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      27.03.2012 16:27
      Very helpful



      Ten albums that should've known better.

      I've just noticed that my account tells me I've written 99 reviews, and to be honest I never thought I'd have the persistence to reach three figures. As seems to be tradition on dooyoo, the 100 review milestone is treated to something other than a normal product review. Those of you who familiar with me might remember that I mainly review music and video games, so here's a variation on a theme. While I'm more likely to enthuse about the albums that I find thrilling (though I have on occasion turned my vitriol on those I think to be rubbish), here's my list of albums I wish I'd never heard. While it would be easy to turn on soft targets like Westlife and Justin Bieber, or pick on the misguided musical forays of Paris Hilton and Jordan, I've never been daft enough to go and buy any of their records. So here's my list of albums released by those who should have known better, and bought (or at least borrowed) by someone who should've known better.

      In reverse order, my nominations for total misfires and musical disappointments are:

      10) Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Soup (1995)
      Jimi Hendrix was great, and that's a scientific fact. Despite that, some people still don't like him. Never mind, we all know better. Except for those who manage his archives and eat out on his legacy as if it doesn't really matter. When Hendrix prematurely died, he left a wealth of finished songs and half-completed demos that he was knocking into shape for a new album. That never surfaced in the form that was intended, and the subsequent decades have seen numerous attempts to drip-feed his work to varying degrees of success. Some are great, like 'First Rays of the New Rising Sun', but out of the bad ones this takes the crown. Dragging in session musicians who'd never worked with Hendrix, producer Alan Douglas thought it OK to record (or in some instances re-record) drum and bass parts, and even some of Hendrix's guitar work. It's a total mess, and an insult to his legacy. Do yourself a favour and get a nice tasty pot of New Covent Leek and Potato instead.

      9) Extreme - Waiting for the Punchline (1994)
      Extreme arrived on the music scene ten years too late. Their 1988 debut would've been a rival to Van Halen's shred-metal classic from 1978, and their second effort, the funk-rock concept album 'Pornograffiti' remains a very guilty pleasure of mine to this day. But as the 80s turned into the 90s, flashy guitar work and good-time histrionic vocals were all a bit old hat. Mainstream heavy metal was being beefed up by Pantera's 'Cowboys from Hell', and rock was going all grunge. Sadly, Extreme decided to emulate the latter, and there was nothing more insincere than poodle-haired 'fun' rock bands trying to be all angsty and relevant. 'Leave Me Alone' is the worst impression of Pearl Jam the other side of Nickleback, and when you've got a song called 'Evilangelist' then you know it's going a bit wrong. Complete with NIN-style wonky typewriter lettering on the liner notes and moody posturing in sepia, it's even worse than the 'grunge' efforts by KISS and Def Leppard. YUCK.

      And while we're on the subject of the extreme...

      8) Morbid Angel - Illud Divinum Insanus (2011)
      Morbid Angel used to be a pioneering death metal band, capable of scaring the corpse-paint of an entire army of Immortal fans. However, recent years have seen them disappear up their own self-importance, dabbling in industrial with toe-curlingly awful results and telling their fans what to make of them. Containing a song called 'Too Extreme!', this sees the band standing on their soap-box and proudly boasting how they are, err, 'too extreme' to be understood by the world. This is the musical equivalent of a comedian explaining their own jokes, and not realising why nobody's laughing. Oh, and its industrial sound is really, really badly done and most of the tracks on here wouldn't make it onto a Rob Zombie b-side.

      7) Van Halen - Van Halen III (1998)
      Last in the line of extreme-related catastophes, Extreme singer Gary Cherone left the band in 1995 to join Van Halen and replace Sammy Hagar. On paper, this could have worked out fine, given how similar he was in style to Hagar and David Lee Roth. Only trouble is, the band forgot to write any decent songs, and the whole album is a thoroughly nauseating affair. Limp, lazy, poorly produced and lacking in any kind of sparkle or fun, it sucks massively. Even the cover art is rubbish. It also feels like the band were so embarrassed by its contents that they stuck the drums to the front of the mix to drown everything else out. I found the track 'From Afar' on youtube to remind myself how bad it was; as soon as I hit play, my cat bolted from the room. And this is a puss that can tolerate the X-Factor auditions on the telly. Ouch.

      6) AC/DC - Ballbreaker (1995)
      Recently, I trashed AC/DC's latest album 'Black Ice' on here. Every AC/DC album since 'Back in Black' is pretty much lauded as 'their best album since Back in Black'. Were this true, they'd have half a dozen killer albums under their belts. Sadly, this critical appraisal holds as much truth as the Earth being flat, and most of their stuff since 1980 has been a total snore-fest. Yet they never did it quite so badly as on 1995's 'Ballbreaker'. Confusing recapturing their sound with recapturing their form, and harmless double-entendre with horrid sleaze, AC/DC really missed the mark with this one.

      5) Stevie Wonder - The Woman in Red (1984)
      While it is very hard to keep up a string of works that is consistently good, Stevie Wonder really lets himself go here. Listening to the Casio keyboard, elevator music of 'I Just Called to Say I Love You', then comparing it with anything on his awesome 'Talking Book', one wonders (no pun intended) just what happens to an artist's quality control when they've made it big. This is the sound of a virtuoso running on autopilot, and it's a sad affair.

      4) Prince - Crystal Ball (1998)
      Pop stars like Prince are a good thing. Quirky, weird and in possession of musical talent, they can fill the radio airwaves without driving one to despair, unlike the conveyor-belt plastic cack that Stock, Aiken and Waterman started in the 80s before being turned into a culturally toxic industrial process by the X-Factor.
      I've long held that CDs wrecked music, giving artists the platform to forget the importance of editing and let ego rule over efficiency. Not content with 60-odd minutes of material, Prince chucks out two and a half hours of unreleased material. Musically, it's not that bad when taken in small doses, as Prince is weird enough to keep the listener guessing. In one sitting though, it's a gruelling marathon and you'll be lucky to make it past disc 2. But the really baffling part is when fans are forced pre-order a 3-disc extravaganza that doesn't even exist. Prince held his fans to ransom, saying that it would never see the light of day unless a certain number of copies were pre-ordered. And when it did arrive, they were given a further slap in the face by being directed to a website to download and print off their own liner notes. Bloody cheek!

      3) KISS - Music from 'The Elder' (1981)
      KISS are silly. They dress up as cartoon characters and sing stupid songs about wanting to 'party ev-er-y-day' (even though 'party' isn't a verb) and are about as deep as a puddle of dog wee. They do however put on a stonking live show, which is fine cos we all like fireworks and lasers. But when they decide to recruit producer Bob Ezrin to emulate Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' (which I never liked anyway, despite being a huge PF fan) this had 'disaster' written all over it. It revolves around an incomprehensible story about a boy being recruited by some 'Elder' race to save the world from something so unimportant I can't remember what it was, and is generally rather rubbish and was almost completely consigned to the dustbin of music history. However, some bright spark has decided to revive the project and make a film out of it now, some thirty years later. No doubt it'll be rubbish, and I'll end up buying it like a sap to go in my terrible movies library.

      2) Black Sabbath - Born Again (1983)
      A change is as good as a rest, and this proved to be right for all parties involved in what seemed to be the end of the road for Black Sabbath in 1979. With Ozzy fired/bored/lost/drunk/stoned (delete as appropriate), the band pinched former Rainbow frontman Ronnie Dio to add a new dimension to their sound and inject some energy, releasing the brilliant and often-overlooked 'Heaven and Hell' and 'The Mob Rules'. Ozzy was given a slap on the wrist by his future wife Sharon and released the killers 'Blizzard of Ozz' and 'Diary of a Madman', which made him America's most loved and hated figure overnight. However, a second change for Sabbath spelled disaster. Recruiting former Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan was a dubious move to start with, but when the resulting record sounds like it was recorded in a dustbin by a load of wannabe rockstar sixth-formers, it did almost irreparable damage to the Black Sabbath name. Songs like 'Digital Bitch' and 'Disturbing the Priest' were bad enough, but this album's reputation was sealed when Spinal Tap blatantly took the inspiration for 'Stonehenge' from here. Black Sabbath had almost become a parody of themselves, being reduced from the most brilliant gut-quaking, nightmare-inducing doom-metal band of all time to a pile of rust.

      1) Lou Reed and Metallica - Lulu (2011)
      This is perhaps a bit of a no-brainer. With Lou Reed fans and Metallica's global army of followers incapable of finding anything good to say about it, this record has shot to fame through its notoriety, and is almost certainly going to feature in every subsequent 'Worst Albums Ever' list compiled by lazy music journalists like me. What makes this album really, truly unforgiveably dreadful isn't so much the pretentious lyrics or the off-key vocals and lazy sub-Coal Chamber guitar riffs or the bad production or even its soul-crushing 2 hour length, but the defiant, apologetic stance taken by Lou Reed and Metallica in response to everyone on the planet with a working pair of ears who has pointed out the above. Lou Reed said that the album was for 'people who are literate'. James Hetfield said that all the criticism comes from teenagers who still live in their parents' basement. Sorry James, sorry Lou, but I am literate, I don't still live with my parents, but I can recognise a misguided, boring, lousy, pretentious pile of ARSE when I hear it. I happen to read German literature (Wilhelm Busch and Franz Kafka in particular), as well as liking the Velvet Underground and finding time to crank 'Master of Puppets'. This is an album by two artists seemingly hell-bent on wrecking their credibility and alienating their fans, whilst not having the balls to admit to themselves that it was a total failure and that they should get back to doing what they do best. If you like Lou Reed, or Metallica, or German expressionism, do NOT buy this album. That's an order. You will hate it and it will make you grumpy and you will cry into your cornflakes. Well, that's what happened to me anyway.

      So there you go, that's my ten musical mishaps that are best treated like a rabid Alsatian and given a wide berth. If you've made it to the end of this seemingly endless whinge of mine then well done! You've built up just enough stamina and endurance to tackle disc one of 'Lulu'.


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        11.11.2009 15:04
        Very helpful



        music to watch you life fly by

        I thought this would be so easy to write my top 10 albums as I adore music and it has major part to play in my life ,but it's really been hard! I came to the conclusion that if I died tomorrow these are the albums I would like to take with me to listen to for all time so it was a very tough choice........

        Incubus Make yourself ~
        Front man Brandon boyd (priity to the eye as well as a beautiful and harmonic singer)
        This album was released in 1999 and was incubus's third album (and there best in my opinion) Incubus are not well know over here compared to the states but I think they are one of my favourite bands of all time.
        My loved ,adored and personal favourite track on the album is track 4 The warmth , this song is amazing in the full album version and acoustic , I find the lyrics very fitting to the time I first herd this song.
        I had been going through some pritty hard times when this album was released and being a 13 year old teenager this song reached in to my soul and picked me up at times I often stumbled.
        Most of the tracks on this album has very meaningful lyrics ,Incubus have what you would say a way with words.

        I adore the musical and lyrical side to this album it beautiful, spell binding and at times picked me up from the depths.

        My second choice a bit of a jump away from the rock and a step into the Havana club in Cuba to see the Buena vista social club.
        The Havana club became popular in the 1940's with dancers and musicians , about 50 years after it closed members of the original club made a recording names Buena vista social club which became international successful . A total of 20 of the most talented musicians contributed to the first album.

        This album is Cuba. The Latin notes sweep over you in a brush of musical sweeps.
        This album makes your body move not just physically but mentally you are swaying along to the music.

        As with many people my favorite track( and my sons who I played it on repeat to in my womb) is Track 1.chan chan it is lush , it makes me want to don a Latino look and dance in the warm summer rain with a rose in my hair it is again beautiful and fantastic.

        Album 3 will have to be Cross roads greatest hits released in 1994 by Bon Jovi,
        My mother bought me up listing to bon jovi, I know every word on this album (and most of the others) im not guna write the normal spill on bon jovi as I doubt there are many people in the world that haven't herd one of there songs.
        My top tracks on this amazing album are
        Living on a pray (of course)
        Blaze of glory
        And keep the faith
        They are my cleaning hits they are a must for the deep cleaning spring clean in my house , you wont catch me with a duster is the jovi isn't on.

        Jeff Buckley ,Grace
        Jeff Buckley was the son of Tim Buckley (also a famous musician) Born and raised in Scotty Moorhead in America.
        Grace was released in 1994 , this album has jeff's cover of hallelujah which was in the 'pop' charts last Christmas.
        I cant even describe in words the power and absolute pleasure of listing to his voice , you have to here it to believe it , I have at time at the end of the track Grace been moved to tears pure genius.
        Jeff died in may 1997 after going swimming in wolf river harbor fully clothed with boots, his death was taken as accidental drowning. His music lives on and changes people lives everyday. R.I.P Jeff you are forever rembered .

        Coldplay, Parachutes
        This album I like it perhaps one of the types of albums I will listen to again and again for weeks then not listen to again for months and months.
        I have a love hate relationship with cold play I like there early music but the recent albums I cant give the time of day (strange mind I know!)
        Parachutes was released in 2000 and cold play debut album. The reason I like this album is a bit of a mystery I think it just fits with the time of my life ,being at college and just finding it an easy listen.

        No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom
        I have been without doubt the biggest no doubt fan since I was about 11.
        I adore Gwen stafini her voice is amazing,
        This album made me fall in love with ska punk. The best tracks are tragic kingdom, just a girl, don't speak, sixteen.
        I think this album helped me seal my identity as a teenager. I went to a small private school which was very straight edge, it was almost as if this album gave the confidence I needed to step out of the 'box' and be, me.
        I am kind of proud of the fact I did this as it gave a lot of others encouragement to become them. Looking back the head mistress must have hated me.

        Metallica, Black album
        I have never been a real fan of this band but it's a C.D we have always had in the car. It has only recently come to have a meaning in my life, Before I became pregnant with my son this was mine and my husbands 'snowboarding; track and would always listen to it on the way to the slope. when I became pregnant I was not allowed to snowboard so I would listen to this album on days out rembering good times. On the first car ride home with my son from the hospital we started up the engine ad this was in the c.d player and came on ,and instantly soothed him since then if he was having an off day we could play this at home or in the car and it would make him the happiest baby in the world.
        Released in 1991 , some of the best tracks are Entre sandman, the unforgiven and of course nothing else matter (listen to the acoustic version as well if you haven't herd it amazing)

        Now iv got to my top 8 and im stuck to be honest most other albums I either don't know all the tracks maybe only 7 or 8 I will listen to and I think you need to like all the songs to make it a top album.
        But I would like to have included Queen greatest hits (who doesn't like queen)
        Mr scruff album keep it unreal and Tori amos under the pink.
        So there it is after lots of thought and a lot of memories that's my ''top 7'' well never mind I tried its just to hard!


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          04.11.2009 16:51
          Very helpful



          Music of my time!

          I cannot believe that I am already writing my 100th review and I struggled with what to write. I have never written any reviews on a general theme so I decided to opt for a "Top 10" and the Top 10 Albums seemed an easy enough review to write. However once I started to really think about it I realised how hard it was going to be to just select 10 of my favourites, however I thought going for my Top 100 would have everybody asleep at their computers so I had to be harsh and try and pick my favourites. Most of these I originally had on vinyl and the CD copies often have slightly more tracks than the originals.

          My husband always moans about my music tastes and complains that I am stuck in a time-warp. However I have never claimed to have eclectic tastes so I imagine they are not the most unusual of choices.

          These are in no particular order as making the selection has taken me long enough; if I had to put them in order as well I would need to take a week off work!

          The Difference is.... Mood Six

          Released in 1985 this was originally lent to me by a friend. I was blown away by the atmospheric tracks. Described as a "neo-psychedelic combo" I had no idea what to expect but as soon as She's Too Far started crackling out of my stereo (always had dodgy needles!) I was hooked. They were a band I never saw live and know little about now but the voice of Andy Godfrey still whisks me straight back to being 17 and that can't be a bad thing. It is an album I don't think enough people have heard although I have read that various websites claim it is an album everyone should have. I still play it regularly now, my vinyl copy replaced by a CD. The CD comprises all their albums but their first was definitely their best in my opinion.

          Boys Don't Cry The Cure

          Choosing just one album from The Cure was tricky; they all have tracks that I love. However this probably has the largest number of tracks that come under the banner of favourites. Originally released in the UK as Three Imaginary Boys which I seem to remember as having on tape but we are going back a bit (1980). As a young teen I used to listen to most of my music very quietly at night as I should have been asleep. The first time I heard the Subway Song I was terrified and the rest of the album had already made my skin prickle. It took me ages to be able to sing along to Fire In Cairo as I just couldn't get the letters in the right order. This was probably my introduction to The Cure and the start of my many years wearing black and hanging out with mates all dressed the same. I was lucky enough to see The Cure in Birmingham and although my Goth exterior has changed I still love their music.

          Dirk Wears White Sox Adam and the Ants

          When Adam Ant hit the music scene in a big way with Kings of The Wild Frontier I was immediately a fan. Out of the window went my black clothes and in came glamour and good looking males! However my friends older brother had been more interested in the Punk music of slightly earlier and he lent me Dirk. My other ant-friends all thought it was dreadful but there was something about it that really appealed to me. Originally released in 1979 on Do it the copy I have now is a rereleased CD that seems to have slightly different tracks from what I remember from the original. The music was certainly not as stylised as his Kings stuff but was far more punk with lots of sex and alienation thrown in. I was a very good student and always well behaved and I obviously had a rebellious streak that this appealed to. Day I met God and Catholic Day are still my favourites but I try not to play this around my children as it probably isn't that appropriate although I have never forgotten what year Kennedy was shot due to the lyrics! I like to play this as a refreshing change from my more tuneful music selections.

          Employment Kaiser Chiefs

          Occasionally I do find something newer that takes my fancy. I actually bought this as a present at the request of my nephew (2005). I decided to have a quick listen before I wrapped it up. I loved the slightly angry but very topical lyrics teamed with music that just stayed in my head. This is what I think of as great "car music" as I can sing along at the top of my voice and feel great after a rendition of I predict a riot. At least this is one CD I am allowed to play when driving my kids and their friends around (as long as I don't sing along then).

          At Folsom Prison Johnny Cash

          (Obviously my street-cred has just plummeted!)I was raised in a household that played a lot of country music. I never wanted to listen to it and it was only about 10 years ago that I happened to come across a Johnny Cash compilation CD going cheap. I noticed that it had one of my all-time favourite tracks on it (Daddy Sang Bass) so in a fit of nostalgia I bought it. On playing it when I got home I realised what a stunningly rough voice Cash had and that actually I really liked the music. Obviously all those years of childhood had conditioned me to like it even whilst I was rebelling. I now have hosts of his work and even love the stuff he did not long before he died; his voice was so hoarse but the sentiments so strong. However I like At Folsom Prison because you can hear the humour and also the respect he had for his audience. If I had a choice I would take Green, Green Grass of home off it as I always skip that but songs like The Legend of John Henry and 25 Minutes to Go will always make me smile.

          The Queen Is Dead The Smiths

          I suppose it was obvious that at least one Smiths was going to creep in here. This is the third Smiths album and was released in 1986, my black era was over by then but Morrissey was always a favourite. Johnny Marr was a brilliant guitarist on here and somehow it just falls into place with me as being perfect. Bigmouth Strikes Again and The Boy With The Thorn in His Side are probably my favourite tracks but I like them all. The Smiths were another group that I saw in my youth and even though it was obvious to me then that Morrissey was too full of his own importance it never detracted from the music for me.

          Sing When You Are Winning Robbie Williams

          Like many women my age I do have a soft spot for Robbie. Once he split with working with Guy Chambers it has all gone downhill but this album shows how good he used to be. This was his third solo album and it is really just "pure" Robbie. The booklet inside is even better as it has semi-naked Robbie photos--always a bonus! Rock DJ is energetic and fun whilst Let Love Be Your Energy is more melodic and shows what a great voice he has. I hope we have not already seen the best of Robbie but if we have then at least this was worth having.

          Transformer Lou Reed

          I remember the first time I saw the cover for this album, Lou reed looked like a cadaver , his eyes black and sunken in. On the size of an LP cover it looked far more impressive than on a small CD cover. I heard Walk on the Wild Side and was amazed that people were singing about a world I knew nothing of, it is an amazingly strong song that you will not forget. Perfect Day is probably the most well-known track as it pops up all over the place but I also love Goodnight Ladies as it is very atmospheric and slow. I have other work of his with the Velvet Underground but this is by far and away the best. It is not an album that I play a lot as it is not background music but it is one that you really want to listen to as soon as it starts.

          Rio Duran Duran

          (Any street-cred I had left has obviously now disappeared)
          I was aware of Duran Duran from their very early days at the Rum Runner. I am a Brummy lass by birth and I went to the same school as Nick Rhodes (he is a couple of years older than me) and was in the same class as his cousin and John Taylor also lived in the same village. As such the early music got passed around school frequently on tapes. I was more into The Cure and The Smiths at the time but I thought they seemed OK. As New Romantics took hold I listened to them more and I did buy myself a copy of this one. Lonely In Your Nightmare was my favourite track. My vinyl copy disappeared at a party and it was never replaced but a couple of months ago my husband bought me the replacement on CD. It has been years since I heard it but it seemed even better than I remember it. My husband was never into the New Romantic scene, more a fan of Eric Clapton and Billy Brag, however he has grudgingly admitted that Duran Duran were actually better musicians than he would have ever cared to admit in the past.

          London 0 Hull 4 The Housemartins

          1986 saw the release of this album but I don't think it found its way to me until later in the 80s when I was at uni. Paul Heatons unmistakeable voice carries through every track, whether it is the manic Happy Hour of the sedate Lean On Me. I think it is the variety of tracks that makes this one of my favourites. We recently had to do a night-drive back from France and we put this on to keep us awake, the alternating songs meant it didn't fade into the background. I have never really liked any of the other Housemartin albums although we have them all, I think the best obviously came first.

          Choosing those was really difficult and I hope I haven't bored you to death and you don't now think I am some sort of freak!

          And a final mention to all the others that just couldn't quite make it but that gave me a sleepless night working it out: Lloyd Cole and the Commotions (Rattlesnakes), Dolly Parton, U2 (Joshua tree), Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel (the psychomodo), Don Mclean (American Pie) and Chris de Burgh (Spanish Train).


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            17.07.2009 10:58
            Very helpful



            A summary of my favourite albums

            I describe music as the air I breathe. It's been there for me through some very difficult times in my life and it has offered me creativity and hope. I am a big fan of lyrics in songs and am always searching for songs I can relate to but every now and then I do enjoy an infectious beat.

            I've been into music since about 1996, though thanks to mediums such as the internet and my mum who still lives in the 80s musically, I have been able to appreciate music from a vast variety of different artists and genres and here is a list of my top ten favourite albums ever. The list may seem quite recent and mainstream in places but I fail to find the attraction in all this 'indie' that people rave so much about and seem to think is 'cool' to like, so here goes.

            01 - My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
            Released: 2006

            OK, many of you may think this is an odd choice for my number one. I'm not an emo kid who wishes to slit my wrists every other day and it annoys me when people come out with such opinions. This was the group's third studio album and seizes this position due to the fact that it kept me alive through one of the darkest periods of my life. It's an album that doesn't welcome or encourage death, it celebrates life and the huge journey we undergo until we are ready to take that step to something else. It has the huge theatrical stylings of Queen whilst capturing the band's own style and has some wonderfully diverse tracks that are lyrically and musically nothing short of amazing. The mainstream elements are present but songs like 'Cancer' and 'Dead' are very deep and thought provoking.

            Best track: I Don't Love You

            02 - Garbage - Garbage
            Released: 1995

            I got into Garbage round about 2001 time and though I find all four of their studio albums to be nothing short of spectacular, their self titled debut is easily the best. I love the presence of Shirley Manson on this record. She can move from seductive to vindictive, to vulnerable and bitter. Garbage have never been one to follow the rules and I've never come across another band with quite the same sound as them. Aside from the glorious singles 'Milk', 'Stupid Girl' and the supreme 'Only Happy When It Rains', the band have painted a record that fails to be dull and even the non releases like 'As Heaven Is Wide' and 'My Lover's Box' grab hold of you in a grungy and sophisticated manner.

            Best track: Only Happy When It Rains

            03 - Delta Goodrem - Innocent Eyes
            Released: 2003

            First capturing my attention on Australian soap opera Neighbours, Delta Goodrem's unique and beautiful voice, meaningful lyrics and deep and emotive songs have made her one of my favourite singers. At the time she was an inspiration to me as her piano driven music stood out from the generic RNB/Chav music that was dominating charts at the time. 'Innocent Eyes' is an album crafted by beautiful and luscious melodies and perfect vocals. It's hard to feel miserable when you experience the world through Delta's eyes. Whether it's the soaring 'Born To Try', the moody 'Lost Without You' or the rather rocky 'Predictable', all the bases are covered and a true star is present on all 14 tracks.

            Best track: Lost Without You

            04 - Nirvana - Nevermind
            Released: 1991

            'Nevermind' is one of those classic albums that defines its genre and defines music itself, despite the tragic and early end to Nirvana's career and indeed Cobain's life. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is clearly the anthem of this masterpiece but there are so many defining tracks that it's hard to have a particular favourite. Everything about the album knits together perfectly like the pieces of a puzzle, whether it's 'Lithium', 'Polly' or 'Drain You', there are messages buried beneath the stunning guitar work and the even more gripping vocals. I can't fault Nirvana and this album is something I put on when I'm feeling reckless!

            Favourite track: Smells Like Teen Spirit

            05 - Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
            Released: 1995

            Probably one of the most known albums in history, 'Jagged Little Pill' is an album I experienced at a very young age through the eyes of my dad. The acoustic, folk sounding record is just perfect for his rather odd music tastes and I used to adore the line 'I'm brave but I'm chicken shit' from 'Hand In My Pocket'. Alanis has a distinctive voice and an artistic direction that puts her miles out in front of everyone else. Her songs are bluntly honest but vulnerable all in the same bittersweet packaging. There is nothing more vicious than 'You Oughta Know'.

            Favourite track: You Oughta Know

            06 - Evanescence - Fallen
            Released: 2003

            Another album that has helped me through some hard periods. Amy Lee is stunning both physically and vocally and for a while I could not stop listening to her deep and powerful voice. 'Fallen' reads like a story touching deep and dark issues and that's why I love it so. Whether it's the self sabotaging feel of 'Going Under', the fragile and delicate 'Hello', the scary and rather out of control 'Haunted' or the hatred and pretence that oozes out of 'Everybody's Fool', this record captured my scattered emotions at just the right time and threw them into the music. Nothing beats the stunning 'My Immortal' which is just so beautiful, I'm not afraid to say I shed a tear the first time I heard it :P

            Favourite track: My Immortal

            07 - Michael Jackson - Thriller
            Released: 1982

            I always regard Michael Jackson as a flawed genius. He has brought us some of the best songs to ever grace the charts but his eccentric and troubled nature overshadowed them particularly in his later years. The rare thing about 'Thriller' is that is an album I discovered growing up and it's also one of those records that is just perfect from start to finish. There is not a bad track on offer and I fully understand it's impact on music and many future artists as well as the casual record buyer. It's different and it's something that can never be replicated. 'Beat It', 'Billie Jean' the title track and even the lesser known tracks like 'Human Nature' and 'Baby Be Mine' have a sparkle to them that has failed to be replicated on any other record ever.

            Favourite track: Thriller

            08 - Green Day - Dookie
            Released: 1994

            Green Day have gone all political and emo esque mainstream with their last two albums though that has done nothing to curb my love for them. However, their humble beginnings on 'Dookie' are quite simply a showcase for one of my favourite bands ever. 'Dookie' is a fast paced, energetic record that takes the whole rock genre in a brand new direction. Most people would be quick to point out 'Basket Case' and whilst this is awesome, 'She', 'Burnout' and 'Welcome To Paradise' are up there with some of the band's best. The songs are simple yet effective and it's a total listening pleasure from start to finish.

            Favourite track: When I Come Around

            09 - Bjork - Post
            Released: 1995

            Many a person I talk to thinks that 'Debut or 'Homogenic' are Bjork's best works but the crazy Icelandic artist hit the nail on the head with 'Post' for me. I love artists that are different and are not afraid to be so and very few have the eccentric and outlandish nature that Bjork does and she's not afraid to show that in her music. 'Hyperballad' is one of the craziest pieces of music I've ever come across with it's unbalanced structure yet underneath it all, like most of the songs on 'Post' there are deeper and realistic meanings. It's also home to 'Headphones', 'Army Of Me', 'Possibly Maybe' and whilst it's not the best track in Bjork's back catalogue 'It's Oh So Quiet'.

            Favourite track: Hyperballad

            - 10 - P!nk - I'm Not Dead
            Released: 2006

            P!nk was sort of just OK in my books. Her first three albums had hits and misses and I liked her feisty attitude but it wasn't until 'I'm Not Dead' in 2006 that she cemented herself as one of my favourite artists. This album has some great, stupid, bouncy tracks such as 'Stupid Girls' but also has a much deeper side. It's pop-rock at it's very best and P!nk is one fine form throughout. 'Who Knew' is just one of the best songs of recent years in my opinion, if not ever and the very tongue in cheek nature of 'U & Ur Hand' or the controversial 'Dear Mr President' as well as the strength of the entire album earn it a place in this countdown.

            Favourite track: Who Knew

            So there you have it. From Nirvana to Bjork and then from Garbage to P!nk. A very diverse list of albums. Notable mentions also go to Placebo's self titled debut album, Madonna's 'Ray Of Light', 'Hot Fuss' from The Killers and the second release from Delta Goodrem 'Mistaken Identity'.


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              25.06.2009 16:40
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              Gaslight are by far and away the best band i've ever heard

              I love doing these types of lists, although I feel last year it would be completley different to what it is now, likewise in a years time I wonder how similar my list would be, but forget the ramblings, lets get on with my top 10 albums, ever, the majority, in fact all I believe are fairly new and all but one are post late 90's.

              10 - Transatlanticism (Death Cab For Cutie)

              Released in 2003 by indie/alternative rock band Death Cab For Cutie, the lead vocals of Ben Gibbard are once again masterful in this album, the lyrical nature and voice he has are quite honestly almost 2nd to none at this time in the music industry.

              The album starts of with classics such as The New Year and Title and Registration, T&R is one of my favourites from the entire Death Cab catalogue, I love the opening verse and the analogy that Gibbard uses suggesting that the glove compartment should be renamed, since "there's nothing to keep your fingers warm", the entire song as a monotonic melody in the background but the vocals and lyrics are just perfect for the song itself. The Sound of Settling is another stand out track, purely for the bouncy chorus "Ba ba, this is the sound of settling" is pretty uplifting and, well, bouncy.

              The title track is obviously many peoples favourites and having been lucky enough to hear it live it's understandable, the emotion running through it through the music and the lyrics makes it one of the best melodic songs in the world. The album finished off with A Lack of Colour, a song which doesn't sound to far from a Turin Brakes song (not that many DCFC songs don't), it's a brilliant finale with a simple yet effective guitar in the background and the sound of what sounds like the sea it once again relies on the lyrics and vocals from Ben Gibbard which are produced brilliantly.

              9 - Bleed American (Jimmy Eat World)

              This album came out in 2001 around the time of the twin towers being struck, this mean the album was eventually renamed to simply, Jimmy Eat World a short time after its release.

              The opening track is of course one of their best known and most powerful songs, Salt Sweat Sugar has a chorus so powerful and energetic it's extremely difficult not to sing or do a little jig to, it's the perfect opening for the album and sets up the tone perfectly before the next track, A Praise Chorus which is slightly more relaxing with a fairly melodic tone towards the end but still with a punch in a fairly pop punk style that fits well. The next track is one of the stand out tracks, anyone who hasn't heard The Middle yet, get on it right now, similar to the opening track in that it has a kick ass chorus which never gets old with any amount of listens.

              I won't go through the entirety of every album but will explain why to me they are the best albums, Bleed American has the advantage of having 2 of the greatest songs of the decade on it with Salt, Sweat, Sugar and The Middle, both have powerful choruses and verses that are huge anthems. Sweetness is another great track on the album, I believe it was added to the album after being released on an earlier album, it certainly goes with the album well. Hear You Me is a melodic song on the album and a vast change from the previous 5 songs, it turns into a power ballad towards the end. Finally which tops this album of is The Authority Song, a great all round song before ending on the ballad My Sundown.

              This album is 9thth of my top 10 because it has 4/5 stand out tracks which can be listened to at any time, it highly unlikely that I get bored with this album, the album is a brilliant bunch of songs which go together and just click, although I am unsure on the final track

              8 - The Photo Album (Death Cab for Cutie)

              Released 2 years prior to Transatlanticism, I think this is the bands best album and so do many people, named the photo album for the entire cover looks like a photograph taken from a Polaroid camera.

              The opening track A Movie Script ending is an easy track to begin the album on, it's nothing out of the ordinary but is a good setup for the rest of the album and the chorus has a kick to it and for some reason I just love the 'highway' bit where Gibbard just repeats the word over and over. Blacking out of Friction is a favourite of mine, opening with a mixture of instruments all coming in at different times before Gibbard once again takes over and produces more great lyrics, this song is a little bouncier than the opening track. Coney Island is one of my favourites also, again back to a more melodic tone for the track which tells us that "everything was closed at Coney island"

              Information travels faster is another brilliant song but it only sets us up for the best song from the entire back catalogue from Death Cab, Styrofoam Plates, the song is simply brilliant with the best lyrics from a song I can think of currently, especially the ending lyrics of "you were a bastard in life, thus a bastard in death", talking about a father who used to continuously drink and abuse people and who died, Gibbard states that "I won't join in the procession, that's speaking their peace, I'll stand up and scream, if the mourning remain quiet"

              For me that song just makes the entire album, the rest is quality but the sing takes it up a few places in my ranking of albums.

              7 - The Optimist (Turin Brakes)

              A very easy listening album by Turin Brakes released in 2001 (which seems like a good year for albums what with this, DCFC and Jimmy Eat World all releasing stand out albums)

              The album starts with a soft tone with Feeling Oblivion which continues throughout although Underdog has a slightly more upbeat tempo with brilliant vocals and acoustics behind but it's Emergency 72 which adds to this album in one of the greatest ways, a very slow song until a minute or so in when it turns fairly calming and relaxing but in a very upbeat way.

              Future Boy is brilliant as the band tell us over and over that "I am the future boy", State of things follows on soon after. This album doesn't have a lot to say about it which hasn't been said by me in the past, it's a very easy listening album, an album that is very difficult to get bored or and whilst its an album where a lot of the songs are similar they are all different in their own ways.

              Much like Death Cab, but for me just a little better, better vocals with something more upbeat about them with their melodies and music, The Optimist is at number 7 on my list.

              6 - Love, Ire and Song (Frank Turner)

              Frank Turner was originally born in the far east but moved to London at a young age, Love, Ire and Song is his most recent album backed up by the success of Sleep is for the Weak. I was lucky enough to see Turner live a few months ago supporting Gaslight Anthem, but onto them later.

              The album is a great acoustic folk album, a great singer songwriter with superb lyrics and great analogies that also gets the crowd going when seeing him live, the opening track does that almost as good as any with I Knew Prufrock Before he got Famous, the "I don't remember details but there were English boys with Banjos" is a brilliant sing along as is towards the end of the track and it becomes more angry and emotional as Turner tells us that the only thing that's left to do is live.

              Reasons Not to be an Idiot is a song that talks about people pretending to be someone who they're not and someone who has gone into a lull in their life and not getting out of it, telling them to get up, get down and get outside. Photosynthesis is another great sing along track, the main single from the album that has a brilliant bounciness to it and the chorus is a statement to those telling him to act his age and telling him to do something before going into the first love song of the album, Substitute where he tells us that he would "substitute my singing for the sound of someone sleeping next to me".

              The title track is another angry portrayal at life before Take me Home goes on about how a French kiss from a Parisian girl can capture and English boy in what is another love song done in a non soppy way. The album ends on Jet Lag, an agonising tale of having to leave his friends and travel 14,000 miles last year, a depressing tale to end on but a brilliant folk album

              5 - Stop, Drop and Roll (Foxboro Hot Tubs)

              The debut album from Rock and Roll band Foxboro Hot Tubs (yes, ok, it is pretty much Green Day), released in 2007/8 as a side project, it has turned into so much more and one of the best debut bands/albums ever.

              The title track is also the opening track is a barrage of guitars and drums, the lyrics obviously have the familiar Billie Joe style to them but they sound much like older Green Day which is no bad thing. Mother Mary has a brilliant chorus and Ruby Room which is probably my favourite of the lot has just an epic chorus with verses which fill in between with such little effort but a sound that just makes the song brilliant, towards the end of the track the guitars, drums and vocals all combine to create an energetic and powerful ending. Broadway is another huge favourite of mine, the verse rolls into the chorus with such ease and the lyrics and vocals as well as the background sound is too good, I've listened to this song a remarkable number of time, I love the way the lyrics such as "I" and "you" are repeated before each line.

              27th Ave Shuffle is a song towards the end of the album that has great vocals in it, especially the backing vocals that add to the old sound of this record, this is an album that has been made by a band that just wanted to have a little bit of fun, they've somehow surpassed what they wanted to do and created one of the best album of all time from my opinion, it's a great mixture of new and old songs, each and every song deserves it's place on the album, dare I say it's one of Green Days best albums.

              4 - 1,039/Smoothed out slappy hours (Green Day)

              The debut album from one of the best bands on the planet also happens to be one of their best, a combination of 2 earlier albums that were never quite released in the main, released in 1991 almost 20 years ago now and it's still one of the top top albums around.

              At the Library opens up with energy mentioning a girl who seems to have caught Billie Joes attention "staring across the room, are you leaving soon, what is it about you that I adore", very much a punk love song. I was there is another great song, especially the chorus before Going to Pasalaqua kicks in and it one of the best on the album, the vocals are sometimes indistinguishable from words and just sounds but they superb and a true headbanging song, Road to Acceptance and the Judges Daughter carry on the tone throughout the album from brilliant punk and lyrics that range from giving up on life, accepting life and going insane over love. Why do you want him was written by Billie Joe about his mothers boyfriend who he despised is another kick ass song.

              The album slightly trails off towards the end but 1,000 Hours picks it up again, the album is full of youth and punk that just streams through the ears into the blood stream and becomes highly addictive, the vocals from Billie Joe sound so much better than his current music, although both albums are great and highly different so uncomparable.

              3 - Sink or Swim/Senor and the Queen (Gaslight Anthem)

              I have added Senor and the Queen onto this review since it's not so much and Album than it is an EP, but it deserves stature and credit as one of the best 4 track albums ever produced.

              Boomboxes and Dictionaries is a kicking song to begin on, as singer Brian Fallon feels like he is losing a loved one and tells them to take it a step at a time, trying to cling on to her, We Came to Dance is about just having a good time, partying late into the night with friends and family. The Navesink banks is the first mellow song on the album tucked in with a load of hard rock and roll songs it fits perfectly and Brian has a voice that perfectly fits these types of songs and he lists a number of sins he has committed or been through, mainly to do with a young girl called Maria.

              The rock and roll songs come back into show now with a song dedicated to their respect and love for former Clash member Joe Strummer, before Angry Johnny and the Radio kicks in which is a throw back to the good old times of rock and roll which has been mastered for current times as good as any band could manage. Drive is one of the most popular on the album with it's gritty vocals and energetic chorus and vocals, a favourite played live, a true punk rock song as the driving theme continues through the album before ending on Red at Night which turns out to be a slow song telling us about Fallons routes, the vocals and lyrics of this song are superb and is one of the best Gaslight Anthem songs and ends the album making the listener begging for more, the melodic voice of Fallon sounds innocent and full with emotion, listen to some of his acoustic stuff if you get the chance.

              As for Senor and the Queen, you won't find a better 4 track EP anywhere, each and everyone is better than the last and the last 2 songs are pure classics.

              2 - Warning (Green Day)

              Released in 2000 by now veterans of the punk rock industry by 10 years+ gives us a change from the usual sound by Green Day, more of a pop punk record than any previous albums doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

              Opens up on title track Warning which is an immediate anthem on the album that gets people up dancing and singing along to the chorus, Blood Sex and Booze starts with the sound of a woman screaming and a man being struck and is another very good song full of energy which most of the album seems to be, Church on Sunday is one of the most energetic however with guitars, drums, vocals and bass a constant throughout the song with little time to breathe, one of the best on the album, the chorus is another sing along anthem and similar to castaway in that aspect before we meet the first time we catch a break with Misery, a brilliant yet unique song from Green Day, a huge favourite of mine out of all Green Day songs with it's slow and powerful lyrics and intermittent guitars and drums. The next 4 songs all follow the same sort of structure with bundles of energy flowing through the lot of them before we hit 2 of the best ending songs of any album.

              Minority is a fuck you to everyone who tells people what to be, it's a brilliant ending song and for me is the real ending on the album, it fits to be at the end of the album, after the whole album its basically a fuck you, I can be what I want to be song with more of the old green day coming out before ending finally on Macys Day Parade, another slow song on the album, very different to the song we've just heard but equally powerful in a different sense.

              The album is a little different to old green day, it's slightly in between their old stuff and new music and since I like both maybe this is the best compromise, a mixture of both, Billie Joes vocals start becoming more mature, the songs are of a great maturity and a greater mix with very very little wrong with this album.

              1 - 59' Sound (Gaslight Anthem)

              Having read about this fantastic new band in Kerrang I was a little sceptical (it's Kerrang afterall) I decided to take a listen though...it's without a doubt the best decision I ever made and have now ended up seeing this band 3 times hopefully a 4th coming up within the next few months.

              This is their sophomore album following on from Sink or Swim, the sound is a little less rusty and gritty with more emphasis on the storytelling in this album. It starts of with Great Expectations, a song starting with the sound of an old record player starting up before kicking in with the guitars and chorus where lead singer Fallon gives up on love before it's even began with the lyrics "everybody leaves so why, why wouldn't you?"

              The title track is full of energy and emotion, a story about a young kid Fallon knew when he was younger being run down, the chorus is truly chilling and emotional yet also extremely energetic, Fallons screaming adds something extra to this chorus, you can almost feel the pain flowing through him. Old White Lincoln in the next song which ended up being the 3rd single on the album (after the first 2 tracks on the album) which has another energetic chorus likewise with High Lonesome before heading into Film Noir which has less guitar in the verse and relies on Fallon again to carry the song which he does superbly before the chorus kicks in and the guitar takes us on, the drums after each chorus are brilliant as well. The Patient Ferris Wheel and Casanova Baby are just superb songs which no words can really describe before flowing through yet more energetic and emotional songs before ending on the Backseat, which usually leads us onto the encore when played live, it's a brilliant final song which can be heard in the chorus, especially played live this song is something special.

              The 59' sound is a roll back to the good old times of classic Rock and Roll, too much have been put on the similarities with Bruce Springsteen, there's similarities there but The Gaslight Anthem will soon make their music their own and not anyone elses, they're the best band to come out of the last 20 years, and since I am 20 years young they are my favourite band and the band I can relate to the most, they have a barrage of superb songs that just don't die down any number of times you listen to it.

              Seeing them live has just made me addicted to them more, you will not find a better band nor a better album no matter how hard you look, that's my honest opinion, here's to the Gaslight Anthem and their 3rd album, who knows, perhaps this list may include another new album this time next year.


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                09.06.2009 12:56
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                post punk tuneful with a sprinkling of others

                Somebody said once that most people are kind of stuck in the music of their teenage/early 20s' years, with the taste in noises getting almost set in stone at the same time the rest of our personality sets. I think it's more question of conditioning - memories from those years are very strong and this applies to sounds as much as to other things.

                This self-indulgent review lists my personal top 10 classics albums. All of them are at least 10 years old (in fact, I have just realised that the newest one is from 1998), and - more importantly for the "personal classic" criteria - I have been listening to all of them for at least ten years.

                I am cheating a bit here, as I have included couple of "Best Of" collections. All of those I loved at some point in my life, and all of them stood the test of time (I still listen to them at least occasionally). I have not included any exclusively Polish albums as they are unlikely to be familiar to anybody here (and it makes the task easier :-)

                The list isn't graded, but it's not really completely unsorted either. The closer to the top, the more obvious the choices were for me.

                **London Calling - The Clash**

                I am not particularly original here, this is by far the highest rated album of The Clash, possibly the best (and one of the most iconic) records of the British punk, while Rolling Stone put it in the 8th position on their list of best albums of all time.

                It's hard to believe that this bleak and furious message from a world collapsing under the weight of its own problems dates back to 1979 - it sounds as current in the Britain of the late New Labour as it did in the early years of Thatcherism. Musically London Calling goes far beyond the basic punk, with ska and even disco nods: it makes Clash accessible and acceptable to slightly more sensitive ears, without really losing the raw power of the genre. Most of the lyrics are angrily desperate, but there is a kind of energy in this music that makes it hopeful, despite everything.

                Oh, and it contains my favourite Clash track of all - The Guns of Brixton.

                **Different Class - Pulp**

                The most British of the Britpoppers, this is Pulp at its very best, pairing its incredibly catchy and rather sneaky guitar-pop anthems with dry, wry, bitter-twisted lyrics that were as much a commentary on the class war as on the war between the sexes. Jarvis Cocker is one of the more intelligent songwriters out there and, despite still present adolescent geeky undertones, a rather grown up one.

                Oh, and it contains the best Pulp track ever - The Common People.

                **Through The Looking Glass - Siouxie and The Banshees**

                This is the 1987 selection of covers of various tracks by Siouxie Sioux and her company of friends. My main reason for including this is that it contains my favourite version of my favourite track ever (The Passenger, originally by Iggy Popp); but all the others are pretty good too, and Siouxie's unimmitable delivery gives them an additional edge.

                **The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground and Nico**

                This is one of a few albums on this list that's actually older than I am. It's hard to believe that it came out over 40 (FORTY!!!!!) years ago. It is number 13 on the Rolling Stone's list but considering that they saw fit to put three Beatles and two Dylan products above, it really dos deserve to be in the top 10.

                Rather out of sync with the still cheerful flower-power of the hippie era, the banana album prophesies most of the darker shades of rock in the years to come, particularly the raw energy and the gloom of punk and post punk new wave.

                Lyrically, it has drugs (Heroine), sex (Waiting For The Man), general misery (All Tomorrow's Parties) and urban decay combined with one of the most beautiful expressions of tentative hope (I'll Be Your Mirror).

                Perfect for youth flirting withe existential angst, it still works for me in a right mood.

                **Greatest Hits 1977-1990 - The Stranglers**

                A cheating compilation, but it's a truly, truly great album as opposed to many studio records by Stranglers. I still have it in my dwindling drawer of CDs, and (although this just confirms that I am being terribly unoriginal here), it was their best-selling compilation. And rightly so.

                For somebody who is has never been a die-hard Stranglers' fan, but who likes SOME of their stuff A LOT; this compilation covers the best of the best from their arguably most creative and interesting period: cheeky and definitely punky "Peaches"; almost-post-punk growl of "No More Heroes" ; the most mellowly (if there is such a word?) smooth ballads of "European Female" and "Golden Brown"; intelligently upbeat guitar pop of "Always The Sun". Great stuff.

                **Ocean Rain - Echo & the Bunnymen**

                If I was to define my general musical leanings, at least in the world of rock/pop I would probably mumble something along the lines of "tuneful British post punk". You can't get much more tuneful post-punk than the efforts of Ian McCulloch and friends and although the almost-operatic sweep of "Ocean Rain" might be too much for those with leaner and meaner tastes, it's a lovely collection of rather dramatically haunting songs. Less embarrassing than some of the more dirgy efforts of 4AD (my original 80's affliction, but one that I have largely grown out of)

                **Rough Guide to the Music of Eastern Europe**

                The second of the cheating compilations here, but it's such a good one and arguably such an unusual one that I felt justified. This is a fantastic selection of mostly Balkan music which will give anybody who wonders whether they would like to explore it in more detail an excellent taste of what it's all about. The variety of styles and artists is particularly impressive, from the very traditional Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares to the absolutely fantastic post-punk-thrash-folk of Apparatschick. The amazing Hungarian Marta Sebestyen is there (albeit with a Bulgarian piece) and a lot of Turkish-influenced stuff too.

                **The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie**

                I had the biggest problem here, as David Bowie was perhaps the most enduring presence in my twenty five or so years of listening and not to music and I was sorely tempted to include one of this "best of" collections or live albums.

                This is not an obvious first choice from the artist and decade that gave the world Ziggy Stardust, Hunky Dory, Aladdin Sane, Heroes (and yes, the "officially" best Bowie album Low - but I don't really like it that much).

                But apart from the fact that it's almost the same age I am I really like "The Man Who Sold The World" because musically it's quite rocky, with almost Zeppelinish guitars and a strong tinge of psychodelia. It also, arguably, opened Bowie's most creative and iconic period. You can hear both the echos of Space Oddity and the premonitions of Ziggy Stardust here.

                Anyway, it's simply just my favourite Bowie album at this particular moment.

                **Mind Bomb - The The**

                Matt Johnson (who used to be the The in its entirety but was joined by a few others on this album) is still very much THE the in the The, and his gravely whisper and trademark drums are still very much present. The tracks on this album vary from rough and rather aggressive (one of my two favourites is "Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)") to desperately beautiful ( "Beyond Love", possibly the best sad love song ever). Political, preachy and perfectly melding rough and heavy, new-wavish rock with dance beats, this is one of the best dark brooding albums ever.

                **the empty slot**

                The last slot on any list is often the hardest to fill - either you run out of things or realise that there is another thirty seven candidates waiting in the wings. There are quite a few of my very favourite single tracks that are not included on any of the above listed albums. There are also many, many albums that I used to love and listen to obsessively which I either grew out of or which simply didn't make it to the final selection because I couldn't choose between them - I will not cheat and do the "honourable mentions" thing. There are even more that I have listened to but not long ago enough to see whether their "magda classic" status will be sustainable.

                The empty slot is thus left for an album I am yet to find.


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                  21.05.2009 11:21
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                  My top 10 albums

                  Well I love loads of different genres so there will be something from everything a really quite strange list I imagine. So here goes ...

                  1. Westlife - Back Home

                  I love all of there albums but this is probably my favourite. There's such a variety of songs on there, about all different things. I have to admit lots of Westlife songs are about love but I think that's what there famous for and I wouldn't want them to change that. It's an album well worth listening to even if you're not a Westlife fan.

                  2. Same Difference - Pop

                  Again I love this CD, I watched them on X factor and thought they were a little cheesy but still really wanted them to win. Unfortunately they didn't but you know I think there better because of it. When I heard there first single I just loved and found myself bopping along to it. Then when a well known shop closed down, I bought the CD in the sale and had a listen and just fell in love with all the songs there voices are just amazing and I think they've come along way since there days on X Factor. I actually had to buy another copy of it the other day because the other one stopped working I played it so much.

                  3. John Barrowman - Music Music Music

                  I think this CD is fab; his voice just blows me away. The album has something for everyone from love songs to songs from the musicals. My sister bought me this album for Christmas, and I just love it, the songs are just so well performed and his versions of them are by far my favourite. I stared listening to him when I swa him in a show when I was younger and haven't stopped since.

                  4. Past Doubt - Stars, planets and planes

                  Not many of you will have heard of these there a local band where I live and I just love them. I do have to admit that I know them very well so am slightly biased. This is there first album recorded in a little studio in the middle of nowhere and only available in a local Christian bookshop. It has all there own written songs about a variety of different topics. I love this album and it is constantly in my CD player, well worth a listen.

                  5. Celine Dion - My Love the essential collection

                  I got this album for Christmas too and its really good, I always loved Celine Dion as I was growing up especially my heart will go on and to have all of these songs on one album is just fantastic. There are all the old greats and some of the new ones.

                  6. Now 70

                  This is just something for everyone there's genres for everyone and really just can't wrong with at least one song. Many people always say that there are only a couple of songs on here I like but to me that's better than buying an album because you like 1 of the songs and finding the rest of the album sucks! I love all the NOW albums and would buy them all if I had enough money and would recommend them to everyone well worth a listen.

                  7. 101 Musicals

                  I love this album, I am such a fan of musical theatre and this album is just perfect for me. I've always been one to buy a musical soundtrack just because it's a musical but this album has all the famous songs from such a variety of musicals from Les Miserables to Starlight Express to Cinderella.

                  8. We Will Rock you - the musical soundtrack

                  This is my currently my favourite musical and the most played album on my ipod. This album just proves how fantastic the show is, the original west end cast recording includes songs such as Hammer to Fall, I want to break free, Who wants to live forever, Headlong, Bohemian Rhapsody and of course We will rock you. I love the storyline behind the show and the songs and the way they are sung really put across the story just listening to the soundtrack you will start to get an idea of what it is all about

                  9. Hillsong United - More than life

                  As a strong follower of the lord, I love this album. The CD also comes with a free DVD. The songs are:
                  1. "One Way"
                  2. "Light"
                  3. "Evermore"
                  4. "Open Up the Heavens"
                  5. "Take All of Me"
                  6. "Majesty"
                  7. "Always"
                  8. "Sing (Your Love)"
                  9. "Where the Love Lasts Forever"
                  10. "Consuming Fire"
                  11. "More Than Life"
                  12. "Jesus' Blood"
                  13. "Shine for You"
                  14. "Soldier"
                  15. "All Day"

                  10. Greenday - American Idiot

                  Completley different to every other album on this list but I just love it. Over the last few years it has really helped me through some tough times and I honestly can't believe how much it has helped to sort out so many problems. Songs include Wake me up when September ends, Holiday and American Idiot.


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                    21.04.2009 21:34
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                    10 Greatest Hits albums from my collection that I love.

                    I have difficulty choosing my Top 10 favourite albums. Mainly because the music on my ipod is so changeable. Therefore, I have decided to write about my favourite Greatest Hits albums instead. For whatever reason, Greatest Hits are somewhat frowned upon. Even established artists get a bad write up whenever they opt for that all important Christmas market cash cow. Perhaps its down to the lesser known artists or newer one's who release these collections without so much as a successful follow up hit to their names. For me though, those collections bring together the best work of artists, many of whom struggle to sustain the quality across a series of studio album's.

                    Top 10
                    10. Oasis - Stop The Clocks

                    I'm not the biggest fan of these guys, and only really enjoyed in full their Morning Glory album. For me, they are nothing more than a hark back to better bands with better idea's. It cant be disputed though that Noel Gallagher is a decent enough songwriter and that his daft brother can certainly carry a tune. This album captures the best of their work across their first decade in the charts. From the early sombreness of the brilliant Champagne Supernova through to the catchy Lyla, they have certainly catered for their fans. The best of the singles and a couple of barnstorming album tracks make the cut to give us 18 tracks that mostly thrill.

                    9. Queen - Greatest Hits II

                    I'm neither a fan of the original Hits collection, albeit full of classics, or the guest-vocal tribute of Greatest Hits III, but for me this collection is excellent. Opening with A Kind Of Magic, Mercury's big vocals paired with the bands trademark quirky tunes make for a collection of well deserved hits. Tracks like I Want It All and the oddly addictive and aptly titled I'm Going Slightly Mad are highlights on a collection that rarely dwindles into lowlights. If there are moments that grate, I would be pushed to choose lesser remembered tracks such as Headlong and Hammer To Fall. There are 17 greatest hits to choose from.

                    8. Kylie Minogue - Ultimate Kylie

                    I really wanted to put this at number 1, I'm sure readers and raters familiar with me will be only too aware of that. In fairness though, if you take away the warmth for Kylie herself, the songs amount to something far less substantial. Its often said that Disc 1 is really just treading the boards as we await the far stronger Disc 2, but in all honesty, there are some classic hits such as Better The Devil You Know and Shocked. The early Kylie days really weren't as bad as some remember. Disc 2 is a hit-a-thon though with the excellence of Scissor Sister's I Believe In You, Cathy Dennis' Cant Get You Out Of My Head and Kylie's own additions in the form of Breathe and Did It Again. This isn't quite so ultimate as it misses half a dozen pretty decent singles from the 90s, but with 33 tracks, who is complaining?

                    7. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Greatest Hits

                    I cant imagine its cool to like this bearded rock throwback from the 80's, but as you'll see from my list, I'm hardly the summit of cool anyway. There are some brilliant tracks on this album. My personal favourite is the melodic upbeat ballad The Fire Inside. Elsewhere, before it was murdered by Scottish drawlers Lulu and Sheena Easton (both duetting on different versions), We've Got Tonight was a pretty solid love song. Seger's gravely voice makes it all the more enjoyable. There is also karaoke-moments-a-plenty in the form of Old Time Rock & Roll. I even quite enjoyed his liner notes in the sleeve between the credits and the lyrics of each song. He probably hasn't had that many hits, but the album boasts 14 tracks.

                    6. Frank Sinatra - The Collection

                    I couldn't tell you if this was collection vol 1, or vol 800, but its one of only two that I own. Sinatra needs no introduction, he is a thee legend of his time. It doesn't take much listening to understand why, and this 18 tracked album gives us some of his finest moments. My Funny Valentine is every bit as haunting as it ever was, leading into upbeat brilliance such as the jazzed up I've Got The World On A String. Sinatra may not be around to enjoy his continued success, but I'm sure the record label will continue to rake it in on the back of this terrific collection.

                    5. Garth Brooks - The Ultimate Hits

                    With 34 tracks, and an amazing 33 track DVD inclusive, nobody could complain that this country rocker doesn't give value for money. The DVD is a side issue, but with many live performances and all of the greatest video's from his career, its enjoyable in its own right. However, it's the more famous of his country compositions that make this album worth paying the £14 for. Friends in Low Places is a knee slapping singalong number whilst his most famous writing effort If Tomorrow Never Comes is a haunting theme for anybody who might have lost somebody dear. Another brilliant track worth watching for is The Thunder Rolls, a song that makes murder and jealousy sound like the recipe for sweet romance.

                    4. Enrique Iglesias - Greatest Hits

                    I'm sure any small amount of credibility I might have clutched on to will have gone out the window now. As far as I can tell though, this bloke gets a bit of a rough time. His songs aren't all ballads or manipulative love songs like Hero. Soul is the order of the day as he grooves with Whitney Houston on Could I Have This Kiss Forever about ten minutes before she went into meltdown. Whilst his finest moments may come in the form of collaborations (the Kelis duet Not In Love is also here), he does a fine line in decent pop with recent single Tired Of Being Sorry and Escape. In addition to this, nearly all of the 18 tracks on display have been hits in either his homeland or here in the UK.

                    3. U2 - 18 Singles

                    I was surprised recently to discover I even owned this. Bono is another of those preachy rockers that I cant really be bothered with. However, behind his big headed bravado is a big old voice and some of the finest radio-friendly rock tunes of the past 20 years. With Or Without You probably turns up on at least one Hollywood rom-com a year, but its still their finest moment. Neither did I discover Beautiful Day as much as it creeped up on me through tireless radio rotation. Where The Streets Have No Name and Desire are two more classic U2 hits that pad out this collection of 20 (the title tricks you) tracks. Now, if only Bono would shut up and stick to the singing.

                    2. Travis - Singles

                    Perhaps it's the Scottish in me, but I just love these guys. Fran Healy is a thoroughly nice bloke, and it helps that many of their radio-friendly tunes aren't long in ingraining themselves in your ear. I do a karaoke night once a fortnight, and one of my sought after songs is Side. It was the best track that they ever wrote. I also enjoy bouncing around to the adrenalin rush that is Happy, whilst I'm not adverse to hearing the solemn but lovely Why Does It Always Rain On Me. Perhaps if they were from another land, I wouldn't be quite so quick to defend them, but I can see nothing wrong with this collection of 18 singles.

                    1. Eurhythmics - Ultimate Collection

                    I didn't choose this because Annie Lennox is Scottish, but I know what you're thinking. I love this collection because its one of the finest pop / rock collections of the past couple of decades. Annie Lennox is one of the best voices in music. With classics such as Love Is A Stranger and Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, its no wonder this is such a beloved collection among fans. Here Comes The Rain Again and You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart are both mesmerising whilst other classics come thick and fast in the form of Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves and Thorn In My Side. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite from this album as many of the 19 tracks, the more recent recordings inclusive, are so good. Lennox is doing it for herself now, but I wouldn't be too upset if she and Stewart re-formed and actually did some work together again.


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                      The cheesy 80s..

                      This is not my top ten albums, far from it. They will be mostly rock and so make for boring reading. No, these are the top ten of the 1980s that if you're over 30 and reading this review then you probably bought them too and have been scratching your head ever since and wondering why, maybe someone on the telly or Radio One telling you to spend a tenner on them. If you're under 25 it's not worth reading on and you can make better use of your internet time (nudge nudge, wink wink)...

                      Music was indeed all about music in the 70s and 80s, simple as. In the 1990s it was very different, students buying Blur and Oasis because all the other students did, then stopped buying them when the mainstream punter did buy them, guitar and mixing desk, dance or Indy, the delineator between social classes in that decade. Working class people listened to tecno and trance and the middle-class, Indy rock. Interestingly, a rather respected music mag commissioned a survey to link intelligence with the type of music people listened to. The brain boxes predictably listened to jazz and classical, as you would expect an average I.Q of 121, whilst next up was rock and Indy, an average I.Q of 117. Garage, dance and rap music was comfortably bottom of the pile, IQ levels judged 'degenerate' by the same magazine. I think that's a bit unfair as music tends to find you rather than the other way around. What we do know though is Tim Westwood is a complete knob and so maybe that music press survey wasn't far off the truth. Well, you rarely get a Ford Escort with Darren and Tracey emblazoned on the windscreen driving repeatedly around the town centre banging out Star Sailor now do ya! Your music is your personal journey and should not be heard by others. This same theory of subtlety could be applied to how loud people talk on cell phones in public.

                      'Brothers in Arms'
                      Dire Straits

                      In the mid 80s we were told Mark Knopfler was the best lead guitarists in the world, just as Clapton was so named the decade before. We were also told Mark King of Level 42 was the best bass guitarist in the world by the same people so perhaps you can discard that one. Everyone knows Eddie Van Halen is the greatest that ever lived! Whether Knoplfer was that good or not we all went out and bought this album, mainly because of the snazzy video for the song 'Money for Nothing', a pioneering MTV classic that was repeated every twenty minutes on the rolling music channel to make sure you did buy the LP. Sting was guest vocalist and that certainly helped to make this song and album a huge hit.
                      Other hits including the tiresome 'Walk of Life' and 'So Far Away From You' shoving the album firmly in the 'middle of the road' category where the biggest albums sales were made back then, Brothers in Arms about to be hit by a truck it was that blatant and tight rope walking on the cat's-eyes. The album title refers to the civil wars in Central America. Yawn.

                      'Welcome to the Pleasure Dome'
                      Frankie Goes to Hollywood

                      By the mid 1980s I was a big soft rock fan and so have absolutely no idea why I went out and bought this like so many other people did. It was such an odd record for me to buy. It was certainly the first time an openly gay pop band, for once, weren't cliché by banging our mindless tecno tunes or camp synth beats to a room full of sweaty muscular men in tiny vests and tight jeans. It may have been the political edge to the hits like 'Two Tribes' and 'War', tunes that just didn't seem to fit with the same vibe from the band that had just released 'Relax', which the powers that be were certainly not, the most controversial tune and video of the 80s.

                      There was almost a concept feel to the album, the song 'Welcome to the Pleasuredome' running for 13:38 seconds, whilst 'Bang' lasted just 57 seconds. The Power of Love was the memorable balled on the LP and Frankie has to go down as one of the most eclectic bands of the 80s to shift the LPs he did.

                      'The Bruce Springsteen box set'
                      Bruce Springsteen

                      From the man they call the 'Boss', Born in the USA was a fabulous album, make no mistake. It was the peak of his career that has now spanned four decades and the record that persuaded me to buy this box set, even though I had never heard of or purchased any of his previous records. No one buys the box set off the back of hearing just one of the artist's ten albums to that point. But I and many did and further more to this day I still haven't listened to any of the records in that box set. Now that's marketing.

                      'Private Dancer'
                      Tina Turner

                      Prince Charles famously told her she had great legs and most of us agreed, she another diva in the 80s that mixed soulful tunes with soft rock energy, Cher relaunching her career in a similar way. There's some great tracks on here, make no mistake, Might Have Been Queen one of my favs. She didn't have Whitney Houston's astounding voice but she had a decent set of longs and could scream a great gig. I just loved her stage show and energy but still confused why I bought this album to this day.

                      'Slippery When Wet'
                      Bon Jovi

                      It amazes me how one or two rock bands can have great chart success whilst far better bands of a similar soft rock delivery never get any mainstream success. Black on Black by ACDC is apparently the world's best selling record EVER. Clearly 'Living on a Prayer' is one of rocks great cheesy anthems and the acceptable side of the music for radio stations and TV. But if you like those songs then why not get into other rock bands? Def Leopard was the only other one to really go mega in the 80s in the mainstream.
                      As we saw with the music survey, rock music was surprisingly high up on the I.Q list and is mindless and fun appeal maybe the reason why. You don't have to take ecstasy to get high on these guys. I love the record for its simplicity and energy and I think all these serious and angsty Indy bands would love to bend those guitar strings up the neck one day in the future like the old days as Ritchie Sambora indeed did. Rock music is just great fun guys. In the 1070s everyone at university listened to rock and it certainly wasn't labelled as corny then, the Indy of its time...

                      'Cant Slow Down'
                      Lionel Ritchie

                      Again a fabulous album with some beautiful songs on it-but what's a guy like me who like Guns n Roses doing with this album in his collection? The big hit was Hello, the ballad of the blind girl that falls for Ritchie, which is good news for him she was blind as he has a face like a Bulldog chewing on a wasp. All Night Long is a fabulous track to boogie to at weddings and parties with plenty more smooches on here to grab a pretty girl to after you have been dancing on the ceiling. Lionel, the ex lead singer of the Commodores, would, of cause, spawn the ghastly Nicole to the world.

                      'An Innocent Man'
                      Billy Joel

                      Once supermodel Christine Brinkley attached herself to Billy's arm his career went ballistic, the leggy model featuring in the video of another function room classic,' Uptown Girl'. Like Springsteen, Joel was an established artist and had a long string of decent albums before this one just seemed to work with the middle-of-the-road audience, appealing to twentysomethings right through to pensioners. There are some nice tunes on here and perhaps part of his success was they parried well with movie soundtracks, Joel even bringing finger clicking briefly back into fashion with 'The Longest Time'. This bizarrely went triple platinum in the U.K in the mid 80s.

                      'Tango In the Night'
                      Fleetwood Mac

                      I'm not sure if this was before or after Peter Greens nervous breakdown but I am sure I bought this purely because lead singer Stevie Nicks looked gorgeous. The songs are so-so, neither rock nor folk, again middle of the road the appeal here. But there's something about their music that is soothing as it is ageless and if Miss Jones is sitting in her dank bed-sit then you could just imagine her in those rose tinted spectacles listening to 'Little Lies', on Rigsbys grammar phone...

                      Michael Jackson

                      Quite simply the world's best selling album and everyone should have at least one old battered tape copy of it somewhere. With seven of the nine tracks going to number one in America it is a phenomenon and its cross-appeal to white folks made it unstoppable, the sad hangers on who still claim to be Michael's fans mostly unattractive young white kids and oddballs. Sadly the Jackson of the 80s is not the one we know today, the freaky 50-year-old apparently selling out 50 shows at the 02 Arena. Well, that isn't happening Jacko, most of those tickets bought by touts or robots on the internet run by touts, creating fictitious demand. You guys should be able to buy a pair for twenty quid on the internet after the first few shows are a disaster. There will be crèche facilities back stage for all those family ticket holders! You lucky people. There is no way in the world Jackson could do five straight nights let alone 50. What a long way this guy has fallen. From the worlds most sold album to having to auction all his private possessions from Neverland to pay the tax man.

                      'Purple Rain'

                      Only yesterday in the sunshine I was enjoying this brilliant album. Like Welcome to the Pleasure Dome it's a mix of song lengths and oddities and crowned by the brilliant seven minute version of the title track Purple Rain. When Doves Cry is a great song to and you can't get more hi-energy 'Than baby I'm a Star'. Ok it's not the most ideal music to walk around the park too and perhaps more at home in some sort of cool and trendy Manhattan night club but it got the summer going for me. The sexy Wendy and Lisa already to jump in the bath together and girls doing naughty things in the lobby makes it a quite sexy LP too. I'm really sad I missed Prince perform at the 02 as he is by far the best live act of the last twenty years. When he came on to the BRITS stage in 2007 he was so good for his 12 minute set he even had the balding stuffed suits up dancing, something not easy to do...


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                        Interesting to read other peoples lists.

                        These aren't in any particular order!
                        1. Riot - Paramore. Hayley Williams vocals kick butt. It's a really uplifting album with some inspirational lyrics on it - and it makes you realise what a shortage there is out there of punky female singers. Track to listen to: Hallelujah
                        2. Believe - Disturbed. In my opinion this is by far the best Disturbed album. The singer David Draiman has an amazing voice and his lyrics come from personal experience which makes them so much better than the meaningless waffle from some bands these days. Track to listen to: Prayer
                        3. These Streets - Paolo Nutini. Ok so we have a bit of a mix of styles in my list!! Paolo makes it on here because I think he has a fantastic voice and he really sings with emotion, you can tell in his songs that the lyrics are from the bottom of his heart. Track to listen to: Last Request
                        4. A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars. If you've never heard of the band you may have heard of the lead singer - Jared Leto (the actor). Very few actors can actually make a successful career of music - but he has done it! I saw these live at Norwich and they were amazing. They have two albums and have got the success they have not because of who the singer is (as Jared refuses to play anywhere that uses his name for promotion) but the quality of their music. There isn't a bad track on the album and it's clear they are all musically gifted. Track to listen to: The Kill
                        5. This Is The Life - Amy Macdonald. Amy is such a talented singer/songwriter, and she has amazing talent for someone so young. Her album is catchy and you can really relate to they lyrics of the songs. I'm expecting great things by way of her second album. Its so nice to hear a female singer that's not in the rap style of Lilly Allen or Kate Nash. Track to listen to: Youth Of Today
                        6. Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance. This is the latest album from MCR, and by far the best all-rounder. There were good tracks on their other albums but this album is fantastic from start to finish. You can see how they have grown up on this album, for example through their lyrics. Take a line off their earlier album: "Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor" and a line from Cancer on this album "I'm just soggy from the chemo, I'm counting down the days to go". This album is fantastic. Track to listen to: Disenchanted
                        7. In Between Dreams - Jack Johnson. This for me is the ultimate chill out album. You can picture listening to this on a beach around a campfire. The lyrics are great and the songs are so mellow and melodic. Its by far his best album. Track to listen to: Constellations
                        8. Pretty. Odd. - Panic at the Disco. If you have heard this album and their first, you will know how different this album is compared to their debut! There is such a range of styles on this album - from ballads to baroque style music to songs that sound like they could have been done by the Beatles. For such a young band they have amazing talent. Track to listen to: Northern Downpour
                        9. Meteora - Linkin Park. I think Mike Shinoda is a fantastic artist, his raps are brilliant because the lyrics are so meaningful. Combined with Chester Bennington's unique vocals they make a great team. Meteora is their second album but I think this one is the best. Track to listen to: Breaking The Habit
                        10. Last but not least.... Black Holes and Revelations - Muse. You can't have a top albums list without putting Muse on here! There is no denying the musical genius of Matt Bellamy, he is an unbelievable guitarist and pianist and teamed with Dom on drums and Chris on bass the three-piece band is simply amazing. I think Matt should be hailed as the best guitarist ever for his skill. The album contains a mix of styles, but the track to listen to has to be: Knights of Cydonia.


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                        Recommended - Listen to these albums!!

                        Here are my top 10 albums and why I love them. Of course it's going to be biased to my own taste, but I'd like to think they're justified musically which I've tried to explain. I've not included any band twice (despite the fact I easily could have done), and I'd like to point out I'm still only young, even though most of these albums are from my parents era!

                        1. Raw Power - Iggy & The Stooges.
                        This album physically makes me buzz with excitement and it personifies everything that is Rock 'n' Roll about Rock 'n' Roll. There's real variety on the album, even though the dirty guitars feature on all of the songs, and the lyrics are haunting. To me it's the sort of album that creates nostalgia even for a time I wasn't born in, and it goes on once a week without fail.
                        Favourite song: Gimme Danger

                        2. Roxy Music - Roxy Music
                        Roxy music sound so different on this album then any of their later ones, and I personally believe when Brian Eno left he took the essence of Roxy Music with him. This album is aesthetically beautiful and is the nearest thing to art I've ever heard on a mainstream CD. The creativity of the band shines through on all songs - from the space sounding instruments to Bryan Ferry's vocals. It serves to prove Roxy music are the influencers and not the influence - even today it sounds new and exciting.
                        Favourite song: 2 H.B.

                        3. Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins
                        The Smashing Pumpkins also deliver an amazing album, but this has to be them truly on top of their game. I'd class this album as purely emotion-driven and it delves into metal, punk, alternative and even psychedelic rock in parts, matching the mood with the music perfectly. It also works brilliantly as a full-album - although it has stand out songs it flows so easily and creates an utter epic.
                        Favourite song: Bullet With Butterfly Wings

                        4. London Calling - The Clash
                        Another band with consistently great albums, I've chosen London Calling because even though it doesn't have my favourite songs on, it is the best all-round album. It highlights all the best things about the Clash - their lyrical genius, strong emotions and especially their mixture of music from other cultures to make a distinct sound that appeals to so many.
                        Favourite Song: Guns Of Brixton

                        5. The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars - David Bowie
                        An Utter classic that I would consider the best of Bowie. A mixture of glam, music-hall piano and original guitars, this album has influenced more artists than I could even begin to list! The fact it is so well known (especially with the iconic stage persona of Ziggy Stardust) does not detract from the brilliance of the music on the album, which again flows like scenes in a film even though the songs can defiantly hold their own.
                        Favourite song: Velvet Goldmine

                        6. Lust For Life - Iggy Pop
                        Not usually a favourite of his albums, Lust for Life is another that displays everything I love about Iggy Pop. This is defiantly one to dance to and has most of his hits within the 8 songs. Every song sounds different and carries a different mood with it, and shows he has defiantly taken risks with his music - this is no Stooges album. David Bowie took on the role of producer and his influence can be heard throughout (as well as his voice!)
                        Favourite song: Sixteen

                        7. The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico
                        The perfect alternative album, the melodies Lou Reed's created both on the guitar and the piano are exquisite. This album has real soul and depth, and again took so many musical risks that really paid off. Almost 40 years old, this album could come out today and be celebrated because of its innovative sound. As a product of Andy Warhol, it sure is creative.
                        Favourite song: Venus In Furs

                        8. Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth
                        Sonic Youth have more albums than you can shake a stick at, but this has to be one of their best. The term 'noise rock' doesn't sound too appealing but Sonic Youth really manipulate noise creatively to make it sound like music and even art. From the first song this album is pure excitement and for me at least it captures youth in a few tunes.
                        Favourite Song: Kissabillity

                        9. Pretty Hate Machine - Nine Inch Nails
                        Although called 'Industrial,' I think NIN are their own genre and really make new and interesting music. The use of noise on some songs is really something I've never heard before, and Trent Reznor's lyrics and singing really make the album. The emotions in it sound so real and after a full and involved listen to this album you really do feel emotionally drained. This is one to put on when you're feeling angry and want to let off some steam.
                        Favourite song: Head Like A Hole

                        10. Doolittle - Pixies
                        It's really difficult to chose a favourite Pixies album because they're one of few bands where every album is different yet still exceptional. Every other song on Doolittle is the sort that make me go 'TUUUUUUNE' every time it comes on (and this is a very special word for very special occasions.) There is so much variety on the album, from buzzing pop songs to quite dark bass led melodies.
                        Favourite song: Monkey Gone To Heaven

                        Argh, there's so many more albums I love! Maybe I'll write a second list one day...


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                          I'm a MASSIVE fan of music, always listening to new stuff whenever I can and have got plenty of albums in my possession, that I play over and over until i'm sick of them, well until i play them again that is.
                          So my top 10 albums, not of all time, but of now, this is quite hard, but here I go....

                          10) Beyonce - B'day - a very upbeat catchy album. I'd always liked Destinys Child, and i'd then heard a few of Beyonces solo singles, so I decided to buy this one and i'm so glad I did. It's a great album with strong vocals and really catchy songs.

                          9) Jack Penate - Matinee - He's not that well known but has a great unique genre of music. It's sort of folk meets rock meets indie, it's a great change. All of the songs are great and have different beats, and he's really fit too lol.

                          8) Good Charlotte - The Young and Hopeless - although this is quite an old album (they've had 2 since), I think this is their best one. In this album the songs are more punk than heavy rock, which are catchy and foot tappingly good. A great mix of songs and none which I don't like. A brill album to bounce around to.

                          7) Eminem - The Eminem Show - I love Eminem, always have done. I love his bad boy image. This is a great album with some tongue in cheek songs/lyrics and also some sensitive touching songs. Once again this is my favourite album of his, but his others are brill too.

                          6) The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing - Loved these ever since I heard their first released song, That's Not My Name and their album is catchy, pretty much like that song. It's a great feel good album that I have on WAY too much, but I love them, can't wait for another album from them.

                          5) Kate Nash - Made of Bricks - When she first came out she reminded me of Lily Allen, but she's hardly anything like her. This album is made up of silly songs which I can relate to alot, which is what I love about this album. It's a fun album thats great to listen to while getting ready to go out on the town.

                          4) Paramore - Riot - Recently got this for Christmas, although it's getting oldish now. A great mix of songs, some being quite heavyish and some really punk. Great vocals from the lead and great tunes.

                          3) Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You - A really new album, not really had the chance to listen to it as much as i'd like, but love love LOVE it already. I've always liked lilly with her "don't give a..." attitude, and you can tell that in her songs. I love the way she sings and her silly lyrics and songs.

                          2) Katy Perry - One of the Boys - A great range of catchy and upbeat songs. Got this album for Christmas and played it so much. Brill vocals with brill songs ranging from punk to pop. All of the album is grand from start to finish, with not one bad song.

                          1) Pink - Funhouse, I personally think this is Pinks best album up to yet, although they have all been great, this is my fave. Every song is catchy and i always find myself singing them. A great compilation of different songs all with Pink's great vocals and superb lyrics.


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                            My ten most scruffy CDs..

                            These are at the moment my all time favourite 10 albums but it was so hard to choose, these may well change order depending what mood I'm in! I wonder if Dooyoo would let me do two reviews on this so I could have 20??!

                            10) The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Soundtrack
                            Are soundtracks allowed? I love musicals and this is the greatest rock and roll musical. If you're a fan or the film or have been to a live performance of Richard O'Brien's rock masterpiece this a must for your music collection. The original movie cast featurs the best people ever to play the parts including Tim Curry as Frank N Furter and the fabulous Meat loaf as Eddie. Plus the Time Warp is a must have song for any party!

                            9) Jeff Buckley - Grace
                            Simply a classic made all the more precious by the premature passing of such a talented musician. Featuring the best version of the excessively covered 'Hallelujah' and my personal favourite 'Lover, you should have come over'. One of the most beautiful and moving albums ever made.

                            8) American Idiot - Green Day
                            Again, a real modern classic. Green Day's epic Rock Opera is a politically fuelled anti war masterpiece. From a band that had hits with songs about excrement and masterbation, American shows they can do serious too.

                            7) The White Album - The Beatles
                            Most of the albums on the list are from my era, I love older music, but as many people my age who love bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Beatles, we seem to access them through the greatest hits. I think every top ten albums list must include a Beatles album in there somewhere, I chose The White album, purely for the amount of great songs on it and because it includes my favourite Beatles song, Helter Skelter.

                            6) Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not - Arctic Monkeys
                            This album seemed to get classic status instantly. It's perfection for beginning to end and really sums up life for a twenty something in Britain now. I reckon in ten years time this will still be on classic albums lists up there with St. Pepper and Hotel california.

                            5) Performance and Cocktails- Stereophonics
                            I love this band. Kelly jones has one of the most distinctive voices in music and it makes me melt! This is their second, and in my opinion best album, featuring hits such as 'Hurry Up and Wait' and 'The Bartender and the Thief'.

                            4) Madseason - Matchbox Twenty
                            Choosing an album from this band was so difficult as they are all so impressive. Madseason is MB20's second album and the first one I bought. It features their biggest hit over here, the title song 'Madseason'.

                            3) The Platinum Collection - Queen
                            A bit of a cheat putting a greatest hits in here I suppose but how do you choose a Queen album? This has to be one of the best greatest hits collections ever compiled. 3 discs worth and there's not many 'fillers' on there. From 'Bohemian Rhapsody' to 'Killer Queen' to some of the band's solo efforts, every song is a hit.

                            2) White Blood Cells - The White Stripes
                            My favourite band. This was the album that made the world stand up and notice Jack and Meg. Fusing punk and blues, the critics hailed it as blunk rock. It really is one of those albums that makes you think, this is different, haven't heard anything like that before. Music stripped down to simplicity, showing off just how good they are at writing songs and how full of expression Jack White 's voice is, shows that is you have that charisma, the voice is the best instrument of all.

                            1) Tragic Kingdom - No Doubt
                            The one album I cannot get bored of and I just cannot stop playing. Probably the only flawless album No Doubt made, as some of their others have been a bit iffy. Tragic Kingdom I cannot fault. Somewhere between pop and rock, it includes hits 'Just a Girl' and 'Don't Speak' but every song on this could have been a potential single. 'Sunday Morning' and 'End it on this' are stand out songs for me and Gwen Stefani's voice is breathaking.


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                              17.02.2009 00:57
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                              The albums that i think shud have top ten

                              Its going to be funny listing my top ten albums because most people wont of heard of most of them, but regardless i will. Coming from a Heavy metal and rock background i grew up listening to what my parents listened to e.g. Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Guns and roses etc but when i got into high school (what we call it up in Norfolk) I started to develop my own music taste getting heavier and heavier as time went on.

                              Coming in At Number 10
                              A day to Remember - For those who have heart
                              This album is quite recent but has a effect to cheer me up when played also contains what i think is me and my gf's song.

                              Number 9
                              Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season
                              This was a band i coundn't stand at one point and always said i woudnt listen to, saw them live once and coudnt get over the atmosphere they created for such youngsters, ever since i cant stop listening to their latest stuff

                              Number 8
                              The Devil Wears Prada - Plagues
                              I bet as soon as you read that you thought about the film or the book. they actually chose the name before they had even seen either. A great band that create great music.

                              Number 7
                              Unearth - III The eyes of fire
                              When i first heard this band i was transfixed with how heavy they actually were, i listened and listened until my disc broke, recently bought another one but fear its gonna go the same way as the last one

                              Number 6
                              Silverstein - Discovering The Waterfront
                              Sorta different to everything else i listen to but this is the album i listen to when i want to chill out and forget troubles and its great for that

                              Number 5
                              Bleeding Through - The Truth
                              When i started getting into the heavy scene i had a chance to see this band live unfortuantly i never got the chance, i looked up this band so much i have the lyrics fused into my brain, i think il be scarred forever.

                              Number 4
                              I Killed the Prom Queen - Music for the recently deceased
                              This band was everything i wanted a band to be, even got a tattoo of their logo on me, unfortunatly the band broke up a month later, so i feel like a right goit.

                              Number 3
                              As i lay dying - Shadows Are Security
                              I saw these once live when i was younger and instantly fell in love with their music, first song i learnt to play properly was off this album

                              Number 2
                              Static - x - Winscoin Death Trip
                              First heard them on a playstation game years ago, never stopped listening their best album and one all metal heads should have

                              Number UNO
                              BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - The poison
                              I first listened to them a while before they got big and couldn't put their album down, i feel this album made me who i am today and without it i wudnt be me.


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                                15.02.2009 18:54
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                                A collection of my most favourite albums ever!

                                This list has taken me nearly 3 hours to contemplate! You don't realise how many albums you've heard and rated so highly until you sit back and attempt a list like this. I'm 22, I didn't really get into music until I was 14 or 15, all thanks to hanging around with a guy at school who had been into music ever since he was little. He introduced me to band's like Green Day, NOFX and System Of A Down.

                                I also at that age got into learning drums and guitar, this really helped me to truly appreciate a song from a musicians point of view. I remember when I had just started playing sitting down on my bed with piece's of paper I had arranged to be drums and using pencils as sticks to drum along to Dookie!

                                So anyway that's enough about me, onto the list. All comments welcome!

                                NUMBER TEN

                                Metallica - The black album
                                Possibly the greatest example of how to record a rock album. Everything is mixed perfectly, from the crunching guitars to the thunderous drums. There is a great range of tracks, enter sandman is as rock as it gets and then to nothing else matters, a smooth yet heavy rock masterpiece.
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK ONE - Enter sandman

                                NUMBER NINE

                                Oasis - What's the story (morning glory)
                                The new Beatles as they have been dubbed. I'm not so sure on that but they are exceptional. This album typifies Oasis, cocky and rebellious with catchy riffs and harmonies. A modern British classic.
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK TWO - Roll with it

                                NUMBER EIGHT

                                Green Day - International superhits
                                A hard one to decide on which is Green Day's greatest album. The obvious choice would be Dookie for most people, but I also loved Nimrod and Insomniac. This album is a greatest hits collection. For all new comers or even die hard fans, this gives a great overview of GD's greatest singles.
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK TWENTY - Waiting

                                NUMBER SEVEN

                                Ocean Colour Scene - Moseley shoals
                                A group of local lads, Simon, Steve, Oscar and Damon. One of the greatest british albums in the last 20 years. So many influences went into making this album from Paul Weller to Randy Newman! - The album is a stop start affair, which isn't a bad thing, it has great variation.
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK THREE - The circle

                                NUMBER SIX

                                Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
                                In my opinion better than The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Small Faces, Black Sabbath and anything else rock based of that era. This album is genius and way ahead of its time. Robert Plants vocals are what make this record, his blues tone add presence to each single.
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK FIVE - Misty mountain hop

                                NUMBER FIVE

                                Mark Joseph - Scream
                                Just listening back on this album a couple of days ago reminds me how much I love it. The greatest debut CD in British history, yet criminally unknown to most.
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK SIX - Moody blues

                                NUMBER FOUR

                                Motion City Soundtrack - I am the movie
                                Really big in America, not so much over here. I've seen these guys live 2 or 3 times and they are superb, one of only a handful of bands who can recreate there songs live. Hard to put these guys under any genre, kind of punk-rock-new age-synth-emo, you know what I mean???
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK FOUR - Indoor living

                                NUMBER THREE

                                Radiohead - The Bends
                                OK Computer used to be my favourite album, it is stunning but it doesn't have the quality throughout that The Bends has. This album is consistent and has some classic singles, this was the last album from the old school Radiohead. Indie!
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK TEN - Black star

                                NUMBER TWO

                                The Beatles - Abbey Road/Revolver/Magical Mystery Tour
                                Unfortunately I have had to cop out. I really can not choose my favourite between these three. I can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said about the fab four so I'm going to stop typing now...
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK ONE (ABBEY ROAD) - Come together

                                NUMBER ONE

                                Ben Folds Five - Whatever and ever amen
                                Ben Folds' Five's Whatever and Ever Amen is a fantastic collection of songs from a band beginning to believe in itself as something more than a novelty act. Having excised much of their regrettable tendency to flippancy with their first album, the three members of Ben Folds Five delivered a classic follow-up: the single "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" is a witheringly witty character study of middle-class wasters that could be thought of as an American companion piece to Pulp's "Common People". Angry and articulate, Whatever and Ever Amen is a rewarding exploration of the hitherto virgin territory between Elvis Costello and Jerry Lee Lewis. It also contained the instant live favourite "Song for the Dumped", which in one transcendentally splendid moment--Folds' exuberant yelp of "Well, fuck you, too / Give me my money back, you bitch"--managed to make the rest of rock's vast canon of unrequited affection feel somewhat redundant - Couldn't of said it better myself!
                                Favourite Track
                                TRACK NINE - Missing the war


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