respects. Did I ever think that if I mourned DianaÂ’s passing that she was somehow part of my life? A woman of the people my ass!! She was groomed at a young age from just 100 or so women in the UK that were suitable for the future kingÂ’s linage; itÂ’s a clinical as that. The SpencerÂ’s were courtiers to the royal household for generations and DianaÂ’s father was the Queens Equerry. She was notÂ’ one of usÂ’.

            I’m not the type of guy to pretend or put on some sort of show to express erroneous feelings to go along with the herd, hoping not to upset people. Bernard Manning made me laugh, Diana was an airhead. Simple as that! You only need read my body of contentious work to confirm that attitude. lol. The only time I really admired Di was when she took on the landmine campaign, something that really would irritate people and save a lot of lives. And, of course, I much prefer her than bloody Bono! But I really think she did it just to get the headlines, and not so much about highlighting a serious cause, which it obviously did. When she lost her title and divorced, she ruthlessly slashed her charities down from 117 to just 8. That says a lot. It’s ‘me’ time. I’m not doing royal duties any more. What else do royals do but charity? Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for the current Royals but please just lay low and just cut the bloody tape and accept the bouquets. It’s not difficult. There’s no need to perform. That’s not what I’m paying for guys.

            To me she was a vacuous woman that was self obsessed and paranoid about her image because of her chosen relationship with the tabloids, and I suppose in that case an ideal patron of womankind because of those reasons. Diana herself said she was a ‘bit thick’ in one of the zillion books and she certainly wasn’t a victim here. I mean a victim of what? She wanted the life and she got it. What did she expect? She would have been told early on in the deal about Camilla. And let’s face it; if Camilla was sexy like Helen Mirren, Diana would be a much smaller footnote in history right now. The only reason the nation loved Diana was because she was pretty and good with people who only ever wanted her to be this fantasy figure. The press and media made her and that’s what she could never understand.

            I, like many other rational people, didnÂ’t descend onto London to wail away at her loss. The media has never suckered me. It was a shocking event and the news story of the decade, but she lived by the same sword she ran her fingers down the blade of and you have to judge her by that contradictory lifestyle. She was obsessed with looking pretty in pink in the very newspapers she hated and slagged, rather than being a real woman that I could respect. Most of her problems came from that endless battle. If she wanted private time with Dodi then why bomb around Paris to the Ritz? The most photographed woman in the world wanted to be just that. She had Â’arrangementsÂ’ with the tabloids and needed to be seen for her self-esteem more than she needed to be heard to express herself in the positive way. Can you imagine how traumatic it would be for her if they stopped taking her picture?

            To be fair I think she was maturing towards the end and could have done some real good-good where she followed through. She only held hands with AIDS patients so she could generate big publicity. But when you take on the arms industry like she did the landmine guys youÂ’re not going to make friends and influence people. Can you imagine her next campaign to get the headlines if she had lived? She may well be in jail with Paris Hilton, her airhead successor! Last night the deliciously dumb Paris complained that she has seen another woman wearing the same outfit.

            I donÂ’t entertain the conspiracy theories either. She died at the hands of a drowsy drunk driver who was also on prescription medicine, the cocktail for most accidents. Wearing no seat belt she was flung into the approaching dashboard courtesy of physics.. The Paris tunnel had seen many fatalities before. In fact many European Princess have died in this painful way, the Princess of Monaco being one that immediately comes to mind. Their feet donÂ’t touch the ground and if they are going to die young then it will be in some sort of chauffer driven transport. ThereÂ’s no mystery here guys. ItÂ’s the red carpet demise of many an A-List celebrity. When they see their youth slipping away they have to do more and more controversial stuff to stay in the limelight. Flirting with the Phony Pharos son was just another way to piss off Charles and the establishment that made her.

            People say it was a fairytale wedding, but she set out to get Charles. Not because she fancied him but because she wanted to be a princess, a childhood fantasy if you like. Maybe escape a stuffy upbringing and painful parental divorce. The relationship was never going to work but it suited both families, DianaÂ’s lineage rich and blue enough to be considered for royal insemination. But again she would be aware of that. Did you know they met only 13 times before they were married? And half of those they werenÂ’t alone. We saw it with WilliamsÂ’s ex girl in Katie Middleton. ItÂ’s the attention and the exposure that comes with it the girls really want, not the man. It seems Kate has been out every night on the razz since she has been dumped to hold onto that celebrity status. Get ready for the anorexia Kate. What girl in their right mind would marry into that family-- apart from Paris Hilton?

            Personally I didnÂ’t think Diana was all that good looking and sexy. If a woman goes into three day depression because she has cellulite then she isnÂ’t exactly Queen material. If this is what really worried her then what chances have the AIDS patients? How can you head starving African charities at posh restaurants and then yak up your ÂŁ80 salad in the loo!
            What women in general were celebrating with Diana was anything but regal. They were marveling in their complexities and madness to be vain but caring. I think it was her imperfections that got the sympathy vote. In my opinion the only guys that went to the palace and clapped the possession and service in London were tourists, designated drivers, and gay guys.

            I was really angry that day the way the nation fell for this obsequious mourning crap to a woman they had never met. What exactly were they lamenting? Were they scared that if an attractive and famous person can die young then they can too? I never understood that business. Anyone I knew with a brain felt the same way as me. What was going on here? And as for brother Charlie’s disgraceful speech! Did you know that he, too, was a tabloid journalist when he wrote that eulogy, working for Hello Magazine of all people, going around famous people’s houses with a cameraman and looking at their nick-naks? From the day the car hit the pillar to the present one his profession listed on his passport is still ‘journalist’. In fact he was book signing here last week for his latest history book on Prince Rupert, a female version of Diana. If there were ‘paps’ in the 17th century then you can bet your life that they would certainly be racing after this cads horse drawn carriage with the whips being cracked and the stones from the rocky tracks flying everywhere! The press didn’t kill Diana, her vain obsession with it did.

            10 years on and the image and intrigue is still being flogged. Some socialite editor from New York has written a book about the ‘unseen’ Diana and the ghastly Paul Burrell has even more revelations he forgot, soon to come. Wouldn’t you like to kick him in the ‘crown jewels’!
            I quite liked the Channel Four thing about the crash as it cleared up that side of things and admonished the seedy press guys of any real blame. Mo Fayed is bound to pump the conspiracy off the back of these shows as the alternative is he is libel for Di`s death for employing a drunk and allowing Diana not to wear a seat belt. In fact I suspect thatÂ’s whatÂ’s coming after the latest inquest--hence the latest inquestÂ…

            Could Di handle being 47 this summer? I don’t think so. She would probably have been the only Royal to have plastic surgery and fake boobs. The kids have done her proud and young Harry has exposed the absurdity of them going into the forces by not actually pulling the trigger in anger as his team mates get slaughtered out there. He is just confirming they are supposed to be symbols not action heroes. Prince William will be an excellent replacement and I suspect will have a far more intelligent plan up his sleeve to win the nations hearts. But for now he’s going to pi** it up all summer with his brother and live like a prince and taunt and tease the very same ‘paps’ at swanky London clubs that he says killed his mom, that’s if Harry don’t head but them first.


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              18.06.2007 20:22
              Very helpful



              Diana didn't get a chance to live happily ever after

              The death of Princess Diana has to be one of the most talked about, and remembered, events of the century (20th and 21st!). It is also one of the most controversial and we all have our own thoughts on the subject.

              Ask anyone where they were on that dreadful day and how they heard the news and you will probably find that 99% of the population will remember.

              I think the whole nation, and many other countries worldwide, were in shock by the loss of this well loved woman. Okay, there has been criticism and the majority of us didn't know her, but neverthless she captured the hearts of many of us.

              That is why I think the tenth anniversary of her death should be commemorated and who better to decide how to do this than her sons, Princes William and Harry. Final arrangements have yet to be made public, but I understand the princes have been able to take a part in the organisation. For them, remembering their mother is not just about the 10th anniversary of her death, but I think it is good that they are allowing us, the British public, to commemorate this event too.

              I never had the privilege of even seeing Diana in person, let alone knowing her. However, her warm, caring personality shone through and in those dark days before her divorce I am sure I was not the only one who really felt for her.

              Diana was only a young, shy girl when the rumours started about her involvement with Prince Charles. She took her Royal duties seriously and worked hard for the Royal family. We all know now of course that Charles never truly loved Diana, but preferred that dreadful woman who is now his wife. Diana was chosen for her aristocratic background and made a suitable wife for the future King. She had no sordid past and looked and behaved like a true Lady. We now realise she was chosen to be used as a producer of heirs for the Royal family. Although that may sound sad, at least we have to be thankful for her for producing two very good looking princes!

              Where was I when I heard the news of Diana's death, in case you are wondering. I was on holiday on a campsite in Spain and we were out of touch with any kind of news, as often happens on holiday. Ironically that morning we turned on the radio for some football result and when a friend uttered the words "Diana is dead" around 8 am I was bewildered. Having just woken up (I am not the best tempered person in the mornings) my reply was "what are you talking about? Diana who?" When I realised it was Princess Diana my first thought was "well, she hasn't been ill has she?" I just couldn't think why she would be dead unless she was suffering some illness.

              Details were still sketchy so I took myself off to a newsagents, where the only papers were in Spanish of course. They simply said Diana had been involved in a car accident so I asked the assistant if she had heard any more news. When she confirmed Diana was actually dead, I was really upset and could only say "oh dear, she was such a lovely person." The assistant took this to mean that I actually knew Diana and she began telling other customers that I was almost a friend of Princess Di! I had some hasty explanations to make, assuring them that although I didn't know the Princess personally, she was well loved by most people.

              Later that day we met up with some people on a coach tour from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The first thing they asked us was if the news of Diana's death was true. They had not heard the news but one of them had phoned home in NZ and been told what had happened. Everyone was in total shock when we confirmed the reports were true.

              We all know that the whole of the UK was in a frenzy, there were rumours that the accident had been set up, loathing of the Queen for not returning to London, etc etc. I am somewhat thankful that we did not return to England until the day before Diana's funeral. I really don't think I could have put up with the intense tv coverage that week.

              With the 10th anniversary I sincerely hope that the media will not subject us to hours and hours of repeat coverage of the tragedy. The two princes were only young boys when their mother died, they are now young men who she would be immensely proud of. I do hope the media will respect their feelings. They will never get over their loss and we should remember that the tenth anniversary will bring up sad memories for them. Surely it is enough that they are involved in the memorial event for Diana, without having to endure possibly days of reminiscences in the media.

              Last year I visited Althorp and I was rather surprised to see people carrying floral tributes to lay at the memorial there. Personally, I can't see the point in this. Not only do flowers quickly wither, but they then have to be cleared up when all that is left is a tatty cellophane wrapper. The mountains of flowers that were left at various places after Diana died may have shown how much she was loved, but they looked unsightly after a few days. If people must leave flowers for Diana (or at the scene of any tragic event for that matter), then please remove the wrappers to allow the flowers to decompose naturally. That way they don't look as unsightly as they do when the flowers have dide and only the cellophane is left. Also, someone has to clear up the waste paper wrappers afterwards.

              I would like to suggest that if people feel they must leave a floral tribute to Diana, whichever site they choose, then surely a single rose would be more appropriate?

              A lot has happened in the ten years since Diana died, the investigation into her death is still inconclusive. It is my guess that in our lifetimes we will never learn the complete truth about what actually caused the accident. Perhaps in about a hundred years time, when the young princes have passed on and the hurt has been lessened, the truth may emerge.

              On a final note, let us not forget that it is not only ten years since Diana died, but also spare a thought for Dodi. It seemed he was the one who Diana loved, after being so hurt and let down by Charles. If they had survived maybe Diana would have done what all fairytale princesses do and lived happily ever after. I hope the 10th anniversary of her death will be commemorated with dignity.


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