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    131 Reviews
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      13.10.2013 15:24
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      The Dude abides


      I grew up during the Betamax/VHS boom and remember getting to see all sorts of fantastic movies, both old and new, during that era. I developed the habit of watching movies and I've never lost it.

      My taste in movies is wide and varied. Whilst I enjoy 'mainstream' movies, I also love old classics, Bollywood and more cult material too. Here's my top ten, in no particular order. I'm not going to regurgitate the minutia of the plot here - if you want that you'll find it on IMDB. Instead, this is my personal list of why I think these films are worth seeing.

      (1) The Wizard of Speed and Time - Not many people have heard of this one. I was introduced to it at university, through the science fiction society I used to belong to. It's written and directed by Mike Jittlov, a behind-the-scenes stopmotion animation master in real life. He plays the main character in the film too, a version of his true persona from what I can gather. It's a sweet romance on one level and a sly satire on the insanity of the Hollywood system on the other. It also contains some of the most impressive and imaginative stopmotion you'll see anywhere.

      (2) Ghostbusters - A 1980s classic! I have to confess I've seen this around 100 times and why yes, I am sad enough to be able to quote all the dialogue! It's funny, has some iconic set pieces, is set in New York and contains Bill Murray's best work, in my humble opinion.

      (3) Back to the Future - My other top 1980s classic. I have totally fangirled over this since I first saw it aged 12, to the point of making a pilgrimage to Universal Studios in Hollywood to go on the Back To The Future ride, and even getting to sit in one of the prop cars from the second movie. For those who don't know, this is a very funny time-travel movie where Marty McFly (played by Michael J Fox) goes back to the 1950s, meets his own parents as teenagers and almost prevents himself being born. Christopher Lloyd has an iconic role as unhinged scientist Doc Emmett Brown; and Huey Lewis and the News provide much of the soundtrack.

      (4) The Road to Morocco - It's desperately unfashionable but I adore the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope Road movies. I first saw them as a kid when the BBC showed all six films over Christmas one year. Road to Morocco is the first of the Road movies, and to my mind the best. It's a classic 'buddy' movie with Bing & Bob getting into all sorts of scrapes in North Africa, and singing a fair few songs too. It breaks the fourth wall on several occasions and has its tongue firmly in cheek. I think it's a really fun family movie.

      (5) The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension - Once in a while a movie has a cast of then-unknowns who go on to be major stars. This is one such film. Peter Weller, Christopher Lloyd, John Lithgow, Clancy Brown, Jeff Goldblum...the list goes on. Describing Buckaroo Banzai is almost impossible: it's part science fiction, comedy, musical, horror, romance and action. Buckaroo Banzai himself is a hero who is a brain surgeon, test pilot, rock musician and physist, and is surrounded by his faithful group of supporters, the Hong Kong Cavaliers. They fight crime/save the world whenever they're called by their fans, the Blue Blaze Irregulars. The film's main conceit is that everything within the movie is real, and there's a whole well-thought-out universe that's only briefly alluded to for much of the time, which confuses many first-time viewers. I think it's great fun and every time I see it I see something new. Even now, almost 30 years after the film came out, it has a massive cult following, and I would suggest it's well worth a look.

      (6) Bunty Aur Babli - One of several Bollywood movies I enjoy. Many Westerners find Bollywood inaccessible, but many of the films made in the late 1990's-early 2000's owe a great debt to Hollywood: Bunty Aur Babli is a great example of a film which combines the best of Bollywood (extensive dance sequences, slapstick comedy, a clash between parental and youth values) with Hollywood action sequences and pacing. The film is in Hindi but is available with English subtitles which are easy to read and unobtrusive. The film stars several of Bollywood's biggest names, including Rani Mukerji,Abhishek Bachchan and his real-life father, the biggest Bollywood star of all, Amitabh Bachchan. The story is quite simple, telling the story of a young man and woman escaping their dull village life, teaming up together and becoming con artists. It's a Bollywood take on the Bonnie and Clyde crime spree, but far less violent and full of comedy. If you enjoy watching movies from other cultures and haven't tried Bollywood movies before I'd suggest this as a good way into the genre.

      (7) The Living Daylights - I've always loved the Bond movies, although I cannot stand the new Daniel Craig films. After Connery (of course), Timothy Dalton has been my favourite Bond even though he only made two films. I loved the Living Daylights as it combines all the classic Bond tropes of action, chases, seduction and supervillains with some lovely scenery, great music and, for once, a romantic plot which only involves one woman. I wish Dalton had had a chance to make more films, but from what I understand there was a lot of behind-the-scenes wrangling over rights to the Bond franchise once his other Bond film, Licence to Kill, came out.

      (8) Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl - I saw this at the cinema and instantly fell in love! I've always been a sucker for swashbucklers, and this was a fantastic take on the genre with perhaps the most original movie character in decades, Captain Jack Sparrow! This movie had everything for me: comedy, action, romance and wonderful characters like Sparrow, Captain Barbossa and Commander Norrington. It was played with tongue-in-cheek knowingness by all concerned and it was easy to see the actors were having just as much fun as the audience does.

      (9) Star Wars: A New Hope - Not a very original choice, I know, but for me it's the granddaddy of all the science fiction films that came after. Iconic characters were introduced in the Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi, the wide-eyed Luke Skywalker, rogue Han Solo and snooty Princess Leia. Whilst there have been some truly awful developments in the Star Wars universe (Jar Jar Binks and The Holiday Special come to mind) the original film is a wonderful space opera and hero's journey, as Luke Skywalker leaves home, joins the Rebellion and helps take on the evil Empire's Death Star.

      (10) The Big Lebowski - One of several Coen Brothers films I love, this one is very loosely based on The Big Sleep and is almost as unintelligible! The plot makes little sense but the characters and dialogue have made this film into another cult classic. Jeff Bridges stars as Jeff 'The Dude' Lebowski, the most laid-back slacker who ever lived. He lives for nothing but bowling, but his relaxed life is thrown into chaos when he is mistaken for another Jeffrey Lebowski, whose trophy wife owed money to some criminals and got herself kidnapped. Throw in The Dude's friend, Walter Sobchak (played by John Goodman) who has major anger-management issues, and the timid Donny (Steve Buscemi) and you have a disfunctional group of heroes. Add the feminist artist Maude Lebowski (played by Julianne Moore), a group of German nihilists and some bizarre dream-sequences and this is another cult favourite that has even spawned annual conventions called Lebowski Fest. One word of warning - this film has a UK 18 rating as it is stuffed full of F-words, but if you can live with the considerable swearing, I would recommend this as a very funny film.


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        11.11.2012 22:35
        Very helpful



        My top 10 films

        I watch a lot of films but I wouldn't necessarily call myself a film buff. I have watched some of the films which some people would consider classics but I would much rather watch a film that interests me rather than one I'm told is a must watch. For the purpose of this list I chose to pick films of different genres and ones that I think are particularly interesting but they're not necessarily my absolute favourites and aren't in any particular order. There's no real reason for this other than that I am such an indecisive person I couldn't possibly choose my favourite films which is pretty bizarre I understand.

        1. Watchmen
        Watchmen is kind of like an action film merged with a super-hero film with elements of psychological thriller throughout. Compared to other similar films I rate this one more highly due to the fact it is perhaps more original and sticks with its comic book routes more rigidly. There is a significant blurring of the lines between good and evil and the characters tend to be a lot more human as a result. In fact, in terms of characterisation I would say Watchmen is one of the most successful films in that sense as its characters are less cliche and more inclined to act wrongly or make mistakes. The good guys aren't always moral and achieving the best end doesn't always involve the nicest means. The visual elements of the film aren't overstated and there isn't a tendency to rely on special effects to make it an interesting film. The dialogue and plot kept me interesting and it is definitely a film I go back to re-watch frequently.

        2. Rocky Horror Picture Show
        Though not strictly a film as the film is based on its musical predecessor this film is a particular favourite of mine. Perhaps it is due to my appreciation of creative story lines and ridiculous songs and dance routines or particular liking for Tim Curry as I think he's a pretty good actor, this film has always been one that I have enjoyed. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of the film as I would reserve that to people who frequent its stage productions and know all the lyrics to the songs but I do enjoy it and tend to watch it when its on (as well as owning the DVD). The film is a musical comedy horror which focuses on two people who happen to encounter a mad professor figure whose identity is revealed to be none other than a "Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania". If you're interested in a very camp, very English humour film than this is for you.

        3. Labyrinth
        While my Boyfriend may tease me for enjoying this film I still think its a classic. David Bowie makes for a great villain and the lyrics and song numbers are always entertaining. This marks the beginning (and end really until a few years ago) of Jennifer Connolly's career where a teenage Sarah (Connolly) goes on a journey to rescue her younger brother Toby who has been abducted by the Goblin King (Bowie) following a wish she made for him to no longer exist. If you've never seen the film it does sound a bit of a mouthful but after sitting through it once (or maybe twice) I do think it grows on you. What it lacks in its datedness it makes up for in creativity and relatively good acting. Not necessarily a top-class film but a nice enough one nonetheless.

        4. The Simpson's Movie
        You may be starting to observe a trend here which appears to suggest I like very cheesy childish films and you'd be right. Strangely though, the genre of film I tend to watch most frequently is horror, though I am much more picky in my tastes in regard to these films. The Simpsons, as you will all know, is a long running cartoon series featuring a family, the Simpsons. The Simpsons Movie is pretty much an episode stretched out over and hour, but with as many gags and jokes jam-packed in as possible. I do think the animation is excellently executed and the jokes are all creative without being too mind-numbingly obvious. For a "children's film" it does manage to keep your attention, though I suspect people's opinion on the film is heavily reliant on their opinion of the TV series.

        5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
        While I'm not a huge Python film I do tend to find the humour funny and enjoy their films a lot. This film is a particular favourite of mine which was introduced to me by my boyfriend. A silly, childish film with lots of laughs but also very original, the Holy Grail tells the story of a couple of knights search for the infamous cup while assisting King Arthur. The cast remains the same as the TV series and the nature of the comedy is also very similar. This film is No. 41 on Bravo's "100 Funniest Movies". It was also voted 5th greatest comedy film of all time by Total Film magazine and if you watch it its not hard to understand though much like the Simpson's Movie I would say your enjoyment of the film is dependent on your taste and particular enjoyment of the series also.

        6. Martyrs
        The first horror movie to feature on my list Martyrs has got to be one of the most surreal and unexpected films I've watched to date. The original plot is majorly sidetracked and the change is actually very intriguing to watch. I also enjoy the concepts used within the film, which simply put suggest a cult of people are attempting to find a higher level of being through the use of victims they subject to methods of torture. The idea being that through so much hardship they will eventually reach a transcendent state. The film is exectured very cleverly and I enjoyed the shocking ending very much. While this horror may not be to everyone's tastes, I think there is a focus towards an actual plot and concept rather than blood and guts which is what makes it stand out from other typical horror movies.

        7. Beetlejuice
        I've always liked this film as I think the acting and the storyline are fun and light-hearted so its enjoyable to watch. While another pretty old film on my list, I think there hasn't really been another film like it since which is what makes it interesting to me. I like the rawness of it (though that may be unintentional and due more to budgets and props designing ability!) and think its a good film to watch with friends.

        8. Pulp Fiction
        This has become a particular treasure of the Indie population recently and I'm not quite sure why. While I do like the film and think its pretty clever I still find it weird its had a sudden insurgence of popularity. What makes me enjoy the film in particular is the partnership between John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. I think they are what makes the film funny and entertaining but do enjoy the cut scenes to other characters as it makes for a nice contrast. The action is fluid and entertaining and acting good throughout.

        9. The Nightmare Before Christmas
        This is the closest thing to a Christmas movie that I enjoy. A stop motion movie, its creative and very Tim Burton, which is as you'd expect as he's the director and the film is based on a poem he wrote in the 1980s. Another musical on the list (I'm not that musical crazy, promise) I must admit the songs and their lyrics are very catchy and enjoyable. The animation is clever and so are the designs and I do think this is a very fun enjoyable film for both adults and children.

        10. Edward Scissor Hands
        Whilst I am not a huge Tim Burton fan I must admit I do really enjoy this film. Like most of his films its very creative and the right actors were hired. Johnny Depp plays an aloof outsider perfectly and the climate of the very nosey, Stepford Wive's-esque neighbourhood is set very well by the identical housing, perfectly polite neighbours and the acting of the main cast. While the end attempts to be a little bit too romanticised for my taste, I did enjoy it I must admit, and its one of few films that I've been captivated by the romance.

        Overall I tried to write up about some films that might be overlooked (or even never heard of for some) and steered cleer of typical classics just for a bit of interest. I think I've got a pretty varied taste though from my selection it does seem like I enjoy very cheesy films often musicals, while that's not necessarily the case in real life. I hope you enjoy reading my Top 10.


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          18.07.2011 21:54
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          My ten favourite films

          I would call myself a film-fan, but I am by no means an expert. Certain classic films in my Top Ten will be conspicuous by their absence. Film critics would have me burned at the stake as a heretic for including the Lord of the Rings Trilogy over the Godfather trilogy or Paranormal Activity over the Exorcist.

          The films that I've chosen therefore, may not be the best films ever made, or the most original. I haven't deliberately tried to include films that covered new ground or altered the course of film-making forever. I haven't tried to be clever and pick obscure foreign-language films that no-one has ever heard of.

          They are however *my* favourite films. There is a bias towards more recent films, but then, these are the films I've grown up with. For every film I've included there's ten that I've left out that I would have loved to put in. However, as it stands, if my DVD collection was burned and I had to save ten, these are the ones I would choose.

          The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

          For me, the best film ever made by a mile. This word-of-mouth drama wasn't particularly successful on the big screen but became a cult classic on DVD and would be in many people's Top Ten lists.

          Andy Dufresne is imprisoned in Shawshank Prison for the murder of his wife and her boyfriend. He experiences humiliation and beatings at the hands of guards and prisoners but never loses his dignity or hope. The Shawshank Redemption, based on a short story by Stephen King, is an inspirational tale of hope, suffering and pride in the face of insurmountable odds.

          The cast is exceptional, especially Morgan Freeman as Andy's confidant, Red. Freeman narrates the story, a job he seems born to do. Despite the dark, brutal nature of the film, it is the most inspirational movie I've ever seen.

          Donnie Darko (2001)

          Donnie Darko is unlike any film I've ever seen. Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal), an emotionally disturbed teenager, narrowly escapes death by sleepwalking after a demonic bunny rabbit when a jet engine crashes into his house. If this wasn't enough, the plane from which the jet engine fell doesn't actually seem to exist.

          After being informed by his new rabbit-friend that the world is to end shortly, Donnie finds himself in a race against time in which he will encounter worm holes, time-travel and a mysterious woman nicknamed Grandma Death to discover the secrets of the Universe and prevent an event that may have already happened.

          This movie requires mental gymnastics just to understand it; it's a thought-provoking, mind bending riddle with no easy answers. It looks into the nature of God, life, time and the Universe but manages to do so without being pretentious. From the sublime performances to the wonderful 80s soundtrack (including *that* cover of Mad World), the film oozes class. Just don't expect to understand it, especially on first viewing. This is less a movie, more an experience.

          Watership Down (1978)

          From demonic six-foot rabbits to ones of the more cuddly variety, Watership Down is my guilty pleasure in this list. A beautifully animated children's classic based on the wonderful Richard Adams novel of the same name, Watership Down is about a group of rabbits who flee their warren only to run into dangers beyond their imagining, including tyrannical dictator Woundwort.

          Wonderfully voiced with a myriad of talented actors, including John Hurt and Richard Briers, this is a parable about the dangers of a totalitarian regime dressed up in a fantastic yarn about a superbly realised group of characters you can't help but care about, young or old. The animation is breathtakingly beautiful, capturing the essence of the book. The "Bright Eyes" scene is, in my opinion, the best in the history of animation.

          A Clockwork Orange (1971)

          Withdrawn by Director Kubrick until after his death because of the violent nature of the film and copycat crimes it inspired, A Clockwork Orange is actually an incredibly stylish, witty and thought-provoking film that seems more like a piece of theatre than a movie.

          The film is a black satire set in the near future revolving round Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his three droogs (or friends) who are an ultra-violent gang. The writer of the original book, Anthony Burgess, invented a futuristic street-slang to future-proof the novel, which goes to enhance the strangeness and almost Shakespearean qualities of the film.

          "But suddenly, I viddied that thinking was for the gloopy ones, and that the oomny ones use like, inspiration and what Bog sends"

          Alex's is sent to jail for rape and murder and it is there he is offered the following choice; serve his sentence or act as a guinea-pig for a new remedial therapy technique. Eager to escape his sentence, Alex volunteers to undertake the therapy only to discover the drawbacks of his newfound inability to use violence when released into the brutal world he, in small part, created.

          ACW looks at violence, punishment, free will, choice and the nature of good and evil in an absorbing, intelligent, humorous yet brutal way.

          One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

          One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is Jack Nicholson's masterpiece, the film he based a career on. As psychiatric patient Randle McMurphy, he is a force of nature. Doing time in a mental institution rather than "hard-time" as a convict, McMurphy's nemesis is one of the most brilliant creations in movie history, the cold hearted Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher). McMurphy quickly discovers in seeking the soft option, he may have made the worst mistake of his life.

          OFOTCN possesses a fantastic array of characters and is in turns comical, though-provoking and heart-breakingly sad. Fully deserves every one of its five Oscars as an all-time classic.

          Silence of the Lambs (1991)

          Another one of my favourite actors, this is Anthony Hopkins' best performance on the big screen. His Hannibal Lector is one of film's finest creations; a malevolent, psychopathic, intelligent killer...yet with his impeccable manners and "unusual" moral code, there is a depth to him that makes it impossible to revile him completely.

          In Silence of the Lambs, his first outing as the cannibal, he encounters young FBI agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster). She has been roped in to using the jailed doctor to root out another serial killer. Yet time is running out before another girl becomes an innocent victim and Lector will only co-operate if he thinks it is worth his while.

          Lector spends most of this film behind bars, but this only adds to the air of menace that is so apparent throughout. The scenes between Lector and Starling are electrifying and terrifying. Hopkins is only on film a short time, but casts a shadow over proceedings from start to finish. It is a truly magnificent performance.

          Fight Club (1999)

          Starring the brilliant Ed Norton and Brad Pitt in his best performance, Fight Club is a violent, bloody yet intelligent film that produces probably the best twist in a movie that I've ever seen.

          Norton stars as an angst-ridden (unnamed) loner who attends self-help seminars for diseases he hasn't even got just to numb the pain of his mind-numbingly dull existence. A chance meeting with the charismatic Tyler Durden (Pitt), however, changes his life forever. The two form "Fight Club", on organisation in which the members spend evenings beating seven shades of the proverbial out of each other. The club develops into an anarchistic group with the seeming sole purpose of destroying everything. After all, "It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."

          On the face of it, Fight Club is a testosterone fuelled fest of fist-fights, explosions and violence. At its dark-heart, however, it is so much more than that; a superbly-paced and acted movie which is basically a satire on modern society. The stellar performances which aren't just limited to the actors on show. There is such invention on show, so many clever tricks that never appear gimmicky; it's a film that demands repeat viewing.

          Schindler's List (1993)

          Schindler's List is an unforgettable bit of film-making based on the story of greedy German businessman Oskar Schindler who became the world's most unlikely humanitarian. Moving to Poland at the start of the war in order to employ Jews at slave-wages, his sole objective seems to be to make himself rich. The way in which he risks not only his wealth but his life by the end of the movie is testament to the inherent goodness of man, even in such dark, evil times.

          Filmed almost entirely in black and white, the film is told in a remarkably and impressively subtle way. Director Spielberg simply shows the viewer what happened without ever really attempting to explain or manipulate scenes; there is no explaining or understanding so many events that happened during the war.

          The words powerful and emotional don't do the film justice; it is simply a masterpiece on all levels. It's over three hours long but, like the best films, this feels far too short.

          Paranormal Activity (2007)

          An unusual choice that wouldn't make most people's top 100, let alone 10. I've seen a lot of the classics; The Exorcist, Omen, The Shining (also a great film). All good films, but all dated now. I love the feeling of being scared by a movie, and this is the only one that really had a lasting impression on me.

          A young couple move into a house haunted by a demonic presence. And that's it. No special effects to speak of, no huge budget, no glamorous location. This is a "found-footage" style film in which the increasingly terrifying action is shown via a newly purchased video camera.

          It is the simplicity of the story and the ordinariness of the characters that's so scary. This could be your house, or your bed. Paranormal is not overly original, not brilliantly intelligent. But it is bloody scary. And that's the point.

          Lord of The Rings (2001, 2002 and 2003)

          Including all three films may seem like a cheat, but actually the Lord of the Rings trilogy is one huge nine hour film chopped into three still fairly huge three hour ones.

          Based on Tolkien's book which was itself a masterpiece, the film, in my opinion is even better. Grandiose and epic on a scale never seen before in the history of cinema, director Peter Jackson seems to have looked directly into Tolkien's imagination and displayed the results on screen. The result is a breathlessly exciting and spectacular visceral treat that takes the viewer directly to Middle Earth.

          The story revolves around Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) who finds himself in possession of the most powerful artefact in the whole of Middle Earth - the Ring of Power. Aided by a group of friends including other hobbits, dwarves, elves and men, Frodo must destroy the Ring of Power. To do this is to venture into the gates of hell; the only place the ring can be destroyed is Mordor, home to the dark lord Sauron, who desperately desires the ring for his own dark purposes.

          Filmed in New Zealand, the Lord of The Rings is an indescribably lavish visual feast with quite incredible attention to detail that is strong in every department. It does what every truly great film should do; transport the viewer to another time and another place.


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            14.06.2011 15:10
            Very helpful



            Amazing choice!! LOl!

            I am very good with films and like near enough every single catergory. So here we go:

            1. A Goofy Movie - This is a childrens film, cert U. Although this is a childrens movie I really love it, you cant beat a good kiddies film. For the reason that, they cheer you up! This film is about Max and his father Goofy. Max is growing up but Goofy still treats him like a kid. Max wants to go to this concert and impress a girl so he tricks his father into thinking there going on a camping trip. I love this film because also its a musical and I love singing along with the music as it really cheers me up.

            2. Lucky Number Slevin - A completely different film to my number one movie. This is such a great gripping film. Its an action film, cert 18. It has loads of famous and brilliant actors. Including Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Lucy Lou, Morgan Freeman and much more! This film is about someone who gets mistaken for some body else. And he has to pay someone elses debt! Its really amazing and you just want to watch to see what happens. Its great how it all comes together at the end!

            3. Shaun of the Dead - also another completely different film. This is a comedy, cert 15. Its a really funny comedy based on the other film Dawn of the Dead. It has well known english actors Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in it as the main characters. I love this film because it has a lot of memorable bits and funny quotes which I love saying with my other friends who love this movie. Its a real must see!

            4. A Cinderella Story - Once again, another different film. This is a chick flick I would say, cert PG. This film is about Sam who not popular and meets someone online in her school. She meets up with him and he ends up being the most popular boy in school. Just by reading that you can see how its a chick flick. It has famous actors Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. They play the main two characters. This film is called a cinderella story simply because its like THE cinderella story.

            5. Goodfellas - Another different film, this is a gangster movie! My favourite of all time, even though I like a lot of movies like this, cert 18. This film is about a boy who grows up in this gangster enviroment and ends up being like this. But it turns badly as everyone starts getting killed. It has a lot of famous actors in it including Robert DeNero and Ray Loitta. Its a gripping film. And is one of my favourites!

            6. Titanic - Ofcourse Titanic must be in eevryones top 10. Its an amazing love story, cert 12. This film, Im guessing I dont even have to explain as Im sure everyone has seen it. Its a beautiful love story including the ship Titanic. Its based on a true story. The amazing actors are Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet. This is an amazing film. Everyone must see this!

            7. Borat - Im assuming a lot of people probably dont agree with this one, but it is seriously funny! The first time I watched it I hated it, not realising its actually real! Cert 15. Although it should probably be higher! This film is about a man who pretends to be another an (Borat) and goes around America disturbing people (in a sense) He is inlove with Pamela Anderson and kidnaps her (is that bit real? I doubt it) Anyway this is a funny film, probably to be watched while a bit drunk!! Just kidding.

            8. Catch Me If You Can - WOW! This is an amazing gripping film based on a true story. Cert 12. I wouldnt actually know which genre this would come under but its a must see. Its about a man who is a con artist who pretends to be a Pilot, Laywer and Doctor. Also he falls inlove at some point. It has amazing actors in it, Leonardo DeCaprio and Tom Hanks. It was brilliantly made!

            9. Toy Story (1 - 3) - This series of films are childrens film, yet when I went to see the third one at the cinema, it was full with people my age and older. Just shows these films are loved by all. Cert PG and U. This film is about Toys that come to life when no one is around. It is amazing and is a must see for all ages. My two little nephews love these films aswel. Its strange how so many people can love a childrens movie.

            10. The Hangover - This film is seriously funny. I had never heard of this film and my boyfriend said we should get it. I loved it and literally every ten minutes I was laughing out loud. Cert 15. Its about a bunch of friends who go to vegas for a stag do and lose the groom! The funnyest person in this is obviously Alan who is the future brother in law. It has a guest appearance from Mike Tyson. They made a sequal to this, which is really huge at the moment. But the trailer has been played so many times that I knew all the funny bits so when I went to the cinema to watch it I was not as impressed as I was with this one.! Must see!


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              12.02.2011 14:07
              1 Comment



              My number 1 isn't out yet but I'm sure it will be worthy of the number one spot!

              10 - Napoleon Dynamite I only like this one because my friend looks exactly like Napoleon, apart from he isn't ginger. The films itself isn't anything special, it's really weird actually. The characters are social rejects. Napoleon befriend Pedro, who runs for class president. Napoleon starts dancing in some talent show and that's about it. Oh me has a pet llama whom he feeds red meat too. Yep very weird. 9 - Hot Fuzz Amazing actors, amazing storyline, basically amazing. In a village that seems too good to be true, a cop recently transferred to the area discovers a secret organisation. He gets the help of another cop, who feel like he's missing out on the real action the polica are involved in, until he realises his dad is head of the criminal organisation, who are murdering people giving the village a bad name. 8 - Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets 7 - Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone 6 - Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire 5 - Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince 4 - Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire 3 - Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix 2 - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 Harry, a lonely boy without a proper family, his parents murdered at the hands of Lord Voldemort. Ron - a funny, cheeky boy from a ginger-haried family living in "The Burrow". Hermione - a muggle born witch with amazing intelligence and ability. The three of with, with the help of fellow Hogwarts pupils, and a few teachers and family members too, attempt to stop the return of Lord Voldemort in a world full of wizardry and magical creatured. The trio meet a werewolf, animagus, giants, centaurs, giant spiders, dragons, griffins and more in what I believe to be the world's best series of books and films in history. The detail that goes into both J.K Rowling's books and the films too is absolutely outstanding. It's a story for the whole family which I highly recommend. The final part to the story is set to air this summer and I can't wait. I urge you to read the books too. 1 - I'm leaving this space free for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2!


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                14.10.2010 11:03
                Very helpful



                My all time top 10 movies :)

                I have just read a few of these and found myself thinking 'what are my top 10 films?'. I know that I am going to find this difficult but here we go anyway!

                1. Dead Man's Shoes
                This is one of those movies that I can watch over and over and not get bored of it. And it is definately my all time favourite!
                I love my British movies but tend to find they are all based around a big gangster in London. This is nothing like this, which makes it so amazing. It has plenty of gorey scenes and some amazing acting!

                Summary: British movie about an army soldier who returns to his home town seeking revenge on a group of thugs.

                2. The Fast and the Furious
                To choose one of the Fast and the Furious movies is proving very difficult for me. I love all four, in very different ways.
                Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Fast and Furious are great as they flow into each other in a way.
                Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was enjoyable but didn't seem to have much of a point to the others to me. Maybe they just put the title on it so that it would sell more.
                Anyway, lots of nice cars, high speed races and sexy men. Definately up there at the top!!

                Summary: A set of movies which always has a main story which revolves around street racing.

                3. Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
                A bit of a strange one to put up here, but it is a classic. I was recently given the Blu Ray special edition as a gift and it was definately my favourite birthday present!
                I don't know what it is about Snow White, maybe it's just the girly storyline, but I cant get enough of it!

                Summary: The story of a princess who bites into a poison apple.

                4. Hot Fuzz
                When I first saw this I didn't enjoy it as much as Shaun of the Dead. However, I now prefer this over Shaun of the Dead any day! It is my feel good movie, which goes in the DVD player if i am in a bad mood and gets me giggling all the way through.
                The storyline is so funny and I love the relationship that Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have!

                Summary: A comedy about a policeman from London who is moved to a small country village.

                5. Dr Dolittle
                Yes, I know it is a child's film! But it is so funny!!
                I love Eddie Murphy, he never fails to make me giggle. And I love the story line in this movie.
                I even have some of my favourite animal characters, definately the monkey, in this movie and they are definately the reason it is so funny!

                Summary: Eddie Murphy realises that he can talk to animals. What kind of trouble will he get into now?

                6. House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects
                I first watched House of 1000 Corpses with my grandad, he put it in the DVD player and forced me to watch it with him! At first, I was thinking 'what?! what is he making me watch?!' but once I got into it I fell in love! When the sequel was released, I brought it straight away and enjoyed it just as much.
                Though the movie is very far fetched and crazy, it is great and, i may sound crazy in saying this, always seems to put me in a good mood.

                Summary: A strange movie about a family who kidnap teenagers and use them for entertainment.

                7. Rob Zombie's Halloween
                After watching my 6th favourites, Rob Zombie released his version of the classic Halloween. By this time, I had fallen in love with him and purchased his albums as well as his movies. So I dragged my dad to see it with me, I was amazed! I hate remakes of movies, especially classic horrors, but this was different to a remake. It was really interesting to see what happened to Michael Myers before he became the killer we all love. Also, as most of the cast were in House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects, I was very happy to see them on my screen again :)

                Summary: A remake/prequel of the old classic, it starts off with Michael Myers past, followed by the original Halloween storyline.

                7. A Nightmare on Elm Street
                I love my old horror movies and my favourite of them all is definately Nightmare on Elm Street. I remember watching it when I was very young and crying....because they killed Freddy! I think the story is very clever, how he can only kill in people's dreams, and loved watching him find new ways to kill throughout all of the movies. My favourite of the lot is definately the first though!

                Summary: When the teenagers on Elm Street begin having nightmares about a man with knives for fingers, they must fight to stay awake in order to live.


                8. The Lost Boys
                How could I forget this?! Keifer Sutherland playing a vampire...what's not to love?
                I used to watch this every night when I went to bed, but I probably couldn't tell you the ending. I do know what happens, as I have seen it a few times, but always seem to fall asleep before I get there. If you haven't seen this, PLEASE don't think it is boring and will put you to sleep! The movie is amazing! I am just so used to it, that it's nice to have it in the background while I fall asleep :)

                Summary: When Michael and Sam move from LA to Santa Carla, they soon realise that it is called the murder capital of the world for a reason.

                9. Wedding Crashers
                When I first watched this, I could not stop laughing from start to finish! It is another movie which never fails to make me giggle! The movie makes me wonder if anyone actually crashes weddings in real life, and how fun it would be!

                Summary: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are experts at crashing weddings, however, this time it goes slightly wrong!

                10. The Hangover
                This movie was raved about before it was even released, even though everyone I spoke to had no idea what it was about. My boyfriend got it for Christmas last year, so we watched it together to see what all the hype was about. And soon joined the crowd that were raving about it.
                The movie is hilarious from start to finish and there isn't a boring bit anywhere in the middle!

                Summary: Three men wake up the morning after a stag night in Vegas with no recollection of the night before and missing the groom!


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                  13.09.2010 18:56
                  Very helpful



                  This one goes to ten and a half.

                  Over the last ten years, I've watched quite a few films, and in two-hundred (woo!) reviews, I've written about plenty of them here. These ones were quite good.

                  1 > Dead Man's Shoes (2004) Shane Meadows

                  The mother of all revenge movies, this is less bombastic and gory than many riffs on the theme, but inimitably intense and moving. Paddy Considine is unspeakably brilliant as ex-squaddie Richard, who comes home to Derbyshire to exact vengeance on a gang of thugs who have been tormenting his brother. Director Meadows avoids taking easy shortcuts with the audience's emotions and leaves the film delectably ambiguous in its moral message until the first class, penny-drops finale. Breaktaking film.

                  See also: The aunt of all revenge movies, South Korean blood-letter Oldboy.

                  2 > The Lives of Others (2006) Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck

                  A story of oppression, obsession and personal sacrifice that lays bare the individual costs of Stasi-controlled East Germany prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Exquisitely made, played to perfection by the late Ulrich Mahe, and with another adeptly-judged payoff. Mahe's Stasi officer is charged with monitoring the movements of a suspect playwright, Georg Dreyman and his wife, but soon comes to question the morality of his actions and the price of his decisions.

                  See also: A cheerier slice of post-war, pre-unification Germany, Goodbye Lenin.

                  3 > Oldboy (2003) Park Chan-Wook

                  Visceral and stomach-turning, barbaric and brilliant, Park Chan-Wook's best-known film from his exceptional Vengeance trilogy tells the tale of a man locked up for fifteen years with no idea of his crime who is released to track down his tormentor and uncover the truth behind his incarceration. Understandly, he's a bit annoyed, and doesn't pull any punches in his search - and neither does the film. Yet another phenomenal ending is brilliantly executed, and this is a stunning, enduring film.

                  See also: Lady Vengeance, part three of the trilogy, is perhaps less dramatic than Oldboy, but is also quite possibly even better.

                  4 > Pan's Labyrinth (2006) Guillermo Del Toro

                  Part of a yet-to-be-completed, thematically-linked trilogy set around the Spanish civil war, Guillermo Del Toro's most celebrated film is a dark, provocative fusion of fantasy and reality that ultimately lets the viewers make their own minds up. Lead by an exceptional performance from young Ivana Baquero, the movie is set around the fascist leader General Vidal's encampment deep in the woods as he attempts to root out the remaining rebel forces. Finding herself thrown into the midst of unremitting brutality, Ofelia (Baquero) gradually escapes into a fantasy world that may be no less treacherous.

                  See also: Del Toro's so-called "sister film" to this, The Devil's Backbone, a similarly wonderful collision of dark fantasy and gritty reality.

                  5 > Sprited Away (2001) Hayao Miyazaki

                  Even amongst the stunning portfolio of animation master Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away stands out for its spellbinding storytelling, explosions of imagination and creativity and beautiful visuals. Chihiro is a stubborn, somewhat self-centred child who is forced to fend for herself when her parents wander into a spirit town and become the subjects of an unfortunate spell. A reworking of Alice in Wonderland as only Miyazaki could tell it, Studio Ghibli - in fact, anime in general - doesn't come much better.

                  See also: Studio Ghibli's joyously evocative tale of childhood flights of fancy, My Neighbour Totoro.

                  6 > The Fall (2006) Tarsem Singh

                  This isn't a perfect film, but its level of ambition makes up for its minor failings; shot with loving, breathtaking flair, this story-within-a-story stalks a delicate, sometimes dark path between fantasy and reality and pushes the conventions of this type of film. Made with minimal reliance on computer-generated puppetry, director Tarsem pulls together a myriad of wonderful real-world backdrops and squeezes the fantastical from them. Featuring a unconventional but in its own way quite wonderful central performance from Catinca Untaru as a young immigrant girl seduced by a fellow hospital patient's deceptive stories, The Fall deserves to be seen.

                  See also: another trip through the looking-glass, the aforementioned Pan's Labyrinth.

                  7 > King of Kong (2007) Seth Gordon

                  Set aside the unpromising subject of this brilliant documentary - the battle for the all-time top score on the arcade game Donkey Kong - for this is as good as the genre gets. A small-scale tale with all the drama, backstabbing and twists and turns of a Hollywood blockbuster, King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is a wholly human story that may stumble slightly in making caricatures of its leading lights, but is all the more enthralling and captivating for it. Just a fantastic film.

                  See also: any ideas? I've yet to come across anything quite like this.

                  8 > Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Michel Gondry

                  An arguable career-high from just about everybody involved, Michel Gondry directs a twisted, absurdly imaginative love story that documents the rise and fall of Joel and Clementine's relationship. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet are outstanding, and the tone and style with which the narratives paints their doomed love sets this film apart from - well, just about everything.

                  See also: Gondry on song again, to slightly more erratic effect in The Science of Sleep.

                  9 > Timecrimes (2007) Nacho Vigalondo

                  If you like chronologically-messed-up, twist-in-the-tale, brain-bashing thrillers (and that's a reasonably narrow genre), Timecrimes delivers with style. A low-budget, low-profile Spanish film, it narrates the tale of Hector, a man who finds something funny in the woods and instigates all kinds of time-tripping problems. Cleverly-constructed and put together with great skill and flair, this is a cerebral workout that also satisfies on a more visceral level.

                  See also: Primer touches on similar themes of time-travelling paradoxes, but does it in a way that's near-impossible to make sense of ... utterly befuddling, but good fun and admirably low-budget.

                  10 > Let The Right One In (2008) Tomas Alfredson

                  A triumph of atmosphere and character over the traditional fangs and scares, this is a dark tale of an unconventional childhood friendship that will doubtless be horribly butchered by the upcoming US remake (Let Me In). Using suburban Sweden and a monochrome palette to intense, brooding visual effect, the story of Oskar and Eli's twisted relationship may not be the most famous vampire tale of the last decade, but it's arguably the most stunning and affecting.

                  See also: Two of the above directors have released their own, excellent spins on the vampire genre - Park Chan-Wook's Thirst and Guillermo Del Toro's Cronos.

                  10.5 > Office Space (1999) Mike Judge

                  The first half's inspired. The second half's not. The first half's a pitch-perfect dissection of the mundane, the inane and the downright ridiculous of offices and office politics, which scores with every razor-sharp observation it makes of its characters' lives. After that, Jennifer Aniston appears and it turns into a so-so rom-com. Still, well worth it for the near-perfect opening forty-five minutes or so. Just brilliant.

                  See also: And Then We Came To The End ... apart from being a book rather than a film, it's as near as anything comes to the brilliance with which Office Space lampoons office-based nonsense.


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                    24.06.2010 14:28
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                    See what you think!

                    I am sitting here after just reading somebody's favourite films and it made me start to consider my own so I thought I may as well write one too!

                    1) Twilight
                    I never really knew what the fuss was about Twilight despite my friend telling me how great it was. Anyway she nagged me and nagged me to watch it and I did. This is what started my Twilight Saga Obsession! The day after I went and bought the books and went to see the second film, New Moon, at the cinema!
                    Anyway, why do I love Twilight so much? Well firstly there is the divine Robert Pattinson who I would gladly let bite me ANY time he liked!!! Secondly what I like so much about this film is that there seems to be such a genuine, amazing love there between Bella and Edward. I would love someone to feel that way about me, to want to protect me against everything that could hurt me. I have watched this so many times now that I have lost count!

                    2) New Moon
                    Ok...this had to be my second choice right? Again there is the lovely Robert Pattinson but sadly not quite enough of him for my liking! I still adore this film though-again there is the love between Bella and Edward which ends in this film but through circumstances rather than lack of love. I guess I kind of empathise with this part. Then there is the fact that now Jacob also adores Bella! She is a lucky girl....two hot guys who will both do anything to protect and love her.

                    3) PS I love you
                    I watched this film quite a while after it was first released but it is now one of my favourites. I cannot watch it without sobbing from start to finish! I have to say though it wasn't my wisest move watching this the night after I broke up with my boyfriend! I like how you see someone lose someone so precious to them but then begin to rebuild their life.

                    4) The Notebook
                    This is another film that I hadn't really heard much about. A few people said to me that they loved it and thought I would too so I bought the DVD. Now let me tell you I cry at everything so I had been pre warned I was going to cry. I was watching and thoroughly enjoying the film but was thinking why aren't I crying. Then the end came. I cried and cried for about thirty minutes after it ended! I love the fact that Allie and Noah have such a strong love and even though they are separated their love is strong enough to bring them back together in the end.

                    5) The Mummy and The Mummy Returns
                    There is something distinctly cheesy about these films but I really do enjoy them! They are easy to watch, have action and adventure and won't tax your brain! Plus...Brendan Frazer is pretty hot in it!

                    6) Transformers and Transformers 2
                    My son made me watch these. I was adamant I wouldn't enjoy them but how wrong could I have been! I actually watched Transformers 2 before the first one and I was totally engrossed by the effects and the story. I couldn't actually tear myself away from the TV! So whilst I am not usually a fan of films like this these I feel are brill!

                    7)The Terminal
                    Tom Hanks is amazing in this film. As civil unrest begins in his home country he finds his passport is invalid to get him into the USA and he is stranded in their airport. He ends up making this is home in many ways and it is a great story and funny in parts!

                    8) Toy Story
                    How excited am I for Toy Story 3? Yes I am probably more excited than my son! I love the films. I think the animation is wonderful and the stories are amusing for both children and adults! I like the fact that my son and I can sit down together, cuddle up and enjoy a film.

                    9) Shrek
                    As above I am so excited for the release of the latest Shrek film. We own all the Shrek films but the first film is the best in my opinion. The animation is great and there is humour in there that only adults will actually get as well as being lots of fun in there for children. The relationship between Shrek and Donkey is genius.

                    10) The Goonies
                    "HEY YOU GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS!!!" I have loved The Goonies ever since I was young and my son loves it too! A story of childhood adventure, baddies and ultimately coming out on top! I love it!

                    So that is my list of favourite films! Hope you enjoyed reading 


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                      23.06.2010 23:41
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                      Films that i love

                      Ok, this is a lot harder than i thought it would be!! I am a total film addict and have such a wide range of films although i would definately say that horror films are my favourite. My top ten aren't really in any order because that would be even harder but here i go.....

                      1. House of Wax
                      Anyone who has read any of my other reviews will have seen that i did a full review of this, i love this film even though it is a bit of a cheesy horror. House of Wax follows a group of teenagers on their way to a soccer game but manage to meet up with danger on the way! I think this is a fab remake :)

                      2. Titanic
                      A truly fantastic film, amazing effects and a really lovely story alongside such a terrible tragedy. I'm not a Leonardo fan but actually quite like him in this film and think Kate Winslet is brilliant in this.

                      3. The Truth About Cats And Dogs
                      Again, reading my past reviews there is a full review of this film. I truly adore this film, its such a feel-good rom com and i usually watch it to cheer me up if i'm feeling a little down. There isnt much i can say about this film which won't give the whole story away!

                      4. Scream
                      One of my favourite horrors, it has the ultimate horror character in there with the white mask and knife, it is so recogniseable and scary at the same time. I think the first film is the best out of the trilogy, with Scream 3 a close second!

                      5. Twilight
                      Ok, i am a mega Twilight fan, even though i was adamant i wasn't going to turn into one!!! There isnt enough i can say about this film as everything about it is fantastic - i think it is any girls dream to have someone feel the way about them that Edward (and Jacob) do about Bella. I have seen this film more times than i probably care to admit!

                      6. Saw
                      The ultimate horror film!! So cleverly written, the fantastic twist at the end and the gore in this film makes it one of my firm favourites. The sequels are all equally brilliant, most films that have several sequels seem to fail and get boring but this just doesn't at all. Awesome films!

                      7. Evita
                      My favourite musical based on the life of Eva Peron. Madonna is absolutely fantastic in this film, and along with the amazing songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice it really is a brilliant film, i LOVE it!!

                      8. Beverly hills cop 3
                      One of the funniest films i have seen, Eddie Murphy is comedy genius in the third Beverley Hills Cop film which is centred around a theme park, i think this adds to the appeal of this film to me as i am a big theme park fan too.

                      9. Mannequin
                      This film is one of my earliest memories of video night with my mum which is one reason i think i still love this film. Andrew McCarthy falls in love with a mannequin (Kim Cattrall) and its a lovely film and such easy watching.

                      10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
                      Need i say more??? This is a brilliant film by the very eccentric Richard O'Brien and features a cameo by Meatloaf. Legendary for the Time Warp - look out for Christopher Biggins in the dancers! Just a great film.

                      I hope it hasn't been too boring reading my favourite films, there are so many more and i doubt you will agree with some of my choices - but lets see what your top ten films are!! :)


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                        19.05.2010 19:01
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                        I love films, I'm a massive film geek. I love chilling out on the couch with a good film. So here I shall list for you a list of my Top Ten films.

                        1) Bridget Jones Diary - I know this is predictable from a girl, but this movie has me laughing every time. I even love the sequel. Although I've read the books too and where number 1 was really funny, number two wound me up so much, so if you're a fan of the 2nd film don't read the book.
                        2) The Nightmare Before Christmas - When this film very first came out on VHS I was bought it, ever since it has been a tradition for me and my younger sister to watch it every Christmas eve. I love the film still to this day, I love the music and the artistic beauty of it.
                        3) Moulin Rouge - This film is so fun to watch. I love the songs, all mashed up to make musical greatness. The costumes are great, the plot is great. I just love this film so much. I made my boyfriend watch and he even loved it!
                        4) The Notebook - This film makes me cry every time. I love that it's a modern film set as an old fashioned romance. I love the storyline and I believe in one love and I like the idea that true love can last forever no matter where you are. The Notebook ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to a good movie.
                        5) The Time Travellers Wife - I love the book so much, there's a certain point in the book which had me crying so much my boyfriend had to pull the car over as I was hysterical. The movie shortens the book quite a bit but I still really enjoyed it, and yes it made me cry. The book can be a tad confusing but is definitely a great read, the film is a lot simpler and enjoyable for all.
                        6) Iron Man - My new found love. It had enevr appealed to me, but my partner wanted to see number 2 so I sat down to watch number one first and I fell in love with the film and I fell in love with Robert downey jnr. The film isn't in your face comic book, its more a comedy, action and romance all mixed up into one. Great soundtrack, I now enjoy ACDC too!
                        7) Beauty and the Beast - Im a big Disney fan and this is pretty much my favourite! I even want to call my little girl Belle. Disney movies are pretty timeless, lets just hope this gets released from the vault soon so I CAN BUY IT!
                        8) Shrek - The humour of this film is great as is the cast. It has morals, it appeals to both adults and childremn, what more can you want... oh wait... comedy, romance adventure, ticks all the boxes!
                        9) Amelie - A beautiful and artistic French Film which focuses on Amelie. The film helps you appreciate the little thing in life which are simply quite beautiful.
                        10) Twilight - Love the books and I love the film! I don't think Robert Pattinson is fit enough to be Edward thought, but Taylor Lautner is hotttt


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                          06.05.2010 23:18
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                          These are my top 10 but I probably should pick a top 50 to get them all in

                          My top 10 films that survive repeated watching are (with no plot spoiling);

                          1) The Silent Running - A quirky Sci Fi film from the 70s that was way ahead of it's time with it's view of eco concerns. The last forests of the earth were sent into space and being cared for - but one member of the forest care team feels much more strongly than the others. I love the soundtrack, the pre star wars robots humour and the sense of beauty and hopelessness in this film. Weirdly overlooked as as a classic.

                          2) The Blues Brothers. I've never seen a car chase like it before or since. The humour is really sharp and the music and guest appearances by legendary musicians like Steve Cropper and John Lee Hooker just raise this flick to the status of legend as far as I'm concerned. Blues Bros. 2000 was lame in comparison.

                          3) The Commitments. Another sound track movie where the band is much more true to life. They argue fight, musical style clash, personalities clash and in the end what happens is what really happens to bands whether they make it or not. But I'm not going to spoil the story tell you what it is :o)

                          4) The Jungle Book by Walt Disney. This is one of the last cartoons to come out of the Disney studios that Walt supervised. Not long after this the company was run by other folks and magic slipped away I think. But Disney's telling of the classic Kipling tale has everything, comedy, songs, solid plot, excitement. Can't fault it.

                          5) Batman. The original 1966 version with Adam West donning the bat suit. This spin off from the sixties series is infinitely funnier and more entertaining than any of the later movies. Who could not fail to giggle at the prosect of a 'pre atomic submarine' :o)

                          6) The Killing Fields. What a terrible and wonderful tale of life in Cambodia under Pol Pots evil regime. The struggle of one person trapped in the country while his friend safely escapes to the US is spellbinding. Sadly the cruel events of this movie really happened. The children killing adults was particularly disturbing. Unmissable film that deserves watching repeatedly.

                          7) The Time Machine. The old version not any of the new remakes. This is the only film I've ever seen that was better at telling the story than the book. H.G Well's book starts brilliantly but quickly runs out of steam as Wells himself admitted: The Time Machine is actually classed as a short story! But the film version tells it much better. The clever introduction of the shop window with the model changing fashions was a brilliant invention absent from the book. Also the fate and affection for the time travellers companion was handled much better in the film. The first version of the Book was called the Chronic Argonauts... There's nothing chronic about the old 60s film version though, but I have seen a chronic recent remake!

                          8) Oh My Porter. That shamefully forgotten comic genius Will Hay's best film perhaps. The hilarious goings on surrounding a train station in northern Ireland that Will Hay is put in charge of are too many and too wonderful to list, you need to watch it. As well as the comedy there is a sub-plot of supernatural goings on and possibly a dangerous criminal or two thrown in for good measure. The Windmill scene is one I could watch again and again.

                          9) The Ghost Train. Made only a few years after Oh Mr Porter and very likely influenced by it The Ghost Train is another classic British film I can watch again and again. The story was written by non other than Arnold Ridgley who in his later years played Godfrey in Dad's Army! Based around the true story of a tragic Victorian railway disaster involving a bridge over a water, The Ghost train is a vehicle (excuse the pun) for Arthur Askey's comedy stylings as well as another trip into to supernatural and criminal activity. A great film!

                          10) West World. I've ruin out of room already and there are so many other films I could watch time and time again but I'll finish with this 70s sci fi classic that was the inspiration for the Terminator films and probably many more too.

                          Yul Brynner is the unstoppable inhuman robotic killer who just won't stop as he pursues his victim through various areas of a future holiday theme park. Terminator 1 was good, but this is the daddy!

                          ** In conclusion **

                          There are so many great films worth watching time and again -though equally there are many films I wish I hadn't even watched once :o)

                          My selections are mainly comedies with a few musicals and sci fi thrown in for good measure. Hope you liked them -what are your 10 top films?

                          Mike XX


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                            07.04.2010 19:25
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                            A list of my all time top 10 films, the ones I enjoy to watch over and over and over and over

                            I saw this review going around a while back and it made me question what my Top10 films were and if in fact I even knew. I do love films, My fiance and I have a very large and ever expanding DVD and Blu Ray collection so I decided to take a look through and see if I could figure out my own personal top 10 films and this is what I came up with. My personal favourites

                            1. The Birdcage
                            Released back in 1996 and staring:
                            Robin Williams
                            Nathan Lane
                            Gene Hackman
                            Dianne Wiest
                            Dan Futterman
                            Calista Flockhart
                            Hank Azaria and Christine Baranski.
                            Now The Birdcage has got to be my all time favourite film, I cannot say how many times Ive seen this film. Based on the Novel "La Cage Aux Folles" The Birdcage is a film bsed on lies and deception.

                            Armand Goldman is the owner of a popular drag nightclub, of who his flamboyant drag-queen lover Albert is the star.
                            When Armands son announces his engagement to the daughter of a US senator Armand and Albert find themselves having to play it straight for an evening in an attempt to please these conservative in-laws.
                            The Birdcage really is a hilarious and comical movie which is very over the top and full of energy, its a film that can make you smile.


                            2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
                            Now this truely is a cult classic, Released back in 1975, its a film you either love or hate.

                            After their car unexpectidly gets a flat tyre during a thunderstorm in the middle of the night newly engaged couple Brad and Janet seek Refuge and help at a castle they had passed not too far back. Little do they know that they are about to be drawn into the eccentric world of transvestite Dr. Frank 'N Furter who is overseeing the annual convention of aliens from the planet Transexual Transylvania. Brad and Janet soon find themselves the centre of seduction and mad scientific experiments.

                            This is a film that pushed unknown boundries back in the 1970s, a film that dared to raise the themes of sexuality and that of personal freedom and I just love it, its a film that I can watch over and over and never get bored of and of course almost always has me up on my feet doing the time warp lol


                            3. Priscilla queen of the desert
                            This film stars Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp
                            Released back in 1994 this is a film that you ever love or hate.

                            It follows the story of two young drag queens and a transexual who travel across the Australian outback in their beloved coach which they have named priscilla in order to perform a cabaret act at a remote hotel in Alice Springs.

                            Along the way they collide with small town citizens with less accepting attitudes and are subjected to homophobic abuse and even violence from these small minded people. A realistic look at the attitude to being different back in the 1980s and what is now in most societies socially accepted.

                            Its a film that always makes me Smile, Its very over the top and flamboyant, I love the whole over the top aspect of the outfits the musical numbers and dancing scenes.


                            4. Backdraft
                            Backdraft is a Ron Howard film that stars Kurt Russel, William Baldwin, Robert DeNiro and Donald Sutherland
                            Released back in 1991.
                            A rookie firefighter tries to earn the respect of his older brother and fellow firefighters while investigation a string of arson/murders which have occured. The arsonist/murderer is covering up his tracks and these deaths by using the Phenomenon known as a backdraft, a situation that can occur when fire is starved of oxygen and then re introduced and which has explosive and deadly consequences (something I can remember my Dad talking to me about when he was a Firefighter)
                            This really is an explosive yet heart warming film which gives an insight into how firefighters put their lives on the lines every day and the dangers which they face.


                            5. Ninth Gate
                            Ninth Gate is a Roman Polanski film that was released in 1999.
                            Johnny Depp plays Dean Corso, a rare books dealer. Corso finds himself being hired by a rare books collector who has enlisted his help to trace the final two copies of a 17th Century book known as " The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows"
                            What Corso does not realise is that this book collector is a cult leader who believes that these books contain nine engravings which if correctly deciphered and interprited properly will summon the Devil.
                            It follows Corsos journey in finding these remaining two copies but as he continues his journey strange things start to occur, mysterious people start appearing and murder.

                            This is a real psychological thriller where you really need to take your time in watching it, I still find myself noticing small bits each time I watch it even now.


                            6. The Goonies
                            Now every one who was around in the 1980s should know this film, Directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1985.
                            This film follows a group of friends who call themselves "The Goonies" as they embark on a adventure to find the lost treasure of famed pirat One Eyed willie, after stumbling upon a treasure map to his treasure
                            Now this could be the groups last chance of an adventure together as a local rich guy is about to turn their childhood homes into a golf course if their parents cannot come up with enough money to stop them so finding this treasure could be their last chane to pay off the rich guys and save their homes. However on their adventure they come across the Fratellis, a well know crime family who have escaped from jail and get wind of this treasure, This film sees the Goonies having to stay one step head of the Fratellis and find the treasure while avoiding traps that were built by One Eyed Willie himself to prevent anyone from reaching his treasure

                            Now I was only 2 1/2 whens this film was released but I still remember it so well, I cant say how many times I have watched it over the years.


                            7. The Secret Window
                            Based on the Novel by Stephen King and released back in 2004
                            Johnny Depp plays Mort Rainey, an eccentric writer.
                            since his divorce from his wife he has lived an isolated life in the middle of nowhere in a cottage near a lake that they bought together. He enjoys his isolated lifestyle alone, that is until one day he get an un welcome guest, a man claiming that Mort has stollen one of his stories.
                            Mort is out to clear his name no matter what it takes but he soon finds himself receiving threats from this man and acts of violence start to occur which over time start to become worse, can Mort stop this mad man before someone gets killed.

                            This film truly is a captivating thriller, nothing in this film is straightforward or what it seems and thats what I love about it


                            8. Interview with a vampire
                            Released back in 1995 and staring
                            Brad Pitt
                            Tom cruise
                            Christian Slater and kirsten Dunst.

                            Based from the 1700s on Interview with a vampire is a very dark and compelling story which follows Louis, a vampire relaying his story to a modern day scepticail journalist. The life of a vampire through a vampires eyes,the story of how he became a one and the misery that a life of eternity brings.
                            Louis was a wealthy sugar plantation owner who had lost his wife and child, distraught and depressed his path crosses with a ancient vampire called Lestat, given the choice of life as a vampire or death he opts for life unaware or the true missery that a life of eternity would bring him, a life where one cannot die or cannot age.
                            The story follows Louis reltionship with Lestat and their different takes on life,Lestat lives for the moment where as Louis struggle being able to take human life, he would rather suck the blood of rats and chickens than to take a human life itself.
                            The relationship between this ancient vampire and Louis is then tested to destruction when Louis strikes up a friendship with an orphaned vampire called claudia,this young girl tests the their relationship and challenges an establiced dynamic which ultimately leads to betrayal and murder
                            This is a film that I really love watcing over and over again .


                            9. Armageddon
                            Released back in 1998 Armageddon certinly had a star studded cast which include:
                            Bruce Willis
                            Billy Bob Thornton
                            Ben Afleck
                            Liv Tyler
                            Steve Buscemi
                            Michael Clarke Duncan
                            Owen Wilson

                            Now Im not really sure what gere this film comes into, It's an action, adventure, Science Fiction, Drama, Romance stroke Disaster movie all mixed into one!
                            When NASA discover that a huge Asteroid is heading directly for earth and if not stopped will wipe out civilisation they decide that mans only hope is to recruit the worlds best oil drillers in hope that within 18 days they can train these men to become astronaults, fly them up into space, land on the asteroid, drill a hole deep into the asteroids core, drop a nuclear bomb into it and then to remotely detonate the bomb and save the world from the impending disaster. Of course nothing goes to plan like NASA had hoped as you follow the Oil drillers through their training and journey into space and hope to save the world.
                            Its a great film that I enjoy watching over and over although I usually find myself needing a box of tissues by my side when I do.


                            10. Se7en
                            Released back in 1995 and staring
                            Brad Pitt
                            Morgan Freeman
                            Kevin Spacey
                            Gwenyth Paltrow

                            This film follows two police detectives who find theemselves paired together to solve a murder. What they do not realise is that this is the begining of a mass murder that sees John Doe killing his victims in accordance to the seven deadly sins: Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Envy and Wrath.

                            Unfortunately no matter what they do John Doe always seems to be one step ahead of them.
                            This really is a very dark and morbid film that has a shocking conclusion and I think its the conclusion of the story that keeps me watching, there is certainly No happy endings in this film but then thats reality for you

                            So thats My Top 10 for you, I do not really go for one particular genre although I must admit anything with Johnny Depp or Bruce Willis is an added bonus :D


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                              dvds rule!

                              I love to watch films whether it be at home on dvd or tv or at the cinema. Myself and my partner have a dvd cupboard that consists of 5 fully stocked shelves. We have everything from horrors to comedies and thrillers to romantic films. We also have various boxsets including 24, Lost & American Pie to name a few.

                              This task of naming my 10 favourite films of all time is by no means easy for me but i will give it a bash in no particular order!

                              Dirty Dancing - a true classic. Its the sort of film that makes you laugh & cry at the same time.

                              Die Hard - Bruce Willis is one of my favourite actors and i love every Die Hard film but more so the 2nd one based at the Airport

                              Armageddon - another Bruce Willis film! I have to have my tissues at the ready for this one especially when Bruce is giving his speech to his daughter weep weep!

                              Pearl Harbor - another one to make me cry, love Ben Affleck and Josh Harnett, such good acting but my fiance cant stand it

                              Final Destination 3 - on the edge of your seat sort of film, made me terrified to go on a rollercoaster after it though...

                              Hostel 1 or 2 - both equally as gorey as each other and just brilliant

                              Titanic - not everyone can sit through 3 hours of it but i do it on a regular basis!

                              Love Actually - a true romance and set at christmas time..perfect

                              Hostage - can you tell i love Bruce Willis? Amazing typicalBruce film

                              Butterfly Efffect - one weird film with Ashton Kutcher

                              I could go on but i wont bore you !


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                                27.01.2010 15:44
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                                Ten excellent films which I have happily enjoyed over and over again.

                                I am an avid film lover, so it comes as no surprise that I have an ever-expanding DVD collection. Upon writing this, my DVD collection spans around 300+, which all (along with a collection of my boyfriends), have to fit into my tiny boxroom.

                                I often try to have a think about what my top 10 films of all time are, and everytime I find this quite a challenge. For someone who watches so much, it can be quite hard to narrow it down. However, after much deliberation, I have finally compiled my top ten. These are films that have some way or another effected me. I'll give you an explanation as the list goes on. So, in a slight order (trust me, I even struggled trying to see what justified making my "No.1, etc), here are my choices.

                                1. Back To The Future, Part 1. (1985).
                                I remember watching this back when I was a kid, and something about it stuck with me ever since. Starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, and Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown, Back To The Future follows the unlikely duo and the Doc's time machine, a customised DeLorean. Marty finds himself transported back to 1955, the year that his mother and father first got together. After finding his mother falling for him instead, Marty must work on getting his mother and father to fall in love, whilst trying to find a way back to his present day, 1985.

                                As a lover of cheesy 80s films, Back To The Future has it all. Cheesy one liners, typical 80s fashions, hilarious moments and thrilling action scenes. Michael J. Fox is excellent as Marty McFly, and this marked the first time out of many that I have admired not only his acting, but determination. Sadly, he contracted Parkinsons Disease around the same time as the Back To The Future trilogy.

                                From memorable moments such as the "Johnny B. Goode" guitar scene (featuring Michael J. Fox strutting his stuff at his parents prom), the first time Doc shouts his infamous line "Great Scott!", to the exhilarating final scenes involving Marty's escape back to 1985. An excellent film which I have watched too many times to count, and it still doesn't get old. Because of this, it deserves to be placed at number one on my list.

                                2. Aladdin, 1992.
                                My all-time favourite Disney film. This follows the story of Aladdin, a street-rat who falls for the beautiful Princess Jasmine. When Aladdin gets hold of a lamp containing a Genie, he is granted three wishes. Thinking the Princess would not be interested in giving her love to a "street-rat" like him, he wishes himself to be a Prince, adopting the title Prince Ali. All the while, The Sultan of Agrabah's (Jasmine's father) advisor is plotting to steal the lamp from Aladdin, in order to get his three wishes. His intentions are dangerous, with the lives of the Princess, the Sultan, and all of Agrabah in danger. Aladdin must, with the help of his trusty monkey sidekick Abu, his magic carpet, and eccentric blue Genie, find a way to thwart Jafar's plans before it is too late.

                                When Aladdin first came out, I was only four years old. I remember my parents buying me the video as soon as it came out, and then constantly rewatching it over and over again until eventually, I exhausted the video tape. I bought the DVD version as soon as it came out, and repeated viewings have been given to that too. Aladdin features beautiful Disney handdrawn animation, and excellent songs, and truly deserves it's title as a "Disney Classic". The fact that I can still watch this film many, many times means that it deserves my second place on my chart.

                                3. Edward Scissorhands, 1990.
                                This was one of the first films that had made me a huge fan of Director Tim Burton. Johnny Depp stars as Edward Scissorhands, a young man created by his inventor, who sadly died before he could finish him. Due to this, Edward is missing his hands, and instead has scissors (as the title clearly suggests). Alone in his castle hideout, Edward is confronted by curious curious Avon lady Peg, who feels sympathy for the strange boy, and brings him home to her family. Here Edward falls for her daughter, Kim (Winona Ryder), and the neighbourhood start to warm to him. However, not everything is as it seems. Kim's jealous jock boyfriend (Anthony Michael Hall) hates the attention that Edward is getting, and plots to turn the whole neighbourhood against him.

                                Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands is quite a tragic fairytale-like story. Unique, with great cinematography, Edward Scissorhands emphasises Burton's auteuristic traits, such as the gothic elements, overly bright pastels, and the outcast, lonely figure. This signified Depp's first full length film role, and he shines in this, especially in terms of displaying emotion. He seems to work wonders through the use of his eyes. An excellent film, and perhaps the best in Burton's filmography, this is a strange tale unlike anything you have seen before.

                                4. Leon, 1994.
                                A Luc Besson directed film about the friendship between a hitman, Leon (Jean Reno) and a troubled young girl, Matilda (Natalie Portman). When Matilda's family are bruitally murdered by crooked cop Stansfield (Gary Oldman), she finds herself taking soliace in Leon. Leon agrees to teach her the tricks and ways of becoming a professional Assassin in order to get her revenge.

                                Leon and Matilda make an excellent pairing, which I did not expect them to. Quite a sweet father-daughter relationship, and excellent performances are found here. Gary Oldman's performance is haunting and extremely sinister; his scenes are filled with so much tension. The action sequences are brilliantly shot, and full credit goes to Natalie Portman, who managed to display such an excellent performance as Matlida. Portman manages to effortlessly portray Matilda as a troubled child who acts older than she is. You cannot help but love her in this. An amazing film.

                                4. Toy Story, 1995.
                                The first full length film from Pixar, Toy Story follows a bunch of toys who, when their owner, Andy, leaves the room, come to life for their own series of adventures. Chief of the toys is Woody (Tom Hanks), a cowboy who keeps everything in check. However, this soon changes when Andy recieves a Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) toy for his birthday. Buzz instantly becomes a hit with the other toys, and Woody finds himself sidelined. After accidentally knocking Buzz out of the window following a dispute, Woody and the gang have to recover Buzz before it is too late to find him again. The toys embark on a huge adventure across the town in the search for their newest toybox member.

                                Toy Story is an enchanting film that demonstrates Pixar's excellent unique storytelling. The animation is so impressive, especially as there was not really any 3D like this back on it's original release. Enjoyable for both children and adults, Toy Story is a must watch, which truly deserves it's place in my chart.

                                6. Clerks, 1994.
                                Director Kevin Smith's first film, Clerks revolves around two convenience store slackers, Dante and Randal. The film follows the duos shift in the "Quick Stop" and joint videostore across one day. Nothing goes smoothly during their shift; the pair ruin a funeral of an old school friend, Dante's ex-girlfriend has an unfortunate incident involving an elderly customer in the store, Dante finds himself in a love triangle, and much more.

                                What makes this film work so well is the dialogue, written by Kevin Smith himself. From nerdy film conversations, to witty observations, there is not a dull moment in Clerks, and to be honest, it is just damn right hilarious. Clerks proved to be a considerable success, and propelled Kevin Smith into a recognisable Director, who has since gone on to spawn hits such as Chasing Amy, Clerks 2, Zack & Miri Make A Porno, and more. Not bad for something shot on such a low budget.

                                7. Almost Famous, 2000.
                                Almost Famous follows teenager William Miller, who is given the chance to write a story for Rolling Stone Magazine about up-and-coming rock band, Stillwater as he accompanies them on their tour. Along the way, William forms a friendship with self-appointed groupie of the band, Penny Lane, and learns some important lessons about love, life and music.

                                Almost Famous is an touching, funny, and feelgood insight into the 70's rock scene. Writer/Director Cameron Crowe presents a film that features a great screenplay, is brilliantly directed, and has impressive performances from all involved. Also featuring a great rock soundtrack, Almost Famous is a film that any appreciator of rock music should enjoy.

                                8. Sweeney Todd, 2007.
                                The film adaptation of the hugely successful broadway musical, Tim Burton is definitely the suited director for this subject matter.
                                Benjamin Barker (Johnny Depp) has just returned from his time in Austrailia after being deported for a crime he did not commit by the evil Judge Turpin. His wife Lucy is suspected to be dead, and his daughter Joanna has disappeared. Hellbent on seething revenge, Barker adopts a new persona, "Sweeney Todd", and sets up a barbershop above Mrs. Lovett's meatpie shop. Finding out about his intentions, Mrs. Lovett decides to become his acomplice, helping to turn those he has murdered into meatpies for her shop, whilst Sweeney tries to uncover the truth about his wife and daughter, and seek his revenge.

                                A deeply sinister film which features most of the excellent songs from the original broadway musical. Johnny Depp suits the role of the troubled Sweeney Todd, but it is Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lovett who steals the show here. Excellent gothic cinematography, plenty of gore, and brilliant scenes, this is a brilliant addition to Tim Burton's filmography, and fans of the original musical will love this.

                                9. Avatar, 2009.
                                Just a few days ago, Avatar was crowned the biggest film of all time, grossing millions worldwide, and breaking the previous record holder, Titanic. Both directed by James Cameron too, he must be one very, very wealthy man.

                                The plot follows an Earth mining expedition, who have found there are plenty of resources on alien planet Pandora to mine. Wheelchair bound ex-marine Jake Sully is sent onto Pandora in the form of an avatar, an alien body he has been implanted into so that he can interact with the Na'vi, the planets alien race. Sent in as a spy to find out more about the Na'vi, Jake soon adapts to his life as a Na'vi member, and starts to fall for the beautiful Na'vi princess Neytiri. Realising that Pandora is in danger from Earth, Jake must stop the plans from happening before it is too late.

                                The plot of this film has been done similar before, but it is the effects, and the 3D that makes this so different to anything else before. James Cameron created a new camera for this, so this is a brand new form of 3D, which makes for an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to see this in the IMAX, where it truly shines. Featuring brilliant performances, a beautiful soaring musical score, and amazing effects, Avatar is one that should definitely not be missed. It deserves all the hype it is currently getting.

                                10. The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993.
                                Tim Burton's first full-length stop motion film. The film centres on HalloweenTown, where the "Pumpkin King" Jack Skellington is becoming bored of celebrating the same holiday over and over again. After discovering ChristmasTown, Jack becomes obsessed with the idea of bringing the holiday back to his hometown, but it does not go as smoothly as he hoped it would. Santa is kidnapped by resident bad-guy Oogie Boogie, and Christmas now seems destined to be ruined for the humans of Christmas Town. Jack must put things back together before Christmas is ruined altogether, and declare his love for ragdoll Sally.

                                I have watched this film near enough every Halloween, and every Christmas ever since I was little. It really is a charming film, with inventive characters, and a brilliant premise. Filled with catchy songs, Tim Burton's brilliant visual design and enjoyable scenes, I don't think I'll ever get bored of this film.

                                I hope you all enjoyed my list! No doubt as I watch more, I will want to change this once again!


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                                  My top ten favourite movies:

                                  Well this one sure is going to be hard; I'm a huge fan of all types of movies, with thriller/horror mainly being my favourite.

                                  1 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

                                  A classic off-the-wall kind of movie released in 1975 and had many mixed reviews when it was released, and still does to this day! I adore this movie, it's entertaining, sensual, over the top, with great songs that will be stuck in your head for a long time. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a B-movie (low budget) but doesn't leave anything lacking in my eyes. A movie I've watched so many times I've lost count! Absolute pleasure!

                                  2 - Halloween

                                  Halloween to me is pure genius, and again another low budget movie, which shows that you don't need fancy effects and tons of money to make a good film. The character of Michael Myers is a brilliant, serial killing silent hunter, with his family being number one on his hit list. Though released in 1978, this movie can sure beat most horrors of today.

                                  3 - Knocked Up

                                  A fantastic giggle-fest of a movie, I didn't know of this film until me and my partner was flicking the channels and this had just started. Dramas of a drunken one night stand, the forced-couples' frantic arguments with one another was just a laugh a minute! The next day after watching we went and got it on DVD we liked it so much.

                                  4 - Candyman

                                  The chilling adaptation of a Clive Barker story holds everything that a horror movie should have. Psychological and creepy without being over the top with gore. The tale of a lost soul called Candyman who is bought to life by the whispers of the people in town. With the main villain being played by the excellent Tony Todd, his voice will send chills down your spine.

                                  5 - The Crow

                                  So many things I love about this movie, so many things that could be said. A film in my eyes that can not be faulted in any way, shape or form apart from the tragic death of Brandon Lee (The Crow aka Eric Draven). An accident whilst on set making The Crow in 1994. I find this passionate revenge plot works tremendous on so many levels, so much that itss hard not to like this film! The only downside is the many poor sequels that follow on are a complete waste of time and money.

                                  6 - American Psycho

                                  Patrick Bateman is a self-obsessed, image-conscious, selfish, wealthy yuppie in his late 20's. Set in the 1980's, when the most important thing in his culture is to 'FIT. IN.' as Patrick himself would say. Aside from the expensive dinners, Valentino suits, hair styles and exercise routines, the other thing Patrick Bateman is obsessed with is murder and killing. Played by Christian Bale, Patrick Bateman portrays a fascinating and very believable villian.

                                  7 - Jeepers Creepers

                                  A very over-looked movie, though it didn't have a big budget, they worked will with what they had. The identity of the Creeper remains a mystery for the most part of the film. He may or may not be human, and all we know is that he is disposing bodies underground is a rural area of America. When two teenagers stumble upon his lair, the Creeper sets out to add them to his collection.

                                  8 - The Lost Boys

                                  This movie should hit high on most peoples lists. The first time I watched this movie I was quite young and my brother had rented it to watch with his friends and I fell in love! The vampire clique, taking on a new member. The hunt to find the head vampire to stop this evil mess from taking over. I've watched this movie so many times now I can tell you line from line of the movie (how sad am I!)

                                  9 - Interview With The Vampire

                                  The only Tom Cruise film I can truly say I like. The idea from for this movie came from the book by Ann Rice, and being a huge fan of her work this movie wasn't a let down at all. It was released in 1995 but doesn't feel that long! It's still a highly watched movie in my collection on vampire flicks. "Drink from me and live forever!"

                                  10 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

                                  From the director Tim Burton, this man's outstanding ability to transform his animation into movie is sheer brilliance come to life. I love all Tim Burton's pieces, but this one has always been and always will be a favourite of mine. Nightmare Before Christmas hit the UK in 1994 the animation for that time were simply out of this world, living up to animations of today's time.

                                  So there you have it, my top ten! This was really hard putting down a top ten as I have so many movies I could add to this list! E.g., Saw, Terminator, Pretty in Pink, Scream, Vampire Circus, Countess Dracula, but I better stop there as my list is really endless. I'm besotted by so many movies old and new.

                                  Thanks for reading!


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