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Top 10 Christmas Wishlist

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36 Reviews

All the gadgets and goodies that you want to see under your Christmas tree this year.

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    36 Reviews
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      22.09.2013 14:45
      Very helpful



      Why can't everybody just get along!

      As I have become older and I am happier to receive the simple things and I have to say any Christmas has to be better than last year.

      Last year my Christmas and I imagine the general population of Belfast's Christmas was ruined by the flag protests, we are still in a recession and because of the protests all the shops peek earning time went down the tubes. Those who did the damage made the countries economic climate worse and I didn't get to see all the people I wanted to see due to road blockages and general violence which generally sucked. I feared for the safety of my grandparents as they live close to the disturbances. So my number one wish for Christmas is peace and quiet and no flag protests or other such protests, I myself did most of my shopping over the internet because I did not want to get caught in the middle of anything. So if those peoples wish was to spoil everyone Else's Christmas then they succeeded.

      I guess secondly I would very much appreciate a full time job so that I can be more independent and pay my own way. At current I don't have any kids and most of my family are aged 15+ so largely I would just like to get them things that they want.

      I guess to me that's all I really want at the moment people to buy me some thoughtful nicnacs and to be able to see all my friends and family though winning the lottery would be a pretty nice gift also but that could happen anytime of the year and I would be very happy.

      So I guess I would like to see dad and uncles lifting up their shirts and pivoting round in circles on boxing day after they have had a few too many glasses of wine and hope that me and my brother stave off glandular fever and flu and that everyone feels healthy and relaxed while hopefully not putting on too much weight.


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        29.06.2013 00:05
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Enjoy it, make the most of it, be with ones you love!

        So this is the one time of year when we are all allowed to be a little shellfish and wish for a few nice surprises to appear under the Christmas Tree in the morning. The chances of people usually getting what you wish for at this time of year are pretty high I think. A lot of people save up the money for Christmas presents and are in the feel good mood and awaiting a happy Christmas.

        I am personally a huge fan of Christmas ever since I was young I have been. I am 19 now and still wake up at about 6am every Christmas Morning and jump on my parents bed wanting to open my stocking to start the day off. It is an amazing feeling at Christmas of feeling loved, together and a little spoilt. I treat my sister all year round so to know she's put effort into whatever she brought me for a Christmas present means a lot. So this is just my say on why I love Christmas and what things I would love to see under my tree on that one special Christmas morning.

        Number 1- A computer/laptop of my own, not an expensive one but just one that can keep going and do the basics mainly for University or just to search something up when I feel like it. I'm currently borrowing my Auntie's spare work laptop as my motherboard on my old laptop which I paid over £350 failed and will cost a fair bit to fix. Yes I am grateful that I have a laptop for now that works and was kindly given to me to borrow, but it could be taken away from me at anytime as it is a work laptop.

        Number 2- For a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas. My family had a terrible Christmas last year due to the fact we lost a family member but we don't need to go into detail about that. This year it would be nice to have a less stressful Christmas and actually get the chance to take it in and enjoy it.

        Number 3- To Have a great year. The one thing everyone wants more than anything at Christmas is to hope the new year will bring joy to everyone and that many things will happen in it and for the better.

        Number 4- A new Mattress, I love my bed and the mattress I've had it for about 5 years now it's so comfortable but it squeaks to much every night especially when I move and I am a terrible fidget. I'm lucky I do not have to share a bed with anyone although my parents insist they can hear me every time I move from their room. I think it's time I let go of it now and get a new mattress but technically it would be way too big to fit under our tree.

        Number 5- I'm pretty indecisive about Christmas presents and I never really know what to ask for. So having something unexpected to open on Christmas Morning from under the tree would be a nice little surprise.

        Number 6- I go mad for cartoon/ patterned pyjama/lounge pants. They're the most comfortable thing to wear around the house and they look good on to. Plus they have pockets, my favourite ones are actually from ASDA George they are about £10 a pair and come in so many patterns. I'm starting to build up a collection. When I go to University and move into halls I want to look cool/geeky in my pyjamas when I have to walk to the bathroom in front of 20 odd people.

        Number 7- At the moment I am planning on going to University in September and I am trying to gather all the things together I need to move in residence halls. I honestly didn't realise how much I needed to get. I am sure I will gather a lot of it before September but if I could have a few little things under the tree on Christmas day for University I would be relieved. I'd probably be so happy to see some pots and pans and odd little bits that can make a huge difference to things I can do in halls.

        Number 8- I would love cupid to have got me a date with someone and put a ticket under the tree to say they have got me a date with the person I've had feelings on for 3 years such a cliché I know but just being honest. I think most of things under the tree I would ask for would actually be gifts for my family or not real possessions but a good atmosphere.

        Number 9- A white Christmas would be absolutely amazing. I know I wish for it every year and it isn't something that will just happen. But if it fell at the right time even just for a few days so it doesn't cause havoc to everyone it would be beautiful. I don't have the money to go somewhere snowy at Christmas plus it wouldn't be right as it wouldn't be in my home. Just one snowy day of the year would be great!

        Number 10- Overall number 10 has to be for the day to go well and for friends and family to have a lovely time and put all of their worries behind them for the day. Leave the problems at the door and smile, have fun, drink alcohol, listen and sing to Christmas classics, play board games or do whatever suits you, but this is the one day of the year most people can relax be with their loved ones and just make the most of it and also think how lucky we all are to have each other.

        I'm a huge child at heart and love everything about Christmas day and the build up to it. Getting Christmas Cards through the door is nice and eating plenty of mince pies and going all out on present buying for family. Make the most of it, don't be a Scrooge not at this time of year.


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          19.12.2012 20:24
          Very helpful



          I'll never beat Mum's Christmas dinner - at least she's consultant!

          Well I've neglected dooyoo in the past week as, finally, the gorgeous Mr Rarr has been able to move in properly and our long distance relationship is now the two of us living together! If anything heralded a week off work then surely that did, so we've been busy and now I've got the urge to write again, so I thought I'd do a little search and see what fellow dooyooers are saying about Christmas and chip in a little thought or two myself.

          So here we go with my Christmas wishlist!

          No 1 - For it to go well!

          So in the past few years I moved to the Midlands leaving poor old Mum in Norfolk. She in time followed me so last Christmas I was lucky enough to have her nearby. I've always spent Christmas with Mum, she's the most important person in the world to me (beating Mr Rarr into a short-head second by a whisker) and we've always just been the two of us. We're very close, but this year for the first time I'm hosting Christmas! With Mr Rarr's family away in Cornwall we are having this year's festivities at Rarr Towers with me, Mr Rarr, Mum and my two greyhounds who live with her due to my work schedule.

          I am bricking it. I have already had a trial turkey cooking run which admittedly went well, but can just imagine I'll stuff it up (no pun intended...). I haven't actually got a dining table, but thankfully Mother Rarr is in possession of a van (he goes by the name of Vincent) and is bringing one over the day before! So really it's a big fuss over one day but I have been looking forward to this day for a long time and will be pulling out all the stops to try and make it special for the two people (and two dogs) that I love the most.

          No 2 - For 2013 To Bring Good Fortune

          With me and Mr Rarr setting out in our lives of domestic bliss together, I hope for no disasters, for no structural crisis with Rarr Towers and for a good first year living together! Meeting him in 2012 made it a very good year but fortunes have been less kind to Mother Rarr as she works in a creative field and recessions tend not to treat them well, so most of all I wish for an improvement of fortunes for her. She's an amazing woman and deserves to do better.

          No 3 - To Be Able To Put 2013 To Good Use

          I love my job and I'm very lucky to have it but I am equally well aware that I am female and in a commited relationship and whilst I still run a mile when someone's horrible brat starts throwing one in Waitrose, I suppose part of me is starting to admit that one day there is the slightest possibility that I might want a child. One thing I do know is that if I were to become a mother I would no longer want to commute, as commuters are to a man (or woman) miserable bastards (as with Irish jokes, I can say this because I am one) and whilst I would rather not have kids, if I did I would want to raise them with as much personal involvement as possible. On top of this I am quite a creative person and I have several things that I would like to start doing to a professional level - certain crafts, blogs etc - that I recognise I should get on with now rather than wish I had done it in a few years time as I leave for the commute to the smog and dump Mini Rarr on poor old Mum. So I hope to make myself basically bloody well organised enough to get on this little life project and stop making excuses and letting other things get in the way.

          No 4 - To Not Stuff It Up!!

          I have been planning this day for months, after all. Will I forget something / someone's card / a crucial ingredient / a genius present idea I had months ago, and will I recall this vital piece of information from the wine-addled recesses of my festive brain at approximately 9.34 on December 25th? Course I blimmin' well will. The only comfort I can take is that I'm probably not the only one.

          No 5 - To Make People Smile

          Because nothing makes a day better than seeing the people who mean the most to you in the whole world smile and laugh. And that includes the greyhounds.

          No 6 - Well If One Must Be Superficial About It...

          ...jewellery never goes amiss with Miss Rarr. I love the stuff. Having once worked for an independent jeweller, I think I will never lose my love for things silvery and gemstoney. But as nobody who buys presents for me will ever read this, I shall stop boring you with my suspicion that in a former life I was in fact a magpie, and move on...

          No 7 - But What I Really Love...

          ...is anything to do with cookery. I have so many books. SO, SO MANY. Do I have enough? Do I flip. Bring them forth, and while you're at it, bring on the gadgets. I love to cook. Mum's befuddled expression when I reassured her for the fiftieth time that I really WOULD LOVE that garlic crusher for Christmas just summed it up, really.

          No 8 - A Great Result

          Boxing Day has been more significant to my oldest schoolhood friend and I than Christmas since I can remember. Why? There's a horse race at Kempton, the King George. The amazing Kauto Star, winner of the race five times, has recently been retired as you may have read in the media, so either former winner Long Run retains his crown or we have to embrace another era of hopeful champions in the steeplechasing world. Fingers crossed for a magnificent result - whoever provides it. And I hope my old bessie mate enjoys every minute.

          No 9 - Cracking The Cheeseboard Etiquette

          Seriously, there's supposedly an "etiquette" about cheeseboards. Which reminds me. Sugar, I haven't written the cheese shopping list. ARGH!!!!

          No 10 - The Perfect Christmas Eve

          Even though it was always just the two of us, Mum and I had a Christmas Eve buffet-type meal. Now there are three of us (plus hounds) so it's still indulgent, but I shall be cooking it all from scratch and, as I have to work on Boxing Day, Christmas Eve shall be my chance to get ever so slightly squiffy. I feel I shall embrace that opportunity with relish once all the work is done, and hope to have my nearest, dearest and houndest stuffed to snooziness by ten pm.

          Have a lovely Christmas everyone, and see you plenty in 2013!


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            05.12.2012 14:09
            Very helpful



            stuff I want for christmas

            For some reason this year doesn't really seem like Christmas. It's strange because usually by now I'm all geared up and buying loads of presents but this year I just don't have the motivation for it all. Nevertheless presents are always a good thing to look forward to.

            1. Will be going to uni in September so will be needing lots of everyday things like perfumes, roll on, shower gels, creams and other essential things for everyday use. I would like to start stacking up on those sort of things now so when I go I have a good supply and won't run out so that will be one expense less for when I do go to uni. Nice branded stuff would be nice.

            2. Apple Mac Laptop
            I've been wanting one of these for ages because I'm into making films but things keeps getting in the way and I just never get round to buying one. It would be nice to get one for christmas but not really holding my hopes on that one since they are quite expensive.

            3. Dallas season 4-14 would be nice because I am stuck at the end of season 3 and I am so tempted to go a look who shot JR but don't want to spoil the surprise for myself. Some other DVDs would be nice as well since I watch a movie every night before bed and I have run out of things to watch so some new things would be good. i do have to admit that I would be a very hard person to shop for DVDS for because it's getting to a point were there is very little that I have not watched.

            In terms of physical presents that is all I really want to be fair because most things I tend to want I buy myself so don't really need much. I think for me Christmas is just going to be able relaxing doing nothing and eating loads of food. I think the best present I could ask for is to just spend the break with family and catch up with everyone.


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              02.12.2012 15:47
              Very helpful



              Christmas wishlist

              My Christmas Wish list
              What would you like for Christmas??? Can you write it down for me? He orders!!! So I wrote a wish list for him and his family to follow, it had less than 10 things on it though, but this list has is a bit different as it has things on it my husband cannot give me. So in no particular order (apart from number 1 which really is number 1 wish), here goes my Christmas wish list . . .

              1. Spend Christmas with my family
              I would love to spend Christmas with my family. Unfortunately yet again this is not possible this year. My parents live abroad and with my mum working at hospital, she has to work this year so they can come to us. My hubby has no annual leave left and I would not want to spend Christmas without my him, so we can't go and see them. This year will be the 5th year in the row that I haven't seen my family at Christmas, we are going over next year not matter what. I still have my husband, my lovely daughter and hubby's family with me so I am happy but really miss my family especially during Christmas time.

              2. New job
              Three months ago I left my job I absolutely loved because it is re-locating and it would mean travelling 40 miles each way every day which I didn't want to do. I started new job which I absolutely hate and wish I never left my old job. I have had interview recently and another one coming up (hopefully) so fingers crossed I managed to get a new job, would make my Christmas that little bit nicer.

              3. Nomination bracelet
              I have asked for the nomination bracelet this year, I think this is one of the present I will actually get as my hubby has been casually asking what I like and tried to "secretly" get some ideas out of me.

              4. My daughter to call me "mummy" instead of daddy
              My daughter bless her call me and my husband both Daddy. She called my Mummy before but only when we are visiting my parent or when they visit us which is really strange, otherwise I am called daddy. Not that I mind too much, but would be lovely if she called me mummy, we are getting confused whether she is calling my husband or me :)

              5. New hair straighteners
              Recently, when I was visiting my parents, I left my straighteners behind so I have to use my old ones. I have short hair and find it difficult to straighten my hair with the old straighteners so asked for the mini straighteners. My hubby brought some for me already and gave them to me but I am still not using them until after Christmas.

              6. New tattoo
              I have a few tattoos and I would like a new addition for Christmas. I know this is not going to happen but if I had unlimited cash available I would have one done. Never mind, it is my birthday in March so maybe then. But yes this one is on my Christmas list still; I might win the lottery haha

              7. Dior/Lancome mascara
              I have put Dior/Lancome mascara on my Christmas wishlist (husband asked me to write one a while ago). Since having my daughter and having to pay childcare I cannot afford luxury make-up but would not mind getting it for Christmas, if I will, I will write the review on Dooyoo :)

              8. Parfume
              I think this one is classic. Every woman loves parfumes, I absolutely love Dior - Jadore or Marc Jacobs - Daisy. They are not cheap and since I ran out of both now, it would be nice to get a new bottle.

              9. Furry hat from Next
              I have seen this lovely furry hat in Next, it is sort of ginger/brown in colour and has ears on it - it looks better than I described it. I tried it on and really liked it (even though I looked daft wearing it).

              10. And finally . . . Love, health, happiness and peace to all

              I will not be upset if I don't get a perfume for Christmas or if I don't get a hat. What matters to me is seeing my daughter face when she opens her presents and sees her new dolly pram and other exciting toys she is getting.

              Hope you all have lovely Christmas!!!
              Thanks for reading


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                02.12.2012 02:42
                Very helpful



                an ideal wishlist....

                Hmm It's interesting I love giving presents but when it people ask what would I like I can't really think of anything! So if money was absolutely no object, here are the things that I would ideally like Santa to leave wrapped under my tree :)

                N.B. Some of these things probably have no chance of fitting under a tree but they are things I would like anyway lol!

                1. A new car

                I am currently saving for a new car myself, but giving my plan and how much I can realistically afford I won't be getting it until about Sept next year. I've been driving my first car (a 53 plate peugeot) since I passed my test 2 years ago, I now think I am a more experienced driver and so need to step up in the car ladder! I have my eye on a Hyundai i10 ideally but have heard good things about a Kia Picanto so either of those will do!

                2. A new sofa

                It is my dream to have a corner sofa, and at the moment at home we have 2 small 2 seater sofas which we got from argos. They are ok, but not the most comfortable thing to lay back on, so I definitely wouldn't say no to a new plush sofa. I have been eyeing them up on the DFS website so hopefully in january sales I can lure the other half in there and convince him as I don't think I will know exactly which one I want until I've had a good bounce around on it lol.

                3. A Brabantia Bin

                Me and my mum have been harping on about these bins since she saw a really nice one at her friends house and I read a good review about them on here. I am sure no-one is getting me this as a 50 litre one is well expensive, but I have seen it on amazon for £85 so fingers crossed in january it'll reduce even a little further and dooyoo amazon vouchers can contribute!

                4. This Means War (DVD)

                Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Tom Hardy. I have a few of his stuff on DVD but haven't gotten round to seeing this yet nor getting the DVD. I mentioned it in passing to my sister who I am 90% sure is getting it for me so fingers crossed!

                5. Strawberry Body Butter from The Body Shop

                Ever since wandering into The Body Shop some time back I am loving this body butter! I have gotten a good way through my tub, so again I dropped some subtle hints to my sister and last time I was round her house I spied a delivery slip from the body shop (she's lazy like me, and is an online shopper!) so I'm pretty sure this hint was well received!

                6. Michael Kors Bag

                There is a new Michael Kors store in Covent Garden and recently I couldn't help but wander in and completely fall in love. There was a bag I particularly liked but my other half gently reminded me £250 was a lot to spend on a bag and wasn't I meant to be saving for my new car. (insert sulky face here lol). He has a point, but the bag would still be nice so if money was no object this would totally be under the tree!

                7. New pair of Uggs

                I had a little clearout this week, with the mentality that the new year is approaching and I want to go in with a new mindset and hopefully a new wardrobe lol. My faithful uggs lasted me over 2 years but they recently got a hole and whilst I now never wear them I don't have the heart to throw them away. This will be done at some point, but it would be nice to have a new pair to replace them!

                8. A Sainsburys gift card loaded with £1000

                Now, I love sainsburys, it's my ideal place for my food shopping and I love gift cards as they are super practical. So why not ask for a giftcard that would help me in the long run? In reality, I don't think this amount would see us past 4 months food shopping or so, but it would be better than nothing!

                9. A tablet

                Yes, ok so I have a macbook, why do I also need a tablet? I blame all the reviews on a Google Nexus, Ipad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab etc which got me itching to get my hands on one! I do think they are really beneficial, my daughter could play on it, it could probably substitute as an e-reader and generally be useful all round. I can't actually decide what brand I would like as I keep changing my mind but I'm sure if I unwrapped one this christmas it wouldn't go unappreciated!

                10. Happiness

                This is actually the most important thing I could ask for and doesn't cost a thing. Good health, strength, quality time with family and friends and seeing my daughter enjoy christmas day would make me endlessly happy. All the other previous items on the list would make me happy for a while, but whilst they are only material, my daughter is the most important strand in my life and all the amazing family and friends I have, carry so much more value than a new car or a tablet. I'm not going to be all sentimental here as I am really happy with my life and whilst it isn't perfect I have no need to cry so I am sure I will have a really happy christmas whatever I get!


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                  20.11.2012 14:12
                  Very helpful



                  You don't need lots of money to enjoy Christmas

                  Well as I seem to be getting in the Christmas Spirit thought I would think of my own personal wishlist - not sure if this is supposed to be just materialistic or not but I've done a bit of everything:

                  A peaceful happy Christmas with no arguments. I think every woman/mum wants to give their family a great Christmas and if we can get through to Boxing Day without any squabbles I can breath a sigh of relief. Not that we argue particularly - but we always want Christmas to be 'perfect' don't we?

                  Some alcohol - but not too much! I enjoy a glass or two of wine at Christmas - especially in bed with a good book. But I hate it if others partake a little too much.

                  Going back to number 2 - I don't think Christmas is Christmas without books. luckily my sister will always give me a good selection - but sometimes I also buy one for myself to make sure I have one.

                  Some Bendicks Mints - usually they come from my sister and I'll start eating them while cooking lunch.

                  Seeing family and friends. I love getting all the family around to open presents - its not the presents that are important - but keeping and maintaining family ties. The same goes with friends - its lovely to catch up and see people you may only chat to on the phone for the rest of the year. Seeing my two sons happy is the best present ever.

                  I'd love to have zest and vitality. Having ME means I have to budget my energy and it would be great to have an endless supply for once.

                  Having snow - but only for Christmas Day and of I didn't have to travel. I think it makes everywhere look magical.

                  Having lots of letters in my Christmas Cards - I always think cards are a bit bare if they just get signed - I like News!

                  Finding out after Christmas that you are not in heavy debt!

                  Finding lots of bargains in the sales ready for NEXT Christmas!!


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                    06.11.2010 20:55
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    we all have a wish list

                    My christmas wish list is....

                    10: Some new make up, Just had a rummage through my make up bag and its looking a bit empty so i may drop the hint to my mum or sister and hope for the best.

                    9: Jumpers, I seem to have completely outgrown all my jumpers. I live in 1 my mum got me a few weeks ago or i just pinch my partners, and since im now pregnant i need some jumpers!!

                    8: Bath things, I never really use them, but this year i think it would be nice to relax in a bath full of bubbles with some lit candles.

                    7: Ugg boots, I live in my black boots right now and i dont think they will last much longer. Ive got a pair like ugg boots but i want some ugg boots this year :)

                    6: Chocolate! Id like my stocking to be FULL of chocolate. I dont care what chocolate, any is fine.

                    5: Wii Party, My best friend got it the other day and i played it today and im completely HOOKED, it was literally amazing, i was going to buy it the other day but changed my mind and got a bra instead.

                    4: A new bag, i hate all my bags and as a result i dont go out with one so my stuff ends up under my pushchair.

                    3: Perfume, I used to be obsessed with Burberry weekend but its been years since i bought or wore it. I sprayed abit on myself the other day and i remember why i liked it so much.

                    2: The sims 3 nightlife and Sims 3 fast lane. Im a big sims 3 fan, ive been dropping the hints at my mum for the past 2months.

                    1: What i really want is to have a good christmas surrounded by family. I would give up all the presents just to make sure the day was amazing.


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                      28.01.2010 21:33
                      Very helpful




                      I think this will have to be for my 2010 christmas, dont worry im sure it will come around very soon again!

                      1. Something thats just been confirmed recently is the Apple iPad, i love gadgets and this thing is like a giant iPhone/iTouch with all the same functions including new extras that will be announced soon, it only starts at $499 for the standard in America but im sure once it gets over to the UK itll be £499.

                      2. Vital FX Unit, not everyone will be familiar with this but im currently doing a music production course and this piece of hardware does an
                      incredible job of making music stand out from the crowd, although the old
                      school ones go for around £280 so im not expecting one but this is a wishlist.

                      3. Stanton USB Turntable. Like i said before with my music course a new turntable would be nice, my current one is not very practical for what i do and its a bit too 'plasticy' for my liking and doesnt feel like itll survive for much longer.

                      4. A Scratchcard! this might sound like a random odd present but getting a winning scratchcard for christmas would be brilliant and seeing the look on the persons face who brought me it would be priceless.

                      5. A nice stack of LP's/Vinyls/Records. As i like to listen to a varied amount of music i like to sample parts for my own production and finding that certain great sample that no one else has will help greatly later on.

                      6. A ticket to the NFL Superbowl, with all the costs added up this is the most unlikely present i would get, after the ticket, flights and hotel it would come close to £3000+ depending on where in America i have to travel to but it would be worth it.

                      7. 10 Blu-Rays. I love watching movies and i was collecting a lot of HD DVDs until that side went out of business, now blu-ray is starting to get going i'm in need of some new releases.

                      8. Driving Lessons, ive had a provisional license for some time now but ive only used it for ID, the amount of money driving lessons costs these days is whats holding me back from starting, so this would be a nice little boost for the future.

                      9. A Record Deal, i know you cant buy these but finding one under my christmas tree would be cool.

                      10. Last but not least which im sure a lot of people would of included would be a winning Lottery ticket, then i could buy everything above and not have to worry about my university fees when i go next year.

                      So there you go my ideal wish-list for 2010, i enjoy doing these little side reviews it lets people show a little bit about themselves and not be so serious on actual reviews.


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                        17.12.2009 19:25
                        Very helpful



                        Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Wine, Children Singing Christian Rhyme.....

                        What do you get an Abacus who has everything? Here's what:

                        10) Something entertaining on the telly for after the Turkey has filled my belly. This year it's Dr Who that I'm looking forward to & hope that after the hit & miss specials of the last couple of months that it isn't a damp squib.

                        9) Christmas Trees that retain their pine needles all the way up til 12th night. I know, I know but Christmas is a time of miracles.

                        8) Enough peace, calm and fun to make my wife smile. After the year we've had she deserves a decent Christmas.

                        7) Lots of visits from friends and family. A full house is a happy house (this kind of contradicts no 8 as far as calmness goes but should help ensure the fun quota).

                        6) A decent Panto. We're hitting our local theatre on Boxing Day for Cinderella. I'm hoping the family all enjoy it rather than endure it.

                        5) Some decent carol concerts. This year in the run up we're taking in 13 assorted concerts, the ones so far have been distinctly average but I'm still hoping.

                        4) Snow, with the proviso that it doesn't lead to accidents, misery and the country grinding to a halt.

                        3) Presents that make my little girl giggle. It's the best sound in the world.

                        2) An endless supply of Carling (but without any hangover)

                        1) The same thing I wish for every 6 weeks whatever the season - my baby getting getting the all-clear from her cancer tests


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                          11.12.2009 19:58
                          Very helpful



                          Happy Christmas!

                          My Top 10 Christmas Wishlist 2009

                          As 2007 is a few years back this really is for 2009. I have been so slow at getting things ready for Christmas this year I'm only thinking of a wishlist now. So here goes!

                          1. My first wish would be that I start to feel a bit better. I am currently pregnant and was very under the weather at the start of my pregnancy with sickness and migraines.

                          Thankfully Christmas has come early and as my migraines have started to ease so fingers crossed they are away for the New Year. I hope that the rest of my pregnancy goes well and that my baby is born happy and healthy.

                          2. I have been very lucky to have all my family in good health this year. I hope next year brings me the same.

                          3. You know what I am looking forward to most this Christmas and it may sound very silly but crackers and cheese.

                          Also Shloer (as I am not allowed any alcohol this will be the next best thing). Plus just getting a Christmas dinner and being able to eat as much as you want (yum yum).

                          4. I hope to have the usual family get together parties where everyone gets a little merry. This year I can just sit back, watch and laugh at them all cause I'm going to remember everything in the morning lol!

                          Every year my family play some sort of game together this past few years it's been buzz! It is rather funny watching all the men compete at who has best knowledge.

                          5. I would like to get my usual PJ's which I get to wear on Christmas Eve. It's the only time of year I tend to get new ones lol!

                          6. It would be nice if I got fancy makeup, perfume and hair care products so I can treat myself instead of the cheap stuff I usually buy.

                          7. I wish Lady Gaga had extra dates in her tour where I live only after my baby was born so then I could go and not worry about crowds of people pushing and shoving me. I would love to see her in concert!

                          8. I'm actually getting this wish and that is a diamond eternity ring from my husband. I have picked the most gorgeous ring and can't wait to get it.

                          9. I would obviously love to win the lottery and then be able to buy everyone and myself everything that we have ever wanted. This is more of a fantasy though, can always keep my fingers crossed. It wouldn't bring happiness though I suppose.

                          10. My last wish is that everyone has a brilliant Christmas and gets everything that they want.

                          This is just my wishlist everyone expects different things from Christmas. Hope Santa brings you everything you wanted.


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                            20.10.2009 00:11
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                            selfish but true

                            2007 seems a bit out of date, so here is my Christmas wish list for 2009. I know it is quite early, but adverts have already started appearing on tele and the shops are beginning to fill up with their Christmas stock. So here it is, in reverse order some things I would like to find under the tree this year:

                            10: An envelope containing tickets to a Carribean island for a month. It would obviously be piping hot and I would be waited on all day by good looking types in very skimpy beachwear.

                            9: All the Star Wars action figures ever. Ever. This includes the 1977 toys and every figure since, so we would be looking at several thousand figures. I would need a lot of shelves to display them on. (Shelves are not part of the top ten list.)

                            8: A huge painting of 'The Blue Cloak' by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Google it and be impressed that I like art.

                            7: An invitation to have dinner with Enya at her castle in Ireland. We would have intelligent conversation, discuss her music and ability to make her voice so angelic, before rounding the evening off with a bit of port and cheese. Enya would invite me to her bedroom and attempt to seduce me by candlelight, but I would graciously decline her advances and sleep downstairs.

                            6: A new car. Something very very fast and cool. With insurance paid for for the next few years.

                            5: The original copy of The Bible. Just so I can brag.

                            4: A bag of chocolate coins from M and S. It's necessary every year to receive these.

                            3: A signed photograph of Jeremy Irons.

                            2: Sigourney Weaver.

                            1: A DVD of all previous Christmasses. Just so I can compare them and laugh at how each year is exactly the same as the previous year.

                            I await these ten things.


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                              16.10.2009 01:31
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                              Yes ok I realise that I am almost two years late for this however I still have a wish list for christmas 2009 ;). Ok I may be thinking ahead as it is still only October and I normally start my xmas shopping around the end of November, early december however, i know of a few people who have completely finished already! In my opinion this spoils the novelty of xmas although I suppose christmas is very costly and needs to be spread over some time.

                              So here goes my christmas wish list for 2009:

                              1) Everyone to be happy this year.
                              2009 hasn't been a particularly kind year to my family. Redundancies, deaths along with other things have been difficult. Hopefully 2010 will be a better year! Seeing family members happy and healthy is very important which brings me to my next wish...

                              2) Good Health
                              I wish good health for all my friends and family :) Hopefully everyone has a good 2010 with no major health problems.

                              3) Win the lottery ;)
                              Maybe we could all have a xmas to remember hey? ok I can dream...

                              4) A car
                              Since passing my test in July I have been saving for a car well ok been saving for the insurance more like!! Maybe Santa is feeling particulary generous this year and supplies me with a lovely car.

                              5) Lots of food
                              Yum, the usual xmas food collection. Tins of Roses, nuts, sweets, selection boxes, roast dinner, xmas cake, chocolate log. Ok I admit this is my favourite thing about xmas- the one time of year all the goodies come out! This usually results in everyone lying on the sofa feeling rather sick but still yummy!

                              6) Laughter
                              I wish that everyone has a good laugh this year, even if it is due to a dodgy present. Laughter is almost always present at my house unless of course we are all asleep after eating too much! :) Boxing day is the day guarenteed for laughter when all the christmas games are brought out.

                              Hmm.. now I'm getting stuck,
                              7) I hope that everyone likes there presents that they receive off me & if not tough haha. I find some family members so tough to buy for they have pretty much everything and when asked what they would like they tend to say " I don't know" grr that don't help.

                              8) I wish for some nice new clothes or preferably vouchers for New Look so I can pick my own :).

                              9) A Nintendo Wii with the wii fit. I have been lucky enough to use this at a friends and find it so entertaining. The Wii fit also has health benefits as it weighs you and calculates by your height your BMI (body mass index).

                              10) Malibu :) A couple of Malibu & lemonades to celebrate and get into the festive spirit with!

                              Those are my own personal top ten wishes, I suppose we all have different wishes amd hopes for christmas and the new year. Whatever you receive for christmas I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy it with those who mean most to you :) :)


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                                14.05.2009 23:48
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                                ahh well, I can hope!

                                Right, well, I know that the title says top 10 christmas wishlist 2007 so yes, i am very late!

                                And i also know that it is may, so we are still 7 months from christmas, but I love christmas sooo much, and am very over excitable so when i saw this I just couldnt resist writing my own!!

                                The only problem with this is getting my wishes down to 10!

                                1. As this is my first christmas where i shall be living away from home, without my family around me, but with my amazing fionce, I wish for it all to go well, and to not find it too stressful traveling around visiting both of our families (especially since his family live around an hour away!). I also wish for them not to come here to visit, as i really couldnt handle the stress of cooking, seen as I find it beyond my capabilities to make a decent beans on toast!

                                2. Health and Happiness, for all of my family and friends! And world peace, but i'm trying to be realistic!

                                3. The abolishment of religion.. maybe that would be the beginning of world peace. Sorry to all those who disagree, this is just my view!

                                4. Now to the material possessions... Lots of clothes and shoes, you really can never have too many can you?

                                5. Make up, lots and lots of it! In every possible colour please :) !

                                6. Perfume. But only if i hint for it, as i'm very picky!

                                7. A flat screen tv. I cant really see this one happening, but this IS a wish list!!

                                8. Sky+, as i'm sick of missing everything!

                                9. Lots of books :), I already own too many that i cant bear to part with, but i would love some more!

                                10. Lots of boxsets, as I watch far too much tv, but whenever I get into a series I seem to miss one or two episodes!
                                Thanks Santa!
                                Hannah .x.


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                                  22.12.2008 12:50
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                                  A wishlist of things to enjoy at Christmas

                                  We've reached that time of year again, when from having been too soon to think about preparations for Christmas it will soon suddenly become too late. In our household this transition takes a particular form, one that reflects a temperamental difference between my wife and me. She is a proactive person, who likes to face up to getting things done early so that she can then relax. I prefer to face up to the relaxing first, the doing later. Note that there is no difference in our willingness to undertake the necessary tasks, nor in our willingness to relax, merely in our order of priorities.

                                  In any case, the upshot is that I tend to think it's still too early for Christmas preparations while she's already thinking it's too late, and some friction inevitably ensues. And this year history, like so many of us at Christmas, shows every sign of repeating itself. Which is one reason for looking forward to the day itself, by which time it will be possible to tick off the first item on the "Top 10 Christmas Wishlist", namely:

                                  1. Christmas shopping over for another year.

                                  By one means or another, it will be done. The one means is her careful compilation of lists and systematic purchasing of the selected items; the other is my frantic foray late on Christmas Eve. It has to be admitted that there are not many things still needing to be bought by then, but in spirit I am always willing to do my share and it is not my fault that something - misplaced priorities, impatience or Pre-Midwinter Tension - takes possession of her soul and robs me of the chance to do so, leaving me with nothing to do but feel guilty. Still, I forgive her as I hope she will forgive me, because it is the season of: -

                                  2. Good will.

                                  A time to forgive everyone their trespasses. And this includes good will not just towards the usual suspects, but towards those who would not in the normal way of things feature on any good will list: those who trespass against us, for example, those who want us to do the Christmas shopping, noisy neighbours, telephone salespeople, mothers-in-law, carol singers and so on.

                                  Carol singers? I sense your askance glance and hear your sharp intake of breath as you begin to suspect me of unseasonally Scrooge-like tendencies, doubtless wondering why good will towards carol singers should be called into question in the first place. So, yes, I confess. At the risk of revealing myself as a curmudgeon, carol singers do remind me a bit of trick-and-treaters, and are surely the sort of people our far-sighted legislators had in mind when they outlawed the practice of demanding money with menaces, the menace in this case being the infliction of further ill-sung songs unless they are bribed to go away ("we'll not go until we've got some, so bring it out here" - I rest my case, m'lud).

                                  But note that I am pleading for them to be forgiven, thereby proving my good will to one and all, even to our legislators (at what other time of year would I be likely to refer to them as "far-sighted"?). Good will of this high octane kind doesn't come of its own accord, but requires additives, which brings us to: -

                                  3. Good cheer, or Cheers at least.

                                  Regular readers of my reviews will know that I don't usually need an excuse to enjoy a drink. Okay, I'll rephrase that: I don't ever need an excuse to enjoy a drink. Nevertheless, why turn down a perfectly good excuse when one presents itself? And no excuse presents itself more pervasively or persuasively than does Christmas. I'll drink to that.

                                  Alcohol is not, I'm told, without its anti-social side. Allegedly some people do silly things under its influence, things they will later regret, like driving, becoming belligerent or proposing marriage. (Just in case this is giving you ideas, take a tip from an old hand and do not attempt all three at the same time, even when sober.)

                                  But few of life's blessings are entirely unmixed. Every silver lining has its cloud. The worst cloud in the case of drink is the dark one, pregnant with thunder, which hangs over your head the morning after. There are several ways to lighten this darkness. You could: delay your awakening till the afternoon (impractical in a house full of revellers), not imbibe so much in the first place (unthinkable), dilute it with masses of water (undrinkable) or eat excess food to absorb the superfluity of alcohol. No prizes for guessing which I recommend. It's: -

                                  4. Eating to excess.

                                  Gluttony, in fact. I'll eat to that. Roast bird of a suitable species, sticky pudding of the kind you have cunningly kept from the carol-singers, choccies and cake - the sort of fare that adds inches to your waistline just drafting the menu. Yes, gluttony's supposedly one of the deadly sins, but it's by no means the only one to rear its beautiful head at Christmas-tide, so let's forgive it its trespasses and accord it the starring role that it deserves.

                                  Talking of which, this seems a suitable moment to tackle the thorny issue of religion and its role in Yuletide festivities. I know that some people are put off Christmas by the intrusion of Christianity into what was originally a Pagan festival, but I feel this is ungenerous, unworthy and narrow-minded. Christmas should be for everyone to enjoy, even Christians. And even Pagans for that matter. Indeed, even everyone, in whatever way they choose.

                                  Most religions have a midwinter festival of some sort, the real purpose being to lighten the gloom and fuel people's spirits for the long trek through the coldest months to Spring, which only goes to show that religions are not always as daft as one might reasonably suppose. Of course, they all have their own eccentric approaches to midwinter celebration, and what we are familiar with as Christmas draws on a whole variety of these, and on secular ones as well. Within my own, wholly irreligious, family we pick and mix still further from the medley of celebratory options on offer, without prejudice as to whether their origins were religious or otherwise. One of the curious customs we enjoy is: -

                                  5. Decking the Halls....

                                  ....with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la, la la la la! Actually, mostly with ivy since this overruns our garden with a vigour that the holly cannot match, and is more pliable and easier to handle when used for decking. But holly has the priceless advantage of rhyming with jolly, so let's include them both. Oh yes, and mistletoe too. As with having a drink, one doesn't really need an excuse for kissing people, but why turn down a perfectly good excuse when one presents itself?

                                  Then there's the tree, of course, shimmering with lights and festooned with baubles and tinsel - baubles and tinsel that are in danger in a cat-owning household, but what the hell, it's their Christmas holiday too (the cats', that is, not the baubles' and tinsel's, which will be working overtime). And even if you do have cats to clamber up and claw down the decorations, you've got to have the tree, if only to have something beneath which to stack: -

                                  6. Pressies.

                                  Even at my age, I find there is still a thrill to opening presents. This is strange, since there is very little that I want to be given. I don't mean to suggest that I'm selfless - far from it - just satiated. I already have about all the material possessions I am ever likely to desire. This makes it tough for the family to buy gifts for me, and apart from the pleasure of receiving there is an added frisson of curiosity as to what they will have found. They can be remarkably, and gratifyingly, inventive.

                                  In any case, it's not just one's own gifts that matter. It's the whole friendly ritual of the gift-opening. Ideally, of course, one has young children in attendance to set the tone with some really unbridled excitement, from the whoops of delight at the discovery of filled stockings on awakening to the tearing off of wrapping paper and the instant absorption in the toys within. Probably, it is the memory of one's own childhood joy that make present-opening so pleasurable. Similarly with: -

                                  7. Silly games.

                                  And, to be fair, some sensible ones as well, though these should be played in party hats from crackers to imbue them with an appropriate spirit of silliness. If games become too serious, there are always quizzes, puzzles, ritual readings and recitations and so forth to fall back on. It may be awfully corny, but I enjoy that sort of stuff; it harks back to a bygone age when people had to create their own active entertainment, rather than sitting passively in front of a television - not that I mind sitting passively in front of a television if the right programme is showing or if I'm too stupefied to do anything more active. Assuming I'm still insufficiently stupefied and sufficiently active, I also enjoy: -

                                  8. A refreshing Christmas Walk.

                                  One of our family rituals. We always have a light lunch on Christmas Day, saving the slap-up blow-out for the evening, and this means that there is generally an hour or so of daylight in the afternoon for a walk around the neighbourhood. Quite a lot of people seem to do this, so there is plenty of opportunity to exchange cheery greetings with passers-by, contributing to the benign mood of the occasion. It also freshens us up for the later assault on food, drink, games and all the other goodies listed above.

                                  As with the rest of them, it also brings us together as a: -

                                  9. Contented family.

                                  I know that there must be something deeply wrong with my family because we all get on rather well. Probably, we're in need of counselling. Families, as we know, are meant to be dysfunctional, beset by squabbles, feuds and seething resentment. Maybe I'm just insensitive, but I detect none of these in our household, except of course for my wife's resentment of my tardiness doing my share of Christmas preparations, a relatively minor matter, although I suppose she might not think so.

                                  But what ointment is complete without the odd fly? Generally, we're a happy family. It's the pleasure of gathering a happy family around me that enables me to regard Christmas as a haven of: -

                                  10. Peace and Quiet.

                                  As with gifts, the wish for peace and quiet is actually surplus to my own requirements. I no longer need Christmas to provide me with peace and quiet because my life is full of those two precious commodities in any case. But the memory lingers of when Christmas was a brief lull in a hectic storm of work and parental obligations. And where the memory lingers so does the mood. Even though I'm busier at Christmas now than at most other times of year, it still feels like a time of rest.

                                  The only thing really wrong with Christmas is that it does not go on long enough. Where are those twelve days of Christmas that we hear of in the song? By the twelfth day of Christmas most of us are long since back at work and the only evidence of celebration is some rather bedraggled decorations overdue to be dismantled. We're all being short-changed, in my opinion. I propose to start a campaign to BRING BACK THE FULL 12 DAYS. Indeed, why stop there? Once we have achieved the restoration of the twelve days, we can progress to thirteen (following the admirable precedent of the baker's dozen), then fourteen and so on....

                                  Until eventually no one, not even I, will be able to complain that Christmas starts too early, because it never will have stopped.

                                  © First published in its original form under the name torr on Ciao UK, 24th December 2004.

                                  Talking of dates, I notice that Dooyoo's topic heading stipulates 2007, so perhaps I'm posting this a little late, but the wishlist wouldn't have been different then, even with the benefit of hindsight.


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